New egg review

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Terrible Return Experience With NewEgg

571 views | 9 Sep. 2020

This is simply just to

This is simply just to outline the craziness of how a simple return turned to what basically felt like a scam and a nightmare. As I said, the customer service agents were great as they could be and no bad blood held towards NewEgg, however, if this is how a business is going to run I'm not sure if I can spend money or recommend people to spend money with said business. I've used Newegg for 10 years minimum but if this is how they handle returns... PSA to new customers I'd recommend trying a different source.

Newegg Support

Hi there,

I am so sorry for the issues you have encountered with this return. I would like to check into your order further for you. If you'd like, please send us a DM to our twitter handle @NeweggService.

Thank you,
Natalie [Newegg Support]

Craig Dalbey Brennan

Well I got key caps instead of keyboard and I can’t refund it and I don’t know how to it’s so anything

Nate The Who

can we get a update im currently having a similar issue


Thank you for putting up this video. I think it’s time for everyone to understand what they are capable of. Returning something back to them is like your fault no matter what the situation is. I think their return is such a headache. Most websites have flexible returns and get your money back guarantee.


fuck newegg


fawk i just sent back some ram for a replacement so i hope on my end it works out

Jay dreadly

Newegg has gone downhill.. maybe trying to resell defective items?

New egg review

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AMAZON vs NEWEGG...? Honestly Reviewed Now EP. 1

3 793 views | 11 Oct. 2019

Welcome to the first ever

Welcome to the first ever video on my channel! I thought we would start out with the two largest online shopping platforms and put them head to head in today's video. If you enjoyed today's content don't forget to give us a sub, anything is appreciated!


Hate newegg's return policy. They even don't vet their vendors, had a vendor on newegg who scammed every customer they came across and newegg still expects people to wait weeks or more to get their money back.


newegg comfules people anyway

j barron

Amazon is the shit whereas newegg is just shit on poorly run back end

CJ Calvert

wanted to buy a phone from New egg is it safe tho ??????

Newegg Studios

First =). Keep up the great content, looking forward to seeing this channel grow.

Eyewanders Foto

NewEgg isn't perfect and is certainly not the NewEgg is used to be "back in the day" when I ordered countless components from them.
But let's be real. Amazon is effing devil. I've switched back.


also newegg is a new website back in the day in to now still they dont got alot of stuff also the website on newegg people dont no how to shop there and some do some dont

Gabe Games Cool

Good video keep up the good work


Hey man, you should continue making videos! This is great content. I would really enjoy some more honest reviews.


Newegg absolutely sucks. It has the worst return policy and customer service I've ever known.

Eddy Cervantea

i seen that new egg was 30$ cheaper overall with slightly better delivery service. BUT amazon is trustworthy as a motherf$$er so i went with amazon since i just know about new egg this month barely Lol


amazon more stuff then newegg newegg dont have alot of stuff



New egg review

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24 713 views | 14 May. 2014

I thought I would up this

I thought I would up this video outlining the exact situation that I had with Newegg over the past week weeks in regards to getting my DOA motherboard replaced. Sadly, it was not a good one.

PC Specs:

Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core


GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 4GB Dual FTW ACX


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87-DS3H ATX LGA1150


RAM: 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1600


HD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM


Case: Corsair 200R ATX Mid Tower




OS: Windows 7 Home Premium


CrysisCraft Returns: https://youtube.com/watch?v=02ScfVO8_vw

TF2 Failure!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMHaj8brKyQ

Subscribe!: http://RKT.us/SubNicsGames

Get Partnered Today: http://Crysis.tv/Partners

Grow Your Channel: http://ShuffleVids.com

Daily Vlogs: http://YouTube.com/NicAndPatrick

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/NicKingShow

Email: [email protected]


Get 10% off your Kontrol Freeks► http://rkt.us/KF


Get your Elgato► http://rkt.us/K


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About this video: In this video, I talk about whether or not you should buy your PC parts from Newegg, and how Newegg's return process and RMA process are simply bad. I discuss whether or not Newegg a good place to buy PC parts frow, and how Newegg saaid my motherboard had broken pins, which it did not. Thus. Newegg tried refusing to return my motherboard which was DOA motherboard. Newegg tried to screw me (NicsGames) over, and would have succeed had I not taken photo evidenince of my processor before returning as well as the fact that I have a social media following that has influence over their customers. They claimed my motherboard had bent pins, and thus, Newegg tried to not replace my dead on arrival motherboard.


I've been having problems with my current network RPM, terrible support and definitely terrible revenue cuts! They have been ripping me off for a year because I had to sign that terrible contract :(

Kalfax plays

i just realised this video was 3 yrs old when i heard him saying the 760 was really good.


Got problem with motherboard aswell, wasnt working, now trying to get my refund.. if I will


I bought a 109 dollar graphics card and when I tried to return it they offered me 8 dollars

Val Pulido

Red Bull is one hell of a drug.


You have a channel like were u eant ti be if you could be so grateful as to watch one of my call of duty video s and please leave me some feedback so I can try and become as succesful as yiu thankyou


Liked (: Thanks for the info. 

jewish man

They gave me the wrong motherboard! XD

Real Time

Newegg is awesome.

Legendary Blaze

Your problem was using Reddit, Reddit sucks big time!

Had1 Gamer

do you mean if I bought anything from nwegg it's well be bad? cuz ima buy a graphics card from it


For me newegg have been really kind with me... They replaced me a lagging ipad who was restarting everytime... Maybe because i live in canada and it's newegg.ca instead of newegg.com?

ReTiNiTiS GaMiNg

They did the same to me!! They sent me a motherboard with bent pins so I got screwed!! That company has went to shit never again!! Your right  everyone go somewhere else!!


Sunbeam technology

Tuu Scoops

Bro the pins on the motherboard are different that bent pins on the processor


I bet the mother board had an old bio an you need to update it first or the mothermoard only takes like 6 or 7 gen cpu and you put an 8th gen cpu in the motherboard . Like the Asrock H110 pro btc 13 card mother board . 8 gen cpu doesnt work in it

jumpy de kangaroo

I had an lg optimus g and the screen cracked for no reason... I went to bed and woke up to a cracked screen... And it was very similar to ur experience except lg made me pay $150 for a build defect

Bridget Urrutia

Need help! I ordered from this company Black Friday. Thought was getting good deal but Christmas my son was very disappointed! Called the company Christmas as figured it was closed. Called again on6th after being on hold for more than an hour got RJ. He told me that several people had an issue this this item and all needed to do was email him pictures that the stuff in plastic wasn't open and the supervisor would review for refund. I didn't hear back from anyone and called it again today on the line again for over5 minutes until someone picked up. He then had to contact RJ and then supervisor (Nate) denied it return because the box was opened. Silly me it was Christmas gift. Anyway Nate said RJ gave me false information...uhm do you not work for the same company. Anyway Nate told me to file claim with my bank as he was not going to approve the return after what I was already told and that there was an error at the time on their website that has since been corrected yet I don't have no product will the one I paid for! Now I'm waiting for c call back from another manager! My son still doesn't have his Christmas present and I'm out of over $200+! Please help us because know this isn't the foundation of your company to prey off of single mom's working two jobs to try to make ends meet. If had the money to throw up a wild goats butt, I wouldn't. I would do something nice for someone that needed and not mind.

Richard McLeod

Beware of Newegg rebates. They do love to reject them. I cancelled my account will Newegg so I just wanted to warn others not to count on any of Newegg's rebates. Rebate scams so beware.


The Linux Action Show got dead boards from NewEgg, too.

Lucas Zhu

Newegg isn't bad. It's a big company, and they can't there's no way there going to individually check everyone. And it's true, you'll only get one replacement, just like everywhere else.


6:45 mobo dies

Nellie's PC Workshop

I know this video is dated, but newegg's policy on returns is still a problem even today. I got a monitor MSI from them that was damaged the box didn't have any visible blemishes from shipping. When I opened it it had protective styrofoam all around the monitor. It looked more like an open box items. Even though I bought what I thought was a new monitor. There was no indication that it was an open box their advertisement for the monitor was new item. Seems a bit fraudulent in my view. I've been buying from Newegg for the past 20 years and this ongoing experience has changed my mind about ever buying anything from Newegg ever again. We as consumers have other option now but I was trying to be a loyal customer to a company I thought cared. I was so wrong.


i myself have never had problems with newegg and have never heard of any major problems with them that would make people choose amazon over newegg. i think you just got unlucky. if i where you, instead of sending the motherboard to newegg, i would have sent it to the manufacture because i kinda doubt that newegg does extensive enough testing and just seems like the safer route mainly because there the ones who manufactured it all will know the ins and outs better than newegg.

Mr. serpent

Awwww...you r an angry pumpkin

Ps4 Gamer guy

Don't feel alone newegg screwed me my motherboard came bad my PC case was damaged to hell for my CPU inspected it out of the box and had bent pins and I've been waiting 1 month sence I sent the parts in for them to tell me that they will not replace my parts I spent over 1k with them and this is how they treat there consumers.

404 NotFound

they sent me a router that on arrival just didn't work what so ever.

Jason Walsh

Why are you talking like this? Seek help.


Gtx 760 for over $200, were the prices that high in 2014???

dominick dejesus

newegg is awesome you just had one bad experience dont judge a site over one instantce and amazon never has any deals like newegg is a huge company your channel is cool in all but your being sort of one sided

Rhythm Mania

Old video but.. yelling much?

Donnie M

I bought a brand new prebuilt from them during cyber monday and they sent me a refurb with all of the components missing inside .. no mouse, keyboard, power cord, manual, recovery disk, or even a serial code for the device and windows inside lol in the process of returning it to them. They also put a false 31lb label on it that almost looked like a UPS label lol whole thing was 29.40lbs . Worried they are getting scammy.

nick val

I purchase a $1200 gaming PC at 50% off and I've had to send it back twice because bsod on one and the other wouldn't even turn on

Daniel Martinez

nicegames thank u so much love your vids because of i got shaders thank u. you the Best!!!!!!.


Mico center Fry's Electric Company


Nick can you reccomend me a gaming laptop $585-


Same shit happened to me and I also took pics before returning the board back to the crooks. However, they sent the board back to me. I was amazed to find that they had took the liberty of bending the pins for me. They eventually gave me a refund but I will never buy anything from newegg ever again. Bunch of crooks!


I just got charged $40 for a FREE game that was included in with the purchase of a video card. I got the runaround on the "chat" system. I will call them on Monday and try to get this resolved by speaking to someone directly - preferably a supervisor.


I almost got screwed by an egg too



Cristian Gallegos

Gaming pc with a minecraft wallpaper... Oh god


Same Thing Happened to me


really bad eexperience with asrock 3 bad boards after the third I demanded a refund

Joe G

newegg is great now i never had a doa mother board

Show Me What I Need To Know

Newegg sucks. They use to be good, but they are operating like it's still 1999. It can take them 24hrs just to charge your card and longer than that to ship. That's too damn slow -- everything there IS SLOWWWWWW!!!!!!

Atheer A

I bought a refurbished laptop and it arrived jiggling in the box with no bubble wrap, just a makeshift cardboard slab with pastic to keep it in the place but the whole slab would move around inside the box, also the screen bezel was warped. I didn't even plug it in, I put it back in the box and I'm waiting for FedEx to come pick it up, I asked for a full refund but let's see what they do.

Flavio Delcid

My gpu was defective and I returned it and waited 5 days. Then once I got a new Gpu it was defective too


Or Amazon


I bought a headset from amazon and after 3 days, the ear muff started tearing.
I told them that it was tearing, and they sent a brand new one without even requesting me to send the malfunctioning one back!!!
So, now I have 2 headsets, and I just super-glued the ear muff back to perfection.


Newegg is good, too, just not all the time.

Also, gamestop is horrible! I wanted to sell Blackops on first week of launch, and would only give my $20 for it!!! Wtf gamestop, screw that!

Bryon Miller

I do not trust newegg at all. I bought a GTX 970 from them and it arrived DOA. I got an RMA and I'm sending it back tomorrow, but I'm taking pictures of the card, whatever they refuse to refund I'll file a chargeback on. Nobody should have to pay shipping or restocking fees on items that would not be incurred but for the fact that they provided you with defective merchandise. Amazon on the other hand delivered an Oculus rift in 2 days which I can't test because newegg sources their merchandise from questionable sources or you wouldn't see so many accounts of items arriving DOA that they sold.

Дьявол Альянс

i buy from newegg all the time.. my entire game rig all parts were newegg baught as well as peripherals, mousemats etc even Games and non computer items. never had problems.. heres a suggestion that i always do.. read the reviews on the product before ya buy. some are worse then others.. and be VERY cautious on buying from newegg marketplace.. fuck that.. one item had about 6 sellers ya could buy from BUT very different prices.. and very shady reviews on them 3rd party sites.. when i buy i always make sure its sold and shipped by newegg.. and not through 3rd party companies they linked with.
so its not newegg thats the issue it might have been a defective part.. it happens.. and if ya order from 3rd party site through newegg .. nope they wont cover that. and i would never touch amazon after i saw the abuse they put them workers through.. nope nuh uh im not supporting that


I bought a "new" pc from newegg a month ago and found out it was previously sold to someone 3 months prior as the lenova warrenty was 3 months old when I bought it!, I filed a complaint with the BBB and newegg said they would refund all my money in exchange for the PC which would cost me $20-40 to return.. I want them to refund me $60-$100 for buying a used PC as "new". I still havent had this resolved. AVOID newegg and be careful of ALL online stores selling used PC's as "new".


Newegg also has a high DOA mother board chance to also some times the cover they send on it when you put it on it bends the pins and bam they screw you that way


I just RMA my ASRock AB350 motherboard 2 days ago to NewEgg. It was working fine at the start, then just flat out died on me. No BIOS, no response from keyboard, I tried every possible fix I could find. Hopefully they can resolve the issue or send a new one without shelling out more money. I will update this post later this week.

Justin Grenz

Bro I paid 90$ for fast shipping and it’s been almost a month I’m pissed at Newegg


Is Newegg a safe website to buy a digital code


I shop at tigerdirect if possible. I agree, newegg is trash.

Maea Ch.

I just placed an order yesterday with Newegg for my motherboard, CPU, and GPU. Of course, the bank found it kind of suspicious, but then I accepted that I made the payment. Even after that, It still showed that the payment has been declined. I did that same process multiple times but made no progress. Reddit is the last place I can go for help, What can I do?


Hey man same thing happened to me 2 days ago and newegg said i cant return the motherboard because it came in a package with ram, cpu and an ssd  they said i would haf to return everything. but since the cpu was installed and the artic silver was applied to it. it voids the warrenty. what do you suggest i do?


NEWEGG RIPED ME OFF TODAY. With their two prices on their website. I made the mistake of purchasing an item on there website for 50 more then they sell the same item for on there web sight. I called and asked why they have two prices ? Asked why did they charge so much? They told me I did not order it from them but rather the Newegg market place! And they don’t price match items in there own marketplace!!!

This company is TRASH

Nova Chicken RIG

Nick, what do you think of the new haswell CPUs from intel?

Bill Curran

I just got fucked for the 2nd time by Newegg, don't know why I didn't learn my lesson the first time. NO ONE SHOULD EVERY GIVE THIS COMPANY A SINGLE CENT!

Ben Young

I actually didn't have any problems with them while building my pc but this is terrible I don't think I'll use newegg anymore.

Marcus Mcnutt

I know this is old video. But Im having issues wish Newegg, they list a pc case with several options. None of the options were shipped to me, and newegg is trying to say that the options need to be purchased separate. Problem is the optional items are not listed as needing to be purchased. they are listed as options, not like something needing to be bought.

chris twoodyhussar

So in other words I fucked myself thanks.


Try Tiger direct


2020 anyone?


as of right now I'm having one with Newegg right now stolen shipment they will not cover it they will not refund my money back it's been 5 weeks and I'm still fighting them I paid for Signature nothing was signed for it was just left at my door guy never even knocked i was 5 feet from my door on my pc this is the cply of the email they sent me This is Olivia from Newegg Claim Team. I am contacting you regarding to the order# ******* We recently received your claim request for a Lost package. After investigation we could confirm that the package was delivered to the correct address listed on the order. We are sorry but we are unable to honor your claim at this point. Thank you for your cooperation. so now i'm out $488.56 for a MSI MEG Z490 ACE LGA 1200 Intel Z490 SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard and a Rosewill Anti-Static Wrist Strap ESD Anti Shock Wristband Bracelet (Packaging May Vary) - RTK-002 wttttfffffffff


What psu should I get
GTX 960 4GB
12GB of ram
2TB hard drive
I7 4790 3.6GHz