Limbo of the lost stolen assets

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IRM's Nigeria RIG webinar - Looking back at the future of enterprise risk in Nigeria... 26.01.21

97 views | 27 Jan. 2021

Lifi Cotence

Thanks all for your good time.

Limbo of the lost stolen assets

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Hunting Down the Freeman: The Seven Hour Chore

2 084 819 views | 20 Mar. 2018

We're reviewing Hunt Down

We're reviewing Hunt Down the Freeman, a game wearing Half Life's coat and jumping brazenly onto steam. It's bad, very, very bad, and join me as I take you through, analyzing and picking apart each and every little bit of this terrible, terrible title. I review it's cutscenes, story, and particularly gameplay to demonstrate how it fails to do what Half Life 2 did flawlessly, while also failing on it's own merits, it's rife with glitches, bad acting, and it's just shit.

It also has Keemstar playing the US president, while IHE and Pyrocynical play US marines, it's fucking wild.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tehsnakerer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TehSnakerer


Compiled stolen assets


Stolen assets


Reddit thread from map designer


The controversial story behind HDTF



Video interview with Berkan Deniszaryan


I Hate Hunt Down the Freeman


Hunt Down the Freeman (SFM) (video from one of the animators)


CommentaryComms HDTF playlist



1. Introduction: Development Brief 00:00

2. Black Mesa: Subtitles & Gameplay Intro 03:53

3. The Hospital: Teaching the Player & Accented Actors 06:12

4. Albuquerque Streets: Cause and Effect 13:28

5. The Hotel: Poor Combat with Poorer Enemies 16:30

6. Flood Control: Adam & The Seven Hour War 21:09

7. Parkour 25:58

8. The Subway: Two Bad Puzzles 27:01

9. Colonel Cue and his Comedy Crew 30:26

10. The Train Upon the Great Planes 35:17

11. Convoy! 36:33

12. The Factory, the docks, and Hugeness 37:45

13. The Captain of Contrivance 42:15

14. Black Screen of Storytelling 44:38

15. Alaska: Saving and Gimmickry 45:48

16. 20 Years Later 50:45

17. City 17: A Stupid Plan 53:33

18. Black Mesa: The First Success & Mitchell’s Mind 57:34

19. Antlion Caves and Highway 17: Broken recollections 01:01:15

20. The Twenty Year Hustle 01:06:10

21. 15 Minutes of Infamy 01:12:53

22. The End 01:17:38

Your Average Scotsman

Huh. You know, on rewatching this, you can actually see the shadow of the MP5 before you pick it up at 5:27

So, they forgot to place it in an area where the light can better see it and they placed it under the fucking map by accident.


the gman subtitles font is missing

TuckeredOut 28

37:44 Adachy Wallpaper! I love him!

Max WL



To the game's credit, Mitchell's more slow, methodical combat makes sense considering he's an HECU unit, but the rest of the game just does not work well with this.

Infinite Beak

I want to get everyone who developed this game, sit them down, and force them to watch every developer commentary in every Valve game

Artem Orekhov

Nick would have been a much better character if he spoke with a Cockney accent.

ndd 323

Adam: Do you remember when we first met?
Tehsnakerer: I don’t even know who you are.

old ally

Hunt Down The Freeman was so bad Valve had to make a new Half Life so people can forget about it

Mikey Unovapix

I can only hope for this to be remade, fixed, and done right. I'm talking straight back to the drawing board. Cutscenes, gameplay, combat, level layout, and iron out every other problem as well as all the legal fumbles and properly pay anyone involved. This could've been a decent game. Unfortunately I have a feeling we'll see Half-Life 3 released long before this hot mess ever gets fixed.

Trevor Philips

They obviously stole this shit

Tea And Crumpets!

It's just Gmod with FAS weapons and parkour mod

Raul Gonzalez

Berkan is malicious & incompetent
Hired by Activision the next week

Little little Tiny baby mann

Call of half life looks cool

Sergeant Johnson, Union Aerospace

Such a shame there's no good seven hour war game. Two years later, and it's still garbage

Andrew Witham

Hunt Down the Refund!


Its 4am
And I'm back again
I wish this video was 7 hours long so I had more tehsnakerer to help me ignore my life


Iirc the guy that made this game got a job at Blizzard. Good for him I guess

Gerardo Tarifa

This game makes Freeman look like "the bad guy" and they have made him act like that in the presentation, when in reality, Freeman in Black Mesa wanted to survive and stop the storm of portals

Lucian Ganea

Wait wait wait...how did Mitchell get in a hospital after he's fucked up by "Gordon" if Black Mesa was nuked? And they even put Adrian in the game, so OF is canon to HDTF story

Jake Shepherd

31:12 "We've been going through the unrelenting horror of the 7-Hour War." Proceeds to dome soldier by accident and not even stop firing.

Alpha Noodle

One of the best lines I heard in a while
"you fucked up my face"

cost mceleoy

This is why I'm dumb Freeman sucks and also they need to like do tips like so you can like for your first playthrough it should ask you at the beginning do you want to play the training simulator just to get the feel of how the controls work

Dorei Games

Larry was the only good part of this game

Mister Laxenface

My man Pyros here, Hell Yeah!!!!

VortexMech 888

The guy who was left to upkeep the game hates it so much that he's improved it simply by insulting it using achievement names and menu screens

Discord Dan

If anything, i think the burning tree represents what a fuckin mess the game was in

Arco Games

giv up to combe


Why are vortigaunts fighting for the combine in the seven hour war? If I’m remembering correctly the vortigaunts were enslaved by the hl1 boss which is dead so the vortigaunts are free. So did the combine just go to xen and enslave the vortigaunts right after Gordon left?


Hunt Down the Cheeky Medkit Boi

A Buttery Noodle

I can't get over Nick's subtitles

Denis Boiarskii

Man, the Berkan dude leaves such an unpleasant impression for some reason. I just don't feel right when he says whatever about Half-Life and his game. Weird stuff though.


If G-man was an "omnicient trickster", Shephard would have being killed by him. Ironic, eh?


Ah yes, I return to watch this for the 5th time

Ryan Hutchinson

This has to be the most well-organized and structured review for Hunt Down The Freeman I’ve seen. Clear and concise, straight to the point. Detailed and informative descriptions of genuine problems with core game design. Thought provoking arguments that keep the video interesting despite its length. I feel like I’m watching a crash course at a university talking about how not to design a game. Very well done. ?

Peperino 216

Why is nobody talking about the ugly zombie models?

None of Your business

They tried to be metal gear

Wobbles and Bean

You know what's sad? This could have been a genuinely fun game, had it only been made by a competent person. The premise is genuinely interesting: G-Man essentially made this guy untouchable to serve his own purposes, but Mitchell doesn't know that. Think of the gameplay possibilities: you could suicide bomb groups of enemies, knowing you will be brought back by the G-Man (although with a large penalty cuz otherwise there's no point), but it'd be an option in a pinch.

Really play up the fact that you're the villain, if you're gonna be the bad guy, HAVE FUN WITH IT! Make Mitchell an over-the-top deranged psycho heIIbent on killing Gordon Freeman, completely blind to everything else! Set fire to a convoy of desperately needed supplies being sent to survivors, just cuz you heard Freeman secured the shipment! Strap bombs to rats you find in the wreckage of society, to use as living grenades! Laugh maniacally as they go "squeek BOOM!" Come ON, we could have had so much fun with this!

mic nic

The big bulky aliens were not combine they were just aliens and the dev's who made hunt down the freeman just mixed old half life 2 concept art

Sr. Bombardeado

31:12 dumb IA

sawy sauce

I dont know anything about this and i couldn’t care less


black mesa: the most best indie remake

hunt down the freeman: wtf is this


Mitchell's hand after 5 shots out of an 500 magnum revolver:
"you fucked up my bones".


This is a great video. Good job man.

birdy boy

Hunt down the freeman could’ve really been something

Terry R.

I like how this game from 2017 looks notably worse than the game from 2004 it’s based on.

Honestly graphical fidelity aside I’d say Half Life 1 looked better too.


Imagine instead of a normal Freeman they see an accelerated back hopping being of pure energy running at the speed of light


The good old AltF4Games

John Kensington

The director of this game comes off as moronically fucking dense.

gghhoosstt 123


Augusto Schimizzi

Press X to Adam

Ethan Christie

37:44 why did i get a weird sense of joy from seeing his screensaver was adachi ;)


seems like the HDTFM devs didnt read the half life ep1 - ep2 dev comentary


I finally fully realized why you said wording... Madlad gonna burn the factory and take the kids with him in the fire lmfao.

Random Comments

Try to do a game AND then critize something You loser.


6:46 This voice actor would be so freaking good as Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars

Riley S.

I watch this video a healthy 3 times a year.

Lorenzo Seixas

In a short span of time, this probably became my most-watched YouTube video ever. The editing is on point, the jokes are simply amazing and the review is superb. For the sake of humanity, you need to do more stuff like this, @Tehsnakerer.


I feel like the twist at the end with G-Man would be actually great if the rest of the game wasn't awful.



Lucas Bolek

2nd one is coming out I'm excited boys let's see if they've learnt literally anything from this game


I wonder if there's something to salvage here.
What if a group of people take the premise and story and manage to fix it or turn it into something good.
It's probably neither possible or worth it but I wonder nonetheless.

The Madrummer

31:27 I laughed really hard at that! "Two important questions need to be asked about this plan: What's above the sea, and can the Combine teleport?" X'D

Aiden Cross

why not use newer recording of voices man thay lazy/ztupid

Yummy cetnky

Bir türk olarak utandım doğrusu


Don’t you just love Half-Life source when you have to escape Black Meessa

Discord Dan

I got a feeling that they only started loosing their budget when they got to making the combine, thats why they probably ended up making the combine with only 15 different shapes from blender 20 if you really try and look

Original Username

You fucked up my face.

Vlad Olteanu

I managed to keep somehow of a straight face up until I saw "Bitchell" in the subtitles. Then I lost it.

Siedemnastek Trzydziesty Szosty

don't buy Hunt Down the Freeman buy tf2

Shut up your mouth

"my fellow americans"
starts talking about minecraft youtuber drama

FreshMorphleMemes Official

Minor Problems don't matter!
As long as the graphics are good
It's Good!

Mother Hors

57:70 Best point made. What the game should have been.

Toyota Avanza

Plot twist: the dev really love Metal Gear Solid, so they just create this game lol

Edison Gatica

god this game should have been triple checked before handing over the source engine to make it, what did they even told valve to make this possible? if you tell me that your game is about a guy whose face got fucked by gordon seeking revenge... then you can fuck off and get out of my building. Also i didn't knew if the "city 17 in alaska" bit was part of the video jokes or it really happened, the game is so bad, that it make me doubt about the video's jokes hahahaha


Hunt down the Freeman is a massive disgrace to the half-life Community it's so bad that even makes Half Life Source look like a decent remastered


It's a shame this game was such a dumpster fire. The premise is genuinely interesting, but the execution is laughable.


ok but 32:15 was funny

Trap Logic

Combine can teleport?

Nero's Gaming Hole

Just read a review for this on steam, it said
"Go buy winrar instead".

Four Scarlet

If someone remakes this game I have a feeling it has a CHANCE to be good.

Caster Madness

This video has value, and therefore i absolutely loving this alot!

Media Detective

Someone: Hunt Down the Freeman is the worst mod game ever
Fallout The Frontier: We’d like to introduce ourselves

Mr. Sherwood

"Pyrocynical, noted US Marine" is all you need to hear to figure out what this game is like

the fox gaming

Black Messa means Black Table


a 7 hour chore?
Girl, it takes me a whole WEEK to clean my room.

Foxyoner 367

I'm amazed that people got through this without a guide

FreshMorphleMemes Official

Why is Royal rudius entertainment still getting hate>

Dominic Nardini

Colonel hue and the comedy crew is my hilarious


This is not Half-Life, it's No-Life.


You are the only person i have heard to pronounce HECU as heku and not H E C U

Jimmy Jenkins

kinda tragic how u can kinda see the game that this could have been..

Biomechanical Cyber-Jesus

Imagine if Hunt Down the Freeman was good.

The Smol Gay Cinnamon Roll

I think larry may be homosexual

DrDan 64

Look It could not have been Gordon at the beginning as he never had a helmet there wasn't one there just saying.

The Raddest Chad

The virgin Mitchell vs. the chad Freeman.

FireFox UWU

in about 14:50 you talk about an enemies which by your term are "combine troops" but in the game they explain how they actually aren't from the combine since the combine had not even started to take over earth at that point


Fun fact: The parkour is stolen from A fucking gmod swep


I don't care if I'm late. You sir have the best subtitles ever!


30:30 Honestly I think the introduction of Colonel Cue is the best moment in this game. The voice actors really manage to pull off some decent comedy there, even though I don't think they've had any direction. Sure, the animation is a little awkward and stiff, but I think it still works. I like these characters much more than the main ones... Too bad they never have another appearance and are killed off-screen.

Limbo of the lost stolen assets

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[Vinesauce] Vinny - Limbo Of The Lost

502 277 views | 8 Feb. 2013

Vinny becomes the KING OF

Vinny becomes the KING OF LIMBO, and other awful shit happens, enjoy. Streamed live from http://vinesauce.com Subscribe here for more Vinesauce! ►http://bit.ly/vinesub

Playlist for more vinesauce! ► http://bit.ly/vinevidz

To catch me live: ► http://twitch.tv/vargskelethor


No one gonna question why this is on Joel's channel? No?


This is game?


Old Vinesauce. Where we could all laugh at the word "fägg0t" and not have to worry about triggering tränny furry mods and getting banned in the chat.


Welcome to Vinesau-so-so-so-so-sorry .


Why have i not seen this diamond before?


hahaha Oblivion

Jeffrey Rapp

Why does Vinny's voice sound different?


this is undoubtedly one of the best videos from vinesauce. holy shit.

Kris the Snek

slowly ties mouse cord around neck


good game. good.

Timothy Y.

This looks like it came out in 1993 which if it really did take 15 years to make makes a bit of sense

Ribbons0121 R121

a character name was phaggot
yes, phaggot
10/10 good names


Okok wait
This video is by Vinny, on joels channel and was recommended to me after watching a video by Rev
w h y

The Carmine

this is the "my immortal" of video games.

Cody Cook

vargskelethor joel Something ain't right here.

neet boss

is this stream lost to time? i'd love to watch it's entirety

Presley DeJean

this game IS insanity

Helious 505

Why is Vinny on Joel's chanel

Back Throw

Ninja slayer has better animations

13 schmeckles

5:24 on my way to steal your girl!

Aster the skeleton

Yes this came out in 08 but started production in the early 90's so that means someone got lazy


5:14 The guy lights the match like it's a lighter xD

victor hugo sanchez cordova

I've been having nightmares like this recently and totally blame this video even if is my first time seeing it

Andrew Dubya

The editing on this is some of the best I`ve ever seen in the history of Vinesauce.

lone pix101

Here is a list of games that came out around the same time as this game:
Fallout 3
Super Smash Brother Brawl
Mario Kart: Wii
Persona 4
Left 4 Dead
Grand Theft Auto IV
Metal Gear Solid 4
Yakuza 2 (NA Release)

Then remember this fucking game.

Val Ritz

Every so often I come back and witness this, just to realize that the egg-like genre will never approach this masterpiece of baffling design.


Why's this on Joel's channel?

Christine The Decora Girl

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt omg


Cursed Video.

No one Abandoned

is this fallout 1 ?

Vicho_bocho Archivo

I'm confused

Jenny James

Old but gold ~


4:05 to 4:13, i fucking laughed

GROMALOCARIS why do I need a last name

lots of bald people in this dungeon



HorizonCrosser 128

2008? As in, the same year MGS4 got released?

what the f*ck....

Evan Coveney

"Faggot's the name, and cooking's me game."


The Riderman

stolen assets: the video game

Bob's your uncle

This is perfect


Still gud


so she likes the drop of the hard stuff




... W H Y ?

Burg Bass

This stream was an absolute shittfest. But a good one.

Queen is my favorite band

This honestly reminds me of Zelda CDI.

Ribbons0121 R121

crysys looks better than this


I'm done with video gay

Darric P.L.

the worst game ever found wow impressive


I make a tradition to watch this once a week at best and once a month at worst. The entire video is just bafflingly ridiculous no matter how many times I watch it.

I actually watched the entire stream just for some context on some of this random shit and there was none. It was a damn good ride though.


wow stifflip and co. obscure af


Mario Galaxy 2007. This 2008.


Christ almighty, the voice acting is embarrassing. It's almost as if they just found some random junkies/smackheads off the street and brought them in to do VOs in exchange for drug money. When you spent over 10 years to develop a turd like this, you know you're in dire need of a career change.

Sebakisnie Sebakisnie

Now this is what I call quality.

Midnight Mechanic

Tourettes Guy called it, this game is BUTTFUCCCCCCCCCK!!


not this being recommended to me 6 years later.. i forgot vinny even played this game oh my god it literally feels like im in a time travel machine and i dont wike it

Takimeko and his Random Channal

The main character's face reminds me of the DKC cartoon for some reason.

Also this looks like a shitty early to mid 2000s flash game.


Last known appearance of Gordon Freeman





The guy at 4:34 sounds like Homer Simpson

m o t h m a n

WELL! FAGGIT'S ME NAME, (following words are irrelevant)

Kriss Soldo

Is this what hell looks like?

ArrIn Kay

wtf is this game?? xD

mayhare 97

Bethesda should have sent Majestic Studios a Cease and Desist letter saying "your stolen goods are now forfeit"




2:54 Where can I find that sound clip?

Ryuzaki The Crux

It's kinda like "The Room" it's so incredibly shitty but there's still something so charming and humorous about it.

Miléva Puentedura

Is someone trying to summon me ?!


"Faggot's the name! Cooking's me game!"

Seriously, what is this game?


so the old fuck is on this game?

Erin Wolf

This is my favorite vinny video of all time.

Mick 92

What is Ashens doing in this game???


All of the characters in this game sound like drunk grannies.

Abissor Swordzenorbe

What name have music used in beginning (with The Office TV Series Clip)? Could anyone answer, because there is a lot questions about this music. ;-)


I just realized that the skeletal ghost guy around 1:16 uses the Thief zombie noises.

Ronald Green

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlc94szfcNDHdHdZewnAvKeBXWYZVGdtT here's the playlist for anyone still looking for it

dunk fungus

Diablo 1 has better cg

budakbaong siah

4:20 Oblivion 2 babyyy


"This guy's name is Faggots!!"


Good memories of old vinesauce



Caleb Collier





for anyone wondering: the intro song is "Stifflip & Co. 128K Spectrum Title Music" but i dont know which specific version it is

Duncan Green

This video still takes the cake as my favorite editing ever in a vinesauce video

Can Cop


Jomaster The Second

Pruuh-luuhg. Duh dunduns.

-Attack of the youtube copyright bot-

i guess he just didnt realize the game has subtitles?
or wait i guess he figured it out later?

Tyler Chenoweth

It looks like they were inspired by the CGI Zelda games

International Boards of Pigeons

Joel's editing hasn't changed a bit since he started uploading highlights for Vinesauce.


classic sauce always nice


I’m rewatching this for the millionth time and I got halfway through but I just can’t I just gotta re watch the entire streams again cause I love this LP so god damn much that I gotta

Kain 128

"King of Limbo"
Radiohead stole the name of their 8th album from this game.


So why is this on Joel's channel and not on the Vinesauce channel (aka, Vinny's channel)?

Mark Murgiya

I wanted to see this video for a long time.


i occasionally remember “the dunduns” 0:33 whenever i see the word dungeon
it’s always stuck with me for some reason


Congratulations: The editing and fart noises are somehow worse than the game itself.

real human bean and a real hero

These character models fall smack dab in theabiddle of the uncanny valley


this game gave me so much anxiety i couldnt watch this


Video games truly are art.

Toasty AF

This game looks like the safe for work video game version of Where the Dead go to Die.
(If you don't know what it is, don't look it up.)

Akemas Tico

Thanks jeorl,I was feeling like a big girl sleeping without lights on but I guess I wont anymore