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Crazy Maid [PART 1] - Brookhaven RP Serie // Hxyila♡

169 071 views | 4 Jan. 2021

♡~ Hello! Read this

♡~ Hello! Read this Description ~♡

➤ Description:

⤷ Crazy Evil Maid, It's about a woman who applied for a Maid Job at a rich family (Not like really rich) And she have a very bad plan... Watch the full video to see! [EP 1]

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Priyanka Priya

I knew it that every youtuber who plays brook haven r premium

Hi am angwei Hernandez

I Love you videos


Mum: lets get a maid but its not a rela maid me:wtf mum like wtf

Inna and Eyal Yurman

4:12 bruh

Jaden Rogers


chloe shane bobis

i think the cameraman is the child

Jaylee Ontiveros

I love this can you make another part of hated child



Gaming with trinity Hi

That’s what I said LOL

Kashif hashmi

There was a doorbell silly but I love your channnal and your videos can't wait for more.....?????

Ameliya The Best


Incredibox V8

Did u know I’m helping him film u know

Alexa Vriana C. Anastacio


Ela sti thesi mou fan


Case Lee

ummm pls dont KILL

The Craft dragon

Its Jessie

Karim Katma


Selina Yaraghi


kristy thomas

O my smurfs

Selina Yaraghi


eliza ramos

dog water

Taha Fatema

Lol i love that pt. Were she keeps on hiting the Door then she just uses the Door bell

Veeda Gainder


vilma samosa

I know you're Jesse and your the maid hehe

Bubble tea

I was saying gurl are you blind theres a doorbell

Kitty Lps studios

This doesn’t have enough views! This needs 100.9k views and you deserve 120.9k subs! UwU

kristy thomas


Abbey's Place

now stopp

Felipe Corona

My mom: lets get a maid! Me: I THINK WE SHOULD GET MCDONALDS

Falhado Ali

S❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are the best and you make the best video

Amirah Deanara

I love brookhaven story ???

Kingston Marshall

And I bought ur merch hxylia everybody get her merch

Joselin Rosas

I love this

Abbey's Place

yes 2 de !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eliza ramos

your rig is $1

Deih kim


Nhylls Nuyana

Wowwww cool and I miss my brother

Moon light

Can u do a vampire brook haven mini movie

kathleen tran

This video teaches us a very important life lesson always be happy with what you have and what house you have you should be thankful for everything you have because people wish to have what you have. :D

Funny Girl

The maid swings open the door fast Lilly is probably like woah chill

Sahrim Afandi


Susana Mendizabal

And where thus her go

eliza ramos

box like a fash

chara frisk kris

Is these game popular or something

Lilian Florian

Me when I heard her name was Jesse: Hey jesseeee ah woo ah ooooo.

lol the Ross kids drove her crazy.

•May Cookie•

Her:Knock Knock,Knock Knock,Knock Knock!!!!! triggered

her:Aye theres a doorBell;-;


the guy:Hi there you must be the new maid.


Mirna Tarhoni

Pls told hayiIa give me friend pls pls pls

Sema Soran

Please play among Us

kanika mittal

I watch your every video

Richard Lie

yeeeey partttttt 22222 itsssssss outttttttttt yeeeeeeeeey

Coco Gaming

my mind when she said "I can cook and clean": I DONT COOK I DONT CLEAN



Monique Shaw

It makes me cry stop the music it’s sad


Me : hmmmm yah I am in the maid side

Ayaana Ahmed

Nice I love it!

Tivumile Shongwe

Love it but if the maid stole the husband it would be 100% bettrr but its a ten out of ten amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Fatima

OMG you guys are not counfatable with her

Chiquita Cheryl

are you in indonesia ooor another countrey

*Neon Star*

Knocks about a million times oH tHeReS a DoOrBeLl

Maryam ! Vlogs / Roblox

Me If i Hired a Maid: First Of all Clean The House Second If u dont listen To me i will Slap u with The Flip Flop ? Get It? ?

orange stickman

Sound like minecraft walk

Miko Jimenez

When i finishing this part 1 to 3 its nice story
[crazy maid]

Kailani Wang

I already don’t like the maid


I love Brookhaven but i really i wanna play with friends is not join meeeeeeeee

Angelynn Ramirez Tobon

Love it ?

crazy x anushka

can you give us somecringe videos pls

Bruno Sharif

Watch platabush it’s funny

Bruno Sharif

If u see a person called Jordon go to him and say hi

Hasan Kheder

Watching part 2

Kailani Wang

Such good mini movies!

share king

so new update in brookhaven your favorite game ;)

Zero two

I love this rp :D

Nina Aiello

I'm scared of this crazy maid ?

deana hurst

How do you film wile playing the game?

the galaxy teddy

İm watching on night?


Lol You Know How Much I Play Brookhaven? Like ALL Day! :)

Monky Luffy

good video dude

Kailani Wang

Ooh crazy maid

Rachel Dale

Hwo was crying bec of this ??

Veeda Gainder

Anjalica mohan presenta

James Adrian Daduya

I watching the part two now part 1 ??

super sonic the evil gamer playz

It's to sad story

Its Me MasterQ!

why does it have to be my moms name...

Typisch Moon


Alexei Bailey

The music is kind of scary


Anyone of u guys wanna do a series/mini movie with me for my yt channel?

Lensa Mekonnen

Wow it’s really cool❤️?

Ash Greninja

Crazy maid: I have plan hahaha
Me: this is gonna be bad

Power Jax

My mom:should we get a maid?me:No NO NO NO
My mom:why?
Me:nothing pls don't
My mom:*calls maid*

꧁ crystal playz꧂

Me: playing roblox brookhaven *
friend :AAAAH

ok ok

Jesse is a boys name ?

Abbey's Place

stop saying haha

Assa Traore

umm how do you like skip so you get get dressed and all its so hard


LOL my name is lily too

Camaria Stewart

Me to

Falhado Ali

I just wanna say you’re the best and you make the best videos ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Zoya Khan

We know

kristy thomas

Her dad

Serena Rajab

hi hxylia I’m a big fan and I was wondering can I do a video with you my user on roblox is XxxBP_LISA hope to see you one day ❤️❤️❤️ bye!


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I followed a Scullery Maid Morning Routine *Victorian*

71 371 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for watching my fourth Victorian-themed video. These have quickly become my favourite videos to research and make and I hope you enjoyed watching this one. As I say, it is so important not to romanticise the Victorian period (and I know that there is a danger in doing so in this video), but I hope it is acts as an accessible and interesting resource for learning more about the daily life of a Victorian Scullery Maid.

To research this video, I relied heavily on Ruth Goodman's wonderful book How to be a Victorian ?


✉️ Business Enquiries: [email protected]

? Instagram - @_rubygranger

? Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2JKD4nM (see what I'm reading!)


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? The Kindness Journal: https://www.pumpkinproductivity.shop/collections/kindness-collection/products/kindness-journal

? Digital Study Planners (£1 each): https://www.pumpkinproductivity.shop/collections/the-pumpkin-papers-downloads

?Master To Do List: https://www.pumpkinproductivity.shop/collections/pumpkin-paper-collection/products/master-to-do-list

?Stress Tracker: https://www.pumpkinproductivity.shop/collections/pumpkin-paper-collection/products/stress-tracker

MY BOOK: ‘Erimentha Parker’s To Do List’ is a middle-grade book about bullying.

? Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Erimentha-Parkers-Do-List-Bullying-ebook/dp/B075CF5RJR/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1609707691&sr=8-1

? Paperback: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Erimentha-Parkers-List-Ruby-Granger/dp/B084YXK1KP/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1609707691&sr=8-1

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? Book Recommendations: https://kit.co/RubyGranger/top-books-i-read-in-2020

? Studying Essentials: https://kit.co/RubyGranger/studying-essentials

? Shop my Outifts: https://kit.co/RubyGranger/favourite-clothes

? Epidemic Sound (where I get my music): https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/se0e75/ [referral link]


? How old are you? 20.

? What are you studying? English Literature at the University of Exeter.

?What are some of your favourite books / some recommendations? See my top 200 books here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZapNx5nCszc&t=198s

? Where do you get your clothes? My favourite clothing shop is Miss Patina (https://misspatina.com/). Other than this, I get my clothes second hand from eBay or Depop.

Francesca Blacknell

Wow, this is so fascinating! Definitely want to go read some books and watch documentaries on the Victorian era. I love the focus on respect and sympathy for these poor girls who were essentially the backbone for the backbone of the family who received little to no appreciation. Without them and indeed the rest of the house staff life would have been quite different and certainly more difficult for families privileged enough to have that lifestyle. Another video very well done, can't wait for the next installment of 'Ruby teaches through reenactment'.

Priyanka Barman

She is very creative... She tries different kinds of routines so gracefully!! She can be an amazing actress someday!! Good luck Ruby & lots of love from here ??✨?


Well put together Ruby it was very educational and interesting.


There is no way maids hands were clean, washing them once a day in a cup of water, siiis. And all of that bacteria would end up on everybodys stuff in the house

Mel The tall one

this was so interesting to watch. thank you Ruby ☺️


Can i just say your house is an aesthetic dream. It is such a historical/ modern mix with some extremely beautiful features, like your windows!

B. M. Inès

an anyone tell me the piano piece that's being played ? absolutely adore it

Yousef ArBi

Rube look like a boy in that background picture ?

elizabeth burns

Please make more of these! Different parts of the day, longer and more of them!! We love these Ruby❤️❤️

Samixa Mishra

Wow...this was such a beautiful representation...loved it?

Gopika Sathiajith

So sad =( they had to do this much work

Matilda Watson

Do you know the series Downton Abbey? I´ve finished the third series two weeks ago and I loved it soo much!!!

Bernice Cheung

I'd love to see a morning routine for a ladies' maid too! and night routines for all 3 - upper class woman, ladies maid and scullery maid


Publish more books Ruby!!!

Food Lover

Are you Emma Watson??

Escape Artist

I'd love to see more videos like these!

Saeeda Nasir

A scullery maid with an Ipad. A time traveler she must be.

On a serious note, thank you Ruby for showing their routine.

Lucy S

I would love seeing more videos like this! They are quite fascinating! ☺️

Lady Ivy Vine XIII

Yeah, by 9 am I would be a homicidal bear. Those young girls had some serious strength to them, but it also shows the advantage taken of impressionable children in earlier periods.

Savannah Wade

Ruth Goodman would be proud.

Jaser Jeffery

As you mentioned Bible studies and morning prayers, I wondered where were you with your reading of the Bible - how far are you into it? :)

Rizwan Haider

Very good video amazing


İt would be great to continue

Hailey singh

Please do a live study with me of 3hour straight without talking or breaks,if u can

Sam Keane

Please make more of these videos! I love them!

Nerwin Willowcrow

Hello, I am a recent subscriber and I've really been enjoying your videos. I have always been fascinated with the ins and outs of Victorian life so this was particularly interesting and I would love to see more.

Busra Yokus

It's so eye opening to see maid's point of view in the Victorian Era. Great video as always Ruby! By the way i loved your hair in a bun you should do that more often :)

Aya Ali


Jenny M

This was really eye opening Ruby- it's amazing how we forget how tough life was in the Victorian era- the women had to be resilient. A great video depicting the life of a Victorian scullery maid. I would definitely be interested to see more videos of the people of the victorian era.

Betty Compton

aw ruby i am amazed at how you educate ppl through youtube videos aw u are incredible x

Sabahat Naheed

wow I love your house.

saharsh Pandey


Geethamma JG

Hai, my daughter everytime watches you videos and get motivated

Emily D

Really enjoyed this video ? thank you Ruby xx


it'd be so great to see more videos like these!

Elizabeth Flores

That breakfast actually made me so sad

Moon Dancer

I find this so nice to watch! The length is perfect as well since I can watch it when I'm taking a break from studying :D


love you

anna brown

hey ruby big fan here, please could you do a chimney sweep's morning routine or day in the life. it would be so interesting and fun to research !!!!! x

этери магическая помощь

Включите пожалуйста русские субтитры

Emily A

Love these videos!!!

Sasha Surkova

I also like this period, wonderful time?


I think we should encourage young people to look up to Ruby rather than the Kardashians and Love Island types.


The content I signed up for

Cecilie Henneberg

Just to inform.. Adulteration of spices with e.g. brick dust still happens..


is there a blopper reel we could see?

Elevator Girl

Ruby looks like someone that listens and enjoys the songs by AURORA. She just gives me that vibe. ✨

Amanda Cartrette

I Am Going To Enjoy A Nice Thursday Night, Ruby Granger.

Cameron M

I am obsessed with your house

maariya khalid

love this series!!

Afshan Ahmad

Fab job, Ruby! Really, really great video. :)

Klara Träumer

Thanks for the subtitles:)

Fennec Fox

I have never seen windows like that! That's so nice!

Luīze Ozola

I learn more from your videos that i learn in school ??

Alexis D

Can i please buy your house lol I'm in love! and this was a great video, I really enjoyed it.

Marshia Wants broccoli

loved it


I'm loving this series....imagine we lived through the Victorian era omds ? the whole aesthetic and all but without the stereotypes

hashir hassan

She looks like a mini-BrieLarson

Olatz Ocáriz

ruby’s dog looks so funny when she is mopping the floor, as if it were the first time he had seen anyone do it


Love this! Could you do a Tudor version?

Homeschooled Around the World

I absolutely love this video. So wonderfully made. Now we can sympathize with the characters even more. Thank you❄️?❄️

Mollie Connelly-MacNeill

I'd love to see more bookish vlogs-maybe one on your TBRs or how you decide what to read next (assigned school readings aside).

Esme Miranda

oooh could you do an evening routine - maybe a comparison between men and women as well as class?


Check out Early American vlogs, e.g. "A Peasant's Early 19th Century Morning Routine". They are also very good!


I love these kind of videos! They are really interesting, as they show us what life was like in the past, but they are also very calming and aesthetic :)

LuciaTalk - Simpler Chinese

Thank you Ruby! Your video and especially your voice is so soothing!


feels weird not discussing slavery in relation to victorian england. rlly gets overlooked a lot of the time and whitewashed


I first learned about Victorian maids when I was reading the American Girl books as a child (Samantha's stories). I knew that some started really young, but now that you've said it again, it's like I'm actually realizing it. And it's crazy to think about....

Jim Mason

Yes ! I really enjoy it. Thank you for your research and work on those videos :-) <3 I will love to see ' how do they studied in the victorian period ' Love from Paris ! xx

The Warped Eyebrow

is there a particular book or source you get all of the info about the victorian era?

Jocelyn Ortega

Thank you for making these videos! I have learned a lot and it has inspired me to learn more about English history and the Victorian Era. Dearly grateful.

Hai Dian

I loved that you did this and also showed a glimpse of the life of those who are so often forgotten

Priyanshu kumari

Ruby please make a new video on how I take notes....... Please please lots of love from India ????????

Emma Martin

The more videos I watch the more and more I’m intrigued by your English countryside house. I’d love to see more of the rooms especially the one with those great windows. In love!!

Aran Henderson

Ruby, I know that you shall never see this but if you do I have always loved your house!!! Could you possibly do a video about the history of your house? You don't have to, just an idea! (all of your videos are lovely!) ?

Rosie Lean

I love these videos! What about a night routine for each class to? Your amazing!!!!

Thora Staff

She should do day un the life of Victorian child

Sylvie Clark

I would LOVE to see a Victorian dinner routine for upper and middle classes :) x


My life was similar to that when I was Aupair apart of able to use hot water and soap.
But I had to wake up so early to serve the breakfast in particular way etc

Joy Tom

The Gospel: God became man in Jesus Christ and He lived sinless life, took the punishment for our sins by dying on the Cross and then rose three days later proving that He is the son of God. He offers forgiveness of sins and eternal life to all those who would repent (I.e. live a life for Him) and believe in Him.
Jesus loves you, have a fantastic day ?

Lebanese Mommy

I love your videos! Can you make more Victorian videos? I’m obsessed with this Era


deeply insensitive :(

Zoe Williams

I love these videos, thank you for the insight ?

Sophia Alvarez

how did they wake up in the morning without any alarms or smth?

Lunda N

You have the perfect house to film this video! It looks like it’s almost from a different time period with all the rustic touches?

Bashie Nashie

Hi Ruby, I learned so much from this video and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a bit too much and I didn't want this to end. Please do a day in the life of a scrully maid and an evening/ night routine of a scrully maid. What happens after scrully maid goes to bible class. What does she do. Does she ever get married or make a life of her own.

Philippa vD

I truly love these types of videos and especially those made by you! You should really consider making more of these or like the same concept but make it a night routine instead☺️

Dara Kusala

What is this house with those amazing blinds?

Lexi Patton

Clicked for the title, stayed for the sweater/collar combo

Marquis de Hoto

The house is so beautiful <3

Huseyn H

It reminded me Daisy from Downton Abbey

Ella Lopez

I absolutely love your house! It is very beautiful!

Bella Byrne

this was so interesting! if you're looking for more ideas, maybe a video about victorian fashion? or the differences between the diets of the working/middle/upper classes? <3

Sheethal M J

Love this video! You have done a good amount of research


I'm learning many of British life from you. Thank you so much from Tokyo.?

Ghansham Pethkar


Generic comment


Let’s take a moment,as we should everyday, to thank the various waves of worker’s rights activists that have led to more fair wages and shorter work days. Employers will never give workers rights without pressure

Giorgia Pettenati

I love this so much! It’s amazing to learn so much about this important period! Please don’t stop making this videos, I would love to see a routine for boarding schools, I research a lot about that and I think there are many interest aspects to show about it!


My mum showed us her collection of special newspapers recently (from coronations etc) and the earliest was for the turn of the century around 1900 and anyway there were a lot of ads for cocoa saying how it was really good for you.


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I Became Fundy's Maid...

1 042 475 views | 1 Nov. 2020

I Became Fundy's Maid for

I Became Fundy's Maid for a day on the Dream SMP

► Fundy: https://www.youtube.com/fundy

Go follow my Twitch channel. Been streaming on the server a ton!

► Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hbomb94

► Discord: https://discord.gg/hEtX3ps

► Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hbomb94

► Twitter: https://twitter.com/HBomb94

► instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realhbomb94

Produced by Ader

► Website: https://ader.gg

► Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamader

► Producer: https://twitter.com/carusel

Business Inquiries ?

[email protected]

Leave a like, nerd! :D

Gillian brown

Hbomb is my roll model I want to be just as annoying as him someday

Banana cat

This is the most hilarious video I've ever watched


HBomb: I wanna be a normal citizen-

Fundy: YoUr FiReD


Alternative title: fundy losing his mind for 15 minutes.

Shrine Gaming

“Your fired”

Doggo Lord

This is so cursed lmao


you made fundy eat his words

Lol Lol

7:26 when your playing on a game then your lagged for no reason while using a good network


Normal human beings?

Me : ” Aha, NO. We don’t do that here. “


Just a couple of SeaMen LMAO I DIED

Who damn Cares

This video is too kinky for me

Angel Romero Alvarez

Hbomb: censors swear words

The demonetization at the end of the video: bonjour shitter

Miguel Ramsaroop

When he puts master in a sentence it sounds so much more wrong yet more amusing



PancakesWithSauce 256

H: "Go down the upwards one?"

Me: subscribes

I really wanna see part 2 of being fundy's maid

Idk ._.



What do they give people in the smp. Hbomb was someone who made a tower to jump off for content. Now he’s a catmaid


0:37 U r pretty


Hbomb in parkers old videos: calm

Hbomb in dream smp: maid cat maid meow master

sans skeleton

Im dying XD (even though this one is kinda late )

Parkour Pickle

I know how to make peoples life hell by being myself. Why is that a whole ass mood? Cause fuckin same


I don’t think my lungs have ever hurt so much until i watched this

sammy gold

"Just a couple of sea men"

Ioana Taraban

Me hearing about maid HBomb. "Hmm...."
Me seeing this:

Nathan Early

This video deserves many likes and subscribes

pie eater

This is where the fanfiction starts


Fundy: "I'm going to promote you being a normal citizen"
HBomb: "What if I don't want t-"
Fundy: "Your fired"

Pansexual rights


Nomyy Playss

Fundy XDDDDDD 5:37

Miniwheats Gurl

Just go down, the one that goes down.

Sushi Crab

im scared


Just putting this here.


fundy: never ever go inside of my vision
hbomb: i'll never go inside you

Dahlia's gaming session


Assassin Wolf

If Fundy just follow the rules he wouldn't suffer this much. Cause you know the way to beat an enemy is be the enemy yourself. Fundy, MUST play the game with Hbomb.

Edit:Or just ignore him right from the start.

Mozzie Meow


Raphael Agda



This is a certified cat moment


This is the funniest thing I've ever seem

Gogesans Alexwolf

May i Know The Theme Song?

Luke Mclaggen

Fundy just gave up eventually


Gg 69k likes


Me when I hear undertale song:so u know undertale?... y e s

Strawboba Tea

I prey for fundy

gladiate chair99


getting to 100k subs challenge

Not monke it FUNDE

Dylan Mcyeetus

“My back or your back?”


this is by far THE BEST video i have EVER seen ???

Bene‘s Life

Dream smp more like dream Simp

Random STUFF

5:20 what are you doing step hbomb

Gamer 777

“Master I’m stuck” at 5:20. I know where this is going.
“Look at us master, just a couple of seaman” at 10:10.


This made me laugh so hard

kazuichi souda

Im laughing so hard this is the funniest thing

clyde timonera



It feels weird simping to a fellow Male ngl

Eli Blackwing

"My back or your back?"


Random STUFF

1:15 lmao

ChainChomper Lives On

"master are you having trouble getting it in"

right then

when fundy made that face

i felt that


One of the funniest stream???

Emma Quigley

F: "Mittens is so big"
H: "You like it big ;)"


You're pretty

Dark Slayer

This is my favorite video I need more maid hbomb


ok no h bam you ask for this


2:50 his voice litteraly sounds like flamingo

Ralph Anthony Figueroa

Hb i alway task care of your pushy....


Iceberg dead ahead!

We are in a plane.

Oh right..


Barney The dinosaur


Colton Gordon

This video should have way more views then what it has.

Malia Alora

HBomb is the biggest competition of 5up

Vibe Daemon



The way how Hbomb just bleeped the swears makes it more funny ?

sammy gold

Fundy: trying to comprehend
Hbomb: I'm getting sea sick!
Fundy: loses brain cells "A A A A A H H H H"


This would’ve been brilliant to see live oh my god


69k likes pog

9K-17-Lorenzo Sudarsono

Scammer and counter scammer


This is my bday vid ._.

Kate Natalie Espiritu

the million views who viewed didnt subscribe..... CMON go subscribe!!!! :)

Tamune Miso

This video has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy less views than it deserves !

Jude Relativo

5:33 at hyjycwfrjtjs scrhrvhm

Rubina The Jackal

Dream George and tubbo in the thumbnail : what the hell.?

Ronin Alaniz

Make the unlike 420

Lynda lou Valerio

This is the best but the worst video ever lol


Muzzle wuzzle


Hbomb is a furry

Nixy Nix

The amount of times I had to pause this and just think, laugh, and regret life-
Is to many times to count

AdvisoryPluto37 Of the pluto

If I was on the Dream SMP i wold help him to get you away from him



Sweet Avie



The effects made this like 200 times funnier? I'm dying

Jagoda C:

i can ruin pepoles life by being myself easly


Seeing HBombs maid outfit made me sub ._.

Benjamin Bryant

you are pretty

Michael Afton

I like that you ate the puffer fish

Glamrock Foxy

I couldn’t stop laughing!!?? Also I’m a new subsciber!

Gogesans Alexwolf

I like How the chat Went to:


Wolfcraze Gaming/art/music




Bruh Haha

Do you have a only fans?

Caitlin Stewart

Become bbh's maids