Liquid assassin

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Liquid Assassin - My Drug - Official Music Video

182 270 views | 21 Jun. 2015

Lyrical Snuff Productions

Lyrical Snuff Productions and the Dreaded Lens present -

Liquid Assassin - My Drug

From the album - MULATTO

(Produced by C-Lance)

LSP, LLC - 42Records





Executive Producer: Scum

Concept by Scum

Cinematography by Jeshua Booth


Written and Direcetd by Juan Hunter www.facebook.com/JuanHunterMusic


fuck facebook thats the lamest fuckin thing made in the history of life.like people just be on there for no damn reason it seems like everytime i log into myne i start to feel llike a fake bitch.fuck that website i aint gettin on it anymore

Cherokee Perry

I hear you man I haven't walked in your shoes but I feel you the pain I feel it to brother L's LSP be easy big homie underrated LA is can't stop crying drinking man but I feel I bother the world by breathing not trying to throw pity partys I'm just saying the hollow empty I feel it man I thought I was alone for real I don't know if I have a reason I can't even rap good but no one's said i can't rap except my dad rapping makes me happy like you but I'm not good enough stupid I know I'm just a dumbass sorry everyone sorry world for existing

RiceCakes _

My mom used to have his number, they used to talk a lot he seemed really dope

Dave C.

Jesus is Lord alone. Reject anything not in the King James Bible

Billy Seese

Yo, you're going to make it bro, keep going. You're boss bro.

Josiah Burns

thats sick man

Cherokee Perry

so I should kill myself?

RahRah 1nOnly

#TeamSnuff Ls Up

Wicked 420

Drug of choice!!!!

Crazy 4 Cavy

YOU are OUR drug

Cory Peterson

my new favorite song I saw this guy at the mesa theater and he killed it I can't wait for another show

levi leerveri

damn this shocked me
its so damn good
why the fuck aint he living out in hollywood
if i pumped this shit in my hood
people will be tunnin in like like a teen on an iPhone would
so liquid assassin
my message to you
never let your passion go
because one day imma be at your concert tho
rooting you on as you rhyme
and let your words form a canvas of art art to be shown
don't worry one day i know you'll be one of the most known

Austin Stephens

damn... this sent sivers down my spine... fucking killer music nigga

Michael Daniel

I got mad love for ya G.. Appreciate ya'll coming to Red Lake.


this song is still one of the dopest

Mateo Gates

your time is soon fam. have faith .mmfwcl

The Grindstone

What a blast making this video was. Would love to do it again.

Kyle Duray

this song hits me hard


Can't wait to see Liquid Assassin in Libery, MO on August 6th.

Julian Torres

Where can I find the lyrics anyone??????

Christian Kovach

Took my fucking name that I've had for 5 years that's bullshit now I have to fucking change it


2k20 jam it

John Bamaca

that shit went hard asf son LA is the best yo idgaf what anyone say's that man spits real shit when he was talking about grave plott that split the wig off the back of my head lyrical genius much love

Blast Or Trash Radio

The people say BLAST on #BlastOrTrashRadio!!! www.Facebook.com/BlastOrTrashRadio

Derek Morris

Guys check out in these streets by Esham so dope dropped yesterday

Rick Th3 Rul3r

always keeping it real. salute bro #headie

Jonathan Cramer

Love this shit right here ? being an addict to music myself i can relate

sarah Loveland

one of my favorite songs

Rhonda MLC


Vincent Van Go!

i liked it. first time i've really heard your shit. it was straight. thank you

ShelleyShellz Gillenwater

Absolutely my favorite!! I totally understand and relate to this song!

Alexandra Tumlinaon

This song is amazing and crown royal is my shit damn why is he so Low key? Wtf man I can't wait till he blows up

Tyler Raisl

I hung out with your brother over the 4th in laurel, Montana. He's a legit cool dude and was surprised i knew so much about your music. its a small world man. I live in Texas and had no idea I'd run into him at a casino lol. cool as shit! Anyhow, keep doing you bro cause your music is str8 fire and real substance!!!!

S Dox

Because I was locked up in the middle of a war

Mac Vee

Go Check out Pressures Of street life By Mac Vee

Yung Thug


Hohn Smith

Figured I went all out to make a new Gmail to comment on a twiztid track, just so none of my mates would ever know it was me, so I may aswell do something similar here. I had this song on repeat for almost a full 6 months, my life had started to steadily fall apart and near the end of 2018 and I had no one left except my dog and this song. Well it's Feb 2020 now atleast my life can't get any worse but it can't get any better, atleast I still have my dog and this song.

jojo mcslappynuts85

play Fergus falls man!

Ramon Bustillo

That's at casselmans

Church Sherwood

love this shit

Lerraj the demon Vampire

Nice song

David Marley

Middle fingers up check out my tits

sasquatch #1

how I feel sometimes

Faby Stey

I can feel what u mean man, so deep, keep up the good work and follow your music dreams

iSA 777

Генчик Миллер

cameryn wills

Been lsistening for a couple years now one of the most underrated rappers out there

260king 260

this a repeater good shit LA

Ashley lynn

I remember your cousin gave came knocked on my door and gave me your cd in like 2012

I'm right here where I need to be why you act like you ain't seein me

Derek Morris


linda Daniel

i see you smalz one

AlleyStar Growley

Love this track

The Gamer On A Budget

can't wait to come see you in concert !


LA is too sick. One of the most underrated rappers ever... forreal

Brittany Deremer

I love everyone in this video not only are they amazing artists but amazing people

james mosbarger

Fucking love this song cultshit l's in the shy


Ain't About That Drinkin At Work. You Gotta Get Shit Done And Pay Them Bills, Real Talk.

Rachel Newbegin

love you big bro.. miss you but so happy to see you making it <3 show the world what cha got

Ky Ninja


Tom Wilson

love this song LA dropped it at the LSP party in Whiteland Indiana. made my night playing beer pong with LA and winning Against him. Ls up LSP

Mack Anderson

Naw pull up og ball8

Mat Luke

some. sick ass music

aloshua almaguer

I got. 4

Ricky Walker

got this man to sign my t shirt at the Whitney peyton tour when they came to Greeley co

Андемир Апажев

Кто от Гены ставь лайк

Julian Torres

Dam dope shit........hits me hard my dude my life ......

Inspector Gary

LSP is pretty obscure it needs publicity

S Dox

Thank you for this real shit
I shot a shot at the 5 & da 6
So I'm saying..mmhmmmmm....

The Gamer On A Budget

can't wait to come see you in concert !

Erin Stott

YOU'RE our drug, you silly sonofa bitch!!! Love you Liquid Homie


Love this shit! Back again for like the 50th time since it dropped.

Tough Life Entertainment

How is this not at 1 million views yet.... Liquid deserves much more exposure

AshLeigh FreeFawl


Jonathan Grant

I recognise the sample but can't remember what it is

Southwest Ant Channel

Ls up


Still bumping this track because to me music is like crack & your is some of the best around!!!

snapple doge

nice song liquid.

Tom Wilson

the fact that I played beer pong against LA and won was enough for me. such a humble guy. LSP party in Indiana was off the hook. LA, Smallz 1 and SCUM was all there.


Can smb make lyrics to this track?

Cody Colvin


DjGonzo Pryor

Thank You for this

yes sir

Based on his other songs there is no way he wrote this .

Blessed 0ne333

This song is so inspirational. It touches my heart mind body and soul! "My drug of choice is music"???????

Josh Apollyon

Just like all of Sicfux, Dopesic Entertainments Music this is real shit & this is true to life as can ever be & I live this life everyday. . . Fuck the World-Muy Peche?Adicion- Josh Apollyon...

levi cancerpatient

man this shit is fucking lit


killed it brotha

Cydney Colville


Brian Fury


Brittany Deremer

I know everyone in this video personally and I’m glad to call LA family and scum , bubba ,mcflezzy ,smallz onez thank you for everything you do for the LSP family

juggalette girl

I love this song its so dope it has help me in my life #lsp

richard A


Ha Okay

What a dynamic Rapper I love you awesome !

Korey Williams

The girl in the video looks like smallz one.

Derek Morris

This is true art! A real artist

Andy Gilespie

i love this song its the best

Ricky James

Goddamn...somebody gotta give him a nice deal! Way better then these other clowns, like young thug!!

Michael Young

Fuckin fire

Kai Firecaster

this song is full of regret and mistakes . sounds like Small Wayne

Ashley lynn

i remember your cousin gave me your cd back in 2012

I'm right here where I need to be why you act like you ain't seein me

good shit man

ChloeSOGLAM Bright

my heart.

Liquid assassin

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Liquid Assassin Ft. Hopsin "Beastmode"

304 171 views | 6 Sep. 2011

new album "Cardell"

new album "Cardell" available now : http://www.misterkabeats.com/liquidassassin/

follow on twitter and "like" the "Liquid Assassin" page, "42 Records" and "Liquid Assassin's Street Team on Facebook!


Hopsin Fastest Rap It Dope

Spencer Gibson

Hopsin fuckin' killed it

alex reinhardt

true haha


Liquid assassin killed it

Eric Perry

I love the bass and I love the liquid assassin


Doubt it.

Emo Archive

They BOTH killed it.

pikala goodwater

Wtf hopsin get techs part in here !!!!

markeith deas

1:33 hopsin is the man


You can ask my mama
With most MC's, I got a bad persona
 Nigga my ass is kinda roudy
 I'm eatin' mothafucka's like a mad piranha
I bring pain like a sword
You better remember the name like it was yours
I was raised up to be shameless and of course
My flow is like a match just lit in front of your brain and I torch it

Nick Thomas

lmfao I didn't see it until now XD now Ill never be able to take him serious again haha


Snake voice

Evil Lethal Guys



its a joke...

Raddison WatsonOner

HAHAHAHA!!!! nice one!


i love listening to hop but i think liquid did better this song

Jon Gee

ooooooo kill em


This isn't Hopsin's song, its Liquid's.


Lyrics are there, he just didn't ride the beat well on this


@connorhankey95 hes mixed, he got a song about it on Apocalypse

Kristjan Robbescheuten

where did u here that.

Josh R

Liquid Assassin is fucking horrible






He really did but then i was like oh lmao it was "Oh shitt" o.O oh ok :P

Mike Green

First time hopsin had to really step his game up..


His flow isn't that tight...

dakotah cooper

fuck you

Aj Myers

We ride beastmode


this song needs to be waaay longer its so good


NAW MAN I THINK LIQUID IS SO MUCH BETTER... wtf am i jokin' about again?

Micheal Patterson

this song is cold mane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


seriouslly dude? fucking horrible should be reserved for one direction and justin fucking bieber. even if youdont dig his flow, you cant deny he cn spit. so suck it bitch.go cry n your emo lunch box and whatever gets you internet jokesters off these days. meet me in a sober sane location and actually say that, and watch me destroy you with pure logic and the truth. young buck.


barrack obama and o.j. simpson

GarrettTheBiker .garrett

modern twista

Yung Thug



liquid assasin looks lyk seth rogan lol

Devon Torbel

Liquid's goes hard but NEVER compare him to TECH.

Joom Bow

Jokerr said he would shit on Hopsin in a beef. I don't think he heard this song.


Hopsin's verse is so sick it belongs in a hospital

dakota wing

@dattkiddjosh187 kid your a fuckin bitch liquid assassin is ad shit

Patrick Doyle

lol ikr


not even close....

MenaceToo Sobriety

my nigga's liquid and hopsin go hard as fuck on this track

Matthew Goldstein

I honestly think Liquid Assassin can take the place of Eminem


Is tech still going to add his part or not


fucking unreal!

Joey C. Rivera

Liquid goes stupid hard ahaha! (the OG way brah)

DeQuarius Usher

anybody know the original name for this beat ?

Jakeob Dreiling

i dnt give a fuck like virgins now! wicked



Clearly Azul

[Verse 1: Liquid Assassin]
This industry ain't ready for a nigga like me to get up in it and burn it down
Give me that cut like surgeon's now
I don't give a fuck like virgin's now
I just want my opportunity to kill a beat
When I murder tracks with verbs and nouns
Sixteens, I'm surging rounds
Burstin', lay a mothafuckin' serpent down
I got the entity to level my enemies
Dealin' with energy that can undo everything, mentally
Ain't no remedy for testing me, disrespecting me
Effort is evidently not evident in your efforts, B
Tech can tell you we can't believe that you ever speak
Give me any beat cause I'm beastin' on anything
And I'm killing every record
I'm never neglected
I sever these records
I bring ill in a second on everything
I go beastmode when I spit flows
C-4 heat blow when the beat go
C-notes's get low then I Deebo
Reload speeds cold when I freak shows
I be on that other shit
Creep slow (creep slow)
When I grind got the streets so
We ride, we roll
We fly, we know
We ride

We ride, we we roll
We we fly, we we know
We we ride
We we beastmode (beastmode)
I be on that other shit
I be on that other shit
We ride, we we roll
We we fly, we we know
We we ride
We we beastmode (beastmode)
I be on that other shit
I be on that other shit

[Verse 2: Hopsin]
You know who it is when I'm spitting this mad shit
Yo, it's Hopsin and Liquid Assassin
Finna get in yo ass
I got a verbal Tommy gun and I'm itching to blast it
Leave you stiff in the casket
I got tricks up my sleeve and different attractions
We can end up being buddies and maybe collaborate
Or we can end up with you gettin' your ass kicked
Or we stippin' yo' bad bitch
Fuck her then pass her around to the niggas I rap with
I don't be giving a fuck
I crush on any wack ass nigga
I ain't givin' no chances
Tell me, do you wanna step to this
The West presents, the new lyrical exorcist
So don't expect nothing less than this
'Cause I'm the best to spit
I'm number one, all the rest are shit
You can ask my mama
With most MC's, I got a bad persona
Nigga my ass is kinda roudy
I'm eatin' mothafucka's like a mad piranha
I bring pain like a sword
You better remember the name like it was yours
I was raised up to be shameless and of course
My flow is like a match just lit in front of your brain and I torch it, 'cause

We ride, we we roll
We we fly, we we know
We we ride
We we beastmode (beastmode)
I be on that other shit
I be on that other shit
We ride, we we roll
We we fly, we we know
We we ride
We we beastmode (beastmode)
I be on that other shit
I be on that other shit

Zeta H8 slaya

the only problem with a lot of these dope rappers is they got shitty hooks man, hooks gotta have bars still man

Will King

"You better remember this name like it was yours" #RAW

Rick Th3 Rul3r


Clarence W

Been looking for this song for years. Badass!!!


Let's try english


Hopsin killed this

Quincy fisher

Don't hate liquid assassin went hard 2 you herd when i die?


Liquid Assassin is better than Tech :P


LOVE this song!!! <3 <3 <3 ;)

dakota wing

dis is dope ass fuck


School boring, books snoring,The only reason i came to school is to show my new jordans!

Rick Th3 Rul3r

I added a link in the description to pick up the hard copy of the album!

Jesse Nieves



hes more black then obama

SkrrT MasterZ Gathering

this beat is bonkers

jason mark

violation i mean like damn i see rick ross jokes all over but that

Andrew Godby

I really wish I had the extra cash, I'd buy this in a heartbeat

christopher cardinal

this is what rap music is supposed to sound like. NObody gots nothing on either of these guys. whoa

Andriy Bezus

Hopsin killed it

Malik Nova



does anybody know the instrumental

Lindsey Perdue


Montae Montana

you sound foolish

Supernova power

It always blow away my mind when i use to hear it

Rick Th3 Rul3r

@Gompersz was supposed to have tech on the 3rd verse! just didnt do it in time


i nooo eh!!?

Justin Hall


8th Ave Beats

the beats so rawwwwwwwwww

Zac Rubal

No Just Hopsin.

travis powers

who came just to hear hopsins verse? 1:33 guys lol


Okay? Four months late to reply, I like Liquid Assassin better than Tech what of it?

no data

2019 ppl

Rick Th3 Rul3r

I work for LA ;) hopefully tech jumps on this new one were working on


i saw liquid assassin 2 days ago and he went hard as fuk

Nicholas Alvarez

He sucks


Dude, if you would've waited a little longer for tech, you would've had a million vews for this song man


well ya know his pop's (R.I.P) is black so that's prolly why he says nigga


Sold out? Sold out to who? He's on his own independent label, his new stuff is still dope. Not as good as the old shit but look how big his discography is. How can you expect someone to put out so much music, and still come out with amazing hits track after track, especially with age..

Mike Ames

What's beastmode to a body count word to JJ rest in peace James szulcewsky he once said that gangsters don't have tear drop tattoos because if they did it would look like a f**** waterfall

Cris Hernández


ty wat

dam hopsin straight kills it

Tyler Durant

still waiting for the instrumental

Killuminati i

i didn't & I herd of hopsin before Liquid Assassin

Lena Marie

thanks lol

Josh R

@dakotawing1 obviously your a liquid garbage fan. look at your grammar

stites outdoors

@TRVoyager62 lol!!!!


You sound like a child. Bite me,


fuck man im 38 years old, been listen to rap since blondie rolled out her def track, and homeboy liquid assassin is somebody new that aint pissin me off who can actually spit. thats wassup liquid assin aka cardell in da motherfuckin house! P.S. i really appreciate those tracks you did with Lewn.Peace. Im old as fuck so i dont even know if im talking to liquid assasin or just jiving it up with the damn internets. fuck.

Liquid assassin

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51 615 views | 7 May. 2015

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

Creature · Liquid Assassin · Twiztid · Rittz


℗ 2013 Liquid Assassin

Released on: 2013-10-29

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Random vid maker Flipping god

hey big fan if u no LungZ he's my dad thanks for the CD ? I luv this song so much ? dude

Jailin In Michigan

L.A. your a creature snappin on every track. Keep spittin that fire. RESPECT N GRATTITUDE

W i s h m a s t e r

Damn this song never gets old.... Especially when you hear Twiztid bust through

aidan peach

Yeah twiztid an assassin need to make some more dope shit this shits killa i'd like to hear it live i reckon it would go off

Michael Grabendike

I bump Mongrel and Apocalypse loud as fuck in Cadillac Michigan reppin you up here man Love your work

Valan Lively

Dat RITTZ though ???


the fuck is this shit

Josh Townsend

Love this Album so many Great songs but Liquid Assassin always puts it down on all of his albums that he makes.