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This is Why Bitcoin, Gold, Silver Can Save You in 2021 - Max Keiser

1 547 views | 21 Jan. 2021

This is Why Bitcoin,

This is Why Bitcoin, Gold, Silver Can Save You in 2021 - Max Keiser

During volatile market conditions, investors should be looking for assets that represent stores of value, like gold, silver, and bitcoin, this according to Max Keiser. “The next alternative hard money, aside from silver, is bitcoin, and that’s why you see interest in bitcoin right now, it’s up this year. It’s one of the few markets in the world that’s up in 2020.

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Max Keiser Talks JP Morgan Manipulation, Rise of Bitcoin and End of the Dollar


Max Keiser explains why only gold, silver and bitcoin can save you now


Keiser Report | We Told You So!


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Max Keiser explains why only gold, silver and bitcoin can save you now




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Fast Eddy

My Brothers & Sisters, it doesnt matter what Crypto you own if you need permission to Log On. Social credit and other satanic measures coming...Your Only protection is Our Lord Yeshua & Our Father in Heavens Money especially Silver for it is a Supernatural Metal closest to Our Lord

We are at that point where the risk of the entire Global Financial System breaking down is VERY REAL!

Hold physical silver only in your own possession.

No SLV, no COMEX contracts, no Mining Stocks and no 3rd party silver storage.

Thomas Hellberg

Gold has to come back into the headlines for it to reach a peak. It's off the radar now.

Rosa E

Bitcoin is the the future of crypto and questions traders ask themselves now is,,if this is the right time to invest,,before jumping into conclusions I think you should take a look at things first for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating,which means the market is currently unstable and you can't tell if is going bearish or bullish .while others still continue to trade without the fear of making or lose,others are being patient it's all depends on the pattern with which You trade and also the source of your signals,, I would say trading has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 2.5 BTC In just two weeks with the trading strategy given to me by Mr Michael,,his methods are top Notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on Whatsapp +1 7 6 5 3 1 9 8 0 1 4 & t e l g r m @ Cryptomichael9

gene schmunk

BITCOIN AND CASH WILL BE RENDERED OBSOLETE! .....central banks hate bitcoin while governments want to control where and when we spend every dollar ...by making it illegal to accept bitcoin NOT ONE BUSINESS will accept it ...it will remain safe in its blockchain technology but it will be worthless ...central banks run the world while governments want complete control over citizens ...there will be NO competing currencies allowed...listen to the central bankers ...listen to the World Economic Forum this coming week...this is their plan ...tell me why im wrong

Robyn Brouckaert

Gold is backed by public trust. Silver is backed by technological hardware. Imho. What is bitcoin backed by? Speculation?

Silver bitcoin

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Why I'm Buying Silver Instead of Bitcoin.

48 291 views | 29 Jul. 2017

Here's why I'm buying

Here's why I'm buying Silver, and not cryptocurrencies.

I'm not talking about security, I'm not talking about complexity, I'm talking about habit, comfort, and familiarity.

Sorry for the Upload Issues - They should be fixed now.

Joe G

has anyone looked at the 100 year history price chart of silver and thought it is a steady gaining investment?

uckBay Nguyen

I can hold my silver, can't say the same for bitcoins

Cheli A E

Love it! Great visuals too!


I’m all about Silver and Gold (Gods Money!) but if you don’t think Crypto currency is fiat and is not here to stay you are misinformed. All it takes is the big powerful leaders to tell the Sheeple of the world that Crypto will be the new currency and money and people will listen like mindless zombies. The new younger people think of physical metal as old and out of date , they will flee to crypto. Crypto is decentralized it’s not controlled by the Fed like fiat. I love and stick to my silver but am realistic that crypto is here to stay

Zachary Paris

i went all in on silver about ten years ago. my profits are $62! if i hold for another ten years i bet i could make over $100.

Chelsea Johnston

Also remember heirloom seeds and food. Bulk nuts and seeds. Starving people need food more than metals.


youre only half of an idiot.... 1:00

Victor Frankenstein

You got the crypto outlook right. How many of the poor saps have to lose thousands of dollars to make the so few rich, before they learn that it’s too late for the falling crypto scam...oops, I mean game.

Lamarr Avery

You bring up some good points on cryptos and the real assets. You'd be a fool to get into cryptos now, it's definitely in a bubble that's been leaking slowly.


Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin are the peoples money!

Stu Pedaso

BTC hit almost 20k meanwhile but I still LOVE my Silver !


Bitcoin will die, crypto will not. People fail to understand history and this is why most are broke. You want to be a gajillionaire? Find the "altcoin" that will replace BTC. And if you don't think that will happen, get ready to get fucking WRECKED financially if you're in BTC. BTC is the past, not the future.

I don't know which altcoin will take it's place, no one does. Anyone saying they do is either a fool or a liar.

What we are about to witness is the dot com crash for crypto, and out of it will be the long term success stories. The Facebooks, Amazons, and Googles of crypto, if you will.

If you don't like that, you're gonna fucking hate life. And you'll probably bitch and moan and refuse to participate. Which will mean that your ideologies will prevent you from attaining / maintaining wealth. Classic patterns repeating.

Remember, it's wealth that gives you privacy. Privacy will never give you legitimate wealth.

hasib ahmad

Where do you buy these coins from?



Bilderberg CEO

Crypto fans take note: Iran turned off the Internet for the whole country in the blink of an eye. Don't think for a second TPTB won't do the same to you if their hegemony is threatened.

Alexander Rodriguez

It looks like the government is also manipulating cryptos, they are just sitting there fluctuating back and forth not really going nowhere like silver. It was great at the beginning though.

Gavin Coates

Well something of a Crypto / Precious metals Hybrid coming over the horizon. Q1 2018. Still flying low on the radar but not for much longer. PRIVATE FULL RESERVE CURRENCY XAAU (1g Gold) & XAAG:(50g Silver). Institutional Physical Gold & Silver requiring minimum purchase $250,000. With $13 Trillion NNIR across the Globe. Gold & Silver OFFERING A YIELD, is going to empty Western Vaults. Bringing the Comex & LBMA maniplation to a halt. (We are Front running the Chinese who are lobbying for change in any case - Digital version of the SDR to replace the Dollar? Will sit on the Blockchain CENTRALISED PM's /with Digital Representation of same. Combined with DECENTRALISED KYC/AML/CFT High Velocity / Low Volatility unlike Bitcoin High Volatility / Low Velocity. Yield comes from the distribution of the intermediation fees ordinarily collected by the banks as their share of merchant costs to the Visa /Mastercard platforms. The magic happens on the Blockchain where, in the case of Gold, 1kg physical bars are subdivided into 1000 x 1g physical with matching digital representation 1g, which in turn is subdivided into 1000 units each with a value of $0.035cents. Merchants card readers interogate to determine local realtime spot from the prepaid mastercard loaded with Gold. Debits Client Gold in micrograms and credits FIAT to the merchant unless the merchant signs up. In which case if you are the referrer you receive 5 basis points on all future transactions via the merchant. When you buy the currency from the exchange and then spend it you are releasing it into the economy to circulate for ever and you receive a share of transaction fee income thereafter since your immutable ownership is inextricably linked to the precious metal. Buy your cryptos with it buy your silver with it. You get your crypto/silver but the corresponding amount you spent is now circulating earning you a daily share of transaction fee income. 30% Velocity earns you 5.48% annual return ON MONEY SPENT. If the price of silver Doubles and the Velocity doubles your yield is nearly 22% so your money is returned to you in less than 5 years. ONLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE THE PHYSICAL GOLD /DIGITAL GOLD /E WALLETS / TRANSACTION ACTIVITY ALL COME TOGETHER ENCRYPTED ON THE BLOCKCHAIN. Anybody wishing for a white paper shout me: We can pre-register U.S. clients now at no cost to particpate just the purchase price of the metals at launch. The organisation I represent is the only place, where promulgating your own Gold & Silver currency is possible 1g Gold/50g silver ata time. Instis come on Board at $250,000+ for + 5 Basis Points yield, $1m+ for 6, $2m+ for 7 & $3million + for 8 basis Points Yield. Oldest Form of money working hand in hand with the newest.

Silver Cloak

I wish people would show their "Full stacks" this way rather then going thru each one. It looks way cool the way your doing it.

Jared Highlands

Wouldn’t the gov come over and take your shit anyway though

T Capone

I would not waste my wealth in any crypto. If you can't touch it, it does not exist. And electronic reliance is slavery. Remember CRYPTO starts with CRY. The DOLLAR will never go away, it will be backed by precious metals. Checkmate.

Steven Mendoza

I wish I would have bought cryptos and then silver!


If you’re smart, you would have done both...

Chef_Nick 302

Best place to purchase junksilver?

Andrew Beresh

I believe silver will smash through 200 dollars an oz where the market collapses and government keeps printing fiat money. Crypro is a fade.

BikeLife Dk

What a freaking LEGEND!

Kalfax plays

oof... your touching all ur silver. i know its just there for the silver content, but they look nicer without smudges.

Random Memes Weekly

Silver is superior over bitcoin

Island Aerial

100 oz bars

allah son

Ilovthisgiy reminds me of a Halloween charcter

WOJness 12

My guess before I watch. Cuz your not a moron. ?

redbull Vodka

Be careful not to get robbed.

Non Mirage Truth Vision

2:54 Completely agree, and this is my biggest reason for accumulating silver, production of it has gone down while demand for physical is still very high. Banks have been caught red handed manipulating silver prices, the price is artificially low. With inflation on the rise it will be hard for the banks to keep playing that game, silver is all set up for a bull market, and a breakout. I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon, I still want to keep stacking at these low prices, buying ounces anywhere from $15-20 is cheap. Silver and gold will never go away, I'm not so sure about cryptos.


you are an idiot. silver just hit below $16 and bitcoin went up 10% today

Daryl Zepeda

Siiiiiiick stash!

Calvin Renton

Bitcoin relies on Silver to make the software and technology that produces itself.

Buckley Junior

I picked the best road of the two. BOTH.


Welp. You are an idiot.


buy both don't be ignorant

Erdem X

Dont touch silver with your fingers!

Joe L

good points. Especially about the old farmer fogies.

Michael Bell

I own both. A lot of Decred and do Proof of Stake for free coins and turn them into silver. Long term hold but who doesn't like free silver!

angel is Lit

i do not trust crypto it only has value because of the huge demand right now people say they want it as an investment but when the demand for crypto goes down in the future it will become worthless

Joe Green

Should I be the one to call you and idiot? Silver isn't exactly a dollar, but Bitcoin has surpassed 10k 2x.


Assets>digital illusions


I think your wrong on almost all counts.
The value of crypto and especially the scenarios you present all are contingent on an economic collapse of some sort.
If a collapse never happens then silver will barely ever rise in value just as it never really has.
In a normal economy cryptos are far superior in every way compared to silver.
The hope or fear that an economic collapse will happen is the main reason folks buy silver.
But as for a good investment otherwise, it's utility is not good for normal folks, and as a money making investment not good at all, as it dosen't rise in value compared to cryptos.
Plus, crypto currencies are just getting started and will eventually go mainstream , so everyone will be using them at some point.
Silver will only be used in a collapse case .
BTW I stack silver just for that one reason, as a store of wealth in case of collapse.
But as long as the electric and internet are still on, cryptos are the better investment all the way.
Diversification is smarter than saying one is better, and totally ignoring the other .

no name

Chinese kid presses a button and your crypto goes poof!
Silver and gold has understood and valued for thousands of years... 330M in the USA vs 2Billion in India and China (they like PM).
Cryptos are a scam

Nomad Kickbox

Crypto currency is fake money - Silver and Gold is real money which been around for centuries!


guys I suggest you google WHAT DOES GOLD AND SILVER DO IN A MARKET CRASH, im a PM bull, ive been buying for 20yrs now, but when the DOW crashes, 80% of the time SILVER CRASHES TOO during the first few days during and after the crash, GOLD crashes as well but recovers VERY QUICKLY after a crash, so if the DOW has a 30% crash, gold will probably fall 5% on open as people flock to the US$ again, but silver will fall 10-15%, THATS THE TIME TO RUN TO ALL YOUR SILVER DEALERS AND BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, that's what im hoping for, might even see US$13 again when the DOW crashes.

Michael Witcoff

Some great points made here. Thanks!

Trey Sullivan

Well that times happened . you're a idiot with bitcoin sitting At 114k and silver sitting at $17


This video DID NOT AGE WELL... you guys are becoming MEMES...

The_ Joker

78 to 1 ratio AG v AU
Keep stacking those silver coins

Rob Mitsui

The secret to stacking silver is the cost average effect. The lower price goes, the more I purchase. How? No debt, only buying what I need, not what I want. It will pay off eventually:)


People will come back to this video once the crypto mania has been burnt to a crisp in sheer awe of this collection. It may be many years down the line but it is 100% assured. At $17 per ounce, it is ridiculously good value.

scott23rmoore w

I love chocolate coins



Jared Highlands

I want those coins

Brave New Stacker

Great video, if the value of the money is outside of the money, then it’s fraudulent.

David Bombara

I invest in BRASS and LEAD !

Glenn C

I think owning both is good . Blockchain technology is only going to get used more and more .

Try sending payment over seas with one of those silver coins you have and let me know how it goes. Try paying bills online with silver or buying tickets to a movie with silver . All those things I just mentioned will be or are already possible with crypto currencies.

Blockchain will replace the conventional ways of “wiring” money . The time and money the Blockchain saves is too great for banks and businesses to ignore .

Silver Dragons

Bitcoin just went from $20,000 to $6,000 silver has not changed. screw cryptos...

El Guiñolo

cryptos are good and all, but when the next war explodes, no more internet, therefore no more blockchain access...


Crypto coupled with Facial Recognition, 5G, AI, and “Social Credit” systems will be the Digital Panopticon a.k.a. The Beast System. It’s already being implemented China. Yes, Crypto is decentralized but the powers that be can still prevent you from spending it or cashing it out.


Just got too add that I’m not just a silver Stacker but I’m also a creator/Designer Of Privately Minted Semi Numismatic 1oz .999 Fine Silver rounds and believe me I love silver and have lived silver for years now but anyone who has been into silver and is a Stacker knows that yes Silver is undervalued and yes one day I believe silver will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history but we also know it’s not traded on a free market and it’s soooo manipulated and supressed by the banking cartel and our own government and federal reserve , LBMA, and Comex, and even the damm CTC knows it’s manipulated and it’s been proved and I have done so much research into silver and economics that I believe I know the reason and game the big banks are playing like JP Manipulations & Disgrace pushing the price down now for over 7 years with paper dirivitives and Elgos while going long and buying up as much physically as they can so too buy at there sale price because they know and have known that silver is so rare and valuable esp in the electronic, energy and even medicine with a finite supply and know that it’s either a matter of time before there game won’t work any longer and true supply meets demand and so they have been setting themselfs up with what will be the biggest ponsey scheme in history when they decide too let Silver go and make billion on billions on there 1/2 billion physical ounces they have collected in the last 7 years or they knew technology like the Blockchain would sooner or later end there game for them so they have been playing this game and now Cryptos come along and I see so many silver stackers transitioning from silver to cryptos and I don’t blame them at all because honestly I have done some of it myself and sold some of my stack to get into this crypto craze and easy money instead of our silver stored away collecting pennies in months or years cryptos are making thousands of percents in those same months and years so anyway I know silver stackers are hard core stackers and at heart even doing what I did and they are doing there love remains with silver but they realize the smart money is into cryptos right now as they finally see what a free market looks like and one day silver will be freed but not until cryptos go from the innovation stage into the early adopter stage too the masses and the blockchain technology with it and then and only then silver will be set free so in the meantime start building your wealth in cryptos even if u have too use your Silver too do it just know the true game plan for us is too buy 10 too 100 times more silver with that free and easy crypto money and end game add more too your stack they you could of not done while silver is being slaughtered and supressed so we all love silver and the end game is just that silver and we are using cryptos too get as much physical as we can before Silver explodes too the upside either released by the blockchain or true supply or demand or the club decides they stole enough and wants too cash in and we or atleast I am getting ready for that day and cryptos are going to help me be a part of that greatest transfer of wealth in history when that days comes , just like Chris Duane said one day .. bitcoin and cryptos are your new little hot girlfriend you just met and your gonna have some fun with her and party but at the end of the day you will go home too wifey “ SILVER” because that is who u love and really loyal too !! Anyway just thought I would share that and tell your subs not too feel guilty about cheating on your Silver with cryptos , right now it’s the only place that makes financially sence and we are only doing it too triple or quadruple your silver stack ... so have a little fun with that new girlfriend on the block but make sure you don’t ever forget wifey because she is your real future and key to prosperity, security and that greatest transfer of wealth! Make sure you have a end and out plan and have fun..sky’s the limit this comming new year 2018!!


Well done for sticking to what you believe in. some form of crypto may be the future but I'm not convinced in the current format.. good luck to those that want to dabble.. it's just not for me

Glen Cox

I counted, at least as well as I could, and I saw approximately 285 oz’s of awesome silver set out before our eyes. What an awesome way to keep our attention. The lure of silver I believe is almost universal!

enrique garcia

Nice coin from Mexico

Stuart McCloud

Gold, silver, flour, rice, beef etc are the ultimate currencies. Dollars are fiat, crypyo's are the fiats fiats. Use them while you can...convert to PM''s as soon as it gets shitty

Mike Spence

What are the big countries stacking not crytose but silver and gold stick to what you belive in and dont diversify into somthing you know nothing about

The Interesting Nobody

Paper and digital money is nothing but numbers. I-owe-you notes for precious metals that the banks stole from us.


Whenever this stupid bubble burst gold and silver will make euphoric highs like cryptos did. Until then expect little price moves due to manipulation. The problem wit cryptos is people do not use it as money. Most people who buy crypto see it as a way to get rich quick and don't see I as a new form of future currency. The biggest problem with cryptos is it is an open source. There could be million's to choose from in the future. There are only eight precious metals to choose from.


Good video, so much hype in the cryptos at the moment. In the future there will be 10s of thousands of them, the supply of cryptos will exceed the demand, and slow, expensive old tech like Bitcoin will become valueless - given there is no intrinsic worth and what a digital token is worth is determined by what the next guy is willing to pay for it. The other thing is only a few countries are big players in crypto - namely USA, Japan and South Korea.

Any argument against crypto looks stupid at the moment because the price just goes up and up. This will change one day.

There is a ton of riches to be made in crypto so go for it if you want to take put on a bet.

Charles Fuchs

ouch lol

Iamiron Man

God bless you my brother I agree!


I love silver!!! I will sell all my gold and change it to silver!!!! Silver will be worth a fortune in 2 to 3 years!!! I will get even more!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your video!!!


In venizwella, they use bitcoin, end of story!

Philip King

One of the nicest things I own is a one pint silver tankard made in Sheffield england,1967.

Brit Morrisey

Calling you an idiot :)



Moors Hound

That Sir was a wonderful video showing off some wonderful coins & giving some of the best advice on crypto's I'v ever head.
Also let me know if you wanna sell one of those engelhard silver coins?

Red Bullseye

Silver can be used to make colloidal silver, purify water, antiviral, and disinfect wounds. "Born with a silver spoon in your mouth". This phrase came from wealthy families telling their children to put silver ware in their mouths during the black plague to keep them from getting Ill.

Francis Jay Seabird

I use cryptocurrencies to process payments for products and services and I pay as many of my bills as possible in cryptocurrency.

I mine Ethereum, convert them to Bitcoin, sending them to a local, offline wallet on my mobile, then I find a bitcoin ATM to sell my bitcoins to pay expenses that can't be paid in bitcoin and I purchase silver and other real items of value that can be purchased using bitcoin and I convert all of my earned bitcoins to usable goods. I don't buy any of my bitcoins, I earn them by providing services and selling goods for bitcoin.


You are right my friend, silver you can trade with everyone, but what about crypto, how many people have crypto accounts, a few, I don't and I don't want to have it, i am silver stacker, i sleep well, if something happen I can take my silver go to farmer and exchange for bread, meat etc. What about crypto stackers what you going to do, to take your computer and go to farmer, and show what, what you going to get AIR same as crypto AIR.

Dave C.

Great video!

Blockchain-type tech is incredibly transformative—and on a GLOBAL scale! We have entered an amazing phase where a cashless society is inevitable. There is no turning back. That said, I liken it to the “new economy” of the dot-com craze. Did the Internet change everything? You betcha! Did millions lose their shirts betting on the latest .COM to IPO? Oh yeah. I saw it first hand. Don’t wager on the over-priced micro (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, etc.) in an attempt to take part in the incredibly promising macro (distributed ledger!) If you got lucky betting on Bitcoin early, congratulations. But IMHO, the risk is now WAY to high. We really don’t know what their proper valuations are. My guess? A lot lower.

The mania, when everyone and the proverbial “shoeshine boy” is talking up Bitcoin, should be a very clear warning to those who have been through this before (and study history). All I’m saying is let the pump and dump move through and THEN consider investing in the underlying technologies (which, as a technologist, I have done a lot of research on). Things change quickly, so BE CAREFUL!

For example, 1) what regulations and controls will inevitably be put in place by the banksters and government, 2) what “fed coin” possibilities may sadly appear, 3) what better tech will be quickly adopted (e.g. Hashgraph currently being adopted by Credit Unions), and 4) what about the emergence of GOLD-BACKED crypto, like the UK and other countries have launched?

For me, it’s PM. Remember, buy low, sell high. Silver and gold are out of vogue right now. ACCUMULATE, my friends!

Michael Whitt

New subscriber, that pile is just epic.

David Evan

Soooooooooo... I only watched the first few seconds of your video, but bitcoin is over 10k. Do you have a hat to eat?

Truth Watcher

Yikes. That turned out bad. Unfortunately I took your advice and did the same thing. %&[email protected]

Gaming Ballz

I’m buying silver with miner btc lol

Rob Mitsui

That's a good point: what will the majority of people think of when the dollar is dead?! Yep... precious metals

Jacob Kessler

Dumbasses everywhere everyne knows the stock market is where the big bucks come from. I don't see a billionaire crypto guy or silver guy. But there is many proof of billionaires who participated in the stock market.

Jud Powell

yeah about every ten years somebody claims silver is going to go up....NEVER HAPPENS....FACT

Richard Thornton

Cryptos are like playing musical chairs. When the music stops, you will see the red faces because: THERE ARE NO CHAIRS. Main currencies are government backed at least!!

Mike Spence

We dont have to beat each other up over cryptos or silver or gold at the end of the day we are all trying to protect our money if you want to make money fast then you get into cryptose if you are not interested in making money just want to protect your welth then silver and gold my self i am silver and gold only because i understand it and i like somthing i can stack myself its in my controle.just remember we are all on the same side

Truth fears no scrutiny 123

When countries go to War, will they be paying for war materials with Cryptos???? Fuck no, they will want other products or Gold or Silver as payment! Yes you may be able to make money with cryptos right now but i would bet my wealth into something i cant even got dam touch!

D Carreira

Sorry man. I lost hope in precious metals. Time to move on



Roger Alan Rodriguez Ortiz

Wow only RICH PEOPLE can afford to buy Cryptocurrency... Bitcoins... What about million of people just like me that are POOR and can't afford to buy a Bitcoin??? I guess i am seeing the WORLD ECONOMY COLLAPSE HAPPENING TO THE POOR RACE... and the RICH PEOPLE winning more and more Bitcoins...

NW Monk

I invest in copper jacketed lead.

Lisa Chant

I'm all in on SILVER. Silver can be seen touched held and stored ..... Cryto currencies...... Ummm not so much.

larry smith

I don't get gold and silver bugs why not just buy Bitcoin and silver

Silver bitcoin

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Silver VS Bitcoin - Which is Better?

6 428 views | 2 May. 2020

In this video I talk about

In this video I talk about silver vs bitcoin. I mainly focus on the differences as far as a store of wealth is concerned. Most people are currently worried about storing their wealth and I think that when it comes to silver or bitcoin you really need to understand what you are putting your wealth into. In my opinion bitcoin has had a vert volatile past so the future is uncertain. Silver has traditionally been looked at as a hedge against inflation and is a safe place to store your wealth. I talk about a silver vs bitcoin bet in this video that I won and it was due to the volatility of bitcoin. If you are looking at precious metals vs cryptos in general then I think that this video is still relevant. I like cryptocurrencies as a means of making transactions, but I would not store my wealth in them. It might be beneficial to have some money in a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin but I would not keep it there for a long period of time. Typically people look at gold vs bitcoin, but I elected to go with silver because that is what I talk about mostly on my channel. The gold vs bitcoin debate is very similar to this one. When it comes to trading gold vs bitcoin I am referring to gold bullion. I hope you enjoyed my silver vs bitcoin video and I invite you to check out my video on currency vs silver as well!

Currency VS Silver:


My Website:


Check out SD Bullion for AWESOME Deals on Gold and Silver!


Below are some AWESOME products that I use:

Inexpensive Scale for Weighing Silver and Gold


Black Ring Capsules for most Silver Bullion Coins (38mm)


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Gloves for Handling Coins



[email protected]

Also check me out on Instagram:


If you want to mail me anything here is my address:

S. Dragons

P.O. Box 304

Gresham, OR 97030

Thanks for watching!!

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Topics I cover in this video: silver vs bitcoin, silver or bitcoin, silver vs bitcoin 2020, silver vs bitcoin bet, silver vs bitcoin debate, trading silver vs bitcoin, precious metals vs bitcoin, gold vs bitcoin, gold vs bitcoin debate, gold vs bitcoin 2020, trading gold vs bitcoin, silver vs cryptos, silver vs cryptocurrency

#silver #silverstacking #silverdragons

Gabi B

Congratulations on the win. You got lucky this time ?


What is your aversion to risk...there i fixed it for you

2 is 1

Great video, but Bitcoin crushes silver for speculative potential. You just happened to catch it at “a very strange time”. (Fight Club) The problem, of course, is that BTC is already out of the gate. You almost need to look at other cryptos at this point, IMO. FTR, I don’t see this as an “either/or” (one or the other) situation. It’s an “and” situation.

Gianone Muller

Bitcoin can go to zero, it’s true. But it won’t. I like both gold/silver and cryptos. Nice video!


Here’s the thing. Bitcoin for right now blows Silver or Gold out of the water for potential gains. But what would I actually TRUST as a store of wealth? I like getting into Crypto for the potential gains, but I’m not going to rely on Crypto as some sort of preserver of wealth. Would I rather hand down generational wealth through Silver and Gold coins and bars, or some little USB hardware Crypto wallet? Which one is more reliable? Answer is obvious.

Mark Nordgård

Bitcoin are going up and Silver down , u dont need a brain too understand where the value are ,I stack Silver ? and dont have Bitcoin ?


Bitcoin was the highest performing asset in 2019. But not a good way to store your wealth? come on...


Another year from now, silver will be about the same price as now, $15....

Kalola Wahine

Such a fine head on your shoulders young man. You do yourself, your Wife, & your Mom n Dad proud I’m sure‼️

Yankee Stacking

Beat me to it. ??? Scratch one video. ???


Tbh I own the three ?? gold silver and bitcoin ohhh also ether

Kalola Wahine

Cryptos are an an experiment.
PMs have a long, long pedigree of solid value.
It’s a no brained, IMHO ?

Adolfo Cardoza

Silver is better than bitcoin because bitcoin is was made by corrupt people


silver is more of a hedge and insurance while crypto is a speculative bet on the future. both should be held along with gold and land! dont see why silver and crypto stackers seem diametrically opposed get both while you can.

Chris Brewer

In a nutshell, bitcoin can go to zero. Gold and silver will never go to zero.

Silver Heist

No bitcoin for me ... I have too many passwords that i cannot remember as it is.


So many people trashing eachother over btc vs silver. Bitcoin I believe one day will stabilize and become more like silver. I like investing in both. The complaints about not being able to hold btc is a stupid argument also. But with this I’m not trashing silver I just started collecting silver and I will collect both in these coming months/years

Rahul Puar

Btc is not bitcoin.
Bsv is the original and only.

Karel karel

I would rather hold dollars over Bitcoin. There are tons of crypto currencies. FaceBooks" Libra" (once out) will be competing with Bitcoin. From what I understand it'll be backed by the treasury.

Paula Johnson

What do you think of the silver bitcoin? I'm referring to the silver that's designed like a bitcoin. Is it a good choice of silver to stack?

russ sherwood

i dont understand or trust things i not able to hold, be strong, be safe, and be blessed

Joe Trapp

Searched Bitcoin scams after this. And considering the incredible amount of energy wasted "mining" Bitcoin...no thanks

Kevin Belcher

Silver: 7,000 years experience as money . . . Bitcoin: 10 years experience . . . Silver please.

Cars & more

Funny I actually did a similar video,I agree with many points but as you said if you want to take some kind of risks the rewards on Bitcoin could be much larger then Silver I stack both ?


BITCOIN is the future

Fiat Destroyer

Silver and gold are wealth preservation, and fun. Cryptos are wealth endangerment.....and sometimes fun.??

Benjamin Burch

Beautiful "Old Ironsides" round! As far as silver is concerned, it helps to be a history buff too. I remember going on Old Ironsides as a kid.


If buying crypto, DON"T let your phone expire -
I had a tracfone that I let expire last year. Went to buy some more Litecoin this spring and was 'locked out' as the Coinbase verification code is sent via that expired phone #. Took me a 'LENGTHY' phonecall to Tracfone to get back in service; BUT with a different #!!!!
So I had to go through Coinbase to change my old phone # to the new one - 2 to 4 day process.
Was beginning to think that I had lost all access to my previous Litecoin purchases.

Im sticking with PM's that I can hold in my own hand - no password & no verification code needed!!!!!!!

Aaron Wildman

I know this video is a couple months old but I'd love to have a couple honest answers here just because we're so close to the election I'm going to freeze the question this way silver versus Bitcoin
Look at it like the presidential election
You have your favorite candidate but then you have the facts. I'll throw it out there and say that I'm a trump supporter and that's where my votes going and for example I'll just call Trump silver policies are conservative been around for a while
Then you have the other side again we're just playing a hypothetical here biden's Bitcoin it's the future it's where millennials and younger folks are at.
Where us older farts like the stability and track record of silver.
Now that that's out of the way.
Let's just pick a date say 2025 or2030 medium to long term as of today's date Bitcoin is running around $13k a coin and silver I'll just round up and we'll call it 25 oz
If someone's never invested in either
Had say $1,000 pick one or the other
Where do you see the price of both being in the next 5 to 10 years.
Again I love silver that's what I've been stacking you can hold it in your hand but if the ultimate goal is to make money do we really think silver is going to do better than Bitcoin.
Reason I brought this conversation up
Is because I'm so hesitant to change PayPal which is about as technological as I get.
Has recently added to their website the option just straight buy and sell Bitcoin, lite coin, erithium and a few others. So I had a couple extra hundred bucks that I've been hesitant for another small pullback on silver to buy and decided to diversify took the Gamble and put $100 on each of the mentioned cryptocurrency above.
With the crazy times we're living in Fiat dollar printing green energy and such. I've tried to put my technology biases aside and whether I want to admit it or not again being a die-hard hold precious metal in your hand kind of guy all the research I've been seeing
Says whether if we like it or not purely based upon the fact of making money IE investment. Cryptocurrency seem to be the future. I personally feel now I never would have admitted it even a couple days ago that if it's a simple as PayPal has made it to where I just log on to my account in transfer as little as $20 at a time will be taking some of my physical silver Budget now and be putting it equally between the higher cost Bitcoin medium cost erithium and low-cost crypto litecoin. Figure I'll play around with a few thousand dollars. Just a diversified my portfolio a little bit.
If anybody would love to tell me their thoughts on why they put their money where their mouth is precious metals versus crypto. I'd love to hear why in the comment section.

B&N Ferguson

silver has proven itself unlike bitcoin,bitcoin is better right now but don't delude yourself it will not stay like that forever and you can take that to the bank!


Bitcoin isn’t as volatile as u think and it would take something pretty drastic to “shut down the internet.” Don’t be afraid, it is literally digital gold.

Nick Uplands

silver will be worthless once my space mining rig is complete. And matter transporter. That will also have to be completed.

My2 Cents

You bet silver would beat a digital illusion of wealth. Silver won. You were paid an “honest value never fails” round. It’s almost poetic.

Ron Schneider

You can always look at your Silver, you just can't look at Bitcoin!

Floyd Baldwin



Intrinsic value vs zero intrinsic value. The asset itself of silver can conduct electricity better than anything. Reflective properties for solar panels, used for jewelry, etc. etc. Bitcoin? "But there is intrinsic value in blockchain". Sure. But ANY crypto can use that technology. A Bitcoin itself has ZERO value.

Gamer Dad

I'm sorry but i see no value in virtual money. These kids and millennials are about as ignorant as they come. Thats fine with me though. I short your pathetic coins and come on top always. I love how gullible most of you are. I take my profits and buy gold, actual gold that i can hold.....yaknow that metal that actually has value not just some virtual coin.

superdad 2006

For the long run or sbort run...I wouod always choose silver...reason neing silver.is safety...and I posses it....zero degree of separation...crypto...rely upon alot if things that could go wrong...no matter how unlikely , none the less, thise issues exist...and there are multiple.degrees if separation between bitcoin and its owner wether they want admit or not...no way do I put my wealth into anything that can be lost by things out of my control...or loss of access.....nut to each his own...I just know I have zero interest in bitcoin


this is the year of ETH and LINK

Rob Jones

Bitcoin SV. HandCash, RelayX, moneybutton.

Xavier Paz

I use the money i profit from bitcoin to buy precious metals. Silver is more stable than bitcoin but. I use bitcoins volatility to my advantage.

Mike Jamieson

What about a Dennis Rodman rookie card?


When talking investing., it has predominantly been real estate and solid minerals for me but lately ,I started delve into Cryptocurrency,first by buying when I first did,it was 3 bitcoins at $5000 per coin and today a bitcoin is well above $10,000 but the best part to it is when I started to not just keep coins also to trade., That was when a colleague introduced me to coinxminers Ltd they're trainers in Crypto trading and also a Crypto analytics /advice strategist they were able to carry me on in trading and within just a month ,I had traded and grown 5bitcoins to over 12.this was my smartest move ever and I am inclined to speak about such a step I took for the benefits of others., They can be reach on WhatsApp for crypto investing and trading eldge. + 1 ( 3 1 8 ) 7 6 6 - 5 9 7 8
Also you can email them at (([email protected]))

Glen Cox

I also like and have a couple of the USS Constitution “ Honest Value Never Fails” rounds.

Nomadic Diesel

If you don't (or can't) hold it...
you don't own it.

Sir sweet and sour chicken balls

could you not lose all your investment in crypto at any time? it is numbers on a screen and you are trusting people you don't know or could ever even track down.

Mr. Rothstein

Bitcoin by 10,000 miles

Jon Hafner

I consider bitcoin and other crypto to be the most valuable tool in exchanging value from one hand to another humanity has stumbled upon yet.

I dont think I would consider it a good tool for investment.

Fromunda’ Deez

Bitcoin thief- in any location on earth, only requires a computer.
Silver thief- must physically get past me first!!
Protect your own!!

Sir sweet and sour chicken balls

not to mention, you can't build technology out of crypto currency.

Rich Stevens

I hate Bitcoin....only because I made the stupid decision to stay away from it due to my own ignorance approx early march or whenever it was under 4,000. I still wasnt comfortable so I started stacking instead. Super happy I entered the realm of pms but had I gone the BC route Id have dbled my money already ??. Ugh. Oh well. Ill keep telling myself I like holding my pms better. Lol However, crypto is a phenomenal tool to stick it directly up the corrupt central banks hole piece.


Learn to pronounce
noun: crypto; plural noun: cryptos

short for cryptography.
a person having a secret allegiance to a political creed, especially communism.

4nines Fine silver

I am buying Australian Perth Mint kangaroos for $18.61 usd. Weather it go up next year or in 10 years time I can’t lose. With bitcoin I could lose everything. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I may speculate in crypto currency but not for $5000 each. Thank silver dragons for another great contribution. Keep up the good work.?

Justin Raby

Bitcoin will fall with the rest of this country. In these crazy times its smarter to stack food.


Buy both! I love BTC and Gold! Both better than paper

Yemin Yesmin

Risk management is a vital element of any tradr in mar:ket no matter he seize of the cap!tal you are trad!ng with or investing in, losses are going to be inevitable, particularly in highly volatile mark:ks like crypt0currency. Learning how to manage risk to minimize losses is vital. Yet is also necessary to master risk management in other to ensure maximum gains. After all, the more you are willing to risk the greater potential reward. I’m not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 25’B’T’C’ since late last year following the instructions and signal from Chamali Noah he runs a program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng bitcoin works, to help them utilize the volatility of the crypto mar:ket and also stack up more bitcoin. You can easily get to Chamali whatasapp
+ 1 3 0 5 791 2 3 8 0 for crypto related issues


Here’s what I don’t understand. If the government decided to outlaw bitcoin, even though they can’t control it, can’t they still control the internet sites you need in order to access it? Sorry if this is a dumb question - I’m ignorant as to how it works.

Gold Eagle Coins

Hmmm, let me think... Silver, a physical metal with real value been around for 1,000s of years, or some internet protocol that calls itself a coin and can disappear overnight. Yeahh, I'm going with the silver on this one

FantasyBasketBallBuds FBBB

Bitcoin killed silver. Next is gold


Crypto is easy to fall victim to scams, and there’s no recourse if you do. See horror stories all the time about people who get scammed. There’s no tracing the perpetrators. I hate crypto but do realize some of the advantages of it, too. However, it still has no inherent value at all. Needs to have value in the eye of the beholder, or it’s worthless. It’s FAR more like a comic book or sports card than like a precious metal. A sports card printed on a $0.01 piece of cardboard has no value unless someone assigns some value to it subjectively.

Daniel Franco

LINK, BNB and Ethereum as investment and trading assests. Silver as a hedge against long term inflation. Gold as the ultimate safe heaven when depressions or recessions. May I point out that crypto is more liquid than PMs in some countries.

You can profit a lot in crypto to the point of recovering your initial investment and further having the coins follow their price action with no risk at all as you had your profit consolidated.


The nice thing about bitcon is you don't have to worry about actually having anything


Blockchain as a technology is definitely what you're really investing in, I wouldn't negate Crypto all together, but I'd diversify into it. Crypto and Precious Metals seem to have a pretty good correlation and precious metals seem to be a good hedge against it.

edgardo barbosa


Rambutan Automation, Inc.

Own both. Along with gold platinum palladium iridium ruthenium (all physical), a good bunch of mining stocks, GLD & SLV, Ethereum and Monero. And of course other stocks and real estate, very little bonds. They are different assets and each can outperform the others in different period of times. Putting all your eggs in one basket is the best way to go broke.


Bitcoin don't exist. End of line.


Search on YT Teeka Tewari

kuna coins



I have a silver stash and Bitcoin/Crypto mining rigs in the same room.

Mike Jensen

Neither! Get some XRP

Joseph Martinez

The CEO of Jack People's Money said Bitcoin is scam. This company later announced the launch of its own coin. They are wanting to exploit block chain. Obviously this is the first time a big executive has been out of touch with the reality of things that are happening.


one of my prized rounds "HONEST VALUE NEVER FAILS"


People die of old age keeping their investment in silver

Christopher N

The big problem I see is that young people like bitcoin (or similar assets) while precious metals are mostly viewed as relics of the past. When I go to coin shows, I mostly see old people there. Very few young people. So it really begs the question....who is going to be buying up your gold/silver when you come to sell? Only thing I see is industrial demand but over time there will be less and less from private investors.

Andrew Coe

Everyone should own some satoshis just because it's more of a risk not to.


Love the round too. Only have 4 though.

Crypto Man

At least you can make money on Bitcoin. Silver won't make you much money. Bitcoin have proofed to be the best asset class that i know of in the last 60 days. It outpreforms them all by far, even in a crises.

Wyatt Bauguess

Just bought a stackaholic round! I’m super excited!??

Daniel Pérez Sotelo

I love silver, but: https://www.tradingview.com/x/mfQ8Rycc/

Victor Frankenstein

I believe you hit the nail right on the head with that analogy...$10,000 per ounce of Silver, but $10,000 for a loaf of bread. Point being, Silver will hold the value of your money. If you bought the 1 ounce Silver coin for $19 today, and placed $19 in cash in a sock draw, then hyperinflation hits making the bread rise to $10k, along with the Silver ounce rising to $10k, what would do with the $19 cash in your sock draw?


Bitcoin is FAR SUPERIOR when it comes to VALIDATION of authenticity... if you have had extensive experience with gold/silver, you would have run across FAKE BULLION and some of these look real enough to the average person... with bitcoin, that problem does not exist and it way way easier to buy, transact and sell than with precious metals.

Any major car dealers accept a stack of silver? Any major colleges accept precious metals as payment in tuition? As embarrassing as it is, bitcoin is actually MORE ACCEPTED as payment than gold/silver bullion... facts are facts.

In another generation from now, 20 years or so, gold’s market cap will be overtaken by crypto currency.

Ninja Stacking

I see great value in precious metals and bitcoin. Bitcoin is actually really easy to liquidate vs precious metals. And it's a lot easier to to purchase than precious metals. It's also unconfiscatable. The world is moving into a digital age. I believe we are more likely to see the world accepting bitcoin as payment than precious metals. As crazy as that sounds. Most young people dont understand the value of precious metals. Gold and silver will always be valuable in my opinion. But I do believe there is room for crypto. I think too many stackers have a point of view where there can only be one. But we have to face it... technology is changing. I agree that collecting semi numismatic coins is more fun than purchasing bitcoin .. but I believe it is a good idea to purchase some satoshis . Either way the crypto market is manipulated just like the precious metals markets. I would choose to diversify. Dont put all your eggs in one basket. I know most stackers are very passionate about precious metals being the only way...but I try to keep an open mind. One thing bitcoiners and stackers have in common is the fact they both see the danger in trusting the dollar

Mike Jensen

Hardware wallets...so yes you can physically hold your crypto keys

CS Collecting

Silver = real. BTC= Fake


IMO SIlver vs. Crypto and Gold vs. Crypto are 2 completely different things, you treat silver as a cheaper version of gold, despite it beeing a very different asset. Gold is a preservation of wealth, with a lot of long and short term security and very little upside, unless you are a believer in hyperinflation and a quick crash of the whole system, in which case gold would be the best thing to have. Silver is mainly an industrial metal with some attributes of a precious metal, it is very volatile short term and the price is mostly dictated by industrila demand. SIlver has a lot of potential to crash in bad economic situations, as we saw in the current situation.Without the virus causing supply issues, closing the mines and mints, silver would have been close to 10$. Silver has a lot of upside as a long term investment, because eventually the industrila demand will outgrow the mining production, most estimations see that happening in 15-30 years depending on the calculation, which will drive the prices up. Paying the crazy premiums right now is just panic buying and totally irrational, silver is a very long term game and this is prop. the worst time to buy it in 40 years, unless you can find deals for max 2-3$ over spot. Crypto is a very high risk/high reward asset short term and investing in it requires a lot more vigilance and knowledge, but also offers way more upside if you know what you are doing. Long term i believe in crypto as a system, but i am personally very afraid of government regulation and find it very unpredictable. Bitcoin is a thread to government because they have less control over it, it already got banned by several governments, and i dont trust governments, this reduces the long term security extremely and it is not for me, but i understand when people think differently.

Todd Peterson

New stacker.....do the rounds you show here have the same value? The tarnished ones vs the shiny ones? I was sold some 1981 10 oz bars that are tarnished..I got them at $17 an ounce..are they less value than the other ones i bought at same price?? Thank you for videos trying to learn all i can....TODD


Forget silver and bitcoin. If you want exponential returns on your investments, look into beanie babies


If no one owns some bitcoin, purchase it sometime this year cause of the halving. Slowly the price will go over 10,000 and it will maybe be the last time we see it below single digits

Sunny Days

Bit coin is to hard to used I have yet to figure how to trade them.


There’s some tribalism in the crypto/stacker community on which is better, but I love and own both for similar reasons and some different reasons. Silver/gold have been money for thousands of years, are tangible and have served as a great hedge against inflation. Bitcoin on the other hand, while it is extremely volatile, (no surprise when you consider it’s a new asset, 11 years old) it’s actually volatile in an upwards direction when you zoom out and look at its history, you just have to hold it long enough and not go all in at the peak of a market cycle. It also has a supply function programmed into the code which decreases the amount of new coins released into circulation every 4 years; this causes the price to increase significantly despite inflationary factors in our FIAT money. Bitcoin is not just the coin, but the network itself which is the largest, most secure computer network in the world. I love the physical aspect of metals and will continue stacking hard, but I also realize the fact we’re living in a digital age and I don’t think the Internet is ever going away. Bitcoin gives us a way to exchange value with anyone in the world in a trustless system with no borders and no restrictions. If you hold your private keys offline you do own it and no one can take it from you. I love both and with the global economic situation we’re in with unlimited money printing, both are extremely valuable and important for the future. Bitcoin was born out of the last financial crisis and its entire purpose to solve the problem that comes from that broken system. I’ve researched Bitcoin extensively and believe it’s done for money what the Internet has done for communication. I’ve also recently added a couple hundred ounces of silver and some gold to my stack. It’s good to hold on to some cash as well.

Adolfo Cardoza



Don’t even have to watch. BITCOIN!!!