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Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

2 992 037 views | 20 May. 2016

The obscure research that

The obscure research that predicted Donald Trump.

For more, read Amanda Taub's feature "The rise of American authoritarianism": http://www.vox.com/2016/3/1/11127424/trump-authoritarianism, and her analysis of the consequences for the Republican Party: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/28/11431892/after-trump-how-authoritarian-voters-will-change-american-politics

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Jem Leav


Jarrett Davis

Like 33 executive orders in a week lol

Randi McMillan

How do you explain the tyranny of dictator Biden?

Sha Dow

This didn't age well ?


Why is authoritarian a bad thing?

Jackson Plop

Trump merely exposed what most Republicans actually are, but are ordinarily hiding. Most of us already knew what they are. But the past four years have, sadly, made it abundantly clear for all to see. Knowledge is power.

Allan Bailey

So sad. I miss him already

Doris Lombardi



Authoritarian yet wanted to protect our rights, while people like you wanted to censor speech, restrict guns.

Matthew Malmberg

This video is a joke, right? first, at the beginning of this video, the definition they are using is not the actual definition of Authoritarianism but, political scientists have created many typologies describing variations of authoritarian forms of government. Democrats are by far more authoritarian than Trump or any modern-day republican.


The American Public, and Democrats have failed a major socio-political test since allowing Trump to run. Now, I'm concerned it will make this authoritarian movement harder to get under control, moving forwards. Really sad State(s) of affairs.

NewStart YT

2021: Oh. Yea. CAPITOL RIOTS

Craig Kopcho

What extreme rhetoric?

wildish Gambino

After the Capitol riots.

Kalle Vuolteenaho

Welp... those were some destructive four years.


Trump is such a wuss though.
He’s a swindler, not a strongman.

Adrianne Mendoza

Without Trump US is a real loser . Trump make something that change the system .

אופק אפשטיין עידן ז' 4

Authoritarianism is not necessarily bad and trump is definitely not authoritarian.

John Perez

"Only Tyrans rule by executive order we need concense " joe Biden 2020
40 executive order in less than a week...Joe Biden 2021 ?

Hassan Syed

Thank goodness Joe Biden defeated Adolf Trump.

Mohit Bishwakarma

Ooh... ending is scary....But if you look at graph of life.... nothing is constant there ups & down. We're standing that means can also fall. But don't forget to learn always from it✌️


This is painfully relevant now

Robert Morales

Democrats constantly target outgroups that they disagree with. They are very punitive and want to use the government to force policy and ideas. That is true authoritarianism.


Who is here in 2021?

MJS American History & Nonpartisan Reporting

I will forever be ashamed for voting for this man. At least I voted against him the second go around, and for the one to beat him no less.

Idiotic Beyond Measure

Except he wasn't authoritarian


Vox was on POINT ?


This didn't age well.

Andrew Senf

is it bad to be authoritarian?

Cyril Euscobar

You fools don’t know what true authoritarianism means. If Trump was, as you accuse him of doing, many of you would be in concentration or reeducation camps, policy with the left is openly and actively discussing.


Trumps the goat.

Judy Jennings

The nine bull pragmatically scrub because middle conservatively deceive with a few fierce trial. certain, adjoining temple

Jack Nugent

Linking Authoritarianism to the parties is the wrong way to go some democrats are Authoritarian

Arju Shetty

Best video . A million times better than CNN videos.

Curtis Carpenter

What can we say about this now? What weakness has has trump exposed in American politics if any as such????




Glad he's on the way out. Unfortunately the mentality that got him elected will not be gone with him.

Matthew Piskorz

Communism: The political science that explains Biden

Dr.Samurai's minute lecture

Very sharp point, which I have been suspecting myself. He may also have secondary psychopath tendency due to high pressures from his father, which his autobiography says.

Joseph Crespo

GOOOOD Riddance !

Lo Mandy

anyways - Trump,you are fired ?

Fermar Mac

Lol. Trump did not even start a new war. Pulled out troops out of Syria, the first US President to step on North Korean soil. Made a peace deal with Taliban and North Korea.

Jack Nugent

4:26 bro thats less than a 10% increase. You asked two questions about parenting. Im a democrat but that isn't evidence. Your graphs at 5:10 dont have a y axis marking and your x axis marking is "low" and "high".

Chris Gaudet

I’m sure people will still somehow disagree. Unexplainable

Jay Jay

The digital revolution has caused a major shift in the economy and resulted in few benefiting from it and leaving many behind.

As a result depression is on the rise.

Depressed people are attracted to SENSATIONALISM.

As a result we have TRUMP in office who is a master of SENSATIONALISM !!!

Sleepy Joe won’t be able to attract the TRUMPERS as he is sleepy ?. However we will get better results, leadership, maturity, honesty, respectability, decency and much more positive values back on the menu.

Jackie McLeod

This video is prejudiced against Republicans and white people. You're calling the normal, time tested, action of leaders who create/support law and order designed specifically protect individual freedom with a negative narrative as "authoritarianism." It's been proven you need rules to protect freedom. Also, it's done while using parenting as a litmus test to the psychology of it. Parenting is focused on teaching children social and educational skills so they can function in society. It's different than the political agenda. Most politicians are "all words and no action." Trump is (sorry Trump) a buffoon when it comes to words but he is a genius when it comes to action. That's why people like him and respect him. He is like that big mouth great aunt because she bakes great cookies and she has your back. That is why he is president. His penchant for action in itself is a threat to a lot of politicians who are stuck in their language. Redlining action is a more tangible method of getting things done. Back to the video, creating an alternate reality by labeling Republicans and white people with buzzwords like "authoritarianism" is counterproductive.

Cotton Pickle

You asked parents about authoritarianism, but almost all children are raised in some form of authoritative system, and that system is called their parents.

The Philosophy Club

I didn’t see trump use 25,000 soldiers and walls to get sworn in


Vox nails it.

Joe Citizen

Fight for Trump ... Fight for humanity

Spud's Panzers Of History

January 6th, a day that will live in infamy

Anthony Perez

4 years ago they called the election a fraud and was never ruled to be fraud. Now democrats ran ballots over and over and evidences of voter ballots bideng canceled and Manuel entered them and voted for Biden, thats fraud

Jon Strickland

Aged just about right.

Maggie Mulligan

Who’s here after his second impeachment??

Shawn Erikson

Turns out the Democrats are the authoritarians?

Keli L

A Cult leader..?

Erc Luchnsk

These aged pretty well....


Whos here after the election was successfully stolen from the American truth


Jesus...terrifying yet brilliant....

Alexei M S Cruz

Trumpism has undermined, if not broken, America's image of "the Land of the Free"...
now it's "the Land of the Free as long as you're white"...
unless GOP lawmakers in Congress wake up from the false reality of authoritarianism ideology that Trumpism carries, the Republican party will forever be defined and associated by the people that carried out that infamous insurrection that nearly toppled Democracy and reduced America to the level of Third World dictatorship countries...


All believers of government are authoritarians.

Dmc 10

Ix you are the biggest liars on earth. Have you been balanced? How many Nobel Peace Prizes has he been nominated ir. Liars!! 3


On Jan 6th, Trump supporters proved they don't believe in democracy or the constitution or freedom. They hate America

Larry Sherrill

Immaturity and inexperience the political theory that explains the Left...

White Male

Nice projecion VOX. Too bad that you have no proof of your slander but there is lots of proof that you are what you accuse Trump of.


How is everyone saying "here in 2020 and still holds up" when the definition of an authorization is favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom. That sounds a whole lot like what the Democrats want and are doing with covid especially with Nancy Policy stuffing pork into the covid relief. Remember we where supposed to be locked down for about two weeks. Now look at us scared out our minds with a 0.01% chance of surviving IF YOU EVEN GET IT and mask are basically mandatory everywhere, along with social distancing becoming a social norms. The cherry on top is that Joe Biden wants to away "assault weapons", because apparently everyone should be able to handle the recoil of a double barrel shotgun even disabled people and 110lb house wifes.

MLG Herobrine

haha hypocritical go BRRRRRR
in the 2020 election

Will Villa

Trump tested the guardrails of Democracy! The party of patriotism literally tried to overtake the Capital by force and alter democracy... this video aged very well, it was a warning ⚠️. Ignorant people will always follow leaders who exploit their insecurities

Kadoodledo Studios

Isn’t this just horseshoe theory?


I reject this videos definition of authoritarianism it fails to recognize authoritarianism in the progressive movement. So tRump allows governors to handle thier states covid response policy but he is the authoritarian..okay


This aged well. Right on the money.

Itchy Potato

Thank god biden won this election

Barytyrannus- Jurassic Park, Godzilla, and More!

January 6th 2021.

Ikal Balam

The amusing turnip intuitively rain because fly italy train beside a pink ground. laughable, lethal sort


i love looking back at these and seeing how wrong they were

Nicolino Will

3:58 My parents value all 4 of those and they despise Trump and conservatives in general.


Its pretty sad when you really notice how anti-Trump Vox really is

Ikal Balam

The unwieldy meat secondarily heat because jelly multivariably trade pace a sturdy front. trashy, minor bait

Paddy le Blanc

Lets see.....
Poor educational system
Myth of American exceptionalism
Inability to accept scientific fact
Inability to accept that by 2050 WASPs will be a minority in the US
A culture obsessed with zero sum games
A nation obsessed with wealth and who idolise the wealthy.
A nation obsessed with TV and in particular reality TV.
A strong thread of anti-intellectualism pervading the culture.
A widespread ignorance of the rest of the world.

How did it happen eh?


After January 6th, few videos have aged so well as this one.


I disagree on the testing, I voted democratic all elections, including this one, but parenting children is much different than being an adult, I do believe children need structure and rules but have never been a Trump supporter- poor choice on your testing "decision" lot of room for fallibility.


This is so relevant, Trump lost but TRUMPISM certainly has cemented its place in american politics. There might be more Trumps to come.


If we paid money into social security, upon retirement WE WANT IT BACK, WE'RE NOT WORKING ANY MORE DUHHHH.


We are at the age of highly polarized society that we are very opiniated we can't seem to compromise each other.

Isaiah Josh


which is longer?

Phúc Nguyễn

TRum is authoriatism but did he do that for himself or America?

d ogden

This is what the democrats are doing not trump . if you look at things closely who is suppressing your freedom of speech . And who is telling the media not to run story about joe bidden before the election and how they would not air the corruption of how bidden threatened to with hold money to the Ukrainian government unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the company his son worked for . and it part of the whole plan that you blame the other party for the things you do and play the victoms to get the sympathy of the people and it was a funny thing that if you search it on you tube this is what comes up . that should tell you something if trump was controling the media he wouldn't put himself up here .

bob blob

oh vox who wrong you were because republicans lost

Earth Man

January 6th 2021. You need an update to this.

Arturo Garcia

Which were democrats to begin with, right?


People who own businesses without partners or boards or anyone they must consult with, who can override them or even criticize them without fear of being dismissed are, essentially authoritarians. When this is confined to business, it's bad enough and is why unions were created.
However, when and if this same business owner/authoritarian becomes politically powerful, say, President of the United States, this person will carry over all of the authoritarian practices and mindset that he or she has used and had in business. If, perchance, that business owner/authoritarian also had never run for or been elected to office, never served in any government in any manner, not even as an assistant or advisor, he or she will have learned nothing of clam, reasonable discussion or of honest, non-transactional negotiation, or of compromise. None of this would be in this person's wheelhouse or experience.
It's all "my way or the highway", cut-throat, zero-sum with these people. Everything is about personal loyalty, everything has a monetary value on it and all discussions are transactional. Their power is absolute and non-appealable.
Additionally, if a person has spent a lifetime only and solely concerned with making money for him or herself, it is unlikely that he or she will suddenly eschew such concerns simply because they now are serving in some governmental office, say, President of the United States. Far from setting that aside, some people just might use that office to further their financial assets.

When this person is also a malignant, emotionally broken, mendacious, sociopath, a monster has been born.

kill mnoj

His supporters are against the very thing they stand for.


Oh, and STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE FOR ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS, that is a 100% impossibility and you cant prove that either.

Aethel Wolfe

If only he was a Caeser. The lefts election cheater would be destroyed.

A. Kalam

2028: Who’s here after Ivanka trump won


I would prefer direct questions! I‘m neither afraid nor uncomfortable to answer these important questions! C’mon! ?

s t

Laughable that the far left calls anyone else authoritarian.


It's most curious that Authoritarians are more willing to sacrifice civil liberties in exchange for safety, yet Trump supporters rail against wearing masks against Covid-19 because they feel their freedom is threatened.

Carmelita Good

America came close to becoming an authoritarian regime. I am so grateful there were enough policies to stop it. Now the right thing to do would be to investigate every politician in Washington DC that supported Trump so to never again allow such danger to our democracy.


Who's here after the attempted coup?

Morning consult poll accuracy

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Morning consult poll accuracy

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