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INVESTING In 3x UPRO? | Long Term Strategies To Avoid Volatility Decay

475 views | 13 Dec. 2020

Leverage for the long

Leverage for the long haul! Can we turn UPRO - a 3x leveraged S&P 500 ETF - into a reasonable long term investment? Lets backtest 4 different strategies for minimizing volatility/leverage decay using moving averages, the VIX Index, and more.

Does UPRO deserve a spot in your portfolio? Can we get good risk-adjusted returns out of it (sharpe ratio, low drawdowns)?

How leveraged ETFs work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZkdxQoZdw0&t=5s

Backtesting ETF strategies using Excel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwO1JwOmHvE&t=2554s

UPRO summary: https://www.proshares.com/funds/upro.html

*Leveraged ETFs carry risk. Be sure you understand how these products work before trading them.

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Gerald Waer

For the vix < 25. Are you suggesting any time the daily price moves above $25, you sell And move to cash? Seems like it’s been below that since early November

Steve Dryer

What is your source for the Market Sentiment Index?

Erica Taylor

Love this!!

Tactile Trade

What has been your experience with leveraged ETFs like UPRO? I'd love to know!

Jason Zhang

always trust the guy wearing Patagonia ?
jokes aside, this was really informative!

Olga M.

Very helpful video! Thank you.


Love these advanced tips my friend, not part of my strategy, but it can work for others. Good job


Great video. Keep it up ?


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Part 3: Innovator Defined Outcome ETFs Training Video

151 views | 10 Aug. 2020

What are the expectations

What are the expectations for the interim period of a defined outcome investment?


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Top 10 Craziest Ponzi Schemes

205 402 views | 23 Jun. 2020

The Craziest Ponzi

The Craziest Ponzi Schemes in History. Top Ten True Crime Stories. A hundred years ago in 1920, Charles Ponzi became famous when his investment scheme collapsed. Ponzi promised to double investors money in three months, at his peak he brought in more than $2 million per week at his offices in downtown Boston.

Ninety years later, Bernie Madoff was all over the news for the same reason. Madoff had taken Ponzis scheme and ran it on a much larger scale. Prosecutors estimated the fraud to be worth $65 billion. While Ponzis scheme burned out in less than six months, Madoffs scheme lasted for twenty years.

Dozens of Ponzi schemes are uncovered every year. The true toll of these Ponzi Schemes on the economy is unknown, but whenever you are being pitched something that seems too good to be true, odds are that it is.

I have put together this collection of the top ten strangest Ponzi schemes, and there are some really crazy schemes out there. Let me know if I have missed out on a good one.

Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/PatrickBoyleOnFinance

0:00 Introduction

2:07 The Yilishen Tianxi Group - Ants

4:37 Susi Emu Farms

6:43 Cassandra Partners

10:05 Buddy Persaud - Astrology

11:24 JCS Enterprises - Virtual Concierge Machine

12:48 Sundown Entertainment - Comic Books

14:15 ZeekRewards

16:00 Mutual Benefits Corporation - Life Insurance

17:42 Greater Ministries International

18:27 Moneytron

Follow up video: https://youtu.be/0v_bq1ih7pI

Number 10

The Yilishen Tianxi Group

More than a million people invested in the Yilishen Tianxi Group by buying and raising boxes of black mountain ants.

Wang Zhendong the companys founder was sentenced to death for this fraud.

Number 9

Susi Emu Farms

M.S. Guru operated Susi Emu Farms, which promised investors a weekly return of $120 in exchange for a $3,000 investment that supposedly purchased a baby emu.

Number 8

Dana Giacchetto and Cassandra Partners

Dana Giacchetto managed money for A-list stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and the cast members of the TV show Friends. He often partied with a cockatoo perched on his shoulder. It turned out he was a pirate.

Number 7

Buddy Persaud, was arrested and charged with operating a Ponzi scheme that promised risk-free returns derived from investing in the futures markets and other markets. His trading strategies were based on lunar cycles and the gravitational pull between Earth and the moon.

Number 6

JCS Enterprises

Investors were told that an investment in JCS Enterprises involved the purchase of a virtual concierge machine that resembled a bank automatic teller machine and allowed users to view advertisements for products or services. Investors were told that their machine would be placed in a business where it could generate lucrative profits.

Number 5

Sundown Entertainment Inc

Sundown Entertainment Inc purported to specialize in the distribution of film and comic-book rights. Potential investors were told that their investment would be used to purchase the rights to old film footage that then would be used to produce and distribute movies and documentaries. Sundown lured investors by promising returns on short-term investments of up to 150%. In total, Sundown raised more than $7 million from over 150 investors.

Number 4

ZeekRewards, solicited investors worldwide to participate in its penny-auction business where participants could “bid” on popular merchandise in 1-cent increments. In addition to the ‘retail” business, the company also promised its “affiliates” hefty returns for recruiting new participants and placing free advertisements on other sites. In return, those “affiliates” were rewarded with daily returns of 1.5%. In total, nearly 1 million “affiliates” would entrust more than $500 million to ZeekRewards.

Number 3

Mutual Benefits Corporation was a Florida based investment sales company that operated a huge ponzi scheme selling viatical settlements, with investors losing an estimated $835 million. The company operated for around ten years, selling $1.25 billion worth of life insurance policies to 30,000 investors.

Number 2

Greater Ministries International was a Christian ministry that ran a Ponzi scheme taking nearly 500 million dollars from 18,000 people. Headed by Gerald Payne in Tampa, Florida.

Number 1


Jean-Pierre Van Rossem, was a self-styled financial wizard and Marxist turned anarchist, one-time owner of a Formula One racing team, convicted fraudster, former heroin addict, novelist - and possibly the most colourful figure in the history of Belgian politics.

Van Rossem set up in business as a stock-market guru claiming he found a formula for predicting and beating markets, yielding enormous returns. He set up an investment company called Moneytron, the name of a "supercomputer" able to predict economic fluctuations, a machine nobody else ever got to see as it was supposedly kept behind a locked door in his office.

James Sunday

NOBODY dare mention RELIGIONS as part of Ponzi schemes!!!

Jad Hajj

You should Check the lebanese Ponzi scheme, it lasted for almost 30 years, which costed and still costing Lebanese people more than 100 Billion Dollars

Carousel of Agony

Colleges sell you a job they don't have. For profit colleges sell you a job AND credibility they don't have

SuperWolf 007

Hey Patrick what do you think about crypto Ponzi schemes and scams?


In Russia ponzi scheme was implemented by MMM, still is a synonym for ponzi

Galactic Rooster

You forgot to mention Uber. The only people that have gotten rich off this company were the early investors. Otherwise, it is a huge Ponzi Scheme. Uber, loses billions of dollars every quarter but people keep throwing money at this company. Oh, don't forget Uber Founder, Travis Kalanick, first money venture was Scour. A highly illegal business operation.

Mario mario

Its stupid he was sentenced to death. Its insane people kill each other over money

Taylor Collins

Looking forward to watching this when I have time

Rory O'Sullivan

What about OneCoin? That’s a very recent $14bn ponzi scheme. Check the CryptoQueen podcasts

Richmond Lau

I keep seeing bitcon in the comments, but I guess it's not over yet so who knows what it is. I just heard that it's a good inflation hedge. Just started watching your videos can't wait to see the ones on bitcon

Ed Whitson

If ant farming is #10, this will be good

Daniel Jarrell,jr

AL Williams?


I don't know what Patric is talking about, these all sound like great companies with promising futures.

PS: Anyone interested in some emu oil and ant medicine?

The Espatier

What does any of this have to do with Tiger King? This channel should be blocked.


How are you a Marxist with 108 ferraris ???



Hanes Howie

The colossal eel bacteriologically pop because penalty significantly try midst a knotty day. steady, rebel connection

MaK Lulz


Rob Hartsock

"the chinese court sentenced him to death..." Man, that gave me a bit of a shock. Was not ready for that!


Obviously, you have zero clue about how the global investment market works - every investment is a 'ponzi' scheme. Every investment is used to pay the salary and expenses of every investment company employee - this includes pension companies and insurance companies. The 'ponzi' scheme you mention are merely the ones that failed to continue. The entire global financial system is a 'ponzi' scheme.

Robby Bobby Robby

Ironic on a vid about con men, and ad with Nigel Farage should appear!

Chris Baker



Great ? video Ponzi scheme are everywhere, cause people want quick fix

Karen W

Emu oil is definitely a thing. It’s collected from their feathers and sold as a muscle soothe ointment. You can find it in any Aussie supermarket

Erik Skenderaj

Lol 10 Great examples, but you Missed the greatest One: INPS Italian National Ponzi Scheme. (this Is not a Joke, check out what INPS Is doing).

Daundre Demars

Social security better be on this list


Have you ever heard about Russian schemes in the 90-es? That was insane, people were moving cash around in dump trucks, chair of the scheme was named 12th most influential person in country and openly threaten to start country wide civil unrest in case of crackdown on the scheme. In a middle of the crackdown he was elected as a member of parliament and was released from jail per constitution norms - it took a special parliament act to take him down year later. 15 years after it went down in flames and was forgotten he run it again, openly stating that its a Ponzi scheme, so no fraud, whoever will make money - well done, who will not is a sucker, and it fucking worked. Goggle "MMM Mavrodi"

Nathanael McCooeye

A charlatan named Madeoff? Actually?

Pinhead Cenobite

I think the greatest Ponzi Scheme ever is FlowTex in the 90s. Guy scammed European Tax payers to keep his investors happy. Sold the same machine to him self back and forth for years to show revenues. You have to look into that :)


90 dislikes by Aim global new recruits.

Josh Mansfeld

British Sheldon Cooper is that you?

Pierre Ciholas

January/February 2021: Gamestop post squeeze.

ЕА Elle

How about "OneCoin" ?

cam runner

Problem with bernies scheme is he never made off

skhumbuzo cele

The number one ponzi scheme is the US Federal Bank....

Daniel Jarrell,jr

Amway? Quixtar?

Kien Hweng Tai

Florida must be a special place spawning all these Ponzi people.


? I wonder why so many schemes come out of Florida? ?


They should rename it "Melvin scheme". GME to the stars ????????

PreBuilt Downline

Pyramid spelled backward is Dimaryp...hmmmm....okay....break that into 2 words, and you get: Di Mary p

in other words you get: Die Mary ;-p ......OH SHOOT, OHH CRAP, NO WAY!!!!

Adam Rhodes

To be fair, emu oil does retail anywhere from £150 to £250 a litre.

TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

the emu were filthy people are idiots almost all rich people do these sorts of schemes the more of these sorts you let in the more america will suffer cuz nobody will invest china is trying to ruin america

Raphael Schmidt

Top 10 Craziest Florida Schemes

Dave Froman

The stock market is the biggest ponzi scheme in the world.

mnl1337 - Poker

What about Bitconnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeect?


I miss Moviepass.

Mathew Hiscock

So in conclusion, if a religious-based investment firm from Florida wants you to invest with them... run away at the speed of light

Joe Swanson

Update this is 2022 when bitcoin blows up

Márton Horváth

4:39 Scams and India? what a coincidence lmao

strategon strategon

Onecoin is missing ...

Yasser Khan

I like you're voice and the comprehensiveness of your research, but to top it all off is your unique sense of humor!

Your Inner Voice Sweden

The biggest ponzi scheme is the fiat bank system(they lend you Air and want interest on it?)and can if you not pay you interest on the Air, they take everything you own?

Relaxed Gameplay


Leonid Krizhanovskiy

how about MMM of Russia?


FYRE festival???

Bunyon Firewood

I’m only on 8 and I love this already! Thank you for a go to sleep video. Not that it’s boring but I’m satisfied I found such a good video before bed. Good job on this!

Tm Kav

1913 Woody Wilson and the Rothschilds turned the USA into one giant Ponzi scheme, 7 years before Ponzi started scheming. Now we are all in the same boat. Just saying... question fiat currency.

anuj manocha

harshad mehta scam 1992 same as ponzi .

Roman Milukhin

Kind of like the Clinton Foundation Obama book gate and the Biden family China Ukraine Russia scam

Tom McGill

the greatest ponzi of all time is a 3 letters alphabet so called government entity, no prize for guessing it right. hint: it can always hits "Ctrl+P"

Jeffrey Tackett

Haven't watched the video yet, but if OneCoin isn't in this list, I'll have to question it's accuracy.

Kennedy kingkenfx


Joe Swanson

Where's bitcoin?

James Duffy video editor

Its shocking how are pyrimid schemes not made illegal all over the world.

Nathanael McCooeye

I'm pretty sure these are pyramid schemes, not Ponzi schemes.

Robert Platt

Chickens are raised like those ants, except that the company continues to own the chicks. They are mailed to farmers who raise them to full growth for a fee, and then the chicken company comes and picks them up.


Florida L(° O °L)

Chris Miller


Matt M

1.5x speed sounds normal


Gdamn! Van Rossen destroys Madoff by far!


Forgot the biggest Ponzi schemes of all: The central banks money printing and devaluing existing currencies, as well as all of the publicly managed retirement plans.

James Canterbury

Social security


All of these crazy Ponzi schemes but with no mention of the federal reserve banking cartel. They create money out of thin air with nothing to back it but confidence and a not so subtle threat of collapse if we ever stop. The system requires more and more demand for debt from the governments of the world. They're stealing from everyone that holds the "money" by printing more and reducing your purchasing power. Like all Ponzi schemes it will eventually run out of input and collapse under it's own weight.

Salman Sayyed

Sahara group fraud missed

Arkadeep Kundu

Sure, but the biggest shock was finding out the STONKS meme man has an YouTube channel.

Mario Kulas

What about fiat? : )

Ed Whitson

Seems to be a very fine line between ponzi and legitimate. They look a great deal alike to me , in structure and action. But im a dumbass hick what do I know?

230 605

The good news is that you should be able to make profit if you exit as soon as possible. Maybe that's the reason why they still flourish.

Chris Norman

As usual massive prison sentences in the USA.

Sujit Warrier

who here came from cofeezilla?

tersia harmse

Never use @mikelaurycrypto on Telegram. It is a scam.


Whats funny/sad is that most often the victims never learn. After they lose som years later they fall for other scams that promiss them higher than the 9-15% s&p500 yearly return fast. I work in sales/finance and have seen this many many times. And the sucker never listens to sound advice like just buy a rental apartment or to buy and hold large cap stock. They are always after some "fantasic sceem" like a new magical formula or trading algoritem that can by a miracle see the future. Or it`s some magical industry leader/guru that they love and worship like he/she is fucking Jesus. Or they are penny-stock trading some shitty stock that has been falling 98%, then a new share issue... then new 98% down then new share issue. Fooling people is ALOT more easy than convinsing people even with solid proof that they have been fooled. They never listen to solid evidence. Greed like this is a kind of mental illness

youtube name

Just call out all the YouTube schemes

Nicolae Florin Pașca


Jean Peters

Paul Burks, creator of Zeekrewards was sentenced to 14 years in prison, 2017.

Anze Beton

Raising ants for profit... I can do that

Stonks Canibl

Where's Bitcoin?

Toufique Rob

Florida really be wild huh




You missed OneCoin and Bitconeeeeeeeect.

Laurynas Dailide

Soon you will be able to add Crowd1 to this list

Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Shareedah

Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme
Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme
Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme
Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme

muneer alam

search for "indian internet scam by anubhav mittal" ... 500 million USD fraud

Sean Ngui

You sound like John malkovich

Laura Athena

Calling a fund "Cassandra" is a red flag. Cassandra was a prophet of doom.


"The robbing Peter to pay Paul"
"The robbing Peter to payPaul"
"The robbing Peter to PayPal"


Scheme 11: Bitcoin

Louis Gassner

US dollar