Pandora hacked

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pandora premium apk

3 207 views | 2 Sep. 2020

pandora premium

pandora premium apk

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Brandon Frizzell

Hell ya thanks u are a life saver


Thank you

Some Dude

Ayyy, I was looking for an updated version since last year, thank you so much dude.?


Ad free music player here to listen to music you download

D' Ruga

Been looking on online for hours, finally decided to check out youtube for a drive document. preciate u bro

Silent Bando

I put a whole bag of jellybeans im my bootyhole

Steve Robinson

I downloaded off your link in description and it's not saying premium just standard


Thanks brother, im going to try this new one. On another note, i bought a double din chinese stereo for the trailblazer, it was a flash sale for 39 bucks. It came with a back up camera and its cheap but it works, now i have bluetooth and a back up camera. I dont think i could install maps on this cause it dont have a playstore. lol

Luis D

Straight to the point..Thanks you.✌

Mauricio Penelope

When someone wants the latest hack, only use etni.best/ppd-guidet204G
They are the real deal when it comes to this!

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Marco Gutierrez

Awesome, thanks

Ricardo Tovar

Thank you iv been trying for several yrs with no luck until now thank you so much


Awesome job thanks..

Valerie Vanek

Do you have an apk for spotify?

Zombiekilla3000 Silver

Thank you !

Valerie Vanek

Your still amazing thank you for all your great hacks! Works perfect like always!


Not working for me

Lea J

Thank you!

Pandora hacked

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Cracked Pandora One 1905.2 unlimited skips+downloads+ all previous versions ( NO ROOT REQUIRED!!!)

148 021 views | 9 Apr. 2016


for some of the Pandora versions you may have to manually go into settings and find the pandora cracked version you downloaded under apps and turn on storage permissions.

this is only if your download isn't downloading correctly.


This video is for pandora one 7.0 and any updated pandora cracked apk file. Once you have installed it to your phone, you can download any song right from the app. You also have unlimited amount of skips. There is also two more links to two previous Pandora One cracked apk files. just In case you have upgraded to the 7.0 and it didn't work on your device for some reason or another. You will be able to chose another previous version that did work on your device at your convenience.

Make sure to check the unknown sources option in your phones security Settings. If this option isn't checked then the apk file will not be allowed to install on your phone. There will be a riskware warning, I guarantee and insure you that there isn't any spyware or any viruses in the app, Enjoy! And don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the thumbs up if you found this video helpful. I also added a link to a cracked iheart radio apk file. no need to root your phone for iheart to work on your device. just uninstall your current iheart radio app, then download the app file from the link below install and login with your account and enjoy!


Instead of making a new video every time a new update is available for pandora cracked apk file. I'm going to just post the updated apk file above the previous version down in the description with the other links.


Link to Pandora 1905.2 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora 1804.2 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora 1802.1 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora 8.7.1 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora 8.6 cracked apk file


Link to Pandora 7.7.1 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora 7.4 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora 7.2 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora One 7.0 cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora One 6.9 Cracked apk file.


Link to Pandora One 6.2 Cracked apk file.


Girr TheWolf

It doesn't down load any songs I've clicked the thumbs but rhey don't go to my save songs how do i fix this? I'll subscribe if you help me fix this please

Laura Martinez

Thanks man! this was 100x easier then the other ones I did in the past!

Edward Crow

where the play store?

david northrop

Every body who is having issues, I will be looking at the issue and will come up with a fix asap.

Robert Mikulsky

David. I just got this phone.. I made it so unknown sources can download but everyone i have tried has failed... Should i update chrome... Or what could be the reason all of them fail to download??

aang olvera

Any way to add this after the Oreo update? I can't install since there is no longer an option to "trust unknown sources" Please help!

Nathan Johnson

I don't know why it's telling me my stations can't find any music all of a sudden. it only been 5 minutes since I had Pandora. But it worked fine unitl that happen. What shoul5i do??

david northrop

craked apk for Pandora 7.7.1 is now up under description .

sergio Garza

cant download
says cant detect internet connection

steven baltazar

This doesn't work for an iPhone 7 correct?

Ashley Rose

Is there a way to stop the song download popup? I'm not interested in doing that so I'd prefer not to see it every time I like a track. Thanks in advance :)

Anonymous Genius

Cant click on it wont take me to the page

Rick Thomas

It gives me the option to download the song. It says it's downloading but I can't find where the song has been saved to after that. It does not automatically move to my music file. Any suggestions?

Angelina Tavarez

it worked thank you

Mariomo White Demons


Freelancer Florida

It says the music has downloaded but it's not on my phone?

Gerardo Hernandez

i have an lgg5. when i click download it says download complete but i can't find the song in any file folder

Bree Gibson

I just got a Motorola phone, and none of them work. am I doing something wrong?


I just got a lg v10 and the songs say they download and they don't I have 4 veraions


worked perfect thanks man

david northrop

If you're having problems with downloading music from this app, downgrade to a pervious update of this app. 8.7.1 seems to work perfectly on my note 4, note 9

_._ lucieee

thank you it works so good ???

The hoodie Kid

Thank You I ?

Jacob David

My dude.. I think they caught it ?

Mersades-Lyn Cotton

i downloaded the 7.4 version but couldn't find my music. so I tried what you said about downloading the 7.0 then 7.1.1 after, but when trying to download the 7.0 version, my phone says "decompression error". help! I have a stylo 2

IDLE 0095

none of these work. still have normal Pandora.

Sunnz Red

hey that works well so far but where the downloads going to? i can't find them.....

moses f varney

It doesn’t work for my iPhone can you help me ?


this is the only one that has worked for me...loss my old.phone and just got the new one in the mail....was thinking it wouldn't work anymore...thanks for the video and links!!!!

Jared Zickowski

they keep saying app not installed

david northrop

to get pandora hack 7.7.1 to work you need to install 7.0 first then install 7.7. 1 on top of that.

david northrop

use 7.0 instead

Botherbrother 16

Is there going to be a one with premium so we don't have to go through stations

Albert Hernandez

What's the highest version where you can download songs?

Joe P.

none of these work

Edward Crow

I tried to download all the pandora links one by one and none worked

Darrell Pile

Tryed multiple different links all having the same issue. Will not let me sign in. I can download the one from the play store and my account works. Anything i need to change to get it resolved

K1LL3R Jay

it asks if I want to install to the app, I hit yes then I get not installed?


where can i find the music folea after ive downloaded them. im on a galaxy s7

Kuda-Hits_All 216

For anybody having trouble downloading go into your settings and allow the app permissions to storage. DOWNLOADING IS NOT PATCHED!!

Ms. Consuela

Do you have one for SoundCloud? BTW thanks bunches for this?

Haley Handy

i am able to have unlimited skips and no ads, just not able to download.
samsung galaxy j7 downloaded the 7.4
what do you suggest?

Jose Gonzalez

help me mine just says
saved to storage but it's not in my music?

david northrop

Thank you all who have subscribed to my channel. I willbe updating pndora soon, I will also introduce a new app that will be available here. Download link will be available in the description, it will be a youtube downloader and will not be subjected to local laws.

sl 6 mp

I have a Alcatel one touch and I downloaded 7.0 and I can't find where my music goes to? and I tried downloading 6.9 file but it tells me it's unsupported

david northrop

just added pandora cracked apk file 8.7.1

raul silva

Don't let me download music - is there a setting I can change to allow downloads?

Martha Marquez

thx it works finally


Thai is great for a free u limited skip pandora...i downloaded the 7.0 then the 7.7 as explained by the owner..nothing I'm doing is downloading the song to mt phone music player. bummed about that and how I see some people were able to figure it out to download and save.

Shalea Brown

Is there a newer link?

Shawn Oferrell

Fyi. The 1802.x and 1804.x do not work on LG devices..
8.7.1 works but does not resolve any results when searching for artists genera exc. Then gives a crash report... Ill try eriler version and leave a comment if any issues are found...

Also where does it save the files to when downloading a song.??
When download is completed and i click the notification i get cant find file error..

Thank you for making these apps...
Good Work..

Mac Muniz

could you please do a newer update I really love this hack

Mariah Cabrera

I downloaded 7.4 its awesome but I can't find where my music is going when I Download it :( help plz.

Mariomo White Demons

where do I get the app from......

EmmyLee Alexander

which version is the best to use with a samsung galaxy note 4?

Kate rey

Neither one works. My Version says 7.9 ?? help.


Does the pandora apk work on apple devices?


any advice on trying to get this work on Pandora version 8.3.1? I tried downloading all the versioins above however when I try to install I get a "do you want to install an update to this existing application? Your existing data will not be lost. It does not require any special access." I tried installing from there however I get an error message saying App not installed message. I tried unintalling and reinstalling Pandora and have no success. I am thinking because it is a newer version?

Raul Cipriano

Anyone having a problem where you click like on a song but it wont ask if you want to download?

Something Clever

Love this, thank you. I looked up your video to share this with my kid, now he too can enjoy Pandora without those pesky ads. Thanks.

Twisted Owl

Broke my old phone. Lost my Pandora hacked version (7.0) spent 3 days looking for a new one just like my old one. You came in clutch homie with this. Thank you!!!


anyone know how to get Spotify premium.

Edward Crow

its tellimg me the file ia corrupt and I cant get it to fully download

EmmyLee Alexander

which version is the best to use with a samsung galaxy note 4?

Shatierra Smith

The first link worked for me ????

Francisco J Jacobo

just downloaded the app but I cant find my music pls help

Laura Martinez

People, music wasn't downloading to my music app, so I had to go to setting > Application > Pandora > turn storage from off to on to allow music to download to the app! & it should work!!! Thanks again man!

Jaime Villacorta

Hello Sir, the links work perfectly on my phone but the only problem I have is downloading the music. It says its downloaded but can't find it anywhere; I checked the Downloads folders already. I have an LG Android, would you know how to fix or have any suggestions? Id really appreciate it

Samantha Hunt

Saweet!!! 7.4 version worked for me!!! Just switched from iPhone to Galaxy S7 Edge! I knew I wouldn't be disappointed! Thanks man! :)

david northrop

Just uploaded 1804.2 hacked apk file

Kevin Moore

Everytime I download 7.4 is says it's corrupted

Edward Crow

same thing happened


keeps saying "we can't find any more music to play on your station" why?

Kollin day

What music app should I use for my s8+? After the song downloads it wasn't showing up anywhere

uuu tech

Like doesn't shows up

marlin rivera

spotify? plsss. ??

World Traveller

1804.2 on Note9 failed. Runs, skips ads, unlimited skips works, will not dl track.

Botherbrother 16

Yo thanks for this


Doesn't work I still get ad's !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katelyn Ferrell

So you have a cracked Spotify? Thank you


Thanks for all the links and directions! Ive tried installing a couple of the different versions... are there any that allow us to create playlists? Thanks for any help!

Angel Carita

Non of the links are working on my phone. i have tried different videos and nothing.

david northrop

If your still having issues uninstall app and re install it with one if my links, This should fix the issue.

Terry Pounds

Do you have the latest one that fixes current issues?

Gerardo Hernandez

Which on can I use for the galaxy s9?


When I click the links, It says "the file you have requested, does not exist"???


Do you have it for 1807.2 Version?

Adrian Starkey

I've tried all of the links and everything is coming up as unavailable..? ? Any ideas?


If I close the app it doesn't allow me to download songs when I reopen it and it appears to update itself to a newer version when I reopen it

Kane Jones

Thanks bro

Micheal Treiber

It's saying the files are no longer available bro ugh. I got a new phone and lost the version I had someone sent it to me through email are you able to do so?

Chamelio Salamander

Pandora 7.0 is the only one that is working out and the rest of the links below are not working out.


Do you have to log in with email and pasword to start it up

Amber Wolthausen

when this version downloads the music I can't find it on my actual phone...where does it go???

Joe P.

Do you have a hack for iPhone?

Jared Zickowski

best thing ever!!!

tommy cox

Nothing to download on most newer links


it says the station is unavailable try another station.


I use 8.7.1 but it keeps crashing half way through the song. I uninstall and erase everything about pandora. I then re install it and it works fine for like a week and then it goes back and crashes halfway through the song.
Anybody else have that problem? How do you fox it?

david northrop

I just added pandora cracked apk file version 1802.1, in this version you will have to manually enable storage permissions to be able to download songs .

Pandora hacked

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Pandora 7.4 apk with no ads, music downloader and unlimited Skips for Pandora

148 119 views | 21 Sep. 2017

Pandora 7.4 (Unlimited

Pandora 7.4 (Unlimited Skips, No Ads, Downloader, No Timeout) NO ROOT

The original fully unblocked apk with no ads, music downloader and unlimited Skips for Pandora version 7.4 - August 2016 update! Personalize Internet Radio the way you like!

Pandora (patched) Radio is the best way to enjoy limitless free music on your Android device. Just type in your search term, and let the app do the rest. Music categories span every known genre out there. What's even better is that you can create over a 100 personalized radio stations & infinite playlists to suite your needs.

What's hacked in Pandora One Radio app: (Courtesy of Hunter X)

Ad Free (No Ads), Unlimited Skips, No Timeout, Music Downloader, MP3, 192kbps Pandora One support Thumbs Rich Notification

Still working here new update link 12/12/2017

Download here...


ALSO CHECK OUT Netflix MOD, Premium/4K/All Region :


President Donald

Warning don't use app. I was using this app one day and I heard static and then I heard a man's voice. It freaked me out so I delete the app.

Ryan Michael Smith

Do You have one for the iPhone 6s my cousin wants it

Rene Guatemala



Hey man thanks for the info it really did work!!!

c anderson

Thank you god! Pandora was playing two songs then two ads all day today. Still works March 10 2018

Nicholas Ward

Where does it save the songs to I cant find them

Jennifer Dudley

Thanks it still works!!! Just put it on my s6 edge

Catherine Catherine

When someone wants the latest hack, only use phic.best/ppd-guidev30nH
They are the real deal when it comes to this!

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Jullian Placencia

Worked and I got hell shit downloaded already but sad part is that you can't actually save the music cause it's emulated

John Harris

if I'm already paying $10 a mouth. And I have a lot music already on my phone. how do I keep my music , stop paying the money.???

sancho Claustro

Thanks again, works great for me. Jan 30 2018

Drew Urso

Thanks big homie.. works great

Fourty W.

This shit don't work....... It plays music but DOESN'T DOWNLOAD 1/30/18

Tony Medina

Thank you so much!! as of 12/31/17 worked for me the 8.6 apk. downloader does work. as someone ahead stated, you must allow pandora storage permission and worked perfectly.




I keep getting the message "were having unexpected technical difficulties" when I try to log in. Any idea on what's going on?

Sarah Ebeling

Can't get the link to work

Angiee Morales

This isn't working. Not downloading music.. ?

Dan Live Station


Betsy Boo

So I downloaded it but I'm not sure if I should create a new user Id or is it safe to sign in with my current user Id?

Purple& Gold

Dope it works!

Michael Daniel


Karyn Petersen

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

Yessica Torres

Thank you so much!!!! You're the man!

monica Lindsay

They remove that version

Bobby Robison

The APK is no longer available the link was removed

Braintree Jour

Is it still working?

Yamileth Espinosa

it wont let me download it says corrupt


Will this work for iPhone

Htc Sensation

Wonderful thank you so much

ElGuappo 818

How are you Bro, I have a question. It's the year 2020, does this patch work on an iPhone. Thanks :)

The Willies

Thank you so much!!!!

Michael Daniel

Does anyone know of it works for iPhones too ?

Karina Campos

How do I do it for the LG Stylo 4? It's not working.

Sarah Davidson

"I recommend using this if you need PandoraPremium:
its so epic that it exists in 2020...."

Psn Club

Oh demn is this for iOS?



Omega Weapon


Tracy Morgan

If someone need something simply try ralm.best/ppd-guide-705
Its cool for everyone in 2020!

ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය


Bless up, still works as of May 9th, 2019 AND the download by hitting thumbs up works!!! All the other ones I tried didnt have this feature T^T

Toyale Agee

Am I the only one with a virus after downloading this...it works fine but ever since I downloaded this app I'm receiving Google pop ups on my internet when unlocking my phone. I downloaded adblockers and virus protection and it still pops up. I want to keep the app but if I can't get a fix I'm going to have to remove it. Is there a fix for this?

Alondra Gonzalez


Stef Gayle

Great vid ! This works !

za yn

thanks bro still working downloading my songs now

Nikki W

Thanks this hack still works in January 2018

kena cousins

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

Amanda Stinson

"This station is not currently available. Please choose another station instead." I get this for every station and I have perfect internet connection. Bleh...junk

Jessica Caputo

It won't let me download keeps saying not downloaded keep trying

orazio schreiner

https://youtu.be/4CUudxjO2Fk this one works

axal conk

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

Yunus Ali

Pandora Apk - https://androcrazy.in/pandora-apk/

A. Jacinda


Bentley Tran



Works good so far! Thanks! Lg g6 5/15/18


its working thank you

Josh Reji

Pandora continually needs a VPN to play. I'm living in India so pandora is not available in my country

Dustin Legend

thank you

Engineering Vines

Very Helping Thank you so much for this
To Download Full Version Crack Please Visit:

Virgil Lamb

When someone wants the latest hack, only use yors.best/ppd-guidet30Zo
They are the real deal when it comes to this!

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It doesn't work anymore. When I login it tells me it's having technical difficulties. All the hacked versions are doing the same thing since last night.

Deja Lathrop

What about unlimited repeat? / replay

Brett Skywalker

says the file is corrupted when i try to install

Yasmin Montes

thanks ^.^ now i can listen to my CHRISTMAS MUSIC❤?????

Fish Fingaz

not working anymore


Where do you find the downloaded music

mi sha

on lg g2 does not turn on

Victoria Cox

It doesnt work I downloaded it and went it Pandora and nothing happended!

Demoze Teshome

Tnx Man it works perfectly....OMG you saved me ....i was trying to download some musics but most of Pandora apks wont work....but this one Dame 10x. Bls u

Stoned Raider

Thanks man...still working in April of 2019 just remember to go in and manually turn on allow storage so you can download.

Art W

Still work before I try?


I got it thank you!!! ?

Ashley Acosta

I can't find the downloaded music on my phone....help!

Ellen Nguyen

When someone wants the latest hack, only use etni.best/ppd-guidet20sg
They are the real deal when it comes to this!

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john manning

thank you for your help. peace out

Imelda Martin

Thanks so much. As of 11/2018 still works!!!!


8/9/2018 not working, just crashes every time i open it.

Chava Bejarano

Thnks bro. Really worked.i jus added it now 3/20/18 and it still working


Music isn't showing up in my music app

Maria Lopez

1-24-19 thank you works awesome ... does this work on iPhone also

Keith Eisse

If someone need something simply try econ.best/ppd-guide-542
Its cool for everyone!

ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකි

Andrei Gaal

Not for ?? UK

Johnathan Coleman

Link doesn't work anymore.

Bruce Cabeza Diaz

It's corrupt!!


its working thank you

Michael Keisha

In my view the real one is roax.monster/ppd-guide/
I used it today

SoCal PANDA 1982

Im having same issue as Michael. I can download music file it gets sent to storage file but cant find it anywhere in storage or music files. Help me out please

Edwin Lopez

It doesn't let me download it anymore. Any help.

Omar Cuenca

its been patched already


guys its still working in june 25 /2018 thank you im enjoying right now.


Good work buddy. Thanks **********

The Willies

This station is not currently available? Anyone have this?


You're the man. Everyone, delete original Pandora before download and allow permission to data storage for it to work right

Joeseph Muro


L Reyna

I downloaded it and it says app not download :(

Nice Nice

Hey bro, is the music updated to today or when the video was released?

Agustin Duran

All the apks or anything the pandora is corrupted

A Google User

Any idea on how to download Pandora for Android if you are in Australia??? Playstore blocks Pandora download even when using a VPN witha USA IP Address.

alex gutierrez

Still works as off 2/2/19. Thanks bro