Nfp week forex

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NFP Week Forex Review (10/03/2020)

73 views | 4 Oct. 2020


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Milagros Benitez

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Nfp week forex

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How To Trade Forex Through NFP Week

417 views | 6 Feb. 2021

NFP is a news release

NFP is a news release that takes place every first Friday of every month. This is when we get updated unemployment percentages in the US and Canada, plus we get to see the change in employed people from the previous month. The numbers can be misleading because sometimes the market will react in the opposite direction to how you'd think the news release would take it. We also find the entire trading week before to be choppy, not just this month but every month throughout my 5 years of trading so far, this is the case. Lots to learn from this week, sticking to the rules is vital. Let's discuss the NFP trading week in this recap.

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Do you trade US30? If so then does ASFX systems work on indices as well?

Guillaume Culot

Slow, choppy weeks like we had last week and that we are experiencing this week too are really about NOT LOSING MONEY, which is more difficult I think than taking good trades and making money. We gotta stay focused on the markets, keep the routine and be ready for when the market picks up. The only reason to trade at the moment would be because of GREED and IMPATIENCE. We are not gonna increase our capital x10 and change our lives in a flash. And being impatient simply sets us back and make the process of growing our capital even longer and more frustrating. This can become a vicious circle, better to not start it!

Keep up the good content bro

Austin Silver

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EXACTLY! I was showing a young man at work this stuff! no interest rate change but yet everything made a move for the moon. REALLY??????

Nfp week forex

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Forex analysis 3rd June (NFP week)

498 views | 3 Jun. 2019

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Brother ap broker konsa use krte ho . ??


Awesome, Keep Upload More Videos ??