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Peter Schiff: Coming debt crisis will make 2008 look like a Sunday school picnic

122 051 views | 24 Jan. 2013

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A best-selling author and one of the world's most in-demand financial pundits, Peter Schiff is interviewed by Cambridge House Live anchor Bridgitte Anderson about the U.S. debt situation, potential collapse of U.S. dollar and his prediction of $5000 gold. Taped at Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in January 2013. http://www.cambridgehouse.com

Nick H

Coming close to the end of this bull run now, finally


It's now 25 months since this video was made, and the US dollar today is 20% stronger than when this video was made: Schiff recommended unloading your US dollars because he thought they'd be worth less in the future.  

The price of gold was ~1600 USD when Shiff did this interview - and it's falled to ~1200 today. 

His arguments might be true, but his recommendations played out in the opposite direction.  

Kevin McVann

Now you know why they have been building those Underground Bunkers under Mountains,The rest of you are Screwed


This is simple. Central bankers realized that by injecting unlimited amounts of money to the economy the market will never break. And in case it does break, they will just print more money. Which means that we will not have a market collapse because of a bank going bust or someone not paying off their mortgage. The world economy is a heroin-junkie where the final blow will be the overdose. In other words, they will push this horsie as far as mathematically possible untill the whole system implodes on its own. Literally where the value of currencies will become worthless.

Just ask yourself why the US is becoming a military state? They are preparing for a financial meltdown sometime in the future. When that happens they will be prepared to knock down any attempt of anarchy. Because even these dickheads know that printing money cannot last forever.

Firstname Lastname

What's so wrong about people wanting to save money for protection during a depression?


It's also possible to have money without the debt! See a documentary called "the money masters"

phil davis

Did he also predict the crash of 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013?

Kaybe - Cryptosphere

watching this 02/27/2020
Stock market was all time high: An virus named corona destroyed gains in a matter of days.
Will watch this 10 years later ... Peter Buy Bitcoin


The rich should fix the problem they created. The rich doesn't care about much else than their own wallet.


We have already a massive crisis in the Middle East.People are on the move genoside is going on in those country's.Don't make a mistake the USA can go down.The Roman Empire did it is only a matter of time if it is going to happen.

eric santana

Wtf is the money going


I came from the future. The economic collapse did not happen in 2014,15, 16,16,18 and 2019 Peter Schiff does not know and keep on making prediction every year.


The main thing people forget is money is just paper.It runs on faith.

Wak Job

Didn't think it would last this long eh Pete?


Too bad this guy doesn't know how to make his clients money...

Johnny K

'America has no resemblance to the America of the past'...True, America is now a debt ridden consumer economy that produces very little. When the US loses $ reserve status it will turn into a hello hole...Get out now if you can!!


They just brought home the troops and raised taxes on the wealthy. Don't you pay attention?


I agree with Schiff on the what, I think he focuses on solutions that support his claim that gold is gold. He's certainly smart, but fuck him. He's well off and just wants to talk about how to get gold to a higher value. That doesn't help humanity. Just him and his investors.

Jaz Vock

Start turning your garden into a vegetable patch if your smart. Global economic death is on the horizon

Gildo Bacci

ads or not the dollar will collapse

Sage Igmund

The same reason that any business,company, or corporation exists.....to make money for the owners, or shareholders of that entity. The Federal Reserve isn't here to be benevolent and actually help the economy. If it was then our currency wouldn't have devalued so much since it's inception. It takes approximately $25 of our 2013 dollars to purchase what $1 could purchase in 1912, before the Federal Reserve Act. Search for "inflation calculator" to see more examples.


Claim gloom & doom 10 times, you are bound to be right at least once. nobody know what will happen at end of day


Don't forget the super rich can also become hyper rich from the crash. So they will be informed when the crash will be near. Don't worry about them worry about yourself.

Tyler Norris

This is when it hits the fan hahaha I love this guy!

survivor survivor

Wow, peter has to watch this.


omg this makes no sense whatsoever to me. How can you deflate debt by raising taxes or whatever that is not actual money that is owed but just pure imaginary interest debt owed to the banks?

josh mcclain

the inflation dollars peter is talking about is the dollar reserves in Europe banks and U.S. banks mostly they want stay there eventually they will be put on consumers when that happens that when hyperinflation occurs because people saving are way down.

Johnny K

HE WAS RIGHT!!! Suck it up haters!

Bob Kelso


Chris Lemieux

7 years ago and 150% on the SPX ???


Not if you make huge redundancies. You don't have to pay people if you fire them! I'm not saying that's a good thing, it is just a solution.

vladimir losiks

if US cut troops .no monopoly no more cheap oil no more us tregery no more dallars every country can say fuck off and no more democracy on wing of f-16.


It's here!!! Coronavirus will be blamed, but this has long been the cause


the important post of the Secretary of The Treasury is for someone to be appointed to guard the empty vault. the strong vault could be used as a bunker in case of any emergency. oh yes, he still has the US mints to strike some coins for small pocket change.


Lotta background noise there..

Chaplain Dave Sparks

I keep hearing that "China doesn't export any gold", but what about all those gold Panda coins they sell? Is their mint a separate entity that doesn't figure into their import/export statistics?

Open N Review

He said it was coming 7years ago and we are only seeing it now.


Bring home all the troops--savings 1 trillion per year; end foreign aid--savings-- .5 trillion per year; massive government spending cuts to lower debt costs; otherwise goodbye America!

deborah michelle

Invest in other currency and help the dollar collapse so cambridge can make a profit from it......wow

Sam Murphy

All new money is created out of thin air by central banks and then lent to the government. The government then has to pay that money back with interest. The state gets its resources from us through taxation. Thus money is intrinsically linked with debt and we have to pay it off. It is all a humongous scam. e.g. watch?v=RrwbgdtbdXE


Peter Schiff caused me so many money it's unbelievable. If he had said the money printing would cause the stock markets to be exceptionally high, I would've made millions


Every single thing that came out of his mouth turned out to be wrong! Had one taken the opposite side of the trades PS recommend they would have profited greatly!

Sam Murphy

Why does the Fed (i.e. a private bank) have the US government (and by extension much of the rest of the world) by the balls?

Super Brain

looks like 40 people are clueless.

Jazz Jive

peter schiff has been crying wolf for ages,nothing has happend. Live life my friends.


Perhaps this could be prevented by America cutting down on excessive military spending or people like Mr. Schiff paying more taxes.

Sam Murphy

It might be possible to have a working society without money! Then we wouldn't have all these horrible debt problems!

Xam Takorian

Guy in the background destroyed that pizza @ 10:40...eats most of the crust and throws it out @ 14:01

Chris Moore

The 1% works hard, it is really tough to make money when the Federal Reserve only prints trillions of dollars on your behalf.

soulja king

I see what he's saying about rich people being taxed more. If you do tax the rich more they won't make many businesses if any and since they're already rich they don't have to work

Bill S

We shit! Peter was right all along.

Henk Smit

quote....the ritch are overtaxst??????? you mean the secretaresse pays 33% and the boss 14% is good?????


U r correct djjake nice to see some ppl still kno there history yes he did cause it, but u forgot to add on the orders of his boss mr Rothschild ;-)


schiff's grandfather founded the evil Federal Reserve which replaced the Consitutitonal mandate that the federal government create debt free money, unlike the fiat debt instrument notes issued by the Fed. Schiff is disinfo. If the top one percent are being over taxed, then why is their share of the total wealth growing ever larger.


"At least protect there savings". Wow, your on your own cool aid dude. Delusions of profiting on a worldwide collapse. Sad. Next thing you know Peter is going to take his most loyal followers to Jonestown promising free trade of Kool Aid flavors to put in there coconuts.

Philip Zyrski

If the rich were to pay more taxes, then they'll get advice from knowledgeable tax and wealth protection specialists and find a way to transfer their money to offshore banks in the Cayman Islands, Monaco, Switzerland or the Cook Islands (near New Zealand). If the middle class was taxed then we would have no choice but to declare bankruptcy because we simply can't afford new taxes. Peter Schiff didn't mention the inflated military spending and costly wars, not to mention corporate welfare too.

Roy Scown

Peter, why don't you explain the real cause of all of this mess. The fact is: Socialism is written into our Constitution by the authority of Congress "to borrow money on the credit of the United States". Now explain how that really works (connect all the dots for us) in your next book, and I might go out and buy a copy. Nothing will ever change until this power is taken away from politicians.

Sam Murphy

The Fed can, and will, be stopped. The first step is to make sure that people know what it does.


Peter, you are the Man bro, you R the Man

Larry Barry

I agree with bringing home troops, but there still is going to be paychecks issued if they are there or at home.

Sage Igmund

Because the US Government (particularly Woodrow Wilson) put the Federal Reserve in power. Look up the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Sam Murphy

That explains the "how?". I am asking "why?". Why does the Fed exist?


2020 ...


Jp Morgan was just a Rothschild lieutenant

PoNg PoNg

Looking back, yes, 2008 crisis does look like a sunday school picnic. Peters Schiff was right again.....

Corey McDonald

Well.. he was right about a lot of things, but he was definitely wrong about gold and silver. I guess he's human


when USA joins the PIGS countries, the acronym will become U-PIGS. lol.


Fuck Shiff buy stocks  and do everything  the opposite what this morone is saying.USA is a super power and it cant collapse.First the world would go to hell or we see the www3.USA has strong millitary before collapse USA would invade every country in the world and exploit  them dry.


his calls have been completely wrong

Sage Igmund

Because people can't stop the Fed. Only Congress and the President can do that. Since Congress and the President make lots of money off of the Fed's policies and insider trading, there is no reason for them to stop it. I agree with you. People should be marching in the streets protesting the Fed. Most people don't do this because they don't understand how the Fed controls and destroys our economy. The only thing that might help is clearing out Congress by voting all the entrenched members out.

Nemesis T-Type

China is preparing an economic war. That is why they are still importing gold despite being the number 1 gold producer. What the USA needs to do is pull back all their military bases, cut a huge part of their defense spending, turn those uninhabited "real estates" into farms and use their natural resources again.

Bob Givens

Tyler your a complete moron !

Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis

He said it would fail under Obama it didnt... now hes saying that it will fail with Trump in office. I think as long as USA has over 800 military bases around the world and can bully countries into buying dollars, the dollar is going to be ok


having allot of debt has nothing to do with money and the system. people spend like rock stars cause they think they deserve everything. live within your means and expect to participate in the government and always say no to taxes. but that's to hard for anyone aye?

Dino Ömer'o

every year I keep coming back here and repeatedly LMFAO again

Tyler Norris

U Americans an all ur dam freedom

David Thomas

Rather than print more fiat currency, they're now going to digitise the money. Cashless society is almost here, probably out of desperation. We're going to get screwed yet again.

Louis Becker

What is not a school picnic Search For the series "THE GREAT DISASTERS" (Part 1)


What are you talking about? lol


"The rich are already being taxed too much" Oh give me a break.


More people became millionaires in the great depression then any other time in modern history. They probably want it to crash, when the prices of everything plummet the super rich will still have enough money to buy up all the resources like Gold and land making them even richer when things recover.

Larry Barry

Maybe you should watch the video lol


You're basically advising America to cut military spending when an economic war which is definitely coming will likely gateway to a proper global conflict. Lol.

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Sam Murphy

I am well aware that the Fed prints money, causes inflation, and contributes negatively to the production, efficiency and well-being of the United States. Having all this as a give, why does it still exist? Why isn't there a tidal wave of people demanding that it is removed from society?

John Johns


Dementox X

oct 1st


wtf? The bit-coin doesn't even have a real market, that's why day traders are just using its hype as a virtual commodity, its not even real. the only thing keeping the bit-coin of worth is its hype and people willing to buy and gamble with it. Only people that are suffering are the people buying drugs on silkroad, so..what makes you think the CIA and banksters are not hoarding all of the bitcoins and inflating its price??

Jonathan Dixon

This video is relevant now more than ever.


JP Morgan caused the panic of 1907.


There is no way that the super rich will allow the financial markets to completely crash. They would lose too much. They would do ANYTHING to stop it from happening.

Lukas Skliuderis

when it crashes gold will be so expensive even millionaires will suck it


The price of gold has plummeted over the past month.


You ALL need to go outside.

Luis Gonzalez

Yeap we're fucked


sure it plummeted from 1700 to 1200 but it went from 800 to 1700 befor it plummeted. now it has stopped and is doing fine.


lol, year to date performance of silver= -40%, gold ytd performace -20%, EM has been pummeled as well

baba sheikh

the americans rule the roosts for long, now its time for them to take some vacations

Aren Bigler

so we don't have troops in the middle east? hmmm .....and if you actually look at those taxes, a very small sliver of the rich get a tax increase and that revenue is not specified anywhere so it could be being put right back in their pockets through incentive programs created for the wealthy at the same time as the tax increase

phil davis

His next book....available soon: THE SKY IS FALLING...THIS TIME I'M SURE"

Peter schiff wife

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Peter Schiff vs. Clueless Liberals on MSNBC w/ Chris Hayes

228 340 views | 16 Jan. 2017

Peter Schiff on MSNBC w/

Peter Schiff on MSNBC w/ Chris Hayes 6/9/2012

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Bryan Flores

Demand side will never win

J Thorson

Nail out the banks instead of the people. That a great idea. Wtf


the host is high on cocaine

conrad crawford

This kid is an idiot!

Xavier Soto

I notice in any debate people just want to be right even when their wrong instead of wanting to find info that the other side is providing to help the actual problem at hand. sad

JA Garcia

Its like Peter Schiff is the responsible parent having to speak to irresponsible children who don't want to hear about it.

cousin joe

I love watching old videos of schiff eating people who obviously know absolutely nothing about the economy. I watch these to reaffirm I'm doing the right thing by listening to peter schiff.


How can people actually think that the FED is a good thing? How? what world are they living in.

Society needs a system update

Peter Schiff on MSNBC is like when you reach max level in a game and go back to the tutorial area.


Pretty interesting that this came up in my page today, Oct 7th, 2020. I bet you're happy with the Fed right now. Seems like 2020 has completely destroyed your theory about what the Fed CAN do.

Chris Askew

This guy said he predicted the crash too lmao. Peter: well I didn’t see you out there with me LMAO

Michael Solano

3 years later Peter was right again.

Rabalder Media

Super cringy that you Peter, named the clip this and uploaded it yourself. Need to pat yourself on the back often?

Caleb Bragg

Let me just remind you. As you get older you gain more wisdom.

Jms r

peter schiff is great and makes these clowns look like absolute fools

Juan Felipe

Ron Paul in the corner of the video was biblical, I love it


I didn't know the bar for being a host on MSNBC was this low.

Ksenia Asatryan

I can only understand Peter Schiff. Everyone else sounds blah blah blah blah blah blah ???????????????????????

Shawn Erickstad

MSNBC and liberal media are clueless in every aspect of their thinking


I would kill myself if Karl was my Econ prof.

Jack's Pick Phone

Wow that Wharton chick sounded out of her league. Very nervous. Lots of stammering. Little information.

Stefan patric

I am so annoyed about this clueless people. Why did you even talk to them.


Peter "you have to remember" Schiff

Fred Howland

Can you imagine MSNBC having a conservative voice on now?


What does the NAACP have anything to do with economics? Why was this guy invited?

Samuel Alvarez

Keynesian economics ?? Austrian economics ??

Adil Hakam

Which homeless shelter are these two guys and gal whom are arguing with Peter shiff

Cesare Alkemist

Pete is armed with the shield of knowledge and the sword of truth. These morons didnt stand a chance.

Stephane Gautreau

A economics professor telling a business man he is wrong ?! ?
Remember, those that CAN, DO. Those that CAN'T, teach!

Jon Dough

It's interesting that ppl who're unable to articulate a coherent, concise thought would agree to come on any show to speak. Let alone one where yr attempting to disprove someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

Fred Howland

4 years later, rates are still historically low...

Sam Howell

Ahh, an econ. professor telling a man worth $70 million dollars how economics work. Who would you rather teach you? Mr. Econ professor worth $1 and some change, or a man who’s built a net worth that puts him in the 1%? Karl Smith is the reason business and economic degrees are jokes. Why would you pay to learn about business or economics from bums who don’t own businesses? What a joke.


North Carolina professor is an idiot

Ferris Stirling

The host can't keep his mouth shut.. so annoying and ruined the show

Andrew Meyers

Karl Smith = Bro

David Dodevski

Those who can’t do, teach.

James Jordan

There is no wisdom on the left. Sure there is intellectualism but there is no wisdom.

James Young

Peter looks like he’s holding back from laughing his ass off, at the same time holding back from knocking the stupid out of this group


Chris Hayes what an ignorant jerk.
He looks like a communist bullshiter isn't he?

Gabriel G

I hate moderators. Always disruptive when the conversation gets interesting.

Arvind Andrew Das

The host is pushing Mr. Schiff's argument towards politics instead of actually talking about economics



George W Bush Center for Intelligence

They should not let Karl Marx be a professor of economics at NC .I'm sure he is follower of Winnie the Pooh on the Gram.

Luke's page

Federal reserve has nothing to do with unemployment.
Where did she study economics????

Sarah Kitts

If you own or manage a business, what is the biggest challenge your industry is facing today?

Jon Ramas

The smartest stupid people in the world.


How can I go to a bank and borrow money, even at a low interest rate, to live without the ability to pay the loan back? If I make "$1", but need the amount of "$10" to live and "$1" is less than "$10"... How can I ever pay it back? Should I take from my neighbors in a moral argument that I need it more than them? How long will the bank give me a loan before my items get repossessed? Why not cut my cost of living standards? Why is this so hard to understand? Do I cut out restaurants? Do I take the bus or walk/ride a bike? Do I cut my satelite? Internet? Buy cheaper goods? Sale my protection equipment? Sale assets? Am I not entitled to these items? What about my college courses? Or my water? Electric? Downsize? What's a need? What's a want? Is this any different than our GOVERNMENT?


Money should only be a transaction medium, not a complicated machine that will break because of political activism.

Kit Ali

Note: do not hire graduates of the University of NC...


Man that Betsy chick is so refreshingly able to talk calmly and articulate, most women on these types of shows come across obnoxious. The only one really annoying me was the host Hayes is such a douche.

Keeping up with Kaia

Carl didn’t know if he was ever gonna get to respond

Edit: I wish Carl didn’t get to respond

Fred Howland

Hard to believe someone as manifestly stupid as Karl Smith is a professor at UNC.

Stainless Stove

How does this guy not understand workers dont make anything in america. Has he never seen made in china?


Chris Hayes killed that conversation when he said lets not focus on the cause.

Free Markets People

Watching the two most progressive institutions in the country(the media and the academy) both trying to act like they are the smartest person in the room is high-larious. Neither group has any real world experience yet will claim expertise in everything. Schiff is the only one that has put skin on the line. They should be taking notes from Schiff, but they try to obfuscate his arguments with rhetoric. But to no avail. Go Peter Schiff.

Holden Russell

It's good to see the other side of the argument, but it's still crazy.

Keeping up with Kaia

He warned us for the GFC and he’s warning us again yet still no one is listening

michael trevisani

They are eating their words now ?

Patrick Shaughness

The minds with which Schiff interacts in this clip are grotesquely ignorant of and horrifyingly insulated from natural consequence. From their inherited cocoon of luxury, these heirs to greatness occupy their imaginations and ambitions with nothing but the deliberate destruction of it. It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which the dissemination of this collectivist propaganda by a television network could be accidental or unwitting.


omg...it should be titled - Peter Schiff - basic economy class for dummies.

john davis

Peter clearly on a completely different level than the other 2

Michael Rivero

“Have you been to a supermarket lately” ?
Clearly that kid hasn’t since his mum does the grocery shopping for him

CJ Becker

On any of these shows they always shut Peter down & typically have no clue what they are talking about.........

Cranky Crank

That look at 2:34, damn...


The housing bubble was caused by forcing banks to lend money to people that have terrible credit scores, no income to pay off those loans, in the guise of 'equality.' When those that could not be qualified in a normal realm, guess how those banks got those houses back. Absolute squalor. Congratulations Obama!

Meli Matanatoto

Course of action is to elect conservatives to
1. School boards
2. City councils
3.Conservative Tough Sheriffs
4.state legislatures

Democrats committed fraud because they controlled the local councils and it just got formalized in Washington.

So do your bit in your local area.

Keeping up with Kaia

The nerve of Carl patronizing Peter

The Enterprise

karl smith stupid af

Dean Viljoen

Chris Hayes is a HUGE tosser


The problem with mainstream media is they never give their pundits enough time to fully discuss a single topic and try to squeeze 100 topics into an hour-long segmented TV show.

Eric Bryden

I lost respect for the University of North Carolina for giving a diploma to Karl Smith.

Thomas Mantle

when people disagree with no logic behind it ???


This was hard to watch , I'm hurting inside. Damn you media !!!!!!!

chet allen

Perfect title....


The fed is garbage


Chris Hayes the bloviator....inflation doesn't help the volk....it only hurts. Chris Hayes "I have a personal meta point of personal bloaviation that is very important and everyone needs to listen to me because I'm not an economist but I slept at a Holiday Inn last night"


that guy Smith??? keynesians are a laugh


Jesus, blind leading the blind on TV to lead the blind. Peter must be dying inside. Smh.

Tyler Durden

The host is a joke, is he trying to out talk Ben Shapiro???Schiff is a giant to these latte Sippers....they're so dumb they don't know how ignorant and puerile they are

Kûrvi Tasch the Dictator

Wrong place Schiff, that's where all the idiots go. You belong in Liechtenstein.

Robert Perez

Dumbest host ever


the moderator in the beginning (the guy with suit, no tie, glasses) is either on cocaine or prescription speed

Gaurav Verma

Rule no. 1 to succeed in market : Never laugh at Peter

William Jeffreys

Leftists believe in the fantasy of something for nothing. Fantasy thinking. Easter bunny logic.

Fred Howland

Holy shit that host is a troglodyte


but peter is liberal.

Lucas Achterberg

Now there is an ultra conservative in office and the money printing has gone off the charts. I don’t think it has anything to do with political color (as no politician is going to bite the bullet short term to see their popularity drop and get kicked out of office), rather with just a fundamental understanding of how economics work.


Keynesians vs an austrian

Fred Howland

I can’t get over how much Chris Hayes looks like a prepubescent lesbian

Patrick Carnahan

I wanna hear the bet Karl was trying to make against Peter!

Garrett Lees

They all have Dunning-Kruger

Matthew Even

typical knucklehead she has some ideas...just doesn't know how to present them


It's hilarious to see this now. That guy asking where the inflation would come from - the Fed just printed trillions of dollars and they might be printing trillions more. The Fed has also cut down the interest rate to a mere 0.25%. We are in for a disaster.

Seth Nesmith

“I’m not the economist but I’m gonna keep talking cause I think I know the rebuttal to this one” ???


2020, Peter Schiff is right in the money.


Peter's hitting the nail right on the money all the time.
I'm totally surprised there hasn't been anything I don't agree with him.
These stupid fake news guys are ruining the world with their ignorance.

That Guy

It's easy to lose the trail in a complicated discussion, it's a lot easier when you do it deliberately to try and prove your point. Sometimes you just need to put your emotion and bias aside and follow it through to the end result.

Gerry Mad

The host talks too fast .. calm down please lol

David Patrick

How much coke is that MSNBC moderator on?

William Jeffreys

The host is good at talking, but not at listening.

Peter schiff wife

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The Reason Trump is President - Peter Schiff

61 011 views | 7 Nov. 2017

From the 2017 Vancouver

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Bill Woo

Wow, the Liberals in these comments and replies clearly show that they are threatened. See how organized and united they are in their ad hominem and hypocritical deflection?

Take that to the bank. Liberals are spew misinformation, they change the subject, and they are united and organized. Scary motherfuckers, have no doubt.

Diego Paloma

Schiff is part right, but we have to give the real credit to Hillary. She was a horrible candidate in every way.

Wu Eric

Peter is right about US's debt issue, however, US bond is still the best compare to others. You wanna by US debt or other country's debt? The answer is clear, so the bubble won't burst as long as US still the No.1 in GDP, Tech, Millary etc.

Polyester Avalanche

10:54 - fast forward to May 2020- 40 trillion? Why, yes. Yes it is possible. ?

Nice Trade

Peter the Great !

Donald MacLeay

Ah, here it is July 2019 and the ECB has not only held rates low, but they have invented negative interest rates. What was an American bubble has turned into a world bubble.

Davy Jones

*was president

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elgustoesmio chupaki

Here it is! It is called Corona virus.

David Fischer

Peter Schiff is great.He's often right !


ppl still listen to this idiot?

Angelita Venegas

I dont know , I did really like Obama


So Trump is President...because Americans are totally incompetent at choosing leaders.


Sweet Panky Rang, bud.

Dessel Drayce


Jennings Gardner

No i definitely think Trump is right that the world is taking advantage of us. We're looked at worldwide as the fat and lazy. We consume a crap ton. They sell us goods, we will always keep buying them, they get to have more US dollars because of it. The dollar is constantly going down in value and we're not going to be able to pay it back, but we're the ones who keep re-electing dems into the Senate who keep this cycle going by offering us free stuff instead of saving our money instead of stopping this mooch off the federal reserve. It's our own, uninformed, greedy fault. The world isn't gonna stop selling us products because they know we will always buy, increase our debt, therefore they have a right to start WWIII with us when our dollar crashes and our chances of paying them back are now zero. i guess it's just how you look at it, really. But I think China knows what they're getting themselves into. I also definitely think that military spending and the border is completely necessary. We need a border wall, we need people to stop hiring illegal immigrants because it's making this problem worse, and we need a strong military for when WWIII comes


When was this taken in 2017? its 2019 now, Damn we fucked

Neil Anderson

At 11:54 Mr Schiff says, "If interest rates went back to 5%, which is still not high, you'd be talking about an extra trillion dollars per year ... on the [Federal] Debt?". At first I thought that was wrong because the (Nov 2017) National Debt of $20 Trillion (according to Schiff, earlier) would have to be refinanced at the higher rate (up from near 0%). But then I remembered that the Federal Gov't has been issuing way mostly short term debt ... very short term debt ... so, he is essentially right.

Fahad Alharbi

If everything can explained by economy policy. If that true, no human being would advocate a system that nationalize almost every company like Venzuela... nonetheless, they still did it. If that was true, after conservative fixed canada economy, they should elected them again, but they chose Cucado (the woke)..election largely driven by emtions..if the conservative were silent under Obama, trump would not gave been elected...


IF the interest rate went back to 5% ... schiff always talks about ifs.
But even IF it did then the US feds balance sheet would be expanding by 5%.
If people understood economics then Schiff wouldn't have a career.

IF govt interest were bad like he tries to portray then the govt would reduce rates to zero ... and pay no interest.
The govt owns the game of USD, it has made the rules ... it can take its bat and ball and go home whenever it wants.

Elias Stassinopoulos

Could we please get some honesty in these thumbnails! Clickbait I say. All of these youtube videos.

This does a disservice to the integrity of the actual content.


wow an extra trillion ... what does that mean ? an extra trillion out in the economy where it can only be spent the US financial system creating jobs and growth.


blah blah blah  Puerto Rico 's a good place for you. You tax evading cheapskate money changing fraudster.

Nick Rides

This guy is a stellar Jew!


You only have to be right 51% of the time to be a genius. I remember when interest rates paid 12% on CD's, I put everything I had in 10 year CD. By the time ten years had past the rates were in the gutter and have stayed there. He's 100% right about inflation, it's the silent killer.

James Alfajora

Ray Dallio presents a better narrative. There is plenty of blame to go around, but how can we be on a sustainable path - as Ray Dallio puts it “beautiful controlled deleveraging?”

Jamie Kloer

No obama got in over issues the bail out the wars the debt. What happened more bail outs more wars more debt. More immigration more people talking about race and sexism and not talked no about anything that mattered.

Joel Bondurant

₿uy ₿itcoin, be your own bank.

lance wolf

Schiff scares me...he had the minority view of the housing bubble 2006 and he was laughed at when predicting exactly how the housing market will collapse, which it did in 2008.. now, its the massive US national debt he is predicting will finally come home to roost...while everyone laughs at him...


Freedom Works

As far back as I have been following him he has been saying EVERYTHING is going to hell ... 2 decades later ... yes everything is still going to hell ... 2 decades from now me and him will be even wealthier then we are now but EVERYTHING is still going to hell !!!!

Tom Smyth

Because millions of Whites wanted their country back and wanted to stop the invasion from beyond the southern border.



Felix D Cat

Buy gold, silver and alternative currencies.


This guy is a fraud. You can clearly see he doesn’t believe in the words he speaks.

Kyn Chan

This problem can be sorted by shooting the interest rate up to 15% for 5 years. That will destroy all the leveraged speculators and get rid of the excrement in the system.


If we had only listened to Ross Perot.


He says all this but overall inflation remains low, regardless of all the printing. Sure, we have many bubbles, and those will crash, but those crashes will decimate the money supply to the point where you would get deflation without intervention. The bottom line is that the workers actually have to see some of the money that is printed if there's going to be any incentive to raise rates, and that currently isn't the case at any significant rate. How many people do you know who are tapping their home equity atm? It's just boomers who know millennials can't afford their home if they sell so they are holding off, which further inflates prices. The investors will lose their money and the economy will be better for it, but interest rates won't change until the state tackles full employment like they used it.

tony black

We all know it's going to collapse, but WHEN?


This guy is brilliant, I am an engineer and I am 100% convinced. Every word he says makes perfect sense!!!


“What if interest rates went to 10% ?”
Well Schiff want happens if they patched up the titanic and refloated it and you could get $50 tickets for a cruise when there is less icebergs around ?

Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies

I wish I had heard of this. The organizers should advertise more.

Philip Chen

Trump is not afraid of bubble bursting. He’s a bankruptcy expert with unbelievable track record and personal experiences. He may find a way to get out of it himself. But the rest of us? God save America!

Letthere belight

Yahweh gave us gold for wealth and silver for money. Gold will go up to $ 7,000 . The Down will go down to 7,000. Bless you.


Com’on we were all scared ? the night of the elections!!!

Brendan Hoskins

The reason trump got elected is absolutely not due to economics. This is not meant to be an insult just a fact: The majority(note majority) haven’t been educated or simply do not understand basic economics. It’s social factors. His following is resentful of the economic inequality - so yes, it is economic reasons but all they know is they make less - which is why when trump shits on “elites” at his rallies it’s louder than a sold out Death Valley football game. I honestly believe we’re in the development of a civil war and I wish I had a god damn solution for it

Revolutionary Thinking

The entire country is in a bubble bath.


Privatize social security, cut healthcare regulations, repeal the unAffordable Care Act, increase interest rates to 5%, slash medicare and medicade in half(at least). At that point we must have a surplus. If not, I don't know what the fuck is going on. At that point, begin paying off the debt to the debtors and if the debt cannot be paid off in 20 years, renegotiate being able to pay it off within that timeframe. After 4 years, yes, the dollar will have collapsed, but finally there will be economic stability. Eventually, the Dollar will begin to rise and become palatable again. Once we finally reach a surplus we can start burning money, and begin deflation. The dollar will see a rally, and hopefully United States dominance will be renewed. Once a surplus is achieved an Amendment must be passed: The Government must always have a surplus, and can only implement a maximum of a 20% income tax(i actually believe that income taxes should be abolished) and can only exceed 20% to a maximum of 50% in time of World Conflict and War(It will be up to the supreme court to decide when such world conflict justifies the tax.)

^all of this having to be said exemplifies just how harmful Big Government is. I never fully grasped it until now. I'm a huge Trump supporter, but now I fear the Worst is just to come.

Don Wald

The only thing Santa Schiff can't do is stop talking! ?

Joe Mccallum

Im 37 years old and every single president since I've been alive has been a two term president, i expect no different for trump.... however i do believe he'll be the last Republican president, the Republican population will be unable to win an election after trump and we'll be forced to choose, live under socialist rule or revolt,....i firmly believe that Americans will revolt and "drain the swamp" so to speak....the sheer numbers alone, the government cannot win this battle thats coming.

Tom Thackeray

ECB is going to have to raise rates and stop QE???? Completely wrong again

Gregory Pitts

Over Price Real Estate and inflation is killing the Economy ?

Alex Mackay

Cut the fucking military


A country needs industry and we off-shored ours. We trusted  we got took. Now our very existence depends on a crooked monopoly game. Peter Shiff is a banker

16 Pilot AEM 9AT

16:48 he does often!!

ia e

Forward to May 2020. Peter Schiff was right on the mark AGAIN


Can this be watched anywhere else on YouTube?


Bubble butt bubble bubble bubble butt!


He mentioned going to 40 trillion in debt, Bush said they could keep raising the debt forever. So maybe some in Whitehouse or FED believe going to 40 or 50 trillion is possible and is their strategy?

Kurt Homan

President Trump has a plan to end the FED, produce a gold backed US Treasury note, pay off half our national debt, end the IRS and the federal income tax, and much more. Will there be pain and suffering along the way? No doubt, especially for the 99% of Americans who are deep in debt and clueless. But we will all be infinitely better off than if HRC had been elected.

chinh au

Truth is truth
Wisdom is truth
_ no permanent friend
_ nó permanent for

Interest is permanent

Louis Gedo

Trump is a tool for the Deep State

Robin Sandberg

If you know so much...If you have known everything all along...why have I lost so much money investing with you?

God_Laughs _At_Atheists

I didn't know that I voted for the greatest POTUS in history until President Trump began keeping, and attempting to keep, all his campaign promises. Finally, a POTUS that actually puts America First, and doing it in spite of continuous Fake News attacks, and Dems doing nothing but continuous impeachment threats and coup attempts, beginning on the day after Trump was elected.

The Phenomenon

The United Satans will go down far quicker than Iran ??


Schiff has no idea. ... he thinks that the US govt is like a household.
The US govt owns the game of USD.
It controls the bond markets.
It doesn't even need the bond market.

Côn Hoàng

Americans should start saving gold I guess

Nice Trade

well there is at least 2 more years of a market run, because history shows that market correction's begin just before a president's term is ending