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ASMR Sassy Cheerleader Roleplay ? Doing Your Competition Hair & Makeup

150 732 views | 20 Aug. 2020

huge thanks to the

huge thanks to the seashell that came up with this chant!! love it so much, so clever :)

Business: [email protected]

Paypal - aka tip jar!: [email protected]

Main insta: oceanna.fayantbarz

Tik Tok: oceanna.fayantbarz

ASMR insta: oceans.asmr

Depop: oceannafb

Custom ASMR videos:

Inquiries - [email protected]

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for custom videos and now that I’m done uni I have time to film some :) Email me with your custom video request and I will let you know if/when I can film your video! All custom video requests must be appropriate and non sexual.

Custom Video Rates (USD):

5 minute video: $15

10 minute video: $30

15 minute video: $50

30 minute video: $70

Let me know if you’d like the video posted publicly on my channel for other seashells to watch and relax too :) Payments can be done through e-transfer or through my Paypal - whatever works better for you! Conversion rates are a little weird so let me know if you need help or did a wrong conversion and I can make changes, otherwise it will get transferred as what you paid. Thank you for supporting my channel :)

PO Box info - if you'd like to send me anything :)

Oceanna J Fayant-Barz

PO Box 40078 Derry Heights PO

Milton ON


L9T 7W4

Discount Codes:

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-school spirit lol


-hair brushing

-face brushing

-pom poms

-water sprays

b ukele


Auni Abegg

Ur so creative with the cheer!!

life is a party and i'm the piñata

"bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk bLiNk"

Claudia Pietsch


Ethan Massey


Your Bro

Note to self don’t watch asmr then starwars on full volume

Btw small you tuber hi ??

Grace Lu

Every time she says 5, 6, 7, 8 my brain instantly thinks “dance with me in my backyard boy”

toca life paige

Please can you stop speaking quiet and speak loud pls

Djole Zile

omg its covid time and you woman are sharing lipstick :R

Kendra Bushnell

You should do another cheerleader one pls

Adriana Chiarito

Hi ocean I love ur Chanel

Łił Jøker

Girl be sassy to me in real life, ill drag you and your 2 cent dollar store barbie wig dont play.

(Ps. Ik this is a role play lmao)

Jennifer Thatcher

She seems nice though not sassy

It’s Talia Brooke!

The tingles I got when she did the hair ????????

Gaming_ Teen girl


Naina Grover

“I am not mad just a bit disappointed” me: oof the disappointment card literally every conversation with my parents

Allyson Risner

16.17 is my favorite part lol ur to nicee to be mean but in ur roleplays.ur great at.acting

Charlene Morrison

Your videos are Amazing love you I am Subscribed


I can’t with the mouth noises djsnbsnwjajwjwoqkwkw

Shawna Rose

Your hair is pretty on this video ?

Hannah Henderson

Is the red scrunchie a reference to the red power scruchie in Heathers?

FirstTime ISawJupiter

Your eyes are still so sad. I hope the best for you and slowly get to feeling better. Much love and support

Cutie Catto Clara

busy bee cheer!

Come on busy bees!
Work up a bizzy storm!
You can fight
do it right!
Put those sloths to sleep!

Au Wa

omgggg major tingles!!!!!!

Bryleigh Worsham

I am literally almost asleep and I just started the vid

Kori Taylor

Is there a small chance we could get a sassy cheer Captain invites you to her bday sleepover

Samantha Emily

you kinda look like quinn fabray !!

Lærke Floortje

1:08 tinglyy


Hey sweetie, I am a huge fan of yours and I have watched most all of your videos and love them all! You have totally inspired me to make my own ASMR channel and I was wondering if you would please please subscribe to my channel please?? Thank you so much.
Xoxo, Kiara

Explore with Ella

Coming from a competitive cheerleader this was awesome!?


Lol no one on my cheer team wore much more then mascara. When your throwing girls, being thrown, or tumbling/jumping you
✨S W E A T✨

-Starry Dreams-

watches her


Hello I need my hair done

Yes I am


Yeah- I mean you told me the wrong time

I’m not a beginner I’ve been cheering for 6 years

Okay- yeah thanks for not telling me the dress code

Mhm- mumbles she thinks she’s so cool

looks up

It’s okay-

(Lol idk)

Ethan Massey


Jada mc Fp 1

My! YouTube! channel! On! Here! Is! Called! Jada mc Fp 1

Sydney Pitts

Do ASMR well-to-do mother spoils you with sweet sixteen gifts next!
(FYI: Well-to-do means rich)


3:36 when she hits u with the i'm not mad just disappointed

Adriana Chiarito

Hi I love ur asmr I

Niya Vu

I was the 5k like ?

captain jacksparrow

the odd 1s out

Arielle Juillet

To be honestly I just wanted to annoy myself with this


Did anybody notice when she was spraying the "hairspray mixture" in our hair and she said "I'm just gonna cover your eyes so nun gets in your hair" lol its supposed to go into your hair lol -no hate btw I watch you ALL the time :0 ily sm

Ethan Massey


Just Peaxchy

Your voice makes me sleepy UwU

Rohanna Murphy

If I was in Ocean’s position I’d be mad at me too!

Jada mc Fp 1

Thank! You!

Charlotte Guerra

Do you just brush make up on the camera?

Riley Roedel


Edit Tutorials

i love this and i got so much tingles

Equestrian Editz

Before you go to bed:
~Did you eat a snack?
~did you brush your teeth?
~did you wash your face/wash off your makeup?
~did you set an alarm if you need one?
~is your phone on do not disturb?
~Do you have a phone charger?
~are you comfortable?
~did you change into pajamas?
Hope this helps ❤️


since when did u have a nose ring- WHAT have i missed?!


me: falls asleep whilst watching u at a restaurant
my parents: oi wake up and stop watching people that aren’t aloud a YT channel
me again: just bc they are whispering doesn’t mean they aren’t aloud a YT channel ?
the waitress: hey, I watch her to!

Mollee The Shark

Imagine how long would it take to write a rhyme like that

Avery Allan

i was just watching one of your old vids from last year. you have grown so much in your whispering! and congrats on 250k! ?


I have been a cheerleader before not a captain but just a cheerleader I was okay… but I wasn’t that shy but I quit the next year but now I’m homeschooled :(
Edit:who’s ever liked there own comment lol

Sophie Belser

i know this is just a role play but ngl those poms kinda trigger me bc i’m a cheerleader lol


loved this!

sociallyawkward steve

Took me a while to realise she's saying "sleepy sloths" and not "sleepy sluts".

destenyDestiny helena

Whoever is ready this
Your skin isn’t paper don’t cut it
Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it
Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it
Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it
You're beautiful/handsome and
Don’t give up on your life
Stay safe


That cheer is so good

microwave cosplays

Me while ocean puts my hair up in a ponytail: cry's in shaved head

Carly Barnett

Her: Choreography can be hard for beginners.

Me : Beginner!?!? I have been cheering for 3 years

( this is funny me and ocean are the same right now this is my first year being cheer captain haha

Charlene Morrison

Love you


Me: * shows my sister ur awesome video *
Her: omg she’s like so goooooood. says sarcastically
Me: :O
Me again: Just follow my lips and do what I’m saying :)
Me talking to sis: go drown underground for your own good, and if you misunderstood make sure to go to the hood and GER RECKED
(I’m not good at this :’( )
My sister: When did you become a cheerleader?!


Another thing...

Ocean: Blink, blink, blink, blink.
Me: * excellent start staring *

? Luv u ocean ?

OliviaChan 08

Low-key I got anxiety from this and I kept apologizing to the screen because I felt bad for wasting your time XD

a k x e l a h

Ocean = Back
Wig = Snatched
Everyone = Asleep
Hotel = Trivago

Mia Morales

Her: we really don't have any time to spear

Her: taps on conceler

Me: ?️??️ bruh

themon3 x

OMG till this day i thought she was saying " Come on sleepy sl*ts" ... I feel ashamed

Annie B.

Ocean with the hair spray: "I'm just gonna cover your eyes so none of it gets in your hair. '
Me:" B-but isn't that the point?"

Ethan Massey


Jada mc Fp 1

Hey! Ocean!

Ed Allen

is it just me or does this cheerleader sound kinda toxic?

2 little munchkins

U r the most sassy girl of I ever met u plz like this ocean plz plz u r my fav

Shivani Mutreja

do more of theseeee i love yhem

It’s Payton

OMG you inspired me to be a Youtuber it’s called Payton’s ASMR❤️


omg can we plssss have another episode of this, it's sooo good omg love you ocean!

Autumn Spring

Ocean: we can section your hair into 3 parts and it’ll be curled
My THICK hair really said: what about the rest of us

Greer_ M

Who else blinked when she was putting the mascara on

A Wood Gaming Channel

Ocean:red is a kinda odd color for a sloth mascot
Me: so am I a mascot or a cheer leader??

Tami Saba

me wishing I knew how to make that hairspray mixture

Annie B.

Ik it's a roleplay, but she has a necklace and earrings on. ? Cheerleaders could NEVER


You should be a cheerleader

Ethan Massey


Alexis Rielle Morrison

"I'm just going to cover your EYES so none gets in your HAIR"13:24

Jocelynn Carpenter

Does ocean have a nose ring? I can’t tell ?


<33 I love u @oceansASMR you give me the tingles ever night and for some reason you big sister ones always made me cry bc it made me realize how much I miss my sisters. Stay safe out there!! UwU <33 also your so pretty and kind! ❤️

Microwave Mayhem

Looks yummy! Would be better in the microwave!

Claire Elise


I just wasted your time scrolling

Casandra Avila

I ❤️ ???????????❤️❣️???your makeup ?

Roijait Passah

Rude I hate you I don't like your video

Horse Girl

Just gonna cover your eyes so none gets in your hair?


Was I the only one thinking of Quinn Fabray on glee

leslie impey

Could you please do some sort of dance makeup and hair role play, it would mean the world to me because you inspire me so so much and I love your videos and role plays already so doing this would make my day!! :)))

Jada mc Fp 1

I’m! Subscribed! To! You! On! You’re! Asmr! YouTube! channel! On! Here!

Au Wa

video ideas: movie theaters rp and Halloween store rp

Jada mc Fp 1

And! I! Just! Subscribed! To! You’re! Second! YouTube! channel! On! My! YouTube! channel! On! The! YouTube! app! On! My! New! iPad! Last! Night!


The amount of times she tightened her “RED” scrunchie

Ashton Lamar

Oh noooo I'm totally going to have nightmares about being made to go to nationals when I don't know the routine! It's been 12 years since I graduated and I still have lots of nightmares about cheer ??

Caterina Galvani

Okay my eyes were closed during the mascara part and when she was saying flick I thought she was pumping the mascara wand in and of the bottle cus that’s what it sounded like! ?

Equestrian Editz

You’re so amazing! Keep going, you’ve got this ❤️

Rp to usd conversion

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How to Setup Web Free Hosting in Sinhala

22 448 views | 1 Jun. 2018

How to Setup Web Free

How to Setup Web Free Hosting in Sinhala

vithila vidara


Malaka Aruna

Jqery,ajax,javascript,boostrap ganath video danna

Sudaraka Aruna Bandara

Host කරනු ලැබූ වෙබ් අඩවියක් මකා දැමීම හෝ Update කිරීම සිදු කරනු ලබන්නේ කොහොමද?

Gishan kavinda

Aiye,html vala Bootstrap kiyane moavada? ava use karane Kohamada


Free Domain ගන්න විදිය කොහොමද ?

tech life

mysql wage data base ekak kohomada api host karana website ekakata prayogikawa use karanne? website eka host karana thena apita data base eka install karanna puluwanda?

Gishan kavinda

Apita html/css valin design krala vitark uplod karana puluvanda? php one nade?

Dhanu Gunawardane

like always a great video ... waiting for the next one bro...

NA kandy

email ekata reply ekak enne nahane

Naveen Eranga

Aiye domain walata hama auruddkama aimath salli gewanna oned? Anith ek aiye hosting free ganna ek hamadam tyd?

Dileepa Lakmal

Google Firebase eke web hosting karana eka hodaid? Firebase eke host karoth gataluwak tynawd?

Cute Squirrel


Akila Pushpaka

Website bandwidth eka gana video ekak karanna

Havishka Halangoda

Hi aiya, man aiyage video tutorial balan domain ekak purchase karala domain ekak gatta. Itapsse hosting ekata log wala serve name tika copy karan domain name serves change kara. Ekata paya 24k aniwaren inna one neda. Mokada man domain eka danna yaddi kiwwa paya 24-72 yanwa kiyala Ehema nathan wens error ekak da?

Hashan Eranjana

Store eka mulin host karata awlak ndda one month wage

SL super techie

can u send me the link of godaddy ehema enne nane

The Royal Lion

next videos wala link description ekata add karanna. ethakota wadiya hoya hoya inna deyak nahane. hodata kiwwe bro

dulana isuranga

Name servers kiyanne monawada ayye.?

Gishan kavinda

Mta ona man disign karana web site akta ad vena userlage data Query karala mge database akata gana.ahema kohamada karane?


Aiye ai ssl certificate eka ganna bari wordpress install karaddi. Not found kiyala watenawane

RUCHIRA Kariyawasam

sir godaaaaaakkkkk thanks.. kochchara kal me hosting eka free da sir?

Malaka Aruna

නියමයි web disign ගැන තව video ඉක්මනින්ම දාන්න කියල ඉල්ලනවා

chathuranga manoj

Sr.web host business plan 2 year ekedi loku ganak enawada kiyak wageda?

Attractive Lanka

thank you very much. monawada cost eka adu web hosting servicess

Ma Bro

e mail awe nane

Renuka Jayawardena


Music hub

සර් අපි වෙබ් සයිට් එකක් හදලා හොස්ට් කරපුම ඒකට ආරිටිකල් අලුතින් දාන්න පුලුවන්ද

Kavindu Vishal

Infinityfee hosting site eka hondaida?

danu danu

admin panel ekata log wenna kohamada

S n x p y

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Software Engineer

wow niymai sir


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nilesh vincent

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Kasun Bro

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Accident 1 World

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Danu Shan

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yp sira

Ilagata mokadda bro?



Sithija Nelusha

සුපිරි අයියේ සෑහෙන ඩේවල් ඉගෙන ගත්තා දිගටම වීඩියෝ දාන්න ??

chathuranga manoj

Niyamai sr....helpful

Tech Drock

mama carzy domains use kale awlk ne neda


Hello , byethost.com site eke free host karana sites passe delete karanwda? Limitation thynwada? Please reply..

Wimu Rathnayaka


prabath mahilal

good lesson

aluthen patan ganna podi business ekakata free web hosting site ekak mokakda?

Dinuka Vlogs

ඒ ෆයිල්ස් ටික හැදුවෙ කෝමද කියල වීඩියෝ එකක් නැද්ද

Rp to usd conversion

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How to Get 2 Years of Unlimited Xbox Game Pass For $1 2020

18 452 views | 3 May. 2020

Download over 10,000 Xbox

Download over 10,000 Xbox games for FREE. Here's a how to tip. Before doing this I highly recommend that you upgrade your xbox live to the max(2 years).

Moshiur Rahman

what if i already have game pass ultimate for one month and I want to get Xbox live gold will that convert it into game pass ultimate too?


So they stopped 12 month subs but you can still buy 24 months?


I did this without knowing it, I had 14 months of Gold and bought Gamepass for £1 for a month, My Gold says Subscription converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I just renewed my Gold and i have Gamepass for £1 overall for a total of 38 months

Kyle Marino

Anyone know if they’ve patched this yet?

Jorgina Butler

I have game pass on my Xbox one s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does it work

waryaa 95

Nice bro


I have a year of gold, if I buy one month of game pass do I get a year of game pass

Jae kamacho

Yup, just purchased 2 one yr digital cards on target for a few bucks cheaper since im a red card member, and redeemed them which totaled until September 2023 including the 10 months i had left. Upgraded to ultimate for $1 and it now says my gold was cancelled and my ultimate account's next charge date is September of 2023. Spent $100 save alot. Pretty much keeps the ultimate game pass at $5 a month until 9-23.

K i r k H 4 2 0

why would you do this? don't you know that you can order 12 month Live Gold gift cards as Digital Codes from Amazon and Microsoft is the vendor.......? yeah you can order 3 of the 12 month Live Gold cards and add them to your account as a code. Then you have 36 months of Live Gold. When you go click the links for getting that $1 Gamepass Ultimate offer, the Microsoft page even tells you that they will automatically upgrade UP TO 36 months of Live Gold into a Gamepass Ultimate account. They litterally tell you right there that they will do 36 months. You just cheated yourself out of 12 months for $59.99, and I dunno how it works after your time is up. You might have to pay full price once you have used this offer. LOL you're Stupe'd bro.


Soo 100 dollors?


I have no idea if mine is glitched because I’m not paying for it but I’m gamesharing from someone who says they aren’t either.


Does this still work? Ey I'm trying to get in before they change prices to 10$

Saksham Arora

I didn't get it


i have a Xbox 1but i can't play

John Black

Its fake you cow

Lolstuff enjoy

Does it work

Genesis Clay

Does this still work?

MC Frontalot

Hey, 3 years(36months) is actually the max for xbox live gold. I just did this trick today!

Also, be careful when you redeem your xbox live codes.
DO NOT DO THIS!! It will ask you to turn on automatic billing for reoccuring payments for a FREE 1 month of service. DO NOT DO THIS!!
The maximum amount of xbox live you can add to your account is 36 months. If you accept the Free month, you will not have room to redeem the full 36 months from your codes.

example, if you redeem 2 12-month cards and accept the free month for both, you will have 26 months of service.
If you try to redeem another 12-month subscription, you will NOT be able to.

I know this because this is what I did and had to contact support which took a half hour to fix.


Is work if I sub with credit card 1 year gold and I pay 1$ game pass ultimate- is worked or what?

Bryan Cervantes

Does it still work?

Tanner Fauria

Lol imagine not having game pass forever lol

Македонска Крв

It works
(You have to pay 1 dollar )
Thats a good deal !!!!!!!


How are you getting 2 yrs? Microsoft does not allow one-to-one Gold to Ultimate conversation. According to thier web site 24mo Gold equals only 8mo worth of Ultimate.

Dr Bähboui

thank you bro ??

Diego Polanco 6423

Idk what happened to mine but i had bought a New controller about two months ago and it came with the 14 day trial for the Xbox Game Pass and for some reason I still have it and it’s been over two months so I think it’s glitch or something

Gmoney x



will I be able to do this if I have game pass for the PC and buy 2 one yr cards, because on pc their offering to upgrade to ultimate for $1


bro do u have xbox live gold extra i can give u 500 vbucks i need it bad pls

Shomari Coburn

you didnt show how you got 2 years, all you did was purchase an $1 plan