Multifunctional wallet

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The Most Practical Wallet (In My Opinion)

32 989 views | 28 Jul. 2018

From the many hard case

From the many hard case credit card wallets on the market Jeremy Broun finds one that ticks all the boxes. He breaks with convention of having and storing numerous credit cards in one case (it could get stolen!), but uses the space creatively. https://www.woodomain.com

Uk Gamer

Why was the camera seeing through the cards? what is this sorcery?

Robb's Homemade Life

Good video. Jeremy, a few years ago I switched to a smaller wallet that held a small notepad inside and an elastic sleeve on the outside to hold a pen. This has become my favorite wallet. I find it invaluable to occasionally be able to leave a small note or to take notes myself. In addition, the pen on the outside makes it extremely difficult for the wallet to accidentally fall out of my pocket. If I were to use the wallets you reviewed I would add some rubber bands around the outside to make them harder to slide out of my pocket. I enjoy your nonwoodworking videos as much as your usual videos, thanks for making and sharing.

n. prince

Not bad. Flipside wallet is ideal for your next review.


Thank so much !
God bless you !


My "wallet" is an elastic band holding together: a debit card, a credit card, drivers license, some folded notes (money). Coins I carry loose in my pocket

Jamie Badar

Nice video Jez, usual for a luddite like me who could do with some newer and better ideas. When you find a phone that fits why don't you do a video of that as well.

Stiff Wood

totally useless,,, coins and paper money is soon for collectors in norway

Norman Coutts

Interesting - never seen these, but I am a recent convert to a phone case that holds three, separated cards and a few folded notes. One credit card, my bus pass (never leave home without it) and one card related to my reason for leaving the house - university ID, B&Q, whatever. Just about perfect and well under a tenner bought online. :-)


Does it come in pink?

G Akram

great video and love the channel.

ray gale

You have not listed their names and your website link doesn't work

Cobb Mccorn

Just curious how have they held up? Any time I see plastic clasp or clips red flags go up. Did any of the plastics parts break at all?

Jacqueline Vasileva

I have the same card case love it i adore it ?

Larry Mackey

Well done my friend. Bravo

Randy Murray

Hey Jeremy. I think you maybe missed the point of these hard case card wallets.. They are designed to be RF interference protectors. Meaning people use cell phones to scan normal wallets and purses and what not for the credit cards inside and pull your information. Welcome to the new day of modern tech :/. That being said you can get normal looking leather wallets now with RF protection lining.. Cheers !

Brian Ramos

Do you still use the Portes Carte Wallet? I found a similar one at the dollar store and I really love it. There also RFID protected!!

James Devlin

Great review, thanks, just what I was looking for


Just got one of those. It's amazing! I always found myself annoyed about the wallet situation. With that one, I even tuck my house keys in one of the slots, and they're all stored nicely into my pocket without anything stubbing my leg.

Oscar Winkelaar

Thank you for sharing!
Give the Secrid Wallet a try, I highly recommend it!
The patented mechanism of our wallets provides a simple and fast way to access your cards.
The aluminium Cardprotector protects your cards from bending, breaking and unwanted RFID and NFC communication.
Made in Holland with great care for quality, people and the environment.

(I do not hold any shares in this company, I'm a customer to the product...)

Grandfather Tech


RK Walks UK

thank you mate i was looking to buy your video is very useful thanks


Has anyone a link to this product

Multifunctional wallet

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Orzly Multi-Functional Wallet Case for the OnePlus Two

1 663 views | 25 Aug. 2015

The Orzly Multi-Functional

The Orzly Multi-Functional Wallet Case for the OnePlus Two is designed to not only offer protection to your device but also give you the added functionality of being able to use it a wallet to hold your most used credit, debit and ID cards.

The Wallet Case also features an integrated stand allowing you to conveniently fold the case into the ideal position to watch videos, play games, use apps and type on the on-screen keyboard.

The Multi-Functional Wallet Case is made from a stylish synthetic leather, helping to give it an executive look and feel. The durable exterior is also great in protecting your phone inside of the case. The case also features a magnetic clasp, preventing the cover from flapping around when making a call or when in your pocket.

Buy the Multi-Functional Wallet Case from our website now. Check the links below!

Black: http://goo.gl/mtpkfM

Blue: http://goo.gl/4WP6Zs

Grey: http://goo.gl/xdoKmg

Red: http://goo.gl/dGM4HB

The Multi-Functional Wallet Case is also available from other online stores such as Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Don't forget to like and subscribe to us on YouTube and on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news, reviews, unboxings and videos of cases and accessories for the OnePlus Two.

Multifunctional wallet

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18-in-1 multi-tool the size of a credit card!

8 841 066 views | 15 Jul. 2014

Outfit any wallet with 18

Outfit any wallet with 18 useful, everyday tools with the Wallet Ninja.

Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/item/wallet-ninja-multi-tool?adid=youtube

Please subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com

Hundreds more curiously awesome products at:



This perfectly flat multi-tool packs six wrenches, four screwdrivers, two rulers, a cellphone stand, a bottle opener, a can opener, a letter opener, a box cutter, and a fruit peeler into a single piece of steel the size of a credit card.

The TSA-approved Wallet Ninja boasts a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull.

Made from 4X heat-treated steel, Wallet Ninja is thinner than two credit cards and will fit into any wallet.


To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here:


For the most popular items on Vat19, click here:


sneekibreekisnek boi

I got one and it started cutting my wallet.

Rahul Londhe

It's cool

larry silva

i try it broke and rusted using the screwdriver break


Im smart to see how good it is

But im not rich enough to buy it.

steven universe

can i use this to murder ppl?

AziAdamAmeer Bernardino


Smart people......

Roohi Banu

But does it have a... oh, ok


I Just Watch This For Entertainment

Lyn X

Bruh in my store, they sell wallet ninjas
For 2$


We have 3 pieces of like this


Surgical goblin clash royale yt!!!!

Unik Kroj


Mahmud Ur



My classmate have this



Pratibha Gupta

Which material it is made up of
Pls tell ASAP

Object Vat19 Awesome Gift

wallet ninja watching video 1:01

EMaster YT

There's one called a wallet hero for £1 at poundland exactly the same

Domingo Janzcae Chriszian Llacuna

Why just call it card ninja

Zhiya playes games

0:30 jamies full name is jamie salvatori?

Savish Wanasinghe 11-B

I bought this. Was not disappointed


TSA confiscated mine, pretty sure the lady was a Karen...

Ahmed Mustafa Bakht

I can get the original for $2 in India

Izor12 YT

“Will you take a Steve’s hotdog.. Card?”



Who keeps tools in their wallet?


My Dad's credit card is gonna turn into a wallet ninja!!



Ah shoot

Dave Willams

Someone posted this guy michesliver on telegram yesterday and I tried him he is real?✅

Matthew 0619

Omg i have that

Jordan Kurniawan

If ad was like this we wouldn't skip ads

Erin Harris

Vat19: “And It’s TSA Approved”
Adam Ruins Everything: Am I A Joke To You?


But what if I DO need a hot dog coupon?


Harganya berapam?

Hafidz Najmi

I got it for 2 dollars in amazon


I had once.
Totaly Useless.
Only Buy Swiss army knife or leathman


Wouldn’t be a vat19 product without the bottle opener

Logan Chong



I bought this for $1 from another website lol.


Well mine is rusty soooo

Pratibha Gupta

Pls tell

Katelyn H

Yeah this VAT 19 guy is going a bit too far

Ziggy Drummer

Ok, i bought one of these but the cell phone stand is COMPLETE rubbish. I put a card in the slot and my phone kept falling off. I recommend the other parts, just not the cell phone stand.

Ultimate Renzel

I buy that in shoppe in only 18 pesos that is very very chipe

anger assassin


Sunshine Nguyen

but does it have a bottle op - oh.

Andrea Keolamphu

Okay, but how does the product have to do with him not having his card at the beginning?

Happy Boy

But does it have a rare earth magnet and dishwasher safe


My wallet ninja can touch screen

Abdiel Padilla

I never knew drawing a line was fixing stuff


Did i just see his credit card number

Dynamic Juice

Netherite be like

Kamado Tanjirou

I already have it lol


We have one of those wallet ninja Whhhhhaaaaaat


it broke instantly

Vipninja501 Vipninja501

Wow who would buy it it will burn it fire a sword how a fire you put it in?

Gordon Ramsay


Miki Rai



note: jamie's obviously expired credit card number is 5218 5310 8715 2395. pretty shitty censoring job there



Mobile Gamer

What's a vat19 product without a bottle opener

Ariq's World

That's not how you use a katana.

ศิววุฒิ ชูฉิม

Im Thailand people and in vat19 website is cost around 300 THB
BUT i found this pocket ninja in local shop and is cost 19 THB

Adam Ellyson



but does it have a bottle opener?

Just Diego In East Laos

1:01 wry

Steriø’s Music

she noticed that it showed under the black code thing?

Michael Ardon

NOT TSA approved anywhere!
Pack it in your check bag, or it will be surrendered to TSA-


1:04 and 1:07 for any neo geo fans out there These sounds were used in the game metal slug


0:30 Wow The Bosses Paypal card

Maurice Phoenix

Well sadly in Singapore airport I have to surrender this wallet ninja?

a croissant

But does it have a bottle open- wait

Patrick Fontanilla

I have that now

Sofia Thomas

The local discount shop stocked these for £1 and nobody bought them so they discounted them further to 25p.

Dowka 29

*takes off the wallet ninja*
me: oh gosh, the number on the credit card..
me later: oh wait, they blurred it.

Landon’s Stop Motion

Omg i love this company i wish i could get all there products

Captain Asshat

The worst part is that the shampoo thing is real.



Get off My channel

Jamie, im just telling you this for your own good: at 0:29 you can see your credit card info if you watch the video at x0.25

Boey H.

Bottle opener ???

•Gacha Mike• :3

Jamie was brave enough to show his own credit card without the information. I’m impressed

• majestic axra •

....i just realised we are watching ads on purpose

Janine Ryoo

i actually have a wallet ninja


I have This!!!

Fatinhannani Suhaimi

This thing save my life when I got stuck inside my bedroom and the door knob is broken. Need to open it using screwdriver but my door had very small gap so it cannot fit. Luckily my wallet is with me

Simeon Veselinski

Pesho ша ва намери !

Amanda Boland


Buybeck Belly

Thank you jamesmalthe on telegram for the high balance of credit card it really work perfectly ?


But does it have a bottle opener?

Charly Parsley


Nicolas Zarco

0:04 I miss the guy on the left.

Irvin Peralta


Sarah Sokolnicki

Why do they always sell gum

Alexa Marie

Just found out i have one of those aswell

Deepa Daniel



0:54 or use a mug

Asadbek Azizov


iyfar arafat

I got from my uncle for my birthday

3 Amigos Moto

I got it from a dirty Santa game


I have one it's AWESOME get one NOWWWWWW

Alvin Rapirap

My clasmate have that