Samsung market cap

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Samsung slips to 10th in global ICT market cap. ICT 시가총액 삼성전자 10위 턱걸이.. 애플, 독보

138 views | 15 May. 2015

Korean tech giant Samsung

Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has retained a spot in the world′s top ten largest ICT firms in terms of market capitalization,... but the firm has seen its rank slip for the third straight year... mostly due to slowing smartphone sales.

Financial information provider S&P Capital IQ says Samsung′s market cap was just shy of one-hundred-90-billion U.S. dollars as of May 1st.

That lands it in tenth... down one notch from last year.

Number one,... by a huge margin... was Apple.

Its market cap stood at seven-hundred-43-billion dollars... which is nearly the combined market cap of Microsoft and Google,... which ranked second and third.

Apple has been at the top of the perch since 2012.

Samsung,... on the other hand,... has tumbled from sixth to tenth in just three years.

While no Japanese companies made the list... three Chinese firms - China Mobile, Alibaba and Tencent were in the top ten.

Samsung market cap

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Apple vs Samsung Strategy - What is Strategy - Strategy Made Simple - 01

584 views | 6 May. 2020

Strategy made simple is a

Strategy made simple is a series of educational episodes about strategy and strategic management.

1. What is Strategy and comparing Apple vs Samsung Strategy

#Apple #Samsung #Strategy #Strategicmanagement #Whatisstrategy

Ahmed Hussein

Nice video

Sh Guru

a real nice and intersting way to simplify knowledge

Samsung market cap

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Most Popular Mobile Phone Brand (2010-2019)

1 539 817 views | 10 Oct. 2019

This video shows the most

This video shows the most used cellphone brands worldwide from 2010 to 2019. Nokia without a doubt was leading the competition until Apple and Samsung kicked in. In recent years, Huawei and Xiaomi from China started to catch up with Apple and Samsung.

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Hey whats the song used?

مصطفى فيصل



i always think about korea and bts whenever i see samsung


My favorite phone was Google

Palitheo FTW

The main reason for samsung without a bigger company than Apple is that in the past Apple needed samsung to manufacture chipsets for Iphones

Yra Veniz Escuadro

삼성 전화로 보는 메신저 ;-;

indira bhanu

And in 2020 Corona virus became one of the most googled word

Admin Tutorial

No Advan


The time when nokia was the best phones

Veloso wiljohn Puyong

Samsung is the best

Radha Sports

i think thats samsung


Nintendo didnt focus on phone but if the they'did it will merge to switch and phone in one it will be beat samsung and apple - JAPAN

Mark Calaway


•Alysha_Kitty :3•

My mom has samsung but i vivo

Corneliu RO

Samsung ??

Gabbriel 79




FlicK X GaMinG

Where the heck is one plus ???

Agent 007

Huawei ❤️

Mr Sarcasm

soon Xiaomi will take over .....

Anik Yasin

That unknown is Symphony

Denniel Salgo

I'm happy for the huawei and Xiaomi

Halim Aydoğan

My favorite General Mobile
I'm from Turkey

Guofeng Li

My phone brand is unknown. It's an alien brand.



Zaviyar Ahmed

Samsung the king

خرائط تأريخية متحركة / Iraqi Mapper

Nokia is Nostalgic

Marco E

Nokia will always be the best




Samsung: GAS GAS GAS

Saad Ansar

The legend of history nokia




Samaung = there stars

Asish Gokarakonda

nokia ?

Rickety Melon

Notice how Nokia is slowly dieing


Legend see this vedio in 2x speed

Emilis play tv

Nintendo is not a mobile phone it's a game console


Samsung vs Apple vs Nokia

Agro Mech

Samsung has sold over 2 billion phones and apple was third


This information is a bit wrong sir, Taiwan isn't in China. It's a seperate country and Asus doesn't benefit China in any way.

Nisarg Dhamecha

China: I want to rule this space.

Indians using cellphones of Chinese brands: Okay. We'll buy your phones. Asia rules!

P.S.- Stop using Chinese phones, mitron. ??

Anton A.

I thought T-Mobile was a cellular services provider, not a phone manufacturer?

mhammad Olliek


For me nokia is like the leonaidus from spartan.

Tốc Biến TV

Vsmart ???

Miguel 10

Ah yes, my favorite phone brand


cleetus yeetus

top 10 anime battles
unknown vs other

Shaheb Chanda

Asus is not a Chinese brand




Korea Samsung Top 1


LG one of the best phones but their problem is either imitation or beyond .. standard removable battery LG phones were the best



•Affara Viyani Loveta•

my fave brand: samsung


Samsung is class

Ðħāvãł Halvadiya

Where is realme


Proud to be A Samsung user

Abhishek P Nagar

Apple :- i am world's no 1 brand??
Samsung :- Wait wait I am hear...

Alan Kunnummal

Does enyone know which is that unknown company, and am I the only one who noticed that there was a phone for nintendo

American Hamburger

Samsung comes out with so many phones.

Pro Gaming Anmol

Samsung Galaxy A50 is my favorite android phone

Govind Tech

Like and subscribe to my channel

Pral1na_pro Player

3:57 oneplus being in the whole video for literally half a second
Oneplus:Am I a joke to you

Genaro Pidot Jr. Official

Xiaomi is the best so far ?

Араик Мелконян

SAMSUNG ??????

Jayden Vid

i like iphone samsung atcully always being hacked

Akay Movie's clip

Where is realme


Anyone watching this in 2021 drop a like


Please make another and latest video on this pattern

mohaed2007 alsamr

صلوا على النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم

Łëğěñđãřý Ahsa

I love samsung i loveeee it but where is one plus??????

pranava raaj

That unknown brand is oneplus!

Dimitris Nikolakopoulos

apple only

bala kumar

Best Display,Camera and sound quality brand is SONY

Jit Dey

Bhai sahab unknown bolke kon sa phone brand hota hai ?? ???
Ham toh aaj tak nahi sune

Sandeep Kaswan

Apple " Samsung bro coming down plz
Samsung" who are you ????

Grand Baks

Wow Nokia used to be the best when it comes to ordinary phones and it had a chance to keep position leader but people from Nokia they didn't have any good ideas regarding smartphones even though Nokia still exists I don't think they soon come back to top of the list.

Pronob Chy

My xiomi is best..... What a entry!!!!

Tamana Rasuli

I have the Samsung iPad and its popular how my mom has the huawei phone lol

Aa ron

this one second, where one+ pops up... 3:57

Indian Boy

OnePlus Not There ???


I love xiomi


What is Unknown and Other?


Mi boss

dwij kumar

wtf is unknown

sahara Bhombal

My Favourite Smartphone Brand.


Musarrat Mona

Nokia the legend

rawaziscool rawazio

Samsung yay I love it

So much I am get in 3 and a nissan yay yay I am working on it

Ayyanar Swamy

Impressed me is Xiaomi, as they started the company only in 2013, proud to be Mi user, ❤️❤️❤️

Mr Sarcasm

70% of them are made in China ..TBH

Shivam Padhan

Apple has been half eaten by samsung .


I thought Apple was more popular than Samsung cause I here a lot of Samsung users say, “your only getting an iPhone cause it is popular”. But Samsung seems to be more popular so that would not make sense.

Htay Myint Aye

Samsung best


Galaxy S4 made Samsung overtake Apple

Ranela - N

Unknown Joined the chat.
Unknown : GAS GAS GAS


I love lg very much was my 1st smartphone but its gone now im using realme ?


When ur phone brand is not there.....

Vivo user

Joker FBI

Это андроид поимел всех


Nintendo ain't a phone

jokan re

Fake iPhone is the first second is samsung o oppo

Xack Feryal

Nokia field ?