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The Nightman Cometh Live!

735 489 views | 11 Apr. 2013

Live version of The

Live version of The Nightman Cometh


So funny and so stupid. Love that episode!

Napoleon Solo

It's a fucking nightclub. They're serving alcohol.




I hope it wasn't all rich people who got to see that show... Live

Loch Ness

reminds you of the old school days with the small rotund stages and the loud crowd very nice top tier show


he has the eyes of a cat and does karate across the stage


Fuck the audience! =(


35:34 best moment

charlie kelly


Brunko Sproogle

I'm so jealous of charlie. It's always been my dream to have Danny Devito spit his gum into my hand.

Bacon Axolotl

Glen really did that

Coffee Junkie

Feckin love the audience, damn that energy is infectious



I'm doing this in school lmao


This is fantastic

Not An FBI Agent

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Squidward Tortellini

So apparently Mac does a voice? Why does he sound so different

Loki Wolfe

Can we make the American national anthem the song of the Dayman?

Wesley Juhn

I know its super troll and funny but i got chills when charlie came out with the ahh ahh ahhh ahh

Sebastian Abuin

Who dislike this?!

Matthew D'Alessandro

Dee: I just want to point out--
Everyone else: We should do a bow. Let's do a bow.


One of the funniest things about this is that Charlie Day is acting as if he can’t sing that well most of the time even though his voice is pretty incredible. (Go see the Go F**K Yourself song)

rabid rabbitshuggers

I would happily trade any of my vital organs or physical appendanges to see this live.

Emily Nelson

Aw man, uncle jack said "it's nature. Shit happens"


The best worst play ever!

SkullBones 49

23:33 Danny has natural autotune


im on season 14 and i keep rewatching youtube clips of the show i love this show so much i can't even explain it....literally outsold broadway

Ed Spinna

I've just finished a heavy DnB remix of the dayman song which is worth checking out on my profile! Hope you like!

Christopher Hager

If the viewers didn't want to hear the audience, they can just watch the original episode. This is a special occasion.




Personal Time Stamps:

23:20 Play starts
23:27 My toosy woozy iz itchy witzy
24:38 "I got a troll in my hole" Start
25:12 Hole of an apartment
25:37 He's got a troll in his hole
25:52 "Tiny Boy" Starts
25:56 + 26:00 People shouting Dee
26:49 Oh Boy
26:56 Dennis puts head on Dee awkwardly
27:17 Audience Meow
27:20 "Just to be clear" Starts
28:03 HIV test preferred
28:14 You goddam bitch
28:27 "Pay the troll toll" Starts
28:52 You got to pay the troll toll
29:12 Hey hey hey
29:36 Audience Get that hole
30:01 Rape scene
30:12 Glenn breaks character and Are you fucking hard
30:24 Rob breaks character tiny giggle
31:07 "It's nature shit happens" Starts
31:47 Girl slaps Nightman' s ass
31:52 Kiss my balls
31:57 Mac gets into it
32:22 That's why I sodomite that boy
33:55 "Nightman" Start
35:06 Dennis gets very into the song
35:27 Mac YEAH YEAH
35:37 Glenn breaks character
36:46 You don't control shit Antonio
36:58 I'm a man
37:11 Audience Yeah Dennis
37:17 Audience Woah Dennis
37:32 Dennis unbuttons
40:48 Audience cheers for Dee
40:56 Glenn barely holds it in
41:12 Glenn breaks character
41:25 "Dayman" Starts
41:38 Audience gets into the song
42:44 "Marry me" starts
43:25 Come on stage
43:40 Charlie's lil dance
43:52 Harmonica Solo

andrew sutherland

I am so disappointed that Charlie wasn't pissed at the end like in the show

Santa Claus

Anyone notice the hitler painting in the background


Eddie Vedder from Torrance? haaha

Leary XX

This is historical! ???


I have no problem with the audience, but I do have a problem with the comments. You guys sound like the nerdiest, incelliest, human-hatiest croud. Fucking, I don't know, go outside or something, instead of writing shit no-one cares about on the internet. People are having fun, you should try that sometime.


The Nightman Cometh Live! - or - Glenn Howerton Reminding Everyone That He Went To Julliard For Upwards Of An Hour

The Fuzzy Legend

31:10 foreshadowing

joe bellic

Tried to show my nephew the Dayman song very excited to get his response on Xmas day. I thought comedy has no barriers, my sisters seemed to disagree.

Tyler Lynn

Even the tv version be having me rolling.. dude are you fucking hard? ?????????

Mr. Bunk

The gang turn an episode into a pantomime

henry smith

Better then 95% of stuff on TV.

Nick Griffin

Can you imagine if glenn or rob got the starlord part after this

Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups

The fact that Mac showed up early and was cool as hell to the fans makes me love the show more

(° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)

12:47 im eating babies n words


Mac being hard in the play makes so much sense.


This looks so lit

Eddie Marshall

49:07 LMFAO
I was so surprised I thought he was being serious haha



The Jonavic


Master Farr

I love how they boo the waitress

Hassan Ahmed

Just discovered that they made imthis episode into an actual theatre production Right now life is so good ahahhagagaga

Puppy Puppington

The crowd wasn’t being horrible at all.... why are there so many people complaining about the crowd? Seemed pretty normal for the venue & this type of show to me.
All y’all complaining have never been to a show/venue event.

erik puckett

i so wish i could have seen this.

Alfredo Vargas 51

I finally found a place where I belong :')

Rick Dalton • 13 years ago

God, I love the 2000s

Three sugars? SEVEN sugars?

I hope that the Nightman Cometh ends up like Rocky Horror. Imagine a bunch of Sunny fans going to watch a screening or a live event like this one with props and costumes, with singalongs and callbacks.

Pops Maelard Mega Kranus

The harmonica scene was the best

Samuel Jones

Idk what everyones talking about. The audience makes it 10x as fun!

Phillip Gamez

why can't I LIKE this 100000000000000 times?

Karen Perkins

The Waitress is so hot. The audience is so lucky to see her and Charlie!

Michael III

"Charlie, what the fuck?" gasms

Logan Not the one from Marvel

Gonna tell my kids this was Hamilton

SkullBones 49

so no ones talking about that awesome harmonica solo at 43:51?

Nick Murphy

The Tony's snubbing of The Nightman Cometh is the greatest tragedy of the 21st century.

Idk if you philistines realized this because it's so subtle but the Nightman is actually MOLESTING him, not just entering his soul.

THIS is the type of nuance lacking in modern art. I don't blame people for missing the subtle word play with "boy's soul"...if you listen REALLY closely is actually sounds like "boy's hole".
You probably couldn't realize this BRAVE, pro child-molesting message unless you are also a brain genius capable of MULTIPLE thoughts in a day, like myself.

Kent Inson

How they manage to not break during the rape scene is beyond me

Rocky Electric

i can’t believe they did this???

Abir Nandi

Man when he busts out that harmonica


the crowd makes this a little bit... yeah you know

Daphne Bouranta


Stealthy Beaver

Jebroni’s fxcking shouting too loud

Ace James

My yearly tradition is complete once again, exquisite!

rabid rabbitshuggers

“No, Antonio!”

That’s the funniest line in the whole play to me and I don’t know why.


They gotta do a tour for this shit

Brooke Chansler

A bunch of members of the McPoyle family disliked this video


What's the name of the song the band's covering at 9:35? I've tried looking for the song (as used in the show), and I can't find its name or its artist(s) anywhere.

Anna Lee Pena

I never noticed that the apartment in the play is Charlie’s apartment ? I feel so stupid I’ve seen the episode like 3 times


I'm watching this during the Coronavirus lock down and it has made my day. Thank you It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia crew!! :)

Molten Golden Lava

It’s like it’s always sunny with a laugh track

Jerome Sullivan

This is probably how Gilbert and Sullivan appeared in the 1800s, simultaneously mocking contemporary plays and going to places they would not.



Thiago Rossignolli Garcia

I'll watch this masterpiece everytime I'm feeling down

Chris Hammond

This show was made for a live audience not for you fat fucks behind the screen, you would 100% be as loud and excited if you actually got to go so shut the fuck up


Hahah Charlie sang his heart out. Listen how he talks to Rob at the end?

Dave Gordon

Dennis is really hot here but Mac steals my heart everytime! Mac's dance was what made me fall for that character it was one of the most profoundly beautiful moments on TV. The girl was meant to embody what he pushed and pulled against, his sexuality, God, his feminine side, and his nom-responsive mother who couldnt care less about anything so he wanted all of those things was in to be loved and accepted so that he can love who he is and feel that God accepts who he is, he won't push his true sexuality away anymore, and though he wishes he had a mother than would hold him and sayit's ok, he has God and his own strength to life God and his sexuality and love to the same height because God is love, and his creep father may not accept this, but his father doesnt matter anyway, since hes nothing but a self induldged monster whose opinion shouldn't matter because hes an out of control POS! But then it's like Danny Devito all of a sudden becomes like his father figure when the whole time they never seemed to be that close when alone, but like he finally says "I get it!", it means that Mac has been gay all along and his father is a terrible man and it makes sense why he never could fully come out, which they all knew but really didnt know the pain he suffered inside. Its depth has shown through in a way that Danny's closeness with the others always seemed to be in a way of family but like brothers and sisters, but now he realizes this kid needed a father and he's willing and proud to be there for him in that way. If that scene didnt make you sad or emotional, that's too bad. If you thought that his character being really gay is gross or angers you, look deep down why. Usually its much more of a deep rooted person problem that is a lot more heartbreaking than just being a bigot. I feel sad for people like that because whenever anyone for whatever it is they feel ashamed about, which isnt bad at all, is finally out in the open, that breath of fresh air and weight off your shoulders is like a feeling no drug or alcohol could ever make you feel so good to be alive that it's a true high that you'll never forget and if you have people whod never agree, then ask if leaving or being quiet about it are options, but if it's about reputation, you'll have a much better one when people see you truly happy and if not, they weren't your friend unconditionally anyway. This day and age its nothing to most people and people can change their minds.when their loved one is one because they get to see you're the same person but happier. I promise that in most situations. I feel the worst for certain religiously bound families who's kill even over it and I'd run fast even not being gay because that's not love at all. Thatd how evil creeps in to certain religious denominations. It should be called DEMONication instead in many cases, not all but those who have a fire and brimstone tactic of scaring to listen to the most evil conmen who hide behind the clothes of someone holy. They're the real problem. Not the people who just love consensually.

Kitchen Rhymes

the nightman cometh > shakespeare


How awesome was this! Wow I wish I was there.


mac stole the show


It surprises me that people on youtube actually expect the audience not to laugh so they can hear what's going on lol

Mike Carone

Cats Bombed at the Movie Theater imagine if Hollywood let them make a movie


Your comments suck You suck You no talent do-nothings How much did you pay to watch this?
Danny DeVito is a God damn National Treasure. RESPECT!! Paddys Pub Rules


This was the goddamn best 50 minutes of my life, DAYMAAAAAAAAAN


Omg how come I never seen this.. ????

Krystal Smith

I was obsessed with this show at one time. ?

Me Vs The World

I don't mind a rowdy crowd but those mics are picking up too much of them. During Danny's troll song you can hear the guys upfront singing lines before Danny sings it.


Fred Savage sitting up top just chillin' lmao

Heavy Mod

This made me happy

Mick Mo

Why are they glorifying pedophiles?? This play is rly messes up






Bad and poopy

The cometh

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Desiigner, Kevin Lax - The Reaper Cometh | Official Extended Mix

256 921 views | 20 Sep. 2018

The Reaper Cometh · Kevin

The Reaper Cometh · Kevin Lax · Desiigner

The First Purge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

℗ 2018 Back Lot Music

SophieMix _

because there’s not a decent lyric video ?:
I got skies like the weatherman, uh
I crack cars, get hella bands, uh
I got girl from the motherland, uh
I got shooters, went Taliban
I get it, get it, anyway, uh
Blue-look script in the hurricane, uh
I crack cars could everyday uh
I get money up every day, uh (skrr skrr)

Mohamed Irzuan Ibrahim II


Dan Stockton

I swear to god this would’ve went 3xplatinum on the radio


He could of did a verse but still?


Bruh that was fire in the movie ? cappppp


Goes hard but it needs to be an actual full song not repeated verse

Fırat Baysal


yoboizayy glo

Here's what were gonna do.


Love this song

679 The Kvt

I came here after the first purge,that movie was full of dope songs!

Panda Sleek


Mr. Fox

Wish this was longer


This song makes me feel like i want to purge


These Mario jumps in the background tho ?


Who’s watching because of the first purge

This is still fucking lit tho

tony tony

That was lit



Taylor Peterson

I banged my head to this song when that scene came on lmao


i purged my teacher ::V

Potato Lynx

Good day

Danny Tate

Bruh now I wanna go out and purge after listing to this ???❤️

Boneless TacOOF

bless ur soul

Collin Jones

If they don’t make this into a legit goddang song



Alex Faudel

Guy's hardest song and its 10 seconds long smh

Mr Damien

Got my ak47 load up,now headin to police station

Osiris Perez Luna

Chida la canción

Benjamin Oates

the first purge


Issa lit

ayça çetin

Arındamadan geldim

Travis Scott

Like i swear like fuck i searched my ass off for this song and i finally here it ?, heard it on the 69th minute of the movie when the car carvan head for the hood

The Car Guy

21 people who disliked dont crack cards and get hella bands lmao

Jo Gam

???????????????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

matthew forbes

"Here's what we're gonna do"


Just wanna drive down the road in the middle of the night in one of those SUV and blast this music

Mexican Lettuce

The last good song by Desiigner before he fell off

GeeMøney DNG


Jessica O

When I was 8 I always played this song when I'd play gta to make me cool and positive

Jake Pancake

Can they post this scene on YouTube already

Sanjiban Ghosh

Let's purge

Shiva Senpai

Wish there were more lyrics in this song, but still love it.

Emre Works

Please instrumental download link

Lucas Marty

I listen to it in my car I feel immortal and strong ?


I hate how short this was well that actual lyrics tbh he could have did way more this shi was ???

Winning Smile

if purge was real i will shoot some militiaman then save some people



The Car Guy

Such a dope ass song

Ava Van Pelt

Song makes me wanna go rage and Purge. Lol. Dope ass song.

bikers mountain bikes


Chris Vukovich

Too dope when that beat drops he was in the movie too


The part when Dimintri drives down the street guarded like the president with a car in front and one behind em.lol President D

Furkan Yürük


The Usual Suspect

when the extended mix of a song is 1 minute and 54 seconds long

Jose Escobar


Alex Lopez

I've been looking for this song for a while

Braiden Christensen

This song is litttt??


This scene was FILTHYYYY ?

Nick Villazana

Great song it’s fire ??????????????

Minex Utopian96

damn song bchhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssss

Gael GA

que buena rola :v

Gerardo Sainz Cardenas

Alguien que le guste esta música y hables español


Why is this version not on iTunes, just the version with no words except the first like 15 seconds and it’s a 3 minute song

Sean Kenney

Full Version Drop (Produced by Soul Mechanix): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_f3rtt8Pdw&feature=youtu.be

Philipp Kögel

eeehre giggah <3

Bade Rich

watch this while watching the ending credits of the purge anarchy muted. it makes me feel like i wanna purge and release my anger.


Let's fucking purge

Vpmx s

“Aight so,here’s what where gonna do”

Iceman Chambers


Esteban Ortiz

I wanna buy the Mercedes the one in the first purge and play that song

The Car Guy

21 People who disliked don’t got shooters wearin talibans yuh

Randy vasquez

Lady fettbärschnitte

The cometh

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Sola Areogun 24/7 Live Stream | Faith Cometh by Hearing

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Welcome to the Sola

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