Overstock com warehouse locations

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Warehouse overstock haul! #haul

38 views | 8 Nov. 2020

Haul I got from a

Haul I got from a warehouse sale - items from

Costco and Target


Sally Coucke

Nice goodies. :)

Nancy Rounds

That is a cool Warehouse Haul, a lot of fun items! Love the nutcracker! And the Night Before Christmas, looks like a beautifully illustrated edition.

Mary Catherine Loves Cats

Hey Laura!

Banning, Panning and Beyond

The gingerbread pegs are so cute and I love the gift bags. They look hardy and will be great for re-using. You picked up some great stuff.

Estelle Zimmerman

This was a very nice video.
You really got some really good items.
The prices were great.

Kimmy's Boxes

My mom is so sad about Alex...?

Life with Grandma Bev

Hi friend of Kimmy’s. New sub. Looking forward to seeing your videos. This was a great haul. Where was this place?

Quiltymom Trish

Great haul. Books are great for kids

Kc has opinions And terrible video skills

Aww Rudolph & Clarice.??

Kimmy's Boxes

Hey Laura!!!

Kimmy's Boxes

Cool books!

Life With Lois`s

Mask Monday yes

Mary Catherine Loves Cats

You are doing fantastic Laura! I’m so proud of you. You got a great haul. I love The Nutcracker!

New Elizabeth

Great haul! Love love the books

Kimmy's Boxes

Yay!!! Mask Monday! Make sure to put #maskmondayladies in your title, then you will be linked with us!

Life With Lois`s

Very nice haul the little house are cool ?

Overstock com warehouse locations

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I bought a pallet of Amazon Overstock for $10 - Unboxing

623 014 views | 30 Aug. 2019

Taco Stacks Merch

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Taco Stacks

PO BOX 184

STOCKERTOWN, PA 18083-0184

Renea Morrow

All the pallets I see are over$100...

james g. hromnak

Good to know, you can pick up wi fi at dunkin parking lot ? (unsecured)

particia silva

One by one

mona burnham

Flea market!!

Angie Montgomery


Alabama Bearded Brothers

I know this is a old video. I would have sold boxes $20 a box on ebay buyers pay shipping. resalers could slow sale for 5 each. Recoup with time.


A tree lawn tour AND an Amazon return pallet?
You spoil us Mr Snacks!

Oli Fondant Delights

Where in PA is the auction??


Love your house!

Laura Eby

That was fun!!! Thank you so much for the info and letting us see into your life. I think you should do face book or online sites, as your right being at the physical store takes time and energy, plus risk of breakage, you even getting hurt loading unloading, haggling, catching germs, we, loading and unloading thrift, gas ....


Very nice. Try some at the flea m first. even at $2 or $3, you'll be in shape.



Carolyn Leneberg

Your customers for the canvases are CRAFTERS. These are larger and better than dollar tree.

Joe Grill

Hey Taco. Do you have any more of the patriotic prints left. I'm a Desert storm and desert shield Veteran. And have my living room done patriotic. Let me know. I'm from Pa also. Thanks buddy.

Robert Richard

as an artist I know 1 framed canvas is $10 bucks alone

Den Long

It seems We all have either a dog or cat ? these days.

richard shumate

Clemson university in Clemson sc would be prime mkt to sell tiger prints if you have any left. Probably get &9.95 with no problem. Said you had leopard prints, don’t know where it would be,but there is a sports team somewhere. You can select market for ads to run in on Craigslist and etc.. more effort but more money.

Brandon Tolson

how in the hell did you only pay that much for all that

William Tell

Flea market could be the best option

Karm' Ella-Rose

Is this really for real?? How the heck can or where should I ask do u find or buy pallets at that price

Tony Fuego

where tf can I buy a pallet of Amazon overstock for 10$ watches video

Alan Lough

You got that pallet at a fine bargain. I'd say, sell them at $2 to $5 apiece on Facebook market. Then, try to to sell them at the same price at flea markets. That's why I'd do. I hope that you can make money on selling them.

Diane Miller

Dude I know you’re around scranton somewhere. Where was that auction??


so boring I had to check I was watching the right vid.

Trudy Bubela

if you took the side tables and put a board across the with 1 table on each end then it can recycle into a desk

Ian Harvey

How do you find auctions like that?

My Channel

I love your personality.

Leslie Johnson

Ah HA! I’ve been binge watching and kept hearing you say “I gotta get rid of the prints, they’re taking up a lot of room!” But I had NO idea about the overstock. Wow! You bought prints!!

I think you’ve sold most of them but, I think you ought to do both! Even eBay. I’d sell them for $5 the next time. Or even 10 to start.

James Ryan

$16.99 for the large. $7.99 for the the small (dog paw). IMO.

welcome to reality

what type of auction was that?

Ashey Hild

Where are you buying these Amazon overstock Pallets.... I live in Florida

Rebecca Johnson

How do you go about buying pallets from Amazon

Greg Z

I typed Festaprint into google today and that print number automatically came up after it, you’re influencing the algorithms Taco.

Melissa Davis


Terry Forrester

It looks like crap

Jeannie Piriyayon

Sale them everywhere. Put some in your front yard for sale. Your going to make a lot of money from your investment. Enjoy!

Basma Perfecto

Hi im from phillipnes
I want to buy pallets
And can send here if possible

Michal Augustniak

You should probably set the electronics as separately and securely as possible. Some people may be looking to complete a set or replace a faulty component. Also, when picking keyboards, the old-school spring-loaded - aka mechanical - ones sell well.

John Mclean

All water is old

Amber Schoep

Hey. This is cool! You most def have to put out more videos! You have to most def film with the funny vloggers Bad Friends. Their vids are like Yes Theory mixed with a bit of Mike Majlak! Theyre an insane group in Cali.

You should see their channel out and give the crew a subscribe! ? #HowToBadFriends


Where is this auction?

Fabulous Finds

Hi. What does your tag mean? I never understood taco attacks- sounds like a food truck name.

Elle Daugherty

i love your videos#

The Real O.G

that pretty cool

cheryl s xavier

Furniture you cant sell you can donate to the homeless or womens shelter to help them out when the people find a new place to live.

Alexander Hinne

I would sell them for 5 dollars a piece.
And i would put them on facebook and take them to fleamarkets and per 1 and per box depends on what people want.

Oli Fondant Delights


Rosabella Betancourt

Where is that town at?
It’s so pretty!

K McCoy

Wow amazing score! Wish this was like yesterday lol I would have asked to buy a few! Blessings and Peace ❤️✝️

Adolfo Campos

Facebook market $10 ech good price not to spensive not to cheap.

Frances Gillotti

Are they paper that feels like canvas. Sell for $10 each h

It's My Georgia Life

Hi, How do I find out if there is a place near me that sells those pallets? I love those prints.

Den Long

Alum pot for boiling crawfish and shrimp ! Yummy

Jon Lockwood

How do get 20 pallets?

Den Long

Should have got that basket dude !

Cooper d

Those prints would be awesome for someone who paints on canvas.

Janelle Breezy

How do you get these pallets

Roseann Cobb

Ima a artist, and supplies for art isn’t cheap, I’d buy a box of canvases if they were cheaply sold in bulk with room for meat on the bones for all involved

Monty The Troll Hunter

Salsa's such a beautiful doggie.

Kay Phillips

On Facebook. By 2 get one free

Jean Ruggia

3 dollars each at flea market.

Ruth Hurst

I love scrap and pallet man

Trehan Creek Outdoors

Just toss the merchandise to the curb and sell the empty boxes for $1 apiece. You will have your money back in no time!

Joseph A. Carrasco

If I seen you driving down my street I would call the cops thinking you were a package thief or doing something bad so be careful or you might get hurt!


sell to gun people to use backs for targets!

Suzi Boggus

When you buy a pallet, is it delivered to your house or do you have to go to a building or parking lot to go through the boxes?

Eric Bragg

You should have made out like a bandit on the prints


This is part of the inventory Amazon claimed customers ordered which was actually part of Amazons fake order scams. It works like this: Amazon creates a customer order. Seller is notified of the order which is in FBA and Amazon is supposed to ship it. It doesn't get shipped since theres no real customer and Amazon compiles the products and wholesales them later. Reason they do this is because as long as the seller thinks their products are selling, they keep products in FBA which creates monthly storage fees for Amazon. Ultimately F Festaprint went out of business, likely because they are victims of the scam.

Den Long

Should have grabbed that motor bike whilst you were there.

Bob Morrison

Where does amazon auction off these pallets ?


Do All amazon locations do this kind of liquidation pallet sales ❓

Pierson Rentals


Buzzed Gaming

Drinking game take a shot every time he says SCRAP

Mark Kozar

$5 dollars each

Josh Black

I see no one in rural PA cares about covid.

Nan Cao

cost more to ship the frame

Jennifer Keefer

Those pics are $49 to $70

Felia Santana

Can I get free stuff how

Frank Misura

did you get to pick what box you wanted ? and where did you order it from ?


If there is epoxy or varnish on these prints chances are you can not paint over them as the canvas will not absorb the paint. So paint one on a corner and see if it hold the paint. Or contact the company ask if there is a sealer used on their canvas prints. Great haul.

Robin Taylor

Why would nobody bid up those pallets more than $7.50 that doesn’t make any cents

calise cleghorn

Do u do any updates?

Like how much u made to wot u paid?

Deborah Sbertoli

Since you don't have much invested in all of this maybe start off selling individually on your own. I think for Marketplace you could start with "$10 or best offer." If you are still doing flea market, try $5 and take $3, etc. Someone else commented to buy primer and prime over them and sell blank canvas. I think you will do well with them! ? BTW Salsa is a darling dog.

larry ingham

Indicidually on facebook market or on neighborhood.

Francesca Gela

Wow I love that patriotic canvas! Great choice of merchandise

BETH ELIN Dekoeyer

Do both

Andre Pardue

charge you for my consulting fee

Braden Moore

Which auction house is this??

Gary Hopkins


Don Caswell

I've been looking all over for pallets like that but never been that lucky

Tarra Wright

You can repaint over them and even make some resin artwork. I’m already visualizing inside my head how I would line them bad babies up together and make one big wall painting using the abstract method

Russella Mcdowell

Get the plastic storage containers

vivian williams

Great haul at the auction, do half and half, part Facebook market place and half at flea market, ?????

Mary White

Atleast Five dollars each.

John Mclean

All water is old

wally derouchie

Sell them piece by piece I say $15 a piece I would try eBay or Amazon first to look them up and see how much they're going for and then put them on Facebook Marketplace if they're not selling to good on eBay or Amazon score of the flea market to put them on at and if you do it a flea market I would say maybe ten bucks at the flea market

Sylvia Esposito

I would ask 5.00 small, 8.00 large.

Mr 2ReaL

Where can i buy pallets?

Tom Hman

Burn them,at least you will stay warm for a while

frances santiago

Where's do you buy those pallets in waiting for your answer