Money is a social construct

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Social constructionism | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

212 633 views | 17 Sep. 2013

Social constructionism

Social constructionism observes how the interactions of individuals with their society and the world around them gives meaning to otherwise worthless things and creates the reality of the society. By Sydney Brown. Created by Sydney Brown.

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Karim Zir

I have constructionism as a concept of Cultural Studies

Do you think I can take this video into consideration

Please help

Hero of Culture

I have the REAL biological reasons, with data, why black people are sociological disadvantaged, on my Youtube channel! I will describe the influences of iq and the endocrine system on the behavior of a person, PROVING it’s not just a sociological issue. It will make so much sense and you will be shocked in a good way. Check out my Youtube channel and May God bless you! ....

Meta tron

People valuing something means that, in the minds of those people, that thing is desired- for whatever reason. However, there seems to be no logical inconsistency in also stating that a people can find personal value in something but also understand that that thing that they value is without inherent value.

Take the money example. People value it because they can use it. it has a practical use.

However, itvis hard to see why we should use the term social construct to refer to this money example.

Hallucinated Ovens

Social constructs are a consequence of biology. Period.

Dave Klebt

Social construction is useless if one is actually making something with things in the REAL WORLD. making things is learned activity that requires no social construction. learning in craft, expertise, skill requires little if any social interaction. ask a top downhill skier. or a top designer, or anyone working at the highest levels of any field. (not the social activist field however.) so-called "strong social construction" does not rely on reality - only on human language. most people, at about 12 or 13, figure out that words are symbolic, somewhat arbitrary and are not the actual real world.

try using a social construction to extricate your foot from beneath couple hundred pounds of real world stuff.

after 30 years in education, it is surprising to hear this crap suggested as a new paradigm for success in learning.

i admit, that discussion, critique, interactive shared learning is useful but they go way to far is suggesting that reality is socially constructed. the world exist separately from us. separately from our mental construct used to understand it. you can see evidence of this when you run headlong into a tree and bust your nose. a child learns this when they gleefully run along - until they stub their toe.

use the techniques, but don't drink this nihilist marxist kool-aid

Origin of Consciousness

A big load of BS, the entire "social constructionist" theory needs to be thrown out and burned

Golden voices And words


St. Paul MN

Brake lights at noon is a social construct.

There is no active element to say it is harm to not have “brake lights” at light.


strong social constructionism is every sjws tool.

Steven Williamson

Good explanation, thank you.

Asafa Ingram

If the statement "there are no brute facts" is true, then that statement is itself a brute fact.

Tony Yu

Social constructionism is mental illness.

ᴇɴᴅʟᴇꜱꜱ ᴅᴀʀᴄ

An abysmal explanation.

Reinhart Coetsee

So basically... postmodernism?


Deconstruct this.

Khalfan Said

this is a stolen video.... ethics!

Isidro Guadarrama Rea

Anyone here from the AP Human Geography 2020 test?


The big advantage of this way if thinking us it breakdown the link between the mind and reality and traps the mind within itself. It does this by convincing the believer that reality is a construct of their minds. This is useful for the Marxist as it means that believers will believe anything as they have no way of knowing if something is true or false because social narrative has replaced the real world and facts just become social agreements.

If you want to brainwash and control people's thoughts get them to believe in social constructivism.


This video gets too caught up in misusing social constructionism as a way of discerning what is real from what isn't real. That's not what social constructionism does. Social constructionism takes anything, whether real or unreal, and examines how knowledge about that thing is constructed through social interactions, institutions, etc. The thing constructed could be fictional or real/factual, but what interests social constructionism is not whether it is real or not, but how it becomes part of social experience and how knowledge of it is generated through social interaction.

Random Someone

Actually social construct is a social construct itself.

Mario Pinot



finally, money isnt valueless ...unless you want a society without it [mkt economics = brute facts]

Christian Dominguez

beyond your mind

Petitio Principii

Can "strong constructionism" be thought of an ultimate form of "agnosticism" with regard to the ultimate nature of reality, in the sense that our senses are fallible and we in the end base the basic natural facts in a "robust circularity", allowing we to claim that, while this is not known as absolute facts in the same sense that logical or mathematical facts are necessarily true (by definition), they're still "the most likely ultimate reality, as far as we know?"
That kind of phrasing would perhaps make it sound less like some sort of Pyrrhic epistemological "mentalism"/solipsism, or those new-age "what the #[email protected]$# do we know" ideas. Or those notions along the lines that maybe magic and sorcery is real and science is all a hoax.


Gravity is a social construct. 

Money is a social construct

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The Social Construction of Facts: Surviving a Post-Truth World | Massimo Maoret | TEDxIESEBarcelona

35 247 views | 10 May. 2017

In a world where truth and

In a world where truth and fiction are blurring, Massimo asks a simple

question: What happened to facts? Through an analysis of how social

networks have changed, Massimo launches a call to action and proposes

solutions to diffuse the dangers lingering in our post-truth society.

Massimo Maoret is an Assistant Professor in the Strategic Management

Department at IESE Business School, and a Marie Curie Fellow of the

European Commission. He has received a Ph.D. in Management from Boston

College in 2013. Massimo's research focuses on how social networks

affect the performance of firms and individuals. At IESE Business

School, he teaches Competitive Strategy, Strategy Execution and Managing

Social Networks in the MBA and Ph.D programs, and also in various

Executive modules.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

John-paul Cisneros

Truth is arbitrary. An infinite number of interpretations exist for any "fact" that all can be true. That's not to say there is no difference between deception and truth. The key distinction is betrayal.

Joel Edelstein

The speaker seems like a very intelligent and well meaning person. It's hard though to imagine the majority of readers or receivers of information actually going to the work of fact checking what they read (if they read at all). It's just too much work and too time consuming and probably in many cases inconclusive. There still is a place for publications that are responsible for what they print or broadcast. The solution to the spread of fake news cannot fall on the shoulders of the individual.

Peter Mogensen

I have to object to terminology here. Facts are not socially constructed more than truth. If a fact is not true, it's not a fact.

Of course - you might say that "facts" are only our current best understanding of truth. ... but still. People can't just go around and invent their own facts.

Carson Merkwan



What's scary now is that the state can sponsor all these ted x talks were th damage control propaganda .

Alan White

This is a question humanists spend too much time arguing about. Scientists take a ruler and make the measurement...


The speaker dropped the ball big time the moment he claimed "Facts are socially constructed". At this point he stopped instructing and started preaching.

Facts are not socially constructed. The sky being blue is a fact (when it's a sunny day out). He goes one step beyond and conflates facts and fact interpretation.

For his example of the three sticks and the X stick, the correct answer is "It doesn't matter what I think, I'll need to compare and measure the sticks to give an accurate answer". The X stick is only as tall as the B stick once I can confirm they are the same length, which I can't do it without measuring them. Until then, I don't have the fact. Once I measure and compare the sticks, and see that the X stick is as tall as the B stick, I can now confirm that fact. But regardless of if I know or not, the X stick and the B stick have the same height. That's the fact there.

This feels like the biggest (and worse) ad populum defense I've ever heard.


so, in the same breath he says that they are both socially constructed and only partially true?


Wikipedia does fairly well, at least it enables divergent voices to argue out publicly available sources, and find a way to present them all in a way that enables others to check on their own. You can't depend everything on Wikipedia is correct, but you can challenge it, and the results of your individual efforts benefit everyone else as well.


You're a social scientist and you think statistics are facts? That's a new one. I'm pleasantly surprised

Parlor Music

I can’t decide if the speaker is simply unaware of the huge mass of research on propaganda and mass media that has been used by advertisers, politicians and others since the early twentieth century, or he’s being deliberately naive to make the simple point that you can’t take everything you hear and read as equally true. Annoyingly, he refers to social construction as true,which is ridiculous. His argument suggests merely that people can be influenced to change their minds. The fact that people can be influenced does not support the conclusion that that we accept as fact all and only those statements we’ve been influenced to accept. If this is true, we are collectively wasting a lot of time and money on research equipment, not to mention the FDA and other such institutions.

Jim Penson

The problem with facts is that at some point we have to authorize, or trust a given source. I was taught that the distance to the moon is about 190k miles. I can't prove that. In fact, I have no idea how to prove that. I "know" this because the teachers and text books and scientific articles I have read all assert this. Using this logic, however, you can question and and all facts and probably drive yourself insane. So we choose to authorize sources. The speaker authorizes the Italian National Institute of Statistics to check the assertions made in the post. I'm not saying that he is wrong in doing this anymore than I am wrong in trusting teachers and textbooks which taught me about the distance to the moon. I completely believe him. But is it because I am simply authorizing a Ted talk to be completely factual? People assert that the earth is only 6k years old and as a source they cite the Bible. The response is that the Bible is not a scientific document but try to tell them that. At that point we're really talking about doctrine, and that's a whole other kettle of fish.

Eduardo 5678

I don't agree in many statements Massimo proposed, I believe that social constructivism is an ideological oversimplification of the world, social interactions and biology(if even taken in account).
I'm no prfessional, but I would advice myself and others to research more about the topic.

Anh-Toan Dinh

Vive la ECS1


Good....... BUT it's a massive simplification /lie that 'in the beginning there was independent media /facts /the truth and then social media ruined it all ". Rather all media has an agenda and we should be especially critical of the few companies that dominate what we hear, think, and talk about. Used correctly social media is a great way to find the truth /see through the agenda of those who monopolise media.

The issue of conformity though is one of the most dangerous to human society. As history has sometimes proved.


Pretty good :)

João Sgarbi

Good talk, but there is an important non sequitur. From the fact that people form their beliefs based mainly on the opinions of others does no follow that facts - objetive reality - are socialy constructed, but just that beliefs are socialy influenced. Facts - that which makes opinions true or false - are objetive, even though some facts might be institutional (in Searle's sense of institution).

Kali-Ray Skinner

He's so cute.

Karl Xu

Just realize this information democratization era(Fake news era) is analogous to democracy, everybody vote with their click to shape what is on the Internet . And it's not looking good.
The assumption of everybody is rational kinda falls apart in this humanity level social experiment.

Which brings challenge to my long held beliefs:
- GFW(Great Fire Wall)[1] is bad
- Western standard democracy is good for China

I'm from China which is not a democracy by western standard.

[1]: Great Fire Wall is used to censor arbitrary information deemed harmful. And Youtube is censored, LOL.

Sara Danhoff

Post truth is only possible when the price of deceit is not death.

Money is a social construct

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Is Gender a Social Construct? in 7 Minutes

480 416 views | 18 Jan. 2017

Gender is a very touchy

Gender is a very touchy subject these days - whether you believe it's a social construct or you don't. Both sides of the argument seem to overlook evidence on the opposing view. In this short video I'll go over some of the main arguments and evidence that both support the idea of gender as a social construct and refute it.

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Phoniks - No Stress



In recent years many social scientists have begun to believe that gender identity is not a stable and fixed trait. They argue that it is socially constructed and can vary over time. Some have even argued that there are more than two genders and have created additional classifications by using terms such as cis-gender, transgender, gender queer, non-binary, gender fluid, agender, etc.

Anyways, the two competing ideas about whether gender is a social construct come from the familiar nature vs. nurture debate. In other words, is it our environment that makes us who we are or our biology?

Those who say gender is a social construct often argue the following:

1. There are differences in gender norms in different cultures. For example there are subcultures in India that identify three genders. And in Chile some believe you must channel another gender to accomplish certain tasks. The list goes on. According to the academics Candace West and Don Zimmerman gender is “an emergent feature of social situations: both as an outcome of and a rationale for various social arrangements, and as a means of legitimating one of the most fundamental divisions of society" (West & Zimmerman, 1977, p. 126). By the way I looked up Candace West on Rate My Professor and she only got a 2.1 out of 5. Would you eat at a restaurant that got such a low Yelp score? I don’t think so. Old Donny didn’t do much better.

2. Language forms our reality. The words man and woman are simply words to describe certain phenomena, but don’t describe every option or experience of all people in our culture. Phrases like “be a man” or “boys don’t cry” are used to pressure boys into conforming to traditional masculine gender roles while “run like a girl” and other women-centered phrases pressure girls into behaving in a way that is considered traditionally feminine.

Others say that gender is a feature of nature, not nurture. They say:

1. Being exposed to testosterone and estrogen will make the way we behave inherently different. For example, there are studies that show male babies and female babies behave differently given different stimulus. Male babies tend to stare longer at mechanic objects while female babies tend to stare longer at faces which may explain why women and men tend to find themselves in different career paths –men often gravitate toward science and engineering while women toward health care and education.

2. The reason some women and men identify as a gender opposite of their sex is because sometimes nature has hiccups. For example some female fetuses are exposed to large quantities of male hormones and develop Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia – a fancy term for a disease that may alter the sex organs of people. Also, there are members of the trans-community that believe gender is biological. Some transwomen have stated that while they were brought into this world as men, from the get go they felt biologically that they were women, and thus behaved as a woman. Their argument is that if gender was socially constructed, then as a boy who felt like a girl they would have been socially pressured into feeling like boys. However, despite being socially pressured into feeling like boys these transgender women have always felt like women despite their sex being male.

3. A boy named David Reimar whose circumcision went horribly wrong, was given sex reassignment surgery as a 22 month year old and was raised as a girl named Brenda. Brenda was given girl toys, but always seemed to gravitate toward more traditionally boy toys. Eventually as a teenager she expressed her suicidal thoughts to her parents, and her father told her what had happened. Despite the female hormones and socialized pressures to be a girl, Brenda identified as a male and changed her name back to David when she was 14. Years later David started treatment to reverse the reassignment given to him as a 22 month year old and married a woman. Unfortunately years later after battling with a failed marriage and depression, at 38 years old he killed himself. This shows that despite the social pressures of David’s parents and doctors to identify as a girl – he still felt like a boy.

Ramiro Gutiérrez

2:00 I'm chilean and I can say that doesn't happen. Where did you get that information ?

A. Ryan

Is gender a social construct? No, it's a CONCEPT and THEORY published by a sexologist back in 1955 in which he stated it is a social construct. Previous to that point the term "sex" and "gender" were synonymous with biological sex and meant just that - biological sex. It wasn't until this sexologist created this modern day concept of "gender" and the public ate it up like the last chocolate bar at fat camp.

Tallulah Guard

this was really made by a cis person huh

Ryszard Rozanski

… gender to śmierć …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEJehLnlG1c

Cut Play

Let's be honest of course gender is a social construct.
Something being s social construct doesn't mean it's not real, there are many things we as humans socially construct, like the concept of money. Money is still a real thing.
Also it's not black or white and no one argues that all differences are socially constructed...

Micah Delport

If it occurs in nature is it really a hiccup? Variation is a sign of a healthy and thriving species.

The Legit

Tldr: No


yall stupid

Cydra Eclipse

There is male and female. People can be feminine and masculine. The majority of males are masculine because of biology. The majority of females are feminine because of biology. Being feminine doesn't make you male. Being masculine doesn't make you a female.

Sam Wheeler

Even if it is a social construct, that doesn’t mean it’s evil. Plenty of things we use everyday are social constructs, such as money.


“Other cases have been described in the literature due to enzymatic disorders or to cloacal exstrophy that support the existence of early permanent programming of brain sex by biological factors and androgen exposure, rather than by social environment and learning.”

- Sexual differentiation of the human brain in realation to gender identity and sexual orientation 2010


Gender comes from the Latin genus/genera it was not created for sexuality; it was appropriated by folks like you. Gender is a grammatical descriptor and not a state of being. Think about it.

Some Body

Gentlemen and Ladies, give this person an award. This video gave a lot of good biological and cultural information in a fun, interesting, way.



Mimi Igno

this is so cringe.. do urself a favor and instead of watching this cis male's mind-numbing small brain middle school project grade shit video, watch something that's actually educational. If you are curious about people who don't identify as cisgender, why are you turning to cis people for your information? A good place to start if you are interested in actually learning something about gender ideologies is with bad bitch Natalie Wynn. Her video gender critical is both educational and entertaining as fuck and she is a trans women. www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pTPuoGjQsI

Beth Shields

Look it’s simple sex has to do with your biological make up. Gender is fluid and is a social construct. Just because it’s easier to narrow it down to men and women does t mean it’s ok. I would rather not know what someone’s gender was than insult them by calling them the wrong gender. Language is an evolving thing and who cares if there are more than 2 genders. If you can’t rap your mind around it think of it like hair. Yes most people have blonde or brown hair but your can have different shades of hair. It can change over time it can be dyed and highlighted. People have red hair blue hair purple hair pink hair grey hair black hair. Who the hell cares their still a human being that deserves nothing but to be accepted for who they are. And the same is true for gender.


I wouldn't mind Ale lol

Hit or All Might

Gender is in fact, a social construct. Biological sex however, is a stable never-changing thing. I’m non-binary I should know. Also, the estrogen versus testosterone unbalance is kinda false for the non-binary community.


2 years later and it's just as, if not much more, hotly debated.


This video argues for whether gender roles are socially constructed are not. But we know that gender is something we identify with, not our characteristics and how we act...so people that say gender is not a social construct are simply saying gender depends on what is between your legs (not how you feel).

Shield Back

No , but as for what's inside your pants you have the right to ignore it and follow your dreams .

HS Zhou

Gender is both a biological and social construct. Perhaps even more than that.

Dave The Credible

If you think gender is a social construct, ask yourself why you think it evolved that way and whether you can keep society intact after fundamentally altering such an integral part of it.

Me Mes

"Why would it help to categorise people and have to learn more terms?"
To help you to understand other people better and that people can go through very different experiences to you.
Also many people can find relief in a label that fits their identity, which can help legitimise someone's experiences or feelings.



Paul Elago

Gender roles (some) are social constructed , gender/sex is not.

Trygve Evensen

"Fun bags" lmao


I was with you until you said finding a restaurant is more important issue...

Connie Ticho

Also a baby is not raised in a vacuum... like that baby even in a short time is socialized to act a certain way. If you keep cooing and shoving bows at a baby with a vagina, that baby will obviously become more inclined to recognize and stare at that.


Can you prove what sex you are? Can you prove what gender you are?

DELLE Callado

Hi guys! Do men and women follow different rules to accomplish their goals?

Cesar Gonzalez

Do you and your readers believe we came from apes? Why? If we are just animals, then why does a Mother not take her sick baby to a Veterinarian? Because we did not come from apes. We are humans created in the image of God.

Rainy 335

This is the amount of times he said gender in this video



All attack helicopters, rise!!


Could a person behave differently if they were to be rised in a different environment? The answer is pretty simple. I don't think there are any psychological or behavioural differences between men and women. Both are same and we need to move away from this gender fixation. That is when we can truly progress.


Transgender isnt a gender, its actually the transition from 1 sex to another?

Jonathan Gomez

Fascist thinking is real.

Hannah A

0:30...lol ? ...

Aniefiok Inyangotu

A set of fun bags??? ????
Italian salami?
Why do ppl have to make things sound so weird

Audrey Epstein

A very thoughtful video, thank you.

Luka Radojevic

If it is social construct than why you take hormons to transition?

Al not big gay tho

Gender roles are mostly biological to the people who say it's different.

Elias Gonzalez

this could’ve been 1 second with one word: No


Short Answer: No
Long Answer: No

Dainis Desa

So that stuff that animals do is a social construct?

Andrew Pearson

Gender is the 10000% a soical constructed. Gender and sex are too different things. Masculinity and femininity aren't actually really things, colours, clothes, jobs, make up, toys don't have genders. The idea women have less sexual parents than men is also a false native, but the stegma behind slut shaming Is real when it comes to soical norms. The failed circumcision is an extremely bad example. Because there are people who are born intersex. Intersex means born with a combination of outer gentiles and inner sex organs, if nature can get that wrong it's not a stretch to believe that trans gender people feel how the feel. Just for numbers they're sake the amount of people born intersex is the same number of Red heads born in the world. So it's not a small number. Here's the thing, you say you want to make things simple but it's simple for you not simple for them. People remember names of people remember genders isn't that hard. Don't invalid a person who's already struggle with their life to be excepted to be themselves

Rodrigo Montefusco

as Chilean, I need to understand what did you say about us... no idea about that "third" gender you mention.

name Polanco

Short version, Male: Still Male. Female: Still Female. I can live with that.


Yeah i always considered myself as a living creature, or a person in societal construct, 23 , still cant get this idea of being a women, or a man, or an asshole. Either way, couldn't care less.

Bonjour Zere

Gender is not a social construct. Gender stereotypes are though.


Finally some sensible thinking that isn't preachy or forceful but is honest


In short no conclusion.


Just let people be, bitches....

God Of Theory

Gender is not nature (genetic) vs nurture (social), I would say both are true.
Initially, it is a social/environmental construct. This can affect our genes, which in turn affect our behaviours and perception of ourselves and our future generations.
However, it's not only the society/environment that affects our genes, but we can also affect it directly too.
Gender is a social construct, if u let it be that way, so take control of your own life. You have control over everything.

Baz Buncher

Women are from Venus Men are from Mars all other Genders are from Uranus


The mane on a male lion is a social construct ?

EdgeIsBetterThanOmega GoldbergIsBetterThanRiddle

I disagree.

I know...I know. What a Alt right neo nazi racist fascist transphobic homophobic animalphobic ablisit misogynistic sexist MRA angry privileged cis straight white man i am and every other popular SJW degatory term in the book.. huh?

Sasha Schäffer

i don't get the link between feminism and gender?




I identify as a unicorn! I’ve always felt like I was born in the wrong body. I’m finally not scared of coming out <3


When you said men have more partners then women... I just feel sorry for how stupid you are... Assuming that the number of non-heterosexual relationships are equal for each sex, every other relationship add one partner to the female count and the male count. Therefore it is impossible for heterosexual men to have more partners as every partner they have is a partner that heterosexual women have. It just basic logic really...


Here it is in less than one second:



Is there any evidence that gender is a social construct? Any country? Any isolated preindustrial tribe? Any records from early humans? Pre-humans? Anything in the animal kingdom? No, no, no, no, and no. In other words, if gender is a social construct, it's because it's being constructed right now.

Jan N

"language has historically simplified itself"...??? This guy is a moron. The opposite is true.

Muhammad Talenta Rahmansyah

There are only female and male (biology), not woman and man (social construct)

Samuel Barber

I would like you to look up the difference between gender and biological sex.
in short, gender is the normality's and rules that everyone of a sex is expected to follow.
sex is your genitals.

Connie Ticho

You are clearly biased. you gave so much more evidence to suggest that gender is biological. Also you intermix sex and gender so much. And we can't just all be ale because even though gender is constructed, the affects of it are real--- which you literally show with the example of "David" who gets so depressed about his gender identity. We can't all just be ale because though gender is a construct, people who are not deemed men by society will get payed less. Clearly this was made with a lot of privilege.

The Other One7

Wait, I wanna be ale tho...

Lauren J

When you think about it, isn’t race much more of a social construct than gender? Why is it not socially acceptable to identify as a different race?


gender theory father was a crazy guy call Dr John Money that himself proof he was wrong but just denied resulting in the dead of 2 people from his first experiment and people who defend him stigmatize everyone that bring up these 2 people that kill themselves due to the crazy experiment telling it was just suicide...gender isnt a social construct, and the the experiment failed and many confuse kids are killing themselves today because of these crazy experiment and because modern society doent know how to deal with them...best regards and be safe


Okay, just riddle me this, if gender is a social construct how can one be either gender? That is, it is a construct so no matter how you act you can only be identified by your sex, because acting out a gender is universal and can be done by either male, female, alien. So then why would it cause so much distress for one to be a different gender or be called by their sex, say an ftm is called a "girl", if it's true that she is a girl by sex (pretty sure people use sex pronouns not gender where did that come from??) and practicing a different gender solves nothing since technically acting male is also a "feminine" thing to do; since gender is a construct. like wtf??? I'm so confused. Also if gender is determined biologically, first is how can one be trapped in a wrong body biologically, meaning biologically one is a male but somehow has estrogen and is in a female body; did they just somehow get a male brain specifically but only a female body. Why specifically their brain structure is of the male sex essentially and their whole body of the female sex; that's possible?? I'm so lost.


You lost me at "fun bags". What a joke.

Silver Stone

Gender is a social construct. Because it’s pretty much categorized personality traits/lifestyle on the basis of how “ masculine “or “feminine” you are. But those are just stereotypes that are loosely based on natural preference it’s not a new science. Cause being a man or a woman has nothing to do with how you decide to live or act or even physically choose to appear as.
Those are personal things and a lot of times decisions.Therefore no matter where you lean on more in that scale it doesn’t make you a different sex bc being a woman or a man isn’t connected to any of those things it’s just your genitals and body chemistry

Ena xx

If gender is socially constructed, then arent the terminologies such as gender-fluid also a social construct, doesn't that mean that individuals aren't breaking down the social barrier they are merely re-writing the rules, therefore they individuals pushing for these terms are hypocrites

Uncle Bills

No it ain’t if u have a penis ur a male if u have a vagina ur a girl

Aeron Zeroge

Just stop saying "feminists" as if most of us think we are as equally strong as men, our goal is to have equal rights not equal biologies (and before someone tells me we have equal right, I'm not from the west.)

Alex Tiger

Gender is a social construction?


Yeah literally the Ad Hominem fallacy with the rate my professor thing. I get it's a joke, so don't try and woosh me, but it's a bad practice that doesn't belong in argument. Attacking the person as a strategy to make a statement about why the argument is bad/incorrect is a cheap move. Even though it was a joke, it still influences people into having a more negative view of that argument, which is a dishonest way to present a topic. Also sex and gender are not the same thing at all, right from the start there's talk about nature vs. nurture, but the nature argument which just goes into biology is not an argument for gender at all, but about sex. There isn't a "gene" for how a person sees themselves categorically in society. The author can't even describe gender without referencing elements of social dynamics. They describe things as "feminine" or "masculine" but not take the extra step in defining what those words mean- which they would find is really difficult to describe without talking about culture. Also sex isn't even that simple and broken down. There are more than 2 types of sex chromosome sets. Yes, there is more than XX or XY. It is more complicated than that, which if you think about it is way more reflective of the natural world, which is less likely to just fall into a clear set of 2 boxes. Hell, there's like a dozen species that can change sex, and some that can even sexually reproduce by themselves by fertilizing their own eggs. Also I get the bit at the end is a joke, but the reason I think this topic is so important to people is that humans are social animals, and gender and sex play a large role in how we socialize. Not things to just oversimplify with lack of thorough definitions or even just saying, "we don't know".

Giovanna Roma

If gender is just a social structure, then how can you be born in the wrong body? And they don't want to be defined by gender...but are willing to let gender norms define their sex??????

Roy Munson

All you need to know, research this: John William Money (8 July 1921 – 7 July 2006) was a New Zealand American psychologist, ... Money introduced the terms gender identity, gender role and sexual ... "Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis: An experiment on nature versus ...that ends with twins both committing suicide...

The Double Minority

This video is ridiculously problematic.

Vandal Savage

When I was a kid I was only concerned with becoming a super sayian. Who raised you?

Master in The making

Short answer: yes, yes it is a social construct

Night Prowler

Race is social construct but ethnicity is genetic.


the comment section is a warzone, come here if you're looking for neutral ground

Nur Qamarina

Those gender was created by English speaking people ?

W1re Frame

We're all humans the end


Why people are so confused with the difference between gender and sex is still mind boggling

Ghost Pepper

My gender pronouns are .. your lord and your lordship....also DAD.... and Your Daddy.... RESPECT ME.....


Most people get confused between sex and gender

That why right wing and left wing agendas exist

Samantha Engle

Why are there so many genders holy cow?

Tahlia Simeon

Lmao if u were born with a penis ur a boy if a vagina ur a girl period !

Pinaki Mandal

I think sexuality can be changed not gender. Gender is biological it cannot be changed whether you like it or not just like I cannot become a half human half bird even if i want to be you cannot become half man half woman as how some people refer as androgenus your personality dosent affect your biology unless you go have a sex change where you have hairy armpits and big muscles along with a vagina

ON THE ROAD with me

ohhh so fun bags= breasts? I don’t think so. Grow up.

Rajanya Purohit

The third gender in India is "intersex", you know, the biological thing.

Bob Wellington

No, no it is not.


Sooo... That didn't help.

Natalia Thacker

I think honestly its just a problem of normalizing SEX and GENDER as always being referenced as the same. If we acted as some other cultures that have always recognized genderfluidity and dont conform to societal roles then on everything we had on forms or in conversation would reference people based on sex and gender as two different things because they wouldn't have been associated to either side in the first place.

Joshua Mason

This. Was just... what? You didn't really talk about gender. You talked about sex. Sex is biological. Gender is a social construct.