Samsung market cap usd

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Top 10 World's Largest Companies by Market Capitalization 1993 - 2020

209 views | 14 May. 2020

Top 10 World's Largest

Top 10 World's Largest Companies by Market Capitalization 1993 - 2020

This bar chart show publicly traded companies with the greatest market capitalization.

Market capitalization is calculated from the share price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. Figures are converted into USD millions to allow for comparison.




Data source: Financial Times Global 500

Music: YouTube library We could reach

Created in Flourish

List of companies featuring in this visualization in no particular order:






Bank of America

Berkshire Hathaway

BHP Group



China Constr. Bank

China Mobile




Exxon Mobil



General Electric






Johnson & Johnson









Procter & Gamble


Royal Dutch Shell






Wells Fargo


Data and charts

Biggest companies by market value

Samsung market cap usd

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Top 10 Smartphone Brands In Iran 2010-2020 | Most Popular Mobile Phone Brands In Iran

510 views | 12 Aug. 2020

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Top 10 Smartphone Brands In Iran from 2010 to 2020 | Most Popular Mobile Phone Brands In Iran

Source - gs.statcounter

This video featured below smartphone brands











General Mobile











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Iran best phones

Iran top smartphone brand



Apple is the best

Samsung market cap usd

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5g Stock, Autonomous Driving, Smarter Phones - Corning Stock NYSE: GLW

21 901 views | 13 May. 2020

Corning is a picks and

Corning is a picks and shovels business for the 5G trend, the autonomous driving trend with more screens in the car where you don't focus on driving any more but on entertaining and also on other glass uses like vaccines.

It is also a fundamentally sound business that has survived many crises. it is however a cyclical business with high capital investments needed to always stay at the forefront of technology with high initial margins that decline fast as the competition ramps up.

Nevertheless a stock to watch and perhaps nail the upturn when the huge buybacks will be reinstated. The company returned $20 billion to shareholders in the past where the current market cap is $19 billion. I will be following and covering the company in the future and then compare to other investing opportunities out there. Perhaps you wish to follow it too and I hope you like the analysis.

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#stocks #5gstocks #stockmarket

Mark Al

High capex intensity - declining margins and low FCF and ROIC.

daniel wymer

Never heard about it... Very interesting!

David onewayticket

Great stuff

Rob Smit

Interesting presentation Sven, as always. However, you seem to be enthusiastic about stock buybacks, but to me this looks like a scam. Why issue shares if you are going to buy them back later? Better issue less shares to start with! Also, those buybacks drive up the stock price while the underlying fundamentals aren't improving, so they make a company look better than it actually is. Aren't buybacks a warning sign to the investor, rather than something to cheer about? Especially because the money spent on buying back shares can't be used to expand the business.


I love your stock videos, I actually bought some GLW a few weeks ago. I'm really interested on what you think of the CME group, It's 18% below its 52 week highs, It has an economic moat but I haven't found anyone on YouTube discussing the stock. Would you consider doing a video on CME? Thanks

Mike Guron

Id buy it but i'm already loaded up on "cyclical" trash.


Great content as always Sven, thank you.


It's a product I'm using each day on my smartphone :) The glass is a lot better than my previous phone. Unlike that one, I still don't have any scratches on it.

Ant Bull

someone is illegally copying the same content.. https://youtu.be/FSEpwz6Oab4 you should check it out

Chris Applebach

Best Channel on YouTube

Allen Brooks

Thank you for the analysis of Corning (GLW). The demand for fiber-optic given the transition to 5G and the construction of more internet capacity for all of us working from home more and more is an interesting trend Corning should benefit from going forward. I started researching them last year when I realized that they owned 40% of Hemlock Semiconductor (with DOW and Shin-Etsu, it is the largest user of electricity in the State of Michigan, producing the highest grade of polysilicon). Corning's expertise in glass and silicon grades makes it a very compelling investment. Sven, who do you think are Corning's peers in glass and silicon technology and is GLW the best of breed? I've also been research producers of Lithium given the energy storage trends with green energy cyclical production and electric car demand growth. I am leaning towards Albemarle (ALB) as they have some of the lowest cost mines and are not in China. Your analysis of copper producers was very interesting; it would be nice to have such an analysis on lithium (hydroxide and carbonate) miners as it is a metal that will be growing in demand for years to come.

Joel Spicher

Excellent video. I am a current investor in the stock, so I hope you are right… I didn't know your channel before, but will subscribe and listen to other videos !

lydia yuna

is Elon Musk's Starlink going to be competitor of 5G ? I definitely don't want to bet against him.

julie Kent

In the Gold Rush shovels sold twenty dollars and upwards..I don't think they sell for that price now! Opportunists and cleverness go hand in hand. Pans wet from 8 cents to $6.00. Over two hundred dollars in today's money. Towns evolved around the desperate or greedy. Brothels seethed on the sidelines and cheap whiskey flowed. The poor buggers doing the hard graft were the losers. Nothing has really changed.


The company definitely has a moat. Great video Sven.

Victor van Merrienboer

1:45 Apple is not a customer?
I checked their website but they seem to have most of the android brands though, which is nice

Stephen Wong

Very detailed analysis and hopefully do bit more on valuation, great effort

Joseph Nardone

Sven take a look at Century Link as well, has huge infrastructure of fiber-optics. It is a turnaround play.

Edwin Zhingri - Financial Intelligence

Very nice analysis and interesting company. Deff going to keep an eye on it ?

Banana Republic

very interesting analysis. Obviously niche market and market leader

Sam Loss

Nice video :)

Paul Hoffman

The overview of the financials over the years, what is the source of this? Looks great!!

Success From Chess

Nice. I think of Qualcomm as a pick and shovel selling type of stock too, (along with patents and R&D prospects) its been doing well so maybe the same will happen here as 5g picks up.

stock kid

Corning is a good stock with strong moat.. seems to me that people more interested in companies that are burning moneys nowaday however value growth is the way ... i think the questions would be will corning be able to make quartz quality glasses which are scratch resistance...

pablo Gulias

Great video Sven!

christ Huang



Sven, have you considered analyzing Fabernet and RF Industries? Interested in your thoughts on valuation, projected growth and risks of these two company.


Please look at OCDO. It went another 40% up since I asked you about it 3 weeks ago. Really worth looking in this environment.

Michael Herder

Sven - what percentage of their business is from Apple? Is that a vulnerability?

Gameplay Channel

Could you do a video about URW, they have a book value of 200 per share and are worth 40 per share , a dividend of 26% right now


Thanks Sven interesting proposition. Could you do a video on the potential growth of Zillow? big marketshare, disruptive technology (ibuyer program), current economic situation, stock up then down almost 20% in last month, your thoughts... if not great video thanks

Christoph Denner

Thanks a lot Sven, never had this on my watchlist. Very interesting indeed.


I have been holding onto GLW since 1 september 2000 when the price was just above $110.. i believe in its longterm potential, eventually.. someone.. will buy ?

Nauman Chaudhry

Great run since you recommended the stock.


Got in GLW in the mid 30s with the same idea a while back, still selling puts/cover calls to make up for my losses lol


Sven, have you seen the message about Vedanta being taken private? Will you make a video about this? :)

Emil Lindberg

This will as always be interesting! Btw must recommend a CNBC video about Corning as further research. Fun to watch to. Thank you so much Sven!
CNBC video: https://youtu.be/lopwv2ViNMw

Tony Moore

Hi, Sven. I am in your investment platform and do not see any holdings in the MODEL portfolio. However I thought you said in this video you do own a position? So if you are in it, you have not recommended it yet to the group?


Not mentioned here is Corning is the mother ship of Falcon, the brand of optically clear plastic ware for biology laboratories I trusted when I worked in that field. Added to all their other competences I bought some shares, then covid happened and stock tanked, has not recovered yet.

Millenial Investor

What kind of stock screener you use?

Cornelius choong

Hye Sven, what do you thin about the chinese version of corning (Xinyi glass)?

Tim Roll

Just added it to the watchlist of stocks I could be buying when the market crashes.

Tuan Pham

Thank you so much for your analysis.


Love this style of video! Thanks for sharing your work!



Mike Daniels

Most professional and stimulating presentation, Dr Sven. U never fail. Thanks for taking us down Memory Lane and up future fiber optic highways.
I remember that shortsqueeze to 100+/share way back around Y2K. Corning reminds me of the opening monologue in the remake of the movie "Sabrina": "Linus Larrabee(Harrison Ford) rode the fiber optic highway and turned the 100 mill usd family fortune into serious money..." imagine that. Here's to your two bagger!
Thanks again.

Piotr Damek

Maybe I am missing something so perhaps you could clarify:

P/E- 61.34 (given the current situation makes sense)
P/B- 1.51
Shiller P/E- 13.73.
Dividend Payout Ration- 2.41 (Good for now, given the circumstances but bad long-term)
ROE- 6.46 (Going down from 2016)

The company's stock price during the dot com bubble rose to 113 (2000) and the dropp to 1.71 (2002). Then in 2008 rose to 27.34 to drop to 8.79. From 2009 to now, the stock price rose steadily but no high spikes like in 1999-2000.

Within the next decade we are going to switch from using gas engines to electric engine. Over the next decade, wouldn't it be better to focus on value companies in that sector?

Not criticizing but open to discussion.

carmelo lun

current PE is very expensive


I do not see any insider trading other than selling.


Hi Sven. Awesome video as usual. In case you're running out of ideas for videos, would you maybe consider commenting on the video of this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVbCO2Qh11U particularly about the companies he's speaking about that apparently tick all the boxes for good value investments and that crashed massively. Thanks!

Morgan B

Vedanta plans to go private.. Next video?

Scott's Critical Mass

Thanks for the great content as always Sven... While I keep GLW on one of my 'sector watch lists', it had fallen off my radar for the most part. Seeing it below $20 and listening to your analysis has me intrigued. I decided to add it to one of my 'potential buy lists'.

I actually have some history with GLW... A few years into my investing journey, I bought shares in GLW (sub-$2.00 in 2002). I had already purchased some up near $10 the year prior and decided the worst was finally over, so took the plunge brining my cost basis to about $3.00 per share +/-. I don't remember exactly when I sold it, but it was no more than 2 years later for ~$12 per share. I felt like a genius, which was far from the case. If I had waiting another year or so, I could have sold the shares for well over $25. My 4-bagger could have been an 8-bagger+ if I only practiced a little patience. Lesson learned! Happy investing folks...

Sim Rybo

Hi Sven,

I just wanted to thank you for your terrific content - truly constructive & educational videos, long-term investment approach & advice and genuinely well thought & compelling analysis pieces!

I’ve been watching your content for a long time and I must admit you’ve grown & improved along the journey - keep on creating such valuable investing content!

The US banks have taken a massive hit recently and I was wondering whether you could look into a stock analysis of the big corporate banks e.g. Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Bank of America and obviously post your opinion on the companies and whether it’s a buy at the minute?

I’d appreciate it! Keep on rocking !

Piotr Maj

A better play in my opinion to autnomous driving, AI, Tech, user apps and China is Baidu. It is trading at a PE of 7-8 at the moment but due to the whole China-USA tension and the Corona virus everybody is waiting for the next EC.

apple snow

Great video.

Jonnes __

? I never used a gorilla-glas and never had a broken Phone glas... I don't know what the people are doing?
IMO if you think, that you are fully protected (incl. insurances) you automatically don't care about the stuff you own.
It's similar with the helmets in sport. The head is a bit better protected, but the other injuries going up, becaus more risk will be taken.

60y bonds... WOW! For a corporate bond that is amazing...

Mike Stanmore

Re Autonomous Driving:
I'm an ex-pilot, Sven. We've had autopilots for decades, because it's relatively easy to maintain altitude and heading, but autonomous driving is quite difficult (it's a big sky, with a little aircraft - not much to run into - but roads are narrow and populated with incompetents and obstacles).
To play the contrarian: I like the look of personal "flying drones" as a replacement for automobiles. The autopilot function already exists, electric flying vehicles benefit from any technological improvements which would benefit electric cars, they're cheap, and they can be scattered at altitudes up to about 8,000' without needing pressurisation or even oxygen. I wouldn't be surprised if electric cars turn out to be the next "betamax".
Let's face it, which would you rather, a Tesla, or a "George Jetson" flying car?


Speaking of companies that are selling shovels, here is an interesting pick that has been in my portfolio for several months: "huber + suhner"! What do you think? sven?


Nice analyse Sven don't know yet if it fits in my portfolio was thinking about it is always good to expand your view.

Reuben Hopper

I owned Corning for about a year but sold for other better companies. There is a lot of promise in the stock, but the company hasn't been delivering. It's average yearly sales growth past 5 years is only 3.4% and average EPS growth past 5 years is -9.2%. I only like to invest in companies with at least 5% average growth in both past 5 years. It shows proof that management can beat inflation and then some. If they can get their sales and eps up I will consider buying again. Right now there's some other buy opportunities that I'm DCA into currently. That's ULTA, teradyne, applied materials, and Akamai.

Ulta is the largest makeup retailer. Women like to go in store when buying makeup. That makes it one of the few retailers that won't lose sales from online competition. They also have an online shop that is growing well. Both their online and retail locations will continue to grow.

Teradyne tests for flaws in semiconductors and ensures they'll last a long time. Automobiles need very reliable processors that can survive 20+ years. As automobiles use more technology, their services will increase in demand. Theyre expanding their business to automated robots as well. I believe in the future of automation. Their core business is already highly profitable and important. Any success in automation is a bonus.

Applied materials develops the core materials in virtually every advanced semiconductor and display in the world. Their largest customers are Samsung, Qualcomm, and Intel. You need materials to build semiconductors, so their products will always have demand.

Akamai is the world's largest security company. As technology becomes more advanced and connected, security demand will grow exponentially.

Heeseok Woo

considering many optic cable manufacturers are in China and Glass business is not related to foldable phone so.. nice Corning company is not selling to me.


I am worried about the free cash flow decrease over time (decrease 50x) while share number decreased to half. Also the Capex is decreasing and netincome same, while dividends increasing. Their free cash is low compared to long term debt. I dont know man, i really want to believe in this company, but I dont know...

Murad Shawar Minimalist Investor

Corning is intresting stock its on my watchlist . Buy at 20$ sell at 30$ and then move on


The real TOP PICK 5g company is not publicly traded yet, once it is.. I could share it. (waiting for the company)

Ravi Mehta

The falling margins, high capex requirement, and low roic don't screen moat to me. Their historical growth rates over the past 5 years (~4%) are below their future expectations. I think this is a value trap.....

Jan Bruun Andersen

Very educational. Both for this case and as a general outline of how to analyse a potential stock.

Paul Montes

"bet on higher future interest rates the management has done." - Yoda Carlin

Simon Valikhani

On the surface this looks like a good investment, however I have 2 problems with it which you havn't brought up.

1. The company is completely reliant on its patents on glass. That is not exactly a diversified moat, if someone figures out how to produce similar glass for cheaper. The profit margin will drop.

2. The company is completely reliant on rare earth minerals which are currently monopolized by china. If china would stop exporting these products, company will not be able to make revenue or in best case source them from a more expensive place.

Contrary to you, I consider Qualcomm the best 5G option, I think you heavily overlooked Qualcomms business modell in your analysis. Sure semiconductors are a race to the bottom product, but you havn't taken qualcomms licensing into consideration. Qualcomm has patents on the standards which are used for 5G and 4G technology, as a result, any player producing anything based on these products has to pay qcom royalties. This is huge cash cow business off qualcomm which you completely missed in your analysis of the company.

sebastian janiszewski

To be honest sometimes I have so many doubts as it is always 2 sides of feeling when Investing especially if you not professional like me . But thank to Sven and his Best work give me more strength and believe it is worth invest not sale like most people now. Maybe it is good sign as making money most time is be on the opposite site what most crowds.
Thank You Sven .


Just sharing my thoughts:
When you were talking about the picks and shuffles, I was thinking about BlackRock :)
People who bought and hold BlackRock since1998 made a 54X without counting the reinvested dividends.
One of the reasons I prefer compounders above cyclical :)

Lukas Di

Probably they cut the buybacks due to coronavirus and uncertainty?


I need advice on getting screwed over on Vedanta limited by some Indian CEO taking the company private. Not this bullshit.

Could you make a video on what to do if a Indian company delists and you hold shares? And what about shareholder protection for companies listed on the NSE, is this within your circle of competence? Are you getting external advice on this or just hold and see?

Anywhore, fuck me, fuck you, fuck Vedanta and fuck me again.


Great video, Sven! GLW looks like something to watch. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Eric M

Here's my problem with Corning. They are earning only 1.5B on 20B of capital invested in the business (assuming maintenance Capex is 1B) and they've had a good run over the past decade. That could quickly drop to 500M-1B if industry conditions sour.

So you have a company that earns let's say 1-2B on 20B in invested capital. That's mediocre. Not an industry I am interested in. I'd rather invest in companies with huge margins & high ROIC in this uncertain environment, as I know they have done well historically allocating their capital, and can probably find opportunities to earn above-market returns. I do believe Corning will continue to be an industry leader, but market share doesn't always translate to pricing power or great returns in every industry.

Andrew W

Always enjoy listening to your videos Sven! I find them very valuable thank you.


corning is a fairly valued company with a decent debt rating. I give corning a B- as a stock pick. Not bad Sven!

Andrei Ciuca

Thank you for your videos. Can you please tell me what do you use to see debt maturity? I had some subscriptions but it seems expensive to keep bloomberg or reuters just to see the debt maturity or to see the supply chain

Liviu Mitrache

I'm not very good with English but I learned a lot from you, just as well

Alexandra Petrou

Very interesting, good video, will include in my watch list.Thank you for this reserch,

Gregorio Murtagian

As usual a great analysis and interesting piece of advice on timing the entrance on cyclical companies in particular on the current conditions. I have to admit that I made every single mistake that Sven mentioned on his videos and it is never late to learn and improve. Key learning from his videos is how to gauge difference between risk and uncertainty, what is a good vs a bad company and what is investing vs speculation, once you understand them you are on the right path maximizing your odds for gains and with a margin of error that the unpredictability of the future brings.

Fred Frond

Excellent analysis. They make all the things we generally use. The question is do they have a read on able competitor? If not they are safe and growing.

Michael Zwiener

they already halfed the shares by doing buybacks and the stock went nowhere really. why do you think this will be different this time?

Alex Lerner

I dont understand this kind of analysis -- it could do this, and it could do that. What happened to "given the current cashflows, with a margin of safety of 50%, the stock is a good purchase below X dollars" ?

Sharyf S

Starlink will likely drop optic cables sales and prices. Also should they be really smart they would pile cash and do buybacks at current price as berkshire does. However they are a good company and will likely grow. In 2 years though, when smartphones will start selling again.

Sergi Medina

I owned some Corning (GLW), but I sold it since it didn't perform too well... Maybe at the prices it's selling now could be good. That P/E ratio, tho...