Repeated history

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10 Times Wrestling History Repeated Itself

244 936 views | 13 Nov. 2018

It's deja vu all over

It's deja vu all over again...

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Vee Infuso

When was Harry part of the Legacy ? I remember Sim and Manu... but not Harry

kinglyfe da p

Wait grand master sexay was jerry lawlers son wow I never knew that I thought he was brian Christopher or something


vader didn't do it, they tightened the ropes before their match and they didn't know it.

Oliver L.

New Japan, not All Japan. ;-)


Thats not a tombstone. Smh
U should know this

ElWomBat OsOuR

Why does simon think all piledrivers are tombstone's? he should know thats not how it works.

Cirina Harvey

I think you'll find Lee is Marks cousin

Yan Evans

who else laughs when he says "wcw"

Luis Flores

Chuck Polombo then became a biker.


Wow. That Undertaker one was actually cool to know. And interesting.


I liked the biker undertaker

Robyn Whyard

Owen did NOT use the Tombstone. He used a NORMAL piledriver. I THINK it's part of the reason Piledrivers are banned now. Correct me if I am wrong on that.

Don't Worry AboutMe

The Mick Foley ear thing was not Vader's fault. Mick has given numerous interviews where he said that when they went to walkthrough the match before the show started, everything was fine. During the time from when they finished their walkthrough to when it actually happened, the ring crew tightened the ropes without him or Vader knowing. In no way, shape or form is it Vader's fault. Even calling it a botch is a stretch.


The Rock vs Mankind empty arena match......years and years after Lawler and Funk had one in 1982 at the Mid South Coliseum. The heel authority figure Mr. McMahon....a decade after Memphis used Tom Renesto as a heel authority figure.

Revan Fernando

Imagine the N.W.A vs NWA
That I wanna see


Another fact of History repeating itself:

A champion legit-retiring with the belt.

Trish Stratus- 2006

I believe these are the only two times and both wrestlers happen to be from Canada.
Could this be to make up for 1997??


Love Simon lol he makes me laugh so hard sometimes when I least expect it haha keep it up!!




And now same point but with WhatCulture videos

Shihab Munshi

aj styles low blowing dean for the title , brayn doing the same with the same referee involved


Wait? You're going to talk about the Montreal screwjob and the women's title in the context of history repeating itself, and NOT mention the Wendi Richter screwjob?


Simon should do all videos

Miguel Ortiz

Damn Karma

Marc Fishman

FFS. "Double Yew See Double Yew." PLEASE.

Christo Kristoff

Yukon as in he's so tough, he's tough as the Yukon.


Why have you got the WWA (World Wrestling Allstars) on the 80's territories map ? it was Australian and came 20 years later !!

Nick Noel

It amazes me how often these videos get basic fairly well known facts wrong. Rollerball as Black Tiger was in NEW Japan. All Japan only had Tiger Mask II which was Masawa

Dru Beardslee

I love how Simon says "Dubyah C Dubyah" ???


really ? no original screwjob of 1985 ?


Pretty sure that's the wrong WWA logo.

bruno oliveira

I almost lose a ear in a rugby game.

Maestör Rasanen

Owen Hart didn't make Tombstone Piledriver. It's just a Sitting Piledrive.

Christian Hafer

Interesting video.


Anyone remember Adam Plumpie or whats his name was from What Culture? What happend to him?

Koan Lanza


Gaston Legume

Giant Gonzales debut vs Great Khali debut.

Absolute copycat. No words needed, I'll let you youtube search them so you can check ever single EXACT caption.

Alec Pridgen

Fun Fact: Brian Lee also plays Fake Undertaker in a Bollywood Film (made in Canada). He's the main Villain.

While more of a stretch, his Character kills that of Bryan Adams (or Clark)...who's career would be killed by the infamous Tag Match with The Undertaker.

robert clark

Brian "Chainz" Lee didn't head Disciples of Apocalypse that distinction belonged to Bryan "Crush" Adams.

Writing Knights

The difference between a Tombstone Piledriver and a Regular Piledriver is body positioning.
Regular piledrivers are done belly to back.
Tombstone piledrivers are belly to belly.
The weight distribution is different which is why 'Taker does them to his knees. It's hard to do it safely to your butt.


Hello CASPER bro


To be fair, both original Sin Cara and Hunico both were mistico in some form of a Mexican promotion, so the wwe storyline played on that history.

Corey Jenkins

The Mick Foley losing his ear was because somebody tightened the ropes too tight it wasnt bodged by either of the wrestlers but whoever tightened the ropes I mean Mick himself said it

Abhishek Gopalakrishnan

Low blow of Jericho to Michaels repeated itself in the form of Nakamura and Styles. Only difference, HBK vs Y2J was one of the greatest matches in WM history whereas Styles and Nakamura disappointed everyonr

James Desjarlais

Moolah aka black spider vs Wendy rickter was the first montreal screw job I remember.still have it on vhs lol shit in old

skyler brown

Vader had nothing to do with Foley loosing his ear. It was the ring tech's that fucked up.


Bone sore?

Garth Vader

You absolutely cannot trust ghosts. I have a ghost and he is a sandy little fuckhole.

David Wellens

Vince wouldn’t have anyone else leave the company while carrying gold... except Brock Lesnar...


Simon you might have also read that Yukon Eric's ears were badly cauliflowered before Killer Kowalski's knee drop.

jake from StateFarm

Surprised they didn't have that annoying plug at the beginning reminding us to subscribe..ding, ding, annoying


WhatCulture Wrestling or DUBYA-C-DUBYA (WCW) - Thanks! Great idea for a list! It’s so strange to see young Macho Man sans the frizzy hair. I always thought he was born with the Jew Fro


The Montreal screwjob is repeated every single time the wwe are in Canada. ?

Jason Maier

Didn't Wrestlelamia do this video?


Brian lee and taker are cousins not just friends

Cam Brown

God, these are shit w/o Plumps. Sorry.

John TheLion

You forgot wrestlemania 20 and 30 having the exact same ending.


Hogan and Bryan was a reach. You’re really forgetting the original screw job: Wendy Richter vs Fabulous Moolah.

Michael Bertrand

At 9:50... Vincent Flair? ???

gaurav gandi

Did you just say Sincara Negro?? Isn't Negro an offensive word??

Drew Stuart

Top 10 Moments Whatculture Clutched at Straws

Dr Dankenstein

You guys mark way too hard for Bryan. Like to an obnoxious degree. I love Mick Foley, but I wouldn't try to squeeze him into every list I made just because I like him.

anitha sathyan

How about edge's career starting nd ending in neck injuries??


Flair had partial ownership of the title which is why he was also able to leave with it.


This video is an absolute reach. Also, the piledriver Owen Hart broke Steve Austin's neck with wasn't a tombstone. Who wrote the script for this video!?


Top 10 greatest wrestling trainers. WhatCulture still needs to do that.


The first entry isn’t really history repeating itself. More coincidence than anything else. Something that happened in a Hollywood movie taking inspiration from comics isn’t really repeating history with savages career.


You guys forgot the Wendi Ritcher/Spider Lady Screwjob, where Ritcher got screwed out of her WWF Women's title by The Spider-lady aka The Fabulous Moolah,cause ,as I read Wendi was getting "Too Big for Her Britches" by WWF Management and this was 1984 to 85 I'd say way before Madusa or The Montreal Screwjob


Did steroids exist in the 50s? Killer K was shredded and massive.

Joshua Howard

#1 Crazy

robert clark

Vince screwed Bret not once but twice not many remember but the match between the Brain Busters and Hart Foundation was supposed to be for the Tag team titles but Vince for some reason scuppered the plan and made it a non-title match .

The Frugal Videogamer

In fairness, Foley's ear tear was the result of the ropes being overly-tight for the spot, which was no fault of Vader's.

Jeff Unknown

The part when Simon’s ear dropped off will haunt me....like forever.....

And Then There Was Ail

The Tazz/Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler angle was in fact a reproduction of the Solie angle. It was a direct tribute to him as he had recently died

Sukhbir Singh

Technical Wrestlers won the WWE Championship in WM X, XX and XXX. Bret Hart, Benoit, D Bryan

D Sauce

Killer Kowalski, Analysis!


I'm an eretion

Rick Moranis

Really stretching on some of these. Running out of ideas or not enough time to do some research?

Corey Jenkins



How do you take off someone’s ear with a knee drop


Just got an Ad for a movie on Paige? Kay.

Mark Cullen

Lee looks like Calaway because they're actually cousins.

Gejamugam Latsoomanam

Vader never took mick's ear, it was an accident

smiley Benji

Wow what a stupid video. Simon’s next video “in 1988 Hulk hogan wore yellow, fast forward to 2013 and wouldn’t you know it. John Cena is wearing a yellow t-shirt aswell”.

Joe Kurr

No it's not remotely weird that Randy Savage who had a Spider gimmick and was cast in a Spider-Man movie it's apt. And, likely not a coincidence.


Nope...I won't listen to the emmas at whatcuwtuwe.


Why are you calling him the "Match-O-Man"? He's the "Mah-Cho-Man"!

Suraj Gawade

This Video is Stolen!!!
Watch Wwe channel posted the video with same thumbnail
3 weeks before you post

David Parkes

The last one wasn't a tombstone piledriver but a regular piledriver.

Zenos Hitomora

So WWE did steal a storyline from TNA

T. Akatsuki

These are history repeating itself stupid! It's all a coincidence!

Cae Ert

6:46 why is the WWA logo here when it started in 2001?

robert shelton

You can add Benoit hbk hhh to the list when wm35 main event will be Becky lynch wins the battle royal and challenges both Charlotte and rousey

Zilvinas Zuravliovas

Daniel Bryan --- Chris Benoit you mean?

Joshua Howard

I forgot Foley lost an ear ??

Entitled Millennial

To hell with hogan



Ambiguous Prey

Excellent video. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Antonio Trigo

Dude you look like Jonny sins


5:12 it was Georgia championship wrestling, not mid-atlantic.

ik3astar !

You got three minutes- Randy Savage

Repeated history

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10 Times HISTORY Repeated Itself (Creepy!!)

2 742 views | 25 Mar. 2018

So, back again with

So, back again with another NEW video and the first time its a TOP 10 video.

Here, in this video, I’ll share with you "10 Times History Repeated Itself"

And I’ll share with you some of the crazy and bizarre things.

My Favorite Episodes :-

#01 MINIMALISM: The Revolutionary Idea - https://youtu.be/1xTvegTH850

#02 ?MY YEAR 2017 (INDIA) | A 16 yr Old's Unique Tale?️ | Under 10 Minutes - https://youtu.be/fh4E0KtnOUw

#03 I Found TAGORE'S BEST BOOK In My School Library | For All TAGORE Lovers | Tagore's GITANJALI - https://youtu.be/sR2qEShG2ag

#04 PSYCHOPATHS vs SOCIOPATHS?| The Real Difference | Are You A Psychopath or A Sociopath - https://youtu.be/MudAuShtBOg

#05 I'M DROPPING OUT ?| An Indian School Dropout Story | NIlanjan Paul - https://youtu.be/JBKDhEouVho

Keep up with me:

INSTAGRAM – @imnilanjanpaul – https://www.instagram.com/imnilanjanpaul

FACEBOOK – NILANJAN PAUL – https://www.facebook.com/imnilanjanpaul

TWITTER - @itsnilanjanpaul -


BLOG – LIVE LIKE GURU – https://www.livelikeguru.blogspot.com

YOUTUBE – Nilanjan Paul [SUBSCRIBE] –


"History repeats itself. First as tragedy, second as farce"

-Karl Marx

Tags: facts,strange coincidences,list,viral,freakiest coincidences,people,best,most,kids,children,coincidence,women,amazing,amazing coincidences,strange,amazing coincidence,biggest coincidences,horrifying coincidences,unexplained coincidences,incredible,mind-blowing coincidences of all time,chilling real-life coincidences,coincidences in history,weird historical coincidences,bizarre coincidences

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Hongxuan Yang

Nice thoughts at the end bruhhh

CO.AG Music

very good video

Rama Das Dutta

The kind of videos I prefer

sagar biswa

History is mystery

Gaurav Saha

It's pronounced as मौपेड


10 Times history repeated itself

1) A boy was born twice :o
2) A girl was born twice :O
3) 2 boys died :0
4) 2 girls died 'o'
5) 2 people slept 'O'
6) A president was elected twice '0'
7) a youtube video was copied XoX
8) 2 different countries were discovered XOX
9) New phone was made X0X
10) im bored again...... O

Sambuddha Guha

Excellent bro

A Choudhury


Harsh Kumar

O bhai indian English bolle American English try mat kr



I am a Tarot Card

I love it, please make more like this! ??


Now it's corona repeation


Nice, don't stop ;)

Repeated history

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Тали Купер "History repeating"выбор вслепую – Голос. Дети 3 сезон

15 443 729 views | 6 Nov. 2016

Тали Купер

Тали Купер исполняет песню "History repeating" Джамалы в шестом эфире третьего сезона Голос. Дети на этапе слепых прослушиваний. Смотреть онлайн Голос. Дети 3 сезон 6 выпуск от 06.11.2016 – выбор вслепую.

Смотри новый сезон ГОЛОС ДЕТИ 5: https://bit.ly/2X6Kwg9

#голосдети #голоскраїни

Katrina UwU

Вроде не поправила вставать с кресла когда не повернулся и вообще смотреть на участницу

Жека Зильбер

У этой девчонки шарма на десятерых. Не говорю уже о таланте.

Lina muss

Сестра такая: Не поняла, а как она так....

Тут нечиго нет

Купер? (ривердейл)

Dasha Sachenko


Semyon Shkolnik

мне интересно, а самая младшая тоже когда ни будь запоёт?

Рум Тум


Айна Абдуллаева


Элис Шоу

527 мой любимый момент

Ирина Кизленко



Спела лучше чем в оригинале!!!

Звезда Мванд

Очень круто


I love Tali's voice <3

Вероника Борисюк

Самая красивая блондинка в моей жизни ???????????????????????

Marianna Sharibova

Слушаю это в Хэллоуин?

Ирина Саулина

Зря Такие Девочки Едут на Такие Конкурсы!!!

Linda Lee

Жаль, что невозможно ставить лайки столько раз, сколько пересматриваешь видео ??????

Davo Meliqyan. ARMENIA

???Во время и после песня поведения жури "побочные" эффекти песни Тали???

كمر هن

Bravo, my heart

Ester Danilova

Тали вопше крутая крутая

Амира Сидыкова

2:25 как красиво


монатик балобол

Kylea Brown

I love how I’m the only one that speaks English here

Nela Bartusková

Это удивительно, блестящий и совершенный ??❤️

Nastya Sirjaeva

реклама сестры

tomík dolník


Agnieszka Krupa


Бота Т

У меня мурашки... браво?????


Hezká straně moc

Ksenia Pilipchuk

Мне кажиться не льзя пока не повернулся смотреть на девочку или мальчика?

ולריה איצקוב

Я тоже в Израиле

Валентин Белоусов

Я хочу так петь тоже

П у х л я

Господи, она такая милая и талантливая


Для еë возраста, она потянула очень сложную песню!!! Не каждый взрослый справится! Тали, ты супер!!!

Sophia Sampaio

Кто-то с 2020 года?

Guldana Atageldieva

2021 уже

Людмила Фоминова


Veta Kozak


Vasilisa Yakovleva

Мммм, какой выбор ВСЛЕПУЮ)))

Alkwari Family


Michelle Haschka

The jaded kimberly accidentally order because success intialy terrify following a bouncy soil. unhealthy, ultra milkshake

Davo Meliqyan. ARMENIA

В самом начале песни
Тина:ничего себе девьчинка
кто заметьил с какого раза я с наверное 55 го раза

Lady Lika

кто из 2023?

данила жуков

я наслаждаюсь каждым просмотром

Назира Жолдыгалиева


Sam The Iraqi

Russian rock ‘n’ roll

Наталья Сухорукова

Как в девятилетнем ребенке такой голос? Умничка такая !!!!


Damn.. she's only 9? She can sing!

Саша Мельниченко

Я такая смотрю и думаю что я хочу спеть тут но я вспоминаю что я могу проиграть

Лемо нчик

Можно было и лучше спеть!

Нурайым Сарилдиева


Асхат Шуженов

Вый проста супер и красавчик

Сабина Ахмедгаджиева

Мама ?

маргарита зарихта

Ору с Потапа.:ТАКАЯ МОЛАЯ!?


Почему Тина смотрела с самого начала


Кто то:какая малая

Айым Алмаскызы

Почему ето девочка ждури не повернулся


1:04 нечосе, Девченко тахахахзах

Kyril Chadziew

Странно, что в прошлом году Эмили приходила на Голос. Она уже до этого была успешная певица.

E. M. M. A.

Very good

sidrah omg

When your the only English person here

Aline Elmaleh

מענין אם אני התגובה שכתובה בעברית הראשונה???

Балнур Ахмедиова

2021 здравствуйте ???

Таня Ромазанова

зависть не к чему хорошему не приведёт в будущем

Katya GUM

Меня одну взбесила Тина

Stefi Lorenzo

Когда я посметрела сольное выступление Тали,я окончательно убедилась,что Ева Аш ей даже в подмётки не годится

M E L I K O V. T V


your astronaut

Почему кресло Тины не повернулось во время обсуждения? ?

Даша Троцюк

2021 ви тут???

Инна Цибульская

Объясню почему тина смотрела...У нее уже собрана команда.


I love how they both turned before she even got to the really impressive parts of the song! Phenomenal singer

『A s t x r i s m』

mel bunu da begenmis bunu da izliyim bari

Малітел поні Гончарова



Is she singing in English? I honestly can’t tell

Jack McConnell

When I'm watching all those top tens best of this best of that whatever why is this young lady not in it she's just totally awesome and I hope she keeps up the good work wherever she's at

Даур Харчилава

балдею от этой малышки. Супер исполнение. Умничка

Альмина Нахошкина

Почему кресло тины не повернулось

shamshieva nuriia

Там мама в шоке?

Асхаб Азизов

Тали Купер, Эмели Купер❤❤❤

Адильжан Рахимберлин

боже как они за нее борятся

Sviat vlogs

у Тины мест в команде нет поэтому у нее кресло не разворачивают?

Евгения Сницарук


Андрій Сенцюк

Ишел 21.09.2020 есть кто живой


Wow. This kid is good. Very talented.


3:38????? женщина жён женщина танцует

Василий Евтюхов

Ху*ня это все Вова, переделать на*уй, сделать под клип тимоти и под Москву! Вот так пожарник думает.


Август 2020 а я все еще тут смотрю и восхищаюсь??? Это просто нереально

Науменко Ксюша

Аж мурашки ??

Alexey Gromakov


mery. 100


Алекс ВО

Вы посчитали, сколько раз они скали КЛАСС????

Queen Katara


Анна Андрушко

Очень талантливая девочка, будет большое будущее)))


Интересно, а кто голосовал против?

Banu Yəhyayeva

Рыжая мне нравиться кому тоже лайк

Алекс ВО

2020 осень

Ester Danilova

Мне интересно почему она в 2016 году большая а где она поёт Маленькая девочка Маленькая там

Кто Здесь

3:30 битва за Тали Купер 5:29 крик чайки

человек опоссум

А что с тиной?почему просто встала

Даша Серебрякова

Не Варя лутшей