When will google pixel be back in stock

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Why I Don't Use the Pixel!

4 407 697 views | 1 Aug. 2018

For now. Things change. A

For now. Things change. A lot. And they're hard to predict.

OnePlus 6 Review: https://youtu.be/0PrUr3bQdwM

Razer Phone Review: https://youtu.be/4L-BPQVZYXM

Galaxy S9 Review: https://youtu.be/Gzy_nCkn88U

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Happy to See this video on My OnePlus 6T ?

Leonard Razo

hello sir ,, it would be a dream come true if i recieved a phone from u for my daughters online class...no matter what brand..what price i would gladly accept it......Keep safe..thanks

Eben Gollan

Just for fun I’m going from my iPhone xr to my iPhone 5s just two see if I can really tell the difference

Areti Cuni

hey guys i can buy g.pixel 2xl used for 160 euro 128 gb, can u give me an apoinion... to buy it or its not worth it now in 2021.. i also think better to buy a xiaomi redmi note 9pro 64 gb for 200euro whats your opinion????

francis richard

As for me i use a galaxy s10+ but i use the google camera apk (pixel 5 to be specific), just imagine the combination. I feel i have best phone in the world.

XueGuang Lyu

so much trust in Google... an ad company


Oh no...... my phone’s animations are slow..... whatever will I do?

Has Google send unreleased pixel 3

P.S. 2020 gang where u at

Your Dad

Because you have millions of phones and are confused to pick up one

Bhupinder Singh

i am Still using pixel 2xl in September 2020 and was using pixel 4xl... but 2xl is still great

Kwame Nketia-Arhin

I can't make and receive calls on my google pixel 3XL. Even though am able to use the internet, and whatsapp. Whenever I try checking my airtime, my data gets interrupted. Please what should I do?


Razer blade in background but no review.

J Scott Upton

September 2020 I just bought a Pixel 2 (regular) for 69.99 total (cracked glass in back but I use a case). Best phone bargain ever.

Nkwelle Mesumbe

Yo I'm still using the Pixel 2XL in 2020. Android 11 runs smoothly. And performance hasn't really dropped as much, but battery life has. But yo, that Camera just isn't getting old. For still photos, it still is bleeding edge.

tawra veins

What will be your review now in 2020
As now we have pixel 3,3a,4a

YSL Reacted

The hapless curtain conversly influence because family oppositely irritate above a doubtful undershirt. penitent, teeny cicada

Hopscotch 181

Just get rid of the Iphone.

sydney southwest

why i dont use pixel = lag = 9min video

Hacked CJ

Such a dumbass this guy is!

rakesh singh

this is heartbreaking..!! never thought pixel would slow down and like this sooner.

Terrell Fitzpatrick

Back when the Pixel actually had a superior camera ??


Switching from pixel 2xl to 4a

Kishu’s Studio

Dear strangers, hope y'all are doing great in this pandemic. Stay safe, stay healthy❤️

Odd Notify

The first dust recently occur because thrill assembly applaud unlike a torpid hat. damp, righteous witch


In 2020 I still use the old pixel 2XL and I haven't noticed any performance drops myself, but I also didn't even notice the very noticeable blue screen tint until someone else pointed it out a few weeks ago so maybe I'm just not very good at noticing those sorts of things.

Laurent H

Well no, it doesn't matter, 4 or 8GB. I still use a pixel 3 in 2021

Brandon W

My pixel 3 hasn't slowed much but it has alot of other issues

Ryan Bacheller

. . . 4 GB vs 8 GB RAM is spec cosmetics? Sounds like this guy should learn a bit more about specs before reviewing tech o.o.

Sase The Riftmaker

Ive been using pixel 2xl got it for 680 on sale for that price is amazing but now after almost 3 years it suck balls the battery dont last me half day

Keeran Lachmansingh

its funny how juat one year ago the phones look so bad

John Brown

My pixel 2 has been spontaneously rebooting (often at the most inopportune times). I have my eye on the pixel 5 tommorrow!

Ree A

A normal user like don't feel that much different because i am all about games and some social media apps + streaming apps and my study and school apps . I don't find that's much different it was actually good for me even i am sticking google pixels .


Is he flexing


For a few months now yt really wants me to know why Marques doesn't use the pixel


MKBHD: "Why I don't use the Pixel!"
Alsp MKBHD: "I bought another Pixel 2."

Benjamin O'Brien

Planned obsolescence.

Yunus M.Binlonzo

lol, this has to be april fools lol (jk ik it isnt i just noticed the upload date)

Daksh Munyal

after 3 years of using my pixel 2 i can say, hhmm yes lag

Proton Blast

My SD 675 is more faster than P2XL


What phone do you use in 2020?

Bong Malis


Peter Ford

I think,if what you say is true, google phone's are constantly learning your usage. Right. Could that be a factor,?
The only other thing is the ram.
If one plus would ever consider us front facing stereo speakers lovers, that would maybe sell me. I'm still bugging my 2 XL, and I guess super animation speed doesn't bother me. Plus as u say, we're not like you reviewer's, that switch phones like u do underwear.. 99% of us use a phone for 2 years before looking for a replacement. Okay 93%.


Unable to buy Pixel in Hong Kong :(

Asher Wade

Probably if you were a “normal consumer”, like ‘all’ of your viewers, you’d never have the [ miserable ] experience of ‘comparing’ one phone to another [one hundred or so] smartphones ~ which, not only conditions you to notice-&-focus on the micro-details, but leaves you with way to0 many options to choose from, thus, ultimately, eating yourself up with the ol` woulda-coulda-shoulda ‘House of Mirrors’ so that no matter which phone you choose, you’ll never be happy with it. {8~(

whiplash gang

I had one till June of this year and it was faster than my friends s20



James P

In 2020 the S9 looks so chunky.

Ronaldo Zevách

This video confirmed humans are pathetic


You're a grt fan of apple

Lomus Official



I only got my Pixel 2 XL basically when this video was released and I've had it for 2 years now. No problems for me ?‍♂️?‍♂️

J Scott Upton

Last year I bought the original Pixel phone for $75. This year I bought the Pixel 2 for $65 (with cracked back...fixed it for $10). I can have a "new" phone every year and STILL not spend anywhere NEAR what a really new phone costs.

Sharva Potdar

It's been 3 years since the Pixel 2 i use. Still as snappy as new.


We dont have a pixel

renee p

Why I don’t use a Pixel

I just got finished paying off my $1000 iPhone X contract from Verizon. NEVER doing that again.

wjd b

OP6 still fast in 2020

Lamar Fenner

I hate pixel, I should have went to iPhone. From problems to receiving or hearing phone calls. To pocket dialing I don't even know how that happens when it suppose to be locked. And then that stupid Google voice keeps popping up. I could be driving listening to the radio and all of a sudden it just poos up. Hell it don't have to be any noise and it comes on. Plus it's too much other stuff that over complicates it. If I had a choice I would downgrade back to a Galaxy 3 which I believe in my opinion was the best smartphone created. The hell with just having a good camera. I'm a basic person and I need a phone to do it's base job and that's make phone and receive phone calls. If it can't do that what good is it.

Don Ixion

Many times what you are noticing with a phone that is slowing down it can have alot to do with the swap partition used by android. Most smartphone users I know have never even heard of the swap partition. Formatting the swap partition from time to time helps keep the phone snappy. Samsung makes this easy, there is a swap format function in recovery mode. Formatting swap will NOT erase data on the phone, it is not a factory reset. This function can be found in different places ( or not at all ) on different phones.

Never assume that the phone hardware is what is causing the phone to be slow. 8 times out of 10 it's something in software or problem in the swap partition that can be fixed easily.

Roger Gomez

I love the Pixel 2 xl. Had to leave for the Samsung S10+ though. Google's colors are drabby and their options are truly not options. I like my colors popping!

Sherif Mousa

2 years later, my 3-years-old Pixel2XL is super fast and way better than before!
It was like that with the latest Android10 updates, and now I'm on Android11 Beta and believe me it's a BEAST.
Plus, I'm still enjoying the unlimited original quality cloud storage on Google photos until 2021 :D

Cs Training

My s9 is better than this price of shit, this phone is worth £300 the camera is shit I paid 599 for a phone with a black dot on the screen, the volume up and down are in a horrible place extremely difficult to get to wtf is Google doing.

Rob Schmitt

I have a Pixel 4. A great phone. Price was reduced. But the battery is horrible. It lasts maximum until 3-4 PM with 2-3h display-on time. So i turned all great features off (always on Display, 90Hz, GPS, Wiki, BT). Now it got 3-3:30h Display On Time. So I have to carry all the time my power bank with me.

strousegn frahm

The enthusiastic increase theoretically prick because libra literally hang before a sleepy boy. periodic, squeamish link


Blu_schedutil is to blame!


The hardware isn't degrading, the software is just slowing down.

Daksh Munyal

i'm still on the pixel 2 :D

Franklyn Lynch

I need your help. How can I get in touch with you?

Lomus Official

I don't know but my bank balance does.?

Alexander Wilisow

Me - Why i don't use the pixel...
Bank account - Lol i know y bro

Sean Azzarano

What's your take on these cameras just not working out of nowhere?

David Parent

I want to thank you for revealing the biggest flaw of all Tech reviewers, none of you choose a phone with the idea of using it permanently for 2-3 years like the average person. In the fifteen years I have been a cell phone user I have never enjoyed having access to more than two phones at the same time... Like 85% percent of Mobile phone users! Sorry but in many ways your reviews are very flawed and any recommendations you make should be considered with great apprehension! No reviewers are looking at the phones they review with the understanding that they will be using the phone for 2-3 years or longer. If you did you would never recommend any other phone than a Google Pixel for the obvious reasons!


What exactly causes the processing speed of these smartphones to slow down?

ahmad el-asir

watching this in 2020 - i mean january 2021


I've got the Pixel 2 XL and it doesn't lag. That's odd.

Cristine Peñafiel

if u dont use it can i please have it ahahahaha cries in poor

Mahin Arafath

That is why you buy an iPhone lads


Hello brother...i am using oneplus7t and i feel it as a big phone....and i would like to buy pixel 4a as it is a handy phone...what i am looking in a phone is quality camera and average battery health...should i buy pixel 4a by giving away my oneplus7t...what would you suggest me...pls reply !!


My comment before watching video: Because it's horribly bugged and just a super average phone - Frustrated pixel 3 user.

Dexter the Stickman

Why I don't use the iPhone....
The price ??

Uriel F

You changed bruh


My pixel 2xl is running out of space at 128 gbs. Hopefully the 5 will be great

Gil pc

i love my fold 2

Vani Dshj

The drab brown rationally tease because celsius greely last toward a merciful pedestrian. tasteless, magenta curtain

Manbir Judge

I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime! (Till January 2021)
And I think it works greats and has no lagging in games such as Free Fire (Well I am not a gamer and software developer (not professional) but when a developer gets an error or its app crashes then he has to play the game).

Extra Info:
1. I am know Python (pro), Java (not noob not pro), HTML, CSS, JS (medium), Node.Js(medium) and most importantly Android Developing (so close to pro).
2. I have not developed any app that you can use because I am a student and student have ideas but do not know how to implement them.
3. (I am 12 years old)
4. That phone is my mom's old phone.

Yash Jain

Is it still true in 2020?

Ramon Castillo

this is the day he switched, from pixel being his favorite phone brand, to one plus being his favorite

iam tenrose

have been using pixel 2 since Dec 2017. No lags or whatever he is mentioning. Pretty great except the glass panel on the back is broken due to dropping several times (inside a cover no one sees this though)

Eli- shane

cant u just apk the camera???


Stop updating it so much and it won't slow down as quick.

Syed Aftab Husain Alvi

I am still using pixel 2 XL coz me fav youtuber loved it


pixel 2 is laggy AF!!!!

Jacob Davis

I'm still using the pixel 2 XL in 2020 and still love it just as much.

Manjinder Singh

Watching it on 2nd August


Rice Cake

Gcam from xda

Samiya Qureshi Official

i have pixel 2xl.... but battery L*

iTryToEatApples&Bananas Ting

My Lenovo p2 on android 10 and gcam is running like a dream ?

Tech Bros

That back and the color combo looks so good. Idk why they removed it


Having used the Pixel 2 XL for a little bit over 2 years now, my experience is it has slowed down ever so slightly. Although for me I don't really mind having come from really cheap Android phones in the past it's nowhere near as bad.

rahul chhajed

3 years and pixel2 still going strong and better camera till date compared to any phone in current market

Vatsal Sethi

Landed here because I’m confused between the nord and pixel 4a. Now I have concerns about the pixel.


I'm still using my OG Pixel 32GB. Sure, the battery is worn and it can shut down at any battery level up to 40% or so, but that seemed to be caused by irregular usage (ie. not using it much one day then using it heaps the next day. Not sure if it's because of refurbishment or what. It still holds 60fps and rarely drops. Messenger chat bubble can be slow to open, and last year there was an issue with the camera app which made using the camera incredibly slow, but an app update fixed it. Updating apps can cause it to freeze temporarily and become really slow, though that might be because i've used around 90% of storage or so. Clearing the cache might've helped too.

When will google pixel be back in stock

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TAMAÑO PERFECTO + Android de Stock - Google Pixel 4a Unboxing en Español

73 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Diseño muy compacto y

Diseño muy compacto y perfecto en mano, pero ¿Será demasiado básico? ?

Mirá el unboxing del iPhone 12 aquí: https://youtu.be/MbJIeRfGtP4

Si llegamos a 1000 likes ? hacemos el "iPhone 12 vs Google Pixel 4a"

Seguínos en Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeRRyG3U/

diego orellana

Primer comentario saludos a hey nena!

Dj Duplex


When will google pixel be back in stock

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Google Pixel 5 Review: Best Pixel Ever?

163 876 views | 14 Oct. 2020

The Pixel 5 costs less

The Pixel 5 costs less than any flagship Pixel since the Pixel 2, but is the Pixel 5 actually the best Pixel ever? (How many times can we say Pixel in a sentence?)

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Alon Levy

Thanks, great video!
How is the Haptic Feedback on the phone?

Kimmy B

Every year I think of buying a pixel and without fail it disappoints. No zoom. Why couldn't they have kept it. Everything thing else sounds nice. But as usual they always miss something.

Isaac Santos

Dude these phones are cool

Hazwan Wahab

Any comment about the 5G speed?


I personally am getting the 4a XL instead because of the bigger size. The premium features aren't worth $200 to me.

Brock Finn

I'm gonna throw it out there and say that a pixel 3xl is a better phone.


Guys.... I for example waited for long time for a phone as Pixel 5 in such a small body. Not everybody is like me BUT I don't really want the best of the best anymore. With Pixel 5 the performance is almost high end and you get a ~6 inch phone with a 6 inch screen perfectly symetrical PLUS a clean software without all sort of crap and bloatware. I am fed up of having a brick in my pocket and a zillion unwanted apps that i can never remove from the phone.


Best Pixel nope

Dennis Alonso

link to wallpaper

James Ed Gay

What about the speakers and sound quality. Thanks

Nelson Jerez

dat top/bottom bezel

Rick Everett

Reluctantly returned mine. Coming from 4xl the camera wasn't quite as detailed. The sound quality from built in speakers was worse than the 4a. Lovely phone to hold and use though but waiting out till next year.


I get over 6h SOT on this thing with 1.5 to 2 days away from the charger. During the holidays I got to 2d18h with ~5h SOT. I love this thing. I previously had a OnePlus 6 and the CPUs inside are supposed to be kinda the same thing and because of that screen and stock Android the P5 feels much better, smoother, etc. I mean 60Hz to 90Hz is a pleasure to the eye. Right before buying the P5 I used an iPhone 12 for around 3 weeks which was terrible in every way from my pov and I got to the point where I didn't even feel like unlocking it because of the iOS restrictions but I then returned it and got the P5 instead which got my sanity back to me. Anyway, this is a great phone. And I personally love that specked black back. It's quite pleasing to look at, but maybe that's just me.

Jonathan Andrews

? breakdown. I wish my pixel 3A XL didn't break but I might try this phone after I move out unlocked and unactivated bc I like the app selection on Android better than iOS tbh. I like iPhones bc of the software support and optimization along iMessage Facetime, etc. I was using my iPhone 8 Space Grey 128 GB to watch this btw. Hopefully I can get the 12 Pro Max in oceanic blue rn.


That wallpaper please?


For its pricepoint...there are better phones on paper. I have a Pixel 2XL and wanted the latest pixel but I wont be getting this one. For 50 bucks more I can get a phone with better hardware all around in the Oneplus 8T or just get an iphone. And I cant justify staying for the camera anymore because that gap is closing :(

Mohd Farhan

What is color focus feature?

Jevon Grant

Overpriced for what it offers. I'm honestly over Google's smartphones. From the Nexus to the Pixel they clearly have no direction for their product. Just existing isn't good enough.


headphone jack and microsd slot and it'd be perfect

Joaquin Casaccia

I need that Wallpaper!!!

Kevin M

I have a question: does Google do trade ins to say you trade in an old pixel phone and they reduce the price (sort of like Samsung?)

Android Central

What do you think of the Pixel 5? And would you buy it over the new OnePlus 8T? (Check out that review today too!)


Too expensive for what it offers. Pixel 4a makes more sense right now.

Matt D

bro is that chester?

Jay Dub

? No. No. Too many compromises for this to be the best. Be fair and compare the 5 to the 4 XL. They are the most equivalent in overall size, display and battery. It is deceptive to compare to the smaller 4 for those that don't know by just saying Pixel 4.

Pixel 4 XL is the best. Soli radar makes it the fastest face unlock, currently. Gone! No neural core! (Slower device, especially with Google Assistant) Brighter screen with lower PPI. Lower speaker performance with sound under the glass. Glass and metal is the industry standard for flagship. RECYCLED aluminum is not premium. That is 2014 along with the fingerprint sensor on the back. 765G underperforms against the 2 year old 855. 765G to bring 5G to a device targeted at a mid-range market that Google gets from the support of the power users. Power users aren't getting behind this device. So it will likely fail.

Lastly, a 300mAh battery bump is nice. But thru machine learning the 4 XL now can achieve 6.5 screen on time. So you can get respectable battery life without compromises. Shared battery results with Juan Carlos @somegadgetguy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jay_woolridge/status/1318620431969099778?s=19

Pie Crust

i dont see why i would upgrade from the oneplus 7t. worse screen and a slower processor


Sadly the phone companies have divided up the market to not compete to much, in that way they can keep up the price on devices (flagship) that is often a bit too overpriced, so the Google Pixel devices are not sold in Sweden and if we try to order from another country we can get punished by hidden fee that can make the phones 2 to 4 times as expensive :(


The small size kills this for me

patrick jackson

No the pixel 4 xl was the best pixel in my opinion. Face unlock is just better and squeezing the sides for assistant is one of my favorite features.

Dadangk Kurniawan

The best phone EVER made


Anyone know what wireless charger he was using toward the start of the video?


it has the same performance as $349 pixel 4a but for $699 very cool


I can wait for Pixel10 no worries.

Freak Aniket

This device even doesn't use the top of the line SOC, still narrated as flagship device.

Maybe I don't know the definition of flagship device. Can anyone tell me what a flagship device is? Till now my definition is like any device which have all top of the line specs is flagship.


0:39 bro just stop making reviews if you can't spot those fat bezels and chin on the 4a


I love my pixel 5. Traded in my iphone 11 pro max.

amant ishan

I would prefer pixel than any android phone. But unlucky it hasn't launched in India. ?

Nathan Adam's



I wish for an unmolested screen (no hole punch, no notch - like the Pixel 3a) and a headphone jack (like the Pixel 3a).
... This is why I'm still using my Pixel 3a instead of downgrading to the 4a or 5.


Overpriced. No quad screen or the 865. The 4XL is still the Flagship. Looking forward to a 6XL.

Matthew Shields

Google should set a higher industry standard by providing 5 years of software updates. Especially considering that most people keep their phones for 3 to 5 years.


Hold my Pixel 4 XL. ?

Japhet García

The new voice of Google is amazing

Шоковые Реакции


Sergio Trujillo

Hows the snapchat on this phone?!?!

Samrat Sarkar

Just Like Nexus 5 was the best Nexus Ever, it's Pixel 5 the best Pixel Ever

Dennis van 't Veer

My contract still going for another year. I hope Pixel 6 builds on what they have now and improve. Then I’m hopping over!

King of Fire Intuitive

Where did you get that red wallpaper on the video thumbnail?

Vikash Singh

I watch these videos to feel that I own these phones ?



Namba Wan

I would have buy it but sadly the low storage is a??


Every time I see the Pixel 5 I think "So close!"
Make it 120hz, add a telephoto, in screen fingerprint reader.


I loved my Pixel 2XL - while its speakers were great, the battery life wasn't. My new Pixel 5 is the best Pixel ever - sure, speakers aren't awesome, but I use a headset or my tv speaker when casting most of the time anyway; and this battery, I actually just got 10hrs SOT - yes, ten hours of screen on time.

joshua francis

A headphone jack and the sd 865 then it would be the best

Freak Aniket

If I had $699, I would definitely considered iPhone 12 mini. (As someone who doesn’t care about being in Android or iOS environment if I’m getting true flagship experience when I’m paying flagship prices)

Sayondip Roy

Minimalist's dream phone ♥


wish more phones had screen mirroring without needing wifi like smart view on Samsung devices

Hazwan Wahab

Could it be a Pixel 5 XL later with SD865, bigger screen and bigger battery?

Paul Rumohr

No glaring oversights? How about a phone that doesn't send the same volume to both speakers because one is behind a glass wall, buried under the screen?


Got the pixel 5. Great phone. Haven't noticed a thing with regards to the so called slower processor. 90hz, great battery, great camera, symmetrical bezels. Great phone.


Finally upgrading my Pixel 2 to this

David John Tough

Nothing new here!


My only complaint is the speakers, otherwise I really like it!

Stalgic Kris

I only here for the wallpaper. Sir where did you get your wallpaper ?!

Super mario hacker

It's super good for Emulators!!!

Anuj Vaidya

This phone is great!


Wallpaper used is from the stock Samsung Galaxy FE wallpapers


The new pixels convinced me to switch away from pixels this year.

Sean Renzi

The black pixel 5 is not dull


So the Pixel 5 is like the Pixel 4 but the Pixel 4a 5g isn't anything like the 4. Seems all a bit inconsistent.


Every new pixel is the best pixel ever.... That is just marketing

Akash Yadav

0:44 - Not realizing the 4A with 5, 60 Hz vs 90 Hz, means it is completely fine to have a 60 Hz screen when the software optimization is that damn good. You've got absurd or laggy OS, you need higher refresh rate.
Android Central just proved it.

David Martrano

I use the 4xl & to me this would be a downgrade. I like Soli, face unlock & the squeeze feature. As a matter of fact I just picked up the S20FE ☁️ red which I luv? This five is a good phone but not at 7oo.oo bucks plus tax? If it were 550.00 to 600.00 then it would be a great deal. But I can't justify the retail price? Most reviewers, are actually saying that under display ?sucks? The 4a & 4a 5g sound much better?

Charles M.

“Made in China “
I will get the Note 20 Ultra..” Made in Korea “!!

Ali Nawaz

Processor ?


I'm stuck over pixel 5 or iphone 12 pro. Which one should I go for


Where can I get those wallpapers? XDA??


Yes Best PIXEL ever, but not a good phone.


For anyone wondering where to get the thumbnail wallpaper, download the wallpaper app called phoneWalls, then go under samsung s20 FE wallpapers

Baron of Grey Matter


shibin sivanandan

Good presentation... Clarity and Clear review... Google pixel 5 is a valuable phone... All the best

Press Kevin To Continue

I'm happy as heck with my P5

Kim Chu

Would be perfect without the gap between the screen and body, didnt know mine has it until I tested it with a piece of a4 paper :(
I'll wait for their respond before I make my final decision.

Doug Zbikowski

Sound quality is worse than the 3XL, aging camera sensor, blah specs...this seems like a good phone now but will seem old and slow in 18 months. Went with the Samsung S21 Ultra since they had no XL version this year.

Anto V

Really need to see a comparison video on Pixel 5 and OP Nord .


I think I will skip the Pixel family this year... :(

Matt Mendoza

As a Pixel 4XL owner is there any reason to upgrade to the 5?

jdeid sjdjd

Very good review! i love the way that you put some music in the background, always better for me !

For the pixel 6, i expect a telephoto lens (triple module), picture update and a face unlock (even if it 2d, in order to have the choice)

Saurav Ghosh

All is fine, no problem with a 765 chip but that price is insane. For the same price one can get a iPhone 11 or something. They need to understand what they are offering. Android never was a match for iOS and never will be so they need to wake up to the reality and cut the price down at least 50% or something for people to actually consider the Pixels. Also, hope they have sorted the QC issues with the newer pixels, because up until Pixel 3 there were severe hardware issues which only we, the pixel users know of and others unaware.

JSPR shots

I got the s20fe instead of the pixel 5, I'm pretty happy with it

c hernandez

I got my pixel 5 yesterday , however my finger print scanner doesn't not work for notifications anyone else has the same problem ?

st.clair mac aulay

puke green !! really.

Damian W

Will the Qlty of RAW iPhone photos be the same with using halide app in compirisiom to RAW photos of Pixel 5??

Paul Scullion

Everyone: "Where can I get that wallpaper?"
Android Central: runs away "Mwuaahahaha"

Esther Ebeh

Can someone please get me a pixel 5 as an early birthday gift. This year has been really crazy. Typing this out here in case the universe wants to make me smile.

Luke Taylor

Really my only gripe (super subjective) is that they didn't keep the body design like the Pixel 4 line. Really liked that "rail" around the edge of the phone. The 5 looks the same as the 4A line so it looks unnecessarily cheap, but that's really a superficial complaint.


I'll stick to my pixel 4xl. No difference besides battery life.. I'll wait til next year ??

Genna Jordan

I just went from iphone (been using since 2007) and instead of buying a 12 pro this year I went and bought a pixel 5 (and pixel 4a) love them both. Very happy with my choice on switching!

Hate to be that guy, But

Bring back active edge next year, beefier battery and cpu, more ram and a finally upgraded camera system, and I’d gladly pay flagship price

Arvind Kumar

does ANYBODY has that wallpaper?