Technical analysis of stock and commodities

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Top 7 Must Read Technical Analysis Books for every Trader

85 900 views | 16 Jan. 2019

Technical Analysis is the

Technical Analysis is the most effective and popular decision making tool used by traders in equity, commodity and forex market. In this video, read about the best books on Technical Analysis - Get to know them all in this video!

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Purchase the books directly from Amazon here (All the links are Affiliate Links)-

1. Getting Started in Technical Analysis by Jack D. Schwager- https://goo.gl/gv4JCA

2. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison- https://goo.gl/Ueiou8

3. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. Murphy- https://goo.gl/GdaTVy

4. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas N. Bulkowski- https://goo.gl/9XtmY1

5.A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis by Anna Coulling- https://goo.gl/v42z7c

6. How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil- https://goo.gl/63ppt6

7. Technical Analysis from A to Z by Steven B. Achelis- https://goo.gl/D7iLTh

Technical analysis focuses on the study of price charts and trading history to determine future price movements. It focuses on charts and specific indicators to identify consistent trade patterns in the movement of stocks and indices.

While it is difficult to know all about technicals, the following books can serve as a good starting point for enhancing your skills in technical analysis. Read on to become an expert!

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Hi, the first link of the boom takes me to the Murphy book

Bull Fighting Bear

"Price action Breakout" one of the best book, i ever read if you want summary visit my chanel

sahadev tarai

Thx u so much dear sir

Mahdi Ali

do fift book da one can stodey is de EOCP, in dis book, de autor exopleyns how to tade stock ubdates


Why have you copied exactly from Investopedia? You could have at least given credits to the source :/

Hariom patidar

I think all these are uploaded to bring you to there site or nothing
Because in all replies they didn't answer the question but only give you thanks & told to visit there site.
Thats it

Vrathik Jain

Where is edward and maggies book

amit singh

Suggest some good book for currency market technical analysis

javed patel

हिंदी मे कोई किताब हो तो बताए

Shivam Mundhra

Very helpful video.also do come out with a video on good books on fundamental analysis if possible.

Abhishek Sharma

Sir are these books avaliable in hindi???

Bhargav Raval

Nice but you forgot to mention about technical analysis of stock trends...

Ankit Agrahari

Please sir hindi language book technically analyses ka kaun sa h

Sanjeev Saraf

Nothing is use ful, only our observation works..

chitra bisht

Expensive but good ones. Where can we buy them, I mean retail , where we can flip over and compare them. ( Delhi). Icai

1 2 6 3 3 V A S U N D H R A.S

Sir can u suggest a good book on PRICE ACTION

Abhishek Maan

Bro you have copied the Content from investopedia, be original??

Digvijay Rana

Which book is the best for technical analysis for a person who knows basics, fundamentals of my stock market?I want to learn technical analysis just from scratch(beginning).

Sachin Gupta

Sir hindi m aati h kya

Mohinuddin Shaik

Sir, in the book "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J Murphy", at the Chapter 12 from page 309 to 317, there are various diagrams of candle patterns given with their respective names. Beside the every name of the diagram, either (+) or (-) symbol also represented. Here , does either (+) suggest an increase in the price or (-) represents the decrease in the price? Please suggest with your reply.

Dr Rj yadav


John Gutenberg

tech analysis is bullshit

BadBoyzzz Y

Bhai mereko ek baat pata hey jaise thu dekh dekh ke baat kar raha hey.... 'Tune inmese ek bi book nahi pada hey'

shahbir singh

These are some nice books. I am looking to acquire knowledge on how to use gaps, in intraday. and correlation of markets. Please suggest some on these topics as well.Thank you

Othniel Peter

Is it available in hindi

arush Pant

Sir hindi me best book btayiye

Surya Prakash

Copied the content from others, but also provide some more information
#1. Price and availability, how much it is really useful
#2. Page Sizes and where to get these books

Bineet Kumar

are this book available in Hindi ?


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Team Elearnmarkets

Naushad Ahmad

Very useful video

Baljit Singh


Pravin Parkhe



What a great video it is. Thanks for uploading it. Keep it up guys.

yadnesh mehta

Hindi me batao yar esklia aap ka Chanel subscribe kiya he ....

Yogesh Jadhav

Sir Hindi maine Video Banaiye......!!!!


Please suggest some book written by Indian writers. The book should be useful. The book should match the current reality of time.


sir any book in hindi

I love money get me some

Out of these 7 books please suggest one book .

raviteja cheruvu

Nice because we need likecthese explanations?vids?


name Best commodity Book

dilip patel

thanks to share us but sir pls tell me any HINDI books for technicle pls ....

king khan

Sir urdo me koe book milega pleze reply


I would be grateful if you could suggest some Indian writers book on technical analysis. The books should have contents matching the current reality of time. Thanks

chandan kumar

Sir hindi me books bataiye

Ketan Mahale

Do we have to go through all these books to learn T.A. ?

Shiva Raj

Thank you Sir, sir can you please suggest Futures and options trading books.

Patience Mindset

Ping me on #8888411766 full PDF book.

Tech Bros 360


Akshay Badakh

Any book for intrday trader in Hindi?

Shangkha Brahma

Please provide buying links if possible

Vivek Khude

Thank you so much for this incredible video's

Technical analysis of stock and commodities

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Real knowledge of stocks trading. How to trade in stocks and commodities.

125 views | 5 Jan. 2021

Trade with confidence in

Trade with confidence in stock market and commodity market.

Technical analysis of stock and commodities

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Finding Tops & Bottoms in Stocks, Futures, Commodities using Technical Analysis

6 372 views | 4 May. 2020



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One of the most difficult and intimidating tasks for any trader or investor is to try and determine when a particular stock has bottomed or reaches a point where it no longer decreases significantly. Everyone wants to buy low and sell high, but if you consider that a stock's price can be influenced by macroeconomic, political and economic events, stating with any certainty that a given stock has bottomed is a daunting task.

Also, your stock is just one of the thousands of stocks that trade daily in markets worldwide. Knowing when a stock has bottomed can unlock huge profits and can also prevent big losses. So how can one know with some confidence that a stock has reached a low point? No one can call stock bottoms with absolute certainty consistently, but there are some common fundamental and technical trends that appear in stocks that are about to hit bottom.Sector Characteristics

The stocks you own in your portfolios belong to sectors. Sectors are simply groups of public companies and stocks in a related industry. Oil and gas, technology, financial, and retail are some sectors that may be familiar to investors.

Typically, stocks follow in lockstep to both the overall stock market and their respective sector. Identifying which sector(s) your stocks belong to is a good first step in determining if your stock is near the bottom or a point of less intense declines.

Most of us are familiar with the credit market meltdown in 2008, which decimated financial stocks and even drove financial icons out of business. Most financial stocks traded downward together for an extended period of time. Investors who looked to find "value" in certain financial stocks were crushed, as the entire financial sector experienced a historical decline. The lesson learned is to identify and understand what sector your stock belongs to and compare its performance against the entire market.

Price and Volume

Once you identify your stock's sector, some other clues can give you some confidence your stock is nearing a bottom. Many technicians think stock price and volume are the two most important indications of where a stock is going. Stocks tend to bottom when there are few sellers of that particular stock.

It sounds ridiculously simple, but think about it: if few sellers exist, more buyers remain and buyers are more willing to pay a higher price for the stock. This means a price bottom has formed.

Volume adds credibility to stock prices and price direction, to an extent. Remember, stocks trade on supply and demand, just like all other goods in a free market. There are just a lot more things that influence stock prices than a gallon of milk. The higher the relative volume once the stock has finished going down, the more likely the stock will not see lower prices anytime soon.

So, if stock XYZ's average daily trading volume was 5 million shares a day as it declined 50%, but during the last three trading days it has averaged over 15 million shares daily and the price of the stock has appreciated, it is likely the stock has reached an inflection point and is done going down significantly. Remember, fewer sellers exist at lower prices as most people were looking to "sell high." If only buyers remain, stock prices will rise.

Keep Your Ear to the Street

Perhaps an overlooked tell of when a stock is bottoming is its perception by the general masses. Unfortunately, many average investors hear sound bytes on the business news and take it as gospel.

Ironically, there is an entire school of investment in which the main strategy is to go against conventional wisdom. These investors are aptly called contrarians. Contrarians tend to bet against what the "smart" money is doing. Many times going against the grain can be highly profitable and can also be helpful in determining if your stock has bottomed.

The oil and gas sector went through a significant bear market in sympathy with the great recession that began in 2007. Oil prices went down over 50% and stocks in the oil and gas groups were hemorrhaging.1 Business news hyped up the decline and pundits were talking about the demise of oil and the use of natural gas substitutes and solar energy. No one wanted to touch an oil stock. Investors who went against the grain and snapped up blue-chip oil stocks saw a handsome profit. It pays to see all sides of a stock story.

Going against the grain is a strategy that many believe works well particularly at market tops and bottoms.

Chanchal kumar khoiwal

Great sir harmonic analysis ke program bhi banaiye

Bhiva Palav


Manisha Patel

Nice video, Thanks for sharing your real experience. Points mention in video is really helpful. I miss some trade even after find top/Bottom but poor execution. ....Thanks

vinayaka kalidas

Good presentation sir

nishant patil

Sir thank you for your video, your true teacher

Brijesh Chaturvedi

great service to india.
great sir,always respectful to me and all of us.pl.keep doing .

mohit sona

Great sir. Excellent knowledge jai hind jai Bharat



Tony Kene

IIT seems you no longer do English videos sir. I miss your enriching contents and the way you explain your quality videos. Thanks

Atul Kumar

Rakesh ji, would request you to make short videos say 15 min video or can be divided into 2-3 parts.

Nilesh Dixit

nice sir

mahendra vyas

Please sir white back ground mai black carser use kare to jyada aacha rahega.

Anandh Pandian

Sir, you are a gem of a person........soon will join your RSI program....

Real trade

Hello sir waiting for series of videos

Prakash Bhatia

Bharat jii gann fan aur gann theory or dates predictions pe video banaye, gann fan kaise proper ways mei candle sticks chart pe lagaye hai pls reply me ...

ravi bhushan

sir this is a triangle,market will go up again

nishant patil

Sir thank you for your video, your true teacher

Avinash J R

Nice presentation.Thanks.

Ignite Yourself


monojit roy

Great sir ?

hish vasco

very interesting title but in Hindi, sadly, I can't speak or understand Hindi.


You are Genius

jitendra Vasoya


Anilkumar Paswan

Sir 2nd part?

Astrology and Vastu - Mantra & Remedies

Genius Bhai ! Ma Saraswati's blessings on you ....

Madhab Chatterjee

Sir I have 1 question please give reply sir i hope u will give , in 5 min chart for intraday trading how much period setting should we keep for adx line

Nadeem J

Excellent Video Sir, Your lectures are explained in an simplified way.I have learned a lot from your videos.

Ganga Ram

Fantastic information over Fib tools ???