What is bitcoin halving

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What is Bitcoin halving?

33 views | 19 Feb. 2018

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What is Bitcoin halving and how does it affect the BTC price?

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What is bitcoin halving

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What is Bitcoin Halving

2 829 views | 13 Mar. 2020

When bitcoin was created,

When bitcoin was created, its protocol included a feature we call Bitcoin Halving. Every four years or so, this event is expected to happen and the next bitcoin halving is expected to happen around June 2020. In this episode, Maria discusses what Bitcoin Halving is and what to expect when it happens this year.

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Michael Ortega

Bitcoin is doing what bitcoin does. “It eez what it eez”

Frei Sara

Bitcoin is the next currency of the world

Georgios Antonopoulos

This is one of the most informative videos about Bitcoin halving that I have lately watched!

Rehema Mboka

Thank you for the simple explanation, it was very confusing at first but i really get what bitcoin halving is.

Dobry Dool

In the year 2140, WoW, I will have 160 years of age and still possess no whole BTC in my wallet. so young and so poor

Mirko Vukic

Is it profitable to buy bitcoin now in 2020? I am not sure should I invest in bitcoin...

Mark Fisher

Just when I think I have learned enough about bitcoin, it turns out there is still so much to learn :) I really appreciate these videos. Really simplified halving for me.

Humayun K J Alam

It's a nice and clear description of Bitcoin Halving. Bitcoin users will really be benifited the outcome of Bitcoin halving this year and they can be prepared in advance.

Arabella Del Socorro

Well bitcoin is a resilient cryptocurrency after all

satyajit das

learned enough about bitcoin, it turns out there is still so much to learn.. really very informative and knowledgeable content about bitcoin halving..

What is

Informative like always, I'll be there where the reward will be ZERO hhhhhhhhhhhhh

Cesar Andres Viloria

Your video was very interesting, I used to do bitcoin mining before but my equipment was not good enough so I had to leave it. Although I no longer dedicate myself to that, there is not this type of information to take into account. Thank you

Reena Simon

very iformative video for bitcoin miners

brian sawe

I love bitcoin mining am glad am learning more.

maxim maxim

Bitcoin appeared 11 years ago, wow i'm feeling old ??. Honestly, this is the first time when i'm hearing about Bitcoin Halving ??.

Paris Ahally

wow man, i always find myself amazed at your videos. Great job, love it.

Emily Henriquess

informative video for newbies at the bitcoin world like me, thanks

Manuel Valera

Currently bitcoin is at its lowest point, unfortunately not everyone can access it, since a miner is expensive


With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, I'm not sure if bitcoin halving will have an increase in bitcoin value. Everything is on a down trend right now.

Paul Snonec

Love the video Maria

Maria Vivas

you channel is great, i like the way you explain everyting about cryptocurrencies.

Ferre Pollanini

There is so many terms in the Crypto world and Halving is one of them. Today, my understanding has been granted thank to your tutorial. Thanks!

Naga sreekar

2140...long way to go.....

mohan biswas

This is really very informative and knowledgeable content about bitcoin halving...Simple and effective explanations...History shows us that bitcoin price increases after halving..Very helpful content.

a. s.

I love Bitcoin and your video!!!

ana georgina

For a moment the information alarmed me, but then I realized that now there are bitcoins left for a while, even my grandchildren will be able to enjoy my investment.


Well your videos are always amazing and informative thanks

jude thaddeus

well all I can say is bitcoin mining is becoming harder and harder.

Daniel Lunar

i did not know the criptos are so old!!! woah! good facts maria!!! ??❤?

Billy Lynch

I like that you first explained most important things about bitcoin in general. Thanks for sharing, very informative...

Camm Mustapha

Satoshi Nakomoto is a genius...by slowing down the distribution of bitcoin in order to avoid the unlimited supply in circulation which would result in early devalue of the bitcoin than expected.

Ted Mosby

I'm expecting what will happen with the bitcoin price in June, maybe it will decrease a little

vetri maran

Amazing review about Bitcoin Halving and explained in effective way.Well said and its more helpful.

Sathvik Malgikar

very useful , you earned a sub.

i was looking for something like this and here you are..

Aquiles Carrera

That's interesting, in 2140 the reward would be 0, well there are many years to go to get something of bitcoin mining.

Lion Heart

bitcoin will rise to 20k again, it is not far

Vuk Janackovic

This was very informational ,I didn't even know bitcoin halving was a thing.
Oh well lets hope the bitcoin will be as long standing as gold

ShaswathKaushik Ambika

Best explanation about Bit Coin Halving!

armando linares requena

The bitcoin wallet is constantly growing, more and more people are engaging in this currency as a means of collection and payment. Our main duty as a user of this virtual wallet is to collaborate by influencing the new generations to use bitcoin.

Javier Rivas

Good video as usual from WeTheCryptos. At the end bitcoin will be just for trades as probably the value will decrease, but time will tell


It is interesting and promising that the bitcoin mining reward is expected to reach zero, because that is a long time for doing mining. Anyway, I am just learning all the factors related cryptocurrecies business, and this video has valuable information. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.

Alexander Cruz

So 2140 will be sort of Bitcoin expiration date, I guess no 1 will use it because of transaction fees.

Mackenzy Dan

The Bitcoin halving 2020 is expected to happen at the end of May 2020. However, keep in mind that the date of Bitcoin’s reward reduction is not decided by the normal calendar, but by the number of blocks that have been mined.

David Soto

excellent informative video the reality that bitcoin is always going to be the best decentralized currency in the rest of the century has positioned itself in an unpredictable way

Nora Wilson

Your videos are so educative that at the end I really feel I owe you at the very least a comment detailing my appreciation.

Kemi Blaise

Bitcoin is the future. But you have to do something in the present to realize it!

Franck Vill

The BTC system It is a good system, unlike the current fiat system that only consists of inflation, and I agree that bitcoin is like gold, since it is increasingly scarce, in addition to the supply is limited there are about 3 million btc lost , which makes only 18 million Bitcoin available! I will rush to accumulate as much as I can. Thanks for another good informative video.

Amar Waghmaree

Like to know more about Bitcoin Halving, Does this leads to the devaluation of bitcoin?

Jose Rafael Quiroz Sanchez

What are the benefits of getting into the bitcoin network business?


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What is bitcoin halving

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What is Bitcoin Halving?

591 views | 20 May. 2020

If you are interested in

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, then you must have heard about "Bitcoin Halving". Without getting too technical, let me explain this in plain english.

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Thank you for the info sir.. :)