Topping tail

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Topping Tail Alert: Great Short Trade On (NYSE:WHR)

946 views | 13 Jan. 2015

Watch this live trading

Watch this live trading action video as Gareth Soloway details out how you can trade Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR) right now. When it comes down to FREE trading information, there is only one worthy source for you... our free stock market action emails will keep you on top of everything that you need to know, nothing you don't, sign up for free right here: https://www.inthemoneystocks.com/free-services/free-email-alerts. If you ever read an email again, make sure it comes from where it matters!


watch $JNUG tomorrow, uptrending and oversold short term

Topping tail

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Master Trader Bottoming Tail Candlestick Wins! - MasterTrader.com

1 647 views | 22 Nov. 2017

There are many candlestick

There are many candlestick patterns and the Bottoming Tail is one of the must powerful.

If you are interested in learning about candlesticks and much more start with Master Trader Weekly Lessons


Topping tail

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Wayne Stone Logging Topping Tail Trees First tree of the unit C.Henderson

123 534 views | 22 Jan. 2020

Florence OR 1/21/20

Florence OR 1/21/20



alejandro toledo

Fuck!! Desapear our forest

Bob Hennig

That looks awfully dangerous.

Davey Crocket


Zohirul Gazi

Bro tree math chato

Manu Silg

Calida de macho se llama eso papá

Randy Schryvers

Anything for lift!

Woos 31

Ya buddy...........get lift boys!

Simone Crosato

Sarà alto 40 m

wally allyn

You be careful up there my brother and be safe ?? praying for you

Ronald Reed

Been there done that. I used to be asked why I did that for a living, I always responded,
Why the hell not!

Cody field

Tall not tail

Jacklyn Salleh

Why kill a good healthy tree....this is bad...thumbs down to all of you

Lee Kohl

I bet he feels like hes a 1000 ft up right there

Derrik Bleichner

Aren't trees easier to cut while standing on the ground?

Tim Henry

That's awesome.

Ajay Kumar

पुरे जग्ल का नास करदिया