Will market crash again

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Union Budget 2021 || Will Stock Market Crash again ? || Sensex cross 50000 again? || Vipul Kaushikk

2 840 views | 28 Jan. 2021

Union Finance Minister

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is all set to present the Budget 2021 on February 1. This year, February 2 (Friday) will mark the beginning of the Budget Session of the Parliament.

Do you want to know that will the stock market crash after the budget? Will Sensex cross 50000 again? Will nifty cross 15000? What FPI are expecting from the budget?

Watch the video to clearify your queries on my channel Vipul Kaushikk Stock Market.

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Shrinath Ram

Nifty will be 50,000 in next 5 years and this year end nifty will be 16,000. Market wont crash. It's just a correction after a big run up.


Why review cryptocurrencies if FBC14 algorithm wins everyone?

Inderjit singh

First view

Raj Bhandare

Sir me saare paise bitcoin me lagana chahta hu qki me har baar stocks se paise lene ke liye. 4 din nhi ruk sakta qki bitcoin usi din paise withdraw karke deta h sahi h na?


Ho gaya he bhai 5% rise


Sir aapka crash word favorites hai kya ....

Rafiq Warsi

Thnks for sharing information sir.
Budget announcement is in market hr or after market hr ?

Gulfam khan

Please sir crash word again use mat kariye.

David Tyrell

Forex and cryptocurrency trading are really helping lives during this pandemic...I’m glad to be part of those who benefitted from investing

Saurav Gupta

1st View :)

Will market crash again

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Stock Market Crash Update: Election 2020! Will the Stock Market Crash Again

5 824 views | 1 Nov. 2020

The potential for

The potential for another stock market crash is upon us, as Election 2020 is right around the corner. Will Donald Trump winning reelection make the stock market crash again, or is a Joe Biden victory on election night likely to do that? The big concern is will the election crash the stock market. Election and stocks are very tricky and can the stock market predict the election outcome is a topic that Ryan will also address as well as whether the presidential election is a black swan event for the stock market.


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*Disclaimer: Ryan Mallory is not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser before making any decisions.*

#stocks #stockmarket #election2020


you have been wrong about the market, you are the biggest bear who kept saying 50 week moving average is resistance and we blew thru it. How can you get 75K followers on Stocktwits with your false prediction all the time?? shame on you on losing people money

His Royal Dudeness

been waiting eagerly for your update ryan. thanks so much. nice nod to jason

Mr. Bear

Growth is slowing, historical Short position in Bonds by speculators, banks are not lending, Bulls will defend there Long positions. Charts are somewhat Bullish but fundamentals are Bearish.

Wop wop

Don’t try to time the market. Just look at existing data from previous elections. The stock market is always more volatile during election times, but it will always stabilize after the election. It doesn’t matter who wins, the one in control will get the stimulus bill done. Even the half-ass Republican bill is enough to stabilize the market.

John K

Ryan, wouldyou say that the IWM is forming a bearish rising wedge?

bruce chen

Yes it will. ready to buy!

dylan anders

Trump will win in a no doubter result. Market will rally due to certainty.

James Harrigan

Contested election will be the result,


I expect one of the 2 candidates to win.


You have only ONE position long?

Terrance Lee

Crash again? Its totaled.....


it will be flat and test 3200 before election, but it will PUSH BULLISH neither Trump or Biden will win.


Both candidates are Deep State Insiders. The Market will be taken care of and it knows it. The typical trader? Not so much.

Artem Washere

Doesn’t matter... we are going up

J Dub

I think it goes up either way so long as there’s not a contested election. Investors just want it to be over already. A split Congress will be the best case for investors. History has shown that a split Congress is more important to the market than which party holds the presidency.

Shay Mashiach

Great stuff - thank you Ryan.
My guess - Trump wins, the market moves sideline for a while with big swings high volatility until it finds its direction.

BJJ Champion

You are right

Donny Ward



I was waiting for this video...I was thinking the other day.."all this red and no new update"

Reggie Zu

The divergence you talking about will happen in May, then it will take few months , if we dropped , we will get back to 350, biden is winning based on pure math, zero emotions, zero bidding, 100% historical data of stock market , and they voted biden

Mark oh Polio

Keep it up!

You Wish

People will always be upset because of whatever outcome and the fed will just laugh and print money. Just a matter of how much of a stimulus package we get but we're going up.

Julio Perfecto

What do you think about Big5 sporting goods BGFV

James Harrigan

Stocks will crash at year’s end due to the high chance of the Dems taking the Senate at 5 Jan runoff. Taxes galor in 2021, so expect a massive sell off in December

Connie Connie

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich


Trump by a landslide


What will the market response be to either a Trump or Biden Victory on election night? Let me know in the comments!? Also, be sure to check out my YouTube Membership and Join today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCttgHgdlcxyRTj1FUkpIRHA/join

alice Morili

Wish watched this before short my position

derek scanlon

The voice of reason ?

Copper Backpack

I do, bloody....

Dan McIntosh

Contested election = big down turn

Tyler S

Always appreciate your analysis, Ryan. Thanks for taking the time to put these together. It’s not lost on me that these videos are time consuming! Keep up the good work buddy.

Dan Chatka

Ryan, Thanks for your steady stream of good advice and market insight.

Richondo Fabiano

Futures are bouncing around like a rubber band. I'm heavy in Margin on AMZN. Plz vote for Trump all. Unless you're a dirty short seller. Hate you guys!

Will market crash again

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Will the stock market crash again?

97 850 views | 9 Jun. 2020

The stock market has

The stock market has rebounded 43% since March, but looks on shaky ground with very high unemployment. In this video I discuss whether I believe we're going to see another downturn in the market as Q2 financial results come out next month.


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#marketcrash #stockmarket #investing

Andrew Graeme

This market is nuts and speculators have totally lost all grip of reality! 170% of GDP? UK GDP fell by 25% March & April.

Vilius Aleksejunas

Good information, thanks. Help me have head cool, when market valuations are boiling.

Z 75

You look like Bobby Axelrod or perhaps reminded me of him :)

Aussie BIM Guru

Seems to me they're trying to herd the sheep into the market before it tanks and the whales pull the parachutes.
The confidence feels too high given the reality of the world right now.

Hard to say though being a market outsider.

On a positive note, looks like you'll get the silver play button soon!

Computer Support

It might not goner crash again, but get ready for a big fall.

Andry Soesanto

Welll today drop allmost -7%

Ishan Haque

You're a legend! I think we might pullback for a bit, think the DOW crashing yesterday night is based on fear and not facts yet - covid stats haven't moved and FED just announced they're thinking of a 2nd payout.

For those who want to know how to conduct research on ASX stocks, check out the video I just uploaded. Also see how I got in at Afterpay at $8 ;)

Uday Karki

Thanks Brandon for this good insight. I see the market is ready for another correction and will go down for sure. We may not retest the March lows. But who knows.

Taj Overton

I'm getting child support vibes and all I know of is being a cool dad. Lol

sunny sharma

Hi mate, is there any option trading (not CFD) website in Australia for us stocks. If yes, which is best one in terms of fees etc.

mohamed ali Akbar

agree 100%. good show mate

Richard Everett

And the FED gets hardly a mention in this diatribe ?
You want to know why the share market is so detached from reality?? It's the FED!

Mac Fin

It's not that investors buying in to the S&P 500 think the market will do brilliantly, it's that things like cash and gov bonds are guaranteed to give a negative yield.

Viewed from that lens it's not that the markets are getting detached from the economic situation, they're reflecting the absurb economic situation in relation to money printing and near negative interest rates


gold would be a good buying option now, hedging against equities in this time of uncertainty


One reason for the increase is that the money has to go somewhere and there are no alternatives. In the bank you don't get anything, so you lose. Government bonds are the same. You could invest in retail but that's not so easy, more capital is needed. Some of my colleagues are just buying ETF regularly because seemingly it is a straightforward win in the long term.
At that point, I am wondering if does it matter how companies are performing if investors are buying the ETFs anyways?


Its going to get a lot worse before it gets better, you mark my words.

Gary Zhu

hey mate, I really miss your stock analysis videos. you have done really better than the other YouTubers who do the similar content.
It doesn't matter whether your are correct or not. it is the thinking process that helps people analysis from another angle.

Rainbow Six Siege videos all over your face.

What's with this trend of unqualified yet confident young people making YouTube videos. It needs to stop.


is this like kindergarten SH club? lol

John F

A Stock market crash is no longer a buying opportunity due to the fact the the USA will never be the same we were attacked chemically

Jeremy Hutton


Blue Peacock

Jesus and Bhudda will come down from the sky and save our skins is what the markets thinks.

chintan shah

One of the biggest crash is coming in July

Robby Bobby

There will be more volatility, and there will be crashes from here on in, with periods of rapid recovery. Why? Because the real economy is more digitised now and so are many major companies, including banks and firms and services. Much of the retail consumption is also done on the internet. I think that's what is driving the recovery. During the 2008 crash recovery was less rapid, and that is why. A more digitised economy exists now as opposed to bricks and mortar companies. Once international freight gets going again the recovery will become more permenent. Which will slowly start to happen soon, until then the US and AU market will be volatile. Once the real economy gets running again, at which point it will become more stable, among with the US dollar, there will be a market correction, closer to the historical average. The stimulus has helped and if need be, more stimulus might help. Supply side economics.

Boris Gligorijević

Keep selling guys, I will gladly buy your stocks cheaper.

Max Subotic

Does anyone know what the best asx day trading stocks are?

Trey Burke

I made $4,500 from trading with $500. Most people don't realize that forex is 90% psychology

Tan Boon Chong

whats your best guess ... after 2Q earning announcement that market will fall ... early july ?


Yes of course it will, it always has.

Markson Henry

Market wouldn’t crash again unless investment are be done to sustain..

Business Analysis Upskill

amazing video; great content as always! What mic and camera do you use, if i may ask? Your video & audio quality is amazing :)

Mark Hernandez

Where you get Tesla merch from??

Jonnes __

?The good thing is, that not all stocks are at the same time very high valued.
It's a stock pickers market.


Good prediction ?


The only people who think that COVID-19 is behind us are people who haven't studied the disease or the history of what has happened with similar diseases.

Peter Meharry

Hi, thanks for the video. So as a quick rough guide to value a share price, x the earnings by 16.7? or doesn't quite work that way as it's an average over 500 companies?
Cheers buddy.

Black Beard

Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki, & other big investors keep preaching to buy gold, silver, & crypto. Peter Schiff has said repeatedly not only to buy gold and silver but to buy mines. I remember in the early 2000's gold rose from $300 to $1,700 but the gold mines rose to the thousands and millions of ?. I sold my $AAL because the 2nd wave of COVID19 is hitting all the first U.S. ?? states starting to close again. One County in California has shut down. And the Government is waiting for all the protesters, rioters, & looters not wearing masks and did not practice social distancing to have COVID19 cases rise higher than the first wave. If this happens than Global Depression because the whole world depends on America. Time to buy Gold, Silver, and Gold & Silver Mines $GDX $GEGI $ASM $LODE $CGRA $ AUY $NAK and Cryptocurrency. If Bitcoin rises so will all the Altcoins like Stellar, Litecoin, Ethereum, ripple, Dogecoin, Batcoin, Dark Note $XDN, and other Cryptocurrency. ?????

Joel Mwaura

Very likely to crash to touch base with economic realities.

Aaron T

The market has been on crack....

Pargo Rojo

thinking that there might be another and probably longer crash, would you invest in a inverse index? Bet against s&p 500?


Agree markets are expensive relative to past years; however, interest rates are close to zero and this has a major impact on valuations - good to hear your view on this.

Charlie Dubbol M

The real unemployment rate for May is 19%.

Zaher Alhaj

Brandon, I like your videos and Hamish's. But I have a couple of questions when it comes to value investing:
1) your strategy is based on waiting, that is waiting for an event (as Town is used to say), but what about the inflation that keep eating the cash while we are waiting?
2)suppose one has been investing for long term such as 30 years and when she or he comes to retire the market was terribly down such as 2009, what will she or he does then? He is just screwed up and his investment is all gone.!!

Luke Thompson

Can you do some content about the Australian schiller P/E ratios? Should we be buying into ETFs now?

Hicham Daoudi

I agree with you and I hope the market is going down. I'm sitting on cash and doubting whether I will Dollar Cost Average everything in, over a period of 2 or 3 years. Dollar Cost Averaging for 1 year might not be enough this time, because we might see an extended bear market rally because of the FED's policies and the development of a Corona vaccin somewhere within the next 6-12 months, that will surely cause another big rally. If a vaccin has been developed and an onslaught of bad economic data continues to come out, then we might (or at least, I hope) see the market coming down again.


Rip S&p 500

Rainbow Six Siege videos all over your face.

You know you're dealing with professional when they have a gmail address.

Éric Duarte

Very informative video ! Thanks for the info... I agree with that !

bruce chen

Here is the answer: Don't think about it.

Michael Chan

thanks for the video, well made

Matthew Donald

I agree. The stock market is over valued for sure. I think this is a FOMO rally. It will take years to recover from this pandemic and the amount of jobs losses is significant. However, some companies can perform well despite a suffering economy. A threat of a second wave and the Federal Reserve’s pessimism is already derailing the stock market bull run.

Peter Atsikbasis

lol watching 2 days since u posted I guess you were right it has crashed

Gregory Sims

First time I've seen you and like your style, will be staying to learn more, thx


Yield is being squeezed out of the bond market, and the fed is bailing everyone, it will fall when the fed raise the rate and institutional investors switch to bonds.

Rui Guedes

Markets are going down i guess. Amazing video

Craig Gower

you are a bloody psychic


I scoped you out after a break from finance videos to get your take on this. Did not disappoint. Thanks for giving a balanced perspective.

Jordan Papoulias

I understand your view on the Shiller P/E, but also remember that Buffett once said that when interest rates are zero, the value of stocks is infinite. There is simply not a good place for people to place their liquid cash at the moment except for stocks. QE has helped prop the market as well.


Two problems: There will be a major crash because the lowered unemployment was a result of the government giving business to re-hire some employee who were laid off, but more important there are NO CUSTOMERS. The folks on unemployment are nit eager to get back to work because with the government handout of $600 per week in addition what the state unemployment checks, who would want to go back to work to earn less? We have a long way down to go, Check back in a year.

Kevin's Journal

I made my own video about this, I think it will crash again, but the crash will be minor compared to the rising rallies, either way, if it rises we make money, if it crashes we buy more

Rhys Herbert

It crashed again?

Steven McPeake

I've made enough on the way up that I'll be happy to sit out for a while with Buffet and co and see if another crash comes. 6600 looks like the recovery or bust number for the ftse 100 so youd need big balls to hang about in there at the moment.

Fat and Curious

Brandon, have you considered the effect on the Schiller and Wiltshire metrics in the current market environment, specifically the effect on the tremendous amount of passive funds in the market through index and etfs, also the fact that a much larger portion of the population now have easy access daily, using there phone, no need for a broker. Basic economics would suggest that this would inflate prices as a new normal.

New Money

What do you guys think? Will the market keep surging? Or is it going to come back down to earth?

Jason Cole

Thank you for the information, what is the minimum for stock investing and how can l get connected to Mr Patrick.


Big boy need vol to unload

Kenneth Huang

Good call! Market is down big today!

Lean 2200

If you watched the investigation into the federal reserve like 2 months ago he literally said they can print infinites amounts of money digitally, there is no limit and they will print as much money as needed. A trillion dollars is nothing.

Golden_Kiwi ,

If it does ima buy more


dude you called it...market took a hit the next day from this upload.

Martin chia

You are so sharp !!!!

Jamesc Clarke

Investors not all,are detached from reality.

Agent Smith

The stock market is now going back down as fast as it rallied up this past month. I see it pausing soon before Q2 ends. The news we will likely receive is bad but the market lately hasn't really reacted In correlation with the news. After Q2 though it will go up or down. Coin flip really.


Based on prior end of bull markets that were rather insane, you'll have several head fakes. In this is one, we already had a few head fakes in 2015 and 2018 (Fed started selling assets) then 2019 (then the Fed restarted QE September). COVID19 just pushed the over leverage crisis to the forefront. There's not much saving it. So expect several head fakes going back up. And more outbreaks are immanent which can cause panic in the real economy as well as in stocks.
If you were caught unaware and want to take profits, these head fakes are great at cashing in locking in whatever gains. And since it's rather obvious over done, option hedges puts would be a good place to gamble; you're 90% likely to make money on a dive in most sectors in the next 3 months from June... so 3 to 4 month contract puts you'll probably make money in most sectors.
Right now, info tech is what's holding up this market; FANG stocks: Face Book, Amazon, Apple, Google (Alphabet), Net Flix, etc. As they're still buying back stock... most other sectors have ended their buy back operations which has caused great foaming of the market over the past 7 years.
Outflows are much more than inflows still during this run up too. So quite literally a handful of stocks are making the indexes look nice.

Brad X

I share your doubts Brandon, and it was interesting for me to recently watch for the first time your video from 2 years ago about the market seeming overpriced at that time. I too think it was overpriced and certainly is now. However, the lesson I learned from the past 2 years was that the market will happily move without us. People who stay on the sidelines with cash missed out on 20-30% gains. The market will do what it wants to do. This time around, if you go by Shiller PE, then you’re probably largely on the sidelines. What signals would push you into the market? How are you positioned at the moment? I think everyone would be glad to know.

Jackfields Jack

Hopefully it will continue to crash more. I just sold two days ago. Getting ready to buy. It's healthy as it's not always green. It's red.


The one shining light out of all of this is......GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!


The stock market , has nothing what so ever and never had anything to do with the economy, now it is exposed as an individual .....

Chamika De Silva Depura

I would recommend everyone to sell the 50% of stocks they own


It just did???

Dane O’Farrell

After listening by this I’m going to calm down and hold onto my 10k. Just let me know when we’re out of the woods bud haha

Jay Seeney

You're forgetting one thing.... MONEY PRINTER GO BRRRRRRRRRR

Cheleo Power

Thanks for the video, yes market correction is happening. We can make money in a crash, watch this video https://youtu.be/nRWT8dC8Iq0

drew aguilar

Should’ve watched this yesterday

Dennis | Dorairaj

We have seen that everything was falling apart due to the virus and the stocks was racing upwards with all crap money coming into the stock market. The whole system is rigged where the normal investor that will lose their money.


who say the stock market will crash again??? TO THE MOOOOON

Lawrence Hanlan

There's nowhere else to go for yield if you don't wish to start your own business. So the stock market it is.


look at the market now lol

John F

We didn’t balance our books we as a county overspent and no oversite now we in USA have run a dept we can’t pay back

L Yang

Watch for the next driving factor to bringing the market down related to China (again) and/or Russia. They will play a roll.


Bitcoin and forex trading right now will be at every wise individuals list. In few months you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

CR Kumar

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have whitenessed three market crashes in my life. Every time there is a crash, economic conditions get worse post crash because market sense it first. Now the recovery you are seeing is due to the hope of recovery and generally it recover to much higher levels if you go by the history. Every time, there was a second wave of selling which may not happen this time, as it's not a theory, rather it's the feeling of investors. Evey investor know all the fundamental things you explained in the video and may be they know muh more than us. And traders doesn't care for such things as they make money in volatility. On the other hand investors are picking beaten down stocks which will recover for sure over time. Slight correction always exist and no one can catch the bottom. Market may get into muted mode rather than falling to hell. This is my personal openion.

ewan wu

humanity never beat reality in the past and it won't happen today.

Esoteric Chaos

Who else is watching this while watching the markets drop 5% today?

Marco Jansen

Stock market looks like bingo for children; everybody wins.....

Paweł Sadecki

I got my stocks day before 1st July
It got up to +20% overall investment
Now it's +6% but dividents are still lowered

Ricky Beltran

The reason why the stock market hasn't crashed yet is because the government was printing out a lot of money to keep the economy going. As long as they keep printing out money than it'll continue to rise. However, I do believe it'll start going down towards the end of June because the 1st stimulus package is finally coming to an end.

Candice Li

Valuations are irrelevant as long as the Fed keeps bailing out companies. So what if revenues are zero? Companies will survive as long as the government continues to essentially provide them with low cost loans forever.

Alexander Fabian

Corporate buybacks of 2 trillion in the previous 3 years has pushed the market up as well. I often wonder if higher P/E ratios are the new normal...

Paweł Sadecki

Will see how it plays out
I don't even think about selling
Divident Gang