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The Untold Truth Of Supervillain Trigon

853 036 views | 16 Dec. 2019

As one of the Teen Titans'

As one of the Teen Titans' most memorable enemies, Trigon has shown up to menace nearly every incarnation of the team, but what is it that makes this demon so memorable? Join us as we dive into the forbidden history of Raven's fearsome father and all the havoc he has wreaked.

Trigon, unstoppable avatar of evil and bringer of doom, began his immortal life as a mistake on the part of the good guys. Centuries ago, a band of humans who were weary of human suffering created a haven between dimensions, the place that would become Azarath. It was paradise built by human hands. Led by Azar, a visionary mystic, the pacifists of Azarath decided to cement their utopia by purging it of all evil.

At first, they seemed to have succeeded in this monumental task, but the dark energy began to coalesce into something altogether darker. Ages passed, until a sect on a doomed and distant planet summoned a dark spirit in a last-ditch attempt at survival. The cast-off energy inhabited a woman of the order, and nine months later, Trigon was born. His first act was to slaughter his mother and her compatriots, which was the beginning of a long and bloody career of conquest. Keep watching the video to learn the untold truth of supervillain Trigon.

#TeenTitans #Trigon #Titans

Accident of Azarath | 0:17

Heart of Darkness | 1:07

Enter: The Titans | 2:16

Victory and Death | 3:40

Sibling Rivalries | 4:52

R-E-S-P-E-C-T | 6:11

Psimon Says | 7:20

Bombshells Trigon | 8:51

Demon Dad | 9:45

Mt. Theodore Alan

Trigon is a sexy b!#€h!!!!

lance robinson

I wouldn’t call an inter dimensional demon a supervillan

William McElrath

What are these live action clips from


Pretty sure trigon stomps all beings in the mcu besides toaa he was Lucifer lieutenant which mean he is crazy strong and he went toe to toe with the presence one time
Ngl dc stomps marvel any day


Yes Trigon, please kill all of Raven's friends in TTG.

Uccello Arlechio

La influencia de la Luna Superior 1 de Kimetsu No Yaiba XD.

KingsRose king

TriGon will beat him like he does his monkey! Haha. All full and games

Robert Stevenson Jr

Go Teen Titans. I got more respect for the team

E Mil Will

what's the name of the movie real character one is named?

Sam Bro

This show is still better then teen titans go

Change my mind puts sign up

Jacquon F

Trigon whooped Darkseid's ass LMFAO

Ben Brown

I've lamented the absolute waste the writers of DC comics made of Azar and Azareth. It could have rivaled the monumental epics of Tolkien with Azar being a parallel in stature of Galadriel among the most powerful beings, but whose greatness is even more for her forebearance and foreknowledge supporting the growth and success of others. Rather than a timeless story people can't get enough of we more often than not have the flavor of the month. In place of needing a Meryl Streep to portray a woman beyond epic-ness, we have a half mention and versions of failure.


Is this a show?

Sean Morgan

In that case she'll never see it


Trigon is a multiverse threat, when threatened God, as in the Creator of everything, God took it seriously

Nazmus Sakib

Here after Apokolips War ?


ngl, Trigon is kinda hot

Renamon 565

I wonder who would win apocalypse from the X-Men or trigon if they ever fight each other


Hehehehe he said "erected"


0:08: Minecraft world borders


That was a crap fight

Michael Joseph

Trigon has some rather peculiar features in the live action version, check it out.

Mitch Oeming

Would love to see him fight Doomsday

Teran Icer

Trigon vs Mephisto, BOOK IT!

Anusha Chavva

I like Raven but not her father Trigon.


Trigon did a whole 180 when he helped saved them by stomping dark side

Sean Morgan

Gotta send a castle


Um, what movie is 0:20? I have never in my life heard of or seen a movie based on the Titans, Azarath, Raven or Trigon. I tried looking up the name and nothing shows up.


Who do you consider the biggest Titans villain?


Etrigan is related to trigon also

Lord Commissar Yarrick

What the title of the live action?

Trevor Thieme

Raven is pride? What pride? It makes FAR more sense for her to be wrath considering the way she acts when enraged compared to her near emo representation from what I've seen.
Although most of what I've seen of her comes from the original Teen Titans.

Gafra Avril Tiyanaqu

He is the older brother of Mephisto.

Yared Moges

what's the movie again, titans?

Dead Weight

1:00 well that escalated quickly

Alex Central

Darkseid got clapped by trigon?

The-Gamers Name

What movie is that


Anyone here after he killed his own mother?


Raven is daddy issues incarnate.

Brandon Steele

Trigons is tearable

pavan boorla

0:03 what is the this movie?

Sean Morgan

It's my heart ?❤️


Lol Trigon was shite in Titans series! The whole series was logically crap. Whoever states otherwise is just a blind fanboy protecting the dumb series.
Trigon in DC animated movies is a whole different story, one of the best supervillain character arc since his plot was so well developed with a perfect ending fight with the new gods.
Teen Titans Go Trigon has a different spot in everyone's heart!

19 89

Trigon done up his league by fighting darkseid

Minh Hoàng Nguyễn

Kind of dissappoint with the horns


Trygon would easily beat Thanos and beat Darkseid in the new Justice league Dark Apocalyptic movie. Which if I do say was the best movie the DC has come out with yet. To me it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Avengers Endgame.

Damien Heaft

Wow, he has interesting life, how strange......he wanted kids

SpaceX 69

He looks like a rejected DOOM boss design.

Marty Schriver

Just because he's BAD guy, doesn't mean he's bad GUY.....


He was able to whoop darkside but always get defeated by teens

Blood Moon Comix

Trigon is better than my dusty father!??

Sean Morgan

Y'all playing games now ?

Goose Kid

Who is here after he shook Darkseids shit?

Marty Schriver

You mean Discorporated, NOT disINcorporated

Demon Raven

dc should not tolerate this kind of trash, this is really worst than teen titans go. Teen titans should be the xmen version of dc,

Michael Almodovar

The Titans live action was probably the worst traffic on the I have ever seen. Just horrible

Tomas Aleman

Where’s his hair?!!!

Catch A Case

If you ever speak of Teen Titans Go! Like its a real D.C Creation.I will use your skin as My flag as a rage a genocidal war against your fan base. ( Killing the Teen Titans Go! Culture)


I'm just curious, so who would win in a fight of trigon and dc zeus?

The-Gamers Name

What movie is that from the beginning of the scene


Trigon kusgan kaayu


azurath, azeroth lmao.

ivan karim

The Old One who kicked Darkseid's New God Ass.

Santos Troncoso

I'm here after apokalips war....I know that Darkseid is a being that exist outside of the Multiverse and he uses avatars to invade diffrent earths....I dont know much about trigon...like is he a Demon ??? A Lord of Hell what is he....is he considered a new god like Darkseid does he exist outside of the Multiverse

Stazia Kibera

Sinister cause presents the force awakens on YouTube

N Flores

Azarath Nazareth mazzaroth

deech er

"Coalescked" hurt a lot.

V Vendetta


Kevin Sam

Ohhh hell boy's younger brother...

Ariel Hamm-Flores

looper no more to meany comercials im stoping waching who ever sneaks in 2 evry 3 mins

kirk vj

Im here because of Darkseid vs Trigon in Justice League Dark

Black Koolaid

Any of y’all here after he clapped darksied

J Threefingers

This guy can fight in the 5th dimension. I don't even understand that concept.

Ridge Laguerre

Damn how come this Tv Show villain CGI looks better than the big budget Steppenwolf in JL, Shame on Joss Whedon.

Alex Stone


Lucifer Morningstar

Bloody hell, who’s this douchebag?

James Rosoman

What about the fact he doesn't truly have a physical body he came from nowhere that place in between relality and the physical plane in similar to where Apocalypse is? He is probably more powerful than Darkside or it looks that way Trigon many origins and names and fathers but his daughter seem to more powerful she is a meta demon both human and demon the humanside may have meta powers to? Raven is emotional pwered and half magic and a possible mutation human?


Why is no one talking about the horrible cgi

Aj soReal

Trigon always had my respect one of the best villain

Sean Reviews

Trigon looked so bad in Titian’s

Anusha Chavva

Raven has no soul or maybe a heart?


am i the only one who is wondering about ravens siblings like i pretty sure she has thousands

Cosmic Five

Y'all really living under a rock! like yall never heard of a show Called Titans?! wake up boomers

Michael Joseph

Check out the broad flat nostrils and the thick lips.


boy did they waste that character in the TITANS (live action) show

TheBible AsHistory

Starfire is just so innocently funny!

Dio Matajudios

Hail Trigon! So sayeth Brother Blood!

bernain molina

Trigon is the devil in the dc


Huh... I’m actually kinda a fan of that Bombshell Trigon.

Quincey Brown

If you have any nickname with the word enslaver AND you're a demon.... I'm sorry, you cannot be a good dad

melem tatiana Sie

Bro that thimb nail look delicious-

Dorian Preister

Trigon is way more badass then darkseid

Gonkayee Doelakeh

he look like a fusion of Thanos & Hell Boy

Ezekiel Mckenzie

Is he part of the burning Legion? Like


Trigion is odin level strong supervillain of Dc.

One punch Man

Why does he remind me of Thanos? Could it be the same guy under all that CGI ?

by: N

Wouldve been cooler with long white hair.

macho don

Man he can be a dope enemy in any of the DCEU movies


"Let's See who shall rule & Who Shall Serve"
-Trigon 2020

Raymond Castillo

what movie is that

New 52 raven

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Ray Lewis' INSANE Career Highlights | NFL Legends Highlights

3 503 158 views | 2 Aug. 2018

Watch middle linebacker

Watch middle linebacker Ray Lewis' best highlights during his NFL career with the Baltimore Ravens.

The NFL Vault is your home for all things NFL history.

Check out our other channels:

NFL Films - YouTube.com/NFLFilms

NFL Network- YouTube.com/NFLNetwork

NFL Rush - YouTube.com/NFLRush

NFL - YouTube.com/NFL

#NFL #NFLVault #NFLHistory #Football #AmericanFootball

m j

And I thought he was just a sack man.?????????????

Robert Frias

I had the great [Or less than great] fortune of having watched Ray from the very start. As a Patriots fan relocated to Baltimore in 99 there was so much riding on everything in the NFL. It was so wide open at that moment. I loved the Patriots but knew we needed so much more. TV provided Ravens, so we watched Ravens. We were not fans as such but I was going to watch football no matter what. What Ray did for the position and eventually the rivalry with the Patriots and what they eventually became and all the mutual respect given, I'll never regret loving the Ravens and what they did in that unreal Superbowl [I was there on Belair Rd in the city when they won], and the subsequent Patriots Dynasty that was to become the greatest run in NFL history made Ray's and the Ravens runs so stark in comparison. The greatest ever is an easy mantle to hang on Ray and his unreal accomplishments. There will never be another at that position worthy of his greatness.

Connor Long

what i really respect about Lewis is all these are clean. He is an overall amazing player.

Wesley Mankin

The only person that could stop Derrick Henry


Ray is one of the main reasons I became a diehard Ravens fan!

Bowie Arena


Earl Putnal

The best middle linebacker ever. Even Dick Butkus agreed with my opinion. Lol


Ray lewis looked like ran 40mph to make every tackle. As soon as he picked one off, he ran 6mph downfield.


A high percentage of these highlights would be penalties today

Shamaud Phillippe-Harris

Need the soundtrack that starts at 15:07

Gremlin Mort

The undisputed best Middle Linebacker of all time. Nobody else even comes close.


Yup...the 2000 Ravens...greatest NFL defense of all time.

Mustang 0524

7:01 that hit on Bettis though....beast in his own right.

Chris George

The fearful fearless orange laterally shop because kenya theoretically exercise per a rampant graphic. lowly, expensive kangaroo


He def was on PEDs at some point in his career

CCW Noob

Proof that you can be a thug, unedumakated, killah induh grayst mayrtalkrissy induh wihrl yo shee ahh bow dat mone yo!

bo jackson

ray lewis is a legend but there was no one covering him on that first clip XD

Really random

Okay but that block at 2:08 omg


Perfect leader perfect player

anthony lovett

Just keep in perspective that while your looking at this Ray Lewis GOAT-level highlight reel, Ed Reed was was on the SAME TEAM, on the SAME FIELD, and at the SAME TIME creating HIS own GOAT-level highlight reel from the safety position.........just unbelievable

Bertrand Qualo

Best MIDDLE linebacker ever the guy was a beast electrifying he moves perfect to hit on the field

Bertrand Qualo

Best ever at his position no question


maybe the closest player to LT?


cool, I like Ray Lewis a lot, but what is that arm thing, it looks like he turned his arm into some yeti or something 7:35

Jordan Burton

Well, he did kill people. So, fuck him and fuck the ravens

Robert Joseph Fraser

Lewis = G.O.A.T....offense players get all the hype, Brady Manning, etc etc.. But very few have the consistant longevity displayed by Ray Lewis. He played a more physical more demanding position longer then most and went out a champion. The biggest factor.He made everyone around him better and had leadership and speaking/motivational gifts most dream of. By far the greatest player to step on a field.

RJay 1526

Hear me out imagine havin the 2019 ravens offense and the defense of the entire lewis-reed era


One of my favorite players of all time. He could get you so jacked up for a game. GOAT.

SEG Jordan

8:06 wouldve been a good ass juke move no cap until ray lewis came and smacked the shit outta him LOL

Norma Molina

Rothlesburger and tom brady every time they see ravens defense
*flashback memorys about ray lewis

Mario Allison

Ray Lewis always had Eddie George scared

Scott Willett

Where is the video of the murder/cover up?

Usher More

He hit so hard, he literally killed someone

William Werlein

“Respect is EARNED respect is never given”
- Ray Lewis

My favorite quote from him

Barret Wallace

Football is fucking garbage, how is this sport not extinct by now?


"Let's hunt" ....Ray was such a maniac

Kristian Cannon

The disgusted vein angiographically box because crown ophthalmoscopically repair up a ripe lyocell. nine, wasteful macrame

Raymond Abreu

Ray Lewis is the bast hiter

Mark Jones

Best ravens player of all time

Bertrand Qualo

The game is missing Ray lewis

Josh Cappello

Big ravens fan and hell of a player but i still wonder if he was involved in that murder he was tried for

Morganica Melis

The grumpy furniture lovely applaud because gosling oceanographically record toward a selfish clock. amusing, left february

Thomas Manase

Who's here after they beat the Titans??? 2020 Lamar Jackson putting Baltimore back on the map. @5:09

Zachary Klockow

This video was inspiring!


Lewis wasn’t just a player , he was a preacher


Just imagine what Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Green, Jack Tatum, and Steve Atwater would do to today's players...it wouldn't be nice

Robert Joseph Fraser


Kingslayer 10

I hate to say but ray lewis wouldn’t make it in this Mickey Mouse soft nfl era. Refs would be throwing flags all day after his big hits smh

King of fluff

I am a Bengals fan. But I have to say that I love this man. Ray Lewis is awesome. ABSOLUTELY awesome and is the best middle linebacker I have ever seen

Zendaya Rose

The literate twilight worryingly nail because south africa accidentally rhyme with a scattered imprisonment. late, finicky text

Derek Jones

As a kid/teenager I was always fascinated by the offensive. As an adult, I am fascinated by the defense. That first play by Lewis on Sproles was amazingly cool.

Josh Olson

League leader in total CTE caused


I think this dude wouldn't look right in a jersey if it wasn't purple and gold.

mason salt

Does everybody remember how Ray Lewis and or his friends got away with murder in Atlanta? But yeah hey Ray Lewis he's great.

Leonarda Cerezo

Are you real definition of a god fiering men



Marshal Griep

Seriously hands down one of if not my favorite player of all time. This man was not only the best ever at his position but he was one hell of an entertainer!!

Que Wellz


Terrell Holmes

13:43 "Let's go!"
"Let's hunt now!"
"Let's go!"
"Let's hunt now!"
"Let's go!"
"Let's hunt!"

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed: two of the baddest mofos to ever step on a gridiron!

Brandon Rife

Those years the ravens had the best defense probly of the century and the worst offense of the century

A Ga

Damn i miss this kind of football


Fantastic player, always had good teammates around him even as a rookie his leadership made great veteran players follow him.

CCW Noob

6 with 4 ... Ho la famuh yo!

Brody Padilla

every interception from a tip

CallMe Batman

The fragile linda objectively scream because party conceptually zip midst a highfalutin daffodil. dusty, lonely whistle

mason salt

I hate listening to Ray Lewis talk. It's so purposefully fake. You knows that he either murdered or let his friends get away with murdering people years ago and has tried to make up for it with this b***** personality that he has.

Alonzo Scurlock

I’m thankful to see the greatest defense in history 2000... then the bears

James Robinson

Texas raven bird Baltimore Ravens Deion Sanders championship Game 2012 I was going around with the Texas Ravens and 2018 then I got traded to the do Dan Quinn defensive coordinator first interview

Bruce Campbell

I like the one where he hot away with murder....

Raise LaBar Jackson

11:48 Ref wanted absolutely none of that.

michael mccoy

I wish Randy moss and Ray lewis were on the same team.

Leonarda Cerezo

I think ray is the only one that can tackle Jim Brown and o.j factz

SEG Jordan

if ray lewis never got that injury i promise you he would play until like 2017-2018 since hes in his 40's

Jake Voytko

Ray Lewis 100% built differently.

Mr. Blue

I love this guy, I miss him so much.



curtis Blow

The Mo fucking General!

The Spiritual SmartAss

Man its crazy seeing there was a whole 4 years before I first started watching the Ravens in 2000... and still it seems like I watched him on the team forever.

It's also crazy that the highlights before Ed Reed even joined the Ravens is HOF worthy and they were calling him the best linebacker in the game that early on

brett keen

I always thought he could of been a movie star with all his charisma

Felipe JCRR

i need ray lewis to give me a pep talk every morning

Parish Slaughter

Where that suite at ray?

Michael Smith

Must be alot of browns fans disliking this video


Real football, not cheapshots

Peng Lei

The King of Maryland

Logical Dude

Ray Lewis might be the best football player I’ve ever seen. In his prime, he was scary. He was just clearly better than everyone else on the field and he was playing against elite professional athletes. That’s how much he stood out from the rest.

Lavoris Frazier

Ray Lewis was torturing offenses at a high level for years. Yet to be seen again...


The greatest MLB EVER!!!

CCW Noob

NFL is the world's greatest meritocracy. All that matters is your skill irrespective of what you are as a human being.

Bob LawBlah

Just think how many former "Cane's" are going to be in the HOF in the next decade...."FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!"


Matthew 6:7
But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

Aziz Taylor

I have yet to see another LB with equal skills and desire. Butkus, LT, Singletary. They had it.


This man was an absolute savage on the field



Cole Sanchez

How many tipped Interceptions does this man have?! ??

Kenneth Prince

Did Ray just tackle the now Ravens Head Coach ?


You are not a HOF till you murdered someone

Harri v'Jah

When Ray drops the shoulder.......... Body bag!
8:02 10:00 10:16 13:12

michael mccoy

Brian urlacher Ray lewis

Jennifer Covey

I used to call the Ravens the fallen crows ( from an anime) because after the big three the Ravens were not that good and know look they have Lamar, Andrew, and much more

Jimmy A

??? What does Super Bowl 35 and 47 have in common? The only member of the 40/30 club. #5ive2wo.

New 52 raven

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Steven Wilson - The Raven that Refused to Sing

1 313 977 views | 11 Feb. 2013

Order your Blu-ray + CD

Order your Blu-ray + CD copy of Drive Home from the Kscope store: http://bit.ly/15y0h18

Order your DVD + CD copy of Drive Home from the Kscope store: http://bit.ly/197j1mF

For more info on Steven Wilson's albums on Kscope: http://bit.ly/XhHnHA

For Steven Wilson videos: http://bit.ly/1654n3g

New 2 disc set from Steven Wilson featuring unreleased tracks, videos, live recordings and high-resolution audio -- available on Blu-ray & CD and CD & DVD


In February 2013 Steven Wilson released 'The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)', his third solo album. The album was a huge critical and commercial success, earning numerous 5 star reviews and charting well across the world, debuting at #3 in the German national chart, #28 in the UK top 40, #57 in the US Billboard top 200, #16 in Holland and #17 in Finland.

Prior to these dates, Drive Home, a new audio-visual package will be released as a Blu-ray & CD set and as a CD & DVD set.

The Blu-ray and DVD feature the new video for lead track 'Drive Home' along with the video for 'The Raven That Refused To Sing', both directed by Jess Cope. They also include four tracks recorded live in Frankfurt during the recent tour.

In addition, the Blu-ray and DVD feature audio recordings of two previously unreleased tracks, 'The Birthday Party' and an orchestral version of 'The Raven That Refused To Sing'. 'The Birthday Party' was recorded in LA at the same sessions as the tracks that made up the album while the version of 'The Raven That Refused To Sing' is a new mix that strips the track back to just the orchestra and vocals.

All the songs on the Blu-Ray and DVD are mixed in both stereo and 5.1 sound, including the two audio only titles. The audio on the Blu-Ray is full lossless 96/24 throughout. These tracks are also included on the CD, along with the audio from the live tracks and an edit of 'Drive Home'.

Track listing:

Disc 1 - Blu-Ray (Region 0, NTSC) / DVD:

1 Drive Home (Video) 08:20

2 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Video) 07:49

3 The Holy Drinker (Live In Frankfurt Video) 10:25

4 Insurgentes (Live In Frankfurt Video) 04:30

5 The Watchmaker (Live In Frankfurt Video) 11:52

6 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Live In Frankfurt Video) 08:12

7 The Birthday Party 03:46

8 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Orchestral Version) 07:29

Disc 2 - CD:

1 Drive Home (Edit) 04:08

2 The Birthday Party 03:46

3 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Orchestral Version) 07:29

4 The Holy Drinker (Live In Frankfurt) 10:25

5 Insurgentes (Live In Frankfurt) 04:30

6 The Watchmaker (Live In Frankfurt) 11:52

7 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Live In Frankfurt) 08:12

Steven Wilson -- The Raven that Refused to Sing -- Awards

• 'ALBUM OF THE YEAR', Progressive Music Awards 2013

• #1 album, Critic's Choice Poll, PROG magazine

• 'GIG OF THE YEAR' - The Royal Albert Hall, PROG magazine

• #3 'MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE OF THE YEAR', 'Drive Home', PROG magazine

Steven Wilson was awarded the prestigious album of the year award for his recent masterpiece The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) at the second annual Progressive Music Awards. The awards, organised by Prog magazine, were presented at a ceremony in London's Kew Gardens. Other winners on the night included Marillion (much of who's catalogue is available on Madfish, Kscope's sister label) who were named 'Band of the Year' and Family who won the inaugural 'Storm Thorgerson Grand Design Award' for the 14 CD career spanning boxset. More details on all the winners can be found here.


More than 7 years ago this song was released... it seems like time flies too much... so sad that life runs away

Thomas Ferraro Jr.

Who dislikes this song? Really? You came here, on purpose... Or accidentally, heard masterpiece and gave it a thumbs down? This is just about musical perfection folks.

Jarek Marek

Emotional destruction.

Steve Power

Only 16K views? I'm sure most of those are my own and I have shed enough tears listening and watching to keep the River Exe down here in Devon overflowing for another decade at least.

Horace Osirian

In Drive Home, the main character crashes his car after becoming distracted and failing to pay attention to the road, causing the death of his girlfriend Lucy, who burns to death in a fiery inferno, trapped & unable to escape the car. Lucy is a reference to Lucifer (sentenced to burn in hell forever) - there's a hidden theme of human sacrifice to a merciless demonic god (Lucifer, but could just as easily be Moloch).

In The Raven that Refused to Sing, the female muse this time is the protagonist's deceased sister, Lily. Lily is a reference to Lility, infernal Hebrew demoness / sorceress, Adam's first wife (before Eve), who lost the job due to excessive demon summoning (don't blame me: Google it).

There's a bit more going on with Steven WIlson's music ;) The 4.5 (album / EP) reference harks back to 9 Cats, IMO, itself a reference to cat of nine tails, torture, the planet Saturn, and much more. But that'd be telling ;)

Opinion Watcher

good vid opinionwatcher.com


Wonder why he chose the name “Lily”.


I wish any of my friends appreciated this kind of music, so that I could share with them. Amazing.


The poignancy of this song can only truly be appreciated by those of us who have lost somebody close to us (family, partners or friends). I can't watch this without tears flowing and countless vivid and happy memories racing back. I'm totally areligious but loss of loved ones has made me seriously question whether human consciousness is actually a blessing or curse! Thank you Steven Wilson you are one of my all time musical heroes.



Seth Hines

why I don't listen to SW anymore-
4:24- "sing to me raven, I miss her so much"
"Satan the raver, I miss her soul much"

did anyone else hear that to....?!???

Malk Hanley

Well, just watched routine, love drive home, now this, .....shiiiiiiit. my old geezas heart has officially melted, and I got goose bumps that make Everest look like a fekkin pimple on a student's bum. Wow. I'm melancholic ed (?), Right out, should last for a good week.

Lorraine Trout Mask

Steven Wilson has been dubbed 'the most successful musician that nobody has ever heard of.'

Bob Romeo

This is Radiohead right?

Jenny Clancy

This is a masterpiece. How Steve can manifest sorrow and despair into a such beautiful work of art. It's so enchanting...tonic for the soul.


4:18 :'(


Heartfelt, heartbreaking, powerful, vulnerable. Just a gorgeous song, and a video that keeps me returning to it. The way it builds, the pleading.....

Aniket Tagore

Make a offer that raven can't refuse.

steve thompson

I finally made it through the whole video. It meant a lot to me.

Nik Nic

Beautiful winter song

Derek Winter

139 dislikes....How and why??

Antonio Vallejos

No entiendo por qué sigue saliendo tanta agua de mis ojos, es normal ?

Thomas McAteer

i dont know if im the old man or the raven but i know im not cut out fo this anymore


I am the old man who wakes in the night,
hearing the cloven winter rime
The moon shines it’s naked light,
weary snow is the frozen tears of time
The shadows move in haste with the wind
The place where there are no warm hands or old friends

Marko Kampfelt

Amazing sorrow..same time beauty of hope....Masterpiece!!

Ashlee* Dawn

Interesting how so many of these songs have themes of greif. I'm glad I discovered Steven Wilson today, I'm really glad I did. His style is the definition of hauntingly beautiful. ?

Juan de Dios Franco Navarro

If you watch "The dissociatives - Horror with eyeballs", you Will recognise same chords of this Song... I think it's just a coincidence, because Steven Wilson is the best musician ever

Alán Sánchez

I lost my brother almost 2 months ago, and I just come here every once in a while to be reminded of him, because this song speaks to me like no other. I miss him so much :'(


Sing for me,
Sing for me.
You can come with me;
You can live with me.

Heal my soul,
Make me whole.

Sister, I lost you,
When you were still a child,
But I need you now,
And I need our former life.
I'm afraid to wake,
I'm afraid to love.

But just because I'm weak,
You can steal my dreams.
You can reach inside my head,
And you can put your song there instead.
Please, come to me.
Please, stay with me.


Sing to me, raven,
I miss her so much.
Sing to me, Lily,
I miss you so much.

Sing to me, raven,
I miss her so much.
Sing to me, Lily,
I miss you so much.

Sing to me, raven,
I miss her so much.
Sing to me, Lily,
I miss you so much.

Humble Opinion 43 Samurai

As I weep over every loss.... Every memory comes flooding back.... Every sorrow is a thousand knives.... I don't mind whatsoever because reminds me what it means to be human.

TLF Cymbrogi

It's a beautiful song, with also beautiful lyrics ! Good job ! ?



Goferowy Kocur

1:42 i dropped my coffee

Aarshi Anand

Why do I always tear up and get goosebumps while listening to this.

Sergio Velasquez

This was the first time I ever heard this song fully and watched the video. I cried and felt a lot of grief. Besides that, the song is really beautiful, emotional and powerful, especially the ending. I feel that if I listen to it live, I'll end up crying through the whole song.

Julius Polaris

3:27 Okay dude Jesus Christ... Saddest and most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard


One of the best songs ever written. It has everything.

Umberto Manca Di Villahermosa

“The world went and got himself in a big damn hurry”


Holy shit that was something else... Beautiful?❤

Dan Sonntag

Damn these onions.


I love hearing sad music because I love being melancholy it helps me to think deeper

Doobie Ferguson

Saw this live in Baltimore last night. Incredible. He closed with this. I wasn’t completely enthralled. Couldn’t help but shed tears. Thanks for a great show Steven!

Yoni Krotenberg

in Steven Wilson words (before playing that song at the end of his show): "you came here to be miserable"

Karsten roelofs

6:05 the fucking chills that bit gives me! I love it so much!


I don't know how many times I have listened to this. It still gets me emotional beyond belief. This deserves worldwide fame. This right here is the very essence of the absolute power music has on the human soul. I cannot praise Steven Wilson enough for this.

James Wilhite

That was so sick. Just heard of this today.

Alexis M. López

I lost my little sister when i was a kid, i remember that day perfectly, i still think this is the song of my life...

Nekomi The King

The art is nightmare fuel. But I love it.

screams in sunbahter

Steve wilson ft. Thom yorke from Radiohead

Kobita Dutta

Steven Wilson is not a musician. He's a freaking philosopher who just preaches through music.

A Goddamn Jerry

I just got to see Steven Wilson last night for the very first time, ironically in a little venue at Pensacola Florida and he had no idea they existed lol. This was their finale song and I almost cried. It was just too beautiful live. <3 Best concert ever, go see them if they ever end up in your area!


I think it was a comment on a Steve Haxkett song that I came across Steven Wilson. To that person if you're reading, I'm eternally grateful for introducing me to someone new.


Just stunningly beautiful

Philippe Cirse

We have emerged from the Chaos, we will return to Void. In the middle there is love, hate, dreams and the works of men and women !!

Vaibhav Jain

I feel lucky that I've heard this song ♥️

Julius Polaris

This is my favorite song of all time.

David Starzinger

i always get the feeling of crying listening to Steven`s Songs. But i just can`t force a tear out.

Ritoshirsa Sarkar

What a magnificent composition. A song complete in itself

Michael King

Really really beautiful song.

Edward Bijnsdorp

I LOVE Steven Wilson, but why he CLEARLY ends the 3rd and 4th line of
the intro with 'we' in stead of 'me', like it should be according the

Christiaan Jellesma

Soooo sad, soooo depressing, but so beautifully good, a song with a dark downward feeling and you get tears in youre eyes and a feeling of sadness

Clint Clore

A best

Barak Porat

This song is an out of body experience

Marlene Pendleton

A god damned religious experience!!

Kamil Kosecki Composer

ravens are among us

Christiaan Jellesma

This is really so fucking sad and depressing , damn you Steven Wilson you brilliant musician who can really make superman cry

erep 125

not getting this song at all

Mark Kamphuis

My fellow burmese cat died yesterday at the age of 18. We were like married. He learnt me about unconditional love, endurance, faith and discipline. Pepe, i miss your talking, your smell, your presence, your being. Pepe, i miss you so much, i miss you so much......

Ginger Knight

He closed-out his to the bone shows with this, video included.

This album had passed-me-by so hearing this live I went cold. It absolutely fucked me up as a show-ender!

Ahana Sadhu

How can this have even one dislike? What planet are we living on seriously

Marko Kampfelt

One of the most beautyfull song ever..
This is musical masterpiece..yes it is.

Chinmoy Chatterjee

Steven mostly tries to point out how much emotionally fucked up everyone can be in this world but sometimes he also writes from his own experiences as well. So it's basically every person including himself is fucked up but we tend to hide it from the rest of the world and this song makes us recognise our pain and that is again why this song is so beautiful. Steven Wilson, you never fail to amuse me.

Lorraine Trout Mask

Steven Wilson :'I want spirituality rather than technicality..'... This is coming from a guy who is an atheist.. Funny that..

Nave It'spronouncedNahvay

It seems to me I heard the words "Sing to me Lilly, I miss you so". Is Lilly the sister or the raven? If she's the raven then her name could have been on the grave stone... Beautiful Music and animation none the less.

Grunge Bibek

Steven Wilson is just ?


I'm afraid to love.

Hector Salcedo

Will always be my favorite Wilson's song. Total beauty.

Tony Mitchell

Ended his show this last tour with this. I left the venue gutted. Devastating.

Janne Hako

I cry every time I see this video.


this is the saddest shit in the world

Jannatul Islam

It is too emotional and i was gonna cry..but I don't know why I couldn't cry

cecilia de Annique

reminds me of Cube Escape Paradox. Rusty Lake. Amazing! Someone else?


This song breaks your heart.

Lorraine Trout Mask

The funny thing is, ravens can't actually sing, just croak.. Maybe it should have been called 'The Song Thrush that refused to sing'....

Swarnava Majumder

Hey Steven.. Just a regular fan here.. Just wanted to say(unpopular opinion incoming) that I'm so glad you left Porcupine Tree and took this solo route..not because Porcupine tree music wasn't my type.. far from it.. (god knows how many times I've listened to Anesthetize, Blackest Eyes, Arriving somewhere but not here, Dark matter among numerous others..pretty much a metal head you could say) but because your solo projects are very different and quite moving I might add.It takes balls man to keep experimenting and moving to new genres of music and still hitting a home run every time.. You sir are a legend and I would absolutely love to meet you in person one day even though that's a far fetched dream.. Okay I'll stop fanboying now? Love from ??

Gerald Wright

what is this animation called?

Mainak Das

The people who lost their sister can truly understand the depth of pain behind the lyrics. I miss my sister.

Christiaan Jellesma

Masterfully emotional , even if you are such a big macho, listen to this you will melt down

Uncle Steve

That's a masterpiece

Alfredo Sbacchi

Ogni volta che l'ascolto scende una lacrima

Dan Cembala


Dipali Deka

a hundred and three fuckers didn't really know what they were doing

Adam Godfrey

There's an apparent eternity of Steven Wilson/PT songs that could qualify as one of the greatest musical works of all time. Arriving/Trains/Fear of a Blank Planet/Normal?/Russia on Ice etc spring immediately to mind. But I think this may be a song all by itself. It's an absolutely phenomenal work of genius. I hope he is proud of himself

Ken Jones

Is this Radiohead?

golf wang

I'm not crying, you are crying


i am in fucking tears


Absolute masterpiece!


❤2019 Tara

A Goddamn Jerry

This in concert is... Wow...

Dale Cooper

When i want to cry i come here