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UGAZ DGAZ Opening Drive from 166.50 LIve Day Trading Stream

66 views | 18 Dec. 2019

Live Day Trading Natural

Live Day Trading Natural Gas And Crude Oil Leveraged ETFs and Futures

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Jimmy. In you're opinion, would you hold UGAZ through the split or buy it afterwards? I just need a straight answer from someone. Everyone I ask is so vague in their responses. Thanks

Ugaz real time

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$130 Profit In 1 Min on $UGAZ | How I Swing Trade 101

7 016 views | 13 Oct. 2017

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Rod Tolosa

newbie here. Can someone tell me how to activate bwap purple and RSI. Been trying to figure it out and no luck. tia

Dylan Brunick

Hey dude I want to let you know I was that yellow mustang that lined up next to you yesterday haha

Graham Hart

I expect $ugaz to dip, move sideways and then continue uptrend for a 20++% move. A measured move puts natural gas soaring

Jordan Sole

Why is UGAZ at $9? Im so lost

Money Makers

$ATOS A Good Company To Buy ?

Joseph Maiorana

Can you do more live day trades, more specifically dips. You explain them, but I want to see you actually buy and sell

John Hornbarger

What’s the indicator Ricky uses at the bottom of his screen, not the level 2, but the other one?

shehzad sandhu

Hi, how do you find the companies you want to day trade on?


Hey Ricky I'm fairly knew to trading and I made an impulsive buy into BIOP. I was able to lock in dividend at 93 shares but as the stock is right now, I will still be at a major loss. Any thoughts on the stock? Will it go back up? Don't have the hang of analysis yet. Thanks for your time!

Larry Navarro

How can I join the discord server?

Ugaz real time

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1 645 views | 14 May. 2020


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I'm on YouTube to share my strategy and how I am consistently able to bring in profits! I appreciate any and all feedback and truly enjoy helping others!

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and want to make this fun for everyone!


So zone colors are just for marking an area (no supply-demand story)? I watched your 'How To Draw Zones For Trading' video still wasn't able to grab much but would love to learn. Please show more zone-examples and how to draw them so that I can catch up.


Stay away from ugaz fellas

JRPG Anonymous

What up

Right Near The Beach

Nobody puts DonFron in a corner