Tron rule 34

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TIGER'S WOOD - Demo Disk Gameplay

782 490 views | 11 Sep. 2017

Professions that get you

Professions that get you laid the most (in order):

1. Being Tiger Woods.

2. Motorcross bro.

3. NHL player.

4. International DDR Champion.

5. Every other job.

Last. YouTube comedy channel uploader.

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Connor Keihl

At 10:58 what song is James humming?


K so, I've never played any dancing games but I suspect you need to go on expert level difficulty so you can get more points to get the gold scores on the other 2 songs to unlock the legendary MBA.


Thanks Elyse for putting Marchand there and not like Ovechkin or Crosby.


Tiger Woods 2004 is better

Kevin Mitchell



Bruce's laugh makes me smile every time. Thanks Buddy

Author Cassie Beebe

Man, I wish I could act like that Tiger Woods wannabe whenever something goes wrong in my life. Just throw myself on the ground and toss my golf club in the air.

d b

Hockey players do get cte. Some nhl players have killed themselves cause of it :(

King Kool Kattz

was that edited in or did they just shoe horn that Happy Gilmore reference in the game....(if it was edited in <3 )

Mark Quesada

Was that MASTODON?

Jack Murphy

What song did Lawrence dance to.


Need more Lawrence dancing


Mongo just pawn in game of Life.


what even was that card game


1:28 is that a JoJo reference??

Zach Ochavillo


Acid Pain

was James humming shooting stars by bag riders?


"Let's start with your therapy rightaway! First target is 15 seconds without copulating me. If we reach the 2 minutes mark by the end of the first month, we'll think about extending the treatment."
-Anna Kournicova

Conrad Pawlak

I love rawrancuu dancing

Yoeri Kurvers

Hockey eh

Acid Pain

Anyone else notice James start humming the shooting star song?

Ray Tonioni

Lol Mastodon during the hockey intro


Is stuff unblured on rooster teeth website?

Tenchin Mo

Watching Lawrence dancing may be the best thing to come from this game. Holy crap.


Tiger woods wife catches him cheating on her Waaaaaaaaaaaa

Meghan L

I feel like they may have already indulged in the pterodactyl porn video, but in case Elyse hasn't had the pleasure, it involves a voyeuristic hand puppet the whole family can enjoy.

Titch C

Anyone else get a golfing ad mid episode :'D :'D ooooh google! tut tut

King Kool Kattz

this just reminded me,the only songs that play for hockey is either We Will Rock You, Bittersweet Symphony, Song 2 (by Blur), and I think Seven Nation Army


The song is "No Star"



Haha mother be aware

strong independent maykol

Ahh good ol' hooker jokes

idk idc

Finally got power to watch Funhaus again. Burning up all my 4G data so I can be cheered up after coming to terms with my living room being flooded and a tree in my bedroom. Thanks Hurricane Irma (:


It's Faballs :D


I like the look of those cap lights, I hate wearing a headtorch over my peaked beanie at night as it's uncomfortable and no good for reading so that seems ideal, that and finding and donning a hat when waking up to run is much easier than trying to put on your headtorch with one hand while playing a fish with the other. Good bit of kit if it comes in around the £20 mark

Fer F

James is beautiful

Sweat And Temptation

Saw the porn poop of Fable. It was more like bubbles in the semen. Not poop.

Paige Broadley

I am so high and laughing so hard at them playing the card game at the end that I came all the way from the RT app to this YouTube browser to tell y'all how funny it is


yes, so glad I found this channel. Since watching that ride to hell playthrough like well over year ago, wasn't sure if they were still on youtube. FFS sort out your self advertising

Matt Rogerson

Was that fuckin mastodon nice ?


2:16 I nearly died laughing!!!

Joshua Bonds

At 10:56 was James trying to beat box shooting star?


I love it when the title of the video makes me laugh


Lawrence is goat

Working Joe

Shenmue 3 coming out soon, I can feel the hype for the FH pt


This whole mothers be aware saga really makes me miss Bruce's singing.

Kenneth Kates

Like soggy bread for Gavin, we now know Bruce's puketonite.


Professions that get you laid the most (in order):
1) Being Tiger Woods
2) Being Falkor

Al Robin

Adam must have fucked some many hookers to be that good at golf.


o shit that was mastodon


James is my favorite funhuas editor


Ok, it might just be me but watch the "porn" section of the video without sound! :D

Fredrick Fitzgerald

i fucking love lawrence


"How come hockey players don't get CTE? They get hit a lot"

"They do, they just don't complain about it"

Best summary of hockey ever.


Off topic challenge, but does anyone know which demo disc Adam looks at the size of a file and it's in the 100,000s, and Bruce says 'take it all and move it over' and Adam is like 'uh-uh, nooooo' in a really weird voice. I think it's around the episode 100 mark but I can't find it

manu g

i think bruce has a gambling problem


I looked up the first Fable Rule 34 pic they showed. Poop. Poop everywhere


Song at 6:56?

Michael Bobke

Glad to see in a video game, Ryan Whitney is still a pylon on the ice

Grey Goose

i feel bad for whoever has to edit this xD

misfit 1nX

Dank ass nugz beer n funhaus?

Bouquet of Roses

I love it how James and Lawrence are laughing like a psychopaths looking at poop make me crack up

Brandon Bernard

Here's a question... why hasn't there been a rule 34 on the funhaus crew? All I saw when I looked was a representation of (I think) Lawrence?

If the crew could draw their own rule 34 of the show, I'm curious to see what they would say during their open haus show?


We need more Lawrence dancing.
We need a series where Lawrence plays crappy dancing games.

There ya go, Funhaus. That should bring in at least twelve cents.


James seeing Adam's "wand" and Bruce's hysterical laughter in this episode only leaves Adam without any laughter-attack while watching porno


had to put down my kat ( best friend) two days ago.. but you guys keep on cheering me up no matter how bad it gets.. so thank you so much for making the day fun.. you really helpt me trough a hard couple of days.

Rejuvenating Rhythms

thats the most ive heard adam laugh


I think the end of this video may be the first time I've seen Bruce THAT uncomfortable lmao


I got a home training golf ad before this video


Lawrence didn't fucking disappoint; that was so close to gold!

Brett Sharkey

Can we get Drunk Pub Games please?

liam jackson

Yo what the fuck was with them playing mastodon at 6:48

Will wolfhard

Happy Gilmore the game

Simon Emerson

I don't understand any of this but I'm drunk and fuck you guys are funnier this way. I encourage everyone to play cards like this

Erik Richardson

Mastodon playing in that Hockey transition

Matt Collins

What was that monster a 8:52?


Good God I used to work as a coach at Hank Haney Golf and I had like a existential crisis when Hank Haney came on screen.


I'll never understand why prostitution is illegal or a bad thing. It's not there fault people are desperate enough to pay for sex. And no I'm not talking about human/sex trafficking.


Did anyone see that 100 yard drive he made into that prostitute?

Zion S

You have to play one of the songs in the list of Mothers Be Aware on a harder difficulty to earn more points. That will unlock the song.


What you mean Mongo money no good here


"How come hockey players don't get CTE?...they just don't complain about it". Perfect logic!

Takoda Kerr

Damn, what shirt is Adam wearing? I want it.

Dr NsL

As a Predators fan this is just sickening

Mello Fello

Laughing my ass off to find that I've drawn 3 of the pictures here.... (the ones with Nordy) lol

Beto ??

16:21 James's reaction is hilarious hahaha


lawrence watchung some super mario 64 at the beginning of the video, nice

True Story

Lawrence lookin trim as fuuuuuuuuu...... nice work man, it shows.


Hey Adam. What does looking disabled look like?

Sven Rozeboom

please just print a search index from your IP address and read it to your fans. It'll probably get more views than your comments videos...


a Dance montage,just when I thought these episodes couldn't get any better.

Eric S.

What is the song playing during the "bad ass" hockey intro? It sounds so fucking familiar.


This whole demo disk was hilarious.

Woolfie McPoshinson

When you learn the rules of a game just by watching Adam play it


i love when Lawrence has to look he puts his glasses on lol makes me laugh all the time

Rebellious Nacho

Is that mastodon at 6:47 ?

John Bäck

You guys should upload uncensored versions of your videos on another website and link it in the description. Its way more fun to see you guys react to a huge throbbing penis going in to a furry's urethra, rather than a pixelated blob. You will also make more money if that website has ads.


if you go to the fables one there is a bunch of funhaus comments on it! :)

Zain Salah

Play resident evil outbreak and make videos like hitman blood money ?


"Adam's white and he's doing great." Truer words were never spoken.

H.F. Bauer

9:43 is the bike version of Ayrton Senna

Tron rule 34

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VAMPIRES vs JETS - Demo Disk Gameplay

1 018 458 views | 9 Jan. 2017

Y'know, I've been silent

Y'know, I've been silent long enough. Some things simply need to be said and so be it if I'm the only one with the balls to step up:

Kate Beckinsale is quite pretty.

BOOM! Come at me, Internet!

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Fires missiles
"Take that poor people"

Sir Rattlebones

the narrator for the trailer of shadowmaster sounded nearly exactly like the narrater for that one skyrim trailer

Pearlescent Pearl

6:10 i was laughing so hard that I spit my pizza out

Cain Hogg

This is America

Noah Boone

Ah, shit. That means Bruce and I are related. One of my ancestors also raped/was raped by Pocahontas.


11:10 James has clearly never listened to any heavy metal music, then. :D

sam pettey

Endeavour? I barely know her!


Oh my god I actually had a shipwreckers demo disk for the ps1 and i used to have a love hate relationship with it because it was good but fucking impossible to play!


Actually Victor Von Doom was born into abject poverty to gypsies (blame the comics, not me). He just went back and forwards in time a lot and took over a country to gain dollar

Joseph Cummins

15:27 for Kloudmutts

Júlio Carlo

golden times


Excuse me, but "Robits"? (10:55) xD


As a straight 18 year old male, lawrence looked cute af when they asked what he was laughing at. Like a little kid who's just discovered tits

Aids 323

Shadow master is gonna give me a seizure damn that game is bright

Lightning Po

Girlfriend walked in on me looking at r34 airplanes, went to store, bought angel wings... Close enough!


Petition to have spiderman in moonboots canon

Colin Andersen

Im scared to make any risky comment on your videos because you might shit on it. And as far as our internet relationship goes, its pretty great as it is....you not knowing me

Evan Davis

10:42 I don't think I've ever seen shock hit them all so quickly before

Ryan Thackaberry

Isnt Shipwreckers a port of Overboard? im confused, is it the same game!?

Manuel v

Happy 2019 guys


spiderman for sure doesn't start rich

Adam C.

Did you know that the British actually made a jet fighter called the vampire?


Whoever edited this made a mistake at 0:36. They put Married With Children in the better than Wings category.


I remember playing tomb raider 2, first level, walked into the water and the tiger jumped me.
I dropped the controller from the shock :D

JJ Orta

Captain America wasn't rich


Hangin wit, Sama Eh Daxun


666k views, congrats.


This is not a comment, it's a message.


James learned the lyrics to Wild Wild West ironically so he could make fun of the nerds who actually liked that song
He would sing it to them to show them how lame they were

Jennifer Glasscox

Love rewatching these.. keeps my head up during these negative times!

Morgen Ruth



Holy shit! Lawrence looks EXACTLY like Jazzy Jeff. That's crazy!


In Q4 1997, Bruce came into his own... hand.

chris Richardson

8:19 yo James I have amazing news: 2 years ago I bought a pair of size 13 heelys, cuz im a giant and loved my heelys in elementary. They were 70$ tho not 48$, should bought them earlier

Samar Tareen

"Prince of Persia was rich" - shows a Saudi Arab guy :'D

Nader Ammar

"take that poor people"- Adam Kovic, 2017

Lichy Popo

I have the Shadow Master comic. It's dumb as hell and basically and is the size of an instruction booklet.


Best. Funhaus. Video. Of. All. Time.

Don Jawnson

that pirate game looks sick

Aaron F

I loved Myth: The Fallen Lords as a child.


Holy shit I played JSF when I was a kid. Always ignored the planes and just bombed and kamikazed the shit out of the villages. Good game.


This video could have used some more Kiera Knightly impersonations


I just noticed the Coco Cursor is back!


I love when they make fun of/play games I seriously played back in the day. JSF was my shit when I was a kid and seeing that made me so happy

Legend Lee

I miss that cute Canadian woman


I bet "robits" are waaaaay cooler than robots. 10:56

Wade Wilson

Did they gloss over the fact that in the controls, there is clearly a <Grave> button?

Juul Kitty

Not even worried about getting turned on my jets

Brent Creaney

Got an ad for underworld right before they started talking about it , gg google ads gg


4:25 , wew talk about foreshadowing

william weeks

CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

Axo Gaming

Tony Stark was actually poor before he became rich.
He became an alcoholic which ruined him until he sobered up and became a billionaire

Isaac Elston

"Dry your hair, for fuck's sake"

David H.

Close combat: a bridge too far. Is actually a really great game for the time.




Nice West Side Story reference James :')

The Boss Stage1

Planes are hot

Sergeant Toasty

OMG I played that fucking shipwrecker game! I totally remembered when I saw it here xD

Sam Maluth

I keep returning to this demo disk because of: the Shipwreckers music, the "new Underworld album" & James rapping

JJ Orta

i wonder if James ever got those Heelies?


Isn't like 1% of the total population of Asia related to Genghis Khan because he raped so many women? Somehow Bruce and Dan have reminded me of medieval history lol


James, I thought I was the only one who knew all the lyrics to Wild, Wild West! OMG, I think we should get married now


OMG shipwreckers i remember playing this back in day swear i had this demo disk

Testing Tester

why did bruce steal chuck tu's shoes

is he not getting paid enough to buy shoes for himself? i really think we should by chuck tu a new pair of shoes.


Honestly, I wouldn't trust anyone who doesn't like the movie "Wild Wild West" to make a bowl of cereal, much less anything else.

L. Pedersen

adam, as if you couldn’t be more wife material, now I’ve discovered you own a night club shirt, I just—



Kate Beckinsale! Hottest chick of all time.


Does anyone have a link to that battletech song?

Josh Abner

I love Demo Disk it's still blows my mind how far video games have come!

Sam Maluth

I love the music playing behind "Year of the Disk"

Gregory Huffington

whos the chick in the blue shirt w/ boobs?

Empire In Ruins Film Studio

On Stranger Tides isn't that bad of a movie.

Paul B

I am 6'4", 20, and use my size 13 Heelys every day. They're awesome, lol. They actually look normal too.


It's a very long time ago I've played it now but I swear I have a demo disc for PS1 with Shipwreckers! on it.


The Underworld sex scene is almost as bad as the one in The Room.

Yoda Gaming

anyone else notice Lawrence researching on PornHub at 8:00 ?


is Michael Cain the shadow master voice over?


Yea ok shes good looking but I'd rather hit that jet lady, heyo!

PC Revolt

Lawrence turning around smiling around 8:03 made my day

mysteriotube 123

i remeber shipwrecked on a ps1 demo and i have never seen the actual game ever


Bruce I want you to take a DNA test to see if you are really native american. And also make a video out of it and make it funny. NOW!


Shipwreckers <3


the epilepsy is strong with this one


Love that Nintendo Knicks shirt. Can't wait to see it on James in at least 100 other videos this year. Here's to 2017!

Instantaneous Sanic

12:15 tell me Lawrence doesn't look like Moonman

Profile 1

12:43 every once in a while, I catch little moments like these where James and Elyse sort of behavior or move similarly to each other.

ChickenFryer Productions

What if Blackbeard raped Pocahontas!? And Bruce and Dan are actually long lost relatives!

Tom Shelton

There is some fantastical element to the Blackbeard legend, his headless body supposedly swam laps around the ship after he was decapitated.
You should know this James, you're North Carolinian.


I remember playing that battletech!


How can they talk about vampires and NOT post the Joel in the leather waistjacket clip?!



i lost it

Raif Nation

Who doesn't love Underworld?

Mp Extory

you know jets can be sexy too...

Bordi Bálint

why does Bruce looks like Peake?

Tala Pia

Must have the tune at 10:43. tried looking for it and had no luck

The not so Democratic Republic of Seanistan

Steve Rogers wasn’t rich

Joseantonio Garcia

12:30 rapping runs through the Willems household

Frank Castle

This is america, lolol.

Blutige Tränen


A-10 Warthog

>tfw aeromorph is in the thumbnail.

Tron rule 34

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Tron Evolution Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - End of the Line - Part 3

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Simone V.

the game is between tron and tron legacy right?Infact flynn saved Quorra and in Tron legacy Quorra is already with Flynn

Nathan Peterman #GOAT of all Sports

not enough light cycle race and shit. king of dissapionting

Zorro the BHC

thanks this video helped me beat the game, i dident know that was the end. tho it kinda had to happen for the movie.


@RevengeRose Amen, I read that before I bought the game and was like yeah even I can realize this is a prequel. People nowadays just don't think before they act or anything like that.

robson bruno



what about tron hes alive what happend to him is he rinzler

Bobby Rose

Is eveyone too dumb to look at the back of the case of the game to realize it says in big letters "Experience the prequel story to TRON: Legacy".

Ben Kenobi

Because wii is gay


@RevengeRose lolololz. Most people who come here might not even own the game because they can't be bothered actually buying the game.

justin tran

you should switch your power to bomb and use your close up melee hits or just hit them to the edge


I figured Tron (Evil Tron that is) or some crap would come out of nowhere and kill monitor or something but oh well.

Francis A

Monitor shall be remembered!

Kain Phillips

Do u use the bomb disc to destroy the yellow things he stands by and how

Dianne Amaya

Thank you for your tutorials, just beat the game. ???


Well, the battle was hard...


this seems like a prologue to the movie cuz in the movie Quorra says C.L.U. destroys the isos and flynn found Quorra in the wastelands and takes her in as a friend


The MCP needs to come back and teach that pussy CLU how to really run a system. He would have spared some ISOs at least, because they would become a part of him and make him better. MCP should have been called Process Integration and Management Program. i.e: PIMP. (Quorra): I want to go to the human world! (PIMP): Bitch! Slap.exe! Get back on that corner, show your bits, and make daddy some resources!

EliteZoX SoldierZoX

Tron Evolution 2?




there was one video that got blocked because of copywrite.. why?. thats weird that someone would take issue with posting a walkthrough game online


What is the soundtrack that plays when abraxas returns is called?


is that the end of the game

Ruben Carrion

That was the shittiest death ever

Dom K



was tron the one who died in the begginnning of the video


@halogamer117100 cuz thyre badasses?!


monitor rest in peace


@naruto2ken yea I hate it to, but since it was connected to the movie he had to die


"I wandered through the outlands..." Then she turns around and she is only a few yards from the crash site (lol)


a great twist would be to have anon( guy you play as.) re programed into the grid. thumbs up if you agree.


that ending!!!! omg i need this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13:15 NOOOO! I died again thats about 100 times (few seconds later) WTF?! why dont I use my backup save o_o

Harry Andy Stark

Because Wii is not good


12:46 - SPANK THAT ASS !!!

Thaqeb Chowdhury

if disney makes a tron 3 they should have abraxas as the main villian

eshidro smith

it was cool


@Onizuma13 evil tron = rinzler.

The dark Renegade

Where the hell was arron in tron2

Edric Dayne

I feel bad for the Anon (monitor), he died without ever taking his helmet off, imagine if under the mask was Sam Flynn or his look alike


@StrigonM56 Yeah...I know.


to be continued... in Legacy.


you can play after the end ??


@xXReconPwnsXx i guess thats true


the ending is just like Mass Effect 3

Gaming Freak

ending is dam sad


@halogamer117100 not correct master chief survived in the halo series