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4 327 views | 27 Nov. 2020

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Outro Song - Lemon Fight - Stronger (feat. Jessica Reynoso) [NCS Release]

Thank you guys for watching this NBA 2K21 MyTeam Festival video where we take a look at all of the stuff 2K have added into MyTeam! We got new challenges for free packs , Super Packs and other promo packs in the Pack Market , insane Locker codes 2K21 and much more! We start this video off with the packs! 2K did drop Glitched pack with Diamond Zion Williamson , Diamond Tim Duncan and more but I missed those. They added Season Tip Off packs back but they were not worth opening. I opened some of the Idols packs to see if we could get lucky with a Pink Diamond pull being the new Pink Diamond Kevin Durant or Pink Diamond Michael Jordan but we didn't. We jump over to the Token Market where you can buy some packs for guaranteed Amethyst or Diamond cards! I opened both for you guys in this video! We then move to the 2K21 Locker code for some free Diamond packs , free Diamond Ja Morant and other free packs! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K21 MyTeam video!

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#NBA2K21 #Lockercode #Lockercodes

Brandon Hanson

Where have you and ty been these other clowns got me sellin tha bag!?!

Panda Paul

Bruh I got lucky I got a super pack locker code and got pink diamond ray Allen


Ooo nms soon!!!!

Black Mamba 8-24

I opened the token market packs

Enzoliv Mendez

Am I retarded or is anyone only been able to spin the wheel once this entire month? I get the free login reward but I never get to spin the wheel except for one time which was like 5 days ago..

sweaty Jamacian

Hey witness is there gonna be more chances for diamond ja morant



The World Of Jai’Den and IJ and Jonah

Ja is so ? I played with him already

Seth H.

Lol i got bingo smith as well for my first kd pack
He’s actually a really good card. He dunks on everyone and can shoot really well from anywhere.

Matthew Sanchez


Dee Scott

Bro I just got my 2k21 boy I haven’t watched his videos until today boy I’m glad I’m back thanks witness

tim harper

The last code I got teamups got Jalen lecque contract card shoes 65 Celtics arena and 96-01 pistons jersey


I got the ja and he a beast

God Gamer 6657

Bro love your content make. More

Itz odog

The early ppl

Σπύρος Παντελιας



I’m so confused

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Iron Clays Poker Chips and Plaid Deck Review - Poker Gift Guide

9 077 views | 28 Nov. 2018

To purchase the Standards

To purchase the Standards Box Set or Decks or any other product on Art of Play please utilize our affiliate link (which directly supports this channel!): http://bit.ly/2HNsgnS

In this episode we take a look at a luxury set of poker chips, take a retrospective look at a classic Dan & Dave deck, and announce the winner of the Tally-Ho 3-deck mega giveaway!

The Iron Clays Luxury Game Counters manufactured by the Roxley Game corporation. Within this attractive box is a set of 100 chips in differing denominations. The box is beautifully designed with a victorian era aesthetic. The box is a dark gray bordering on bronze color and is embellished with gold metallic inked ornamentation and eggshell lettering. The type is embossed in several places. The era-appropriate copy on the top of the box announces that the contents to be 10 gram, iron-cored ‘thumpers’ imported and warranted by the Roxley Company. The side panels of the box include some additional marketing copy and branding. The front and back include the product name in large embossed type. It also states that the game counters are warranted for the duration of ownership or until death. The bottom of the box features a peek at the contents via additional marketing copy and some pictures of the included chips. They include, White, Celeste, Maroon, Navy and Gold chips in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 100 respectively.

The number 1 AKA Arizona Red and number 2 AKA California Blue Plaid decks are from Dan and Dave. Available in two distinct plaid patterns, the decks come in matching tuck cases. The tuck case belonging to the Arizona Red deck is gambler’s green and the one for the California Blue deck is in beige. The green no. 1 deck features a red, white and green plaid pattern and the number 2 beige deck includes a blue, brown and beige plaid pattern.

#PlayingCards #DeckReview

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Fredrik Mehdi

Joseph N. De Vera

Will Roya

Roope Lötjönen

Nicole Oxendine

Brad Bailey

Heather Canik

Passione Playing Cards

Rob Burns

Gabriel Cordova

Kyle Walker



I like deck reviews because i can discover a lot of new and rare decks

Andrew Cato

I just love to look at the decks and learn about new potential favorites, although, I think reviews should be done after the cards have been handled a bit in order to test the actual quality of the cards, because even cheap cards can handle well right out of the box, but after a couple shuffles, maybe a day or two of use, there clumping and sticking. Just my thoughts.

Eric Lee

Deck reviews give me an idea of just what to expect from a deck before I buy them. At the current exchange rate of USD1 to RM4.2, I want to know for sure what I'm buying before I drop almost RM50-RM75 per deck including shipping! Since you started going into poker chips, it would be cool it you also covered other common custom playing card accessories like dealer/ collector coins and uncut sheets. Who knows, you may start something! Haha.

Krisnapati bayu

I watch the review because my love to playingcard... not all the card i have or buy so... watching the review is satisfiying my interest, of course if the review is high quality film like gentlemen wake.

Brett McHan

Its nice to keep up with new or old decks that I may have missed. Also I like to hear and read everyone else opinion of decks since I dont know anyone else who even knows that there is a whole wonderful world of custom playing cards out there!

Aaron Spektor

A very nice "gift", but you must know that this isn't a real playing set:)
You need 600-1000 chips to properly spread a full table game. The colours are completely off all the standards. They're not Vegas or California. A navy 20? A light lavender $5? Oh, and these are ceramics. No clay anywhere to be found.

John Blackmon

I enjoy watching your deck reviews you show on utube. I get to see new deck of cards every week. I learn a lot by watching your deck reviews.

Tim Schraepen

Deck reviews to try to get a “feel” for what the cards look and feel like. But also to be amazed and sold on buying them, without someone overhyping/overselling.

I don’t like the denomination amounts they used for the chips. Nor that they’re thinner than “standard” chips. The fact that there’s a very limited amount of them for such a high price makes them overpriced to actually buy them to play poker with imho. That box does look suuuuupercool though. So maybe as a collectors item only.

I missed the outro music (repeat of the intro music). I loved the patreon animation (disappearing bubble).

Mike Kelson

I watch Your reviews because the camera work is fantastic, the cards are wonderful and most importantly your HONEST! Keep up the fantastic and outstanding work my friend!


I like that plaid deck. Also deck reviews are good since I get a look at how they handle

Md. Taskin

I am a magician and a magician always loves deck of playing cards moreover I like your style which is why I watch your review. ??


I watch deck reviews to preview a deck in its entirety to see if I want to add it to my collection. That being said, what my wife and I really enjoy about your reviews is that you help us to experience a deck of cards. The quality of your videos just bring a richness we don't get from other deck reviews. Please keep them coming!

Elijah Myers

I love deck reviews to know what I'm getting into before I buy a deck, because I love cards, and because I like tuck boxes.

mohamad rafat

Well there are many deck review channels but..... how should i put it.....
Yours are more chill i guess it feels like you are telling me a story and its kinda cool

Cam Bryan

If you want real/high end poker chips check out poker chip forum


I watch deck reviews because its very useful for me (as a poor magician) to know what i should really buy because i dont have infinite money, i buy what i really really like and suit me ?

Jeremy Geikie

I watch your deck reviews because you give a lot of great information about the decks but also it gives me a great look at a deck so I can decide if I want to add it to my collection or not.

Sam perez

well. I began to like magic and cardistry not so long ago and I just got fascinated by how many kinds of decks and stocks and companies there are and for me, learning about them is always something I enjoy doing.
One of my favourite things about deck reviews (specialy yours) is the energy and enthusiasm that you feel from the reviewer and THAT is soemthing that just fires me up and makes me love cardistry and magic more and MORE!
Thanks for the great reviews Mr. Wake they are really cool.

Alexander Petkov

Your videos are very interesting and help me buying my playing cards. Your deck reviews are extraordinary and I really enjoy your originality

Patrick Trujillo

You're videos are very nice, love the quality and the finesse of the content.

Mąťţ Pőwęľĺ Öffįčïăļ

I am a collector and play a lot of Klondike solitaire. I bought a deck of the Arizona Red deck about a year ago and while it looks nice I have noticed that, even though I have handled it very minimally, it clumps very badly into thick packets.

Don Jason Batac

I enjoy deck reviews because it gives me an idea on how the cards look like. Also, having someone talk about the quality of the cards can help me in choosing which deck is a must or not

Jun Qiang

can visually enjoy varies kind of deck, coz can't afford to own the some nice decks yet?

Md. Taskin

I am back again.


Your intros are awesome. As a magician,cardist and collector I just love looking at decks.

Tha Beave

Also, aren't "regulation" chips around 11grams?


Serious reply: deck reviews are like ASMR, when the details are revealed and displayed as some kind of art, it's just attention-grabbing. However, getting more and more into card collecting, the simple act of love towards card designs are sophisticated by the appetite to know more about how the card handles, from which printing company, what stock is it, and how the tuck box feels and looks. Simply put, deck reviews are an expansion of the senses hahahaha

nexus 7

I watch reviews mostly to see the cards in movement and also to see a wide variety of cardd for I can't buy everything .

Yudho Baskoro

love your 10 PM content

Syed Hussin

Watching deck reviews satisfies that craving of wanting to get decks and its good to know whats out there on the market


paper cards and plastic chips. second rate material on both fronts. the makers of these are the same guys that tend bar with a waxed mustache and poplin shirt in 2018. no one is believing it.

Daniel Cooksey

I watch deck reviews primarily to see the cards in action and to get a good look at the courts and backs, as most companies produce stylized photos that sell the sizzle but don't give me enough information to decide to purchase. Secondarily, I watch your videos in particular for the entertainment value and insight. Thanks!

Norbert Kulcsár

I love cards. It is simple as that.

Johann D'oh

Chips #madeinchina Would be way cooler if they weren't.


I watch deck reviews to see what cards I should spend my money on. There are decks where the tuck looks amazing, but are hideous and handle terribly, or vice versa.


Fuck the box.

Nnelg Nartea

first to like.. please i you give it to me.. i enjoy watching deck review because since i've learn some card trick i also wanted to have many cards but can't afford, so for now i am enjoying watching.


Hey Gentleman Wake, I hope you and Lady Wake had a wonderful Thanksgiving, + more of the same this holiday season.☺☃️ Well, I really like seeing and hearing about a deck I might be interested in owning. To see if it gives me that wow! Factor when I look at the back design, Ace of Spades, jokers & court cards. I love a custom deck, so when the pips one the number cards are different I really like that too. Oh yeah, sometimes I'm Just sold on the tuck box. Not all the time, though.?

Malachi Burford

I am a magician and a beginner cardist. I watch videos like this as i like to see cards that arent in my collection, and basically all these cards aren't in my collection!


Actually I don't like deck reviews ? I watch only yours because you make them very passionate AND professional, I could listen to you for hours, every review is a high end TV show ?


Thank you for using the metric system.

William Lowrie

The deck reviews are awesome because they tell me if decks are good quality and nice and also they give me an idea of what to purchase or dream of.

Zo Birss

That plaid deck is so dad. Such a perfectly classic Christmas Day Card Game deck.

This is why I enjoy deck reviews.

Chelsea Sandy

Watching these videos give a more classic and storyteller vibes which is cool?

Jake bevington

I always watch a review of a deck before I purchase. It's nice to not only see what I will be getting but to get your opinion as well. I totally trust your taste in cards


I love watching deck review because I want to know how are the cards look, feel, is the card great for magic, cardistry, or both? Or maybe just for a private collection. As a playing cards lover, I don't need drugs to have fun!
Another great video from you! Thank you so much for being awesome!

Praneet Singh

i am a magician and magicians love cards also your reviews are thorough and honest


Really like everything about that chip set, sadly $60 is quite steep (not to say it isn't worth it for that kind of quality). The D&D decks look great, but I've never been a fan of plaid personally. As for watching deck reviews, they are just much more informative than try to look up pictures to answer questions about the deck. A deck review is the only place to get feedback on the feel of a deck and the description of the colors is helpful since pictures don't always show the true color. As always your honesty about decks in respect to their quality and usability is always greatly appreciated. Sorry for the paragraph response.


I don't know I have this fascination for playing cards. I wanna have one of each kind, I guess this is the feeling card collectors might have, watching these deck reviews is the next best thing to collecting cards

Leandro Bello

I love wachin reviews. Its so entertaining.

Chico De Coster

I enjoy watching deck reviews because decks are becoming more like art. New designs come out every week and I think that is pretty cool. I would never have thought of collecting decks 10 or 15 years ago, but I am now collecting. This is art that I can actually afford to own and can actually use if I want.

Arun Kurisinkal

Wow nice


It is nice to hear someone else tell how they feel about the deck and my learn a few things as well.

Asher Buck

I watch reviews to help decide which decks to buy next

Richard Dominguez

Good morning Gentleman Wake, very nice including the chips, I like the idea of every now and thing including a card deck "peripheral" and this was a very nice choice ... after many years of working as a performer I have 2 basic interest left in magic 1) methods (effects no longer interest me) as I have (in one way or another) seen or performed some version of it all over the years, but methods interest me because they open the doors to creative possibilities ... 2) decks of cards, not because I can afford to have a "unique" collection but because personally they are a bank vault of memories, they can be unique in style and possibilities ... some are even quite beautiful to look at ... LOL, i keep promising myself that I wont get long winded in your comments, but I just can't control the rambling (huge apologies) ... as always a wonderful review ... thanks for sharing


I love watching deck review because I want to know how are the cards look, feel, is the card great for magic, cardistry, or both? Or maybe just for a private collection. As a playing cards lover, I don't need drugs to have fun!
Another great video from you! Thank you so much for being awesome!

Severed Magic

I like how you bring life to the decks. They're not just cards when you review them. They are works of art.


I watch deck reviews too get a good luck at cards because I can’t afford them all. Also I am looking forward to your and Lorenzo’s deck. It’s looking great


"I'm right here, you know."
Gentleman's Lady, 2018

Julian Michael Santiago

Watching deck review makes me feel the card that I don't have. ?



Ardeshir Yousefi

Love the art and design of the cards and most importantly the uniqueness of the design

Brian Sparrow

I watch deck review videos to find out about new decks: info about the designer & studio, a visual & detailed description of the deck(tuck case, card back, extras, pips, indices, and courts, etc), as well as a description of how they handle & maybe a comparison to other well-known decks, to get a better idea of how they will feel.

I also enjoy seeing how that information is conveyed through camera work, editing, writing, humor, etc. Information is good, but if it's just presented like reading off a laundry list, it can be very boring.

Dušan Janošević

I watch deck reviews because you can see the decks better than in pictures, they provide you with better feedback and overall feeling of the deck, and I just love seeing decks being unboxed.

Alan Holmes

One of the reasons I like to watch deck reviews is because as a collector I have a lot of sealed decks so I get to see what the cards look like and also I trust your opinion and often buy decks based on your recommendations, there is one deck that is coming in the near future that will definitely be finding a home in my collection and I will be getting 2 one to open and enjoy the classy gentleman like cards and one to keep sealed.

xeno gamer2

I love the way you talk about the history of playing cards and how flexible it is for cardists, magicians ,and collectors to watch.


Just got the Arizona Reds Vintage Plaid deck over Black Friday, an awesome deck and I'm glad to see it reviewed on my favourite playing cards channel!


No scratch test?

David Murphy

What I enjoy most about deck reviews is seeing decks I might not ever see in person. Plus, being disabled, I don't get out to even look at anything better than Border's or Walmart's decks. More often than not, I shop online and these reviews help me avoid cards that might not have the feel that I like. Another great video, never owned chips probably won't..

Alexander Sidenko

I can't buy every deck I see and I love to think of cards as art/design so want to see the ones I can't afford and through reviews, enjoy the art provided by the cards.

Diego De La Vega

I watch deck reviews because cards are beautiful. I collect them but I'm not a big fan of strange designs. I prefer more or less classic design.

Matt O

I watch deck reviews so I can physically see what is out there. Sometimes I catalogue my favorites so if I see it out somewhere I can pick them up and know what I am getting. Your content is always amazing. I don't understand how you are not more popular. But you and magic orthodoxy are the top 2. He has more views, but I prefer your style to his. I love to see card flourishes so I can get the complete visual experience, i do like his measurements. It's the only true way to judge a cards stock against every other. I hope your viewership grows in the new year and not as a result of giveaways necessarily. Good luck and great content as always.

Allan Koay

i have a confession to make: after discovering your channel, yours are the only deck reviews that I watch now.
what do I like about deck reviews? i seriously don't know, but i can tell you why I watch them – to know if I should purchase the deck or not.
btw, you seem to be reading my mind all the time. when I was thinking about the Reno Red Cherry Casino, you reviewed it. now i've been thinking about the D&D Plaid deck and voila! what the --

Jacob Bowder

I watch the reviews for a few different reasons. It's nice to hear someone else's perspective on a deck before I buy one myself, especially if I am buying from Ebay and the price has been hiked. Another reason I like to watch is because I like seeing cardistry in general and the way GentlemenWake makes his videos just catches my eye. I'd love to get myself a set of Poker chips from Art of Play, I wish they made one that contained a bigger amount of chips. As always, great video! Keep em coming!

Lost Stratagem

I really enjoy the part of unboxing a package of playing cards,because I feel like I'm also going to experience the playing cards they are unboxing for the first time,eventhough I'm not there.I also feel the excitement of the reviewer,especially if their unboxing is un-edited.

Zachary Green

I like knowing what is available. I am always on the look out for different types of finish, especially those with linen finishes, which is surprisingly left out of deck descriptions on most sites. Also, seeing the different interpretations of deck design is fun.The Gentlemen Wake reviews all have purposeful classification for every aspect of the cards delivered in a concise and entertaining way. I gravitate to these productions, otherwise I am stuck with PigCake reviews...

Tha Beave

You eat a lot of bread and ketchup soup that year? Also, thanks for reviewing a poker set, most magicians overlook the utility of a poker chip.

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Vittorio C

I just found out as i just recdived my monolith card... GREEEEEAT

Ralph Galasso



I found a monolith in Australia yesterday check my video out

Simone D'Aniello

Simple as that, great video!

Ian Bruce

Why can't I just buy Cel from the Cel Network app.