Okay google is walmart open today

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Google to join forces with Walmart

4 157 views | 24 Aug. 2017

This partnership plans to

This partnership plans to change the way consumers shop, especially with the help of Google Assistant.

Suwu Nation

Google and Walmart good ?

Amin T

Nice ABC News. I watch this news every day.


Walmart customer service suck!

Mexican Tacos

I love amazon


Amazon is still going to win.

shaquille mccray

Please Kill Amazon Google-Walmart, cuz they are taking our Jobs.

that one kid is back

Googlezon ?

Ab Ten

All about money ? money ?

Okay google is walmart open today

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#Walgreens Weekly Deals/No Coupons Needed ?/Free +$1.03 MM/Awesome Ibotta Deal ?

288 views | 9 Feb. 2021

#Walgreens Weekly

#Walgreens Weekly Deals/No Coupons Needed ?/Free +$1.03 MM/Awesome Ibotta Deal ?

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Google Doc.



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Leticia Hinojoza

Hola hola Sabine!!! ????? thanks for sharing, I love the arnicare too, I use the cream and it’s amazing!! Ready to pick them ?

Saving with Christina

This is a great one!

Couponing With Rachel Blanks

I don’t even know that that gel is ? never even heard of it. I’ll probably stop by and grab 2

Rochelle Gaddis

Amazing Ibotta deal! TY ? I will continue to pray ??for you and your family.

Shopping with Stephanie

Great deals

Shine Chaser

Amazing Sabine made a MM even without coupons ? So take that Walgreens ? ??☀️

DonNeeZee TV

Thank You For The Great Deals. I'm New To Your Mansion :)

Save with Fee Fee

Can’t go wrong with free!!!!! You are so sweet ❤️

Amy Way to Save

Sabine, you had a money maker WITHOUT coupons! That’s amazing!!!!! ????

Bama fanatic

Awesome video sister I love it and I am happy that you are my sister and I do not mind support you on all your videos?‍??

Florence Shell

Small and mighty!!! This is like...triple awesome sauce:):):), no coupons, free + MM. Loved it!!

Alaunda Gilmore

Hey Doll! I have not used Arnicare before but I’ve seen it, I think there is some coupons for it. Great find with the Razor refills ! Awesome Sauce! ? Thank you! ? I’m so glad you’re getting through this rough time! ?

Couponing With Tonya

I LOVE free?? Nice haul....still keeping you and your family in my prayers??

Saving With Danyele

Great deals ....you know I have a love hate relationship with walgreens?....you did great friend???

Couponing With Rachel Blanks

Every Walgreens video I watch I contemplate on going there but I know it won’t work out and I’ll be frustrated ? you did good

Corbin Smith

Hi great deals....happy birthday ???, my born day was 2/6. ?????

Okay google is walmart open today

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$500 Walmart CAMPING Challenge! | Cooking Bushcraft DOUBLE BURGER on Open Fire

392 127 views | 8 Jun. 2018

I take up Joe Robinet on

I take up Joe Robinet on his $500 Walmart Challenge with a big twist - I do it as cheaply as possible!!!

My final bill runs at $376 for a camping starter-kit! You guys asked for this video, how to get camping for people who have never camped before!

I will show you how I used to camp, and how I camp now!


Coleman Tent $150 vs. Marmot Tent $260

Walmart Sleeping Bag $80 vs. Fancy one $300+

Walmart Camp Mat $30 vs. Thermarest $100

Fire Grill $0 vs. Purcell Trench $100

Lighter $1 vs. Bowdrill $0

Jack knife $30 vs. Grohmann Trout & Bird $100

Walmart Saw $30 vs. Boreal 21 $100

Walmart Backpack $50 vs. Baltoro $300

Garbage Bags (waterproofing) $5 vs Sea to Summit $100

Work Gloves $5 vs. Work Gloves $5

Walmart Non-Stick Pan $10 vs. Cast Iron (used) and MSR pot $70

Nalgene $10 vs. Stainless Steel $30

Maglight $20 vs. Thrunite $20

Cheap blue tarp $5 vs. Tent Fly $100

FINAL TOTALS $376 vs. $1485

Check out our 5 DAY SURVIVAL SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV9r4kQg90I&list=PLDg2Qmw9pKieZifUoxhoiv6DqqKc6oGMP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.leclair.35

Paypal Donations: https://www.paypal.me/TheWoodedBeardsman

Website: http://TheWoodedBeardsman.com/

Grohmann Knives: www.gknives.com

Trout & Bird:


This is camping on a budget as I scavenge as many camping supplies as I can, to help you see that camping can be done very inexpensively.

I will show you how to cut the fat off your budget by using a free camp grill, using two cheap sleeping bags rather than just one, the ins and outs of tents and their cost and trade-offs, and how to find pots and pans that don't break the bank. I'll show you how to set up a tent and how to cook over an open fire by showing you that it's okay to mess up before you master anything!

This is how to get started in camping 101!

I'll talk about how I start fires using primitive friction fire and why and how I'll often just use a lighter. I discuss kindling and cheats like using newspaper and why it's okay to start with these camping tricks and hacks.

I'll show you why you might want to spend a few extra bucks on a good quality bushcraft saw like the boreal 21 rather than a cheap Walmart brand and why a $5 tarp is often better than dropping $100. I also talk about why you should not use a chair or a tarp and just rough it so you get stronger! Why it's often better to go with a cheap tent to start, rather than an expensive one!

Check out our 5 DAY SURVIVAL SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV9r4kQg90I&list=PLDg2Qmw9pKieZifUoxhoiv6DqqKc6oGMP

Red Fox: https://youtu.be/t3WD1ae5kK4

Porcupine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW9hWPMzsk4

Beaver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7ONKwN3Upw

Bear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsowDxhlP9M

Catfish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVa5_J53ZqQ

Foraging a Meal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ47bkadS2k

Eating Groundhog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf0zyu9Z-uY

Duck and More: https://youtu.be/k-aqwymmU7o

Yabbies/Crawfish: https://youtu.be/_Y5drrjB4DI

Muskrat: https://youtu.be/2hyeWj9RX7g

Ice Fishing Trout: https://youtu.be/-Lxy5sFFA88

Canada Goose: https://youtu.be/4xVkiOwQCzo

Hare and Grouse: https://youtu.be/BFN4TOUa1zc

Black Squirrel: https://youtu.be/KWy5b5O0nVs

Cooking on a Rock: https://youtu.be/uHN60owoFoE

Use code "WoodBeard" to get 10% off ASAT Camo: www.asatcamo.com

Merch (t-shirts): https://teespring.com/stores/the-wooded-beardsman

Jungle Jargon

I go for the easier method of lighting a fire first (I have the other stuff if I need it) and I like my battery operated chainsaw. I have to build a simplified log cabin to keep the bears out. I actually had a bear come visit me after dark. (Good thing they are just black bears.) I have all rechargeable red colored headlights and rechargeable battery backups. I want to be able to see as well as everything else. I take a lot of cheeses and powdered milk for my coffee, (water filter), no sugar, real eggs to start out, powdered eggs and powdered cheese long term. I have to have my nuts and berries (and supplements). I take tuna, sardines and maybe some pemmican or some kind of survival food. Then I am good for a week or two. If ever I need something, I take a quick trip to Walmart : )

iscariot project

china pumps out gear at ok quality for far less,you dont need to spend 500 for the entire gear setup if you just spend time on research

Jersey Stotler

I just found your channel!!? this is so cool I have gear from just about everywhere but I still like Old School Coleman Tents and gear!!

John C

Sorry reading the title I was thinking how easy it would be to win that challenge.
$500.00 in camping gear? I would live like a king in the woods for months on that.

zerowaste dream

you should try the tent in the lake … do it …..lol

Jeremy Jongekryg

Ounces=pounds & pounds = pain

papyrusthe gamer


Waller Life

Very cool video, my wife and I have never went camping before. Doing research on how to do it and found your channel. Plan on trying it out this summer. Big thank you for all the tips and advice!


Just started camping this year with my family. Mom/wife of 4 kids. Starting with car camping (oldest is 11, youngest are 4 year old twins). We aren’t ready for backwoods camping yet but we do practice fire starting and what not and on our next camping trip we will be learning about edible plants. Love learning with my kids.

Samu M

"It fits two men intimately if your on the down low" ???????????????

OFF-Grid HillBilly Style

Hey man. Just binge watching some of your videos.
Would you mind if I did my version but I might up the ante lol.
200$ Walmart challenge ?

Khaerul Ikhwan

Entertaining, educating, and relaxing :)

Allan Barbe Jr.

Take it from an Eagle scout. If you can't carry it in and out on your bag then you don't need it. Period!

James Holden

great show

Ronnie Cockburn

That’s a real insight, I’ve been camping for years but not much “wild” camping. Some great tips


Very good.

Ricky Lachapelle

Man, again thank you !!! It's hilarious you bring the newspaper. That is what me and my dad do. The poor Mazda 3 hatch is loaded to the brim with stuff for two days car camping. Again, you totally bring my spririts up, so noligeable, and honest !!! You totally nailed it with this one for me. Like Insaid we car camp and overnight fish, but I want to venture off by myself, push myself. And no I am not a kid lol. Just had a late start at actually going in the woods. I am 40 now, but never got out to the woods too much. So now that's where you come in. I love the outdoors but always make excuses like it's too cold, it's snowing, whatever. Anyways you are helping immenselly, thanks man !!! Cheers !

Crazy Nerd

or just learn how to use the wilderness to make a shelther. if you are starting out i recommend researching first

William Hawkins

As a carpenter with 30 years experience I absolutely love your cabin this is a great starting video we all have to start somewhere.
Can we tie the haters to a cypress tree and feed them to the Gators

Kenny Wheelus

Ty chris,I sent this video to my buddies who have never been camping, so they'll know what to expect an how to chose a tent size an how to cook an some gear they may need,very informative as always, looking forward to more of your videos, your the reason why I started watching your is how you do camping so I can get my skills up an hone those skills,an own my skill an have fun doing it,we're going camping in late October in bear country, I can't wait, I'll comment on here on how it goes an hopefully we can makes an post a video on here of our experience.

David Hutchinson

Cheers, ? looks hella good brother. Much love from Albuquerque, NM. I'm getting ready to start my adventure in May 2021 at 41 yrs old. I'll keep you posted ??. Love to your family, stay safe.

Mathew Mimbs

I personally prefer cast iron stuff

Jason B

Ive been watching your videos for years. Its an older video, but i am going to order that "grohmann fish and trout". A small fixed blade is the best knife.

NH-Hill Billy

Why isn’t this guy on alone?


21:00 Ha Ha, You're a cool dude.


yeah im getn a bera 21 or whatever u called it i want that one

El Taco

I remember the day I was in the army cadets brought back so many memories of bush craft little different because MREs and that this videos made me wanna go camping

Nicholas Ricardo

On the camp mats, when I go an canoeing trips I never bring mats, but for backpacking if you expect snow definitely get a foam Thermarest, so you don't freeze to death. I was backpacking in the Rawah in Colorado, and the snow from that season hadn't melted above 8,000 feet, so we were trudging through snow on the second day. that night we camped on an snowfield, man was I glad I didn't bring an inflatable mat, because those do nothing to keep the water off of you. We had to use the foam mats like a rug to make sure our sleeping bags didn't get soaked, it was a shitshow, but it's fun to reminisce.

RedessNeckess War dragons

Only chicks think bigger is better

Decide Outside

I really appreciate your sharing your tips. I totally agree.. it's not about having the nicest and most expensive gear, it's about being out there and experiencing it. I probably don't rough it as much as you do, but I appreciate your insights! :)

james paxton

So when i became 19 i was lazy and even now im a little lazy but i wanted to give you my story or a portion of it im 26 i ended up going to a shelter well the shelter residence stole some of my stuff thats wjen i desided to look at channels like this and its channels like this that saved my life i ended up going into the forrest with nothing litteraly ended up building my shelter from mud i ended up backing it makeing it to clay well i made myself very comefertable that i forgot what life was in the city for a wile than i met a x that i thought was the most beautiful women ever and forced myself out of ny confertable shelter and well now im watching ur videos ohvi was homeless for 3 years so i thank you and all others who do what u do my life was saved bu you guys

David Enochs

Fantastic video Chris, enjoyed it very much

BlackForest Grizzly

What was the name of the pants again?


Took me 40 minutes to finally figure out that pile A was the “get started pile” and not the unneeded pile

Robert Young

First time I went backpacking in the Adirondacks I used a plastic shower curtain and a piece of rope between two trees as my tent. Worked great. I would add that it wasn’t black fly season.

Roy Patterson

Isn't that a bad idea to be handling meats like that with those gloves, and then keep using those same gloves over and over again?

Jose Robles

The real thin is that old tools are better construction than new one.

Lazy ASH Jeeps

Inspiring. Truly awesome. To learn you have to go camping and screw up. Better words have never been spoken.

Keith Carter

full stop

Justin Cunningham

Full stop

Kenny Wheelus

Also,sometime,I wanna try a catch an cook experience as well,I think it'd be great an just enjoy nature an what it already provides for me.

Karen Hess

Walmart has brown tarps...green, too. If not in your store then order from walmart.com. They also have travel pillows that are 14"x20" (36cm x51cm) and the pillow cases for them. I ScotchGard mine. I pretty much ScotchGard everything...shoes, jeans, jackets but it takes a while for that smell to dissipate. I'm kind of a germaphobe so I used to bring a lot of other STUFF. Why not bring newspaper. You're only going to carry it one way.


I've found with almost every level of one man light weight tents when I wake up in the morning it's soaked from condensation just for me breathing. No biggie in the summer but if it was cold I'd be pissed.


Which province are you from?

Dean Overton

I've watched some of your video's before and i understand what your saying but try this going into the wild with nothing at all making everything you need and wont doing it old school i have my self

Wood Chip

Not sure this is a challenge $500 can get you everything you need and more thats just Camping not a challenge go survive a week with nothing but a knife/machete, a pot, and one book of regular matches hunt for your food find water make shelter at least thats kinda a challenge

Nate Trotter

Bravo! Great video. Informational, funny. I subscribed.

Gregory Hare

I like to thank you for what you have to show and when i was a kid and now I'm 51 years old now and i haven't been camping. As i got older i finely got married and i have finely got my wife fishing 2 years ago and now last year my wife likes to fish and go camping now she sees the out doors in a different sits now.

Switch Back

All about nature, but you burn plastic wrap. Great idea.

The Horned One

I have a small little 2 man tent that me and my wife use. I paid $20 for it. Ive had it about 5 years now and its still good.

Thomas w

$500? I don't think I've spent that over decades

Art Shough

Junk buy real gear quit wasting money on camping anything frn wlmrt GARBAGE


wow its nice but 10lbs to start??


I want to get wild food but don’t know where to go around where I live that I can camp n hunt for food that actually has the right animals around n is legal

Queen Midas

All you're doing is shuffling all that stuff around on the ground. What a waste!

Anonymous Viewer

For a $100 I would not carry around that knife. I guess a knife is good when it's what you have but still.... There are lightweight options out there that are cheaper than $500.... For $500 you can get great gear that will last you years. For about $100 you could get started.... If you are solo camping, hiking, backpacking then you can go cheaper.... down to no cost.... This was the very first video I watched of yours.... let's see what else you have...

. it's nice to see how you changed your camping habits!!! I can't imagine how or why you even carried around that heavy tent.... however each to their own... I am glad to see you learned from mistakes and continue learning...

Growing jordon

who would want 5 men in a tent at one time ??

Super Brain Sandwich

When it comes to tender that you bring from home, we always used dryer lint. It's lightweight, free and works quite well as long as it's dry.

Anisita ita


Queen Midas

Why did you bother bringing all that crap ? You should be showing people how to minimize, not be a pack rat.

Deadly Zone

That's 1 way to geter started lol

urban Geiko

Got my first tent for 30 bucks and as you said used stuff from home. Hope you had help on the way out.. Thx for the tips.. Subscribed

Life outdoor

muito bom

Nicole Edwards

Could u also reffer to women you say u guys so often but there are us girls out here to lol


haha doesnt fit in a backpack? with my marine corp FILBE i can carry a walmart 20 degree coleman in just one pocket!



DVL Exotics

I have been doing wildlife or forest survival for about 35 years now. I guess some may call it camping but it was way more than pitching a tent and grilling up some burgers and dogs. I'm 75% Native American 25% German my dad was 100% native American and from june 15th or so to the first week of september he would basically throw me outta the house and make me survive in the woods . so sense the age of 12 I ahve been spending over 2 months in the wilderness of the North East United States I had a tarp a hatchet a knife fishing pole and a sling shot and the all important sleeping bag.. Needless to say some summers I really wanted to do something other than go into the woods and damn near starve like the first few summers. Now I know why he made me do it as my grandfather made him do it I can pretty much be dropped off anywhere and with a little gear survive for months on end.. From the age of 16 till about 18 I would also spend from late October till about Christmas in the woods as this was hunting season for bear deer and moose. So I would incorporate big game hunting into my survival camping I guess you would call it. But I learned how to trap fish hunt all on my own I learned what I could and couldnt eat in the wild with help of my local library thank god for book on foraging wild plants herbs mushrooms and berries.. And honestly if I could legally make my children do what my old man did to me I would because I know in the end id never have to worry about them surviving on their own.. I do take them with me now and them especially when i go to locations that have "easy food" you know like a place with plenty of fish berries squirrels and I make them fish pick berries and yeah shoot their own squirrels and rabbits they can also snare rabbits if need be... I can tell you this if we ever got into a situation where we needed to rely on the wild I could easily do it and as a family wr could definitely do it... I have not taken them on any winter camping trips yet but within the next few years they will be coming with me..

Arkansas W5JFA

I'm 53 now, but when I was a kid all we ever took camping was a sleeping bag, knife, and lighter OR matches. WE thought we had it made...

Jungle Jargon

The first thing you need... something to sit on!

chris kostecki

Really,!! at one point you are throwing your old orange fold up saw in the B (bad) pile ,and 5 minutes later, I see you using it to cut your kindling, same with your multi-tool (not jack knife) at the food feast part. You may want to keep your mistakes a little less obvious when your instructing people on the net. Good try though, mistakes happen.

Zach Scherwin

500$ survival challenge , first five items all over 100$ ????‍♂️

Vance Narine

Hey bread man do you take your visitors email me please


Only the wooded beardsman can take a 5 to 10 min video and turn it into an hour long video. You really know how to ramble on lol

nah. homie_

" it's only 500 dollars "

punkrock survivlist

I have a pretty nice light weigh tarp i paid like $25 plus free shipping for it..

Its a light green

Bradley Waite

You go man

The fort master

Can you spend pounds instead cos all the vids like this is dolar


Do you ever go crazy talking to a camera

Jose Robles

I am glad you upgreat you gear. ?

Vinny Murphy

Re: newspaper as kindling, whenever I’m starting a fire at home, either in a fire pit or for a barbecue, I always use kitchen roll half covered with sunflower oil. Bunch it up under wood or coal, light a part that has no oil on, and the stuff burns for ages because the oil and paper basically work like a candle

Russ Christian

How is $500 at Wal Mart a challenge? For 500 I could put together a pretty decent outfit by Wal Mart standards. If anyone has a spare 500 laying around... Looks like fun tho.

Tyler Wilson

Why tent when you can hammock

Sleazy Mouse

I had a Coleman tent I bought when I was 14 from Walmart, i finally had to lay it to rest this past spring and I'm 33 now..


Thank you for creating this video. Very educational and inspiring :D

Kelly Reed

I grew up just outside of Chicago and only had a few camping experiences thru Girl Scouts and not having enough beds at my Grandparents lake house, but I still loved it but had noone else who did. About 8 years ago, my then boyfriend(now hubby) decided to surprise me with a camping trip. He bought & packed everythung and then drive us to a "primitive" camp site. As we unpacked I realized that even though he grew up in the country, and his family hunted, I knew more than he did. He brought dirty dishes thinking I would have access to a place to clean them, canned goods without a can opener or pan to cook in, an air mattress and pump, without a car adapter (the mattress was a queen size with "box spring"). After showing him how to set up a tent, we realized we had no way to blow the mattress up, so I had to walk down a few campsites to see if anyone had a pump, they did but insisted on pumping it up at their site. Once we got back, trying to fit it in a pup tent was a riot. We eventually got it after letting some air out. I tested it and it was doable till he jumped on it and sent me flying. We ended up having to run into town to get a few things, and made it back in time to start a fire(he bought 1 of wood bundle thinking it was enough for a weekend) He couldn't get it so I showed him how I was taught and then made dinner- bacon wrapped bbq chicken, roasted corn on the cob, and fire pit potatoes & onions. Just as dinner was finishing the rain started and we went inside to eat. About 45min later we noticed water making its way thru the tent in a few spots. We checked our emergency radio and found out we were in a tornado zone and the road leading out of the camp was flooded. Needless to say it was a very memorable trip and he learned a lot. Now we are talking about getting gear and bringing our 4 year old son out. He loves his little kid tent and camp chair and pretends to camp all the time in our living room and practices casting off our porch. This video will hopefully teach him bigger isn't always better, lol. The kiddo & I already watch all your videos, so hopefully our next experience will go more smoothly. Thank you for all the content!


"there is no way you are fitting 3 bodies in there."
Army and Marines:

Samantha Sotelo

God bless u and ur family brother! Always do good in the eyes of the Lord our God, Amen! ? May Jesus Christ multiply ur numbers! Amen! ?

Joe Dirt

The orange Rick Grimes , this guy is awesome!


the last thing on earth I will be doing with my $500 is buying any of this lol

Chris Grayson

Is there a sequence to these? I'm watching but all over the place. Avid camper myself since an infant. Love to try winter but where would one start that outdoors in winter? No machine so all walking for me. Btw, are you in sudbury or north of that

The Wooded Beardsman

Our 21 Day SURVIVAL Series in South Texas: https://tinyurl.com/ycabpbex

Subscribe NOW, hit the bell icon so you get NOTIFIED!

The fort master

Americans say bucks we say quid

Jose Robles

The point is go out and do some camping yeaaaaa? great video.


500 bwuaks......lol

Frank H

Screwing up camping creates stories to tell...lol...and learn to risk manage for next time..☺☺☺☺☺

My Opinion Matters

Chris Thorn did $100 survival. But truly camping & survival are different! Really enjoyed ur video

Robert Garza

Nice vid. Honestly though I’ve never taken condiments on a camping trip. Never took a pillow either. Just rolled up my clothes and used as a pillow. I still sleep on the ground. It does hurt more than it used to. So now I try and use a leaf base under my tent. Enjoyed this. Was fun to watch.


I like your philosophy. Just get whatever gets you going, then decide what works for you as you go. Car camping is a great way to get started, and you can test things out that way.

Miriam Cooper

Yes screwing up makes it more fun too. I went camping at 11... it rained all week. I wanted my bacon. So on the last day I went to my campfire covered over in a trash bag finally got my fire lit. Cooked my bacon in my cast iron (in the pouring rain) and kept the fire going with the bacon grease. It was the most awesome bacon ever.

Nature Drifter

Not a bad guide