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The Right Can't Meme IMPLODES After 4chan NUKES the Subreddit With Spicy Memes, The Left Can't Meme

353 257 views | 18 Jun. 2020

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r/therightcantmeme subreddit IMPLODES after the notrious hacker known as 4chan NUKES the subreddit with dank right wing and spicy memes, once again proving, that THE LEFT CAN'T MEME.

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I can confirm that I've saved many "RCM" memes because the real ones are fire.

Fatty Smurf

No, what they said was show where the posters live.
I’m just going to cut off any creator that posts on any left wing account. I refuse to give them my money. I’m gone. I’ve heard every left wing nutty idea I can stand.


Glad I found this channel!

Kevin Ho

The left can't meme.


The exact reason why I follow this sub reddit, you are seeing a meme evolve over time and its beautiful

Kira Dess

This guys voice gives me erotic dysfunction


If someone has to dig into your Reddit history, you've already won... that is their way of admitting their original point was defeated.

Crask Pillord



Seems like there are two ways to perceive the matrix we live in.

John Texas

You guys are awfully anal about this lol


The reason the left cant meme, is because every "meme" is nothing but Passive Aggressive shit, not actually a meme.

about 70% of the left CAN Meme. I have seem some really bad memes from the right as well.

In order to meme you have to me more center than be on both sides that way you can truly judge the humor.

As someone who voted for Trump, I still laughed my ass off at the memes that came out of the chicken blow up chicken with a golden crown that people up next to the white house. I have no idea what the chicken was supposed to mean, but the site of it was funny as fuck. Just like I have laughed at the picture of trumps legs photoshopped as carrots cause of his pose. Hilarious as well.

There is a difference between meme'ing and being a passive aggressive douche who preaches. You can still send a message with meme's, but there has to be finesse in allowing people to laugh at it. The Left hates it when you laugh at anything they say so they lack this ability.

Eli Odum

10:07 “abandon all hope for the republicans have come!”

tummy uwu

Anyone have the source to the black babies in abortion clinic video


my left wing friend just sent me a meme thats just a picture of donald trump with "tc8tc7rx7rr7xr7xitfoydtisursitfygugyixutditfiyfitf" labeled on him

Jack Carlquist

It is hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it is impossible to win one with an idiot.


listen man, like your videos, but you are so incredibly biased that if I had a penny for each time you make a logical fallacy I could buy the fucking moon


Why doesn’t the right recognize global warming. That and abortion are literally the only thing stopping me from voting republican. And Christianity, fuck that shit

George Stewart

A hacker named 4chan hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah????????????

Jesse Sebestyen

It's almost like you need a soul from God to have the insight to create dank memes... Having a sense a humor also helps.


only fetuses get aborted, babies ain't fetuses.

perception ascending

Left*shoots self in foot.

Right*administers first aid.

Left* calls it racist.

King Normie

Great timing, I was just telling a guy I work with that the 'Left cant meme" isnt just a meme but almost some kind of law of the universe. like gravity. then I find this of a video great work

spi cy

I'm pretty left wing but holy shit is racism funny

Krof Gninut

The left are relativists, which means they have no real principles or standards, no solid rock on which to build thier thoughts.
Which means they can easily be manipulated by stoking thier emotions; they will come up with an ex-post- facto rationalization for being a mindless minion.

Melkor Realmz

There used to be a time everyone thought the Illuminati wasnt real and that pedo blackmail cults didnt fuck our civilization......... Heh


Did you know that 4chan is actually Trump? He's a genius 4D chess.

DSS Singh

"guys I swear my comedy is really funny and your guys comedy so really bad"

"No guys come listen to my comedy it's really funny"

Stfu both sides sound like children


God troller pepe executes terminatus on a cucked scale

Krof Gninut

Right wing memes are naturally occurring comedy and inside jokes. Left wing memes are what is called "forced memes". Its not natural.

3rd Age Mace

You sound like Elvis the alien

Grundy Peebo

"N-no u..."


I would l ike to point out if you are looking at right wing meme to post in right can't meme. You are in fact must go to right wing site to look at the one you wish to post. Soooo everyone that post in that reddict has to spend time in the right wing meme channels.

Chris Landry

this shows up the day after the left did the same about court-packing "no-unh you guys do it" about the supreme court


The right are too dumb to realize the irony in their memes

Curious Guy

If "The left can't meme" then how do you explain "Socialism is when the government does stuff"? That meme is literally just calling out and making fun of right wingers who don't even know what Socialism is

122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile

So you don't understand "left-memes", therefore the left can't meme. Amazing

Eli Odum

6:46 gotta shill for the shilling ya feel

Pandah Sykes

The left are so salty they can only follow in our savage footsteps , they just copy and paste and hope their sheeple followers will “LMAO” drowning out any valid criticism .

Hostage Murderer

"the hacker 4chan" that's when I bow out

Owdeez Strauz

Left: I know you are, but what am I?


“Right wing” memes are so potent because the left is easily triggered. All it takes is a Smug doctor neo cortex N meme to piss them off while all they got are overly complex walls of text playing armchair psychologist.

Comedy is based on truth and absurdity. You can’t tell a good joke when you’re lying.

Vagabond Wastrel

I wish people would stop calling the left liberal. They are not. They are collectivists.

Dying Breed

If you need to explain why a meme is "bad" on a forum full of like minded individuals is it really that bad or are you just a hypersensitive twat?


Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows that challenging 4chan is basically signing your own death warrant


Earth is flat

K Dolo

If the rioters are all white supremacists trying to frame antifa, why are leftist DAs dropping the charges and leftist celebrities posting their bail?

Xandit Davis

Generally speaking political memes in general are pretty bad... like, y’all complain political debates should be serious and then go around and laugh at Kamala Harris’ remark about “I’m talking” or the damn fly on Pence’s head. Like come on. Can we just fucking accept we have different opinions already. Politics is a fucking opinionated piss fight where people treat their fucking morality as if it’s factuality.

chris poe

Why is the left so afraid of Q Anons? Our memes are painfully truthful. Reeeeeeee!


1:09 that isnt true. Dave Chapelle (the legend he may be) still cant accept the truth of any kind, at all, yet he can do comedy.

Ghillie Nation

All they have is the race card and that shit is tapped out, so all they have left is violence.

Michael Maritato

The earth is, was and always will be a plane. Sea level not sea radius... Hmmm...

King Normie

anyone: makes literally any joke
Karen: stands up. REEEEEEEEEEE 'its not funny to make fun of people'

Karen.. you are actually the embodiment of a NPC. otherwise known as 'the left cant meme'


Any democrats that are left are suffering from the Dunnings


They now feel what the right feels when they do a Hashtag or something for themselves, leftists always invade it with stupid things.


The left didn’t lose the memes until they pushed everyone but the nutcases away. Left used to have great memes

Some Dandy

The Right: "The Left can't meme"
The Left: "No. The Right can't meme!"
Beaker: "ME-ME-ME-MEEEEE!"
Agent Smith: "Me...me...ME....(Me too)"
GI JOE: "Me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me........me-mih-me-me-me-me-me.....PFFT!"

Proud of my crackhead pedo Son- Biden

Haha Leftist lops can’t meme... ??


? laptop from hell ?

Rebel Fifty Nine O'Six

Ah man 4chan at it again God they're the best at what they do and I love what they do

Mcgiver 13

Wonder how many are like me that are subbed there to enjoy the memes unironically


10:58 - whoa, absolute fire, there.

Lime Lemon

Where is the video at 10:58 from ?

Tim Van Hoeck

If the right 'can't meme', then the left doesn't even know what a meme is.

juadx navarro

Left memes: (wall of text)

Right memes: https://anonymousfiles.io/nHGKw4o1/


The left can’t provide a cogent argument, can’t discuss , can’t control their emotions, can’t stand their ground, and they can’t meme..


Why the left calls everyone right wing:
Centrists: likes comedy
Right: likes comedy
Left: There are some things that you are not allowed to say, and BTW we advocate for freedom.

Con Jandy Security

Hello fellow memeers.


Also, Mr. Obvious, I feel like you have an very obscured idea on what "MEMES" are...
Like when you say "If the right cant meme, then it should be easy for these liberals to debunk what they are meme'ing or saying."

Um, not every Meme needs facts or logic. Memes are abstract jokes as well or just dumb things like "Pee is stored in the balls", the Car Salesman one, The Super Smash Bros. one "____ has entered the battle.", Etc. They dont specifically NEED to be stating a fact or something correct.

Like the PS5 memes for example, the air purifiers, the nice edit someone made of the PS5 Reveal where the two consoles standing up were being hit by a plane to resemble the Twin Towers. The Left simply can ONLY be offensive to ideologies they disagree with or people they hate. They are unable to look at the world from a neutral point of view to see it from any other thought process.


REEEE EvEry one here is a RaCiST! REEeeEEE

The 740 nm Pill

I'm literally shaking right now !

No really. I forgot to turn the heater's timer on last night ! It's cold !

DSS Singh

12:10 thank you for taking the time out of your day to sit down and spoon feed us the meme. Clearly my normie undeveloped brain is unable is unable to read

[email protected]#Guilt

I will thumbs up your videos till I see an ad.

Jeremy January

This incel talks a lot of shit when his squeaky voice is the only one being heard in a YouTube video. Love to hear him go up against a popular leftist on YouTube. And you got blocked because we love to see you whine about it! Lolol!

Polygon Swan


Shane Longest

LuL how did I miss this jewel.


can some one point me to that one guy talking to all the people outside

Hal Hudler

All I can say to the lefties in that subredit is: Feel the burn fools!

Dexton owens

The fuckin clown horn lol


4:19 Kind of like r/gunsarecool except reversed.



Fatty Smurf

True but right wingers are so dumb they still put on that dumb mask and shop at Walmart.


The right wing and the left wing are gay

Budget Boost DIY

The left are the most unoriginal people this is why they all look alike and have no original thoughts,They cant meme because they cant think for themselves


You know its what they do of anything

Tuan Anh

Reddit is for cunts

John Hoppkins

The most ironic part is the fact that "therightcantmeme" is just a ripoff of "theleftcantmeme". The left cant think

Vi the Piltover Enforcer

The left can’t meme because they can’t think for themselves.

Pandah Sykes


Budget Boost DIY

we need to stop calling them leftist and start calling them the hypocrite left because know group is as much hypocrites as them.

Daniel Smith

Another cheap attempt at copying us. Lol

The small brains don't learn.

Fabian Leiva

on behalf of a company I have no stakes in, I’m sorry you have to restrain and censor yourself so much

Rebel Angel

The left have no sense of humor its literally impossible for them to be better in the meme game


Only right wingers who can't meme are boomers.

Brian Courtney

Quit bogarting all the karma!

John Hoppkins

Fun fact: the fabric of space increases in speed the farther way you look and everything rides on the fabric of space. It eventually moves faster then the speed of light. Nothing from that point on can ever be observed. That makes a 360° sphere on known space and we are at the center. That makes the earth the center of the known universe.


This title sounds... insane.


lol are you refering to the us left when you say left? xD


The hacker 4chan is a reference to one of the times 4chan made it onto the news right?
I've seen quite of few of his videos and I've always wondered about that one

Matt Streetman


Bill Billinger

Heh, they can't even comprehend that facts and stats by definition aren't opinions...yikes.

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r/4chan - /v/ the Musical IV

19 679 views | 23 Aug. 2018

The whole game went to

The whole game went to shit after the adventure update. Prove me wrong.








Let's post maymays on r/4chan

Chicken tendies, normies get out

Under 18, summer posting

Shitpost, cuck memes, do I fit in

Let's post maymays on r/4chan

Chicken tendies, normies get out

Shitpost better, school is over

Mommy let me stay up longer

Mods are sleeping, let's post trap threads

and rare Pepes straight from Facebook

No more vidya, no discussion

This board really needs containment

Board culture proceeds the topic

Now Reddit is taking over (X1000)

No more vidya, no discussion

This board really needs containment

Now that Reddit is taking over(2x)


No more vidya


No games discussion

Reddit people do it!

No games discussion

No Reddit, please Discussion


Original Song: "Harder Better Faster - Daft Punk"

Vocals by Anonfag

This video might the perfect gift for any epileptic in your friend group you wanna get rid off.

VG Vets

i can get jiggy with this

scruffles 383

Never ending...

Sam Smith

We did it reddit.

Ron Johnson

I''m always impressed by the high-quality shit you put out, man. gonna be hard to top steam sale though.

Grocery Man

If the adventure update was the one where they added the hunger bar, then yes.

Brazilian human bean

great sutff george

Gustav Rider

This is some top notch shit right here, what did you guys use for this and how long did you work on this?


this is just hiv

Dio Brando

Thanks for the karma uwu

Johnny Green Face

Very epic


funny meme, upvoted!


It's over boys, Hiro has accepted the reddit invasion


wow this meme song is epic and deserves an upvote :3 haha


When is the next musical coming


I really fucking hope this is ironic

minnie mandy

The claustrophobia is real


Your editing is impressive

Dio Brando

I miss lol threads






Long summer

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The Virgins of Reddit [Feat. General Sam]

2 308 101 views | 30 Nov. 2017

Our new incel subreddit:

Our new incel subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SamsIncels/

General Sam: https://www.youtube.com/user/GeneralSam123

Music: http://incompetech.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/7pX48Cd

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SootHouse

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseSoot

Twitch: https://Twitch.tv/SootHouse

Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar

This is extremely sad

But Imma asking, the Incel thing has been going on for a while, and Im asking, where are now those incels who first started filling with toxicity the internet, like over 10 years ago? are they still incels after so much time or have they realised how far the rabbit hole have they actually gone trough


Bruh the “master” guy made me cringe so damn hard, wow that man is weird.


3:16 as a polish person this makes me happy

False Consensus

I miss soothouse

Mikal Coleman

I hate when people say "female" in this type of context. Like is it scary to say "woman" or "girl"

Group W Bench



2:13 F00k me, m8



“Women can’t be lonely” “Women can’t be mentally ill” my current depressive episode says otherwise

name here

i don't get 'they cant be humans'. they are part of the the species.


Oh you have ADHD?
“Pay attention”
ADHD rates drop to 0%

The Guy Under Your Bed

3:46 this three word sentence is the only thing I agree with in this entire video

Desert Cavalier

Change the music and get the Top5s guy to read these posts and it would be the scariest fucking thing.


6:24 ...I’m sorry what ??? Women can’t be mentally ill or depressed is wrong but that doesn’t tick me off that much, but sad, grateful, faithful or smart??? Wtf- this guy needs to be thrown under a fucking bus in the middle of nowhere.

Shaan P

Sam’s hilarious.

Angry Capsicum

r/samsincels is banned too ):
I don't know how long ago and I didn't see what people were posting so I don't know whether it was justified.

Joel C

... I am disturbed......

Kyrie Espayos

i think your referring to a Female Slave

Rodwil Estrellanes

The "Master" Guy has been watching too much anime lmao go outside

Andre Visser

The title should just be “the reddit”

Lord Milo

it isnt that adhd makes it hard to pay attention, its that you either pay no attention, or too much

i have adhd, its severe. sometimes, when im drawing, i tune out LITERALLY EVERYTHING but my art, and lose track of time for 30 minutes to an hour B]


sam COULD stuff a sausage down his pants, if he werent a fucking coward.

K. K.

these slaaneshi chaos cultists are getting outta hand

Edoardo Pulcini

We should all be thankful these people exist. They lower the standard so much even I can look like a good person in comparison

Cart Mass

I saw this video a while back when I was a more immature and coming back to it now more grown up, I really see how truly terrible these people are

{ky chæı}

I honestly want to know how incels would react to asexuals.

number nine large

Ok but i forgot sam was such a horrible fuckibg person

Jerry the Magical Llama

Why do I give a shit if someone is an incel?
So their affliction is they can't...get women...to have sex with them?
That's all?
Just fucking have sex. It isn't that hard. Pick up a hobby. Go outside.


Keiłbasa sausage is actually peng


General Sam makes me uncomfortable in this...

Misleading fish


Cole Davidson

So Soothouse guys, did Rihanna ever pay up on her offer? Lol

Hello There

What the fuck did I just watch


Contender for probably the most uncomfortable soothouse episode. mostly cuz of sam tho ngl

Nalore of the Roughlands

4:45 so would I

Carbon Noxide

The only man in this world I will ever allow to call me "PET" or force me to call them "MASTER" is JSchlatt.


This video was just a mixture of me laughing and wanting to die

James A

fucking christ this is bad


5:20 r/wowthanksimcured

Monkey Business CEO

Aren't all redditers virgins tho

Arkham_ Asylum11

These guys are like Google Toilet Paper Roles...

“100% Virgin Pulp”

Gaming Ninja

I love how that guy complained about adhd in that thread (which I have) but I also have a girlfriend XD

angry Wehraboos noises

1:36 ............

katsuki bakugo

i miss this channel


god, they say "Women never like nice guys like me! ???", nah Bartholomew, they don't like guys like you because you don't go outside or exercise, and are most likely racist and homophobic.

Oh Shit, A Rat!

I like the use of an interrorbang

Salty Saladz

I’m glad these people can’t reproduce if they tried


3:19 im sorry is it a polish reference or smthg

Brandy Haynes

I miss SootHouse

Misleading fish

м е и с а и т в е г а р е d

just taking a walk

Oh my God Sam is so me.

Dr. Bright

I'm not sure how you prepare the bed for sex. I keep imaging someone warning the bed like "hey man, we're gonna be doing some shit here. You've been warned."


Do I hear daidus?


I miss them

I’m stupider than the guy I’m replying to, but

And that’s the blackest pill of all ?


I'm curious when these guys started to get noticed, I mean back in 2015 I do not recall people talking about them. Or where they amongst us since the dawn of time and we had caveman incels and babylonians incels...this is quite fascinating.


These are horrifying.


Sam is carrying this video

Fahad A.

I want to put "incel who wants to kill women with a turf who wanta to kill men" in a same room and watch them as they both crawl into their own respective corners

Nivia M

Oop Kiełbasa you say?


1:52 How, if they want to stay virgins forever as stated in 6


I'm a virgin, I don't understand why being a virgin is a big deal in western society and I don't get why they are so proud of losing their virginity? Does a person who's no longer a virgin have a high standard?


i appreciate that they didn't make rihanna do the weird sex scene from that one post...



Mu'izz Siddique

What happened to the subreddit, cause it is actually banned.

piss machine

I'm pretty sure one of them is Wilbur Soot


F ē mæ ļ

Mourning Daughter

Sex is disgusting.

Kevin McCallister69

Soo basically sexist virgin goblins


All I want is a loving gf..... who calls me master, is a virgin, unnaturally submissive, and loves to use porn talk in the bedroom


Sam’s nobleman voice at the very end made my morning.

teletubby queen

This is why I ate the king... I didn’t need him anymore anyway, I have enough children as is.

Elijah Danielson

“Women would genocide incles if they could”

They already do. By not fucking em your making them go extinct. Its called reproducing.

Mister Hutch

I agree with you, General Sam

Elijah Danielson

For the last one I actually have an IQ of around 145 (you have to take more than once test and get the average otherwise you could get lucky by taking one test)Anyways. The fact that one dude said he had an 145 IQ and said to get beneath him. Proves he is probably a 85 IQ. If your smart you dont use it as a weapon. Thats what dump people think they do.

Some Pan Trash Can

2:50 this actually makes a lot of sense!

Dan The Solar Man

Is it me or does general sam sound exactly like DREAM

ognjen zindovic

5:33 if you're homeless just buy a house

Barry Ross

These people are sick


Dobbie is packing according to JK rowling.

Ruby Rootless

just a little information on the side: abusive behaviour in men rarely stems from "mummy issues" but rather from how their father treated their mother. They copy that to some extent
Doesn't mean everyone does, ofc, but if I remember correctly this is the case for about 80% of abusive men

Angelina Georgy

istg if any of these guys ever meet dobby they're gonna lose their shit


Telling someone with ADHD to get a hobby LMFAOOOO


I used to run in these types of circles and most incels are just incredibly misguided or have mommy issues.

Paper Mache Man

0:00 Lord Farquad in a nutshell

Hidden Desire

I knew a trilby toter who was an incel back in college. Barely a beard, acne everywhere, thick glasses, and a neck that looked like it was skin-graphed from a turkey.

Gero The Useless

thats a fanfic,,

Mourning Daughter

Most of these people sound like genuine angels.


NotSans is right

Psy Duck

"Why do you have ADHD? Just focus"

"Why are you an incel? Just have sex."


3:32 I agree with ya mate. ;)

Chess Weeb

Why am I so alone call me king and ask my permission for anything and they must be an 11 says the 700 lbs four foot man

EG Music

Incels are the male equivalent of radical feminists

Joshua Nuelken

how the fuck does someone get to this mentality

The Great Lord Derptah

Me, an intellectual who has an IQ of 146

Caleb Wolfe

Dude. Old wilbur?


I don’t like people who say that men can’t be raped, they can and the court just legalized female offenders in rape cases.

Some Q-Teb dude idk

5:58 oh boy if the boys gonna cash in that I.O.U. she better keep her promise

Yours Truly

OOF, Is.. is it bad that I'm basically to men I interact with in a special way what these incels describe in their wet dreams? LOL


fook me m8

Jacob Reeder

grrrr as someone with adhd that fucking post about adhd is so fucking angering. like. ugh. do some fucking research you idiot.