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Rlyp Short Interest Explained + BOJ + Calling Out Jaw Boning Gloomers

544 views | 30 Jan. 2016

In this video, i explain

In this video, i explain once again the RLYP short interest in detail. I also talk about The Bank Of Japan's Negative Interest Rate adoption and how that effects our stock market. Additionally, I call out analyst Rich Ross for excessive negative Jaw Boning and show how he's cost his followers a lot of money + a lot more, enjoy and don't worry, things will work themselves out in time!

Mr. Waits

Okay Scott, so let's say you're a newb with all of this, you were impressed with what you were hearing about RLYP, and you bought shares in early January. Needless to say, now you're hurting and feeling like a big dummy. A whole host of 'coulda, shoulda's' with this scenario, but it is what it is. So, if you're not hurting for the cash at the moment, were you in a similar position would you hang in with it, dump it and take the loss, or what? As for me, I'm just spinning from the whole situation at this point -- based on all the good stuff I'd heard about RLYP, I never suspected this sort of drop. Thanks for any input you can offer.


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I suck because I sold RLYP way too soon . mock me for that

649 views | 7 Apr. 2016

Td De

"9 months go by and we haven't gone up"

Actually it’s been over 20 months and we haven’t gone up. Been chopping right around SPX 2000 since early 2014. We never go down and we never go up.


I liked the statement "I predicted that market never goes down, but hey, I am allowed to change sides" and prediction of the 2015 that "Market never goes down- there is gonna be not more than a 7 down days in 2015". Suckers who emulate, get slaughter. Sad for suckers. My point is, do not emulate what the Kenny will predict in the future, do your own research! He is a trader and "he is allowed to change sides"


I recently emailed for info to join live chat room sessions...thanks


I'm coming Kenny.... Studying for my Series 7 now, taking exam next month. Joining Quasar. It's game time buddy! You know I'm ready to play some sick calls! #ChannelGuyTrader


holy shit dude I can't stop laughing

Ryan Mann

lol Kenny you da man


joe justjoe is too much a puss to show up to the room. I DID!


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Explaining StockMarket Tank And Currency Depegging + RLYP, AFMD Talk

358 views | 14 Jan. 2016

In this video, I explain

In this video, I explain the Chinese Yuan depegging from USD to a correct repeg to the SDR basket and how that causes de leverage. I also talk about possibilities where this market can go and where I think it will end up going. I actually think we will see at some point this year, $SPY $220 believe it or not. I talk about AFMD and RLYP as well. Additionally, I talk about risk, and why you should NEVER risk money u can't afford to tie up and be in a losing position with. At end of Video, I take a strong shot at Peter Schiff. I got into battles with his Dad in the late 80's, early 90's via snail mail telling him that he was "leading people to financial destruction." He didnt care, and was eventually jailed for his scams he ran. His son Peter -- apple falls very close to the tree, is another vile ignorant misleader of people. Avoid him at all costs. If you like to hear a negative view, try Marc Faber.although he's mostly wrong like Peter, at least Marc is honest. Enjoy!


Superb video. Appreciate your views on AFMD. What's your favorite Biotech?