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How I Lose Belly Fat in 5 Days No Strict Diet and No Workout

87 278 views | 23 Aug. 2020

How I Lose Belly Fat in 5

How I Lose Belly Fat in 5 Days No Strict Diet and No Workout

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(See important details after important disclosure/disclaimer.)

FTC DISCLOSURE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Please understand that I have experience with this company/these companies and I recommend them because they provide helpful and useful products, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

DISCLAIMER: The contents contained on this site and in my videos are for informational purposes only. My personal experience utilizing these products or treatments does not constitute medical advice. Information and research have been collected from various sources to derive at my own evaluation. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.


This drink/tea is safe to drink every day, even throughout the day. Start in an 8 oz quantity to introduce to your system first. If all is well, you're good to go. It is safe also for breastfeeding moms. If you have ulcers, you may want to consult your physician as the acidity of the lemons my cause problems.

64 ounces of water (4 / 16 ounce water bottles)

2-3 inches of Ginger Root https://amzn.to/3lbFaN5 **

2 Lemons or Limes https://amzn.to/3gmTyOS **

You will need a pot and stovetop to prepare this drink.

Pitcher shown is from Amazon (affiliate link)**: https://amzn.to/3aMW13X **

Cup is no longer available: https://www.teamiblends.com/collections/tumblers-accessories

Pour water in pot. While water is boiling, prepare Ginger and Lemons/Limes.

Add chopped ginger and sliced lemon/lime to boiling water.

Cover and continue cooking.

Allow to cool.

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Donna Christine

❤❤? I to drink this my husband made it for me one weekend and I thought what in the world are you doing... I really don't have any weight that I need to lose but it just the benefits that has that are so enjoyable It helps me with my interjection really good....???? i am new to ur channel i like it ..


Hello! I am new to your channel. will give this a try.

Nicole Bryant

Can you use pure lemon juice as a substitute for the lemons?

ray ray

Before i seen this video i bought the ginger/lemon tea...is it still the same effects?

simon heywood

Thx 4 sharing QUEEN??

Elder Janelle Parks

Thanks for reminding me of that mixture I use to drink it but I also added apple cider vinegar with mother it has to say that on the bottle and honey it does wonders

Chelsey Daniels

Thanks for this

V Handy


Michelle Mial


Lisa Cox

I’m surly gonna try this tea thank u ????

Rahima Ainembabazi

I can't thank you enough queen oh my God. I suffer from pimples and dark spots for the years back but now mi skin is on ??God bless u more and more queen. Thank you much

india porter


Charlene Mcfarlane

How much are you suppose to take per day

Ahtnamas Nosdal


patricia smith



Thank something I can make with little ingredients

Thank u

debra lowther


Cassandra Casimir

Can you drink it while breastfeeding

Sharlyn Shaw

Thank thank you ???

Kate Osaru

Thank you beautiful

Abbgale Dillon

Hi ! I’m going to try this . Will let you know my results

Irmenia Boyd


Angie Arthur


Coleta Cole


Janet Wilson

Nice video


Yes ??

Martha Barnett

Hello tfs and I will try it??

Mommy of 1 King & 3 Queens

Would this drink be Breastfeeding Friendly by chance ?

Mark Beer

Thanks Auntie!! I’m a guy and I wanna try this!

Nicole Koller

does it make you go to the restroom #2

Tonya Morris


Amythyst Parker

?♒XOXO ♒?

Umanah Victoria


no name brown


Renee Brown


glenda ongidobel


Carol Williams


Teresa Rucker

How long did you let the water boil after adding the lemon & ginger?

Gerri Miller

Girlfriend ?this drink is definitely a miracle worker for the tummy. You are really amazing Queen?

Gwen Vines


Bb Broadus

Ok, I will get some.

Valencia Lott

Thank you will be trying this ? tea??????



Carolyn Chapman

Thank you. ❤️

Qie Jackson

Starting my workout Journey soon and I'm going to try this drink. Thanx for the video Queen ?

Bre *

Ok, looks good.? Gonna give it a try ☺️...An You look Fabulous my dear.

Clayton Lindsay

Beautiful ❤️


I dont want to lose weight, just belly fat, so will it only melt the belly fat, or will I lose weight as well

Lily Ella


Donna Vicars


Jennifer Johnson

Greetings from St Louis... I am going to get the 2 ingredients this week and give this recipe a try!!! It sounds so refreshing. I’ll drink it hot because right now it is currently 13 degrees BRRRRRRR Blessings to all ???

Tee P

I already use sqeeze lemon juice in water and it does works but i need to add the ginger

Sadie Cooper

Hi live it?❤❤❤❤

Blessing Orukpe

I am going to try it

Joseph Covan


Maria Matos

My dear friend I love it the way you explain and share.how many times in the day or week we can drink it thanks

Curtis Holmes

Good morning.

Bridgett Hackett


Gayle Manigault

Thank you

Wilma Louise Houston

Happy valentines day. U ? rock

Ken lovisky

Thank u my preferita?

Ozioma Veselic


Patricia Kent

Can I drink this cold

Kingsley Mandalendo Mhango

How long the water to boil

Romunda Alexander

???. Thanks, you just Explain what happened to me drinking ginger lemon tea.. I did lost weight , however I was just trying to feel better being sick... I will Continue drinking... Ladies it really works..

Jody Luscko

Can you help me lose weight 180 to 130 pounds please.

Mildred Adu-Larbi

Will you have the same effect if you blend the ginger and lemon and then strain it?

Marsia Davidson


Glory Chioma

Wow! Can't wait to try this out! Thank God this channel popped up JUST LIKE THAT!
Oh yes! Lest I forget, I love your stove! It's perfect! ?

Miss Pooh Verdell


Marian Robinson

Hi Sweet Angel, how often do you drink it, is it everyday before you eat meals.

Fadisbush Milkish


Sarah Sibley


Blessing Orukpe

I am going to try it

mesha livingston


Trusting God

I'm definitely getting some ginger I all ready drink lemon water thanks alot


iam going to the store today thank you.. i can't wait too try .. ? do u drink it once day or 2 times a day ????

purple Flowers

Jahswill Omobo

You just got a new subscriber. Great content. Thank you

Mary Dawkins

Looking for it#!!

Mary Bell

A must try

Maureen Morrison


Sydney Mars

Thank you my Dear I’m going to it ??

Theresa Forte

I must try! Your skin & makeup is flawless & on point.... ?

Yvonne W

So do you have to warm the water up every time before drinking ?

Irmenia Boyd


Kristine Washington

what if u don't have ginger root... can u use ground ginger instead???

Joy Mugwambi

I want to get rid of a big tummy, thank you lm just going to do that

LaSharn Riddick

Can you use ginger root powder?

Gaynell Fraser

How many time a day to use dis mixture


Wow the best ☝️☝️☝️☝️

Shukri Hussein

Amazing since I see this video I tried and I lost 15 pounds for 3 weeks it works for me if I did it every body can do it and it was easy even my skin was good thank you so much

Jamila McKnight


Cecile Williamson

Thanks for sharing this, I have used it and lost 20lbs with it. It does work ladies

Mercedes White

How long do you boil the ginger n lemon in the pot


❤❤ I've done this a few times has great flavor, sometimes I leave the particles in water and drink also...??

Quo Vadis Hussein



You Go Gurl! ♥️♥️♥️

Annette McMillion


surina suell

I’m going to try this

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Kevin Henson


Melvin Dunbar



the four agreements is a good book brother ..............too the mooon

Kevin Henson

Thanks James


Thanks for the vid JR?


I'm glad you power back on God Bless You Brother ?

Kevin Henson

I wish I could get you to help me with my flare. I’m afraid because I lost everything a few years ago there’s a lot of scams going around

SKY BULL Houston

"Bartender, let me get another shot of XRP"

Bit Speed

Hey dear download BITNEX MINER app and earn up to 0.00500000 btc daily i have also earned 500$ worth of btc from here so must download

Download it must


Question if I'm in uphold and xumm will both addresses allow me to receive the Flare token even though they are two different wallets that I own.

Rose Silver

Have you traded with any forex or binary options broker either regulated or unregulated and when it got to the point of making withdrawals of your invested money all transactions got ceased up? Feel free to contact Mr Robert Smith
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Contact him via his telegram @Robertsmith1994

kareem alfred


diane orsino

Looking forward to your tutorials.

Dakota Shipley

Glad to hear you have power again! woo woo Thanks Mr. JamesRule!

Hazel V

Philippines in the list again. Thanks for the vid You Rule!??

Katrina Shmidl

I transferred $20 in XRP to my Mom and Gma this evening and it transferred as quickly as the wallet app could refresh!!They were impressed to say the least! They are ON BOARD and will begin investing their own money now!!! ?

Zane Lloyd

Mr. James i thought someone on The Youtube stole your channel because iv been looking for your news but I see the logo has changed and i was thrown off balance by it a lil bit. Hope everyone in the community is good and having a great weekend...

allmerry people

I don't like cheap watered down whiskey - analogy to XRP

gregory fabrizi

Good to hear awesome running water in the shower coffee and whiskey sounds great


easy on the volume plz

Usd 284

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Fallout New Vegas | Dead Money livestream

8 791 views | 20 Feb. 2020

We're returning to

We're returning to Fallout New Vegas by popular demand. We'll dip into the Dead Money DLC tonight. FOLKSCON: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/folkscon/folkscon

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DOOM Shot (Triple shot of Malort + Eye of Newt + Poitin) - $300

We will mix them together into horrid nightmare shots for $100

We can also heat the liquor up for an additional $10 PER SHOT (It's disgusting). We can also mix weird soda with one of these.

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• AARON'S WEBSITE: http://aaronyonda.com/

• TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GameSocietyPimp

• FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/GameSocietyPimps

• AARON AND FRIENDS DRINK AND PLAY BOARD GAMES: http://youtube.com/blamesocietyfilms


1. Livestreaming Wednesday on Youtube and 1-2 times a week on Twitch.

2. 7D2D every Sunday and edited videos weekly.

Everything we create is paid for by our Patreon patrons.

Falancio Die

Can we play 7 days to die


I loved it.


dog is fucking amazing hope they use him as his ally for the rest of the dlc

Neodude Neo


Brent Lonkey

if this is the only way to get more episodes of Fallout New Vegas for Pimps then screw it, let's do it live!

Krasimir Matev

i love you and this game.so good to have Emrees beard too


Fap p underbuub returns

JoAnn Hempen

I love this game. I always have so much nostalgia when I watch it


Need more Fap P. Underboob!

Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

this is awesome! although, it would be awesome too if you guys knew some cool mods that add running sprint anims plus loot menu aka fo4 loot menu just to make NewVegas a bit more modernize.


Dog is like "that wasn't me, that was Patricia..." Lol reminds me of "the beast"


I dreamt I was part of one of your videos and I got a shot of Malort that was heated was a good dream but for some reason I don’t wanna try malort


Don't worry guys, Skyrim isn't important, 7days ending is what would kill the channel, definitely keep doing this and all the fallout dlc from 3 and New Vegas, especially mothership zeta.

Aldritch, Your Eldritch Lover

This been a long time coming!

Tyler Eriksen

I am back from the year 2035 after riding on my Mandelorean I saw the NPR broadcasters association militarize it was a blood bath. CNN was the first to fall next Fox News and then MSNBC and HLN. The people were forced to watch unbiased, monotoned reports for years. The NPR rangers infiltrated worldwide and by the year 2075, they went one step further. Using propaganda and subliminal messages for two years in China and America they were able to spark the great war of 2077 in an attempt to decrease the world population to combat global warming.

Caleb MacMoyer

Lol "Slantay?" It's pronounced "Slawncha"

Pan With The Plan

Ahhhh I’ve been waiting for you guys to do dead money it’s my favorite

Demonboy Gaming

Good job this stream wasn't Old World Blues, you'd have never gotten out of the Think Tank ??


Gotta love them fancy lag snap clapes

Grey Baphomet


Kyle Weber

Why don't you have a store, we want t-shirts damnit!


Great work immersing us trough NV universe Fap P. ? from the deepest lonely part of your brain


Dontesk People Republic uprising in Ukraine intensifies

Stevie B

This is the worst dlc imo but you should do the final dlc as a series

Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

so glad you guys finally get to enjoy this part of the DLC!! although it wasn't fun when people keep spoiling the plots and such.. lame


Great video! You guys are hilarious as always. Never stop your role play game comedy.

Stevie B

Why not continue as a series? This is classic GSP!

Who Owns All Memes?

I always play the game like it had just come out. It’s just one of the best games ever


YouTube gave me a 3 minute and 32 second unskippable ad... I hope that means you guys got some revenue on this video!

Raven CNPC Gaming

Oh gosh, Kay and Willow do sound similar. I can't stop hearing it now!!

Caleb Ayala

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for

Oscar 8127

It’s been a long time since I even watched FNV for pimps... This is awesome

Dylan Kelk

If Game Society somehow made a mod of a character with Kay's voice in a Bethesda game I wonder how long it'd take us to notice?

Blind Beasts

rejus was adam

Robert Putnam

Watched A-ron run by a ham radio ten times screaming for his life, just for him to ignore it completely.

Tyler Eriksen

Also I could see Aaron and Emre wondering a wasteland taking shots and pretending like there viewers are telling them to.

Ace Hardy


Delmo Boneta

I now need to go play NV and do the dead money DLC


You guys should definitely consider doing Lonesome Road & Honest Hearts next!!!! Love y’all, you guys r funny as fuck lmao ?