Silver lining def

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Ben Gibbard: Live From Home (3/22/20)

121 362 views | 22 Mar. 2020

Ben is really excited for

Ben is really excited for today’s covers only show! Make sure to get your requests in asap. Tune in at 4pm PT.

Today's show is in benefit of Country Doctor Community Health Centers (https://countrydoctor.org) based in Seattle. They are a nonprofit organization that provides high quality, comprehensive health care to their patients. Community health centers are an indispensable resource for Seattle amid the COVID-19 outbreak, please donate to help support them during this time if you can!

#StayAtHome #WithMe

Peter Lorre Quartet

Ben Gibbard on Elliot Smith...thank you!

Super Crazy Peanut Butter Dave

lol your hair, jesus man, your hair looks 35 years too young for you. get real

Christopher Stacy

Hysteria left me in a puddle of tears. Well done, sir!

Jordan H.

Love how DCFC and all these great musicians are doing this. Makes the time fly by (and actually appreciate that we have to social distance).


From my four year old (who is loving this): I love you Ben. I wish you could visit me Ben. I love you.

DDD 1313

I thought the Deaf Leopard song was Criticism As Inspiration by Pedro The Lion hahah.

Chase Johnson

Tried to donate to the doctor site but got an error message, anyone else?

Jamie Palumbo

One of my favorite singer songwriters of all time, I am talking about Ben Gibbard. jamiepalumbo.com


Thank you for existing.

Jay Gerland

Thanks Ben, this was wonderful. I've known for a long time that our influences growing up were very similar (thinking of your early Smiths and Julian Cope covers, Phil Collins, etc.) but this setlist looks like my most listened to tracks on Spotify. Thanks again.

The Diplomat

Does anyone else think he looks like Will Forte?


Lua would be a nice cover to hear.


Just put this setlists from this online concerts at your wedding...You gonna have a Total success. Actually i want to be at that wedding.

Ali H

Title Track, 405, Company Calls or Scientific Studies for today's live stream please!!!

Pavlo Vlasenko

Wonderful setlist, waiting for Damien Rice next time!
Special thanks for Dylan!


wish the audio was better

R '

Nice Jesus and Mary Chain shirt. I remember seeing them back in the 80s

Eric Weiner

the beginning of that def leppard song sounded exactly like Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky"

Jacob Timmerman

Thanks so much for posting these shows. Really helping me through these times!

emil pilsäter

Motion sickness really feels like a death cab song. No wonder I fell in love with her.

Jacquelyn Wells

love how he makes eye contact

Paul Piepenbrok

I am a registered dietitian in the Dallas area. If you ever need advice for nutrition on your ultras, I would provide free advice. I would just be honored to have a conversation with you. Longstanding fan.

Blake Carter

Hey Ben! Could you play cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant. Thanks for these man!

Ambient Pedals

Dude, as a big fan, what you are doing is just incredible.


Thanks Ben. You are appreciate


Ben! Can we get a YYZ cover already or what???

Through The Mill

Way too fucking old for that emo kid haircut jfc

Dave Shichman

These make me very happy. From a fan since 2000, thank you so much Ben. :)


Amazing. I work for https://seenit.io/how-it-works/ and think it could be really cool for you to collect fan video reactions to these shows using the tool. Would love to give you access if you think so too - let me know if you're interested!

Jordan Johner

Poor cover of Waltz #2, no soul. Don't @ me

Rovélo Creative

is no one talking about that sweet shirt?! great set, thanks so much for doing these, would love a JAMC cover. .

Quinn Tully-Doyle

a request for "Plans Get Complex" by All-Time Quarterback


came back to listen to silver lining. such a nice cover

Nostro Future Man

*When your body struggles to catch up to the level of "puberty" your heads already been through

Margaret Knapp

would love to see a Darklands cover- esp About You

Chris Readman

Gibbard tab forums are going to experience high traffic in the next few weeks.


Ben, can you please cover an REM song? Anyone would be great. Maybe your favorite one?

Lone Cycle

That was a fantastic cover of Do You Realize?


When my baby boy cries in the car, Hysteria by Def Leppard is our go-to song that he loves and stops him crying ? Ben covers it now I’m the one getting emotional ?

Gustavo Román

Idk if he mentioned it in the livestream but it's so interesting that he covered Lennon and Harrison/Dylan, who influenced Elliott Smith, and then Phoebe Bridgers who was in turn influenced by Smith


Can you please play “Marching Bands of Manhattan,” “We Looked Like Giants,” “Summer Skin,” “Bixby Canyon Bridge,” and “No Sunlight?” For covers on Sunday, could you please play “Earth Angel” and “This Charming Man?”

heather renee anderson

You are incredibly amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to play all this beautiful music. Making some of us feel not so alone.

Alison Jepsen

LOVE the Jesus and Mary Chain tee, but more than that I love all of you early aughts PNW artists. You all mean so very much to me and have soundtracked a lot of my life.

Emile Lord Ayotte

Could you play a song by The Tragically Hip ? Bobcageon or Ahead by a Century ?


Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?" helped me to cope with my grandpa's cancer diagnosis and death back in 2012.
Ben's sets are helping me to go through this mess we are all in, and listening to his cover of that gorgeous song broke me (in the best way possible). Thank you so much, Ben.

Melissa Demidov

Ben, "HYsteria" is my fave Def Leppard song. Next time could you do my other..."Work it Out"? I LOVE Joe Elliott's register in this song... but actually, you could probably totally bank on "Promises."


You should cover some hard core pop like Ed Sheeran. That would be cool.


I was NOT expecting Hysteria, holy shit.


What a set! Holy shit! I'm blown away! Absolutely incredible!

Lisa Ya-Han Chang

That song suffer enough last week?? how can we love you more Ben

Bronwyn Zepeda

OMG The Shins too So glad I can just come back and watch these over and over and make comments too!

Sambo Jones

Can we help to get Ben a proper streaming sound setup? This sounds like beautiful performances but super low sound quality.

Kenny Kohler

Thanks for this, Ben! Very awesome of you. For your next covers session would you consider covering Camp Cope? "I've Got You" is a heart-wrenching acoustic song that I think is right in your wheelhouse.

Marina Romanelli

This was so good, I love your songs but something about all covers was really special. I was hoping you would do literally anything by Jenny Lewis, can you pleeeease ask her to make some videos too XD it was a lovely version I smiled through the whole song! Phoebe Bridges was a big surprise! And damn that Elliott Smith cover was one of the best songs you played so far. Hope you cover something by Conor Oberst at one point, I know people are asking for Bright Eyes but I think you could do something amazing with a song from Ruminations.


I came back today for .."If not for you"

Julian Venczel

Great selection, the Elliott Smith was such a welcome surprise. Could we hear more by him tomorrow?


I'd like Ben to cover another Shins number, We Will Become Silhouettes %^O

Allen Culpepper

Loved "Do You Realize"

Julia lee

In love ? with hearing Silver Lining

Moira Russell

Country Doc is a great cause, and I never knew I needed Ben singing "Thirteen" so sweetly. Beautiful!

Michael Richey

Simply said Ben, thank you.

Carrie Klemm

I think a Martha Wainwright cover would be great. Or a lorde one


You're incredible. Thank you for doing this. I play all your records(including Postal Service) when I'm spending time with friends and/or just want to relax, so this is extremely comforting. Please stay safe. The world needs you.

Joey Levenson

Great tee shirt right there, sir!

Justin Hill

this is everything. god bless this man. <3

zlaoejjdjdjakskdioeqoixjs osjdjjwjeje

New Slang by The Shins is all that I need ❤️

Brendan Navarra

This version of hysteria is wayyy better than the original

Sarah Seagreen

This was lovely. This was a perfect set to which to play tetris as I pulled out my hair and then disinfected it while waiting for the ghost of John Lennon to tell comfort me with a giant hello kitty bong from outer space and a grammar book about run-on sentences.


Holy shit I always thought thirteen was an Elliot song

Wake UpMofo'ers

oh ! that t shirt ! haha


There's something kind of ASMR about this...


Ben, can you do this song next ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_70bly8mXM

Bronwyn Zepeda

Post Nasal Drip=PND; that's as good as Bjorks first band Cork the Bitches Ass! Yess!

Joshua Lang

Getting to see Ben do a live cover of Def Leppard - what a world we live in

Francis Thibault

Motion Sickness was amazing

James Steed

This is so special for me. Thanks so much Ben!

William Sandner

I'd love to hear you cover R.E.M.'s Kohoutek


"This seems like such a simple song"

No, that was New Slang

Casey Campbell

This is glorious. Thank you, Ben. I can't tell you how much this helps!!!!!

dan bragg

Can you show us an easy way to play on guitar yiur version of archive by alvvays. I prefer your take. But I can't play piano

C. Babs

Heck yes. I was one of the ones who suggested Phoebe Bridgers. So rad to hear your take on Motion Sickness!!

Also, the Def Leppard cover was a surprise but a welcome one for sure!

Kristin Prejean

In the aeroplane over the sea? 1998 works for your next set!

Matt Dragonfly Water Features

Brilliant, Ben.

Brandon Smith

Hysteria was great.

Chasity Locke

I got like 20 minutes in singing along before I comprehended that they were covers. What a chameleon.

Z Vee

Ben Gibbard and The Shins are my top favorite bands and oh my gosh I can't believe you just combined those two things <3 You are truly wonderful Ben!

Michaela Ross



Love the Phoebe Bridgers cover! Wasn't expecting that one. I know you've played with Julien Baker before, and she covered Photobooth for AVClub. I'd love to see you cover one of her songs.

Kael MacQuarrie

Cover of do you realize was beautiful

Eileen Perez

I keep rewatching this one for the Elliott Smith song. ??


Made a public document to track all the songs played for the live at home series. Open for all to edit.


My Corona homemusic https://youtu.be/3mFV926hVFg

Anthony Williams

whitney would be cool to cover. Motion sickness was great to see.

trask VT

Technicolor Girls for tomorrow please!

Austin Ferris

Could you cover There is a light and it never goes out?

Sean W Connor

For some reason, your live streams keep coming up on my feed and you still haven't fixed the sound quality and none of your fans have told you! I am so confused by all the positive comments. It seems like it would sound great, however, it sounds like you're in a tin can. I would suggest checking your sound settings and making sure your computer mic isn't the one picking up the sound. Hope that helps.


The new slang cover launched me immediately to 2004. Wow. Thank you.


the "new slang" cover...omg....so much love

Joel Lustre

Thanks, Ben. As inspired by your t-shirt (which I want!)... how about Taste of Cindy or Under The April Skies or Happy When It Rains? Or any TJAMC song you like. That would make my day. Thanks!


Thank you so much for doing these covers. New Slang was incredible; the skill of pushing thru subtle musical errors makes music beautiful. I hear something real, and I love it. It why people love vinal. Its real. Thank you for putting yourself out there!!

Silver lining def

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Silver Lining Love

127 views | 29 Sep. 2020

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

Silver Lining Love · Nick Wong

Silver Lining Love

℗ Nick Wong

Released on: 2020-09-30

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Silver lining def

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Def Poetry Jamz by Jazzi - Silver Lining

682 views | 17 Jun. 2008

Spoken Word/Written

Spoken Word/Written Poetry

This poem sheds light on a lot of issues that I have been reminiscing/thinking about lately. if u watch it all the way through u will see what i mean. leave me a comment, let me know your feelings about these issues.


That was precious! I see you fellow poet :)

Jacquii Cooke

Nice - sweet write - even sweeter recitation. Thanx for the share Poetess! Jacquii.