Upcoming bitcoin fork

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Most Bitcoin Cash Miners Support Upcoming BCHN Fork

54 views | 27 Sep. 2020

Most of the bitcoin cash

Most of the bitcoin cash community supports the plan to implement the fork in November and is ready to switch its computing power to closing Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) blocks. According to Coin Dance, the upcoming split is unlikelywhether it can be avoided, since after the recent support from the mining pools BTC.com and Antpool, BCHN supporters collectively own 82% of the current bitcoin cash hashrate.

Henry Escobar

Thanks for the video. Bitcoin is the future of money and had assisted me so much in making money. Y’all have to try it out!

بحر ناه ك

God bless you @eazyhack19 on telegram for hlelping me with 4btc

Scott harrison

Nice ?

Upcoming bitcoin fork

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What The Fork?! - Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin's Upcoming Forks

274 views | 21 Oct. 2017

Over the next few weeks,

Over the next few weeks, Bitcoin is set to undergo two more forks, potentially resulting in the creation of two more currencies sharing the Bitcoin name and some of its history.

Here, I explore what a fork is in general, and look at the specific cases that are coming up, as well as giving some tips on how best to respond to these chain splits.

In the video, I mention coin.dance, a website that shows how many miners are signalling support for Bitcoin2X. Find that site here: https://coin.dance/blocks.



Any statements I make in these videos are just my opinion, and should not be taken as investment advice.

Please do your own research in addition to watching these videos, ensure you are fully confident in any investment decisions you make, and never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Cine Pile Podcast

Its like a young smart british Justin Timberlake

Cla Muh

One of the more informative videos of all the crypto experts out there! Well done again

glenn wormald

thoughtful, clear, concise & well presented. thank you!

Harriet Walters

You're the best! I love bitcoin ?

John Halstead

Another excellent video. Well done. I believe at the moment it is really difficult to predict how this next fork will go. I agree that NEO and OMG will do well on the back of it - but with NEO, I think it is really riding on how China proceed in respect to their treatment of Crypto currencies in general. Loving the content. Keep it coming. :)

Lian Light

you must be at hogwarts, cause you're a crypto wizard :)