Sols exchange

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006 Donnan Equilibrium and Driving Force

67 082 views | 22 Jul. 2010

http://www.interactive-biology.com - In this Video, I talk about Donnan Equilibrium and how it results in the Driving force.

Jay Whyte

Whooo hoo! I liked this, thank you. Simple and straightforward :)

Interactive Biology

@rohanaurora Thanks a bunch. Glad you are enjoying the videos. Stay subscribed for more :)

The Equality

That's really helps ! Thank you so much !! ?

Interactive Biology

@mazas1991 I will be working on more episodes pretty soon, but will be stepping back and starting with basic stuff. To answer your question, the Nernst equation is the formula used to calculate the Equilibrium potential for an individual ion (e.g. sodium). Donnan Equilibrium is similar to the Equilibrium potential. Goldman's equation takes all of the ions into consideration and allows you to calculate the membrane potential of the neuron. Hope that helps! Leslie

Interactive Biology

@mazas1991 The best way to contact me is to use the link in the description of the video. It goes to my Interactive Biology website. There's also a link to my facebook page on that site. All the best!


isnt sodium moving into the cell because of concentration gradient? and its being stopped by its charge potential?


Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't Donnan equilibrium require at least two permeable ions and one non-permeable anion on either side?

AZE med

Bad video ...some mistakes

Interactive Biology

@Praw48 LOL, terrible puns are the best puns ;)

Butterfly Rising



TERRIBLE puns XD but a really helpful video. Thank you :)

Marios TsP

@InteractiveBiology i posted in ur page on facebook.this is me.

Interactive Biology

@aboylikeyou88 You are very much welcome!

Interactive Biology

@mazas1991 Like I said, send me a message from my website. Go to the site and click on the contact link. You can send any message from there

Marios TsP

@InteractiveBiology yeah its better this way.could you send me a message so i can reply because i dont know how to do it plz :S

Interactive Biology

@selenaddict The statement I think I made was that the Membrane potential is at the Equilibrium potential for Sodium. Not 100% sure what you are asking though.

Interactive Biology

@ediniz101 Yes, that can happen depending on the conditions.

Marios TsP

And i was wondering.i am confused on smthing.What is the exact difference between Nerst equation Goldmans equation and Donnan equilibrium?because i dont understand clearly what each one talks about.thanx in advance.

Majda El Hassani

Please where is the other vid to understand what happens to NA??

Athul Kp

Woww thanks that was simple enough.

Musa Ibrahim


Marios TsP

@InteractiveBiology thanx very much...yeap it did but i read so many stuff about it that i got confused a bit..if u can, leave an msn or fb or something so i can ask u online some questions that still confuse me..because i have an exam in 1 week so i would appreciate sooooooo much...so if u have time and will hit me up with a message or answer to this comment.thank you very very much in advance.

Interactive Biology

@Tapahtumahorisontti Not sure about that one.

Marios TsP

nice work man.well done.it was well-organized.where can i fing the other episodes?

Marios TsP

@InteractiveBiology i did it.is there anyway to talk via chat ? thanks

Interactive Biology

@mazas1991 Yeah, depending on my time availability. Send me a message and we can go from there. I don't post that info publicly on youtube for the fear of spam :)

Majda El Hassani

The way you explain is great ! I adore biology because of your vids

Sols exchange

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Sols in Berlin - Walk through Sol's Exchange

58 views | 4 Jan. 2017

Sols in Berlin - Walk

Sols in Berlin - Walk through Sol's Exchange

Sols exchange

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Types of Colloids and Their Properties

68 616 views | 24 May. 2019

Earlier we learned that as

Earlier we learned that as far as mixtures go, we can have homogeneous solutions, or totally heterogeneous mixtures, where components don't mix. But there are actually intermediary mixtures, where substances mix to some limited degree. Let's learn about colloids as well as suspensions!

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Hakurou Xavier

Save your pasta water for emulsions

Grace Park

your hair is short!

Thanks for this helpful video. Needed this extra explanation for my Chemistry 2 course!!

Ashly Binas

This is what students want. This is better?❤

amit sharma

Nice Explanation

Navneeth Menon

very informative thanks man

Shane the Colloidal Silver man

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John Adams

I love colloids. ever since 12th grade physcis class where we learned about them, I have ever since (on foggy days) say, "it looks like a colloid today" lol

Idek Tega

I don’t understand why some people actually disliked this video??‍♀️

Iron CYR

Normal people:

This guy's knowledgr: Giorno Piano

Vijaya Raj

You are a excellent professor give fantastic explanation

Bobby Poly

Very clear explanation, you are indeed a very good teacher, thank you!!

Sultan mahmud

Dave will you make an elaborate video about "endothermic" and "exothermic" reaction. (Graph discussion and reaction would be awesome)

Jose Fernando Duran

Great video! it would be perfect if you could illustrate ionic liquids! pls!

mohammad ar-razzi hasim

salam mga kakasi?

Kyle Reece

You are a great teacher, Professor Dave. Thanks for the explanation!


i kept lokking for science for school cuz im confused


Beautiful explanation

Speed Tamizhan

I'm a tamil student ...I understood well....TQ so much...

dr sadid

Love u bro

Deanna Lemke



i was literally about to cry i couldnt understand colloids for some reason and this video helped me thank you :)

Somaiah Jakka


Krystal Anderson

Vaccine description terms too.... biggest problem with Merck vaccines was this principle of not restirring the sludge before separating for individual doses .... don’t think for a second that Merck didn’t know they needed to remix, almost constantly, or just throw in the towel and leave people alone?


Thank you so much for posting and explaning!!
I'm having an exam and one of the pointers is "Types of colloids"
but our teacher still hasn't explained it so I got on my computer and searched it
and then this popped up! thank you!

Sonu Sangwan

He is an amazing teacher. We need more teachers like him in India


Great explanation

BOMBA youtuber

Idk wwhy I kept laughing at the intro

Jon Rian

Man, i thought u were a different person. he he

Jitupapa Gaming



#module so hard


thanks a lot, this video helped me understand a lot about colloids and suspensions ;D

Kgame Sekoto

You are the best Prof ?

kethavath hemanth

indian students are waiting for such brilliant explantion teachers!!!

Anil Shewalkar

The channel name is suitable as the teacher explains very deeply and exactly.

anil kumar

you look better with much hair.....now ur like teacher dave....sorry .....

Amelia Santos

very good explanation

Mirza Salman Baig

Good explanation ?

Manjula MP

Super sir.
I understood clearly.
Thank you so much.
Thanks allot sir



Gardener Peng

Your explanation is so clear. You are a great professor ?

Amrutha S

Thanks for giving a information it helps me more once again tq

Afiya khan

Error: butter is not liquid dispersed in liquid (emulsion) rather liquid dispersed in solid(gel)

Doha Alabaddi

Thanks a lot professor??! hope you teach us in med school ?

delta akash

I am from Nepal and thank u



Kgame Sekoto

Excellent presentation Prof ?

Edrian Tito

what is a continuous phase?where can you find it in aq phase and oil phase?


Hey Dave. I know you are a scientist and all and focus more on the physical world but I would like to see maybe something on computer science maybe. Either way you are a great teacher and even if you don’t do anything in computing keep doing what you’re doing because you’re great at it :)

Anna Donville


Xander Mylle


Queen Fernandez


Mahmoud Sanad

Fantastic,Prof., Dave , I have sent to you email but you don't response

Gina Caruso

you look like another person with short hair

We Log

So coooooool!

Jaefer Izaac Vendivil

the intro ??