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Science Facts That will Change the Way you Look at Life r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts

21 167 views | 4 Dec. 2020

r/AskReddit Reddit

r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts

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A Shellcialist Turtle

Approved by Mr Turtle.

Roblox pedophile • 5 years ago

Your honor technically whenever you touch anything the electrons in your fingers and the object you touch are repelling, therefore, it is safe to say, I certainly did not touch that woman without consent.


Actually, we do have the technology to shield against another Carrington event (solar flare large enough to set telegraph wires on fire), but try getting people excited enough to vote to spend money for something they've never heard about.

Plus overpopulation, so probably the plan is just to rebuild.

Mike Youtube

People really think people who have their mask under their nose care about the “virus”.
They’re only wearing the mask so they don’t get fines.

Nono Dlamini

1:43 goddeem! ?

Carl Fouquet

1. Our closest DNA related ancestors are mushrooms. 2. There are brain cells in the heart, and the heart is the first thing to develop in a fetus, even before the brain.

Moo 2310

We all live 80 milliseconds in the past. Sounds, sights, feelings and everything else you are experiencing right now actually happened 80 milliseconds ago.


10;02 read that as atomic ducks...quark...i should sleep

ShutmonMayhem Neo

Whale vomit apparently doesn't smell bad until it hardens.


The further away you look, the further back in time you're looking as light does take time to travel. So look at the person next to you, you're actually looking at them a smidge in the past. Look out into the stars, further away even, you're looking back in time.

Down to the atomic level, nothing is quite tangible. Nothing is at solid as it looks because down, atomically, it's actually quite far apart, not solid at all. Everything you see is a kind of illusion, it's not actually solid....

Alejandro Cordero

Pablo was earning so much that each year we would write off 10% of the money because the rats would eat it in storage or it would be damaged by water or lost.

That would be about $2.1 billion, given how much money he was reportedly making. Escobar simply had more money than he knew to do with, so haphazardly losing money to rodents and mold wasn't an issue.

stellan stafford

Not every scientist agrees with climate change theory

Mike Youtube

Lmfao. Now reddit is considering anything that isn’t miscegenation as incest. ??‍♂️

Gregg O

The moon didnt ring like a bell because the lunar module landed on it.Who told you that?They bombed the moon,on purpose!


Fermi Paradox. Great Filter.




7:12 or piece. It's called a piece.

Jack The Slayer 7220


Timothy Call



"left bracket" really opened my eyes


Everyone is you in a different cubic dimension of space time


0:50 yup thats even more true if u live in an area a grandparent grew up in. If i move to nova scotia i have to check before seriously dating someone bc my grandpa had 13 siblings. I did the math, by now ive got 100+ cousins on his side.

Phil S

Since everything ultimately acts at a quantum level, and as we know uncertainty at this level is very high, it is interesting how macroscopic events are able to occur. This conundrum is but one of the problems for those wishing to produce the "Grand Theory of Everything" - theoretical physics that explains the quantum scale events does NOT scale to macroscale events, and vice versa.

This conflict has been used to support the Simulation Hypothesis arguments, in that quantum events are evidence of the limits of the simulation hardware / software. As always your opinions may differ . . . .

L.Batanak Pavilion

The past and future are directions, and as time can only go forward the past is technically an unconfirmed concept, like newtons apple floating instead dropping.

Fausto Moh

Me who already knows most of these if not all. "Wow that's crazy"

Reddit flexibility

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How To Recognize A "Hell-Hole" Workplace Before You Take The Job (r/AskReddit)

492 540 views | 23 Oct. 2019

AskReddit When looking for

AskReddit When looking for a job what is a dead give-away that the place and job is a hell-hole to work for? People Share Red Flags That A Workplace And Job Is A Hell-Hole To Work At.

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Taylormadde Moersen

This is perfect for me. So my husband was trying to get me a job where he works (been out of work for going on 7 months due to COVID) and he denied me an interview....then thought it was a great idea to advertise his fucking book to me. Very much a cocky dick head. Probably for the best though. My husband is miserable going from a $35 an hour airport job down to $12 an hour making t shirts with no overtime or holiday pay.


What the fuck is with Reddit's fixation with MLMs? Yes we all know they're stupid. It doesn't need to be inserted in every fucking topic every time

Andrew Mayer

1,000th comment

Inachu Ikimasho

When I was young I took the job anyway hoping to get paid big bucks. It was a sweat shop run by am amercian hiring americans....... When the boss went away I asked the employees when the last time they got paid and most of them have not been paid in 3 months. my job was to fix the computers. they had 5 broken computers and among all the parts could only mingle the working parts to make 2 work. He got angry about the loss of the other 3. I just left...........I was there only for 1 week.


That Outback one is actually illegal. There are laws on leave which cant be altered

Voice of Raisin

When people can’t express themselves without using foul language.

Demented Creations

When the interviewer says “we are like family here”


Abraham Lincoln

When the interviewer and the employees have opposite attitudes. This way, I’m either going to have an asshole boss, or an asshole coworker or 2.


"How To Recognize A "Hell-Hole" Workplace Before You Take The Job"? When you find out that your workplace is owned by a company from China.


I asked the hiring representative in my current job if the company was worth working for. He said yes. I have been here 7.5 years now.

Michael Zimmer

"working interview" is missing from here, its just another way saying we need a helping hand and we're not paying you.


If you ask what the employee turnover rate is for this particular (usually entry-level) role and the person on the phone or interview does everything they can to avoid giving you a straight answer, the job sucks and most people don't last long. Look elsewhere.

Gerg Guy

Also this is a little bit of a Segway but if you are someone that wants to sell your images on like T-shirts and hoodies you’re better off doing the upfront costs for the printer and the ink and bulk shirt rather than paying a website to do it for you even though you don’t have to worry about the hassle of actually shipping it to people and you basically have zero upfront cost you are paying them For exactly what you think you’re paying them for all the work so you have to put your prices up to a much higher level than you probably would want to just to earn some money from the image you made… They usually charge like $22 for a shirt that has your image on it and obviously you are able to charge whatever you want on your website that’s linked to their website but $25 for a T-shirt sounds pretty much like the most you can charge for a shirt especially if you’re not a well-known brand and you’re not because you’re just starting up so you’re basically only making three dollars on a sale but then again you aren’t doing anything but uploading the images that you want on the shirt and then posting it on your website so for a short term it’s probably OK to do but once you start making a good amount of money definitely would suggest buying the things to make it yourself and then after all that stuff pays for itself depending on if you have free shipping all the time or if your customer is paying for the shipping you’re making everything after paying for the bulk shirts... so like for example after a year of a t shirt business you get a pretty good following and regular sales say a shirt is still $25 if you do the work you make pretty much around $20 of the shirt because the shirt is around $1 the ink shouldn’t be much per shirt but add $1 just because and electric bill $1 per shirt not even close but whatever and $2 if you want pretty packaging... I know over explaining but seriously making your own website and making your own things really pays out ... surprisingly you get way more money and free time working for yourself


Here is another one. But somewhat later in the progress. When being interview ask the HR / recruiter how much longer they will be there at the company. I worked before Covid and most of my 20's at different agencies where they would hire me to do a different jobs, varieng from different work, from manual labour to consulting to catering, also varying periods of time throughout the year. Along the time working there, some of the people present during the recruiting process, were leaving the place either for better opportunities or something else like moving to another place. While this doesn't say much, it does however paints a picture of the mundanity of the place and the overall view. As in if you were hypothetically there for several years, how would you be and what kinds of opportunities / chances you would have within the company.

Taylor Wiseman

7:13 Let me guess, if you can't afford it they take it out of your pay?


I had a job we couldn’t afford to keep. The people there were the best. Fortunately it closed over a year after I got there. I couldn’t choose to leave.

the geth

We need a tinder for jobs
"Swipe left if you have work hard play hard in your bio


"We are like one big family"
There is a small percentage when family is great, the other percentage is when family is shite and the oldies are thrown into the retirement home or thrown into the streets.


I’m curious as to what happened to the ”owning” guy, did a labor organization get involved?

I am alive.

Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives


When you have an interview in a person's office and they spend 5 minutes looking through a mess of papers looking for your resume, only for them to get someone else to tell them where it is.

I unfortunately took this job as I was a bit desperate, but I wisely quit within a month.


"thug kids wear". Thats why your only lot in life is to be a manger for a fucking hate store. Loser.

Ethan Binando

A shitty job is always enjoyable with good people. My second job at 17 was a maintenance at a golf course. I worked around 40 hours a week during the summer, from 6 am to around 12 to 2, from Monday to Friday, then on Saturday morning for a couple hours. I was only paid $9 an hour.

However, I actually enjoyed the job, a lot. My boss was awesome, the people I worked with were great people and good friends. The attitude of the work environment is key. If a company really wants to take advantage of workers, trick them into loving the job, not hating it.

Daniel Dickinson

America sounds like hell, Job fairs.. in Australia if you have a full set of teeth and can speak English you’ll get a job anywhere.


Ahh primerica....


Ha ha! So funny to see Vector on here. Two of my friends got scammed by them. Can't believe "companies" like them still exist!


an HR dept, no men to be seen. my two biggies. we are team / family is another

Ralix Tanner

"You must work both weekend days"
Dude not even bars force that on their employees.

Swich Rhymes

Try being a production worker for Michelin. They eat your soul.


I had to pay for my "uniform" up front and I love my job. Just because you're charged for a shirt or a nametag or a pair of shoes doesn't automatically mean the job is going to suck.

paula brill

What is lids? I have never heard of a place with that name. Do they sell hats?

Nicholas Medich

My sister actually works for Arbonne...

She's doing it as a side thing while in college, so it's probably not a real problem, but yeah. The signs are there.

Samuel Knight

Some of these insurance sale by commission pyramid schemes sound exactly like Bankers Life... I hate that they're such a huge company, I don't know how they keep operating despite being a total scam.

edgy teen named lynn

this is more of a once you get their thing but if you arent scheduled a day and they ask if its ok for you to come in, and they accept your answer if its no, props is its not gonna be an absolutely awful enviorment
worked at a place where i would come in if i had nothing to do but once i was extremely busy and told them sorry i couldn't come in, instead of yelling i have to come in, my manager accepted no as an answer and said "if you can't come in, you can't come in"


I did a pyramid scheme because I was desperate for extra money. Even the guy at the top admitted it was pyramid scheme and he ended his speech with “I like it at the top of my pyramid.”

LazyLazer RSP

Off the cuff remarks about high turnover rates, and they are in a rush to hire you. There was a reason why everyone was quitting/fired.

Franco Castro

One of the first thing I look at is the restrooms. They often show how things are in general


Ask: IS IT RETAIL? Then it's a soul sucking shit hole where everyone thinks they can come and take out the entire frustration of their life on you because you can't say anything back! I will never do it again.

zB Matt

When it says “flexible workplace”.

Evie Baxter

My first indication that the job was shit should have been when my interviewer showed up in sweatpants


If it sounds too good to be true i can almost guarantee you it is.

I once had a job that was advertised as a 2 year management training program it ended up being door to door sales.

Austin Thomas

The person who complained that UPS wanted him/her to wear a uniform, will never be successful in life lol

Peter Hamlet

Manager assuming I'm as shitty as the rest at the interview. It isn't the military, This isn't 5 star dining, you need me a lot more than I need you. Making high demands for minimum wage, you get what you pay for.

James Johnson

That the place and job ARE a hell-hole to work for.

Chadx M

the job market !


Went to an interview and I mentioned work life balance, she laughed and said no such thing..I left at that moment. I was asked why by the agency and I said "If they are saying theres no such thing as a work life balance...lets just say that they have their priorities skewed. I workl to live..I dont live to work" Agency then said theyd have no more interviews for me I said fine.

A few days later I got a job with a company that made sure they mentioned my rights and gauranteed leave.

Kandi Comarawski

I’m still angry with Vector a decade after they wasted 4 hours of my time in a group interview and training. They never told me they sold knives they even spefically said on the phone it was not a sales job that I was interviewing for a receptionist position. You can imagine my surprise when I show up and there’s 50 plus people in a huge waiting area I thought this was a one on one interview they never said anything about being there hours or training etc. I expected it to be the typical 15 to 30 minute interview


If the parking lot (even people who have been there 10+ years) is filled with p.o.s cars that means they don't pay shit.

Brosef Brokowski

Lol- how do people still have normal jobs? That’s not even a thing anymore, especially in 2020. None of this is relevant.

Niv Acevedo

Holy crap, in HS a classmate of mine got roped into the vector marketing scheme where they sold knives. The manager texted all of us in our friend group individually and promised us $18.50 an hour just to sell “handcrafted knives”. At first, I was super eager to join and work with my friends, but then I realized it was oddly suspicious this guy got our phone numbers and addressed us individually by name. I also found it suspicious that he was paying us kids $18.50 to just sell knives; he never told us where the shop was located. She and some of her friends got the job; a while later, my classmate was complaining how she got fired and didn’t have enough money to buy herself whatever she wanted. Good thing I trusted my gut.


This is why so many people go self-employment @ 80 hrs a week for 40k a year.

Antonia Lunarius

I remember I had an ex’s brother mention me to sell knives and I politely declined the offer since while I had worked somewhere else and 2) I wasn’t really interested because that seems really boring

Hollyann Rose

It’s McDonald’s ?

Hayden Scott

I had an interview where the boss wouldn’t even look me in the eyes while asking or answering questions, that was too off putting for me.

Gerg Guy

Worked for a kitchen as a dishwasher I should’ve not ever taking the job when they said that they didn’t let you take lunch breaks and just five minute breaks when you can get a chance… But of course the waitresses and waiters can get breaks… So yeah pretty sure that’s a legal... btw it was 12hr shifts

Matthew Arnold

I'm a truck driver, I view the size of the sign on bonus as a indicator of how shitting the company is. If they offer 10k, I know it's a garbage fire.

Jaylene O

6:45 Okay but, when I was a freshman in college, the school sent us an email about working there as a student so as a naive teenager I thought oh. Look a “job” I can apply for. Went to the interview and knew right away something was fishy but, acted like nothing was wrong because I didn’t want to seem too paranoid and suspicious since it was the first job interview I ever went too. I got the “job” despite my shockingly terrible answers and lack of experience on my resume. (should have already been a redflag from that first interview when they didn’t describe what the job description was) Then I went into orientation the very next day, we were learning what we had to do, which was to sell knives, and I noped out of there so f*cking fast and blocked their number because I was like yeah no. This is def a pyramid scheme. Also a year later i saw an old friend from high school and he tried to ask me to apply and buy his knives and I unintentionally laughed said I already did and it was a scam and he got mad saying i shouldn’t laugh because he was making so much money from it and stormed away. Never saw him again after that odd interaction but, safe to say when your gut is telling you, “dont do it; this is really sus” you run.

TL; DR: Naive teen me applied to vector marketing, unsurprisingly got the job on the spot for my naivety, noped out of there because it was obviously a pyramid scheme. See’s old friend who unfortunately was not as lucky, claims to be making LOTS of money when I laughed and said it was a scam. Trust your gut kids.

Sachae Forest

If they hire you 3 months after the interview because you are their second choice and the first one didn't last more than 2 months, RUN!

Ricardo Gomez

Turnover, if they have a high turnover ej. You see them recruiting often. Means they fire people or they quit often. That is not a good place of employment.

Catreece MacLeod

That feeling when you realize the zombie apocalypse is just one big pyramid scheme...

Gerg Guy

To the one that said don’t hire a “headhunter“ I have never heard that term but it sounds an awful lot like a temp agency which I have worked with a temp agency for a few years back in my 20s and definitely wouldn’t have 10 years of experience in a certain field ... I got about 5 permanent jobs one I stayed for 3 years the rest about a year... was regular hired on within 3 months ... but in the end I got bored of the people more so than the job ... started at the temp agency making around $9.50 and at the end they were finding me jobs, no interview, within a week of calling them up again and start pays went to $16 ... work for amazon as a driver now making almost $20 found this job on my own those ... but my temp agency was legit the best loved them

rhory notmylastname

1:51 That's an odd way to say "you sell me your labor and I give you wages"


Saw on my resume that I used to be a janitor and they said they hadn't had a cleaner or building maintenance in 6 years

flock this

Any job that has a refer a friend for cash. Red flag of high staff over


During an interview I was asked if I was fine with helping female employees do their job everyday while I was doing my job for the same or less pay since I was just starting?
I immediately got up, shook their hands, and said "Goodluck, if you find that guy, hold on to him"

Robert Jr. Millard

1:30 getting on with some insurance company’s is just like that and you can make 6 figures in a few years if you’re good

Princess Marlena

When they are late to the interview yet demand you show up early to the interview. Also if they make you attend more than one interview.

Paul Cordova

If they are a "my way or the highway" type of bosses. Look out!

bethann landerstyle

Don't ever work for Fogo De Chao. Worst place i ever worked in my life. I'd rather go to prison than work there. Treated you terribly. Screamed at you and never paid you either. Hope they all get whats coming to them one day. Fuck that place.

Melanie Mills

Worked at a nursing home/ rehab center...the pay was barely above minimum wage...the amount of work they expected of you for so little money was mind blowing. They offered medical and dental insurance, but it cost you a huge chunk of your paultry paycheck. I stuck it out for five months...the company had their favorites and they acted as if they run the place...the managers constantly finger quote reminded (threatened) you to not talk to anybody who suggested unionizing. People were constantly being hired, then fired...like a revolving door...I never did receive my 90 day retro pay raise that was mentioned in the ad...when I asked about it, I was given the run around. I then understood why this facility always had a help wanted ad in the paper. ?

Justin Last 2: Last Harder

I'll give some advice since I have expertise and people may be looking for jobs and watching this now. Do not be afraid of a company trying to sell themselves to you. If you are being interviewed, they are already interested in your services. They have seen your resume, they might have even contacted a reference or previous employer. You have already passed the first test and the company has greenlit hiring you. Half of their job is to get you to sign on the dotted line. This is why they are they are selling you on working for their company. They have already looked for the red flags in you by looking at your work history and such. There are only three things left to evaluate with you when the interview is offered. 1. Whether you showed up on time or not (or how you dealt with having to reschedule/how you notify them of being late). 2 Drug/backround check, obvious reasons. 3. Your demeanor in the interview. Thats all. If a company wants you to pitch yourself to them in an interview, they were never interested in you and your interview only served to check some diversity quota from corporate.

Mitchell Julius

Only 6 figures in 4 years?? May as well do Trades at that point, which eventually, ACTUALLY ends up paying more.


Vector marketing SUCKS but those cutco knives were made by Hattori Hanzo. U could cut through a sequoia with those shits

The Nex Reviews

Working retail here. It sucks but the best things are the people you work with as generic as that sounds. Any job to be honest can be ruined by shitheads but as long as you have a few people who know how full of shit things can be the days fly by.

Julie Ann Anderson

Walk into the elevator at 9am on first day.
5th floor, as I get off, another lady is waiting to get on, who asks, "first day?"
I answer, "Yes, it is."
"Mine too, but I'm leaving right now."
I stayed another hour before leaving.


I think the guy talking about the 'big name insurance company' was talking about New York Life. He's right and wrong. You do have to pay for state licences, it is commission only, and the managing agent gets a small cut of every agent's sale but only for their training period. Plus you do get training bonuses. It's a little weird but it's not shady. Plus, you really CAN make 6 figures after a few years. If you can support yourself through the training period(which I know a lot of people cant) it's not a bad option.

Mike Zerker

In a lot of places the only difference between “slavery” and a “job” is the pay!


If you have to pay anything upfront and tell you it’s a multi level marketing company then get the HELL out of there


When ever you get into a job and people to tell you to leave as soon as you can't. I was the person that warned people until I was "laid off" (had a problem with the supervisor no one liked showed up for my shift and they fired me along with 2 other supervisors who where there over a decade). The job was so bad that I learned my provincial labor laws.

The place had an adverage turnover rate of 2 people per month and 1 in 3 of those people were fired (I did the math). Only a handful of people are still there and the turnover rate is worse. A good rule in general is don't work at the airport unless it for the people running the airport or you're a government worker positioned at the airport.

Michael Owino



Ask "what are the ways to earn more" or some variation of this, watch reaction and study the answer. (if bastard starts shiftingz changes light hearted conversion to a bit tention filled etc...) you better believe ppl who working already complained to him that they underpayed or some variations of that.

Joey Mendoza

All good points, but I disagree with one.

Having to expense employee purchases and get a check later is common practice in corporate positions. If a corporation has not previously set up charge accounts with other businesses, than the transaction will require a check to be cut by the controller, or an employee to make the purchase and submit an expense report to accounting for reimbursement. Plus - AFTER you become employed, you will typically receive a per diem if you are required to travel for work.

Option 1.
Setting up a credit account with another company is a long process, and usually only done when the companies expect to pursue a continuing relationship. They will not do this for singular purchases.

Option 2.
Having a check cut requires an invoice and a W9 submission, allocation of the expense(s) to a specific account(s), and then a review and approval from the accounting office. Afterwards, they still need to print and sign the check. This can sometimes take a while if the accounting office is busy, so many people opt to pay with card (because typically you can afford to do this if you have a high position within a decent corporation).

Option 3.
If you pay yourself (least preferred method), you need to have a copy of the invoice with proof the payment was from you, and a legitimate reason to be expensing the business for what you purchased. After submitting a request, they (typically multiple people) need to verify you are allocating the expense to the correct account, review the invoice, and then approve the payment to be deposited into your previously setup bank account. This usually is not a high priority since it is not an actual credit agreement that can default (nor is the payable building interest), and the dollar amount of the reimbursement is often much smaller than other expenses they currently owe. Therefore, it is considered a low liability to the company's balance sheet. And once it is finally approved, you still have to wait for the banks to transfer the funds. From my understanding, this can often be about a 30 day process from date of purchase until reimbursement is received. I personally have received reimbursements ranging from 3 days after submitting the expense, to over 30 days after. I try to avoid purchasing things myself, as you are actually lending money without interest. I have even joked with our accounting dept that "I'm not in the business of giving interest free loans." You are better off putting that money into an account that actually yields a return (401k, IRAs, stocks, savings accounts, etc.)

Reporting accrued expenses and waiting a bit for a reimbursement is common in management or corporate positions. You're looking for the wrong job if you aren't ready to be responsible for this.


Everything said at 9:23 is H*me De*ot don’t trust those mfs


“I own you” like I would have literally got up and walked away ignoring anything else he had to say hell no that’s absurd to say to anyone in that situation

Elizabeta Macovei

13:10 Lids == Lidl? Or is this one of those American things that we Europeans never have to deal with?

Βασίλης Παπαπαναγιώτου

I know..(duh)...once an hr manger told me: see this as an adventure! The outcome of this statement? Peanuts for salary,that wasn't available in time so you had to rely solely on cash advances that were quite limited and of course skipping meals was a standard procedure! I hate to say that this model applied for up to 40% of the jobs that I got interviewed or even worked (travel expenses and/or documents issued at your own cost and underpaid overtime was also common practice).

Martin Walker

One man I worked with said that he wouldn’t sentence a man that had assaulted his three year old daughter to work there.

Alain Gloster

My favourite: “how long have you been working here?” “No I’m a contractor. See I still have a smile”

Hannah Ouellette

Family. Businesses. And you aren't family. They always prioritize family and I could never cut down hours or get time off or anything. They also blamed everything on the employees who weren't family.

Mike Sherrard

The life insurance ring is real


I’d be wary of big companies that pay more than minimum wage. My job pays $10.45 an hour (in my state min wage is $9.65), which is what interested me in the first place. But we are often overworked and have a lot of employee turnover.

Michael Simion

I got fired for asking for a raise, too, after 10 years! The excuse they used: leaving the company premises on your break! (FDIS).

Ethul Wulf

I feel like Vector Marketing gets a bad wrap by people who can’t sell. They say the knives are over-priced, but if you actually look at what they can do they pay off in the long run


Is there a show where someone goes undercover at a workplace and evaluates whether its a good place to work?


If you're going to work at any low wage place (restauraunt, Grocery store etc...) You'll most likely get an interview on a slow day right after shift change. If you're there early, watch the employees who are leaving. If they look disproportionately relieved or defeated then you should probably get out of there.


during my first week of door-to-door salesman (we sold an encyclopedia, it was the 90s) i was shadowing a senior coworker. a lady welcomed us into her house, offered us coffee and let me do my presentation. she said she was interested but the recent flood destroyed their bathroom, so all their resources were going into fixing that. her children even shared their school notebooks because they couldnt afford buying more.
i couldnt honestly push a useless buy to these people, so i wished her good luck and exited the house.
my coworker was fuming. he told me that that was an already-made sell. that lady was weak and i should've exploited that.
then he proceeded to show me photos of stuff he won for being the best seller of the year several times.
i felt so disgusted i quit the same day.

Carol Henning

Hiring freeze and mandatory overtime is indeed a red flag unless you work for a county, state or federal agency. Then they use you like rented mules and NOT let you go.


My first interview was at a Kohl's and I was supposed to meet the manager for the position, but apparently, she never came to work as it was her day off, so I was waiting by the front door sitting at a desk just staring at the wall for over an hour. when the assistant manager finally came to get me for the interview she took me to the manager's office and started the interview. sort of. She mostly talked about how she did all the work there and how she was looking for a better job and how everyone hates the manager and they are all trying to get her fired and how the head of security put a mic in her office (the one I was currently in) to catch her doing something illegal and eventually she started crying and telling me how hard her life is. I was suitably freaked out. Eventually, the interview ended and she walked me out. On our way out she told me I would hear back from them in a week and if not then she got fired and I should call and try again. I never got a call, and I am pretty happy about that since if I did I would have taken the job because I was pretty desperate.

Joshua Alvarado

"Promoting from within" "give yourself a raise" "any mention of family"
Also if they make ANY promises, HAVE THEM PUT IT IN WRITING so they can't reneg on it.

Kurt Ashcraft

worked for sonic (the restaurant) and while its kinda well known that you're paid 4$/hr and have to make money by getting tips, what they don't tell you is that you're not allowed to tell people that you need to be tipped. also during the interview, they didn't ask me any questions, just asked when i was available and told me i was hired and to come in the next day lol. that place was a crock of shit. ice cream machine shocked you, constantly understaffed, write ups for the most ridiculous bullshit (i got written up on my THIRD day for talking to a regular who apparently favors only 2 employees there which i didnt know and she apparently got mad that i answered the call instead of the other two employees). my first paycheck was only 49 dollars even though i worked 3 days a week for 3 weeks because they made me pay for my uniform and some other shit they didn't explain to me, but then when i quit they made me give everything back. you could also get your pay docked if you got in trouble enough which i only recently learned is against the law. manager was an ex-methhead, mostly a good dude & im glad he was clean, but his emotions were way too out of control and he apparently held a grudge against me for the time i made that regular angry for the whole time i worked there.
they employ felons too which i personally think is a good thing, but in this particular instance one of the dudes there was a pedophile who hit on all the underage chicks there and me (only guy working as a carhop at the time), he ended up coming into work hopped up on drugs one day 4 hours late and got his ass whooped by said manager. 4 days later he comes back and im outside cleaning the speakers when he approaches me and asks me how old i am (17 at the time but ive got major baby face due to being half indigenous, i get mistaken for way younger than i actually am all the time), manager sees and comes outside to whoop his ass again. guy threatens to shoot the place up, then about a week later we're closing and its like 1 am and the place across the street from us got shot up. quit the next day lol dealing with all the bullshit that went on there was not worth 4$/hr.

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Squat Challenge, Week 1 - Learn to Squat!

27 487 views | 31 May. 2016


With this challenge month, you will learn the squat, and bring your squat to the next level.

Patty Ray

I can't get into the first stretch position. It hurts my knees too much to go into a deep squat at any level. Suggestions for getting there?

Junko Nakamoto

Thank you so much, you really helped me ♡

miki schatzi

just what I was looking for. thanks!


Hello! I'm glad i found your video because my squat flexibility is beyond terrible and it hinders me a lot in most of my activities. Here' s my question : will I get better results if I start right away with all the exercises that you featured in your 4 videos or should i stick with the schedule following the 4 videos - 4 weeks ? Thanks !

Arsen Sapsa

Love what youre doing and what youre about! Keep grinding!!

Serafina Rose

I love your bathroom and videos

Nicola Speri

Hi, i always underestimated squat and now that i started training it with your method i'm getting good results in my posture and overall. By the way i fell like my knees are way too far from my shoulders when i'm deep in the squat, and if i try to close the gap between my chest and my upper legs i feel pain in my hips area. What would you suggest do do at this point? To keep sqatting and eventually my from will get better, or should i focus on hip expansion exercises to fix the issue? Thank'you so much!