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Webull | Quick Tutorial | How to Set Stop Loss/Take Profit Orders | Also Works for V4 Desktop!

27 456 views | 3 Sep. 2020


Intro: 0:00

1st Method Placing Stop Loss w/ New Order 0:14

2nd Method Placing Stop Loss w/ Existing Order 2:23

How to Move Them 2:44

Example 3:43

How to set PERMANENT Take Profit 4:05

Outro/How to get Free Stocks 5:19


*This also works for V.4 Webull Desktop!

In this video, I am going to be giving a quick tutorial on how to set STOP LOSSES and TAKE PROFIT orders on the online trading platform Webull in 2020. This is the desktop version that I highly recommend to use if you are using Webull. Webull is another free investing platform that I use myself every day. There is a downloadable app for mobile as well. They are slightly different, but have tons of similarities. Make sure to check out the link below to sign up for Webull and get 2 free stocks(Valued up to $1400)!

Check out my Trailing Stop Loss video!: https://youtu.be/Ttmlppsp_PA


Webull FREE stock promo▶︎ https://act.webull.com/e/BY6kk6IVI9SQ/b6r/

Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull when you deposit $100

Webull app review PROS:

FREE commission trading, proper charting (What Robinhood does not have), pre-market AND after-hours trading, short selling, OTC markets, stop loss and take profit orders, advanced analysis tools that once again what Robinhood DOESN'T have.


Leave a comment if this video helped you or if you have any questions! I also would really love to hear your feedback in the comments!

? Follow me on Twitch to catch me live: https://www.twitch.tv/baracudaofficial


*All original content belongs to BaracudaOfficial. These videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be taken as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. I am not licensed or a professional in the financial sector. Consult with a professional financial adviser before making any financial decisions. Stocks and options trading is risky and you can lose your investment.


Paul Zeng

Thanks for sharing your video!
I wonder if you've given thought to this strategy: often traders lose money because their stop loss gets hit and then later, the prices cross back up but the trader is no longer in the trade. What if, instead of setting a wider stop, you implement an automated algo trading strategy where when a stop loss is hit and the trade liquidates, then immediately send a limit order with the same or a similar price that the stop loss executed at so you can buy it back? This new limit order can be seen in the Brokerage’s GUI, and the trader can manually cancel it if he wants to.
I wonder if you see any problems with my strategy. Thanks in advance for your response :)


perfect tutorial. def do more. thanks!

Jahid Warren

Thanks. I really like your tutorial. Please make more trading videos.

Nicholas Ali

Thank you more making things easy

Fresh Water

is it possible to do a trailing stop loss? I found it's available on Robinhood but doesnt look like it on Webull

Dylan Patel

hey bro, could you please help with setting up a trailing stop loss on a position I already have. Thanks!

Brandon Vo

Damn it I cant do stop loss/ take profit orders with Paper trading...


So stop loss and take profit will hold the stock in between those parameters, but sell once it touches either or?

Freddie Duran

I don't see the "Close" button on Android. How do I accomplish this task on my Android phone? It takes me the "Trade" page and won't let me set the "Take Profit/Stop Loss".

Bincy Mathew

Thank you


bro, this helped out soooo much! You described your "target" to sell to lock in profits and you showed us the stop loss which was to prevent us from losing too much money. I appreciate you bro!


Hi so I bought a stock and I'm up quite a bit. I want to set a stop loss but I also believe it will continue to go up. Any advice?

Pele Lua

Thanks for showing a REAL example and not just talking about what it does.


I dnno why but my right click create order does not look like yours, do you know how to fix that

J Whit

The music overshadowed your explanation. But overall it was informative.

Mohammed Khokhar

Does we bull have trailing stop loss.....I cant find it..thanks....I know Robin hood has it..

Collar Biz

Great Example, I like the way you teach?

Rb Info

Thank you I was playing on the Webull app this morning trying to figure out what everything meant and you really clarified it thank you ??


You should post more tutorial videos. you're a natural teacher man!

Draw with Autumn

Thanks bro ??✨


Is this account over 25K since it has the short button ? Thanks .. can you make a video for trailing stop also

Kyle Cherubini

Great Video man. only place I found it explained clearly. You should do more webull vids with larger volumes of people switching to it

Angelo Jonas Penaranda

good stuff bro.


Good video but the damn music is to loud can't hear ya!

Son Nguyen

Great video. Straight to the point


Nice vid thx have a sub!


If you found this video helpful and would like to learn more trading videos, check out this playlist!:
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Michele Worthington

THANK YOU!!! I could not get this to work and now I know how!!!!!

rafael benjumea

Can you do the same thing in options???


how did u get the stop loss an take profit to show on the graph so that u can move it around?

Juan Ruiz

Thank you for the video. Now is more clear for me.

Madhav Alla

Thank you, can you show how to do for call options / puts

Price DeHay

clear and concise -- thanks

William Kendrick

This was great, very informative. Thanks you kindly

Mister Stealth

Why do you speak so fast and to yourself? Your deep voice tone doesnt help either. Speed and diction in speech are also traits of a good teacher.

Matthew Cook

Very helpful! Thanks!


subscribed, really helpful and you made it easy to set up.

Simon Kahlich

anyone else noticed that this seems to be reversed on the mobile app?

Kenny Carter

Does this work for options? I cant seem to figure that out.

Roasty Espresso

Can you create a stop loss after you already bought the shares?


How can you set stop loss / take profit on paper trading?

Mickel Evangelista

Definitely an insightful video a lot more clearer than others.
So I am new and got a lot of questions - when on BUY SECTION
If I set a LIMIT PRICE - it only buys at that price?
I set my TAKE-PROFIT price to highest I want to sell?
Then set STOP-LOSS ORDER to lowest I want. After this do I need to set up the SELL the same way? Or I can leave this on the BUY section and it will do it every time? Just trying to differentiate the BUY/SELL section. I noticed in this video on the SELL you created an order for a LIMIT. Is that to just ensure that if my stocks drops to that price point you sell? You set it at $7.89. So everytime it hits that it sells? I have a cash account is it good to do this? I don't really want to buy and dump. I want to buy and hold more but I want to protect my investments.


You should post more tutorial videos! I’m really wanting to get into investing in the future, and videos like this help out a lot


Is there any other platform that has similar functionality? I am not in US this app or broker only allows US citizens or those who are in US. I am in NZ do you have any other broker that allows overseas applicants to open an account ( Currently I am with TD Ameritrade and First Trade and both of them dont have this function)


Men....you're like a bullet train so fast

Pattern Day Trading

my right click order entry comes up like a small spreadsheet and it's already filled , nothing like your order window, how do i make it look like your, like the classic order window?

Randy Marsh

It's different now it's saying I have to set my limit order less than my stop loss. That doesn't make any sense. I think it's broke. Nkw

Pok Chee

Can you stop loss after you buy? Do I set the loss price and numbers of shares and hit sell?


david lee

Good till cancel. Thx.

John Smith

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Tirado Entertainment LLC.

Sadly this vid doesn't help I was trying to find out how to do a simple stop loss AFTER I already have a position. Pop ups on Webull don't cut the mustard for newbies like me :-)


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WeBull Top 5 Best Tips & Tricks!

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WeBull Top 5 Best Hidden

WeBull Top 5 Best Hidden Tips & Tricks

Hey fellow investors! After almost a year of using the Webull trading app I put together my top 5 best tips, tricks and featuring of the app! I wish I would have found out about all these hidden features/ tips in WeBull a lot sooner! I could have saved myself and made myself more more trading. If we get this video to 100 likes I'll make a similar video for the Robin trading app! Tell me down below in the comments what's your favorite tip and trick with using the investing app?

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Get a FREE stock with Robinhood ~ http://join.robinhood.com/kevins581


Why no 2 min 3min chart?


Quality content, sound not so much

Thi Arruda

Thanks for the info!

Kevin - Financial Tutor

Get (4) FREE stocks valued up to $3,700 with WeBull ~ https://act.webull.com/k/EIydbllIhh1y/main
Get a FREE stock with Robinhood ~ http://join.robinhood.com/kevins581

RedFox YT

Cool ?


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Webull CEO Says Temporary Trading Restrictions 'Not Our Call'

22 194 views | 29 Jan. 2021

Jan.29 -- WeBull

Jan.29 -- WeBull Financial CEO Anthony Denier says the brokerage had no control over the temporary restrictions on highly volatile stocks, saying its third-party clearing firm was concerned about being able to process the trades. “It was not our call,” he said on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close."

Share Monster

#quit webull !

Santana Margiela

They gonna restrict sales. WATCH.


Haha , he wants us to believe him .

Quiet Jagung

"This short squeeze is very loud" That's because the overextended short sellers got their balls caught and squeezed by the Reddit investors who saw the opportunity.
Simple and honest explanation: https://youtu.be/Fmhn_aPE3xE
CNBC, Bloomberg, etc are trying to spin and confuse the viewers.


⚡️? The internet lets us record EVERYTHING... we ALL on record... Be careful old heads , yall been looking real goofy these past few days ! ??? $GME up they ASSES ??


He is lying little less then Vlad!

Aeseth Plays

He did explained it better than that Robinhood guy


Don't believe this guy, the apex, webull, Robin hood are all connected, if citadel/mevin lose, they lose. That's why, nothing to do with deposits.




DON'T drive at all and work remotely.
capitol riot means a covid19 petri dish; we need another lockdown. we have Amazon Prime streaming and don't need to travel

or go to a commercial theater and avoid covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020),
police killing nonwhites like George Floyd, and exploding RVs like in Nashville, capitol rioters bringing pipe bombs

NO long-term losers, mark my words: gamestop, hertz, bitcoin, tesla

Duong Pham

The White House Was Involved

Olend Crabtree

They restricted buying only. Not selling. Makes no sense. However Wall Street was still able to buy and sell. “Free trade”???? This has to be illegal regardless of user agreements. Robinhood the same

Lucky S

Riiiight still unreliable, go with a broker that doesn't stop at all. We want all access. F

Nicholas Coffey

Okay I accepted this answer. I'm moving to webull.


Yeah they should not restrict any trading, but they were the only broker that allowed buying and selling yesterday. Robinhood, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade jumped to action without any hesitation.

Stefan laluna

yes stop protecting everyone, if they want to play they must take the blows, the hits and the pain

next chapter

Try to get more then 10 blackberry stockslol

Bao I\O Universe

Put stock trading platform on the blockchain, no more clearing house, no more excuses, no more intermediaries. Problem solved!

Ixler Bixler

Is it a coincidence his name is Denier?

Jay Dub

He pretty much said the same thing as Robinhood... It is what it is, every broker restricted trading


Then why restrict trading? If short squeezes are not new, why would you do something so unprecedented and extreme as a "cautionary measure"? My take is they're all lying.

Elizabeth Parker

Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise

Lucky S

Wealth simple

YouTube Sucks

You can’t restrict my HOLD


So basically he is saying they dont have that kind of capitol to do big big trading even though they sell it to you as this is what they can do as a service. More scams is what i see from these companies and their business models. They say one thing to get you in the door then turn around and blame something else....but is that even the truth...after all he is a sales person selling his company. INVESTIGATE!

Drool Alot

We horse puckey

Russ Perk

at least he has better PR skills than Vlad

Dean Gulberry

This is the second ceo I’ve seen blaming the “clearing house”

David Jackowski

I don't know why but I believe him. Unlike that lying assclown at RB


Gentleman the broker to pick right now is big Daddy Fidelity.

The weeble CEO is right the clearinghouse and DTCC are raising clearing costs and these smaller brokerages are running out of money.

Fidelity is powered by big boomer 401ks and big big boomer liquidity. Fidelity let me buy as much GME as I want. Fidelity is also owns its own clearing house, and apparently owns a chunk of GME shares.

They are a big boomer company and their app is not that great. however they have this program called active trader pro and it gets you to the early 2000s and it works.

Gold Guilder

You can get 60 cents for selling $22 puts for Feb 5 expiry on GME. Sell tons of them then buy GME with the free premium so if it caters you lose nothing. It won’t drop this low in 5 trading days