What time do options expire

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What time of day do options expire?

3 views | 8 Nov. 2019

What time of day do

What time of day do options expire?

Jan 17, 2013

Here is the answer from my brokerage: Regular equity monthly options expire on the 3rd Friday of every month. The last time to trade them is by market close at 4 PM Eastern time. The weekly options will expire on the Friday of that week, also with a last trading time of 4 PM Eastern time.


“Be competent, be more skilful than others. Here you will find the answer to all of your questions.”

✋ The purpose of our channel is to create EDUCATIONAL content. That was our intention with this video as well. We would like to give you COMPLETE INFORMATION on the subject, so unfortunately we can also discuss elements that may be hurtful to people.


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What time do options expire

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Money Game of Option Expiry | What is Option Expiry | Option Expiry पर क्या होता है ! Episode-31

260 997 views | 25 Jul. 2019

Money Game of Option

Money Game of Option Expiry | What is Option Expiry | Option Expiry पर क्या होता है !


1. Open Zerodha Demat Account : https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPASV

2. Telegram Channel link : https://t.me/atulshrivastava

3. Fyers Demat account : http://partners.fyers.in/AP0179

4. Upstox Demat account : https://upstox.com/open-account/?f=Q1QZ


Episode 1 Introduction to Stock Market : https://youtu.be/TWFI2h_-dQk

Episode 2 Basic of Stock Market NSE/BSE : https://youtu.be/gCHUGgcGV48

Episode 3 What is Index; Nifty/Sensex : https://youtu.be/YbwG5Yp_a-A

Episode 4 How to know size of the company Market Cap. : https://youtu.be/8OhINokx5As

Episode 5 What is Demat Account? Demat and Trading Account : https://youtu.be/gQF3mJiBfbI

Episode 6 10 Important Stock market terms for beginners : https://youtu.be/czleGA8NDIY

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Episode 9 What is share? What is IPO : https://youtu.be/bvtdBKw86a0

Episode 10 Live stock trading for beginners/ Bid and Ask price : https://youtu.be/5_CvpSQ77H8

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Episode 17 Earn money from Dividend | Dividend & Dividend yield in Hindi - https://youtu.be/aIfznCkx0S8


Full Playlist Zero to Hero ---



About: FinBaba is a you-tube channel, where you can get Information about Banking, finance, Stock market basic and Advance, Forex, Mutual funds and many more.

Thanks For Watching this Video. !

#optiontrading #FNO

Aman Saifee

No you are wrong we follow european type options not american


very good thanks


maine option trade ki thi, jb mai 8th , 9th mei tha shayd
Lens liya tha kisi se.. Muje jaadui chiz lagi yeh, Expiry wale din Maine settlement krne se mna kr diya, Usne mera bhurta bna diya

Kavita Singh

Thanks for this video sir???

Suresh Jain

Zerodha screen is not clearly visible. Irritating.


40 To brokerage lag gaya hoga

Ajay Kumar

Gazab ka series

Tubai Bhattacharjee

Take a bow sir ??

omkar kedari

Thank you so muh .

An Earthian

9:00 TCS JULY PUT OPTION AT 2100 available at price 0.70. Does it mean that at the premium of 0.70, you can buy the contract of shorting the put option at Rs. 2100 if the price goes below 2100 ? Am I understanding this right?

Krishnan Narayanan


Bappaditya Banerjee

You Come back Sir .

Prem Pravin Sapkale

Thanks, Guru


Bhai.. this is for BUY side, how about SELLING PUT OPTION?

Deepak yatoskar

Dear Sir,
In my opinion it is best and simplest way I have seen on You tube

Sagnik Das

God bless you bro. Very detailed video. thank you for taking the pain to make this series.

Tejas Mandulkar

In india options are European not American


Thank you so much ❤️
It's very very helpful for beginners...
Amazing explanation ??

Dinesh Mahajan

Expire ke bad us order ka kya hota he

rohit j

sir does upstox offers physical settlement of put option(selling) in case of it gets in the money on maturity??pls reply??

Anshuman Tadavi

Settlement and Exercise of options both are different things. We follow European option where option is exercise only on expiry and we can settle option before expiry. In American option, we can exercise option or settle option before expiry. In exercise, we transfer underlying share and in settlement, we settle contract only.

This video is great. The great part is, you didn't hide loss. You are true and honest and do not mislead. Keep it up.

Bappaditya Banerjee

We are Waiting .

Pritam Singh

Option sell expiry k din karne me kese profit hoga
Kya us din premium 0 ho jata h

anuj pandey

गजब सर बेहतरीन एक्सप्लेनेशन।

Harish Dhake

Call me to aapko unlimited loss ho raha he?

Karanjot Singh

sir when you bought call 250 qty at RS 7, you had limited loss which is premium paid by you, what is the premium here,market price * qty or there is another calculation?

siddhant patil

simple and perfect explaination.. simplest way to learn and understand


Wt about call sell and put sell


Sir please explain this - Your total loss in this TCS JUL 2120 CE Profit/Loss.

QTY 250X 7= 1750 (Premium is also added in your total loss in this trade,, plzz reply...

What was your total loss in this trade? plz must reply...

-62.50 ( loss shows on plateform)

Means your Net Loss amount in this trade.

###### ###### ###### ######

* Sir one more confusion why you punch sell order in CNC?
don't you think its very risky plz reply it too....

requesting you Sir plz must reply......

Bharat Bhai



ek he bat go 5 5bar repaeat karta h, adha time toh example me nikal deta h

satya prasad

Sir kisi put me 7000 loss ho rhaa h,toh put ko sell nhi karenge toh expiry k din kya hogaa??kewal premium jayega?

uday das

Very Good

naresh chidiri

Hi Sir... your video is amazing, your explanation is super so that i understood many things, sir i have yes bank call option expiry on mar 25 2020, i have bought it at 7rs but it is presently at 1.3 can you please suggest me an idea so that i can minimise my loss, i would be soo thank full to you

Nayeem Vathar

Does not match with title..

Mukesh M

premium per stock ka dena hota h ya per share ka

Shyamrao Ahade

I am an NRI, Please suggest me good discount broker to deal with Options

Yogendra Sharma

Thanks sir ji

Market Enthusiast

Is se badhiyan koi nhi smjha skta

Shubham Agrawal

I don't pay brokerage more than Rs.20/order! Join @SAMCO & Stop paying Excessive Brokerage! Register Now and get 20 free trades. https://www.samco.in/register/0/Um9oSFZOMXZocFJ4QmF3UUJNdkpEZz09

Tushar Mishra

Thanks for such a nice video and practical demonstration

Dr Gopal Vachhani

Please give me answer on expiry day we have to exercise position or automatic square off occurs?

Rajveer Lakhe

You Are really great teacher who really want to teach others with live trading without any expectations, Stay blessed Always

Sumer 4427

Sir jab expiry hoti hai kisi bhi stock ya index ki to to jo strike prise rehti hai vo hame pay krna padta hai

rajesh dabral


Mohammad Aakil

Amazing teaching skills. May god bless you.

jitendra rajput

Thanks. Well explained ?


Bhai we followed European

Abhinav Narote

Superb and easy to understand

pramod randive

European type........ followed

Rajendra Kher

कितना फालतू information दिया है।

TravelLike Backpacker

You are amazing teacher but we follow in India is European.

Balraj Igave

Koi easy method nikalo


Bhai loss mae kyu kiua sell

Harsh Jagadhani BMB15

if i short a heding position on 1st Thursday of a month will the premium i recieved become zero on next Thursday or will it become zero on last Thursday of that month.... plz sir ans this question im confused about this
.. anyone can clear my doubt so plz recomment if u know


Ayese faltu video kyu dekhte ho bhayi
Friday liye huve call ka bhav,
Monday bjar opening pr kya bhav hoga ye Tumko koyi bta nhi skta,
Manlo nifty ka bhav hye,
8100 to somvare pr bjar khulte nifti 8150 hye to 8100 Vale call ka bhav Friday 220 tha to Monday kya hoga bjar opening pr,
Uska priz 250 nhi hoga
Ye smjna jruri hye
Uske liye mye video bnaunga
Naresh keria

Increase Capital

Kya sikhate ho aap bhai ji
Manana prega
Jo aapke video ko unlike kre
Use is duniya me koi stock market se paisa ni bnwa skta
Great job ? brother

Digital Networx

Hi Bro,
I watched all the videos and now I am trying to place an order but I am not getting the monthly expiry.

I selected SBIN MAY 170 PE bcz I am not getting date 28th may so when I am placing order it's says SBIN 14th May 170.. Please help how to select 28th may


Equity ki option k expiry kab hoti for example i bought Rel 2100 Ce December
when its expire ?

Kavita Parmar


panday pandeyengineeringwors

एक फ़ार्म है जो मात्र एक दिन के
100 रु लेते है और जब लेना हो और जब बेचना हो बता देते है अगर नही लेना तो कोई चार्ज नही nifty और banknifty को बताते है और आज तक मेरा कभी नुक्सान नही हुआ 7 महेने मे पहले रोज ही कोई ना कोई नुक्सान होता ही रहता था


Amazing study

shankar sengupta

the premium of rs.7 is per lot basis kya ????

Apurv Jadhav

Bhai ekdum ulta boldiya aapne
Hum European option follow karte hai na ki American.

Uday Kesarla

Thank you sir.



Krishnan Narayanan


Alok kumar

Sir premium ki price s loss ya profit hoga ya stock ki price badne s.
Jab tcs ki price 2126 h aur humne strike price pehle hi kam ki li h 2120 means strike price s upar jygi price to profit hona chahiy aur pehle hi upar h price to .
pl clear

vinay kankariya

No1 no profit

Ashfaq malik

Bro you are too good

siddhant patil

beter than paid class.

Arsh Education

amazing content . Thanks for creating this series . Really helpful

noopur bhatia


prince kocher



सर क्या एक्सपायरी डेट आगे बढ़ाई जा सकती

Netai Chakravarty

How to exit from Put Option Sale on expiry day at ZERODHA platform ?

siddhant patil


Balraj Igave

Samajh me nahi aaya

Usman Mohammad

What is deference between bank nifty April 19000 CE AND .BANK NIFTY 1 1APRIL 19000 CE.....DONO ki rates alag hoti h

Vikas Miratkar

Superb ultimate knowledge , which I same serching from last 3months
Not any one provide this kind of with online example .... thnx sir

heah mund

agar hum kisi pe bullish hai to
uska call buy karna hota hai
or put sell karna hota hai
is angle se samaj nhi aa raha hai

Jim Mathew

Indian markets follow European types of options. CE (Call European), PE (Put European)

Stay update

Sir, jab TCS cash ka price 2126.55 tha tab 2120 CE ka price 7 tha and expiry ke baad cash price 2127 tha and 2120CE ka price 5.60 reh gya. Aisa kyo..

Means stock ka price bda hai aur option ka kam kyo hua??

CommunicationAndBusiness Saroj

We follow European style, not American CE means "Call European option"



Aman Kumar

Ser kaol lete hi price daun hota h to kya options labs kr. Jayega

Ninad Patil

Ooo bhai European options follow ksrate hai be

ananad bansode

Sir ekdam short me bahut kuch samazaya aapane thank you

Pathik Patel

can i exit from option before expiry


Nice n informative video??



Mehul Mukesh

क्या पहले हम sell नहीं कर सकते हैं? और बाद में Purchase करे?

Jay Naik

Miss those days when sensex on
37,000-38,000 and nifty on 11,000-11,500.
But no market will revive soon #market_correction

noopur bhatia


Parveen Kashyap


Rohit Satpute

Tum bhot mastt kaam kar rahe ho fin baba..
Really this series is a blast and very informative for every beginner ???

jeddy bar

Bhai ye kya tha...kuch samajh nai aya..tu pehle paise kama baad me logon ko dikha


Txx sir

Pankaj Jain

Great video ? #pankajjain

Sujit Chakraborty

Your explanation about American and European options is wrong. Also, in India European style of options is followed where options can be exercised only on expiry date.

What time do options expire

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Expiry Day Options Strategy - Easy & Powerful

225 368 views | 1 Mar. 2020

Every #option has an

Every #option has an expiry Date. Options can have weekly or monthly expiry. Normally options expiry on Thursdays. On expiry day, the settlement is done for the position holders and the profit / loss is adjusted to the position holder’s account. Options traders who have closed their positions before expiry do not get impacted by this process. If you leave your positions open till the expiry then the profits generated by your positions is transferred to your account after the settlement

Maximum time decay occurs on the expiry day. Trader like to take advantage of this decay by selling options. If options are carefully chosen then one can make quick profits. In this video we have discussed how to get maximum benefits of options time decay. If this strategy is carefully executed then there is high probability of profits

Email : [email protected]

App download (Call Put Analyzer):


HashTag : #Call_Put_सीखो_Bulltrack_से

DISCLAIMER : All contents herein are provided for illustrative, educational and informational purposes only and are not intended as recommendations to buy or sell. Any information provided herein shall not be construed as professional advice of any nature. Trading involves risks and it is advised that a certified financial analyst ought to be consulted before making any decisions

Venu Gopal


Prateek Patil

Issue yeh hai.. ki agar thoda bahot profit chayie toh we have to take margin, and if we take margin, Rs2 premium k samne SL bhi 25 rakha, toh bhi it is possibility that instant spike will give you huge loss..

dhaval shah

Sir ITM me koi strategy ban sakti he ? Near expiry. Jisme profit mile

Joshua Jackson

A 950 put in SHOP yesterday 10/31/2020 (a $190 contract 8 strikes out money on expiry day) moved into money and worth >$4500 by days end PER CONTRACT. Would have OBLITERATED any position using this strategy.

rahul jaat

Baai march me to banknifty me bokamp aa gaya
Accha time mila video banane ka

tran vu

Winner of a video, I've been looking for "if you sell a bought option are you obligated" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Fiyarper Conspicuous Future - (do a search on google ) ? It is a good one of a kind product for learning binary options trading signals without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.


How we hedge this strangle ...?

Aditya Patnaik


krish G

I think you are advising people to sell "naked". Is it allowed for all traders?

sanjay singh

Jab otm ITM hoga to watt lag jayegi

B KIND Support

IV kaise check kare..?

Prakash Jha

सर अगर हम expiry ka date मे share nhi sell kr paye तो मेरा share क्या होगा अपने आप बिक जायेगा या फिर आगे hold hi rhega please reply ??

Harshvardhan kadam

Does call put analyser is available on iOS as I m not able see on App Store

Tou Nou Thao

listened for about a minute before realizing he wasn't speaking English.

Ravi Chandra

V.v.nice. ge


ham to issi strategy ka istemal karte h
weak me sirf 1 day that is Thursday
baki pura weak aram karne ka re baba


I have call and put analyser,but index option notification not alerted when it comes? Pl anything can be done?

didar singh jolly

You are always truthful and give reliable advise

Akash lodhi

Koi mat karna kapde fat jaynge agr market upr chala gya to or aapne call sell kri hai hai

mahesh kharmate

Bohat achha sir


This is not english right?

Abdulgaffar Nagarwala

You said IV should be raising, but Thursday IV column is empty on option table, how to check IV.

abhishek m

Disliked it!

Bhau Kharde

Two strike about for nifty 200 or 100 point? For banknifty 200?

Sky is Blue

Sir, I have a question..... I did option sell of a stock and on expiry it's becomes 0.05, what will happen if I don't buy ??

sandeep singh

Great analysis

raovati ati

Very good information

Mukesh Kumar

this is not strategy but stupidity. Is it so simple ? any one side sharp movement will take away months profit and capital.

crazy world

as you are saying it is totally blind eye strategy.

rajugenie2015 iggenie$70


yasher anwar

I want to join your premium Nifty option strategies

Sonu Kumar

Kya kbhi aisa bhi ho skta hai ki ye expiry k din zero na ho?


jab nahi aati h options trading to galat sikha kar kyon logo ka paisa dubana chahte ho. very bad....


Sir ye v bta do ki.. Capital uske lye lakh+ chahiye

manjunath kanti

Sir buy keliya which strik price I will burn sir?

Mohit Verma

Call sell k liye to 1 lakh se jada cahiye hote h..

Netai Chakravarty

Dear Sir ,
I need a small help from you. I knew that in case of stock option trading , if I don’t close my position and leave it as it is up to expiry then profit will be credited if any and in case of loss the same will either be debited in my trading account or delivery of stocks are to be taken by me .
Am I correct ? Your prompt response may help me a lot. ?

Manish Cs123

Good information sir thank you so much


you good and simple do some videos on english sd more people will understand.is your app in english

Pravin Kushwaha

Bro people will die,.. it's so dangerous.. if sudden move ..you will not be able to exit that.. even if 5%time wrong and 95% right.. even then one will loss huge.. Don't do this.. MARKET is Random

umesh jungade

Kya agar bank Nifty samjo 16000 tak low ho gaya to gold atomaticly 65000 to 75000 rupees 10 gram hona awashyak hai.aisa mera andaja hai.

Haazil Abheesh

The strategy which explains never hedge each other, a violent move is quite common and it can blow your profit or capital. You must use stop loss with a little wide range, the narrow range SL may jump in a violent move and may get into trouble too. It's quite common in Bank Nifty a twenty rupee option may go to 100 and it may come back to 0 as well.

owolafe ojo

No doubt Forex Market is profitable than stock market it makes you rich if you're hedge fund with deep pocket or a usually skilled currency/fx trader like FeliciaFx_trades on insta he's a master broker to help with amazing forex profit earning and also more experience in trading.
For example I profit over $45,000 every month. I'm retired and happy to be part of this

Manju C Yuktha

Please tell me how to download data

Aarav GOEL

You will make a great loss to new traders by uploading these type of videos


Be carefull if there is extreme movement in 1 side u will be screwed , better have a proper hedge strategy which involves both buy n call if u really want peace mind. Ur profits wud redice though

k.chandrasekaran k.chandrasekaran

Very simple but most effective strategy. Thank you, sir.

Premjith Kp

Please don't misguide novice traders..

Manju C Yuktha

I don't understand Hindi.
Can u please tel me how to decide spot price,
N how to download the data

chandan baidya

Itna simple bhi nehi hai.....1 ka maal 100 ban jata hai

Azim Hirji

People who havent traded on expiry day are the biggest fools! I dont have to prove it. Otm will expire worthless that is they become 0.05 on expiry day. People with huge capital they just take 5 to 10 points and leave. Just imagine 100 lots * 75 * 10 points? See what is the answer. You guys will be amazed. IV should be always on the screen plus trend plus OI built up. You guys will never fail.

Ramu S Srinivas

Wrong strategy...the one who did video will get profit if we lose... cannot speak single English word ..how you are giving strategies..


please never ever follow this stratergy, you will lose in lakhs if there s a one sided violent move, and please do not fool
people saying its hedging, your selling calls and puts on both sides bro its a death sentence and not hedging,
its only useful when the market is rangebound to eat the premium.

Akash Agarwal

Retail Investors - Caution. Avoid Options trading. Its a risky game and lot of manipulations happen. Its a shark market and small fishes will be hunted and eaten up mercilessly.

Amy G

Change the title to your language. SO WRONG of you, it is deceiving. I am reporting this video.


They made an entire day for me lets go!!

Ajith Vijayakumar

Please put Hindi titles for a Hindi video.

Isaiah Maragalla

Thank you nicely explained

Piyush Morjaria

If you really want to sell options it is better to sell in beginning of options contact to get maximum premium

Sunil Bhole

Pl suggest Stop loss in this strategy

shailesh modi

Its worst stretegy and if you sell call & put both there won't be any hedging..please don't make people fool due to your video people can loose lacs..

Prashant Ubale

I like it sir

Arvind Kothari

Maza aa gaya kyoki simple way mein sikhaya gaya.


Excellent Strategy for the people who are busy and unable to spend time on trading and technical analysis.


english subtitle please

Gajanan Chavhan

How to get IV on expiry day


Sir, plz tell us some option buying strategy as call writing strategy is more costlier ( it need more capital).

Stock Baazar

Very good, I have predicted today levels on last Friday... enjoy short sell ...

Santosh singh Jadon Rajpoot

Agar isko headge karn hai to

Aryan Furniture

Payment ok but not open call put strategy finder pro

bindaspg chill

call spread put spread bhi achha hain na

Santosh Narvekar

Bhai ek dum sahi samjaya.. I have subscribed...

Arvind kambli

sir I am trading only in option Banknifty that is call put when market trend is up I buy call and market trend is down I buy put but today I saw your video I like the stretgy but I understand very little so sir will you please make another video with more explainability and with more live examples.If is it possible I am very grateful to you

santosh kumar singh

Live market me karo sirji ...

Swarup Saha

very bakwas strategy..... do not follow.... ghar bar bik jayega

Praful Paliwal

Why only sell, and not normal Buy and Put?

Mohit Salvankar

God Bless people following this strategy ?


Iv mean

உலகம் சமநிலை பெற வேண்டும்.

இதையும் பார்க்கவும்.

P Singh

What about margin required to sell??

Nilesh Nagarkar

Hi Sir,

I have used this strategy and found useful.
Thanks a lot for explaining in easy and simple way.

Please explain with easy and simple way for normal working day strategy so that freshers like me can trade with confidence like today.

Thanks once again.

Jai Shivay

Is this Short strangle strategy??

CoC By TheAttackers

Risk makes money
Money makes risk

Linda Score

Forex trading can be very profitable and without proper guidance can loose or completely blow off your account. It's a serious business and not something to play with

Vein Roar

this is bull shit STRATEGY. DO NOT follow this.


Tried your strategy today. It was very successful. Thank you so much.

bhaskar annapure

In this strategies which indicator is useful. Pl suggest any indicator and it's timeframe and best free chart also. (Real time data)


सर समझ नहीं आया ?

Prem Kumar

make the title in hindi man :[email protected]

Tushar Kadam

sirji atleast should have shared SL naked is nite mare one expiry will wipe out all capital along with profit

Arun Nath Singh Chauhan

Kya banknifty mai delivery kr sakte hai ajj khrida aut next day sell krdiya

Omkar Patki

If bank nifty gives sudden move in any direction then this strategy will result in loss.
So it's better to use short iron condor

Vimal Gaurav

It's a suicide strategy for beginners. It's not hedging. Don't misguide the new traders, it's clearly a naked call/put sell without any hedging to safeguard the trade if market moves violently in either direction. This may result in heavy losses, very heavy.

Shreyansh Singh

Very bad strategies. I follow but I lost almost 5 lacs money. Never never follow this it will eat all your pocket.

sandeep baraiya

thanks sir

Shyam kumar

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

John C. Maxwell

Piyush Morjaria

Very risky startge intake of selling buying call and put is more safe and more profitable

Ajay Kumar

Good loss idea for new trader

Jagendra Singh

Very nice ?

movie gallery

Kuch samz hi nhi aya