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Why Amazon Stock Will Have It's Best Quarter In History l $AMZN $GOOG Earnings Reaction Live!

4 588 views | 2 Feb. 2021

Bold Stock Predictions

Bold Stock Predictions for 2021 - https://youtu.be/h62s2no1_1I

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#amazonstock #googlestock #earningsreaction

Arsalan Arshad

Man amazon disappointed. I thought it would go to 3700

Raylin Records

Andy Jassey just commented on my twitter post saying he would make Amazon thrive. Really looking forward to see what he has in store!


what is in level 3 chaos crew?

Jordan Brathwaite

How do you think bezos stepping down will affect amzn stock?

Six Gun Samurai

Bought a small amount of AMC and NOK on Friday. Sold AMC Monday for a 20% profit. Holding NOK. Bought a little more NOK and RKT today.

Own The Chaos Investing

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Denis Yarchevskiy



Thanks Guys!


Kanye West does Gospel Rap Lool

Grutte Pier

I'm here for the great intro music...?


Haha gangster vs. Gospel RAP. Funny. Kirk Franklin. yeah. PK = Pastor's Kid stereotype was indeed they were always the worst kids.

Kethan Pushpakaran

Jeff bezos stepping down after this quarter is like Kobe dropping 60 in his last game

Thomas Miller



Easy $3900 by end of the month

Ivan Brosky

Bezos stepped down so he can acquire Nikola motors and focus on taking down his arch nemesis.

Vanilla price chart

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Amul Food Factory - Ice Cream

2 952 724 views | 28 Jun. 2017

Watch how India's

Watch how India's favorite Amul Ice Cream is Real Milk, Real Ice Cream is made!

#Amul Food Factory showcases the making of milk and milk products by India’s largest dairy cooperative brand at its state of the art plants. Through its Cow to Consumer model of operation it connects milk procured from 3.6 Million farmers to 1 Billion homes.

Thanuja Noushad

My favourite Strawberry Magic Amul icecream???..

Rameshbabu Bellamkonda

Amul factory is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr??????????????????

Muliya Milan

ha moj ha

Lakshmi Nimmalapudi

Amul is the best

Koshish- Ek Prayas

Mouth watering video..i really wonder how people works in these ice cream factory..

banuri gopal reddy

????? ice creams it feels like I want to eat

5069Yeshwin K

do you know i like those 3 school girls in the amul ad eating icecream.

Peer Habeeb

I like amul ice cream

Kamble Prathik

Amul company ice cream are marvelous ?????????????


By advertisements amul has made it possible to sell the same thing to us at higher prices.

Patricia Ocso

Poor cows

mukesh vig

If you're going to make your commentary sound fun, you need some serious training in voice modulation.
The fact that you're simply reading a script is so obvious.
I had to watch this clip turning off the volume.

It's good to see such automated system in food processing in India.
Hygiene, however. remains almost at the bottom of their priorities in most such plants. I hope that changes soon.

Akshay Suresh

Love amul forever

Arghyajit Das

amazing vidieo

labbu s

Es me factory bale. Ka nam ho ga satish goyal

Dipali Digamber

Amul is the best company

Its Me

how many flavours does amul ice creams have plz say

Dipit Bhatt

make a video of badshahi kulfi

Priya mishra CS 101


Shailendra Singhal

Es me factory bale ka nam kya h

Archana M

Then y amul ghee s mixed fully with vanaspati??

Akshay Suresh

No 1 ice cream of India

risna Aadheez

I love amul ice creams

Lakshmi P.Sudhakaran

Video is awesome, but commentators are too much..



Technomaniac Dude

I love Amul!

kiran rama chandra

Worst male narrator,


I have one dout. Do you apply pork oil.....E471 what is the meaning

Jeon Jungkook

Watching this while eating amul butterscotch icecream

Shravya ranjini

I love amul ice cream, its my favourite

Sakharam Retharekar

I like to eat amol's ice cream

Rumah Mainan Keenan

11.09 menit

Ruturaj Korde

Technical is very good

Shivani Gupta


Gaming with PS ARAKAN

I like Amul ice cream

pranav sai

and the Oscar goes to these Voice Artists :D
Love you Amul

Shimna manoj

Like me if you love ice cream and comment me if you have it at least once in your .........are you still reading this watch the video


I am living only for amul ice cream

Stephen Irving

Healthy aur ice cream. Pagal hai Kya?

Sheetal Kukreti

does asli aam contain milk?

Cinderella Sequeira

Pathetic English.

Trisha Kotalwar

I used to eat Amul Ice cream because it is tasty now I got it, it is also Healthy

Varun Soni

No 1 ice cream factory

Bapi Biswas

Amul is the best brand of india.. not only for milk .., butter, ice cream, chocolate,, and the taste of the products is delicious.....?????

Johnson George

What a great preparation

Amit Pandey

अमूल दूध पीता है india???

Vikram creation006

My favourite amul ice cream

Arushree Pal

Not fair?m now craving for ice cream ????

Loki lord

Ok ..good so I've is healthy for us..??

Akshay Suresh

Best brand of India not only for milk but also ice cream

Victoria Fernandes

Just today I bought a family pack of Amul Ice cream vanilla and strawberry . The vanilla was very wierd taste something grainny . The strawberry was smooth and tasty but Ice cream taste was really weird. Was very disappointed .

Bhanu Datta

I am eating ice cream in summer

Aamir KKR

It is a good video of amul


i love the AMUL and VADILAL ice-creams ..they are just awesome..we are proud of it..praise and love for mother cows which gives us blessings in many ways

Pushpavalli Pasumpone

I am having amul Tri cone it's crosses so many steps...

Sambasivam Saravanan

Yummm after seeing this I too want ice cream to eat????

Vidhya Prem

I love amul products ? ? ?

Gobalakrishnan Ganesan

i am the only one to a the go virtual field trip to amul factory


Who love amul family pack ice cream..
Like here

anil baria

no 1 ice cream my fevorite

Mohammed Jaseel

Best brand of India not milk company is a amul

Thirunagarajan S

ice cream??

Manisha Ajay choudhary

Who is watching in 2020 in lockdown and wants to eat all the ice cream

Jakera J

It is true or false say it please

Shirisha siri

I love ice creams especially Amul ❤️❤️❤️

Cynthia Hawkins

This is heavenly. I am Italian-American; we live in downtown New York, near to a wonderful Indian center for shopping and foods at Lexington Avenue and 28th street. I used to buy something called Kulfi at our local store, then they stopped carrying it. Oh, my heart sank...this beautiful video gives me hope. The ice creams of East Asia are delightful, using nuts and fruits much like Italian gelato. Thank you for this treat for my eyes!!!

Kashyap Thakkar

Does Amul taste there own ice cream and enjoy it first

Sagar Dhonnar

Why permitted Emulsifier E471 use in Icecrem?

Jisha Johnson

Superb!.. AMUL!! ??... Yummyyyyyyyyy....

Mayank Tiwari

Aadya ko amul ice cream pasand hai.........yahòooooooo

Mahabub Alam

Amul ice cream firzz kaha se milga

Sinimol P

what the hell they say its 100 real ice cream and then they say it has only 10 milk fat damn liars they use vegitable fat

vishal official

Best ice cream in the basking robin

Rajesh Putti

AMUL IS JABARDAST BRAND ??????????????????

Unnikrishnan cogent

A fantastic video... marred by horrible narration

Mahalakshmi S

i jst luv amul ice creams.....so i tend to watch these preparations.....too awesome nd yummy?☺

Harsh Bhargava

A cow only gives milk when she is pregnant that means for cow milk a cow is forced to be pregnant and then if male is born some are saved and others are killed that's why India is the second highest exporter of beef after Brazil

Maths Masti

You added salt in ice cream

Anand Anand

You are awesome amul and i like you are ice cream and i want to eat

Ummey Kulsum

Kis animal ka milk use hota h

Shivam Kumar Shrivastava

11:04 Yeah, very gentle.

Nilufa Yesmin

Very yummy

Tiger Rahul Pardhan loni

Mujhko amul milk ki frenchise chahiye kese milegi. Pls tell me

n boos n boos

One and only Aditya ice cream in KARNATAKA

Sinimol P

stop fooling indians ur icecreams are fake its frozen desert ur ad are fake stop fooling us

Imran Abdulla

Koolipani Rajan
Rajan koolipani ?

Sushila Mahajan



Always Amul. Real milk real ice cream

suman pattanayak

Amul full form Anand milk utilization and fun fact that anand is an city of gujarat where I live btw amul is BAE ❤?


Are the mango ice cream made from fresh mango or Concentration powder?

Vikram creation006

Amul India best ice cream

Sinimol P

half of the comments here are made by fake accounts u cant just fool us ur ice cream is also frozen desert and u guys lie it contains vegetable fat u cant just keep fooling us indians like this

Tailor Khalid

I need distribution in tadipatri .515411 A.P MY CONTACT NUMBER 8919269296

Fathima Rasha

Amul I like your things

Info Tech


Arun Rathod

Nice ?????????

Sangita Sai

Amul the taste of India
Meri beti ko amul ice cream bht achhi lagti he

Mahabub Alam

Please help me call me


I m salivating.

Shirisha siri

I want to work with them

Vanilla price chart

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JavaScript Project Tutorial: Shopping Cart

109 659 views | 7 Dec. 2018

Create a shopping cart

Create a shopping cart using JavaScript. This project tutorial shows how to add all the basic functionality of a shopping cart into a website.

?Source files: https://github.com/john-smilga/js-cart-setup

Tutorial from Coding Addict. Check out the Coding Addict YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/codingaddict


Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.org

Read hundreds of articles on programming: https://medium.freecodecamp.org

And subscribe for new videos on technology every day: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=freecodecamp

anon ymous

Nooooo! Enough of these styles videos. @Coding Addict you can't have good engagement with your videos when half the code is already written. 100% follow along, or its a copy and paste tutorial. PLEASE, take the time and just do the CSS and HTML in your videos. It's so disheartening when code tutorials simply provide the completed code, and we just need to fill it in as we go along. Just like in school, the process of note-taking helps the brain remember the material. The active writing of code is what helps connect the dots in our brain. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! The video time should not be an issue, it's up to us to fast forward, pause and rewind.
That being said, I think you are a great provider of code knowledge.

Jerzy Żanowski

Thank you for this tutorial. Could you share it with the final code? I have some mistakes in app.js file and need to compare with correct one. Thank You!

Fagner Batista

where the arrow funciton ??

Al Bart

the app.js is empty ...

Helton Joan López Martínez

Thanks for everything my friend. I gave you a thumbs up and also subscribed to your channel.

Sharew Aknaw

it is so nice. and if you have a video that implements for bank system using android studio and SQLite i'm so happy. Thank you!


You are an amazing teacher! Can you please do a backend version of this tutorial?

Phillip Shim

Hey guys, I added rest of the features except checkout, if anyone is interested
You can check it out at https://shimphillip.github.io/grandmas/
source code at https://github.com/shimphillip/grandmas

Suresh Asokan

I'm not get output, pls help me

(function(){ const cartInfo=document.getElementById("cart-Info"); const cart=document.getElementById("cart"); cartInfo.addEventListener("click",function(){ cart.classList.toggle("show-cart"); }); })(); (function(){ const cartBtn=document.querySelectorAll(".store-item-icon"); cartBtn.forEach(function(btn){ btn.addEventListener("click",function(event){ //console.log(event.target); if(event.target.parentElement.classList.contains(".store-item-icon")){ let fullPath=event.target.parentElement.previousElementSibling.src; let pos=fullPath.indexOf("img") +3; let partPath=fullPath.slice(pos); const item={}; item.img='img-cart${partPath}'; let name=event.target.parentElement.parentElement.nextElementSibling.children[0].children[0].textContent; item.name=name; let price=event.target.parentElement.parentElement.nextElementSibling.children[0].children[1].textContent; let finalPrice=price.slice(1).trim(); item.price=finalPrice; //console.log(finalPrice); //console.log(name); //console.log(item); const cartItem=document.createElement("div"); cartItem.classList.add( "cart-item", "d-flex", "justify-content-between", "text-capitalize", "my-3"); cartItem.innerHTML='

$ ${item.price}
' ; const cart=document.getElementById("cart"); const total=document.querySelector(".cart-total-container"); cart.insertBefore(cartItem, total); alert("Item added to the cart"); showTotals(); } }); }); function showTotals(){ const total=[]; const items=document.querySelectorAll(".cart-item-price"); items.forEach(function(item){ total.push(parseFloat(item.textContent)); }); //console.log(total); const totalMoney=total.reduce(function(total,item){ total+=item; return total; },0); const finalMoney=totalMoney.toFixed(2); document.getElementById("cart-total").textContent=finalMoney; document.querySelector(".item-total").textContent=finalMoney; document.getElementById("item-count").textContent=total.length; //console.log(totalMoney); } })();

GoCode Media

Cool project with real life functionality. thanks


I can't understand what he says. Voice and instructions are so unclear.


idk why... but I love your soothing voice.

Ashish Arora

You Are Awesome , Great And Talented Teacher . i really watched Ur all video . i learnt lots of lots of new things . i have learnt javaScript . i am learning React Because of you .You do Explain Very hard code very easily and properly . thanks you so much bro . i always love to watch ur tutorial . i have happily subscribed Ur channel . You are doing fantastic job . god bless u.

You are not just a Sir to me, you are also an inspiration Very few people have the power to educate everything beyond his knowledge . You do it pretty well.Thanks a lot dear Sir for continuously inspiring me to do my best. Thanks Sir for making my world so perfect. I am so lucky to have a Sir as wonderful as you are. We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating us

The Wilson’s Fil-Am

By chance is there a video for the checkout process that takes all the items and displays it on another page with stripe and or paypal implementation?


Thank you




Now, got it why everyone should finish w3schools first.

Hafiz Waqas

how to remove previous hard coded items from the cart? please help

Blogger King

can any one suggest me or give me the good resources on woocommerce or shopify E-Commerce Store Development ?? I need it asap



Zi Han Yap

Is it possible to perform the cart function and record it even if my products are in different pages?

Eduard Fedoruk

I don't think it's a good idea to relay on a folder name - "img" to get the image name on 19:40 . If someon in the future change name of the folder to "image" for example, then code will be broken.

Geokiller Near

hi, I have this error: TypeError: fullPath.indexOF is not a function and Im new on javascript, can you help me.

Martins Gouveia

Is amazing! ????

Raita Sorin

Why you didn't do a tutorial from the beginning on exactly how to design that site from 0 ????

Noer Thoriq

I can't understand his voices

feebas u

how to remove item sir?

shri Kunxing yang

******************URGENT DOUBT*****************************


Would've been nice to see some sort of check out integrations with let's say PayPal for example

Chintu Yadav Sara

Is it a good practice to add event listener to each and every item? I don't think it is.
Rather add event to single item and bind the event to the target

Anil S

good practice video, thanks

Rodolfo Vitangcol

Business Opportunity in Ruvol

I have invented a Board Game [still unpublished and not yet out in the market] that I believe is guaranteed to be as challenging and exciting as CHESS. I called it “RUVOL.”

It is my hope that one day Ruvol may surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.”

The weakness of chess is it always starts in fixed positions that the opening moves become “memorizable.” In fact, not a few have so mastered the moves that they can play against their opponents “blindfolded.” It is for this very reason that the great Bobby Fischer introduced his so-called “Fischer Random Chess,” where the starting position of the pieces is “randomized” to make the memorization of openings impracticable. Fortunately, it is also for this reason that I invented Ruvol where “every game” has been calculated to be a challenging one to play.


I detailed everything in my YouTube video. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcqth0m3-R0


It is worthwhile to note that the people who play chess will be the same people who will play Ruvol. In my Google search, I learned there are around 800 million chess players in the world. Even just a small percentage of these 800 million is good enough to earn big money from Ruvol either as an ONLINE GAME BUSINESS or as a PHYSICAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTOR.

You may contact me at: [email protected]gmail.com.

Thanks and God bless!

The Ruvol Inventor


Excellent tutorial

akshar securecheck

This guy's voice sucks! I almost slept during the video.. quack quack quack..like a smugish duck.
Can freecodecamp not find another presenter with a better voice? Or this another institution caught in parochial politics of yore!?


thank you

Michael Smith

Hi I was wondering if you have done the completed js-cart-setup
I have found your shopping cart quite useful and it was a dream to load. Most things have worked and the layout was a dream to modify to my particular requirements.
I have 2 problems.
1. The code for adding the items to the cart doesn't appear to work, it inhibits the cart toggle if I comment out the code the cart toggle function works, is there a fix for this?
2. I was hoping that you have completed the delete, checkout and clear cart functions and if it was possible to get this from you

Hunter x Hunter

if want to learn javaScript check this up https://stude.co/504453/javascript-course

Sameer Ingavale

9:56 Can someone explain this "better way" he's talking about?

Maksym Antoshkin

You could use event.currentTarget it will be the item you have attached event listener to

Thom M. Roman

very well :) , thanks

John Ali Batac

js file is empty

Money Craze

Can somebody plz provide me with code to implement custom search in this project.I wll be thankful.

Chechnical Chagar

Thanks Sir ! #SarvagyaSagar


Thank you very usefull project !

Lux Groove

where is the rest of the video? this helped me so much

Programming Training

WOW I love this channel. It is very inspiring to me that i started my own channel on Programming Training for new coders in My Country in Local Language (Amharic) and also trying on English as well. Please check out my channel as well and your feedback and support would be great.

Gaurav Raut

Thank You So Much Sir.........!!!!!!!!

kanishk magare

When i click on aad to cart n on the cart nothing happens plzz reply asap


Nothing works. Follow/copy letter by letter and nothing works.


Is there anyway that you can get the shopping cart button to stay the same on a website that has multiple pages?

arafat anik

Its not work.. only ,ain home page show..doesnt work add to cart..


Please fix your voice...

Cjay m

At 13:46 - 13:47 you can hear a fart...

Taimur Shah

its too much helpful and your method of coding are much understandable

Apetech Tutorials

Do you have a tutorial on how to keep my count of items in the cart when I move from one page on the website to the other? For example when I move from shopping area to home page.

salim husain

that is Nothing works. Follow/copy letter by letter and nothing works.pls help me..