Peninsula visa

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An Updated Vision: Korean Peninsula and maritime diplomacy

332 views | 14 Feb. 2019

Vietnam's Deputy Prime

Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh, who's also the foreign minister, has arrived in the DPRK ahead of a planned summit between the U.S. President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam's capital later this month. The visit is part of preparations for the second meeting between Trump and Kim. As part of our special series "An Updated Vision," a review and outlook of China's diplomatic strategies, we talk to Zhu Feng, dean of the School of International Relations under Nanjing University. #Peninsula #US

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Peninsula visa

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UN Command to stay in peninsula even after armistice agreement ends

343 views | 18 Apr. 2019

유엔사 "정전협정 후에도 계속 한반도에 있을

유엔사 "정전협정 후에도 계속 한반도에 있을 것"

For the first time ever, journalists were invited to a meeting solely with the United Nations Command.

The sessionw as held to clarify the UNC's role, intentions and goals in a period of change, as the South Korean government push for peace and engagement with the North.

Deputy Commander of the UNC Wayne Eyre... at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek said the UNC will stay on the peninsula even after the two Koreas bring an end to the armistice agreement.

When asked about the Command's role if a peace treaty can be forged... he replied, that will depend on the UN Security Council and the political decision of the U.S.

"We don't know. It will be a political decision. We focus greatly on efforts on maintaining the armistice agreement and ensuring the stability of South Korea."

Eyre added the UNC fully supports the opening of the Peace Trails leading to the Demilitarized Zone... along three inter-Korean border towns: Goseong, Cheorwon and Paju.

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Wael Ali

UN gangsters pirates tyrants looters aggressors losers is invalid so go home before you all are arrested for corruption

Peninsula visa

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Crimea: Russia building bridge to reach peninsula by road

10 519 views | 28 Mar. 2017

Three years after its

Three years after its annexation, the Crimean peninsula is to be linked to the Russian mainland via bridge.

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Three years after its annexation, the Crimean peninsula is to be linked to the Russian mainland via bridge

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Umberto Fournier

so much investment

Gabriel Infante Carrillo

Any country would not allowed anyone film military equipment without permission so the reporter shouldn't make this a big deal.

Rick Flint

more jobs ..

D'bricksaw C

Crimea is Russian

Dhurandhar Dave

Crimea is a part part of Russia for the last thousands years.

Russia exitCrimea

Crimea is Ukraine.

Vlad Lenin

Just like the siege of tyre, hear that Ukrainian gulags? the great siege of tyre gloriously replayed! we're going to get the rest of you, we will go as far as Galicia and cast any dark Bandera mystik straight to hell

Sylwester Woodest

Not of great importance to Putin. This project is of great importance to Crimean and people like me who want to visit the peninsula every year.

Albaj Tv

Crimea is Polish