New moon cycle

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New Moon Energy (NEW CYCLE) • Guided Meditation

27 022 views | 3 Sep. 2019

The New Moon is when we

The New Moon is when we renew through our intentions, when can let go of the old energies, stories... This is the time that gives us an opportunity to consciously reborn, to cleanse, to make space for a new cycle. This guided meditation will help you to focus, to tune in and make these new intentions, plant new seeds for that what your soul truly needs ??

Pura Rasa

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Jan Boardman

Hi Rasa ?? just wanted to say a massive thank you ………… I use this meditation EVERY New Moon it is so beautiful and meaningful …… thank you ????. Namaste ❤️


Thank you so much! I needed this meditation. ♥️

Kristen Heather Ei-Star

Peace Peace Peace beyond all. Peace to all things living, Peace to all things non living, Peace to All the Universe. Peace be with us, May we go in Peace. ?

Ekaterina Kholyavskaya

Thank you for your beautiful and soft guidance ✨??

Your creation Of life

thank you!!

Mystical Maya

Why I feel so much depression on purnima new moon pls tell meditation for that rasa u r magical ???


Rasa, thank you so much. Love your voice and guided meditations.

Arpi Grace Tarkhanian


Lisa D.

Beautiful ❤️

Janet Frey Sanderson

Thank you for a new moon guidance. Can you do a full moon guidance please

cheruby cherub

An advert right in the midst of trying to clear the mind ?

Sonia Paterson

Thank you so much Rasa. I definitely felt lighter and calmer after your guidance. Divine and magical . Much love

P De Chine

Rasa, always amazing. I prefer Insight, because with YouTube, we cannot close our devices. That’s annoying.

Cassy Goring

Such powerful energy from the new moon. Thank you Rasa? Namaste ??


Thank you Rasa, I start every morning and end every day with your guidance.

Maria Kerr

Thank you Rasa. Your meditation was a beautiful start to my day. The timing was perfect for me to wish joy for some close to me ?

Kim Amadril



thanks rasa this is what i need

Arun Sahu

Very soothing voice gives relief and comfort. It's really true meditational inner spirit... A journey of superior smooth spiritual realization. God bless you waiting for more dynamic thoughts...

Bianca Faro

What a great meditation. Thank you very much for your work. I'm very grateful for that video!

Madeleine Magnusson

Thank you ?❤️ so lovley ???

Bonnie Willoughby

Thank you and God bless you all for what you guys are doing for the world

Hardeep Sharma

Thank you Rasa....❤️...lots of love to you??

Chance Fosdick

Missed you Rasa

Jessica Carvalho

Thank you!!!

Maria's_tarot journey_with_me

Thank you sooooo much ??????

Priscilla Leslie Ruiz

So relaxing... I never feel this good with other guided meditations... my favorite place to be when I'm relaxing.

Sophie Lynch

I cried during this and felt pure joy, your voice is so lovely and relaxing thank you for this ?

Brenda Rubio

Saw 777 likes (I’ve been seeing 707 717 a lot lately) and saw 66 comments on this video. (6:16, 606, 666)


Beautiful ??

Rose Mar

Thank for this guided meditation x

Caneadea deWelleaux

Thank you ??? All Blessings

Angel D

Lots of love and gratitude dear sister . .?

Ieva V


Mark Dubois

Thank you Rasa. I have listened to many of your guided meditation videos. Your soothing voice and message has brought comfort to me and helped me relax and release stress and anxiety. Tonight I will listen to this video as I experience a harvest moon on September 14th. Please continue to share your gift with all of us!!

Laura McNamee

Beautiful ❤️

Sunshine 1111

This is so wonderful experience. I want to do this meditation everyday! Can I continue doing it till full moon? I just love this sooo much, very peaceful and it energised me for the whole day. Thanks a lot Rasa. ♥️?

Gunjit Neekhra

Thank u so much for this. Really it was deep. ❤️

Next Generation

Thank you??

Irja-Liisa Saarinen

Relaxing and beautiful ♥ Thank you ♥


❤️ your presence! I appreciate your soft and powerful energy expressed in your meditations. Thank you for sharing your gift. ⭐️??

Jay Van Wyck

Your divine light shines brightly though these practices! Thank you Rasa!!!


Thank you ❤️

Ciera Woods

That was beautiful. Thank you ??

Raimonda Kersyte

Nuostabi! Aciu! ❤

Zach Herrington

great voice, thank you Rasa!

Jan Boardman

Wow❤️ Rasa I cannot tell you how powerful this video was for me tonight … I know I am late doing this new moon meditation but it felt so wonderful and fulfilling especially being the night of Halloween and I feel the close night to our loved ones in spirit the veil is at its thinnest tonight ? thank you beautiful soul you are an angel ? I am feeling very positive about the forth coming next few months ??? namaste

Jessica Deborah

This is such a beautiful meditation, thank you ?✨??

Patralynn Turner

Amazing ?Thank you, Namaste

Iroam About


Camilla de Nijs

Hello Rasa, I just did this new moon meditation during the new moon (5-22-20) and I felt connected and uplifted.Truly enjoy your guidance in this meditation; not too much and not too little, just right for me. THANK YOU!

Gilberto Waldelm

Love you

Chikee Sailor

Who let commercials on a guided meditation?? To stop following ....

Sherry Espiritu

Thank you so much Rasa; such a beautiful New Moon meditation - I will use this every New Moon from this day forward. How blessed I feel to have your lovely guidance and light and love to take me into peaceful presence at the end of each day. So so grateful.

Bernardette Kasum

Thank you so very much Rasa. Feeling so much right now and very thankful. Xoxo

N. Mourad

Thank you Rasa! For all your guidance, for all your wisdom and light, and mostly , for all of your good intentions and LOVE. YOU are a form of high contribution to my life and well being, and my inner being and who I am ????

John Ward

Rasa... You are our Wolf Pack leader.

Nina Fouladynezhad

Thank you Rasa ❤???

New moon cycle

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Can the Moon Cycles Impact our Lives? | Sadhguru

14 628 views | 2 Mar. 2020

► Can the Moon Cycles

► Can the Moon Cycles Impact our Lives? In this speech, Sadhguru explains the significance of the full moon and the impact it has on the human system. There is a dimension beyond logic; without it, the subjective aspects can never be accessed. The moon is a symbolic representation of that dimension.

Can the Moon Cycles Impact our Lives? | Sadhguru

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► Associated with Solar Plexus/Manipura chakra ;

► Increased alertness.

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► About Sadhguru:

Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, poet, and visionary humanitarian is a spiritual master with a difference. His life and work are a possibility for each individual to experience the peace and joy that pervades the core of every human being. It is Sadhguru’s vision that everyone receives ‘one-drop of spirituality,' allowing them to transform their lives and take their destiny into their hands.

? Link: https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en

? Link: https://www.innerengineering.com/

? Sync Mind Audio has the authorization of the owner to use this video on any distribution or channels – offline and online – and monetize them as well.

#sadhgurubinaural #sadhguruspeech #sadhgurumeditation #binauralbeatsmeditation #sadhguru

Ott Gavras


Kevin W

When I was a young boy I recall a story intitled, "The moon madness and you." It reinforces everything that Sadhguru has talked about here. So very true! Well done.

boing bryan

Tq sadhguru...

Maria Boonen


Sync Mind Português


Psychic Truth!


New moon cycle

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A fresh start! New Moon in Aquarius 11 February 2021 Your Horoscope with Gregory Scott

16 668 views | 10 Feb. 2021

The New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 7:05 pm Glastonbury time. It’s a New Moon which is a time when the Moon turns inwards and recharges its batteries, and therefore it’s a wonderful time to plant seeds of intention which will then grow along with the Moon.

This marks the end of the previous Capricorn New Moon cycle and the beginning of the Aquarius New Moon cycle which will last until the month of March 2021!

This New Moon gives you a totally clean slate, you can start again!

Visit http://www.gregoryscott.com for private horoscope, tarot and numerology readings.

With love and light, Gregory

#moonphases #newmoon #Aquarius

Honey York

Love the way you explain astrology.


Virgo here:
Northnode 20 degrees in Aquarius

ren sucgang

This is soooo good, thank you!

Marakie Constantine

Thank you Gregory ??⭐

Betty Sheppard

This week I've beenn seeing 1111, 2222, 55555, 8888 a LOT

Aaron Aox

Thankyou Gregory good sir! ?✨?

Crystal Chrysalis555

Thanks for the video Gregory. I appreciate the positive spin and encouragement.

Loretta Nericcio-Bohlman

I don’t know, the few times I’ve stood in Times Square I wanted to throw up. But I digress. Thank you for the Aquarius update. You rock!


I have been getting the name Lilith in situations over and over again. And I finally looked into it and realized it is part of astrology!!! Time to dive deep into aspects of my personality again! Lol! New beginnings and using information to grow is spot on!! I will follow those signs from my guides! Thank you!!

Tommy Lintner

I really received a direction today. I am fiction writer, fiction comedy,. you addressed writers.
It was what I needed to hear. (thank you) next Tues the 16th is my birthday).


This was an excellent explanation of the energies i am experiencing.

DJ Pxlo Cxrona

Aquarian here 1/23, 7:54 am central time memphis tn USA. how important is this chart for me? Especially with the 23 degrees reinforced and mentioned

Krisztina F

Thank you Gregory! Another wonderful interpretation of the universe! Very grateful you share your gifts!


FEB 11 2021....


Thank you, rock star!! 'How do I pioneer something for myself and others?'....

Briggette Mihm

Thats a good perspective! Im going to put that at the top of my Virgo to do list....others ty????????

Marcia Botana

I have to continue the last post! I was saying....deep philosophical step we have to do to star again from the best of us. Check it out in the Utube Valuetainment. Thank you very much for all your daily work!

Sandi Gates

Thank you so much ✨??✨

maxine westwood

This is beautiful, thank you for your guidance. Amen your so correct, I claim this reading. Thank you xx


just found you today...You are really good Gregory- thank you!

Jen Halliburton

I thought the noise was on my end tell you said something. Lol....you have the same reaction as I, maybe beter? Wonderful inspiration today. Thanks and hugs.


Thanks for your expertise Gregory!!!!

Paul James Barkhouse Jr.

I believe you, this is your specialties, getting out of bed on the right side, cheers.


this was really helpful thanks Gregory, but hot diggity you're so cute I sometimes find it hard to focus on the detail of what you're saying ;) x

Light Bearer

Thankyou so much Gregory?? a buzy time with decisions & doing but must try very much to keep it in the positive. Love & light???

Annette Ducharme Agabob

Btw- I like your intro. Music - it’s soothing and fun. ???

Thomas Anderson

I can feel something coming something big and good in the next 3 days it feels like were in the quiet right now and as typed these words you said the moon goes dark and recharges well its the 11th now 5:30am its also my birthday on the 13th ive never felt this energy before my ears are ringing more by the second something is definitely coming mabye a big reveal


It’s always so good to hear you your heart and soul expression is deeply genuine. I usually listen to you everyday, I’ve missed listening to you this last while, and now that I’m hearing you again Gregory it affirms so strongly how needed what you gave your guidance amongst the traffic of channels out there. You are the real deal, so appreciate you. ????????❤️❤️???✨✨?☀️☀️☀️☀️?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️????????

J 9

Omg! ???it sounds like the Tibetan’s are saying prayers in your bedroom! Their goes the horns and bells!???????

Marcia Botana

Dear Gregory... I listen to you every day since I met you when your relationship was new and you guys moved together if I am not wrong...more than a year ago? Anyway your messages are fulfilling of our souls at this learning time. I watch another video and like to recommended to you too of an older astrologer Ray with this active, curious and well inform guy from Iran! Such of a nice time focusing like you in the deep philosophical

Ingen Hemma No One At Home

Dear Gregory Scott, you have now given me do much to think about, to feel a d to act on! Thank you ? so very much indeed for this ? video! I love your way of showing us possible ways!!! ? ? ? ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Shelby-Lyn Lawton

...beautifully explained for those who may not understand about the New Moon and all the things you touched on. Thank you !

Sabra Maurice

I guess they were really drilling that point in ?lol there is no such thing as enough thats just a negative core self belief people develop. Tell yourself I am more than enough I am worthy I am deserving every day ♥️

Feelin' Financy

wow, you are amazing! going to look into a booking with you

Annette Gerlecki

Aquarius doesn’t sit home in it’s room and read ?

Alejandro A

Thank you immensely for the beautiful visions you have been gifted to recite

C Spring

Thank you Gregory for taking your valuable time, energy, the love of others and their well-being in doing all these wonderful readings / forecasts, and putting them out in the world for everyone to benefit from. I may not comment every time however, I am always so very grateful. So, Thank you!! ?? I believe All that you do for others, combined with all your good intentions, that is shared from the place of your big beautiful warm heart, is coming back to you today, and always, 100 fold. ???

Elizabeth Wilson

Thank you ???

Edward Lemmers

??? Moon will be 5 degrees in Capricorn, not Aquarius. This horoscope is not compensating for the procession of the Earth.

Laurel Berg

In my natal chart I have 5 planets in Aquarius ♒️. The transit Aquarius ♒️ planets crossing my planets over my birthday ? makes this time extraordinary. It is like my world is brand new again!

Aisha acetydopamine

Well black moon doesn’t know I put my self down for along time I am tired so I am going to go up . ☀️


I love when you tell me how to work "energy" to my advantage! You are the bomb! Thanks Gregory!!

Sabra Maurice

No comparing we are all different unique and amazing just the way we are

хσσхίεs ヅ

"we are one" C'mon ??
If we were to be ONE there wouldn't be so many squares in 360 degrees upon us.

Victoria Burke

Interaction is not allowed and as a disabled Libra life is limited. No skills.


New Moon is for new beginnings and this one is lovely . . . ;) thanks!


I am an Aquarian sun and had a birthday last weekend - have turned over a new leaf this week - now this Aquarian new moon is giving me even more energy to use for the positive changes I really want to make in my life. Thanks for this reading, Gregory - you do "get" Aquarian energy - Peace, be well ?

Lillie Tate

Love ❤️ love ? love ? the full moon ? thanks Gregory

ona bee

Perfect!! My birthday is Feb 11th!! Great reading! Looking forward to tomorrow!! I turn 56... 5+6=11. Tomorrow is grand!

Evelyn Boamah

11 february my birthday. Expecting big things to come. ?????????✈???


Has annyone ever had a paid for reading from Gregory Scott?

tracey mills

Thank you Gregory for sharing your gifts and knowledge with us. It is helping me navigate through some rough times and I always leave your videos feeling lighter and happier. Best wishes

Bruce Weese

Yes this New Moon should be something special as it is occurring in my First House.

Cristina Gil Ruiz

Thank you Gregory!! What a pleasure to follow your readings ? Best wishes and wonderful seeding for us all ?

Rhonda Sheets

This is just awesome! Love it so much!?

Anna matina maria Fragkouli



You're interpretation of Mars was on point. I needed that.

Tarot with Mark

Don't we all just need this new moon energy right now! ???❤️

Janette Roberts

Thanks for this, its spot on with what I've been going through and where I'm going, peace and love always XxX

Shambhala Warrior

Gregory, I ordered a reading early last year, still not received. Is it time to stop encouraging people to order readings and catch up on ones that haven’t been done?

Cynthia Kila’

I’m an Aquarius feb 7th and got fired yesterday , for leaving a detail voicemail on my managers phone . Smh , it was really silly, small , and harmless . When they say most of us embrace change I swear my reality switches up every season . Now I’m changing gears and going into savor mode to make sure this next move will be as potentially beneficial than my last . So far this month I’ve noticed im more chilled and calm than normal I’m assuming because of my new cappi lover . We see how everything moves from now , and thanks . New subscriber .

Lehuanani Chai

Thank you so much Gregory "I don't know what miraculous thing is coming my way .... it's exciting and fun!" This New Moon gets a 10 out of 10 from me! Hooray!

Thomas Anderson

So whats the reason im drinkkng about 600x more coffee??


Thank you so much for this :) had a really good day achieving something at a sport i got frustrated with, cause I couldn't get over the next hurdle. Today was an unexpected shift. also in regards of others helping me :) hope you also had something good happened to you :)

Marakie Constantine

Whenever you mention spinning the drill starts?

Luwana James

I love your sharing your astrological knowledge thank you!


Absolutely love the way you explain this <3 Happy New Moon to you all :) I commit myself to sharing and being of service x

LaLainia Shortt

yes, love this?


☺️ Thank you.

Thomas Anderson

Thx greg we are good enough you are good enough and You reading this you are far more than you could ever imagine dont hold back your power please share what you are we need you

Mallory Knox

The sashimi! ^_^

Nema Roman


Pauline Crates

How exciting! What a wonderful day and time ? thank you Gregory ??

jankie singh

I am so happy I found you I enjoyed your reading cause you have such a soothing voice

Chase Randazzo

?✨?? 2021!

Laura Harbeson


Michelle Cavanaugh

Amazing. Your reading and suggestions relate to exactly what's going on in my life right now. Thank you so much


I am being pulled to leave this comment, let me know if it helps you! ...

If you have ADHD, or have trouble day dreaming and remembering to move onto the next thing, set alarms on your phone when you need to switch gears throughout the day! It has done wonders for me and I actually get my chores done on a regular basis now! Don't feel you are stuck, find a way to work with yourself!!!

Cassie Vank

Muchly appreciated, thanks &love. I cannot express just how wonderfully awesome you are for sharing information I understand. Gregory Scott; you truly are a real help to my life and knowledge. Namaste my friend cxoxo

Michael Gongora

Capricornian here, bringing riches & good health. strive for the top then higher!.

Amethyst Esdee

Grateful for your videos Gregory! Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Pieces Rising here ✋?

Julie Bholah

Thank you for your service to humanity Gregory ?

Deborah Scott Anderson

Amazingly accurate as always.Thanks for inspiration!


These Rock!

Bryant Kelly

Umm fresh air.

Jack Beek Vocal Coaching Bony And The Alchemy


Preethi Rijhwani

Love the info ....?

Ann Sargent

I don’t know what miraculous thing will come my way. Thank you.

lisa g

Hi handsome hope your day is going well.

Mary Dusina

Saddle Up!
The Aquarius ♒Rodeo has now started
Wild & wooly adventures ahead..

Paulina PI

You are really wise. Love the way you talk. Thanks.

Jennifer Estrada

I adore you always but you had a message for me today specifically, so thank you very very much Gregory, you are amazingly in touch with Spirit ❤️

LaLainia Shortt

yes, what can I do...poineer!


Beautiful interpretation of the energies, thank you, and I love your insight on the "in between places" its described by Thich Nhat Hanh as interbeing

Aisha acetydopamine

This is so funny . They started drilling at Taurus ♉️ lol ?

Maria Richards

thankyou Gregory.. the drill on quewith "round and round" out of revolving, into the chariot.. off off and away. Spiritual to practical. Memory lane; bumps into the things that have already happened?❤?. New frontiers.....?

Sparkle James

:) so awesome . I appreciate your daily insight, thank you.

Gaie Ellis

Fab reading. In the middle of exploring business opportunities with aquarian son, and his diverse and interesting friends...this is so the right time! Thanks Gregory. Namaste


You are beautiful. Mahalo for your art and passion

Laura H

Omg I have drilling in my block for 3 weeks now. I had just become annoyed by the noise in my home again. Made me smile with connection when it kicked in during your video. You handled it brilliantly.