Steve madden token

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11 689 views | 27 Aug. 2020

#Madden21 #UltimateTeam

#Madden21 #UltimateTeam

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Tommy J

Great video, I see where I went wrong and know what to do the change it.

Pokemon,Fortnite SGM

Thank you so much i needed this to get 50/50

Braden Ellis

Thank you so much bro i accidentally picked the wrong team for mine ?

Nolan Coulombe

This was a big help!!! Thanks for the great video!

Chet Mullen

great vid thanks for helping


Can u exchange unlimited or is there a hidden limit

Edward Uchiha

Respect big homie ?? front 7 is looking mean

TJ Vincenzi

Good looking out.


nice video but you didnt even know everything about it before cause you were running into problems in the middle of the video

Chill Jay

when i change i just lost all my tokens

Brandon Husted

Video helped a lot. Did not see the different chemistry when you opened the pack

Cooper Hoch

Thanks man

im Jack

thx before I accidently picked the wrong one

Gershom Pulu

Thank You so much this was super helpful!! Appreciate it ??

Ten pick King

It’s not letting my put the last three collectables in?

Madden Soldier

Im not getting these notis ?

Taylor Murphy

Thanks bro helped me out so much I hated having corner

Steve madden token

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36 116 views | 18 Mar. 2020



Earn your team captain in Madden 20 Ultimate team + 99 OVR Ryan Shazier is on my Madden 20 Ultimate Team!

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Official Madden 20 Ultimate Team

Official Madden 20 Ultimate Team Gameplay

Official Madden 20 Ultimate Team Tips & Tricks


Sameer Sharbek

should I get rid of Lawrence Taylor since he out now or wait?

NFL Prod

Well I didn’t upgrade my shazier n had the game since agust n he only a 92

caleb davis

Aye bro, I just started 2 weeks ago. I’m 88 ovr and just feel stuck and really don’t know where I should go what challenges I should do etc. please any advice would be fantastic! Thank you!

Loyalty Gltt

My team captain token didn’t work for uograding shaizer


Is it time to rage sell tyreek hill yet?

NFL Prod

It’s March 30th todayyyy

A TrueGotBucketzz1

How do you get Shazier I only got Ty law

Bruh Moment

It says for the team captain that it is at 100 percent and I can’t get any more
Can someone please help

E Heredia

It said there’s a captain token for playoff challenges how do I get that one

Alex Hofmann

How come my shazier is only a 96 and I have all the captain tokens possible I think


Lowkey Clowney a run stuffer i played 5 h2h game with his 99 dude wad getting bodied by some lt got 1 sack in 5 games

Chris Ketchem

I literally got seconds before seeing this video lol

Sebastian Morales

I only have my team captain at a 97 whats the deal what am i missing

rich Lucel

1 luv!

Andrew Miller

when i click on the team captains token challenge it brings me to the challenges screen with no option for anything with mut captains. tried restarting the game etc. anyone else having this issue??

Matthew Smitherman

I’m late and it still works but I’m gonna have to do the challenge 1400 more times

Rog Cal

Dam I missed this. My Ty Law is stuck on 96 Mut team Captain. Does anyone know when they are bringing these back?

Timmy Glasgow

There’s a 6-7 lolb Brian burns golden tickets coming out

Tunechi 4k

if we missed some of the team captain tokens is there gon b anyway to get them so you can get ur team captain to a 99

Honeycutt H


Anthony Lucarelli

I have a question I have my ryan as a 92 is there any way I can get him to a 99


In 3 minutes but the video 18 ???

Victor Morris

How do i add the captain token to him i went to upgrade and all i see is using training to upgrade him

James Nichols

Do u think we’ll get a house rules

Denlan Harmoning

But how do I get multiple?

Anthony Mistrulli

whats up gmia, just a heads up which im sure you noticed by now but upgrade your chemistry to a 4x, and is there any news at all on pat tillman ? i mean ea is totally doing this dude so wrong, he should be a given GT 100 asap as they just ignored him and made him a non usable player for the most of us since october,novermberish, hope all is well and keep up the good work

L.J. Smith

I have shazier at a 96 can I still get him too a 99?

Evan Wagner

Damn my shazier is a 96 I wonder what I missed

ScottTube Productions ✓

I still don’t understand how u got 2

Toni K

98 speed Clowney begin a tyrant on one side and 96 speed Shazier screaming on the other side, yeah this game is about to get stupid! When the ball is snapped, before it even touches the qb’s hands, you’re getting sacked.

AKA machoman

You can literally get the token in less than the time that it takes to see this vid

Il Rem ll

Yo u think I can still get shazier to 99ovr he a 96 rn for me ?

Y’all Hear Sum?

My left end is bootycheeks is julius peppers worth picking up

kiam Pepper

Aint work for me must of patched it

brady falks

I chose Dallas Clark and I’m trying to exchange him but it is not working. What is my issue?

EvilMcChicken 97

I did the five games but right now it says the challenge is 100% compete I can't get any more. Can you do the 5 game challenge more than once? Plz someone answer

John Rommel Palacio

Haven’t been able to log onto MUT for a whole month, EA customer service is trash. Still watching your vids tho ??

Colleen Vinci

Do you think i can get it now because i didn’t see this and i need to get Dallas clark to 99

%! JBTreshawn

Lowkey. If you don't need clowney or Thuney don't do the set but sell them individually it's the like 45k less right now


my team is a 94 with a 95 offense and 95 defense how can i make it a 95 ovr? i have a 90 ovr kicker and 87 punter

Jeremy West

Can you still get all the tokens?

Ramen Noodles

When u kick it u just tie it u don’t win

Lion Beats

If u already earned it then u can keep doing that challenge and u will get a butt load of xp

C-Snake4 Gaming

My shazier is a 93, will I be Ble to get to 99?

BOb Bob

Is this a new one that just came out

Herman Virk

I started playing MUT last month. Is there any way I can get old tokens?


This didn’t work ??‍♂️

Larry Jacks

Guess what today is ? March 30th guess what expired the token ??‍♂️ I’m late

Aiden C

Question: How many ultimate legend tokens should I have right now?

Corey Delong

FedEx doesn’t close man gotta fix their trailers everyday

baby waf

so i can do this challenge over and over?

CriticalLace yt

Ok so I never got my team captain token from the one from the combine and I won 5 games with Denzel wards card


thank you king

Lonzell Cash

My Shaz is a 98 lucky bastard

Where's my sandwich

As someone with a theme team should I grab Clowney or keep my maxed LT and wait for his next upgrade?

Oren Liebenthal

How do I set a player as my captain

Hector Lopez

Can somebody tell me how his Jadeveon Clowney has the 49ers team chemistry?????


Will the team captain challenges or token return?

Steve madden token

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How Many Tokens Should You Have For Your Free Legend Player & Free TOTY Player? Madden 21 Tips

3 639 views | 14 Nov. 2020

Today’s Madden 21

Today’s Madden 21 gameplay video goes over FREE Madden 21 coins free mut 21 packs How Many Tokens Should You Have For Your Free Legend Player & Free TOTY Player? Madden 21 Tips, the latest gameplay news & changes for Madden 21 gameplay including Madden 21 Ultimate Team news & changes. If you want more Madden 21 gameplay including Madden 21 Ultimate Team info, news, tips and tricks, money plays, glitch plays & more… Hit that subscribe button! #Madden21 #Madden21Gameplay

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-Background Music @ZaneAlexanderNC

How Many Tokens Should You Have For Your Free Legend Player & Free TOTY Player? Madden 21 Tips

How Many Tokens Should You Have For Your Free Legend Player & Free TOTY Player? Madden 21 Tips


Should I sell all my high overall cards like 93 over joe Montana before the promos?

itsledo26 _

Gmias lemme mention you in one my songs boss! I’ll send it to your email before I drop for you to approve of bars! Lemme kno Boss!

Harry Everson

Hey Gmias if u missed a toty token will there b one in store to purchase

Adrian Farfan

In the legends program do they continue giving out legend tokens at the end ? Or does it stop once you can complete the set? I missed 1 ??‍♂️


Id be very surprised if Bo was apart of the 50. Every player thus far is players of the 2000s or 2010s. Reggie White is the only exception (though he played in 2000) but he was still playing when the first Madden games were around. This isn't really MUT based it seems or I feel like we would of seen older legends. Notice Deion, LT, Rod Woodson, which are all great MUT cards in the past, ended up in the legend promo. No chance Bo is in the 50

drew the gaming wiz

Who wants Tony Gonzalez for 40k cuz I’m broke

Daydien Cruz


Johhny Ortega

Pulled a reed G but no power up ?

%! JBTreshawn

pulled him sold him for 990k. ea taxed it all the way down tho.

Ten pick King

Stuck with 13 toty tokens and there’s no more totw!!

Jarrett Harris

You have great tips on how to maximize your value on cards unfortunately i dont have patience if u wanna get top value Listen to this dude

Brandon _

Condolences for what you had to go thru in the stream bro.??

Marco Gloria

What is this play co-op why can’t I play solo


I just got madden I need some tips for my ultimate team I’m just starting out any pointers?

Jose R

Go to auction i seen chads card for 825 then at night was down to 600

3rd Coast Sports TV


Vaughn Barba

smh i just disconnect from a super bowl game i was winning 21-0 smh


I’m not sure if I can last 1 more week of madden already broke 3 controllers in the past month