Wall street bets

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The EXACT Wallstreetbets Post That Changed The Stock Market FOREVER

94 985 views | 30 Jan. 2021

? 99 cent Deadnsyde

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I am not an attorney, cpa, lender, or financial advisor. The content in my videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, health & safety, financial advice, or other and may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information yourself. This is a Youtube video for entertainment purposes ONLY. IF stocks or companies are mentioned, Deadnsyde MAY have an ownership interest in them -- DO NOT make buying or selling decisions based on Deadnsyde's videos. If you need advice, please contact a qualified appropriate professional for the subject you would like help with. Any use of other media is by fair-use or license only.

ThinkBefore YouType

Hold the line


some will land on the moon, many will crash back to earth, money is always a scarcity, at least gravity is free.

Philip Dawe

Nice job breaking down for us normies. Really goes to show how intelligent some of these redditor guys really are.


its super wierd how u/DFV and u/jeffamazon have only ever posted about GME on reddit. both accounts are only about a year and half old. Is DFV JeffAmazon?


There is a FAKE Deadnsyde here in the comment section pushing a broker. Everyone be careful!!!


we got this. lets do this

Sam Bowles

I knew this action had to have been planned far in advance. I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate shorts!

Lo Ve

U think AMC will do a similar squeeze?

David Degraphenreed

One small step for man ...
and one giant squeeze for mankind ?

Ricardo Mendez

How could you not link the original thread? Rude


$AMC is next!!!, next few days/weeks will make history!! The short interest is INCREASING!!! This is AMAZING!
I’m all in on $AMC.

Devin Allen

I'm a little early on the last few plays.. but I'll still pay a buck

Filiph Waldt

Im Buying more GME, cause I like the stock ??️


Great DD and insight. But deepfuckingvalue showing his receipts for over a year probably gave some attention to GME

jj sc

Silver will be next short squeeze?


We're going to see decline in AMC and GME for a few days till people move brokers from robinhood. The process takes 7-10 days. It's on after that

oleg borodin

They posted this 4 months ago? I wish I would of known 4 months ago I would of loaded up on hella calls lol


Random sober thought as I boot up Smash Ultimate. If you create an 8-hour long video full of ads, will you get paid for every ad? If I was a YouTuber and my followers wanted to support me while they sleep, could they do that this way? And could they watch the video several times? Could this be a possible way to support a channel; leaving a video on (silenced) while you sleep? (This is why I don't smoke mj)

li liyu

check ADMS, get in early monday , FDA approval monday, to skyrock , rare opportunity to get in before the rocket leave

Rizzi Regis

Lit ?????????

Just Checkin

Nok ?


Holy shit....Amazing! This JeffAmazon dude probably made a fortune!

Dave Herrera

Wall street got put in checkmate ...


I bought one GME share yesterday at ~$325 and plan to HODL as a political statement. I hope an engineering student with college debts makes a few bucks off my trade, and that I hurt a hedge fund somewhere just a little bit.


I'm a small investor. But my God.. what I've seen what I've learnt & mostly been able to say Yea.. I'm an "investor"..& this was for us the little guys..& was a part it..".. has been amazing.
Yes even as a long holder only, my humble Portfolio is down alot. Yes it hurts. All of us. But.. this was "game" changing. History. Hey we were a part (in some small way or another) of this History. Total respect to every individual that made this happen. Thrw light on it But it into the open. Gave d some of a fighting chance.

Deuce Wright

Brother, thanks for that information. Noted..:) Much Appreciated..


Whats the intro/outro song??

Sasha Re

Amazing how this thing unfolded. For sure Netflix will comeout with a killer movie ?
Now that we know the stocks market has changed forever, will be interesting to see whats the next big move...


42 dislikes from cidedal



Stephanie Cummings

Those Diamond Hands are so strong!

James Sullivan

Holy Hell! This is one of your most entertaining video's yet! I didn't trade or own any of the stocks in the spotlight however, all of this is entertaining as hell. Thank you for finding those posts and sharing on your channel. Man, I'd love to see the faces of all those shorts out there if they saw these posts after the fact. Just priceless!


Let's not forget that Chamath got into this so he can push his own brokerage app


thanks dead!

John J

The squeeze has not happened yet!

Robert Brechin

Love yer work, Deadnsyde! Happy to be in your slipstream.


From another forum:
people are talking about moving from RH to different brokerages. Yes, I agree this should be done and that they did a terrible thing. But I also want to point out that if you initiate a transfer your shares will be free for borrowing during that time. You cannot place a sell order, your shares will be able to be used by these hedges to cover at current prices. People making scary comments like "oh RH is closing down, oh its gonna be a nightmare to get your money bak"... this is what the hedgefunds want, they want you to panic and transfer. They want you to free up your shares so they can cover. Its going to take AGES for the lawsuits to finish, well after all these squeeze to eternity. Transfer your gains after!
Please repost if you find my reasoning to have merit!


If I make it out of gme with profit (won’t be much I’m in over 300) I think I should move it to stocks like PayPal, Costco, AMD, Microsoft maybe figure out what some growth stocks are

Rose Vicky

I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Venture into Investing some, if you really want financial freedom⬇️⬇️


Jeff Amazon is the new Tim Apple

Kenny Hernandez

Im not selling till the shorts run out of money lol

zobi stone

this guy was modern day unobomber

Evelyn Baitz

So can we get a hand count of who are in GME right now and # of shares?


poetic justice

R Kens

I've been in the markets for over 20 yrs and I've always told anyone that listen to never ever short.







Israel Maciel

Loved it

Heather Ainslie

https://youtu.be/rWEPSKkkdKQ Not sure if people have seen this, it goes over the arguments of GME, very informative.

Dylan Pendergrast

Do you think CRNT is still a good long term investment?


this whole thing is just messing with the rest of the market. In the end, still loose

Thomas Traynor

why aren't you or Jeff Amazon giving Roaring Kitty the credit he deserves. Watch his you tube videos over the last 6-8 months. It's his DD that convinced wall street bets. He is a fucking hero. He is u/deepfuckingvalue. He is the man

Johnnie Sohn

Robinhood... rob from the rich give to the poor lmao irony

Dane Lua

@deadnsyke bro pls make a video of $CTRM, it’s heavily shorted and PR was that they increased their fleet size to 8. Its was at $2 post covid with only 1 fleet.

Jean Peralta

Great content

KoKo FitFaded

One smart cookie ?

Jack Hoffmaster

Valuetainment has a good video about it.


Finally some useful video from Deadnsyde.


Can't Stop. Won't Stop. GameStop!

Ryan E.

Awesome video my guy. Keep up the great work!

Keagan Wethington

Giant leap for mankind ?

Francisco Gonzalez

So everyone keeping the Robinhood app? ?

Ark Surge

have u met brokencyde

Jared Keast


Sam Bowles

Gamers are notorious for finding cheats (shortcuts). It's no surprise that wall street was beaten by a bunch of gamers. Wall Street will never be the same again!!!!!!!

Iftikhar Alam

@deadnsyde, do you think it’s time to go for GNOG? Looks like it is way undervalued along with warrants

Jason Bridges

Wow. Just wow. Thanks for that info ????



Matt Deskins

Nakd 485m average volume! Lol

Marie The W̶e̶a̶s̶e̶l Mink

"Power to the Players" has a wider meaning to it now

Denzel Durden

Niiice! Do A VID for CIDM. Has compliance Monday EOD. Earnings are going tp be through the roof middle of february. Has 70% reduced debt. Explosion of revenue and suscribers. Over 15 mil suscribers and price target increased last week


Can't wait to go back to the movies. Free ticket for anyone that can prove they have min £1 AMC stock!! Lol Hey @AMC.. How about it ??

Justin Down

Hey, has anyone found anything on this Jeff Amazon guy? I can't find anything, maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Or is he possibly smurfing? "Jeff" Bezos "Amazon".


we just love the stock and we are Autistic ???

Adi B

AMC will have much higher gains now :) AMC all the way



David M



if u think the small man won over the big man here, your naive.

Kai Turn up Milla

Your the man for this one ! I salute you ? for this .. and let's show all these old foogies that we the people have the power .. diamond ? hands to the moon ?

Werner Bro

Could you please talk about ttoo(sepsis) and lpcn(trt pill with proven less side effects)?... Like this comment to let deadnsyde see it.

Mr Travel time

URGENT ALERT |||||||||||Only way $AMC go up if you guys hold it don’t try to sale control your emotion
Short seller have to cover there !!!!!loss !!!!
So Hold it buy more at dip !!!!

Brian Dennick


JC Rodhry



Only RH cucked us

Mark Carrasca

Diamond hands ?

Eve Shinkai

Lots of institutions already entered GME before the squeeze, it’s not just a retail crowd work

Skyy Moore

This video is exactly the video I’ve wanted to see for the last few day. Thank you, sir. You are awesome.

James Tobler

It ain't no fun when the rabbits got the gun!!!!

UniteAgainst ForcedRacism

Ticker?EXPR is next short squeeze attempt

Wei Han Tan


Douglas Bell

You’re legendary


I hate the amount of invaisble and mad publicity in the dam YouTube.


They still don’t have nearly enough stock to sell out of their short positions and have been lying to the media saying they closed out. They have been selling back and forth to each other with “short ladder attacks” with the only shares they have every morning to scare sell the people that have been holding. But they are hemorrhaging money each day paying interest and soon they will start selling their other holdings to keep paying down the short interest. This is still going to change economics as we know it. You have to look through the forest of misinformation they are planting, before you see the money trees they are hiding.

Dale Statt

Great video this was insane ?


Don't know how I bumped onto this. All in all Awesome content ???. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MStar Tutorials also had amazing information about similiar money making things on his vids.


wait. is jeffamazon jeff bezos from amazon?


like Chamath said, r/wallstreetbets is now the largest hedge fund in the world lol

John van de graf


Wall street bets

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WallStreetBets’ Market Manipulation Disaster.

129 662 views | 31 Jan. 2021

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Saket Patil


Matthew Domeika


I was diagnosed with NLPHL last year, and took a year off work. This allowed me to put a lot of time into old-school Runescape. I WILL BE MAXING MY ACCOUNT THIS WEEKEND, SATURDAY 2/6.

If you have an account, CAN YOU PLEASE ATTEND FOR JUST 5 MINUTES?? I WOULD HIT THE ROOOOOOF. I'll post this on every video of yours that I watch between now and Friday the 5th.

Thx bud.


If you read the comments as you say, you would see that they created bots spreading the hype and private chats with thousands of users and scammers.
This is the definition of pump&dump schemes.

Dan Stoch

Can’t buy silver???

BUY “MAC” they have $250 mil cash, GME rents space from MAC!, heavy-shorts by hedgefunds BUY “MAC” MACERICH pays a 4% dividend & at $14 support so Mace-urself Rich
PASS THE WORD!!! ....buy AG too

John Shakn

That's just like your opinion man

K.O.N. .PoorlyDrawn

It's just the small guys getting back at big brother lol. If people watch they post all the stocks they want to short squeeze and when

Shoshanna Cohen

Ben Bernake is on the Citadel Senior Board and Janet Yellen was paid $810,000 for 2 speeches by Citadel...how them apples

Enoc Jaramillo Castro

they told m to go to the moon but it doesn't look like it :)

David Bar

Excellent information.

fat pancakes

Made money on crypto ethereum fluctuated not as much as bit coin but it's tied to real value in minds and other platforms. Not financial advice in not a professional advisor.

ja White

This is not advice. We like the stock. This is they way!!

Christopher Dehn

I just like the stock

Travis Bartholomew

I've been getting increasingly angry the more I hear this story covered when the word manipulation is used when referring to WSB and the word manipulation not being used when explaining a hedge fund shorting a stock by more than 100%.


welcome to fascism

Shoshanna Cohen

Ben Bernake is on the Citadel Senior Board and Janet Yellen was paid $810,000 for 2 speeches by Citadel...how them apples


????? Bring that lv99 fire making mug TO THE MOON!

Neon Charge

I do believe at least 90% of the autists on WSB just like the opportunity and like to share info. There are also a few people there that might need to lawyer up. The biggest one I can think of off the top of my head is that guy that posted the screenshot acting like he was about to buy in with millions but never showed the order execute. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Dorm room dipshit Stonks

can't be found guilty of pushing a pump and dump if you bought at yesterdays high lol.. fml

Pita Broodje Met kaas

we are getting fucked hard

im down 1500 euro's and so are 5 of my friends....

mark marcinik

You seem naive regarding this issue. Musk almost lost his CEOship by tweeting a comment about taking his company public. Robin Hood could do nothing other than to stop trading. Any comment anyway would have been grounds for a lawsuit. The fine print when you open an account allows them to stop trading.


Press F for the poor bastards who have to read through thousands (millions?) of messages on that forum

James Michael

Bitcoin is the future of making money

Travis Jacobs

The people telling people to buy it are manipulating....

Nigol T.


The Texas Tickler

Stonks go brrrrr


The news manipulates the market every fu*king day and where the fu*k is the FCC?

Ken Powell

Cardone? do not sue me man


But fucking short selling and the manipulation coming with it it’s gonna be ok. Right. Damn plutocracy.


So should I hold and if yes, why? Lol dude I'm down like a lot!

Steve Dimon


Tavish MacDouche

Kevin it was a "Dump then Pump"

Arian Gorman

They'll seriously look into this but not the election? Biden hot more votes than obama ever got? I don't buy that in itself, it's all fake these days


To the moon my fellow comrads. Gamestop, AMC, Nokia, Blackberry, & Dogecoin!

R Cruz

Guessing the SEC is in bed with the big hedge fund Companies. You know, A favor for a favor. That way, they get to point the finger.


Is GME still heavily shorted?

De André Zemora

bro i just like the stock whats the big deal. I see a stock i like I buy


I like the stock, I could care less about money. This isn't about the "profits" anymore. This is personal now

Daniel Martinez

Forget the checks go after the people who created the Covid-19 and prosecute the quilt ones!

George Fung

I open up Bobinhood and got one free stock, when do I get the other three?

Haley Scotty

I really like angry Kevin!! ?

Matthew Anthony

Congratulations to me on my successful transaction with Mrs Helen Wayne trading platform

William Workman

Just found this;



Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Damn good content ❤️?. I also have been watching those similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these stuff. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool information about similiar money making things on his channel.


There are somethings in this world that add absolutely nothing to society, mosquito's and hedge fund managers spring to mind

Mike Brown

Kevin, when do you sleep? Have you gotten out of real-estate sales? Haven't seen you swing a hammer or knock down a wall in ages.

Zae Sade

Dude just lost 12k on contracts

Taylor Holden

My hell I loveeeee when you make an offhand osrs comment. <3


Hedge funds: yeah we’re gonna go ahead and profit off of bankrupting this company and make it public through media outlets
WSB: aye that gme tho

Mary Miller

hedge fund billionaires crying they got beat at their own game

Jose Gonzalez


Stephen Bevan

Hedge funds are doing a couple things illegal. One of them is short [counterfeit] shares that don't exist, which undervalues the stock price. Another illegal thing they're doing is a pump and dump scheme of SILVER. Hedge funds are getting the media to convince investors to buy silver, because Citidel and Melvin capital have long call options in silver stocks. They also want investors to sell their $GME to reduce the price. Don't give in, hold until Gamestop squeezes the hedge funds dry! Robinhood and other brokers limit your buying but not your selling for a reason, they want you to sell. Don't believe them, hold your $GME ??



Mary Steve

Bitcoin has a lot of opportunities, much more than gold I would say Bitcoin is the new generation Gold

ja White


Meet Kevin

F*^k the suits.

Ken Powell



Oh so now the sec wants to get involved ?

Bruce Guevara

Bring BALD Kevin back!!!!!!


Speaking of paid promoters... I signed up with robbing hood using your link. Connected my bank account, transferred some funds and got 1 free stock. When are we supposed to receive the other 3?

Patrick Scott

After several winning with Mrs Helen Wayne trading platform, I can boldly say investing in crypto is profitable if you have the winning strategy


The boyyyyyy is taking off he’s got a point tho much love brother

fat pancakes

Hedge funds manipulate market for years.... People on internet forum catch them and use knowledge of trading to hurt them for once..... Hedge funds that's illegal!!

John Frankfurt

I'm tired of calling this a recession,this is a depression over 30 million unemployed isn't a recession.

Michael Titus

Wall Street may win this battle, Im holding AMC and will wait and see.

Mario Cardenas

And now the witch hunt begins!

Time to sell pitchforks and torches!


So, if Kevin wears a suit from indochino, does he become LegalEagle?

Nick Tapp

Was that dudes name really Dick Weed? Haha nahhhhh

Bobby H

I'm holding my .7 shares God dammit

Dreydan Niemann

Bro too long of video 3-5 minutes please


New to your Chanel couldn't believe you have a 99 firemaking mug (noob) and then i noticed the sub button on the stream is osrs coin stack! nice!

Yusuf Lee

My crypo increase by at least 5 to 6 Times each time I trade on Mrs Helen Wayne trading platform

Randy Tidwell

Let's flip it around and use that on the hedge funds. There a certain number of buyers and sellers everyday. The hedge funds us borrowed shares to artificially increase the availabile shares being sold and overwhelm the buyers to manipulate the price down just so they can buy them at a lower price. The reverse of pump and dump. They are just dumping them first then covering. It was the carelessness and recklessness of the hedge fund that drove the price up so high when they had to buy back more than available. Like a thousand starving people trying to buy the last loaf of bread. Place the blame of manipulation on the hedge fund.

kim preap

brokers limiting purchases but still allowing naked shorting to occur, it's a no win for retailers.

Now Times Entertainment

Fake news silver. Literally zero buy & zero post on reddit. Fact check pls


I just like the stonk!

Ken Powell

I am waiting for my 4stocks from Robinhood
sec has seen this Kevin move on you have no clue

NoFluffing TV

I think it will be hard for the SEC to sue 8 million WSB members.

mila karens

This just proves how much we need an edge as investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t supreme.

Jacob Beheler

99 fm and 99 fishing were my firsts. Then wc, then magic.. gotta love chaos tunnels and blood barrage

Semaj Hendricks

New Retailer: "Your men must know that this is suicide."

WSB: "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice, comrade. We WSB redditors know this better than anyone."

                      [Like artillery fire, growing noise of MSM's slander against WSB]

WSB: "Prepare yourselves, men."

Millions more of retail traders: "URA!!!!!!"

                      [To maintain damaging the Hedge Funds' coffers, HOLD THE LINE]

                      [Leading the charge]
"URA! Never lose faith, my friends... Never!"

"Perfect planning, brothers."

"We will not pause. We will not falter. We will succeed -or die trying!"

Robert David

The only market manipulation going on is hedge funds trying to convince people they already exited their short positions, platforms such as Robin Hood restricting buying on certain stocks and news companies falsely stating that wallstreebets has turned its attention to silver

chaundra anderson

I’m an autistic ape going to the mooon. ? And that’s a fact in my opinion.

Supra Experiments

welcome to the sht show, its trading daily 101!

Blazein Boarder

We like the stocks!


It was pump and dump

H Boogie

None of this would've happened if short selling was illegal.

Darlene Mestas

You can have your stock. The silver run is where its at. Cant not cash me out of my physical precious metals. Or take my profits from my account. Manipulation is no new news. We've just been waiting for you all to catch up figuring it out and getting mad.


If they go after incels and gamers instead of RH the people will riot.

Bryan Feliciano

Bro if they put them on trial we riot. Good luck dealing with millions of pissed off peasants


I'm just an ape who likes the movies so I'll hold till I see 3k per


Your channel will be down by 50%, my prediction

Nur Hamed

Bitcoin is going higher now and the best thing to do is to invest and learn from experts..

E Fowler

If wsb gets sued then wallstreet needs to be also sued along with Robinhood and all the other stock exchanges and the "insiders" who are pushing silver like media outlets and wallstreet turds!

dennis dang

Crtm sndl zom!!!!!!!!lots of volume movement

Samuel Foos

avoid manipulation...buy hex on uniswap!! haha



Joe Ramirez

Dude I like pissed off meet Kevin. Get fired up Kevin.

Paul Escobar

Advice: instead of saying you're just a hoi polloi internet commentator, simply add you're not an attorney, esp. when discussing legal opinions.


It’s always evil and wrong and bad when poor people get ahead. But rich people? Ah, manipulate away!

Fuck the suits.


Kevin's hairs grow even faster than his capital.

Wall street bets

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Michael Burry's CRAZY Win on Gamestop (Courtesy of Wall Street Bets)

826 856 views | 27 Jan. 2021

Michael Burry has

Michael Burry has potentially made $233M on Gamestop stock in less than 4 months, thanks to a massive short squeeze triggered by the Wall Street Bets subreddit. Gamestop shares have now risen 1,914% in 2021 alone...


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#michaelburry #gamestop #wallstreetbets

Sterling M

As a short seller, of course he is more worried about the potential unlimited losses he could face when the guaranteed wins of the past aren't guaranteed anymore, rather than a profit of hundreds of millions.

James Shelnutt



from 5:00->7:10 ...best explanation of a short squeeze. good job!

Brandon Weaver

People talked shit about burry months back for shorting Tesla almost every comment was someone going at him.. now everyone is his biggest fan again due to his big GME call! Find it hilarious and shows how quickly people can change up..

Steven Harris

He absolutely sold early. No one gets upset at making money, especially not Wall Street.

jonathan thomas

How can the short squeeze (i.e. the sharp spike in share price) be solely attributed to retail investors buying shares when short sellers are also buying back shares to close out large short positions?

Daniel Backov

Try to search $WOLFY on dextools


I thought he was shorting GME and loosing millions


If he pulled out at the very height of the stock he would've made about $823,990,000 before taxes

Tyler CSM

New investors into gme are just buying into a Ponzi scheme lol


This video is begging for a follow-up! Millionaires were made, but then you have Robinhood's actions and the thousands of people who have been wrecked!

Barth K

I LOVE that this is finally happening!!!! The untouchables... the institutional traders and hedge funds have been screwing the retail market FOREVER!! And they've been granted every advantage to do it at will for decades. FU( % 'em all!!! Burn'em right to the ground.

Third Dequito

Laugh more with others portfolio.

Jason Chow

666k views. u satan


Burry sold a lot of his position in November before all this happened.


According to Dataroma he sold 2.7 million shares of Game Stop since Q2 2019. In his his last filing he sold just over one million shares to bring it down to 1.7 million share - he's probably annoyed - my guess is he likely sold more and maybe all after the Q3 2020 filing - we will have to wait and see. He reduced his holding by 38% in September. That is my guess - why else would he be so annoyed?


It is supposed to be illegal to sell things that don't belong to you.

Sean Z

I thought Burry sold the majority of his GME position before the squeeze.


You hear about the millions some of these investors make and then wonder why the other half of the US is poor and doesnt even have 400 bucks....


Next big winner = uk oil and gas plc


In 2020 it’s called short selling, and legal, in the 2000’s it was called a ponzie scheme.

Benjamin Richard Palmer

Did he sell?


why did he buy in Q3 2019??
He woulda lost a shitload if redditors hadnt bailed him out

Paul Inkman

Anyone can lend me some money so I can get married?

Fuck youtube Fuck google

Aaaandd the big guys won, again.

Thats some broad daylight shady gouvernement colluding with robinhood & hedgefunds corps. They crashed it, and they crashed it in a fucked up way.


The only thing that should be illegal is short selling.

How do you re-buy stock you owe someone else if nobody is looking to sell?

Kron Staro

Funny how all the talk we hear about how a regular Joe Schmoe trader has stuck it up to the big hedge funds through the power of reddit. yet no one talks about all the losers who bought the stock at the peaks because of all the hype and have lost everything when the stock melted.


Why you say "data" when its clearly "data"?

Master Try

will he make money on Tesla shorts though?

Ozan Hatil



you explained shortingg soo well broo , chapeau to youu:)) i've been strugling with this concept for a while thoo

Udar Pavarota

How that day everybody went ape stupid on GameStop. Hahahaha ??. You go on social media or stock brokers like Webull and read the comments. Some still dream GameStop is going to 1,000 per share.

Logan Main

I know how this story ends?

N. R.

It’s time to take the Un-regulation of the stock market back, that Clinton introduced to the market.
Short selling should be illegal again, cause they don’t produces any positive effects except killing company’s together a few people rich.


FML i was gnaa short sell it :(

James Grealish

Burry, the kind of guy who shows up at 5am for a class that starts at 10am and still thinks he could have been earlier.

Scott Nunan

When did he sell? I wanna know if he picked the peak? He might just loose it all again just as fast...

Harrison 'Bower' McHarron

Bought 6 shares of GME at $3

The Illegitimate President

He must've been busy Redditing ;) Shouting: "Buy stock. Buy stock!" "Fools. Mwuahaha". Yep.


When tubers used the Google search charts to display stocks. RUN! and block the channel....blocking might not be possible, but stay away from these people

Boi Wonder

Did you really make this video without knowing burry sold before Jan so he didn’t get those gains ? LOL also this is his second time buying he bought at 20 years ago and sold at 5 so if anything he broke even now buying at 8 and selling at 17

Kelsey Walker

I liked Kevin o'leary saying he likes it as it's a new variable for hedge funds to consider when shorting stocks. They may find themselves in the crosshairs of a collection of amateur investors that can totally derail their position


It went to a high of $483 before it popped

Kron Staro

Ive been trading for a couple of years, and never really understood how shortselling works, you explained it perfectly

Masked Mono

This guy must be a billionaire by now.


Everyone here is you in a past or future life ?

Economic Hitman

Blue horse shoe loves GME


Shorting is a "weird and wacky process" - translation: an immoral and arrogant practice.

Is it David and Goliath? Or is it Icarus?

Anatolii Lichman

then we used to force memes, today we forcе companies.
gentlemen, welcome to /b/ street
you know the rules...
we never forget
we never forgive

Darth Daddy

It is annoying when you were planning on making billions soon ... but instead you gotta take out the millions now.


Shame Burry is a hypocrite now. Doesnt like the idea of normal people throwing off his short game

Peter Ripuli

Little guys bites back at big guys ?


the only real edge was the first day they did this....stock was a roller coaster after that.


So a rich person just got even richer, thanks to normal people pursuing easy money. The money he makes is mostly normal peoples money... And afterwards we see this and think we can do the same thing as the rich person did next time. In the end we are the losers running after easy money while the rich people gets richer on us. Because they know how stock market works and how predictable people are. So don’t be impressed by this rich dude, we are the losers. Learn from him, think long term and be smarter when investing.

Jordan Pries

If your still holding GME your just asking to lose more money, $SNDL to the moon baby!!!!!


Thanks so much for this vid, I finally understand shorting conceptually

John van de graf

kaufe eldorado gold short rate42% UND MEGA NEWS !!!!!!


The problem is that people want to use stocks as a bet. You can put money in an annuity or mutual fund and earn a lot of money without substantial risk. Compounding interest will add up over time. I put all my money in growth mutual funds or variable annuities. But I can’t trade stocks like your average person as a licensed individual.

Doctor Skelestein

Buy NAKD before it moonshots!


Can someone give me the Twitter account name?


never seen someone explaining short selling so well...people usually go into crazy complex explanation

Adam L

He also bought blackberry before the hype too we bought it at the same time


He is Wall Street bets

Mark Rodriguez

Your simple way of explaining trading concepts is amazing


But who sells the stocks being shorted? Why would someone sell stocks of a dwindling company to a “stock-shorter?” Wouldn’t that be stupid?

Mbada Khoury

did he close his position though, because the stock now is crashed to original slope


Yes, it IS pronounced "Wondercock"

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

From Dec it was at $11 to January it went up $400

Shaan Bukhari

Your fingers are tentacles dude lol

Francisco Rojas


Kevin Rytter

I just checked Scion's holdings, he didn't sell.

Rebecca Anderson

B I t c I o n is the most profitable investment online


So the rich get richer? It was all in favor of the guy who caused the financial crisis

Shawn McDowell

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Colin Mc

This dude seriously bought it in 2019 and held until this nonsense? Does this man have a time machine?!?!!

El Empresario

he did it again!!!

John Doe

Its great to see hedge funds do something productive for once...


The big short 2: the rich get burned. XD

Fisher Theadore

Wish these Dudes would've done the same thing with Circuit City & Sports Authority.

Joe Blow

These Hedge funds were Naked Short selling. Making new shares out of the sale of the original shares. Artificial stock splitting. If you or I did that = jail. Rules for thee but not for me.

Chet Tierney

MIchael Burry got out in the $10s and he thought that is was crazy that it was that high


Who values stocks by reasoning? r/WallStreetBets??


i learned about stocks yesterday, IS THERE ANY REASON AT ALL to NOT short GME right now, or is the time limits just "too short" where you will have to cover too fast before share decreases? i dont understand why people are not shorting an insane amount rn, i know about the risk and stuff


I made a measly 27k on GME.. with very little exposure


Love the content, but why does the presenter feel so real estatey?

Scott Jenkin

Q3 2019 to present time is a little longer than four months...

Openminded Guy

Wall st planned this all along.

fahed jaberi

thank you, finally i understand shorts

Chris Florida

Gamestop stock lol

glen cecil

If Michael burry isn't happy that means he cashed out before the share prices skyrocketed.

Nick B

It peaked at like $350 why aren’t you mentioning that

a rather small moose

Naked short selling should be illegal.

James Shelnutt


New Money

What do you think of Gamestop right now?! Did anyone have it in their portfolio? Congrats if you did!!!

Josef Klimeš

What's his Twitter called? Genuinely couldn't find it under his name.


Great video, I finally found someone who explained short selling in layman's terms. Thank you

Declan Thomas

Michael Burry = Deepfknvalue

big fella

hes got mortgage eyes

1 fixed , 1 variable

Gin Mador

Quick Long: Short Squeeze

Dylan Vogel

your hairline is like, literally the WSB Baby's.