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NEWS LEADER: How the Reddit investor trend lost steam

54 views | 3 Feb. 2021

The Reddit short-squeeze

The Reddit short-squeeze saga may have gotten market participants in a frenzy but it seems like its losing some of its steam as the US Treasury is mulling tougher trade regulations. Business Day TV discussed this in detail with Craig Erlam from Oanda

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DC political consultants warn of 'financial populism' behind Reddit-driven market volatility

7 696 views | 28 Jan. 2021

Political veterans in

Political veterans in Washington have a warning for Wall Street amid this GameStop surge. CNBC's Eamon Javers reports. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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Luis Valentin

The media still doesn't get it ????

Sam Williams


Chris Gill

How is this "reddits" fault when the greedy billionaires (on both sides) are clearly responsible for the entire situation

Harry Hill

Why no one trusts the media is does Washington andWall Street bidding for them their gatekeepers.am

TheCanMan Can Since 1990

$Imra buy now


90 % CG tax now !

carey jernigan

Better populisam than putinissam.........
I am so proud of the anonomous movement against wallstreet,
Just wish I could help with this movement....


Life without Trump. RIP Freedom.

People pleaser

Its no belief. The system is rigged.

Its no meme. They found an excessive short and exploited it. If there is a populist movement it came after the strong wave of intelligent investors that gave a legitimate strategy.

Keep shaking in your boots siphocants!

Kevin Otero





we just like the stock

Patrick Bateman


mahna mahna

This guys not as moronic as he's pretending to be

J Snow777

cnbc trying to censor free speech and free markets... this is nazism. wall street should apologize for being nazis to the average joe.

Ron Peer

OMG so this is populism also? The media knows no bounds with stupid spin. You didn’t care that the Hedge Funds have been manipulating the markets for years. All of a sudden it’s a big deal because some elite just lost his shirt.


They dont trust people to think for themselves!! They look at us like we are deplorables!!
We will never ever surrender!!

Gaël des Montagnes Noires

World wide woke ... This is an international monetary mouvement happening in households around the world.
This is the power of decentralized Love.

Fahad Amir

Trump is missed?


Yeah it's populism. The formation of America was a populist movement. Populism is not a bad thing when it matters. It's only bad when it's a con-man using fake information to drum up support to stroke his ego. Technically, MAGA is a populist movement that got hi-jacked into a cult in 2016. The lure of Gamestop is that it was shorted 140% by hedge funds with a record of being predatory by exploiting corruption tools in the system.

Jeremy Curtis

Never forget.


r/wallstreetbets represent! ?


Screw billionaires they are the ones that ruin the economy

Gaël des Montagnes Noires

It's starts with hedge funds & next will be oppressive regimes.

Buy Bitcoin so governments will have to be subservient to civilians instead of the other way around.


Well considering td ameritrade and robinhood either restricted trading/down right forced you to sell kind of supports that narrative now. I mean really the fed pulling the breaks all of a sudden was concerning

Amol Rode

Not even close. We should be able to battle the big funds fairly!! Now I can't even post on webull.

Adam Prince

“Belief” that elites rig the system. Is this a joke? They literally buy influence with their money. Everyone knows they rig the system in their favor. It’s not a belief, it’s common sense.

Jonathan Brotto

Not just politics but also trading.

The Scroll

Lol. Now the hedge fund guys will call the politicians they bought and get some rule changes and harassing investigations.

cdx cdx


michael rivera

Why are they trying to make it about MAGA? That's literally the opposite of what redditors are trying to do. Does he even actually read reddit?

The nihilist

The belief lol that elites to reading the system


You guys are such haters on us but one thing guaranteed is you boomers won’t live forever ! We are going to completely overhaul this system and we’re just getting started ! Millennials and zoomers let’s go ????



Kristopher Ryan

There is no "belief" that elites rig the system. They shut down trading with a phone call because they are losing. We have eyes and ears. Stop it.

John Wick

meme-fication so dangerous, omg...

Kenneth b

Open the trades what happened to "fair trade?"


When you're a kid, learning about the French Revolution: "No, why are they doing that to the aristocracy? That's so cruel."

When you're an adult, living in a neoliberal hellscape: "Oh.... I get it now..."

dillon rudio

Why aren't they reporting what happened today to the average retail trader? They're right, just like maga, just like the rest of politics and everything else they report. Media chooses to leave out details and make what's happening seem like a bad thing. I hope biased news networks like this have the same fate as these failing hedge funds.

David Keill

Yes, it's the little guy vs. the elites, and CNBC has shown itself for a week now to be solidly on the side of the elites. Lots of interviews with fat cats and short sellers, but not one interview with a Reddit trader. This allows CNBC to speak for the Reddit community without having the guts to put them on the air to speak for themselves. At least today, CNBC seems to be stopping with their feverish defense of the monied elite. Perhaps they have realized that the independent investors who make up their audience don't like being insulted and called "an angry mob".

Bryan smith

go to hell

Gaël des Montagnes Noires


?We are LEGIONS ... No more WARS?

?Buy Bitcoin?

Meta Cube

Ok boomer


? F WALL ST ❗️ F THE BIG GUYS ❗️ they made THEIR MOVE NOW WE MAKE OURS ❗️only way to STICK IT to em is TO SEND $GME TO THE MOOOOOOOOON OMFGGGG ???? fr tho they really think they can get away w this..

obi one

Eat The Rich!

Lex LEo

Robinhood and TD has crossed the line for restricting trading. Vote with your money by leaving these platforms

Mona Rado

Pure propaganda. I've read the posts in Reddit. They are not Trump supporters as they say. Politically, they are all over the place. Some love AOC, some hate her. Who these people are? Smart, angry and persistent. Blue colors. What patronizing crap from the elites who think they are more sophisticated thinkers than anyone else. Nope, just rich and about to be poor. The WBS are playing the inverse short game and winning.



Code Delta

They panicking!



Kyle B

Financial populism? Wtf do they think the economy is????


gimme a break. Populism? you are morons.


I start to think trump was right


?IM NOT SELLING ? All my money made will go straight to charity!


Yeah you're not going to convince us to sell you ??

Matt Pagel

When the baby boomers are rotting in their graves we shall see true populism


DC political consultants? Are they listening to wall street lobbyist?

TRU7H Therion

Bury the shorts. Hedge the position.


The fact that Robinhood is keeping people from trading these stocks IS proof that the system is RIGGED


The people have a right to access the markets. Market participation is a GOOD thing.


Populism? Small investors got unlawfully fleeced - this has nothing to do with populism.

Nik las

I hope all who are responsible for blocking trades by robinhood and trade republic and manipulating the market, will be judged and punished for that!

Trent Petersen



Now this is something both the right and left can agree on...

Stop the greedy money printing crooks for Ashli

Yes the people know it's rigged and all bs from the fedsters money printing crooks.


This is class warfare, no doubt about it. Hedgefunds manipulate the market all the time and finally they get there's and they want the change the rules. Disgusting! The masses is the free market. Let the market decide for itself.

Perry D

Elites do rig the system, no doubt about it

Pattie B

Un freakin believable. So they are saying this is a type of populism, and clearly they are saying it as a WARNING!? To what?! These stupid politicians better start recognizing the seriousness of their stupid rhetoric and disrespect of the common man,. People can't take much more of this crap. WE are not the BAD Guys.

Travis Mackey

We said you could buy stocks, but not that way. Thats baaaaad.

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5 824 views | 2 Feb. 2021

As the GameStop stock

As the GameStop stock situation continues, there have been several developments. Driven by the activity on GameStop stock, r/WallStreetBets are discussing other potential stocks that could behave similarly. AMC stock, the movie theater chain besieged by COVID-19 has come out as a popular choice along with companies like BlackBerry and Nokia.

GameStop stock investors from r/WallStreetBets share why they went in on the stock squeeze and what the attention to the subreddit means for its future.

Reddit stock investors have been behind the rise in GameStop’s share price over the past week. We explain what’s been happening, why you should watch The Big Short and what could happen next.

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The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only. I am not a licensed financial or tax professional. You should seek advice from a licensed professional before making any investment/financial decisions. Links provided, including those to Amazon, M1 Finance and others, may be affiliate links whereby a small commission may be paid out. I care about my community and my subscribers, therefore I only provide links to resources that I personally use and/or that I believe are of good quality. I appreciate everyone's support and am always here to help. I wish everyone all the best, and be safe.

Wellean Hampton

Gm coach and ? thanks for this information!! Good idea on ( game stop)giving back hmmm

Guillen Rodriguez Padilla

Ok im very thankfull for this video even though im kinda deff and my memory is running error here ron yates keep me hopefull and also ron yates is very knowledgeable and is fast putting together the list ron yates #1

Total Tomoko

you know, Wall St has been counterfeiting stock

OSU 405

Now it's a problem because they lost $$$

Rooker Cindy

Good Morning Ron :)

Laura Capotosto

Insider trading crooks that's what it sounds like to me

Tondra Johnsonville

Thanks Ron !!!

Char Chandler


Troy Whitlow

Thanks Ron.

Grace Abigail

Professional trader Sir Oliver advisedly taught me to use a printed record that it is a great learning tool. Print out a chart and state the reasons for the trade, including to the fundamentals that sway my decisions. Mark the charts with your entry and exit points. Make any relevant comments on the chart including emotional reasons for taking action. Did I panic?, was I too greedy?, was I full of anxiety while trading? It is only when you objectify your trades that you'll develop the mental control and discipline to develop the mental control and discipline to execute according to your system instead of your habits or emotions.

Genevieve Smith

I love GameStop I am going to be sad when they go out of business

Sharon Smith

Wish I had brought gamestop stock.

Jessica Ramirez

Please regulate the stock markets @,child care,rent,car insurance

Bernice P

Hello Ron can you give some input on how to purchase high yield dividend shares. Thank you

Ra-Ra Watkins

Hey ron you kind know a lot....spill the tea...spill the RoN...... hun I'm listening.....

Pat Bymark

Good morning Ron?

Sheba Bynum

Good Morning Ron. Thanks for all you do ?

Lisa Addison

Hello Ron

Eduardo Apor

Thank you Ron. Have a nice day

James Hemphill

Ron you stoopid!! I love you homie,lol

Tammie Vasquez

Wow that's sad

Tanya Rawls

GM Ron, don't really understand much about stocks, but I do have a few dollars I have invested in stock from my cash app, such as apple etc. Is investing in those stocks on there profitable, & a good thing.

Nina Panagiotakis

My husband bought GME stock

Sarah Rudnicki

Isn’t disgusting how Pelosi and her husband got shares right before Biden had everything stopped for other people in buys shares of game stop shares!!!

Vernice Brown

Love your program

Paul Holmes

Thank you!

Joe Lujan

So that's why they said a bunch of kids bought stocks with stimulus . for 2 bucks and change and stole from a rich man ? Is that why this rich man Is crying now Ron . I don't understand

shirley Anderson

Turn your volume up.

Chad Dietmeyer

is that stock blitz guy for real. he sends you an alert when a stock is gonna explode over night.
Lance Ippolito is his name

Renee Smith


margaret smith

Saw Game stop open in Chicago 1997' I thought it would really explode

James Hemphill

Man I love sticking it to the man,lol.

Linda Metelko

Dont understand the stock market and have no money to even buy into a stock thanks for the video Ron

Deva19xx Dee Jones

Good morning Ron

Doug Comstock

It's about time the small guy gets ahead

Ian Kliewer

I like this!! Thanks Ron. I have always wanted to invest in some sort of stocks or something but unsure how or what to invest in...

Angela Smith

Not understanding the stock thing

margaret smith

I am glad for a change people with too much loot are feeling a little pain.

Robin L&L

Will you please find out if Biden restated Obamacare? And if you don't have it people will get Penalise for not having health insurance? When someone dose there taxes? Please .

Isaiah L Barrett

After serving 10 years in the Marine corps I went to live in Perth Western Australia the problem was I could not work until I had a worker's permit and this would take approximately 3 months so I looked around and I seen that no one was training dogs in the home so I opened up the business there dog training in your home private lessons in your home and I was averaging $8,000 a month within 3 months so this is just one of the things that you wanted to hear about people that had private jobs or businesses themselves so I just want to say that enjoy your show and you're very very knowledgeable and very intelligent and thank you very much for your(I graduated from Stephen Cobb career school of dog trainers to become a behavioral specialist.)

Joe Lujan


Tracy Vanover

Hey ron I'm new to the stock thing..I invested 50 dollars but don't have a glue what I'm doing..you got a video that would help a beginner

Laura Capotosto

Sounds illegal something only Congress is allowed to do

dorothy greene

Thanks for the info I really enjoyed the information You shared concerning the stock markets would like to know more about the stock markets and which one is best to invest in. Much Love ❤️

Norene Fleming

great video

Rambo Bandz


Linda Lopez

So where would I go to, to buy stock? I have Wellbull?? I f so need a worthy website to learn about the stocks. Can I buy stocks in Gamestop? My Google is doing good, only because my sister helped me. PLEASE HELP Thank you Ron for the information. ????

Mary Edwards

Later for stock! What about the doggone stimulus check? Stop,stop. No one have no money for no doggone stock .

Char Chandler

Greetings of the day!?

sweet peaches

Good morning Ron

Ann Bennett

What does that have to do with the stimulus check I could care less about stocks I'm so broke I can't afford stocks

Naomi Tamar

Good Morning....

Anthony Chick

Ron I hope you having a good day we is the American people do not care about no GameStop no kind of stocks when there is no money to invest in stock we as American people are getting really fed up with these crooked politician

Karen Kvalevog

I had just asked my husband, "What is all this Game Stop stuff going on?" I turn on YouTube and there you were explaining it. Thank's Ron.

Faye King

Happy Tuesday

Char Chandler

Did you hear about the young boy who cleaned up on Gamestop?? His mom had bought him some stock.

Tia Goode

Hey Ron!! Tia Goode here from Hampton va. I saved up $500 to invest but I'm not sure which way to go? What about the index fund way? I dnt exactly understand them but I feel like that's the way I should go. I was also told about penny stocks. Do u know any food ones to invest in? Can you do a quick stock investing for dummies jst to cover the basics again