Is the dollar strong

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Is the dollar strong or weak right now 2020?

3 views | 21 Jan. 2021

00:00 - Is the dollar

00:00 - Is the dollar strong or weak right now 2020?

00:35 - What is a weak dollar?

01:07 - Is the dollar losing value 2020?

01:38 - Who benefits from a weak dollar?

02:09 - Why is the USD so strong today?

Laura S. Harris (2021, January 14.) Is the dollar strong or weak right now 2020?



Our mission is to create educational content. Therefore, we also explored this topic from a scientific point of view. When judging the content, keep in mind that the scientific presentation of the topic requires a broad perspective which may be hurtful to some people.

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Is the dollar strong

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The Darkness - Million Dollar Strong (Official Audio)

148 607 views | 30 Oct. 2015

Taken from 'Last of Our

Taken from 'Last of Our Kind - Deluxe Edition'

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Anyone else regret not getting the deluxe edition? :(

Love the horns. :)

unused channel

> British band
> dollars

Why not pounds?


This band is million dollar strong

lee-roy jenkins

I love it, I love it so much!

martin thomas

Eargasm as always ???


sounds like The Darkness to me!!!!!!!!!! i love the contrast between dan and justin guitar solos. les pauls for life. speaking of les pauls i say fuck 50's wiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily the Strange



Woahhhh I just woke up to a notification of a new darkness song, champagne anyone?

Sean Hayes

F**king addicted to this. Favourite song by the guys in ages. Absolutely ages. Back to their best. Find it tough to make out the lyrics at times so can't wait to find out the official lyrics. Great music along with the lyrics too. Love the addition of the brass section. Enhances it brilliantly.

P E A C E _ _ _ _

I am a believer! ???


Have to listen to this multiple times a day.


Great song

Tachikoma Days

This ought to have been a standalone single! This is without doubt one of their best songs to date!


The best band now!!!

George Pilgrem

This great


The Darkness never seem to disappoint!

Mark Lechman

Excellent song, their bonus tracks are always awesome!! May this band never, ever go away again!!

Jamie Lynn

One person has no soul

Dustin Lambeth

Damn, killer tune. This would sound great in a 80s sex romp comedy soundtrack

Chris Smith

where have they been for the past however many years since "thing called love"? lol great tunes

Robert Shaw

I really wanna see those fumbs!


i passed on the album due to the first couple songs released.....then they put this song out? and it's only on the deluxe version? i would have bought the album str8 away if this were the first single

Brian Clark

Pisses me off how I'm just now hearing so many great songs from these guys

FENDT v.g.c

WOW amazing

really nice

Sofia Mendonça

Replay, replay, replay... \m/

ron streeter

let me pop that cork yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phillip Carlton

Where in the hell are the lyrics... this man has written my complete

theBEE 1234love

J E E Y ! ????????


kickass song!

SykoJ Gaming


Sean Hayes

I should just wish to be enquiring as to what colossal bell end of epic proportions decided to thumbs down this f**king brilliant music song..? Pillock and idiot of the highest order!

theBEE 1234love



That's Great! Sounds like the oldschool Darkness Songs!

Ky Fawkes

I can't be the only person who thinks this sounds like the Style Council

JJ Marroquin

A little Van Halen "ain't talking 'bout love" at the beginning of this one. Has anyone noticed? Still, THE BEST song since Permission to land. Great Band!!!



Darkness 0912


Illona Yoga & Guidance

great intro, great song like always :)

Royce Williams

I kind of wonder how many other great songs that they had done during the sessions for this album....."I Have Always Had The Blues", "Messenger" and this track are all killer.

Paola Graciano

I've listened to it more than a hundred times by now. FUCKIN' BRILLIANT!

Grief Hammer

Hearing some classic Van Halen flavours in that verse guitar part. Top notch song!

Niko D

Brits version of Steel Panther...

Mia Schu

I love The Darkness! I love the touch of kitsch they add to brilliant rock songs. But I'm not fond of the bad 80s pop vibe in this song, especially those horns. Still, great vocals and guitars, as usual.


The start of that song is amazing.

Bartłomiej Przybył

Absolutely brilliant!!

Thomas Guzik

I hear Van Halen, Def Leppard and Neil Young guitar riffs all through-out this song. Great song ! No one here in the States can come close to these guys!


Great song guys!

Emma Hiddleston


Mariana Burgos

amaaaaazing song! <3 :D


Love this song, yet again The Darkness delivered!!

George Ofori-Atta

Wow!!! Another magnificent song from this Star Jammer band.

jason Wil

this band is so underated

Geoffrey Keron

As far as bands go, The Darkness are Million Dollar Strong!!! Keep rocking boys!!!

Phil Heesen III

1:01-1:04 <3

Voodoo Doc

really good track I will enjoy thank you Darkness !


what a great song!

Brenda Stanislawski

is this a Darkness song?

Poster Child

"Mum, Dad, I don't want you to worry about money. Because when you're gone, you can't take it with you. BECAUSE I'M FUCKIN' HAVIN' IT" Fucking love this song

Pams smaP

Come to Rio de Janeiro ;)


Best band period!


Definitely a BONUS and why I bought Last of our Kind Deluxe!!!!!!!

Francesco Marano

dig the song \m/ here's a write-up I did about it: http://zumic.com/music-videos/207816/million-dollar-strong-the-darkness-youtube-official-audio-stream/


Billion Dollar Awesome! Wow The Darkness just keep getting better and better!



Shawn White

You guys murdered it with this one.

George Pilgrem

This great

Señor Philipé

I think this is the best darkness song I've heard - it's amazing


Awesome guitar

Ricardo Bonfim

Amazing !


this is better than the christmas song


Just always great hooks!! Love this band!!

Bryan Rosales


Matthew Boxall

Such an epic song!

K Koz

Wake n Darkness(bake)  :)

Is the dollar strong

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Why the U.S. Dollar Remains Strong | WSJ

123 900 views | 21 Aug. 2020

Despite many pundits

Despite many pundits predicting that the U.S. dollar would lose its global dominance, the coronavirus pandemic has only served to demonstrate how vital it remains to the international financial system. WSJ explains why this isn’t the first crisis to do so. Photo: Scott Eells/Bloomberg

More from the Wall Street Journal:

Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com

Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ

On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM

#WSJ #Economy #Explainer

Bunyinj Bhadi

The US dollar will ONLY disappear...when freemasonry disappears........cannot wait for that momentous day!

Retro Crypto

Cryptocurrency is coming and will change the world. I have created a Youtube channel to help people understand whats happening before it is to late.

Sword of Pendragon

CEOs are not economists. Economists are arguing for the stable dominate role of the dollar for a long time. See https://www.hoover.org/sites/default/files/research/docs/cochranepalermotaylor_currencies_ch2.pdf for example for a review.


Funny that they used Lebanon as an example of decreasing/decreased monetary value.
Israel bullies Lebanon. Regularly violates their airspace by military planes, bombs it, etc.
And then the US is Israel's b*tch. There's a connection :')

Andre Park

Did a JP Morgan guy just quote Spiderman?

Secret Agent

soon world return to Islamic currency Silver and Gold because silver and gold are real wealth.

Andrew Vukich

Bitcoin! The people's currency of the future.

The Financial Report

No it doesn't!

Ed Powers

The tone of this video makes it seem like it’s a shame that the US dollar is the safe haven for the world. Sometimes I wonder whether WSJ is slowly being infiltrated by social justice warriors because now much of their video content reminds you of the rest of the media which hates America and wants to see it fail. Who in the world prefers China to be the world leader? This seems like a repetition of the Cold War where leftists in America were essentially rooting for the USSR, while turning a blind eye to their grotesque human rights violations. China is currently conducting a soft genocide of Muslims and has quietly (with the help of omission by the media) taken over Hong Kong. Who in the world trusts that authoritarian dictatorship to be a leader in the currency markets?

Sebastian J.

I'm actually worried about China's market dominance. Those guys really wanna change the rules of the game and what worries me is that once they become the biggest superpower how's the world gonna be managed? Are they gonna destroy liberties around the globe and institute some sort of regime in different nations thanks to its communist ideologies? And how is capitalism gonna change is another big question. These guys have become so powerful and rich THANKS to the economic model they hate so much: capitalism. They're leading in technology and technology is the masterpiece of capitalism so at what point are they gonna let capitalism and communism rule the world? How are they gonna manage that? Wherever they go, they exploit everything (a typical human behavior tho) look at how many animals they kill, torture and slaughter in the name of "cultural values". Look at how many species are being brought to the brink of extinction thanks to their food demands I mean it's crazy. Once these guys take over and they will, what's gonna happen to the world order? Capitalism rules the world, how's it gonna look like once communism takes over? The US already lost, economists and market experts already know that China beat the US, so what's gonna happen?

paul ferrer

Chinese money is a trash like toilet paper...and dont need to trade in other countries ..

Bishal karn

2:35 Biggest lie..

je suis Informaticien

dollar strong because of petrodollar , the biggest terrorists in this world are the bankers

Sagar Choudhary

Cancel my WSJ subscription

WSJ is actually stealing. It allows people of California, Vermont, Maine to cancel subscription online but not to people from Asia pacific. Just because our government has not taken notice, it is stealing money from people.

Roll Royce

dont mess with this power it might result in consequence which u dont like is moral of the story! Belive in Karma.

Misha Keryta

The price is just gorgeous at 1:54.
Could you please share the store?

Jazmeen Good

They’re programming you guys for the collapse lol ? get ready 10/17 11/6 and 11/9 it’s so easy to see learn gematria then you will see there lies the world is a stage and they’re playing you guys like a fiddle ??‍♀️ god is coming to get rid of the fallen angels times up baby lol

zhao hong

"Insulin was invented at the University of Toronto, Canada, from 1921"

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Sanjana Dogra

People who are sooooo confident that dollar never gonna fail do they know how much debt US has? How much dollars they are printing? Trillions. People should listen to mike Maloney and Peter shiff to learn more about US and rest of the world. What they’ve been predicting is gonna happen. Dollar is gonna lose its value. I pray it doesn’t. Even after knowing the reality I never want dollar to collapse and stay the strongest currency forever. ??


And I LONGed EUR since June. I still don't get the vid.

Khanh Quach

Quách Khánh ông chủ: lloyds citi hsbc mufg world bank chỉ dùng usd làm dòng tiền vậy thôi. Khánh cua người Hải phòng


The decline of US dollar is inevitable. Its just a matter of time..

B K Lau

Keep going to abuse the result of the world as reserve currency ... Ignore the shift ...





Enrique Carrera

Peter Schiff gang wya

Apache Sakai

China, Japan and others give debts in USD too, if USD fall, is no good for China, Also USD strength is on its military , a country who lose in War will lose the value of its currency , American will never lose an important War unless American willing to give up

Temp Account

It won’t for long. Last few years.

Fire Boy

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What is it backed by?


Is this why European countries have more than 70% of their foreign reserve holdings in form of dollars? Even the US has most of it's foreign reserve holdings in form of gold


the truth is there is no alternative !

wangthoi luwang

and which country has the worst debt?

Abdur Rashid Raskin

I wish euro dominates it.

Ultimate Man

In short it is a maffia business and if you don't play along you get wacked!

Ben Tom

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Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, Zero ~ Voltaire

Jobins Puthiyaparambil

Yea, right now 62% World currency reserves in USD. But what was the numbers last year or the year before that? Without knowing those figures how do you know the trend?? ??

On 2Wheels

All the naysayers of our currency always eat crow in the end...

Jed Cruz

CCP will try.

kel west

Why the U.S. Dollar Remains Strong? Because no one wants America problems of being top dog and America is too prideful to let others take its spot.

Economics in Action

Was this really a surprise though?

Black Dragon

If Biden wins China (CCP). wins and America loses https://youtu.be/flf4OhQ2Zhc


US is pumping a lot of money into the US economy to lower the value of the dollar. Who owns US debt? Who is the US currently in an economic war with right now. Read between the lines.

manoj kumar

Please coverage Indian GDP crisis

Tissa Jayaweera

US economy vs Doller . When Doller gets strengthened US economy (people's living standard ) gets weakened .

René N.

You are kidding? US Dollar is the weakest pairs since many weeks and you want to tell the people the opposite? Poor Wall Street journal...just look in the charts and to US Dollar index!

You reap what you sow

Because they lied, cheated and stole.

Kazhi 6

I see lots of dislikes on the US being dominant.
It’s all because of jealous?
The level of praising and hating to a particular nation are so excessive and ignorant that
I took them as fragile nationalism to the country.

Curtis Carpenter

Its a defecto currency in many countries too.

omer aleem

this video is correct as per past history prospects but going onwards is where the test is. present is also ok but not that great as it used to be. how ever like said in future does nit seems too bright. how ever dollar hike can be mimics demands but that cannot be taken for granted now. for example same formula
if you apply to huawei regardless of restrictions , huawei still thrive. meaning it is very tough now a days to kill any technology or ban any resources to float in the financial market due to good international rules and standers. talking abt imf applying restrictions due to dollar is not seems to be the same case any more. since usa pull out money support hence then usa domination also is changing and usa is not as effective as it use to be. to many players now.

Cancer Called Human Species

USA-No country's currency can dominate US Dollar...
Other countries - but he can..
Enters Cyrpto

Zecr Samanadro

"That the US is one of the safest places to be"
For money? Maybe. For your health? Most definitely not.

Jason M.

BITCOIN is the best way of making money now while at home in this trying times..Esp. with the help of PORTFOLIO MANAGER. She traded and made me OVER $35K?I'm happy! Only if other experts could be as transparent as she is, then the world would be a better place.

Srinivas Aprameya H.s

The greatest country in the history of the world ????????????


Go America ??????????

muhammad iril

If the country can’t use US dollar, why not use another currency for trade? Euro or yen, etc


It’s back by the U.S. Military...can’t mess with that?


As powerful as its ever been as they print more than ever to try and save it from crashing

Lkgpuanimho 0

Insert Peter Schiff

Madison Madison0808

Cash app invest and earn a guarantee DM us on this gmail or text me on IG @madi.son9353 for info
$up to $900

Richard Branson

USD has become powerful like Gold.


Well I guess let's find out after China has become the wealthiest superpower and china's wealth is double the amount of USA


All fiat currencies in history eventually goes to 0%. Yes, holding cash is important in these times to balance the portfolio (barbell theory), but in the long term gold, silver and bitcoin are harder forms money. (Can’t be printed). And will most definitely do a better job at keeping your purchasing power.

These are my thoughts, what are yours?

sharon berry

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Hillary Bruno

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mohan aryal

I don’t think USA would be world’s biggest economy anymore due to this pandemic.

Matthew Ng

The shift will happen gradually based on adoption of new trading currencies used to surpass us sanctions

Aaron Oneal

Yall need to do a video about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees with their profits

Uncensored Investigation

Money printing has been the most devastating effect for all humans that ever placed foot on earth.


Remember US hold many gold, and yet they don’t very hold their dollar... which if dollar go inflation, the fed can quickly use gold to help dollar great again

محمد ناصر هوداني


Jared Harmon

Yeah because you Fascist republicans bailed out the stock markets. Here in Houston, Texas; when you go out? You have to pay in exact cash, debt or credit. This mainly means the federal reserve is out of cash. They have to keep the cash. This is why you don't bail out the elite class and stock markets with 4.7 trillion dollars. It's the only way to stable the dollar which is failing long-term. Now we have 60 million unemployed and 100 plus under employed. The United States economy will fail.


every fiat currency has failed. gold and silver were the only money throughout human history that never failed. the dollar became the world reserve currency b/c the dollar was back by gold back then. today it's debt based, it's back by nothing but the US government's ability to meet it's debt obligations (paying off interest on national debt). our taxes are not even near enough to do so. the US government will have to find a way to inflate its debt away, like every empire in history did. anyone with some education on monetary history will know this video will go down in history as a joke.

Rodolf Seobal

China is dreaming

Curtis Carpenter

It's a alternative to printing more money like increasing money supply with a higher denomination note.


To Editor and reporter, Why only give half the report of the global dollar. America should have the full story since they r the backer/underwriters of the currency. In economics and everything in life there is no such thing as a free lunch. Look there wouldn’t b an issue if we had politicians and somewhat of capitalistic system that create equality for everyone ESPECIALLY WHEN THE UNDERWRITERS of the dollar are middle class and working families of America but the system is broken and the externalities of this global dollar are costing the American citizens real short term and long term burdens/erosions of social economic status and thinking that cooking the book will help keep America’s debt in check is a joke. This debt/inflation economic policies that politicians/treasury/FED r practicing is eroding/increasing delta/rate of change of middle class/working families erosion at a fast rate, this is like the population death/birth rate scenario it’s not a problem when death/birth equal but when u have a death rate/delta moving faster than the birth rate you have huge structural problems and when u have a middle class death rate/erosion/delta compared to the birth/new people moving into the middle class u get social inequality/social unrest, political cronyism/corruption, social capitalism (privatize gains/socialize losses), huge national debt, huge personal debt, undemocratic policies. The golden goose r the middle class Americans and the working families moving into the middle class.

Jennifer Ford

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Marcos smith

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Beatle Mania

0:14 "Can the US dollar remain a global reserve currency?" "Absolutely not" says the guy who appears in RT, the most trustworthy and unbiased source there is

daniele one

The pound declined , the decline of the dollar is inevitable , we just have to wonder when.

Rutherford Wilson

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Babys are not mandatory!

That will be on Europe's tombstone!America is in a unique situation, Mellinailas are America's largest generation ever!

America is going from the Largest economy to the only major economy!!

America will go from the largest consumer market to the only major consumer market !! This is big, Big Don is going to block access to Our/the American market unless they move all production to the USA!

America is going from the Deepest financial market on Earth,to the only major financial market!

Who says Math Does!

America has 30 years until the millennials start to age out, and then it is possible in 30 years America will be in the same shape as the old developed world and China!!

Thing is 30 years is a long time to fix a problem, and after the economic/demographic collapse in the rest of the formally major economies, we will be motivated to fix it in the next 30 years...The lack of Jobs in Europe will drive what few young people Europe has to the USA if they can gain entry!


The US with 1000 printers in the background: So we can print more?

Arz Phoenicien

Lebanon ❤️??❤️


That's why media is for:
Propaganda and brain washing.
Dollar became so venerable so US media is supporting it!


"Insulin was invented at the University of Toronto, Canada, from 19

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sourabh vora

Daniel Hui needs to ubderstand this one thing, in general the 'index' as we know which has been created since the 70s, is the first of its kind. So it is virtually impossible to dethrone the dollar. His argument is moot. Also, being a Fx strategist, he needs to have sound understanding of bretton woods. Also, his data points are taking currency history of the last 100 years. Its a small number

Joseph Stalin

too bad but the world don't trust communist china with their money! period.

Fell Man

Bitcoin is where it's at and I have some.


Until it isn't...


They said the US dollar is strong but right now the DXY have been bearish for months

Bunyinj Bhadi

Those who continue to 'downplay' the US Dollar, have obviously NOT come from a money background, and know NOTHING.

The entire world is on the face of the US Dollar and some other VERY secretive stuff...which basically controls ALL other money!

Should NOT be permitted, but who can stop it?

datguy overdere

You didnt show any economists, you showed communists

Ayushman Panda

But the kind of Debt that is building in US is unsustainable and when the US govt goes bankrupt, it may bring the collapse of Dollar

Brett Stefanishin

It's only strong for now. The dollar is a ticking time bomb and will eventually revert to zero, as all fiat currencies do.


That's why Trump is attacking China and is keeping the US equity market up to maintain the US dollar dominance.

F Harrison

Bitcoin is actually safer in the long run or gold...
They say it is stable, because everyone is printing accordingly....


They’ll all come crawling to Bitcoin in due time.