What channel is tlc on verizon

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No Signal on Tv - 5 easy steps to get back picture and audio - Please Subscribe?

982 858 views | 17 Feb. 2019

5 easy steps to get your

5 easy steps to get your audio and picture back on your Tv screen. If you like this video, please subscribe. If this video helped you please leave a tip if you can? Link below


Cash App me....... $abigthanku (I am a female so it will be a female name)

Thank you! Have a Bless Day.

Carol Allison

I have an old LG TV , i'v connected an Apple box ,also have EE WiFi, I accidentally presses wrong buttonhole once 00LG remote , now have no signal and Please if anyone knows what is an easy way for me to retune my TV would be very much appreciated. C

Engrish hard

It's work! I just press input and input for a second then press the power and repeat the same thing till the picture appear ?

Mocha Macklin

YouTube never fails me lol


Thank you!

Kat James

I had no volume on either my TV itself or roku so I did a factory reset. Now my TV says no signal and I can't find out how to get it to HDMI-1 instead of HDMI-2. Any help?

•Addyson Wilson•

My remote doesn’t say input

No one In particular

Does it work with the fire stick tv?

Chepkemoi Joyline

Woi thanks man, it worked for me just right now, if it weren't for this video i could have been struggling alot.

Mim Moon

I thought it was my remote control working. It just played streamed Chromecast stuff onto the screen, with no response from remote. I cleaned up the remote (quite new one). ..unplugged the chromecast....then I got "no signal". I switched it off/on at back and it returned with "no signal" popping round the screen with descending seconds from 2.50m Kept pressing the tv it said on screen that it was automatically going to HDMI as there had been no aerial connection for some time. Any ideas?

Sandra Lopez

Thank you so much!☺️

Danieltariro Simon


sierra Thomas

I subscribed but haven't tried it yet I will let you know when I'm done byyyyyyeeeeee!




Thank you ?


I need help

Patrese Gordon

Thank you all so much. Got my channels back!!!

Blanca Hutchinson

My TV is new ,it's been working just fine,but went I went to sit down I pushed 0042 by mistake and I couldn't get back on my Chanel even after I pushed previous,then exit.No cable Chanel.It only wants to go on movie Chanelle not my regular Chanelle.please help.

Anita Randall

It worked! Thank you so much.

Jalissa Womack

Thank you ?!

akio sednah

Thank you, very easy!

R.K Vidhya.V Nair

Awww.ur video is awsome. Its really worked. Thanku so much for ur helpfull video.

Talha8, kasim3 Unnad

Thank you from heart


Thank you✨
It worked even for an electronic-challenged person like me!!! Thanks again?

Jax L

does it work with RCA remotes

Cloxdy Days


Elaine Hollingsworth

Thank you so much! It worked great.

Perla Miramontes

Omg it worked!! Thanks

CanI Joyn

Staying at a hotel and it worked. Thank you!

John horan

I spent two days trying to fix my T. V., until I seen your video. Worked perfectly. Thanks a lot??

Samantha Denisse Alabado

digital set-top. box

aida jamilah

Thank you.. It helps a lot ?

Jyoti Sathe

I follow you instructions
But it shows 1 in corner & again no signal

4 U heartless

Why is he's not talking

Ma. Welhilmina Estrella Taguiam

It really works! Thanks a lot.

Cathy Wild

Thanks so much.


Thank you. Now I know.

Variety Info

If this video has helped you a small donation would be much appreciated because it does take a lot of work to make how-to videos. A donation can be made to me via cash app....$abigthanku (I am female so it will pop up with my name)??

Mari Gra

input?? what if the tv remote doesn’t have input button?


OMG I've been dealing with this crap for two hours now I found this video on the internet and solved all my problems in less than a minute thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


I searched 10 times but there is no input button on my remote what shall i do plzz help me ??neither on tv??

adrienne mcdonald

Black screen on my hisense tv. I'm sitting here holding the input button and nothing is happening

Desmond Sado

Woow!! Thank you!!


Thank you!!! It really worked ?

Moonlight Shiners

I had to hold it and press cable box lol

Chanel Alston

omg totally been out of the all day didn't dawn on me to YouTube. you definitely helped me get my tv on


On astro ultra box picture and audio.what must do on my TV and speaker

Anne Jones

Hi I’ve just tried+to do this and pressing the tv input button from the original remote just brings a snowstorm on the picture. Any clues? Thanks thectv is Panasonic and 10 yrs old now by the way

Jeevan Bagul


Cross view Star

If r tv don’t have input button what v do

Utsav Kamle

Thanku very broooo

Isadora Chia

Thank you

treya vlogs

thankyou its working


It wd of been great, but my input is fine,it is showing the onscreen info,even full antenna, but no picture shows ?


Do you know any easy ways to get picture and audio on a PS2?

lock heart

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte Foster

Thank you ... it worked!!!

genesis alexa

what if the back of your tv doesn’t say imput and u can’t find your remote ?


hey! I had trouble before with my RCA TV being stuck on 'no signal' and I didn't have a working remote and couldn't find any videos on it, so I'm gonna tell you guys how to 'fix' an RCA TV with NO remote.
go to the side of the TV and push the 'source' button. Then, use the channel ( ch) buttons to go up or down the hdmi menu, then, when you find the hdmi you're looking for, hit vol+ three times, there you go

Oli R

OMG THANK YOU !!!! I subscribed just for fixing my issue thanks!

yy ttu.


Yo It’s Void

Omg thank you so Mutch man I don’t have a job rn so this helped out so mutch thankouy

Eat Something

Thanks I accidentally press a random button

Donna Smith

God bless you!!!!! It worked! I was going crazy trying to figure out why it wasn’t coming on. You’re the best!!!!

Krishnamurthy CA

Dear sir I am from Chennai and I am not a technical person and I would like to know how to solve the problem. our Sony tv NSX32GT1 has good audio but no vedio/picture for few days and now when switched on red light blinking 3 times instead of green light to connect with my set.Kindly suggest and help with the solution for the same.Thanks.

X Lexi


Gillian Koivu

I had to use my Shaw remote Input button but it worked. Praise you. ☺

Emma Emma

Omg thank you so much for this...it works!!!?

Princess sugar sweet Aguanta

thank you so much ????

reymond maximo

Thank you

That Dumb Guy

Does this works on Philippine TV like Skyworth android tv?


It really works ty bro I was about to throw my fire stick away

Nichola Stanton

Thank you so much!

Laina Silvanus

Thank you very much.

PoojaYuva S

Thank you


Thank you so much... it really help full


This info. was so very helpful and easy. I'd tried several different things before going to YouTube and this was a very quick fix. Thanks so much! I'll send a donation as it is sure worth it to me.

Elizabeth Orné

Thank you ?? it worked

em Jay

I need too know how to do that without a remote, I lost mine.

Cherry Berry

There is no input in my remote or tv

Pro Gamerz R . D . X

Thank you very much man

Goms Muthu

Hi, I had Sky Q box and disconnected my subscription with SKY. I like to watch the free channels using an old sky HD box but I am not getting signal in this SKY HD box. Is something you can give advise? Thanks

Speed Slayer9758

Whatnifnu don't have a remot that says imput


What if we don't have input button in our remote

Dasha's World

It didn't work in my kcl set top box plz give me some best tips ??

Connie E

PERFECT!!!!Thank you so much!!!

Nancy James

Thank you so much your the best


I fixed it!!! Tysmmm! :)

Abhishek N

Dude...would you walk me through with this...I tried...it did not work...

Shadow 603

We dont have a remote

Chepkemoi Joyline

Woi thanks man, it worked for me just right now, if it weren't for this video i could have been struggling alot.


What do I do if I have my hdmi hooked up but it won’t show up on the tv? I mean the input won’t even show that hdmi is an option

Yel Partosa

What should I do if my tv says Communication Problem? Is is the same with no signal ?

drishya krishna d r

Thanku so much for your helpful video . GREAT ?

Scorpio Doid

Thanx for yr tips... i find input hmdi then I could find my channel

Dasha's World

I don't have input button on my remote and it didn't work in my kcl set top box plz give me some best tips ??

Awaz song

I’m subscribing thanks so much


Used this on a Sansui TV while on a trip. Kids switched channels and bam. Lost tv signal.

I turned on tv and hit input...once I hit input a list came up... one by one I had to toggle the arrow over each and every choice listed and held the input button for 5 seconds ON EACH ONE HIGHLIGHTED until the sixth choice gave me my picture back.

It works!!! Thank you for posting this. Much appreciated.

jahanavi Nuthana

Tq so much for this video it is so usefull

Deepa Malhotra

Thanku so much sir apki vidio dekhk tv me jo dikkt thi shi hogyi

Shyhill edits

thank u so much it worked

What channel is tlc on verizon

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Verizon adds more value, best in wireless? // Free Discovery+, more stuff at no charge!

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I don’t need free stuff, I just want unlimited data at a good price. The free stuff is meaningless to me as I pay for most of these streaming services already, it gives a huge savings versus getting cable tv.

$80 or $90 for one line of unlimited data is way too much.

James Marrero

speaking of value I only have metro pcs because they give amazon prime.

Peter B

These are nice year promos for the services
Now if it wasn't largely reality tv... I guess there are people who love it, it's for them.


Too bad prepaid customers are excluded ?

Darryl Woodbury

Verizon keeps on adding more value to their plans. Other carriers need to take note.

David Hall

Got mine

Chucky Riggs

Too bad I can’t get fios at my address

Flan John

You think they’ll add more gigabytes on their plans soon?

Robert Montoya

All the carriers have great deals, under new contract terms. That's why I never get them, I have a grandfather plan and I'm not changing it. Unlimited data, sans throttling, is more important to me

Mike West



Is the Disney + package offering thru Verizon ending in feb 2021 gonna be extended? What are your thoughts

Ron B

Verizon moving in the right direction , i just wish that they were not as high for 2 lines


I just added Discovery plus to my verizon get more lines lol ?.........aloha from Hawaii too All }#SneedArmy #Mac&Cheese ? #AppleGang ?


I think they are gonna to have to increase their priority data from 50 gb and up their quality to 1080p to seal a few deals. With the amount they are spending in the auction I’m not so sure they will decrease any of their prices.

Barry Johnson

Smart move on Verizon's part. This is a great value. I think this help with churn. It's hard to leave something if the value add is high. Thanks for the video Sneeeeeeeed!


I'm switching to Verizon around March or April as soon as my AT&T employee discount goes away I can't wait! ??


Today I noticed something weird and interesting I don't know if you also noticed that and maybe t is normal.. When I check the bands I see only one..but when I run the speed test it connects to 3...as if they boost one's signal only when testing or..when needed?

What channel is tlc on verizon

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TCL TAB Unboxing and First Impressions! $199 ANDROID TABLET FOR VERIZON

4 207 views | 16 Oct. 2020

This is my unboxing and

This is my unboxing and first impressions video of the brand new Android tablet from TCL, called the TCL Tab. It's an 8-inch tablet running Android 10, and available now on Verizon. It has 4G LTE with a data plan which must be paid for separately. The TCL Tab is a great tablet for small kids, teenagers, or just as an inexpensive tablet for media and social media consumption and light gaming - seems like a good deal for $199

Tony Marenno

How does that snapdragon 665 feel? ?

Diane Hamilton

How do you search on You Tube? There is not a magnifying glass or a place to search. Just got mine today !

Tony NewGuy

I’m a big fan of sub 8-in tablets but can admit its definitely a niche market now compared to a few years ago. I do a lot of Kindle reading and comics/graphic novels so its always nice to see smaller tablets with 1080p resolution or more. Might have to look into this one,thanks for the vid


Awesome video, thanks so much. Thinking about putting this in front of my vehicle's crappy infotainment system.


Can you tell me if this has naked AOSP-esque android and not some sort of proprietary skinned version of Android like crappy Samsung and LG do?


I m also the t mobile customer,i m looking to buy n put on my tmobile sim,do it work on tmobile 4glte?how is the speed on google map,youtube n browse.

CH Gadgetz

I was definitely thinking about getting this one, great first impression.

Bryan Larson

Follow up video? I haven’t ordered mine yet. I have been up in the air.


I'd love a follow-up. How does it stack up against the Galaxy Tab A 8.4? Especially the viewing angles.

Aviation HJM

Nice review. And I gotta say people who are buying the Samsung galaxy Tab A 8.0, don't! This tablet is better with decent price! 4th like! I'm buying an iPad! ?

John Paz

It looks like its been produced for a purpose of online schooling during this current condition That would be good for video meeting etc. Good price for the functionality. Thank you for sharing :)

sayyed adil

I just wath your add jabraaa sponsor at instagram