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Exclusive Colin Miles Interview - Zilliqa CO-CEO - HG Exchange, Xfers, DEFI -OPFI, Future Of Zilliqa

2 741 views | 3 Feb. 2021


Amirt/Colin Interview:


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Benjamin Gonzalez

Excelente interview your question were right on. Lots of great information in regards to the future of the project.

Ryan DiCicco

Great interview guys!

Eliodiro Aguilar

ZIL will explode by end of March.

Jonathan Mitchell


Samuel Basedau

That's the most important video you have done, great job Andy

Reach Hean

Great interview and video. Once ZIL get exposures into larger markets, bullish. Anything could happen in crypto, especially for coins that have use cases and strong team.

T Naning

Nice interview Andy, thanks! I like the open, relaxed and respectful way you approach your guests. No 'FOMO lambo' crap but just accepting and discussing the natural growth of the zilliqa ecosystem...

Scott Lee

Nice. Good one Andy.

mxq orlinz

Andy, how could you explain the success of Elrond ($188) in comparison of ZIl ($0.08)? They are both based on sharding.

David Mcgregor

Whats happening with the zilswap airdrop today?

Tony Mortillaro

Blockchain Andy strikes again! Thank you. Fantastic interview!

Marc Scapelitte

Another amazing video. Thank you, Andy and Miles! I appreciate all the work you're putting into this. May it come back to you 1000 fold.

Yo B

am glad you put your face to the video... honestly thought you was crypto mobster doing a second channel lol

Laszlo Vasas

Andy I really like your videos, but this background is awful! My advice, just download the Zoom and you gonna have a virtual background! Really easy to use, but you can also find a lot of video how to use.

L. C.

Superb video with nice information. Thanks Andy or shall I say lewis capaldi lol ?


Yao !! How Valuable is Gzil .

True Dat

I believe zilliqa has a huge future. I think good things coming soon for it

Jonathan Mitchell

21:57 Why not TOP 10?


Get Chamath to mention it on CNBC and watch the fireworks.

Divinder Singh

Hi Andy, you keep knocking them out the park mate ?
Great video as always keep up the excellent work

Allen Cramer

Are you kidding me??!! Could Zil look any brighter and better??!! I doubt it. Zil to moon!! Thanks Colin and all the people on Zil team for being outstanding crypto developers on behalf of all stakers and hodlers!! Thanks Andy for this amazing interview!!


Your green screen was about to fall off..lol......good to see the person behind the voice

Ajay krishna

Will ZIL b traded in coinbase after the mainnet ?

Mevlut Kocak

$ZIL super project!!

Canadian Playboyz Magic Mike



Liked before watching because I know it will be good


Great work! These interviews are invaluable. My mind is spinning with the possibilities.....


Hey is the telegram grouoe not for everyone? Thx for your answor

Alex burns

Great video mate

nicolas luciano


Toots May

Killing it with these interviews ?

New Journey

Great interview

Jonathan Mitchell

6:49 Rosetta, universal translator.

Josh Watson-Ellard

Congratulations on the 10k subscribers Andy


Yeah very good information in that interview. Thanks. You need a bigger green screen Andy ?

Андрей Миронов



Keep up the great work Andy!!! On your way to being a top crypto youtuber!!

World Wide Winners

Happy days!

Ernie Lozano

Love your style Andy keep it up?
CARDANO in Africa
BIDAO in Europe
USA ???
I'm stacked on all of them I can't lose

Tott Totts

Good interview Andy ??

Slow n steady project, these are the ones that go the distance. Great things to come ✅

Mastiff Pitbull

Awesome sauce

kiwanis xmas 365

Very good show guys thank you

Tommy W

All in Z to the moon.

stocks stock

Great interview Andy ?

cristian garcia

Haha right on mang!!!! Love it!! Any you’re like the zilliqas fan base people’s champ!! We’re in this together and will grow together . Nice video though man!!! Good stuff

Maxim Wegner


Hassain Khan

thanks for the updates mate

Float Like a Feather

great, thanks.

Scott A Sullivan

I’m all in on zilliqa I did have my doubts but fuck it you can’t choose fate ??????

Lorenzo Demey

Andy, thank you very much for actually bringing value to your videos for Zilliqaholders. You are one of the best if not the best on YouTube for info on Zilliqa!

Mastiff Pitbull

My favorite crypto you tuber. Thank you Andy. Great show

Jonathan Mitchell


Dan Cookland

Thanks andy ?


time 4 a haircut

Tyler S


Peter Terry

Well done Andy.

teban jose

Awesome! Zill moon mission!


Did he just say binance pay ?


ZIL to the sun ?? lol

AJ 70

Amazing interview Andy, the first question you asked about western adoption was brilliant and very well answered by Collin.
Thanks ?

stocks stock




Richard Anderson

Great interview Andy. I get the feeling there's so much in the pipeline with zil. Its just a matter of getting these objectives over the line. It reminds my other top holding theta in that the fundamentals of team, project, scalability, quality, partners are either there or slowly falling into place, we just need to be patient and let it take its course. Colin has a calm and confident manner that I sense comes from his knowledge of where this project is headed. Its the kind of project I want to invest in for the long term. You take profits along the way obviously but im also in it to stay part of a growing system that'll be here for decades.
Well done again Andy.

Ajay krishna

I have the same doubt why Zil was not on top ten ? :(

Tobias Van Damme

Happy to have added extra to my bag ???


Ankr going pop big time 50x plus

Project blockchain z

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BC- Blockchain privacy projects explained

23 views | 27 Apr. 2020

Another very important

Another very important component of blockchain technology is privacy. Let's investigate

Monero, Z-Cash (zerocash) & ZK-snarks

and more!

Project blockchain z

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Opening Keynote by Ted Mlynar - Z-Park Healthcare Blockchain Summit

118 views | 26 Sep. 2018

Z-Park, the newly opened

Z-Park, the newly opened innovation center, in collaboration with MIT-CHIEF and Harvard University’s student organizations, held the 1st Healthcare Blockchain Summit on September 22 at Cambridge, MA. The summit gathers global key representatives in both research, industry and legal sectors of both fintech and healthcare, covering key topics in data sharing infrastructure, clinical trials and treatment tracking, and cross-industry collaborations. The summit closes out with the launch of a two-month virtual hackathon, HealthChainHack, which includes a prize pool of $262,000 Google Credit & Cash and 6-month Incubation.

Partner at Hogan Lovells US LLP, Blockchain Attorney, Ted Mlynar delivered the opening keynote and highlighted the benefits of connecting blockchain to the healthcare ecosystem, taking an example of creating new patients’ database with high security.