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5 Reason's Stellar XLM CAN HIT $5

26 184 views | 4 Feb. 2021

In Today's video we talk

In Today's video we talk about Stellar Lumens XLM and go over the reasons why it can easily hit prices up-to $5 in the near future! Also I will be doing a little bit of a price breakdown and giving you the latest updates on exactly what is happening with XLM Stellar Lumens! If you enjoy videos about XLM

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00:00 INTRO

00:45 Fundementals

08:25 Chart Breakdown

12:14 Price Predictions

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Roi Suarez

Xlm chart patterns gives a preparation for break out


What platform you use to trade this crypto

Brandon Kinney

I'll sell mine so it finally pumps for you guys lol

James Down

Do you think XLM will ever achieve the heights of $25? You see how quickly LINK gained in value.

Tina Dijkstra

Notttt tru


I bought some Stellars recently and im sure it will stonk hard over the years!

AJ DIY Network

I am looking for xlm to sky rocket! Thanks noaty!

Teddi Mo

Same stale reasons all over youtube ....guys , xlm just needs fuel from the market for the launch . No charting can forecast the price .

Lance Stone

I can see 5$ by end of 2021. If it ends up totally wiping out XRP can you ever see it hitting double-triple digits in price?

dont know yet

who says xrp can burn tokens or maybe it has been the plan all along gotta look past the picture bro

m j



Needs to break .40 and you have a whale dumping at that price.

Victor Evans

Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this season, because it changes numerous of people lifes

Hüseyin Gürbüz

Great video


XLM ready for take off ??

Tri Saputra

hopeless with xlm, move to dot

Mark S

ok handsome.... hodl

Running Man UK

Loving XLM, such an underrated alt coin.

Nathan Hynes

I swapped 100% of my litecoin for xlm, my thinking is xlm will pump somewhat over the next couple of months then I'll convert 75% of it back into Litecoin hopefully before the PayPal deal is released to use publicly


I transferred all my xrp to stellar once the sec lawsuit dropped, it would be nice if it hit 5 dollars


Agree for 5$
But “stellar won’t get sued because it’s decentralized” so is XRP... and behind stellar there is also people working on, and a company? Could get sued too
The reason why xrp first ? Pretty sure they aren’t the first dumping few million in retail market the fuel their company ... basic

Willy Wonka

Someone told me the market cap is not high enough to ever get to 5 dollars like ever



Consulting Firm

Gray scale has not sold xrp ... to fool people he said sold xrp


hate to break it to anyone here, but it's always been xrp to moon and this lawsuit hasn't changed that

KLX boy

Me and my 120,000 lumens have our bags packed and are ready to take a trip to the moon

Sten Kask

just buy more and more, you will earn anyway.....


Are you planning on holding for short term or like 10 - 15 years?

Michael McLaughlin

As a trader who owns BTC and ETH before the latest bull run ..I also positioned into XLM recently after doing extensive research ..in my opinion this coin has a lot of unrecognized upside.

Dan C

Seems too good to be true. Cautiously optimistic

Dr Rick

I think it’s going way over $5 dollars


Great. Video thanks

Nath Crypto Enthusiast

I’m heavily invested in XLM but the price of XLM went down with the announcement of USDC going live on the Stellar network ?

Robert Murillo

The recent XRP pump was orchestrated by SatoshiStreetBets I witnessed the whole thing.

Megan Henson

The crypto mark:et is currently experiencing a bull run and a lot of newbies see this as a chance to get in on the action,I think I'll let others hold the bag. This happens anytime something moons. I've seen with Bitcoin in 2018, in the silver mar:ket, the oil mar:ket, housing and even about individual stocks. When something moons like this, sorry, you are too late. My advise if you are planning to go in the Crypto Mar:ket is you should trade with a wise approach rather than buying Crypto, holdin it to make gain and then get disappointed by an imminent crash in a few weeks. Over the past year I have been able to make 13+BTC following the instructions and s!gnals from Isaac Steward, He runs program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how tradN Bitcoin works, to help them utilise the volatility of the crypto mar:ket and also stack up more Crypt0. You can easily get to Isaac on Tel-qram(@Isaacsteward* ) /?нαтαѕαρρ((+447782829841).


I have 400 is that enough for big profit

Himachal Darpan

Give way please ?

Lemuel Valle

thanks for your content! i just wanted to add even tho i love both xlm and xrp... xrp does have 100 bil. but 50 bil. is on escrow


When XLM hits $3, $4 or even $5... I believe it only would make more sense to keep it for a longer term... What's your opinion sir?

Wouter de Vries

Thank You for The video!

robert Barnett

ive had a chunk of xlm since 2018 .same videos ever since.stellar is gonna break out tomorrow.

samuel rystrom

we are gonna see high priced xlm with the us a dollar as a foundational partner_ hello 100 dollar plus

O Omoregie

I like XLM a lot but it keeps dropping. It is very unstable. I had to move 30% of my XLM to ChainLink yesterday to reduce losses. It is crashing hard. I really hope it goes back up.

Serban Lucian

Do one on 0x,its pupmped to 1$ ?

samuel rystrom

USDC is running on stellar up up and away the price will go

Weena Huang

looking forward to that!

george hudson

I got 1 reason why it won't


I’m new here and glad I subbed. This is quality info mate. Good work. Appreciated.

Karlox360 Subang

XLM ????? my most favorite alt. Thanks for the vid!


So are you thinking about selling after $1 and then re investing on the dip to accumulate more coins?


I think XRP is purposely being held down, it wants to run up so bad

Cherry Bombe

i think XRP has such a high supply because its targeting business/banking transactions - overall i think XLM is a sleeping giant and a safer bet

Andrew Stauffer


Thoth Mark

Currently sitting on 1477 XLM coins. Just a tiny goldfish is this market.

Sha Yousuf

Great job





Crypto & Cognac

Thanks for not screaming and just being straight up haha. Followed! :)

Eager Money

great vid man ???


Hope it goes to the moon

Willie Gonzalez

What are your thoughts on XLM I bought it at .4 ?

Fred Campbell

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Bg Butter

Good work

Nzg 221

XLM & ADA $$$

Ryan Joray

I mention all of these things to the newbies. I am surprised you didn't mention the VISA connection. 2018 forbes. Visa adoption of USDC happens the same time as XLM. Moon

Jonny Allen

People waiting for it to turn $5 are going to be holding bags.

kyle parkes

I’m not trying to bash your analysis or anything, but if 20 billion were in circulation in 2018, and we hit roughly a $1.00. How would it be more rare today if the same amount are in circulation. The total quantity is the same. The only difference is the idea in 2018 were people expecting more to enter into circulation. Now that’s not happening, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more rare

Abella Agota

It's always for Crypto investors to venture into trading because it is only by trading Cryptos investors can survive bearish periods.

Ted Valentin


Aaron F

Long game.

Cassius A Ojuederie

XRP. ALGO XLM for me

Matt Nelson

I like these vids, very handy. Thanks from NZ


Pure shit coin

ben wolhendler

I didn’t get in on BTC, so guess I’m dumping money in XLM

Ricky Franco

only could afford 758 right now...:( I have 5 ETH. Will buy more once I get my check

jo sho

5 dollars?
Idk man

Jimmy G

My xlm average is .07 cents. I was called crazy long ago for buying.

Mus Pro

XLM Stellar Lumens will hit $5 indeed, and then higher... Great video and explanation Noaty. Buy and HOLD, no matter what. This coin will make you rich. It's growing everyday with important institutions and countries. Both an amazing Blockchain and Digital Currency. Will be number #1.

Sean Dowling

Is it too late ?


love you Noaty. not too much tho so we good

jeff hogan

I have always been a keen subscriber to this channel mate and keep up the great work,, some of the best on YT. 2020 was quite a year and what is a better news for crypto than to see all-time highs? Both institutions and high-net-worth investors are starting to acknowledge Bitcoin/xrp as a store of value and as a treasury asset. Happy to be a partaker of such a change in the world of crypto, I know some hodlers are happy at the moment due to the recent rise, although you aren't supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts. That's why it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypto tradlng came my way. "Why hold a currency you can multiply or grow?" With much energy channeled into tradlng bitcoin daily with unique slgnals, it was no surprise how my portfolio went from 3 Bitcoin to 8.7 Bitcoin within a year. I will always advlse anyone who just started dealing with Bitcoin or old holders, Trad e people! It is truly easy, only requires your time. I registered with a Crypto mentor david tepper of appaloosa management who helped me grow my crypto portfoIio all the way to the top. you all can reach him @{davidtepper_trades} on Telg:ram made 2020 awsome for me....... but i am still looking forward to 2021.......

Chris Henry

Bro I bought at your last video on it and it's done nothing I was litterly gonna sell today then saw this prove me wrong please this time

Matthew Clemmons

Yo this dude is a straight up wizard in his predictions. He's got some serious big brain going on

Mike Doerer

Clarity for all: The circulating supply back in 2018 was below 20 billion coins. Today, it’s 22.8 billion. There are a total of 100 billion coins hardcoded and slated for release, yet only 22.8 billion of those are in circulating supply. SDF plans on Incrementally releasing a “small” amount coins annually until all 100 billion coins are circulating (this will take many years). Math for people here: $1 price/Xlm equates to a market cap of $22.8 billion today. $5 price equates $114 billion. $10 price equates $228 billion dollars. I’m on the stellar bandwagon too but people need to understand that’s a lot of money that needs to funnel into stellar to make it $1, $5, $10/xlm. Bitcoin has a market cap of $689 billion while ETH has $183 billion. Just analyze those numbers for a while and realize that stellar has the potential of gaining significant market capitalization but it’s going to take time. Hold.

Janoy Cresva

Let’s see how long it takes for XLM to reach XRPs price of .44 cents though


New to all of this, set up a coinbase account a few days ago and got about 58 XLM so far.
Got 46 XRP today on Binance.

Salvador Lara

Thank you for the positive news! 3 days later is .39!! I'm very positive about this for this year!!

Carter Brown

you should look into ripples connections with all the world banks and financial institutions. xrp will be used by the governments while xlm will be used by the people. both r good choices but i do think ur sleeping on xrp.



Joe Capozzi

great video thanks

Mobile legends LvMcGregor

@noaty crypto 1st of all thx for conentt 2th.... id like to know.... around 500xlm would bring nice profit? iff i go long term?


waiting for my shit coin to spike once more b4 i convert to xlm. exciting.

Joyal Jaison

Watching from india fearing of crypto ban....still holding a lot of XLM ???


What would be a good amount to invest in xlm? I have 400 xlm atm

Mike Perron

5$ is approx 102 billion dollar market cap. Just saying

guil poicum

Xlm is good one for sure ... stop talking about price !!! If you know what you hold you should dont worry about anything!!

Ciaran Quigley

Love your videos ??

Noaty Crypto

Hey everyone thanks so much for watching! Please watch out for scammers and feel free to leave a comment I will try and get back to everyone today! Thank you for all the support means the world have a great day!

Russ Vander

What do you all think the buy in should be at? I used to own it at 0.28 but I really do not want to buy it at a price of 0.40... Should I wait til we see a drop to 0.32-0.35?

Suburbanlife YT

I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

Lumen coin news

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) HUGE News! Price Analysis & More!

8 733 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Portfolio Management /

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0:00 - Intro | Market Recap Overview

0:34 Subscribe To The Channel & Market Recap Overview

1:27 - German real estate giant issues debt via Stellar blockchain

4:13 - Stellar Lumens: Former Goldman Sachs and Netflix executive joins SDF

7:01 - Koreans Trading XRP & XLM Heavily With Over 5% Premium

9:15 - Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis

10:26 - Join My Patreon (Vip Coin calls) & Final Thoughts!

I am a big fan of Crypto and I will be hopefully bringing you information you didn't know about! I am very bullish on crypto and I want to help as many people as I can! Stay Safe Stay Rich!

This is my opinion. And things can change. But hopefully you learn a little here. Subscribe, like and share the video for more! Leave your thoughts down below!

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Want to buy cryptocurrency the safest way possible?: ‪https://r.kraken.com/bnRyP‬








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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. Investing and trading is risky, and you can lose your money. The information in this video should not be used to make any investment decisions. You should contact a licensed financial adviser prior to making any investment decisions.

#Stellar #XLM #Cryptocurrency #Best #CryptoNews #StellarNews #HowToBuyXLM #TechicalAnalysis #Blockchain #Partnerships

what is Stellar Lumens

XLM explained

Stellar explained

what is XLM cryptocurrency

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MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

Needs more time to burn XRP off its reputation. Never ? liked XRP hope it does well. Gonna sell a lot of Hellcats, Camaro’s, and base model chargers.

Poshboy Qumz1

€200 in XLM let’s get this bread ?

JWAY 202

I got 10.62 cents in Stellar can’t wait for the future

Manager EF

Thanks for the great video ??

Crypto Nobes

Leave your thoughts and opinions down below?
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0:00 - Intro | Market Recap Overview
0:34 - Subscribe To The Channel ❤️ & Market Recap Overview
1:27 - German real estate giant issues debt via Stellar blockchain
4:13 - Stellar Lumens: Former Goldman Sachs and Netflix executive joins SDF
7:01 - Koreans Trading XRP & XLM Heavily With Over 5% Premium
9:15 - Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis
10:26 - Join My Patreon (Vip Coin calls) & Final Thoughts!

Web shooter187

Bullish!!! all the way within 10 years were looking $10.000 plus per lumen.

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

Xlm will not break 1$ maybe .50 following behind ADA to its 1.00 price

Ryan 88

Stellars next jump in price is on 2/6/21
And bitcoins is 1/23/21

cat car

I think $5 in 3-5 years, based in sentiment not scientific evidence based study.

Mel Solomon

Everyones trying to get rich in fiat and not crypto which is the future. They're shorting XLM as of it's a penny stock. 1 dollar is going to be hard. XLM will be the new dollar if people chill the hell out and see the future. Itll be followed by chainlink. Mark my word.

Sukarno Nono


Hawk Spiritweaver

Good level headed content.

Jenny M

When will it hit 100$?

J3 F

Respect the pump


You mentioned Warburg Banks involvement..............WARBURG hitlers banker
If they are involved it is a guarantee for success.
In November 1910, six men – Paul Warburg, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Nelson Aldrich – met at the Jekyll Island Club, off the coast of Georgia, to write a plan to reform the nation’s banking system.


Definitely a 10. Whats up Nobes? Great content.


XLM for the win!

Jon Jones


Mockingbird Redacted

Good luck on your crypto all! I tried to tell my parents about this and Tesla but the ignored me, I hope you fellas have big gains

Kev Martin

We’re nearly there ! It’s about an 8 and 10 is when we go 100% adoption


Hodl that XLM right next to your XRP. this is going to be big!

The 8th Gate

6.5B mkt cap for what could potentially take over as a global currency... highly undervalued still for long term holders EDIT: 6.5B not 6m typo

Fahim Naeem

XLM XRP DNT coins ????

Bünyamin KristallSchmiede

Huge Big News!

Sunny Boy

Great vid nobes ! Love xlm. Tezos waking up dude ?✌


I don’t know if we’ll repeat history again but crypto always tanks around the Chinese NY. Don’t get me wrong I believe 2021 is going to be a really fun bull ride but I’m waiting to buy to see what happens with the Chinese NY. I personally believe we will repeat history with a 30-40% correction...consolidate for 60-90 days then ride the bull to all time highs. What do I know ??‍♂️

Lumen coin news

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9 399 views | 3 Feb. 2021


STELLAR LUMENS TODAY: In this video, I'll go through the XLM news today & I'll make a Stellar Lumens price analysis. On this channel, I make daily videos over Bitcoin and altcoins including Ethereum, XRP, Chainlink, and many more. These are just my XLM price predictions and XLM technical analysis, not to be used for financial advice. If you enjoy crypto news and cryptocurrency analysis, be sure to like and subscribe!

Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTjmbErMbPlSr6bbju-4Wdw?sub_confirmation=1

Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JordanC_Crypto

#stellar #cryptonews #XLM

john francis

I heard XLM Stellar Lumens will go to $1.00 by Mid February. Projects in the Philippines and Singapore look very promising too!

Swift Adz

STELLAR - yells from lawn


Unless bitcoin breaks out massively


ive heard XLM is going to crash after show park incident in Prague!


thanks again mate hope so

Rick G

If you predict it enough, eventually it will happen.

batu ata

Bahçe Duvarından Aştım - Ankara Oyun Havası.ara kısmına yaz.youtube den dinle ve sakinleş

Jacques Day

XLM looks like its ready to explode


To the moooooooooooon


You still
Think it?

Rick G

This guys keeps predicting things and they don’t happen. Statistically if you counted on the opposite thing happening, you would be right 100% of the time.


Well personally I feel, those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in the cryptocurrency world in general or probably just naive, cryptocurrencies have seen far worse times and even better times than this, enlightened traders continue to make good use of the dip even acquiring more equities towards trading sessions, 6 months back I started trading, though I knew just the basics of trading, I've seen a lot of money been made from crypto trading just within weeks, I wasn't able to capture the secret to understanding the use of signals till I got connected to trading expert Isaac Steward. Under his guide, I've been able to understand the market structure and how best to use signals for amazing returns, plus his trading classes has been so educative, Isaac makes you learn while earning massively alongside, Sebastian can be contacted for strictly crypto inclined concerns Telegrm (@Isaacsteward) and watsapp (+447782829841)

Adam Denesovics

Stella is going to crush the idiots

Eddie Langwinski

XLM next stop. .50. Then .75. Then 1 buck. Once we break that dollar Mark it will climb rapidly

William Leather

XLM and Algorand. . .

Bitcoin Man

Sold my entire position in XLM after waiting for 3 weeks. So frustrating

redzuan grab82


Teddi Mo

how people keep making useless chart explanation ......

Allen Rappaport

Thanks Jordan. The low volume is very worrisome though, even before the most recent BC outbreak

garitojackie ramturner

Fantastic video ❤️Looking at the bullish moves top crypto assets has been having since last year, I'd call it a very big win for hodlers of btc. Though 2021 is set for much bigger gains as predicted by analysts, personally holding is still a very odd way of making gains which isn't really my thing, considering the Dynamics and low bucks one gains within the time. I prefer trading assets which has provided me a far bigger pay gain than I initially imagined, although am still far from being an expert trader. Trading is serious business that is both technical and demanding, major reason I just employ the use of signals from trade expert Lyor Kirk, I will admit his signals and trade guide has been top notch and core to my trading successes, trading experience and good mastery of the market really sets him apart from other pro trader. He can be reached on Telegram (Lyor_signals) and WhatsApp (+447862159760) for all crypto related inquiries.



Bitcoin Man

Man, I have sold my entire XLP position. I was holding that coin for 3 weeks .. Then decided to switch to GRT. I don't know if that right or wrong decision. We shall see soon

Michael L



Another great video. Could you explain what a measured move is and how it's determined?

Omar Almakhtar

Do you recommend us to buy XLM right now or not

robert Barnett

you have less than 3 hrs.

Master Painter

It has passed 24hrs and XLM still same.


Thanks ????

Greg Stakenburg

XLM to the moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon ?????????????????

Tri Saputra

stellar is like ripple, zonk,,,, sell and move your asset to another most profitable crypto!!!

Anjali Adhikari

Yes overnight i saw xlm spiking below ??

Chris s


Morgan Peters

Stocks are good but i swapped and invested in forex and crypto I've been earning much from it

Chris Pines

Why didn’t xlm continue to increase from this range back in Feb 2018? Seems like it’s starting over from scratch historically speaking. Is that normal or just the nature of the beast?

Jay Lee


norfranHarald AzimechKettler

A massive rally in the crypto markets pulls the overall cryptocurrency market cap above $ 1 trillion for the first time in history. Thanks to Bitcoin (BTC) and some of the popular altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) which have been leading the show over the last year. If we see the monthly chart, the overall crypto market cap has jumped by nearly $ 450 billion or by a massive 78%. As per on-chain data provider Santiment, the crypto market rally in the last 24-hours is on the backdrop of massive buying confidence among the crypto crowd. After some early skepticism this week, the bulls have come back strongly. Well, the result is Bitcoin (BTC) hitting an all-time high above $ 37,782 as of writing this story hitting $ 700 billion in market cap. The world's largest cryptocurrency is now eyeing an imminent breakout to $ 40,000. Looking at the BTC price movement over the last few weeks this can come possibly in the next 2-3 days itself or even today. One never messes with the Bitcoin bulls and As a crypto trader the past few weeks has recorded immerse benefits all round, my only regret now is not knowing Victor Judge on time, his top notch signals remains the bedrock of the successes recorded in my personal trading portfolio. He continues to be an inspiration to all who have been fortunate to have made use of his signals. Victor Judge can be reached on Telegrm @Victorsignal or whts app +19545464937 and remember always be positive in whatever we do. my only regret now is not knowing Victor Judge on time, his top notch signals remains the bedrock of the successes recorded in my personal trading portfolio. He continues to be an inspiration to all who have been fortunate to have made use of his signals. Victor Judge can be reached on Telegrm @Victorsignal or whts app +19545464937 and remember always be positive in whatever we do. my only regret now is not knowing Wilson Charles on time, his top notch signals remains the bedrock of the successes recorded in my personal trading portfolio. He continues to be an inspiration to all who have been fortunate to have made use of his signals. Victor Judge can be reached on Telegrm @Victorsignal or whts app +1 (954) 546 4937 and remember always be positive in whatever we do.

TaichiPanda 420

Wheres the move?

Teddi Mo



Can't decide if I should buy or sell my XLM... I wish I would know how to analyze the chart like you're doing.

wow bizz

And ???after 10h is going down

Dry Dessert

look at the BTC/XLM pair. USD makes not as much sense for TA as BTC in crypto, me thinks.


9 hours left for this prediction

Bucket Mouse Mining

whats goin on tomorrow (feb/3rd) for XRP? i hear another pump or dump is in the works

Elias Rodriguez

Thank you. Appreciate your work


Everyone keeps hyping stella and fucking nothing happens every single time

What a bunch of cuckery

gov lies

ok wheres the move ,will it be lower or higher ?


It’s been 72 hours ..where is the move ?


nice :-)

Dip In Gucci

BTC XLM ETH are my top 3 picks

Nick Molnar

Fuck yea ?

Alek Kostanyan

I was waiting for this video !

JWAY 202

Stellar to the ?


Please make video for band long turn.Thank you

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

Ok coming back today, at 12PM


ALGO crypto coin to the moon!

Pernette Lucas

After numerous winnings I keep making 80btc monthly with Mr kelvin Peter trading strategy all thanks to him.

Paul Stan

thank you, that was very good analysis. It's almost like all of us are a decentralized intelligence company, sharing intel and making decisions.

de alex

3 hours left....

Sacha Nöhmer

Very useful video.. again, thx Jordan ?

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

Resistance is bullshit. Its broke people selling. Some rich, mostly sketchy non profit weak hands.

John Doe



Still, no move It's strange Its got to go soon Bought too early?nice Video Jordan

Fahim Naeem

XLM n DNT coin???

Michael L

Dude you got to stop telling people big moves are coming you have been wrong every time. A move of 1 to 4 cents is not a big move you really need to stop you don't know shit seems to be you want people to buy to pump your bag just STOP