The six documentary

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Worcester 6: Heroes Remembered - Full Documentary

76 371 views | 28 Jan. 2020


Thank You For Your Service, Thank You All, Have A Great Christmas, God Will Be With You.

Sinbad the Sailing John Deere Enthusiast

the politicians need to get it through their fucking heads that with poorly trained or funded or God forbid, both firefighters, the city, and the people of that city will be in much greater danger. the budget cuts are ridiculous. we need to stop spending money on nuclear weapons that will probably never get used, if we put that money in the fire service, we could avoid many unnecessary LODD's or front line injuries.

Kyle Dunn

My maternal grandfather was a mechanic for Worcester Fire on Grove Street for many years, and my cousin was a firefighter for Auburn and he was on scene on the I290 overpass. My grandfather can no longer watch 'Backdraft' or 'Ladder 49'. My dad knew Joe McGuirk and my grandfather retired after 12/3/99. I attended the precession and I cried along with my dad and grandfather because they knew these men and were heartbroken by this tragedy.


Denis Leary need to stop pretending like he a fire fighter.

Rob Jacquart

Holy shit! What an emotional tribute ? kudos...

Scratch Music & Media

I hope those two homeless people were arrested and charged multiple counts of murder and arson, or better yet, burned to death.

DOC -19 / Jake -186

I know we all who live & work here in Worc ma. I was in oxford working a medic shift. The Sunday after I worked my Worc Ems job ! Not 1 of us who worked in this city for weeks after will ever forget ! I certainly will always make sure I live my life to my best ! God bless ‘ I went to MFA late in my career , the others in my class except my Ems partner were the only ones who knew them or the true feeling. It was a tough last MFA day hearing the mayday , the years later show us we can be stronger & better ‘ let us just remember some of this follows us & we will push forward ??.

Alexander’s Alarms

Firefighting is something nobody will understand except, firemen.

Tryvir Blyth


Sabrina Hulsey

Crystal Hopkins around any were

Chris Barr

The 7th hero is the Chief who ordered everyone out of the building. Others would have perished. He made a very difficult decision, but the right decision.


Denis Leary was in rescue me

Corey C

I did not find the fire service appealing to me until 2010 when I got out of the military...but the brother hood and everything about it is what attracted me to it...I was able to make it to LT. Jason Menard wake service and that is something I will never forget for the rest of my life...I am now a career firefighter and wouldn't trade it for anything else..RIP my brothers

Texan Football Houston

Real heros me I'm just a man who knows it's only super heros are in movies

Jamie Fullton

I truly believe Firefighters really are the bravest among us. No power trips, no arrogance, just bravery and self sacrifice. Thank you to all our beloved Firefighters!

Vinny Ezzo

The day the DEVIL won. Here's to the 6 brave members who did there job without any questions or reservations to get the job done. TO THE BRAVE 6?????


Great stuff...let them live on forever because they are part of what is best in us all.

s hanks

Tommy Spencer is my cousin. My mom and I were watching the fire. It was horrible. We didn't even know he was in there till the next day. RIP Worcester 6

Vito Honey

film fact: Ladder 49 was inspired by the Cold Storage Fire.

Tom French

2:22, I have been a firefighter for 15 years and have done fire inspection for 7. That building is sprinklered and if you have buildings change occupancy or illegally subdivide because of lack of inspections or code enforcement then I dunno. Don’t want to ever see a brother lose their life but If the loss was preventable before the fire started.

Horny Devil

Engine..... ladder.....battalion

Jamie Fullton

Tears rolling down my face while watching this video. I remember being 6 years old and my dad taking me to the impromptu memorial that had sprung up on the location so we could pay our respects and lay down some flowers. I'd never seen him cry before but that day we both did. God bless those men and all the firefighters and their families. They are the best and the bravest.


Too bad this didn't focus on the irresponsible firefighting tactics that got all of Worchester's firefighters killed. Memorials don't save lives. Search and Rescue without first eliminating all Visible Threats through "Horizontal" Ventilation and suppression of the fire, is fool hardy at best. The odds of people being inside that structure were remote so firefighter life safety should have been job one and should Always be Job One. An injured or dead firefighter is no good to anyone. Everything stops when there is a Mayday call. Victims, are on their own at that point. If you can't easily and quickly Get Out, then you shouldn't be Going In! You don't venture beyond your suppression and ventilation. The Worchester Fire Department has needed new leadership for years but everyone including the chief, would rather focus on great funerals than evaluating tactics.


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

movies for free

Worcester aint shit just like those firefighters lol

Mike Youngblood

These 6 men sacrificed their lives because they felt it was their duty to make sure no innocent civilians were inside the building...that is true courage...RIP WFD 6


9:36 Bruce Jenner



Rob Scott

8:53 hey it’s the guy from rescue me


Lovely tribute building the fire house on the warehouse site....the brave men are keeping an eye on their sons


It's truly sad that these men lost their lives, but the simple fact here is that the Officer didn't control the men and the situation was so badly handled that these men lost their lives needlessly. Panic reigned and all was lost. Right from the get-go, things were done wrong, some guys didn't have SCBA in a sealed, non-vented building, no search ropes, inadequate lighting etc There should have been a call for extra manpower and search ropes and lighting and a slow, methodical search should have been made . The only life hazard in this building was the firefighters, the squatters knew this building layout and were long gone when the company arrived
Learn from this....where was the size-up and and cautious approach to a known hazardous building ? This wasn't heroic, it was tragic. May they Rest in Peace

Heath Fitzgerald

Before i started flying F-16s i was a volunteer firefighter. I know its not the same as being a full time firefighter but i did get to experience alot of the same things such as going in burning buildings, using the jaws to cut people out of cars, and so forth. Firefighters will always have my utmost respect. every time i strapped into my jet in Afganistan and Iraq i always carried a small picture of the Twin Towers with the number 343 on the back of it along with the number of civilians in my flight suit and i still have that picture till this day. It takes a special person to run inside of a burning building while everyone else is running out.

John Deere

The hair on that baby though.


Nonsense going in there "looking for people" ??‍♂️ unacceptable

Nancy Pofahl

May God bless and keep our hero's safe. these men were a representation of all the Firefighters and reuse workers across our country and indeed, the world. Each death provides a learning tool to be used to save thousands of other firefighters To these men and women, I love you all. And let us try to remember this love they give us, by giving them a comfortable living. They have enough to worry about on their job. They should not need to worry about paying bills.


The red line is a thin one

Ted miles

What an awful feeling to be trapped in a burning building and knowing you are going to die. I believe that fire fighters, both volunteer and paid are not paid and respected enough. People will complain about their taxes having to support them but want them there wen needed.

Cris P. Bacon

This is proof that decision need to made as a team. Not sent in to die by the Captain!

Horny Devil

I will say the granite mountain hotshots story had me bawling


Udizzy Will Never forget, The WFD has changed my life. The Men and women in this video mean so much to Me. I want to thank everyone involved in the making of this awesome show of support for our great city and The Wonderful Fire service we have looking over us every day, Proud to be from Worcester Ma. The Dizz.

Ed Wu

I remember this as if it were yesterday?

Max Newman

Never forget!

Robert Wells

I still remember watching this on the news. I was so upset. I now have family that is in firefighting and this tragedy and the 6 firefighters will always be remembered.

ÆEli Th0mps0nÆ

I think this is what 3000 degrees is about


great work on this!!! It's a very moving documentary and memorial to the Worcester 6. 10/10

Mike Youngblood

These 6 men sacrificed their lives because they wanted to make sure no innocent civilians were inside the building...that is true courage

Robert Eak

Great tribute. Sad day.

Kryptic Kratos

Im taking my CPAT and written soon I could not be more happy and my family and fiancée has never been so proud of me... truly this was my calling as I’ve saved my brothers and cousins life once in our youth and protected my friends against bullies growing up... my last name is Pyro as well. God bless America ?? God I love this country our military our medical/EMS FD and PD departments!
?‍? i will be the best fireman i can be for my future family team ??




As a german firefighter id love to take part on october 3rd.
harder as it sounds im a student so no money and the ongoing pandemic.

Virginia Boucher

That was the first evac tones I ever heard, and to this day every time I hear them now I can’t control the tears running down my cheeks. I will never forget that night, hearing the frantic voices. God Bless all firefighters for what they give every time they get a call. They can’t pay them enough for the unconditional sacrifices.

Ian McMahon

I'm just getting into fire service but this was one of the first slides TVFD CT showed us in training, thank you for your service and we got you 6 from here hope to be as great as you

Florian G.

https://youtu.be/1aLGExBveYA?t=697 you have to be kidding me right !?

Jim Willoughby

I'm retired now, but I was a Shrewsbury firefighter at the time. I knew Jay Lyons, and I still miss him.

Sufyan Felder

I new a firefighter he got killed in the station

Drew Lucey

Living just outside of Worcester, for weeks and months afterwards people would see my last name and offer me condolences. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I wasn't actually related (although my last name does come from the same family, but no blood relation)

Nick Vandal

I was 12 in 1999 when it happened. I grew up in grafton, my dad worked at St Vincent’s as a pharmacist, and I remember the tears streaming

I’ll never forget the front page photo of the telegram the day after.

21 years later, I’m a cop in the Chicago area where my wife is from. I carry a grafton police and fire patch in my vest.

Nicholas Diehl

We can't have first responders lives in jeopardy by having our own govs cutting the budgets of FIRST RESPONDERS in any city because they are cutting our lives too we need to stand up against this more than just saying it we need to protest and do it

Johnny Toronto

The devil took 6 heroes but they gave 7 sons back. RIP from a son of a career firefighter.

Patrick Chasse

Rip ??? I was just a kid my father lived in the city at the time...


Not all angels have wings

Tracia Nunnally

Very well done. What a beautiful tribute and living legacy that would make them proud. My heart goes out to those who loved and miss them dearly.


"7 Son's" would be a great title for a movie.

— spenner

not maudlin, at all

Vadim Balakhonov

I believe that we should give firefighters, policemen and rescuers all the most modern and best that humanity has. This does not mean that we must give whatever they want, it means that we must give everything we can give, lives depend on it.


Rest In Peace

scott miller

My dad is our chief we watch out for him he watches out for us I could not emagine my life with out him but he is a good leader he would not let anything happend to his kids or his guys. As chief

patrick galvin

i was in middle school very sad knew one of them that had kids i went to school wit in auburn


Rest easy brother will take from here you have made your last alarm you may now rest

Cameron Courtney

Donald Courtney is my grandpa. He is the keeper of all the momentos that people dropped off after this tragic fire.

The six documentary

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Pretty Things- Midnight to Six documentary trailer

80 812 views | 8 Jun. 2012

On July 6, 2012, American

On July 6, 2012, American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA will be showing a special screening of Reelin' In The Years Productions' unreleased documentary "The Pretty Things: Midnight To Six 1965-1970", which features 20 full-length performances, including their historic, riot-inducing R&B period, their highly influential, rock-opera/psychedelic "SF Sorrow" period, and ending with their proto-heavy metal "Parachute" period. Between songs are new interviews with the original band members (Phil May, Dick Taylor, John Stax, Skip Alan, Wally Waller and Jon Povey) telling stories and recounting the fascinating, tumultuous and controversial history of the band. This film is the only documentary ever to focus on The Pretty Things, one of the most influential yet unsung rock groups in history. After the screening will be a panel discussion and Q&A with the producers David Peck, Tom Gulotta, Phil Galloway and Rob Bowman and music historian Bart Mendoza.

"One of the greatest R&B bands of all time"


"The Pretty Things always made The Stones look tame."


"The Pretty Things were the biggest influence on us. They were so wild.... they invented garage bands."


"The Beatles" were cute, "The Stones" were students, but "The Pretty Things" were plain frightening..."


"The Pretty Things completely bent my head."


Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood, CA 90028



Too bad Brian Pendleton wasn't around to be interviewed for this. He was such a crucial part of the group in their early years

Pam Bittle

Oh gosh loved this Band as a young girl... So cool.


i want to know too, no one replyed to you yet?


Interesting! What is it about certain rock band drummers? There seems to be a certain... eccentricity (to use a mild description) about men such as Viv Prince, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker and others. Even Charlie Watts, in his understated way, is something of an oddball.

L Ron Cupboard

Top R&B garage band, but they quickly went to shit when they jumped on the psychedelia bandwagon.


Yeah, in 1964 The Pretty Things with drummer Viv Prince were the coolest band of all! Viv also infuenced drummers like Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchel (of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) a lot. Unfortunately Viv was often unreliable because of excessive booze abuse and therefore had to be replaced by Scip Allan (not bad, either) and others. I wonder what happened to Viv. Some years ago he lived in Portugal. Is he still alive? What a waste of talent and ability. Such a shame!

Mark Boyd

Did this (or the Small Faces doc) ever get released?

Walter Fechter

KING TONE, BABY! I REMEMBER THIS BAND SO WELL! A great amalgam of sound. "Midnight To Six" -- still a rave-up! "Walking Through My Dreams" -- for My Eternal Love, My Lady Barbra Rose (RIP).

Tosin Oparinde

Viv very good man

Mathew Hill

Saw this group 1968.69 at the Dome Brighton Sussex they were support for the Pink Floyd who were totally pretensious right up themselves sorry Dave Gilmour you are a decent player but the Pretties saved the Gig because they entertained


Its a shame but it happenned to SO many of them. Booze and drugs. Thanks for your comment on a great band. Always loved PT. Got to have a drink now.


they thought they were great but they werent never owned a pt record or pt album i would rather listen to talent led zep rory gallagher thin lizzy i mean they just werent good enough.:(


Great cameo of what they were all about. Still play their stuff all the time. So many classic songs

Sören Öberg

Chased around for years to find Rosalyn on 7'


'proto heavy metal Parachute period' HUH???????


Same! the MUST be seen. I'd happily give to see this released.

Christoffer Sjöheim

Where can I get this documentary??


I would happily contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to get this released on DVD!


You're upset? I'm 2 months later to the game than you!


"The Pretty Things made The Stones look tame"...As if Andrew Oldham didn't knew that..he blackmailed "Ready Steady Go"...It's Either Them Or Us.....The Stones being the darlings of The London scene, RSG had just one choice.... Consequently The Pretty Things missed out on some major promotion.


These guys SHOULD be in the same annals as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, and The Who.  The fact that they're not is downright criminal.  : (


When, oh, WHEN will the DVD be available??!! Btw,wasn't the French show where Dick Taylor sings lead on Baron Saturday originally a live recording..?


Pretty cooL.


But when the H will this docu turn up if ever - except for the fake studio overdub on Baron Saturday- the track is so much cooler as is, leave it, please!

Jeff Downing

Sa-weet.  Not many people here in the States even know them, but I love em.

Not all us Yanks are clueless you know........But we are a minority. Ha.

Flag Wanker

Saw them live on the Isle of Wight, just after the release of “Rosalyn”. They were the support group for Matt Munro. Then saw them later, again on the Isle of Wight, after the release of ”S.F. Sorrow” Spectacular!!!


May & Taylor still doin' this 50 years later, who would've thought. Here a link to the whole "Blokker" 1965 concert broadcast.

Lars Svanholm

...I have even TALKED to Phil May! Many years later!

Lars Svanholm

The first band I ever experienced live... 1966!

Christoffer Sjöheim

Someone should post it soon? Now when it's finally released..


R.I.P. Phil May +++++ 15-05-2020 +++++ Never forgotten.....!


RIP Phil May


How can I see this doc?? Seriously


I want it!!!

Baron Saturday

(One of the) Greatest Band(s) on earth! (:

The six documentary

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Six. By Seven Documentary - The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste

10 102 views | 15 May. 2017

Check out the Top of the

Check out the Top of the Pops playlist here ➤ https://bit.ly/2F8np11

Working from home alternative classics ➤ https://bit.ly/3aOLq7H

’The Closer You Get' by Six.By Seven, out now on Beggars Arkive: http://smarturl.it/6x7tcyg

To coincide with the re-release of Six.By Seven’s seminal second album 'The Closer You Get' on February 17th 2017, Beggars Arkive commissioned director Alex Mannion-Jones to produce a documentary 'The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste'.

Despite their unique sound, their huge popularity in the music press, endless touring and the efforts of the label, the hype never quite broke through into mainstream success. However, Six. By Seven frontman Chris Olley has always kept the fanbase alive and developed his own ways to distribute music outside of the industry.

The original line up who made 'The Closer You Get' reformed to play sell out shows in their hometown of Nottingham on March 4th and the Garage in London on March 11th 2017.

Directed, filmed & edited by Alex Mannion-Jones

Produced by The Mitcham Submarine

Sound recordist for John Leckie - Fabian Prynn




Subscribe to The Arkive ➤ http://bit.ly/2ELeyze

Six By Seven ➤ http://bit.ly/2Fk7ybE

Beggars Banquet Archive ➤ http://bit.ly/2VBHdvZ

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The Cult - Best of the Beggars Videos ➤ http://bit.ly/2Hj3IDc

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Website: https://archive.beggars.com/

#TheArkive #BeggarsBanquet #SixBySeven

Adrian Nicholls

Brilliant! Pleased to share this with the world, such good music and great intent.

Mariana Biazotti



It's brilliant that this band is being celebrated again. Chris is still turning out great stuff on his Kickstarter and MuZiK KluB and TWELVE initiatives which are all well worth checking out.


LOVE Six By Seven - the best band ever to come from Nottingham - FACT!

Sharon Morris

Excellent band..I'm hooked. Def ahead of their time. Hopeful for the very near future!

Books By Mary Wood

So enjoyed this. How true, that Six by Seven is the best undiscovered band ever! Good luck Six by Seven x


It's available here on youtube for free, I think!

Lee Anderson

brillant band


Well done, very informative. Btw, why is "100 & Something Foxhall Road" not uploaded on Youtube?


Nice one!

Shay Perlstein

Love these guys!