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26 Unusual Occupations - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.215)

657 731 views | 30 Jul. 2014

Weird jobs. Strange

Weird jobs. Strange occupations. Unusual vocations. Whatever you call them, the odd professions in this video will have you polishing up your resume and taking a trip to the circus.

The List Show is a weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, Elliott Morgan hosts and shares some unusual occupations.

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Chase Repp

I wonder how much fake astronauts make

Bronwyn Walker

ELLIOTT!! I miss you! Come back to source fed!


HI, Elliott!!!


He looks like a male Mila Kunis! O.o

May Gun

Where's john green?


I wouldn't mind some of these jobs


Aren't you from sourcefed

eric anderson

How many circus shows still travel by train? Few. Do research.

Eric Vilas

Hey! That's the Buenos Aires planetarium! My house is 5 minutes away!


Wonder what poison tester get paid. Lol some strange jobs lets build Legos yeah??




Elliott!!! How dare you not mention sourcefed? Sure you're with mashable now but that's not where we recognise you from...


3:35 Dead Frogs Teach Bored Anatomists

Yaphet Paulos

Elliot should be on more often

Kyle Hess

For the deer urine market he seems to be taking his info off http://deerfarmer.com/wiki/deer-urine-market but that's retail price (and also seems absurdly high). There are more realistic numbers over at http://www.philly.com/archive/jason_nark/pennsylvanias-golden-harvest-deer-urine-20171012.html where it says the best urine brings in ~$110/gallon (and deer give half a gallon a day). So in reality you're looking at a figure of at most $20000/yr per deer. This is, of course, not adding in the costs of feeding and taking care of your deer, etc. Overall though I'm pretty surprised because this means that you could realistically make more than the median American off deer pee alone once you get in five or so of 'em. Seems like a pretty sweet job for anyone who likes deer.


circus laborers shouldn't exist because circuses with animals shouldn't exist.

Mark Lush

Unliked for the ridiculous haircut.


#7: not allegedly. A job I had took me to houses under construction where porta-potties were your sanitation options. I was there two or three times when the guy would roll up in his truck and go to work. We called him, with all the couth you'd expect on such a job site, the shit-sucker.
There can be no one thus employed who doesn't wonder despairingly how the hell they wound up thus employed.

Dylan Zisman

Is the earth really a sphere?


What about the guy who is Keeper of the Cup? His job is to travel the world with the Stanley Cup (the National Hockey League's prize for winning the playoffs) and to take care of it and make sure nothing happens to it while players get to take it home for a day or when it has to show up for photo ops at events.

Michael Senior

What's with the hand signs he throws up at the end? What gang is that?

Jared Spicer Matz

Jobs I had never thought about before!

Charming nowhere to hide

Vous êtes génial

El masca Vidal

Where can I apply for testing bud!!!! ?????

Murielle Parkinson

I am a planetarium presenter!!!!!!!!



Julio Chica

Like si lees y eres hombre???


Pokeball is upside down...


the poke ball picture in the back is upside down

james nelson


Eric London

At one time I was a darkroom technician for a newspaper, making the half-tone photographs with a large optical format track camera, as well as giant film negatives that offset printing is made from. Ending some 15 years ago, It is all done digitally and cheaper now.

Brian Griffin

I'm here for the dog food tester position.

Jacques Potgieter

This dude is annoying.

Kaycee Camou

That pokeball is upside down and it upsets me


is that Box-toe Buffer Steve Carell?

Rebecca Cline

Do we just ask questions for the question show in the comments?

Kazz Ubago

What comes first the chicken or the egg


Elliot? What are you doing here? I haven't seen you anywhere but SourceFed before. Nice to see you!

Captain Bones

All I could pay attention to was the upside down pokéball and now my OCD is raging.


Hi, I'm Elliott Morgan and this is NOT my salon.  Then I guess this is no longer mental floss either...

Xeno Miner71776

Okay, deer piss is one thing. i can understand that completely but animal carcass.

@[email protected] what the.... why would you take dead animals home??? Is there some kind of reason to do that?

Olina Chan

Your Pokeball picture is upside down.


wow.  I suddenly want to sculpt an Elsa with a snow cannon.   XD;;


Minerva Ravenesque

Poison testers?  They better have an excellent worker's compensation program. XD

Austen Bergstrom

Elliott?! I miss you at Sourcefed! Keep up the good work


still miss your brand of comedy on sourcefed


And you know what? I'm a planetarium technician. BAM!


good host! i request more of him

Manuel Camacho Diaz

that pokéball poster in the background is up side down...

Lilly Steam

It bothers me far too much that the Pokeball picture in the background is upside down...

Frontiersman ET

This may be irrelevant but why is the pokéball upside down?


Was that Steve Carell as the shoe buffer?


If this was reddit, multiple people that actually have one of these jobs would have commented.


Elliott! Get back to SourceFed!

Aaron Griffin

The pokemon picture on the wall is upside down and its driving me insane...

Jerry Davis

I spent a few months working in a glass factory in California. My job: breaking glass. (Not as fun as it sounds... at least, not after the first 15 minutes of the first day)


I need to become a professional Lego builder.

Hannah Healy



Why do we save the best for last?lol

Jeff Buehler

ELLIOTT MORGAN!!! I have not watched SourceFed since you left! Never the same anymore.


My question for those astronauts did they go insane? I am now really curious. 


cool hair bro.. - in Canadian. So it's sarcastic

Sevana Lightning

Everyone is all hating on different hosts and i am just sitting here annoyed that the pokeball is upside down in the BG on the wall >>;

Mike Johnson

What is it with Americans and tradition of disecting frogs in school? Do they do it in other countries too? What could you possibly gain from it?

Bartholomew jenkins

Oh shit i'm on youtube? thanks Elliot Morgan.


great job ElliottMorgan :D


The picture of the "Box toe Buffer" looks exactly like Steve Carell

R III Ruiz

Gay Brendan Fraser

T Ehringer

Nice job!

Radio Hello

1:35 :( I was eating lunch

Borgar Brekke

The pokeball is upside down, and it's bugging my inner-nerd (Well my BIG inner-nerd).

Kyle Wright


Cami Renee

i love elliott :)


Pretty sure this was the first guest host who was actually on set


You forgot Personal Support Home Care Worker. These people go to people's houses to bathe them, clip their toenails, do catheter care, empty commodes and clean houses. They work in ALL kinds of houses and gross environments, get paid crumbs and help old people live longer by wiping bums and changing adult diapers. All the things you don't want to think about when you're young. Very much unsung heroes.

Keoki Cook

I want to know how one becomes a disease detective for the CDC lol.

Meggie Moo

Elliott is great on Mental Floss. His comedic timing is on point and he has the perfect speaking pace to keep viewers interested without losing them to mumbled words

Samuel Callard


Stephen Szucs

I have a question. Since you have done Bible trivia,  IF you were to believe that Nephilim were giants, and that Jericho was inhabited by them, how can the prostitute Rahab be explained? She married a normal Hebrew, so she had to be normal sized, but if the men were giants, how would she have survived in her profession? If Nephilim were not giants (the fallen ones......or those who fall on others) what were they? They cannot be sons of Cain and daughters of Seth as every bloodline was corrupted..... . Except Noah's....and there were more bloodlines than Seth and Cain since Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters.

Mordecai Weynberg

Plural of lego is lego

Swetha Shankar

A Mind Blowing Question: In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote " All men are equal." when he himself owned slaves. Why would he write that then?

Hugh McClements



Elliott! I was so surprised to click on this video and see you (but presently so). I've been wondering what you've been doing since SourceFed and then BAM there you are. Hope to see you back again on Mental Floss. 

Daniel Parker

He didn't put a quarter in the staff pork chop party fund ?


so he's not on sourcefed anymore?


Best job? Island manager :)

Dream Trailers

Bring the real host back. Thank you. Also, lighten up on the ads. 30seconds? Sheesh.

Jamie Hendrix

5:13 looks like Michael Scott.

Quint Victrum

number 4 if you ever read poison study... 

Simply Something

Please tell me elliot is working for you all now :)

Sarah Boyd

What a great guest host! Nicely done, Elliott Morgan!

Lindsey Clark

He mentioned dissecting pigs! What about the staff pork chop party fund?

David Ndiulor

Mr Green Mr Gr....

Oh, who dis?

Royce Axle

No you're from sourcefed >:(

Kaycee Camou

That pokeball is upside down and it upsets me


Why are some professions gender specific - Waiter/Waitress, Actor/Actress, Prince/Princess, Steward/Stewardess and some aren't, Barista, Boson, Farmer, Artists, Grocer, and some occupation titles like Governess have no real equivalent ?


Professional YouTube commenter for software company.

What did I do to deserve this?


I hate to mention it, but the Pokeball poster in the background is upside down...


So now John Green is just a producer?  REALLY?

Tori Moss

Why do cats lift their butts up when you scratch the dock of their tail?

Shutterstock careers

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5 Best Jobs for Teenagers that Don’t Suck

147 852 views | 15 Apr. 2019

I’m revealing the best

I’m revealing the best jobs for teenagers that will not only make money but will lead to a happy, fulfilled life. All these high-paying teen jobs set your teenager up for jobs they will enjoy in the future and give them control over their work.

I like to think the videos on the channel help a lot of people but this one on jobs for teenagers is probably the most important one I’ve done yet. Too many people start their work life as teens and learn two lessons about work that doom them for life.

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That’s why, before revealing the best part-time jobs for teens, I’ll show you two things every good job must offer and how it will change your life. Even if you don’t watch all the jobs in the video, watch the first section. I guarantee it will make you happier at work.

Then I’ll show you the five best jobs for students that pay better than some full-time jobs. Best still is that some of these part-time jobs can be turned into a business and make six-figures a year.

In fact, researching for this video, I came across more good jobs I used in a related video. Check out these 10 high-paying jobs you can get without a degree – all pay over $45,000 and up with no experience required https://youtu.be/dvVX3dd_bdM

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If you just want an easy part-time work from home job, check out these jobs you can start in less than a week. https://youtu.be/v78W5UQxHqk

I’ve included a clickable index below but make sure you watch each of these teen jobs for some great ideas on making money online and from home.

1:15 Two Things Every Good Job for Teens Needs

4:41 How to Turn Your Camera into a Great Job for Teenagers

5:33 The Job All Teenagers were Born to Do

7:21 Learn to Cook and Make Money Doing It

9:08 An Online Job for Teens that Unlocks Your Creative Side

9:52 Getting Started Blogging for Teens

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.


im trying to save up for college lmaooooooo

Ouday alkassab

Not trying ur best in a job bruh... Never be lazy at ur 1st job or els you'll get ur [email protected]@ if u don't try ur best

elise ydx



Anony Mouse

I want a job where I can sneak around and kill people ?. But I can't afford a gun ?

grimreaper gaming

I get 20 for cutting a single lawn


This was so helpful, I’m 18 and started working as soon as I turned 18 at fast food and just felt lazy because I didn’t like any of my jobs , this really made me feel better and gave me ideas


I want to be a letherback tortious

My Boring life

I’m a beast at cooking. Why haven’t I thought of that

Cohen toms

I work I help build truck bars I’m 14 over holidays I work 7 hours a day my bones hurt my back is dead but I make 800$ every week and the half au $ btw cause I’m Australien

Ties Halsema

Is an shutterstock account for free? Or do you have to pay for an account?

Desi Buddies

I live in a village and also introvert
For job i have to go to the town I have no any friends or relatives in town and no one know me How anyone will keep me on job
And i am useless i dont have any experience of any kind of work

S.S. Mythix

I'm 17 I've been working at McDonald's for almost 6 months now I've mainly been just cleaning the lobby up (bc of covid) and that's fine with me but I HATE it when they ask me to do front counter bc they never showed me how to do everything but get mad at me for messing up I just set up direct deposit so I'll make some of my money back from other stuff before I finally let go but I want something that pays good and is fun to do at the same time when balanced right

kendall mitchell

Too much talking in the beginning


15 year old me getting ready to make that cash but not ready to work at the drive thru window of McDonalds...

omar filfil

I just want to get out of Egypt first and then I can do something I'm pretty sure


My man extended and repeated the same thing over and over again just to get that maximum ad revenue. I will not sub.

Oof TheOofer

Am 12 And I want a job


I have no idea what he's saying. Cant u speak like a normal person. Wtf are u saying!! Ugh unbearable. Dislike!

The Golden Ace

I’m 14 looking for a job in a state where the minimum wage is 11$ and I found some places that hires

cod mw

I am 17 and I work at my dads friend's mechanic shop, I want to open my own shop now cuz I really enjoy working on cars

A.J Hakami

I love that he still likes comments on a year old video

Papi Chan

I’m 16 at my I work at a factory. It’s basically 8 hours standing doing the same thing, it’s just plain torture and I really regret getting a job at a factory...


Almost 80k a year?
Me as 13- Uhh, I spend that to much, I like shop 0-0

Colin Chung

I do dishwashing at my dad’s restaurant. It wasn’t bad until he made me staff which was super hard for me because I keep messing up people’s orders and my writing is so bad that the delivery driver thought it was Arabic

Don Don

Also guys you can list your own personal services on Craigslist too if you don't want to work with associated businesses. You can list lawnmowing, Christmas light hanging, painting houses, babysitting, shoveling snow, tutoring etc. You can list your own prices too (obviously they have to be realistic prices). If you want your own personal business. Lets say you shovel snow and charge $200 say you do 4 houses in a day that's $800. If you do 4 houses everyday for a week for $200 you can make $5,600 IN A WEEK. Even if you decide you only want to do it on weekends that would be 8 houses for 2 days which would make you $1,600 for weekend sevices only. I would recommend doing something more stable like tutoring, Babysitting, Painting house, Handy man work or maid services other than things that are more seasonal like shoveling snow or lawnmowing. To me this is more worth it that waiting for a week or 2 paycheck that contains not even a quarter of the amount.

Dean Prayoga

my parent wont let me, they want me work 9-5

Gavin Tao

I don't need anymore my 9-5 with the help of, e z h i g h p a y .c o m

Boom Bang! And More

2 thousandth like

Bennett Mccrae

I just wanna earn money so I can buy a car in three years

Logan E

Disappointed there aren't more real suggestions here, lifeguarding pays me $30CAD hourly and doesn't require some type of shady website to market from.

Toxic Studios

Once I get in and I'm done with college I am going to be a videogame designer

Harry Potter

I really want to get a Job, but seem not to be able to because of my NEAD and age, its sooooo annoying


I must admit i wasnt expecting genuinely GOOD ideas


Roses are red violets are blue this wasn’t on your for you page it was searched by you

Gre bo

Damn I am 14 and looking for a job

Junayd Ismail

I just cant find a job

Starza Productions

there are a lot of negative people in these comments attacking people that have genuine questions. if you're one of those people with a question, know that your questions are valid and it's okay to ask them. if you're one of the people being rude and negative to those asking questions, please remember that you dont know everyones situation and not everyone has a life like yours. everyone is different and theres no need to be rude to sometimes trying to take their first step.

Yo boi Juanito

Bro I love nature and taking photos but my parents say it wont pay that much so idk

Alexis Alonso

I been looking for a job for ever i apply I apply and they just won’t hire me wtf do I do I’m going crazy :/

Kelby Pierson

Semper Fi Sir


I wouldn’t do the craft job. Small businesses rarely ever get popular and get sales :/ you’ll be lucky if you even get 3


but every job asks you for your social security number...


Ty this really helps me to get a job

Libby Diaz

I'm 15 I really want a job but I'm so NERVOUS and scared to get one.

EZRA 1ne

Bruh I'm 16 n I'm done working at this fucking restaurant n it's only my 3rd week id rather go back to construction // landscaping

Alejandra Arreola

How can I flip $100


Car detailing would be the best
(Not cuz of detail geek ok i like doing it)

Georgia Jett

I am 11 but I am already looking for jobs for 3 years


If your gonna tell me to find a job that matches my hobbies I’ll tell you right now if you try to do that you will end up hating your hobby


How about all the deductions for working in a job that gives checks


A job can be very scary and have a crippling fear over you when you’re spoiled your whole life, you don’t know how to do anything and everybody just suddenly expects you to get a job like it’s so easy

Fearsomebeast 13

Im thinking about working at Walgreens right across the street from where i live. The employees said that i might get $600 per month, which is good sense im gonna be moving in with my dad in about 6 to 7 months. And besides, the employees said that the manager is one of the nicest people to work with.


stop talking too much and get to the point bitch


Anyone have any good jobs for a 13 year old other than a paper job


If you’re 16 you should be driving and if you’re driving I hope you’re not too scared to spill some coffee

TheSnickers_ Fan

My 16 year old, stupid dumbass is gonna probably gonna get kicked from my school (Gymnasium in Germany) so I hope this will help me...


I’m 16 and I’ve had a job for 9 months, but our management has become poor and our new employees are not being trained. It’s really hard to manage school and work, so I’m trying to find a relaxed job ://

Devyn Bowman

Im 16 and i think working as a baggage person at my local airport would be cool

Dylan Bitzan

Halfway through the video and he hasn't said shit. . . really went for that 10 min mark. . .

Houlden Gillett

Haha I cut lawns I’m 15 and make 25-40$ hr


Not my taste I’d rather work as a life guard yes you can at 16+ and smart

Diamond Amora

oh my god just get to the point

Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

Getting Started Investing? ? Must Watch 8 Simple Steps to Start Investing in 2021! ? https://youtu.be/oRxz_0s875I


And im not good for any of these just like everything else in my life :(

Elijah Haldane

I’m 16 and tried using shutterstock but you have to be 18. Bruh

ma sa

I started working at 18 looking for a 2nd job. Want to test my limits of sleeping.


The many problems I have is this:
- I don’t have anywhere to start.
- I don’t have any skills (other than hand-drawing and an OSHA-10 Certification, but I don’t have my card anymore).
- All of the money will go towards bills and taxes. No extra money for anything else.
- I can’t drive.
- I have to quit and sacrifice time and things I like doing, for things I would hate doing just to barely scrape by.
- I go to school pretty much full time.
I feel screwed. The only jobs than I can get are meager jobs at the local grocery store bagging groceries for two hours, only being able to work for two hours a day, only making about 12 to 24 dollars. Can’t do anything on media because I just don’t do Social Media. Youtube is worthless, so I’m not even gonna try that part. I don’t have a camera. Physical labor is actually quite difficult because I have poor blood circulation.


im 14 and i need help lmao

Mason Wank

Great video, but I have one major criticism. The chance of success for a lot of these are very low. Also, many of these jobs are very skill based

Liv Stevens

I’m a college student looking to pay off debt fast any ideas?

Brendan Brown's Virtual World of Knowledge

Hello I am 15 years old, and I'm trying my best to grow my Podcast show on anchor and grow my youtube channel so that I can live off my passionate jobs. But my grandparents and parents want me to work a part time job at chick fil a. And I really don't want a job until I become 18, and I want to spend the last years of my teenage life doing youtube and Podcasting so that I might can get more views from those platforms to get famous.

Clorox Bleach

turning 18 in less than a month and i’ve never had a job. depression and anxiety makes it really challenging for me. any suggestions?

Kelpy G

14 and am looking at jobs so I can be prepared


“Start with a job you enjoy” 1st job option: photography ?

Mia Deter

I just want to thank you for this video it helped me more then you could ever imagine I dreamed about this kind of stuff but didn't think it was possible and you just showed me almost exactly what to do I couldn't be more thankful

Peanut Gallery

Fuck it I'm getting a part time job

You can stop me if you try

Edit: crap I need motivation, call me a lil bich or sumthing

Giant Hairy Pickle


Abby's World

and if you love your job you won't dread going to work even if it's everyday

Rhino Studios

I’m young (13 years old) I know quite a lot about money I don’t spend often I have alright grades and I make robust from roblox and have 100 subs on my offer yt

Inside Success UK

This is a great video. Would like to have you on one of our online workshops sometime


I’m 18 and I need a weekend job at least for 8 hours a day on weekends to make decent money


I'm 13 but in Alabama the law let's you work at 15. I'm already planning what I want to do. I want to either work at a retail store or a animal shelter. I don't like the idea of a fast food job, it's a job that you can get easily hurt, people there can be rude, and very low wage. But I want to work early so I don't depend on my dad's money.

Torq Undead

in 13 and i could be applying for iga since they apparently employ 13 year olds


jeff bezos is that you?


I am 14 and I want a part time job.i thought acx was gonna work ?but it doesn't work in my country ?

Mario Judah

can someone shoot me in the head


There's a place I rlly wanna work at but my family banned me from trying to work there...it's not anything bad it's just Lush Cosmetics ??

Just Another Army

My mom doesn’t understand the fact that I don’t wanna flip burgers

M4TT - Villan

I have no hope for my future

Yisha Wang

Like your exciting sharing! May I ask for your advice on how to manage tax from these sources of passive income as teenagers? Do these incomes are subject to higher business taxes?


Sell coke



no amari

That intro tho.


I wish i was older im only 11

Moist Cornbread

This comment section is full of losers

Ronaldo Ross 9A

I'm 14 but I'm really scared that I'll fail the interview and won't get the job bc I don't even know myself that much?
What if I fail the job??? IM RLY SCARED RN..


Most jobs at country clubs. Cart lady and caddie. I’d say if you’re going to be a caddie, try to get into a prestigious country club.

Amiyah Kincey

almost 15 and i don't wanna work at Mcdonalds lmao

hunter 55427

Im working as a dishwasher and Im hating it

Aaliyah Duarte

Does anyone else work at mcdonald's and freaking hate it?

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How to increase sales on shutterstock in telugu|Shutter stock guide in telugu |Stock photography

2 674 views | 18 Jun. 2020

How to increase sales on

How to increase sales on shutterstock in telugu|Shutter stock guide in telugu |Stock photography


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Pgs Tarak

Hi annaya.... wps me

GBS Creations

can i upload same image in more than one websites?


Brother me WhatsApp number evadi

Nalgonda abbai

Bro meku entha varakku m Anna money vochindha..?

swetha 333

Hello can we upload google photo's..

Pawan kalyan WhatsApp status

sir, please explain 406 NOT ACCEPTABLE IN Shutterstock

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okey photo ni shutterstock lanti vere websites loo kuda upload cheyacha

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Prakash Surya Tech

Nice Information bro..Tq??

Hari Royal

కొత్తగా channel create చేశావా bro

Nag nagarjun

Useful video sir



umadevi the village girl umadevi the village girl

Nenu kothaga channel start chesanu please na channel subscribe cheyandi nannu promot cheyandi please

Pawan kalyan WhatsApp status

sir, please explain 406 NOT ACCEPTABLE IN Shutterstock

swetha 333

Plz rply

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Swathi Gorli

Tq annayya