Marlin speed

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Speed Shooting Marlin 1895GS 45-70 1

242 358 views | 29 Mar. 2008

Speed Shooting Marlin

Speed Shooting Marlin 1895GS 1

Never do this if there is anyone even remotely behind you.


very impressive

Brian Warner

that's good shooting!

Me. Dan Senior

Superb pal! And these XS ghost sights also help a lot. I have the same setup. A++


What is it on the mag pipe that you have on your marlin??

gilbert want a bread hernandez

Very good my friend I like that I love 45/70


Check canadian tire


Hi That was great i going to learn how to try that on mine Marlin 1895 SS 45-70.

Bryan Merritt

Pretty darn quick with that powerful thing darn good shooting too ..


Amazing shooting my friend, I typically always carry it on my shoulder with the barrel point forward when I am hunting dangerous game; it makes getting on target faster.

repo madness

I have the Marlin sbl with iron sights and it's a beast as well as deadly accurate!!

Tony A

Good shooting! You obviously know your rifle.

Jeff M

Kinda messed up? No that would have hit a bear....great shooting...I have a early 2000’s 450 marlin guide gun I bought brand new.. ..


Looks fun

1968 Barracuda

Do you have any videos of you doing that slowly?

Charles Loveday

Just curious if this YT channel is still active? I realize it's over 8yrs old...but that doesn't mean U have closed the account/channel. Just watched this vid & wanted to know if U have tried any of the newer ammo for the 45-70? There's some 450 grain bullets running close to 2000fps. Would like to see this gun run all 5 rds as fast as possible...from the carry position U were n through emptying the gun. Only one quick draw...& unloading the rest as fast on target at same distance or at 50yrd. BTW...impressive quick draw on point...plenty good for stopping a bear. Can't say I could come anywhere close with that quick of draw. If Ur still active...think about a quick draw & then emptying other 4 bullets at 50yrd. Just watched a 1,080 yrd shot on a 24inch square plate from open sites with 450grain ammunition...he hit it twice after only 5 or 6 shots n 6-8mph wind. These 45-70's pack a heck of a wallop...even at 1080yrds! Impressive gun/killing power at any distance under 150-200yrds. Can still b lethal at 1,000+yrds but those would definitely b LUCKY shots. As I said earlier...great shooting & hope this finds U well. Even if Ur channel is still up & not doing any more vids...would appreciate a response back. Merry Christmas to U & Ur family...Happy New Years also.


Well done sir. Thanks for sharing

C Steele

Pretty good! 


My marine carries his guide gun on his left shoulder with the barrel down.
And is lightning fast and accurate!
But really likes what your doing.
Try his technic and see what you think.

Dave Jan

I lived Alaskan bush for 27 years. In unit 14B, THE most heavily populated bear place on earth. You made 5 major mistakes! (No offence intended, just facts) (1), its a stupid "Guide gun" Regular length 1895 WAY better. 20% more powerful too due to full powder burn & lots less kick. (2) Rounds are too light. NOT grizzlie bullets (3).Empty Chamber. In a real bear attack u need every round u can get. Sow w 2nd year full grown cubs will ALL attack you. (4) SLOW assed peep sights. In a moving bear charge youll be lucky to even look down the bbl & shoot. Thoes peep sights will get YOU bear nailed. (5) NO Magnum recoil pad to handle the hot/heavy grizzly thumpers. I was attacked multiple times & learned from the OLD bushmen who got OLD by not making the lil mistakes that count when the SHTF!! I had close bbl hugging FLAT mauser ramp sights on my basic carry that DIDNT block the view of an oncoming bear & the dog eared front sight for the same reason. W the ramp rear sight U can lift em WAY up for 6-700 yd shots easy once you learn your particular rounds arc. DID have to carry extra cheek foams inside the stock spare shell holder to slide up on top for the long/raised shots. Hope this info helps in case u get bear charged. It happens FAST & EVERY NANOSECOND counts. Your " Swing up" is good! Some of the best advise the Alaskan F&G bear experts told me was in an attack empty the gun as fast as you can & then hurry up & reload in case that sucker gets up & comes after you again. It happens, even w our hand cannons! ?

mendric dejesus

That's really good. This is a great idea for how one person in my story will fire a lever action rifle, but instead of the right it's on the left

Phil P

I'd have liked to see a timer. Set to go off randomly, then get your time to shot. What type of sights are you using? Skinner? What's on the front of your fore end, under the barrel?

Matthew O

Smooth, ill have to practice that movement

mark a

I like the method. what rear sight do you have on that gun and also what is in front of the mag tube?


My choice for all round carry/defence is my shortened to 21" barreled bolt action Rem 700 in 375RUM loaded with 350gr Barnes TSX @ 2450fps and or my Ruger SRH.

Justin Tyme

Nice demonstration! Thanks!

Jared White

Keep one in the pipe off safe. It’ll save your life.


About the same.

Jeffrey Wilson

that flip in the beginning was badass


Nice shooting


That audio.... Just... Yes. This is why I want to get a 45-70 for my first rifle. The one I have in mind is the Marlin 1895 22 inch barrel 4+1, $630 USD, beautiful rifle. I decided on 45-70 because its a historic round, a powerful one that can take down pretty much anything since I will be most likely hunting with it and as a carry while camping/hiking in the mountains. Plus, the fun factor involved when shooting a big bore rifle is awesome. Thanks for this awesome video.

john allen

that was a nice move you did there. sweet lever gun also.

Pilot McBride

Great stuff mate!!! BUT! (there's always a but, lol.) This is a cheeky but........ 45-70? Ladies' round. lmao! I have the 45-120 Sharps.... Great report when using BP, lol.
Looks like a fantastic rifle and I hope it is still with you.

Cheers and thanks from Downunder mate. :)


Nice shooting :)

Rockin' G Ranch

Nice shooting!

Steven Durham

Dude, that's quick. But if you're in bear country you need to carry one in the chamber.

Dee Boy

Gotta tell ya..... Impressive but Chuck Conners would have been quicker.

Island Mick

Nice shooting. Any of those shots would have counted if confronted with a bear, I'm sure!!!
I'll have to have a go at this.

Chris Chen

Damn gun porn. Now I need a 45/70! Nice Shooting.


Great video. Nice to see the M1895 in action with a skilled outdoors man.

luke reynolds

Beautiful shooting mate I just bought one of these in the big loop can’t wait for it to arrive


Holy shit! I did not see that coming!


Pretty damn impressive. I hope my new Marlin 45-70 is capable of the same production. 


They will all work which is why I have and carried all of them at one time or another. Shotguns are heavier and finding quality slugs is an issue here in Canada My carry handgun was/is a shortened to 4.25" barreled Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull loaded with 405gr WLNGC's @ 1330fps issue is most people can't shoot handguns accurately enough or can't handle the recoil of the big revolvers.

Robert kulas

Two thumbs up ! Nice shooting


Hi... What is the "thing" mounted on the mag-tube and where can i get it from.
Hope someone can help me...


That's exactly how I plan on speed shooting my Marlin, thanks for the tips CampCook12345.


This move is not allowed at many ranges due to people trying to show off and losing grip of the rifle, tossing it 5 feet downrange.

Good technique and shooting though. Practice is evident.

Xhilla K

Wow ? nice

Kevin Hardin

awesome shooting I have a Marlin 1895 GS usually takes me 5 minutes to aim, shoot ,completely miss my target,and cry about my shoulder for 3 days? you are da man

Northern Cross

lets see you draw your whiskey bottle out of your pocket, and finish it , I would like to see that next..yes????


You are soo fast....


Same here, never have seen anyone else use it though...before you

Adam Strauts

looks like the mission range

richard thomas

Two seconds.


I'm in Canada the company that was stocking them hasn't stocked them for a while = I have no idea where to get them now.


Bad.....asss!1!!111, I was not expecting the flip, well done sir.

Thunderdog 777

I’m impressed


That shooting leaves dead bear and you to go to camp and have supper not be supper

Tom O Connor

Very impressive

Bruce Lee

Thats cool as hell


I've carried a rifle with me out in the woods many times. I've always put slings on rifles only to take them off when I actually need to carry them. The reason is, I usually have a pack on and I just carry the rifle in my hand(s) when walking around. It's more comfortable for me, and I can access it quicker. Plus the barrel of the rifle always hangs on branches and brush when it's slung on your shoulder.

Mike Magnum

Excellent demonstration of proper technique! Well done.


One good exercise to simulate a bear charge is to try to hit a bouncing basket ball. A running bear's head will have a lot of up and movement.. Its very hard to hit the head.


You're pretty fast with that leever gun for sure. Good video.

Tye Miller

Ive watched you do the several years ago, I was impressed then and I am still impressed. Thank you. I have the same gun....thinking about practicing that maneuver, for hunting in bear country in montana. Thanks again

Mike Richards

Thank you sir for what I believe to be a very important video. Fluid technique of deploying the rifle from the shoulder. Sustained accurate shooting. Of course when under attack by a bear things are not as calm, but the value of the video is in the technique used to get the rifle from the shoulder and shoot.

Ysen A

Très bien et précis.....


I carry my marlin GS 45-70 with a safari sling....best thing ever

mario marez

Wow! Something to work up to. I’m excited to start shooting mine, after I reload some rounds for it. Newby here.

Adrian Larkins

Damn good shooting. I wouldn't like to be Mr Grizz with you around.


Wonder how you will do when the bear is charging at you.

Uss JimmyCarter

Always carry with one in the pipe in Griz country! One false move and a big male coming at you at 40 mph and you are bear stew!


Great shooting man! Would have done the job on a bear and of course if you weren't at the range you would have had one in the chamber and the hammer on the safety notch cutting that on impressive on target time down even more!


Terrible shooting...said nobody ever!   Very impressive indeed.


I'll do about the same. Closest black bear charge I ever stopped bear was only 8 yards in front of me when I fired. I was using my old Voerre actioned 26" barreled rifle in 308 Norma Mag loaded with Norma 180gr yellow tip bullets @ 3060fps Shot hit bear left front of chest exited right side behind front leg. Drove the bears head into the ground somersaulting it. Bear started to try and drag itself with its front legs away from me so I shot it again.

Brian Warner

that's good shooting!

Frank Caltabiano

Good technique. I'll have to give it a try.

Titus Matautia

What do you call this technique ?

John Baydo

Must have been a quiet day at the Mission Rod & Gun Club. Nice shooting.

Yeah Bee

ever thought about african caryy? muzzle down over opposite shoulder and that hand on the forend, just up and into the shoulder, hands doesn't have to change position.

very comfortable way of carrying, and especially with a pretty short barrel

Pastor Amos Carmichael

Nice whatever it would be dead or dying

Kevin Hardin

impressive !

Christer Hauknes

impressive. shows how a lot of practice can make you master your gun.


Slick levergun work- cheers!


You didn't kinda mess up, that's good shooting.

Foxtrot Golf

With that accuracy and speed (you should have shown a follow up shot) I would not care how you carry, chambered or not. I am not that fast and I won't be slinging if i feel or see an imminent threat a hundred yards from me. Good shooting Sir.


Nice technique and accuracy. I'm the proud owner of two Marlins, the 1894 in .45 Colt, and my beloved 39A.


Good shooting and nice trick for quickly getting your rifle on target. That said, military carry is safer and more efficient/faster (front cross slinging with your rifle muzzle down). I wouldn't want to be behind you when you deployed your riffle from a shoulder sling position.


Nice shooting there CampCook.  I certainly hope you didn't practice those stills on your vintage cast iron.  :-) 


Wild West Guns tactical light mount.


is the recoil worse than a 1oz slug from a shotgun? 18.5 inch barrel? i wanna buy a lever only allowed to get a 30-30 or a 45-70 wanna make sure its not crazy before i get it


Wow that's awesome, I'm gonna practice that with mine


were do you buy that. I was looking at the wild west guns homepage...but nothing there that i could find. I need that and a picatinny-rail for my marlin gs 1895 45/70...any god ideas were I could find that!? Nice shooting by the way :)

Matthew O

I'd love to see that movement in slow motion

Iron Head

16.5” skinner trapper is better!!

Charles Loveday

Just curious if this YT channel is still active? I realize it's over 8yrs old...but that doesn't mean U have closed the account/channel. Just watched this vid & wanted to know if U have tried any of the newer ammo for the 45-70? There's some 450 grain bullets running close to 2000fps. Would like to see this gun run all 5 rds as fast as possible...from the carry position U were n through emptying the gun. Only one quick draw...& unloading the rest as fast on target at same distance or at 50yrd. BTW...impressive quick draw on point...plenty good for stopping a bear. Can't say I could come anywhere close with that quick of draw. If Ur still active...think about a quick draw & then emptying other 4 bullets at 50yrd. Just watched a 1,080 yrd shot on a 24inch square plate from open sites with 450grain ammunition...he hit it twice after only 5 or 6 shots n 6-8mph wind. These 45-70's pack a heck of a wallop...even at 1080yrds! Impressive gun/killing power at any distance under 150-200yrds. Can still b lethal at 1,000+yrds but those would definitely b LUCKY shots. As I said earlier...great shooting & hope this finds U well. Even if Ur channel is still up & not doing any more vids...would appreciate a response back. Merry Christmas to U & Ur family...Happy New Years also.Good day.


Nice hits!??

Mark Hansen

I travel to AK often to spend time with my brothers fishing/camping/hunting. I was transporting a personal protection gun for years. It got to be a real hassle so bought a used gun from a retiring bush pilot. He fired it twice... lol. It lived in a case in his plane in the event he had a forced emergency landing. He now lives in Hawaii... lol. You guessed it.... the rifle is a Marlin 1895GS. I put a Skinner peep sight on it. It goes with me into the bush every time I venture out there. It's a great little rifle. I highly recommend it.

Benny Garr

That was really good


Nice! I have to train this way with my 30-30! By the way, is it a bayonet mount that I see on your rifle?

Marlin speed

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Speed Comparison : Race Simulation

10 632 041 views | 5 Feb. 2016

Part 2 :Faster than Light:

Part 2 :Faster than Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-jwrpXPBp0

Part 3: Slower than Snail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIvRzvIE9Xc

Race: Bugatti Veryon vs Formula One, King Cheetah vs Usian Bolt, Thrust SSC vs Speed of sound, X-43 jet vs X-15 aircraft, Desert Eagle bullet vs M16 bullet. Which is faster?

This video depicts a virtual reality drag race with the assumption that objects can travel at their maximum possible speed without any acceleration/deceleration for an infinite amount of time.

NOTE: ALL OBJECTS SIZES ARE NOT ACCORDING TO SCALE! (If they are, the Earth/Sun/Milky Way will be too big to fit in the picture and everything else would be too small!)

PS: Can anyone recommend me a screen recorder that can record at least 60fps? It looks alot smoother viewing the animation from my computer than the video. Thanks!


Race 1 (30m/98ft) :

Garden Snail (Slowest Animal)


Giant Tortoise

Human Walking

Human Running

Turkey Running

Black Mamba (Fastest Snake)



Usian Bolt Sprinting (Fastest Human)

Race 2 (100m/328ft) :

Usian Bolt Sprinting (Fastest Human)


Ford Model T





100kmh Car

Swordfish (Fastest Swimmer)

King Cheetah (Fastest Land Animal)

Race 3 (800m/2625ft):

King Cheetah (Fastest Land Animal)


World Fastest Bicycle

Peregrine Falcon (Fastest Animal)

Formula One

Bugatti Veryon (Fastest Car)

Fastest Boat

Maglev Bullet Train (Fastest Train)

Shockwave Jet Rocket Truck (Fastest Truck)

Airbus A380 Aeroplane

Race 4 (6000m/19685ft):

Airbus A380 Aeroplane

Speed of Sound

Thrust SSC (Fastest Land Speed)

Desert Eagle Bullet

SR-71 Blackbird (Fastest Jet)

M16 Rifle Bullet

Cruise Missile Rocket (BrahMos)

X15 Rocket-powered Aircraft

Fastest Rocket Sled (Fastest Rail Speed)

X-43 Hyper-sonic Aircraft

Race 5 (200km/124miles):

X-43 Hyper-sonic Aircraft

Orbital Space Shuttle

Apollo 10 Spacecraft

Hyper-launcher Gun (Fastest Projectile)

New Horizons Spacecraft

Voyager 1 Spacecraft

Speed of Earth's Orbit

Helios 2 (Fastest Man-made Object)

Speed of Solar System

Speed of Lightning (Step Leader)

Race 6 (1 Light Second/300000km/186000miles):

Garden Snail (Slowest Animal)

Usian Bolt (Fastest Human)

King Cheetah (Fastest Land Animal)

Thrust SSC (Fastest Land Vehicle)

Voyager 1

Lightning (Step Leader)

Milky Way Orbital Speed

Hypervelocity Star Orbital Speed



Race 7 (c):


USCSS, Prometheus

The Ark, Transformers

USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Star Trek

Pillars of Autumm, Halo

Borg Cube, Star Trek

Death Star, Star Wars

Battlestar Galactica

Imperial II-class star Destryoer, Star Wars

Millenium Falcon, Star Wars

draelaurent decatoria

Congratulations king cheetah



adhi ponnoos

Bolt finished 100 mtr 9.58 sc...... 8.2????????

Mismatched Fox

You really waited?


light speed is 1 billion km/h (670 million mph) not 1 Trillion km/h
Lightning:1/3 the speed of light (360 million kph)

Martin Steen Redeker


Ratnam Biswas

So you want to say land speedest animal is slower than a bicycle rider

200 subs Challenge

a horse is faster than a lion and an ostrich wtf

Merry Minus


Toto 63

Light=fastest object
Everyone cassualy ignoring (except me) that light is not an object.

꧁Sarah Davis꧂

3:48 this is how long 2020 lasted

Anna Kang

Usain Bolt runs 100 meters in 9.58 meters.

Jaras Live

Wait tiger is faster than lion lol

Jacien Velazquez

No way the thrust can reach faster then that


What is this app i want to know

Maynor Santos

The garden snail went over 6800 YEAR

Αλέξανδρος Μητσοτακής

Dude ? running 48km/h

MThe M of Random

“a few moments”
“a few months later”

Xairus Dagondon

Ang cheetah hindi malakas mag takbo

Anneka Powell

I just love that blog when it says '1 hour later' so and so... it's SO HILAIRE!!!

Aung Hein




dogsareawesome 9197

3:42 yo usain bolt hit the 299972000 meter

Jincheol Jeon

So many ‘a few moments later’s

Halina Halina


brother an sisther

Cheetah: ha I'm fastest land animal
Bat: am I a joke to you???!

Kathy Raetz

It takes me 10 seconds to run 100 meters And I run 22 mph I superpower is My speed

For geams For

The car sped is 200?

Jigiri and Ruveen



Kings Cheetah is a regular Cheetah with different Painting. They are borne by normal Cheetahs. Like Black Panther and Leopard. The different Color doesnt give them a Boost of more than 20 Km/h.

Diego Rodriguez

6800 waaaannnnnn

Ashe army for life

I thought he was racist..

Daniel Noriega-Amezola

you asked for 100 you got 100. thousand.

Han Solo


Chad Bolen

Uhmmm exuse me tigers are faster than lions thank you

Ollie 2502

This is all a lie a cheeta is faster than a guy on a bike

Leonardo Bonucci

Chettah is faster tha falcon

Tik k

I m 10M

Amelia Stanfield

2:07 speed of sound got 17 seconds thank you slow

Phoenix Of Air

So you're telling me it will take 6800 years to travel 1 light second as a garden snail

Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist

3:00 why are there 2 of lightning?

gamer iz scg

what name is aplication

Zodiex GT

Reigarw: can we get 100 likes

Community: 100k, take it or leave it

M. Yusuf Suleman

If I say something, In 17 Seconds someone in another country will hear it.

Halina Halina

A380 its bigest pasanger plane


1:09 That swift is a Pigeon lol

Ani Gaming&Funny videos&More

I know whinch is the slowest thing in the world

Subscribe to me and im gonna thell to you



Loo Wen Yuan

this is all fake


A human runs faster than 6.2 mph like dude I can run 12 mph

samnang devid

Snail sorry my internet is slow


Kaplumbağa o kadar yavaş gitmez

Vaishnavi Pal

My clicking speed on this video is faster than all?

1k subs without any videos challenge

100? Maybe 110 000 ??

อยากปลดหนี้ ทางโลก

you should include test clapping of hummingbird and speed of pecking of Woodpecker

Grace Guo

Three toed sloth is slowest animal not Garden Snail


Humans are on earth go anywhere it does.

Paul Sava

The cheetah is one of the fastest animal in the world

Gamer Boiks

iagine that spongebob voice going "two hours late" wasnt there well then no one would whatch it


This video was over too quick for me :-)

Jihae Yun

Happy new year 2021

Visual Data

I love this stats ? ? ?


Peregrine falcon is faster than 320 km/h, but only in vertical dive.

Gianella García

Tiger ???love tiger ??100000000000000000000000000

Samanyu Chatak4300

This all is not possible



Damian Koree

its fake your can not upload dis video

Pablo Matheus

Garden Snail: 6800 YEARS
The Vídeo:6,800 Unlikes


Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist

3:48 only 6,800 years!? That’s an entire light second from a garden snail, I thought that would take longer!

Siblings Bruh!

How is the Swift faster than the king cheater

Nathaniel Sports7

Imagine Snail never give up ???

draelaurent decatoria

I wanna buy ford model t

the style man

So cheeteah is the fastest and what about the perogen falcon that is faster than a cheeteah

Xairus Dagondon

Is cheetah is not speed gazelle

Stevan Sindjelic

usein bolt je brzi od juga na 100m. usain bolt is faster than yugo on 100m

Diego Rodriguez




João Luca Anunciato


AH adam Adam ADAM المغرب edam adem

The only wild animal is king cheetah no body can go faster that a cheetah it can escape from a tiger or a lion


I miss olden ? days 2016 , 2017 , 2018 ,2019 , and tha worst year 2020

Trude Steele

What snail took 6800 years?!


Garden snail that fast?!

Addie OBrien

vid: comming soon if wee hit 100 likes
me in 2020:can u do like 100,000 likes?


Faltou a coisa mais rapida do multiverso
O uno escadinha?

Halina Halina



Super interesting


the cameraman be like ????????????

Leonardo Bonucci


Jesse James

Why do I feel like 186,282 miles in 258 days is actually quite impressive?

Gijesh Kumaran

Usain bolt 100m ? With in 8.2 sec ? His fastest time is 9.53

Cool Cat

For 50 meters i need 6.6 seconds bruh


Lions can run longer distances than cheetahs according to another video. Is that correct or not?

Pos Lee

How did the usain bolt get slower

Rendra Pamungkas


kenneth ellis magcaleng


Joon Jang

You said if get 100 likes, now it has 100k likes.

draelaurent decatoria

Man and the horse your amazing too

Patrick Hermosura

Snail is faster than sloth

Reda Akn

This was 4 years ago???

iliarok1 iliarok

Я один русский???

Marlin speed

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The Fastest Fish On The Planet: Black Marlin | Ultimate Killers | BBC

1 115 733 views | 27 May. 2008

This marlin can clock

This marlin can clock speeds of 80 mph. It's the fastest fish on the planet.

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Well they say it can go up to 80 mph, but how come on the top lists, it says the Sailfish is the fastest? They must not have any proof it goes up to 80.

By'tl Solomon

I don't know much about ocean wildlife tagging ... but correct me if I am wrong ... aren't one suppose to get a good view of the fish fins first before giving it a tag instead of tagging blindly .... what if there is already another tag there ?


Damn... I gotta get me my own TV-documentary series. Travel to exotic locations to do big game fishing, film it, and instead of trying to come up with some sort of proof or way of measuring the fish's speed, simply state: "As far as anyone can tell, it's the fastest on the planet". Nice, lol..


It is hydrodynamic not aerodynamic.


did he say aerodynamic....it's fucking hydrodynamic....

Peter Gnade

Sailfish are faster, get your facts straight BBC


Been know scientifically for years that the sailfish is the fastest. And that speed is is 65 mph at that. Not taking ANYTHING away from the marlin, majestic fish of course, but this video is more about sensationism than facts.


I am watching this in 2020.


Maybe not the fastest fish. While the Marlin has been recorded at speeds of up to 80 kph (50 mph), multiple other internet sources indicate that the Sailfish has been recorded at up to 110 kph (68 mph).


Thumbs Up if You Felt Sorry for The Marlin D:


hydrodynamic fish. Not aero. :P

Think Positive ++

Humans are really the best killers in the world.

Robin Sculac

black marlin.. if you read about the way a black marlin hunts, you should understand a little more :)

Super héro

it's a formula 1 fish..

Evan Brumback

Not only the "aerodynamic" faux pas, but the 80mph figure is also fallacious.

John Crusp

We can get the money from you ?

mohamed farag

he released the delicious marlin !!

Tom Ostlender

Aerodynamic!!! HAHA what a noob, hydrodynamic you dumbass

matt dembiczak

its HYDROdynamic not AEROdynamic idiot!!!!!!!!


Nice battle. Enjoyed watching.

Sagar Rao

"aerodynamic" fish?

Gudmund Malones

Fastest Fish is the Sailfish, not the Marlin..


Oops ! My bad...


As somebody said , maybe it WAS the fastest one in its day. Oh and by the way , keyboard warriors, these guys work in the bbc. I think they have more of an idea than any of us wikipedia people.

Peter Gnade

Prove it


What the hell does that have to do with it? Think about it. Back to school for you.

Eric Minor

Kanye West- The gayest fish on the planet

Jeffrey Witt

lol he doesnt even know that hes hooked hes just wondering why he cant swim away from the boat


wtf are you talking about black men cant swim


Did they include the boat's speed in the calculation? The boat is pulling in one direction, Marlin in another, making the line roll way faster.

Jila Tana

It gets 'hooked' by what exactly.. a steel hook in his mouth ?
And when you set it loose, how exactly, by cutting the wire ?
If both my assumptions are correct, that fish is then swimming around with a steel hook in his mouth...
Can it still eat ?

Imagine your dentist is putting a steel hook in your jar and sends you home, you discover something is wrong when home and the sedative is wearing off....

Anarchy. py

144p ..Really BBC ?


The fastest fish in the world is, the fish that in the Bugatti Veyron's bonnet on the way home for cooking. Yumyumyum!

Josh Evans

Aerodynamic is how they were built not where they are.... people these days.

Garrett Jones

Catching one, even a striped marlin, is on my bucket list. Gonna give it my first shot in a month in Baja california.


For people that say stainless steel doesn't rust I've never seen any metal around the saltwater of the oceans not corrode.

Mac Stafford

the hook will rust away


Chuck Norris



Activated Oxygen

Looks to me that they leave the hook in the mouth of the Marlin, nice, painfull BBC souvernir for the fish

Bull Lea

they release the fish with a hook in it's mouth ?

Josh Evans

like how planes are built for air and cars for the ground, areodynamics are how things are built for example used in a sentence he used. Wow that car has great aerodynamics. Your the idiot

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Black Man- Almost as fast as "The Man"


Are you even one? hm? ok then Mr. 13 Year old. Why would BBC puts wrong facts? They hired these professionals for a reason and there's such thing as a striped marlin (my mistake for misspelling it making your dirty mind thought something else.)

Shadow Raptor

sailfish is the fastest in the world

Zoltán Lengyel

Miért okoz szenvedést egy másik lénynek?!

Zachary Sanchez

Actually the fastest fish in the world is the sailfish!!!!!!!!!

A Lotfi

He's Australian.


Fastest fish is the wahoo...swims up to 60 mph.just do y'all no. But the marlin is an incredible fish!


BBC its a blunder Sailfish are the fastest and they swim faster than 100kph.. you just ruined your reputation with the accuracy of your documentaries..

El Bronceador

@vydo5454 I think Black Marlin

Agustín Cavallo

"that was muscle to muscle, nothing else" ...Except for several miles of line, a huge hook and 3 assistants.

ChalenMichealEthan Dewitt

Then a shark got it because it smelled the blood from the wound which they tagged.


The marlin new what it was doing swimming 10,000 miles to new zealand! bet it was well worth it.


but it wasn't hooked in the stomach - presumably the hook was somewhere in it's mouth/jaw.


they're hydrodynamic not aerodynamic dumbass -_-


Ever done any big game fishing? Or any kind of fishing? Of course you need technology to level the playing field against a huge fish like that. That thing is 400- 500 kg of pure muscle. And as for the assistants: They don't interfere in the actual drill. All they did was reel in the other lines (essential once you get a strike) and bring the fish alongside once it was "defeated". Plus they gave the guy pointers which seemed like a smart thing to do, since he didn't look very experienced to me.


Rofl BBC u guys are real amateurs. Sailfish is the fastest on the planet not black marlin.

Peter Gnade

Still faster than the marlin, BBC was wrong, Black Marlin are clocked at 80kph and 50mph, so don't argue if you don't know what you're talking about idiot

Peter Gnade

80 kph, not 80 mph. There's no need to pick this guy apart for simply stating a fact!

Konu Irie

chuck norris's goldfish is faster


He said there "like" a f1 car, they are very aerodynamic...and seeing as he was refering the fish to a f1 car...he's not going to say the car is hydronamic....bloody fools haha


By the way, information change over time, sailfish might be once the fastest.


According to 'The Guiness book of records' the fastest fish is the 'Sailfish'? As they have a similar look, I'd assume they're from the same order (family)?


U can't say its a black marlin it's the sailfish

usman malik

y they free the fish after catching?


sailfish is only 68mph..


50mph is the stripped marlin, black marlin is 80mph, it's all over the internet.

Ovidiu Hozan

it;s hydrodynamic not aerodynamic :D it swim not fly

Peter Gnade

Yeah Wikipedia!! But face the facts... are you an ichthyologist, do you even have fish, your probably just some computer nerd who looked on wikipedia. It's a proven fact : Sailfish are the fastest fish in the world. Black Marlin is 80kph, there is no such thing as a stripped marlin, that's just gay.

Erwin Kamil

The reel looks like a Tiagra


Apologize actually it's the sailfish. Second is wahoo. Still fucking incredible!


Marlins a bill fish...a sailfish has the full sail on its back. Instead of the dorsal. Like a common marlin.


@1:31 say what ?

Josh Evans

lolololol dude I'm kidding I was seeing what you'd say lolololol. Man your funny.

what happenen

2008 100 sword fish hunter .

2020 where sword fish ?

haydo craft

I don't get how u could do this to a fish:(

Joshua Spath

1:30 I think he meant hydrodynamic.

Argyle Dashwood

Hydrodynamic god damn it.


think theyre confusing miles for kilometers, sailfish are faster and go upto 110

Dark Shadow

I am so lost on which is the fastest fish in the world. On different sites I read that either the sailfish is the fastest, then a Black Marlin etc etc.

Gdcd Gdcd

dude and i take half a day to catch a little fish :(

Whoever Whoever

if we wear fish tail and fin, no matter how hard we wag our feet and arms and bodies, we still cant swim as fast as fish. not even close. i wonder what make fish swim so fast.

Akiff Hssn

Shark VS Black Marlin, who do you think will win?


yes that's the easy way - I just thought that because they were tagging it to do some research then leaving it with a big hook in the mouth wasn't really a good idea - but maybe it wouldn't be too badly affected?

luca scatozza

Cool mangos don't know that what

Turboflyer Jeams

leave the marlin alone morons!!

Spinosaurus Wetherilli

I love black marlin

Javan Pastoriza


Michał Szczepaniak

Sailfish is fastest fish on the planet :)

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First they claim 68 MPH now 80 Guess sardines can swim 120MPH ???? now line measure that!

Andrew Kuhn

Wrong.... A sail fish is the fastest..... and thats in the ocean, not the "fastest fish on earth"

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Are you aware that the Caribbean Islands are full of predominantly black people?


Black Man - the fastest fish on the planet

Dexter John


Black marlin 130 km/h (80 mph)


Do you know the difference between kilometer and mile, 80mph is faster than 100kph, go back to elementary school buddy.


how did they manage to release it so easily?


Fastest fish in the world is a Mako shark. Contrary to popular belief, Marlins or Sailfish aren't nearly as fast as often claimed. Those speeds are based upon unreliable methods.

Goh Kim Hock

The injury caused by the bait will kill the marlin, as the blood will attract those sharks.